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Richard Musgrave - WWII POW


Sergeant Richard B. Musgrave

384th Bomb Group
8th Air Force

Stalag Luft I  POW - North 3 Compound -
Barracks 1 (Block 301)  - Room 10

Richard Musgrave - Brief Bio by his niece, Sandy Rapp

Birth: 10/12/1923

Richard and Tina Musgrave
304 Overlook Brook Dr.
Chagrin Falls Oh 44023

Sergeant Richard B. Musgrave was a toggalier, or enlisted bombardier, with the 384th Bomb Group of the 8th Air Force. He was assigned this position when the group's regular bombardier became the whole mission's lead bombardier. The other planes in the group followed the pinpoint site selection of the lead plane, the only plane equipped with an intervelometer bomb dropper. The planes that followed bombed en masse around the pinpoint selected by the lead. Conditions on the plane were quite primitive. Musgrave, who is an insurance company proprietor with a fine sense of humor, explains that the men peed into a funneled relief tube that passed to the outside. He remarks that the thing was sometimes very difficult to hit, what with the freezing cold and cramped conditions. 

The crew were as follows: Pilot: Kenneth Hale, Co-Pilot: Nick Morgan, Navigator: Robert Nielson, Engineer: Pat Caulfield, Radio Operator: Carl Goetz, Ball turret Gunner: Harold Uebel, Waist Gunner: Dave Allen, Tail Gunner: Harrison W. Roach, and Toggalier (enlisted bombardier) Richard B. Musgrave. 

Musgrave's plane was shot down on his Mother's birthday,12/12/1944, over Frankfort, Germany. He credits the pilot, Kenneth Hale, with saving the entire crew by keeping the plane under control until everyone had baled out. Upon parachute landings, the crew were captured and imprisoned at Stalag Luft 1. By way of prison food, the men received only rutabaga and cola rabbi. Red Cross parcels sometimes arrived, but for long periods none appeared. Nonetheless, in preparation for Christmas, the twenty-four men in Musgrave’s room saved such Red Cross crackers as had arrived. These they crumbled together for a makeshift Christmas pie they baked on the room's cooker. 

Musgrave recorded some POW information in a little journal he kept at the camp. As it happened, he and his roommates had a pool about when the war would end. Each had bet two dollars which of course, none of them actually had. So Musgrave had included all these entries in his journal, thus providing a complete list of the occupants.

The officers from Musgrave’s plane had been assigned to another room. But the enlisted men were all together as roommates, listed below with the other roommates. Because the sixty-five–year–old pencil entries had faded in places, some names were in question or incomplete. In such cases a question mark is entered: 

Edward Anderman, Warren Anderson, Palmer Arrowood, Edward Cado, Eugene Cronin, Harold Derr, James Dodge, Frank Élan, Carl Goetz, Bob ?, Paul Moore, Hank Rutkowski, Chick Lowe, Harrison W. Roach, Eugene Shiffmin, Edward Shiffner, Ben Sheppard, ? Strive, E.C. Thompson Jr., Leo Ublanski, Harold Uebel, Cyril Vrabel, Edward Westell ?, and Cleo C. White 

Other items of interest in Musgrave’s journal include the autograph of then Lt. Colonel, and later to be Colonel Francis G. Gabreski, the well-known leading air ace. Gabreski was the Compound Commander, the compound being one of three making up the camp, whose head was another well-known air ace, Colonel Hubert Zemke. 

One final point of interest is that, while this was going on in Germany, Musgrave’s brother-in-law (and father of this bio’s author) Major John U. Rapp of Batavia, Ohio, was with the army, fighting in the Philippines and New Guinea under General Douglas MacArthur. 

Musgrave lives with his wife Tina, near their two sons Doug and Dan and their families, in Chagrin Falls, Ohio. His phone and address are above. Musgrave’s niece, Sandy Rapp, can be reached at 631-329-5193 and




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