World War II prisoner of war camp - Stalag Luft I


World War II - Prisoners of War - Stalag Luft I 

A collection of stories, photos, art and information on Stalag Luft I


If you are a former Prisoner of War or a next of kin of a POW, we invite you to sign and leave your email address so others that come may find you. Please mention camp, compound, barracks and room numbers if possible.

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Art & Crafts at Stalag Luft I

Books & Videos

Caterpillar Club

Christmas at Stalag Luft I

Comic Book - Roger Wilco arrives at Stalag Luft I


  • Blueprint Drawing of Stalag Luft 1

  • Barth Map

  • Missing in Action Letter

  • Prisoner of War telegram
  • Stalag Luft I ID card
  • Dulag Luft ID card
  • Postcards from Stalag Luft I 
  • Death Edict Poster
  • Stalag Luft I Camp Orders
  • Homemade escape map made by Escape Committee
  • Report of Interview of Recovered Personnel
  • German issued Stalag Luft I Dog Tag
  • U. S. Military Intelligence Service, War Department Report on Stalag Luft I
  • Instructions for Officers and Men of the Eighth Air Force in the Event of Capture
  • Nazi Camp Held Galaxy of U.S. Aces by Andy Rooney

  • A Speech Worth Dying For - Col. Russ Spicer's

  • RAMP ( Recovered Allied Military Personnel ) Advice

  • Map of German POW camps

  • Black Bread Broat Recipe

  • Secret Orders Envelope

  • Prisoners of War Bulletin - Published by the American National Red Cross for the Relatives of American Prisoners of War and Civilian Internees - December 1944.

  • Bail Out procedure for a B-17

  • The Daily Newsletter of the  U.S.S. Admiral H. T. Mayo

Donations to museum in Barth, Germany

Easter at Stalag Luft I

Evacuation of the POWs  

German Administration and Guards


Info - additional

  • Akins, James

  • Alexander, Paul H.

  • Alperin, Jerome

  • Armstrong, John L. (Jack)

  • Baynham, James C.  (Jim)

  • Beauclair, Benjamin

  • Bigley, Roland P.

  • Boles, Andrew J.

  • Bolesta, Stanley Steven

  • Brooke, Earl

  • Burnham, Ruel Dudley

  • Butler, Fred  W. Jr.

  • Carroll, John J.

  • Chesmore, Emery

  • Clark, Paul

  • Cooley, Warren Charles

  • Cripe, Hubert

  • Culwell, Robert Walter

  • Daugherty, Paul E.

  • Dews, Charles Allen

  • Edwards, Wilson V.  "Bill"

  • Galloway, Douglas N.

  • Gould, Alvin A.

  • Gould, Charles L.

  • Gould, Cornelius P.

  • Grant, Watson L.

  • Griffin, William E.

  • Guthrie, Robert M.

  • Haggerty, Paul

  • Halliburton, J.B

  • Hall, James Cowan

  • Hansen, Leonard

  • Harrell, William H.

  • Heckman, Edward C.

  • Hemmings, Gordon

  • Hockley, Calvin J.

  • Hogan, Ralph

  • Hogan, William L.

  • Johnson, Lee G.

  • Joyce, Jay

  • Kirwan, Thomas E.

  • Lough, Wayne L.

  • Lucy, Arthur Henry

  • Mann, Horace

  • Mastronardi, Frank J.

  • McArthur, James B

  • McGarry, Thomas Patrick  "Paddy"

  • McGrew, James M.

  • Mittman, Arthur

  • Morrin, John R.

  • O'Brien, Wilbur Brice

  • Olson, Robert L.

  • Parks, Thomas A.

  • Plothow, Richard E.

  • Pond, George Knight

  • Rasko, John

  • Reichle, William J. (Bill)

  • Reid, Harvey W. "Bill"

  • Reus, Joseph Henry

  • Rice, D. Paul

  • Rinkenberger, Edwin Dale

  • Roberts, Thomas John

  • Roman, Joseph E.

  • Sacks, John

  • Schlueter, Glennon Joseph

  • Smithers, H. Brett

  • Smyth, James Courtney "Red"

  • Sneeden, Ralph J.

  • Swift, Bob

  • Villanueva, Valentine

  • Walker , Ernest Frank

  • Walton, Raymond

  • Westerfield, Henry Bertrand

  • Whitman, Judson H.

  • Williamson, Oscar

  • Wood, Miles C.

Interrogators at Dulag Luft

  • Hanns Scharff

  • 2nd Lt. Ulrich Haussmann

  • Major Waldschmidt

  • "Canadian Wild Bill" Englehardt

  • Professor Bert Nagel

  • Major Otto Böhringer


Letters From Home   

Liberation by the Russians

Liberty Ship - U.S.S. Admiral Mayo


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