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World War II - Prisoners of War - Stalag Luft I 

A collection of stories, photos, art and information on Stalag Luft I


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F/O Rodolph Case  B-24 pilot during World War II

409th Bomb Squadron

F/O Rodolph Case
B-24 Pilot   
8th Air Force, 8th Command 20th Wing
93rd Bomb Group 409th Bomb Squadron

P.O.W. No. 2914

Shot down over Gotha, Germany on February 24, 1944.  Arrived Dulag Luft 2/25/44. Left Dulag Luft on 2/27/44 arrived Frankfurt am Main on 2/27/44, left  Frankfurt 2/29/44 arrived Stalag Luft I on March 4, 1944

Prisoner Stalag Luft 1,  Barth GermanyRodolph Case - World War II pilot with plane
North 1 Compound, Barracks 3, Room 14


Major Rodolph Case

E-mail his brother at


Front cover POW Diary

TThis is Rodolph Case's homemade POW diary.  The top is made of tin (hammered out from cans received in the Red Cross parcels) and the papers are the backs of cigarette packages.  The back of the diary is a wood block. 

Stalag Luft I POW diary

cigarette paper POW diary

Homemade POW diary

POW Diary from Stalag Luft I

Red Cross map of Paris dated June 5, 1945

Red Cross map of Paris - World War II

Map of Paris given to POWs after World War II


German money signed by POWs

German money signed by friends in Barth, dated May 12, 1945./font>

Signatures I can read are:

Sgt. R. L. Hendrix
Sgt. Floyd B. Watts
Ralph D. ________ ?
T/Sgt.  William F. Lewis
H. H. Hill, Jr.
Robert E. Edwards
Joseph S. Bochna
Raymond H. Frenk
JJohn J. Rogers


French money signed by POWs

French money signed by friends in France, dates are br> May 14, 1945  Laon, France
Harry H. Hill, Jr. Binghamton,NY
Henry J. Hustedt  San Francisco, California
Jimmy B. Schold, Jr.
Leland W. Sloan   Des Moines, Iowa
William T. Barnhill, Jr    Texas

Signed April 5, 1960:
D. C. Huff
L. L. Newsome
E. G. Owen
Brize Norton, England
YYorktown 60

World War II POW money issued by German Army

During World War II the German army "Wehrmacht" issued specific POW money for their prisoners of war camps. Often it was rubberstamped on the back by the administration of the camp it was used in. br>
The German word "Lagergeld" literally means Camp Money. The money was denominated in Reichsmark and was issued by Oberkommando der Wehrmacht - the high command of the German military forces.

The POW Camp Money was given out to captured officers only. Other ranks did not receive these allowances. It could be used inside the camp to buy some personal goods from canteens. The possession of real German currency was strictly forbidden for POW's. The allowance for American officers was Reichsmark 7.50 per month. I am told that they were never able to use the money to buy anything.
English Translation :

This coupon is valid only as means of payment for POW's and may be used by them only within the POW camps or on working assignments and redeemed and accepted only in points of sale, which are designated for this purpose. The exchange of this coupon into legal tender may only be carried out by the designated cashiers of the camp administration. Contraventions, imitations and forgeries will be punished.


Embroidered Handkerchief from Stalag Luft I POW camp

Embroidered Handkerchief with thimble used to embroider>
Stalag Luft I

Room 14 

Fellow Kriegies

Barth, Germany

Group 1   Squad 3


Names on Handkerchief
Bochna, J. S.
Bonin, W.
Hill, H. H.
Edwards, R. E.
Frenk, R. H.
Havermann, D. H.
Hunt, G. S.
Lloyd, J. E.
Miles, D. D.
Ralph, G. K.
Rogers, J. J.
Stamman, M. C.
Case, R.
PPhilips, R. J.

POW WOW  war ends issue

Stalag Luft I a href="powwow.htm">POW - WOW newspaper
Prisoners of War - Waiting on Winning

EEdition announcing end of the war



B-24 POW plaque from Stalag Luft I

Wooden plaque with B-24 dated July 8, 1944.  Signed by his roommates in North 1, Barracks 3, Room 14, and others./font>

Others listed on P7 Plaque

John F. Carson   "Kit" Hugo                           Oklahoma
H. H. Cooke South Bend                 Indiana
Stanley Cooper Burley                         Idaho
John J. Fallon New York                    New York
Robert C. Forney Pilot mound                Washington
Glen A. Fredenberg Beaver Falls                New York
Horton L. Fross  Corpus Christi             Texas
Thomas F. Gannon Dover                          New Jersey
Phil Good Ferguson                     Montana
Thomas E. Harrington Knoxville                      Iowa
Milton A. Henderson Nehalem                      Oregon
Ernest R. Jenkins Charleston                   South Carolina
Miles R. League Greenville                    South Carolina
Ward B. Lewis Kiowa                          Kansas
E. Warren Lundgren Warren                         Minnesota
Fred Malen  Cleveland                    Ohio
John J. McTeague Baltimore                    Maryland
Harry C. Meyer Cliffside Park              New Jersey
Allen R. Power Bridgeport                   Connecticut
Fred J. Rector Greer                          South Carolina
William H. Ritzema Greenville                    Michigan
Clayton R. Styles Dallas                          Texas
John E. Van Nortwick Buffalo                        New York


POW plaque  Barth, Germany


Utensils from World War II POW Camp

POW camp utensils

World War II foot locker missing in action

Notice the Missing in Action stamped on his foot locker

Top of WWII foot locker

Top of foot locker

WWII military hat


Elegantes cigarettes

Elegantes POW cigarettes

POW camp wings - Stalag Luft I

Air Medal from World War II

Air Medal



WWII POW bible from YMCA

New Testament dated December 2, 1944/font>

Sticker inside reads:

CCooperating with the War Prisoners' Aid of the Young Men's Christian Association and the Commission on Chaplaincy Aid for Prisoners of War (World Council of Churches) 11, Avenue de Champel, Geneva, Switzerland, the American Bible Society forwards this New Testament to you with the prayers and good wishes of the Churches of the United States.

Flight 42-E book

Flight 42-E Book/font>

Flight 42-E book

Flight 42-E book



Strategic Air Command

Strategic Air Command Photo


Souvenirs from Germany


German military hat

Officer's hat from Stalag Luft I

Officer's dagger from Stalag Luft I

German eagle

memorabilia from Stalag Luft I



F/O RodolRodolph Case B-24 Bomber Crew 

Pilot – Rodolph Case

Co-Pilot – R. D. Allison

Navigator – R. E. Jakobe

Bombardier – J.J. Taylor

Radio Operator – C.W. Shepherd

Ball Gunner -  ____  Brown

Waist Gunner -  F.M. Conover

Engineer –

Tail Gunner –

                        - J. L. Altizer



Knowing my oldest brother was dying, I sat looking out the window of the airplane in flight at the majesty and wonderment of the world below. As I watched the beauty of the changing clouds I wondered what my memories would be, what description did I have in my minds eye of him. The beauty I saw brought the following thoughts to mind so I jotted them down for later recollection and the opportunity to share my thoughts with someone else. Death for my brother was eminent but he is not forgotten as his equation is described in the following words I call. "Above the clouds".

Larry Case

Above the Clouds

I see the majesty of the clouds,
As the setting sun
Breathes life into them.
How gentle they seem,
And so soft.
How delicious the rain they bring
On a summer eve.
How vast this beauty,
And endless as time.
I did not know him well
As a youth.
But he was always there,
His presence as majestic
As the clouds,
Always gentle,
Always soft.
How delicious to know him
On my summers eve of life.
How vast the beauty of his being
And endless as time.
I would ride upon his shoulders,
My gallant steed,
Across fields and pastures,
To an old cabin
On a wooded hill.
And sit upon nail kegs
Listening to the voices
Of my brothers
And their friends.
Music to my youthful ears.
I heard the rush of the wind
O’er the eagles wings,
As he soared among the clouds.
I heard the whippoorwills,
Late on a yellow summers eve.
I smelled the freshness
Of the coming rain,
And felt the warmth of earth
On bare feet.
I saw his face in the clouds
And watched the evening shadows
Grow long.
So these memories of youth,
Remind me of him,
Even when I did not know him well.
And yet, only a moment
With him,
One touch,
By him,
One word,
From him,
In a short span of time
Has brought to focus,
All these things.
But the wind is quiet now,
For the eagle has landed.
I can still hear the whippoorwills
Late on a yellow summers eve.
I can still smell the freshness
Of the coming rain.
I can still feel the warmth of earth
On bare feet.
I can still see his face
In the clouds.
I watch now,
As the sun sets red
In the distance,
His presence still
As close as yesterday,
I seem to know him well.

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