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Sgt. Frank J. Page

92nd Bomb Group - 326th Squadron

Tail gunner on Liberty Run
Shot down 3/23/44 at Nateln over Werl, near Münster


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Frank  was a tailgunner and was shot up in both arms when his plane, Liberty Run, was shot down. He had to learn to write again, left handed, as his left arm was not as badly damaged. He trained himself by drawing.


Air Fight sketch      Air Fight by Frank J. Page




Liberty Run - B-17  92nd Bomb Group by Frank J. Page     Liberty Run by Frank J. Page


Liberty Run Crew    a/c B-17   231455
2 Lt. Clifford L. Robbins P POW
Lt. Frederick R. Maxwell C POW?
Lt. Martin Feingold N POW
Lt. Richard H. Kappel B POW
Sgt. J. G. Wilson E KIA
Lester L. Petig R KIA
Ysaya W. Dirosario BT POW
Samuel V. Nelson RW KIA
Walter W. Richardson LW KIA
Frank J. Page T POW


Drawings in Frank Page's log by Jay Monicken
Lansdscape sketch of Barth, Germany by Jay Monicken
Barth, Germany
Liberty Run in flames by Jay Monicken


Guard Tower by Jay Monicken


Stalag Luft I sketch by Jay Monicken
Liberty Run in Flames Guard Tower Stalag Luft I Barracks
Excerpts from Frank's diary - April 30 - May 1, 1945
Page diary - Liberation Frank Page diary - End of War page 1 Frank Page diary - End of War page 2

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