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World War II - Prisoners of War - Stalag Luft I 

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Lt. George M. Collar- World War II B-24 Bombardier Lt. George M. Collar  of Jackson, MI
B-24 Bombardier - 445th BG -  702nd Squadron

Shot down on September 27, 1944 on Kassel raid


Stalag Luft 1 Prisoner of War - North 2 Compound. Barracks 202, Room 9


George passed away in March 14, 2004. You can email his son Doug at who would be happy to answer all inquiries about him and will respond with specific data from his memoirs and archives.

Email his family at


Excerpts From George Collar's Recollections of a Bombardier written from memory in September, 1987. George spent 8 months as a prisoner in North 2 Compound:.  

On my 29th mission as a bombardier flying with 702nd Squadron, 445th Bomb Group, I was shot down on the infamous Kassel raid of September 27, 1944. After undergoing a variety of adventures, including being beaten by an irate farmer and spending the better part of a day picking up the dead and broken bodies of my unfortunate comrades who had died in the air battle with the Rambock fighters of the Luftwaffe,  I spent the better part of the night riding around in a Wehrmacht truck collecting many of our badly wounded airmen. These men were taken to a hospital in the city of Eisenach. I ended up in the guardroom of the Wehrmacht base in the same city where I met about twenty-five more fliers from the 445th. 

After a couple of days, we were moved by train to the city of Erfurt and then marched to the Luftwaffe base at Bindersleben. We were then taken by train to the interrogation center at Oberusel near Frankfurt. 

We arrived at Oberusel about the same time as all of the Polish, British, and Canadian paratroopers who had been captured in the Arnheim invasion. The influx of so many prisoners over-taxed the Germans, so after one interrogation in which we gave only our name, rank, and serial number, we were ordered to a holding barracks. The next day about 200 of us were loaded on a train bound for Dulag Luft at Wetzlar.



Stalag Luft I room identification card

Stalag Luft I POW Room ID card

Newspaper article notifying POW status

POW announcement in Jackson, MI newspaper
Lt. George M. Collar in World War II uniform Lt. George M. Collar
Reginald Miner crew in World War II Reginald Miner Crew
Luftwaffe wings from World War II Luftwaffe wings
POW exhibit at museum POW Exhibit at museum
World War II buddies New 2nd Lts. Collar, Crotty and Crock
YMCA issued diary to prisoner of war YMCA POW diary
George Collar at POW exhibit George Collar at POW exhibit

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