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A collection of stories, photos, art and information on Stalag Luft I


If you are a former Prisoner of War or a next of kin of a POW, we invite you to sign and leave your email address so others that come may find you. Please mention camp, compound, barracks and room numbers if possible.

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Guestbook Entries - 2nd Quarter - 2004

 4/01/04 thru 6/30/04

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Name: steve Grogan
Hometown: Cary, NC
POW Camp: stalag luft 4
Name of POW: John G. Grogan
Sent: 7.39 PM - 6/30 2004

John Grogan was my father. He died last year. He wrote his POW/stlag luft 4 experiences years before his death. Dad was in the 450th bomb group. His plane(B-24) was called "Ruff N Ready". He was shot down on August19th, 1944 in the Ploesti bombing raids. Contact me if you need more information.


Name: Jimmy McGinnis
Postal Street Address: 1304 E. Boise St.
City, State, Zip: Broken Arrow, OK 74012
Sent: 6.23 PM - 6/30 2004

What a wonderful web site. I was a navigator/bombardier during the cold war in the 50's, 60's amd 70's. I went through the Aviation Cadet Program at Lackland AFB, Harlingen AFB and Connally AFB. I taught navigators and pilots at James Connally AFB, Texas from 1954 to 1959. What a wonderful adventure. I have all the equipment that I used for navigation (sextants, watches, E6B, weems plotter, dividers, sun table, star tables, and AFM 51-40 on navigation.

Name: Jeffrey Herrmann
Hometown: Erie, PA
POW Camp: Stalagluft 7A
Name of POW: Bob Sokolowski
Sent: 5.23 PM - 6/30 2004

Bob is a friend and I would like to let anybody he would know contact me and I would pass the info along.
Thank You

Name: David Korsen
POW Camp: Stalagluft 1
Sent: 7.15 PM - 6/29 2004


Name: Wil Henseler
Postal Street Address: 750 Mystery House Road
City, State, Zip: Davenport FL 33837
Sent: 12.03 PM - 6/29 2004

I was four years old when the B-24 Do Bunny was shot down near my hometown, Soltau. I can remember playing around the wreckage. What a surprise to find the article and pictures.

Name: Matthew Hinton
Hometown: Robbinsdale
POW Camp: Stalag Luft 1
Name of POW: Foster J. Hinton
Postal Street Address: 4110 Abbott Ave N
City, State, Zip: Robbinsdale, MN 55422
Sent: 10.04 PM - 6/28 2004

Foster Hinton was my grandfather, he rarely spoke of his experiences during WWII. I am very interested in hearing the stories of these brave men from the greatest generation!

Name: Stephen Riley
Hometown: Templepatrick Northern Ireland
Name of POW: Jack Glover
Sent: 1.51 AM - 6/27 2004

I'd be interested in hearing from anyone who knew my uncle, John T. (Jack) Glover when he was a prisoner of war, or during his time in the service. He was a pilot with 102 Squadron, RAF, and was shot down in--I think--the spring of 1940, while flying a Whitley bomber. He spent the rest of the war as a prisoner of the Germans. I don't know the camps he was in; I think at least two, including a transit camp. I think he was in Stalag Luft III for a long time, but I could be wrong on that. Jack died of a heart attack while piloting his own aircraft, a Cessna 210, in 1968, in southern Ontario, Canada. The aircraft was destroyed when it crashed in a quarry. Jack rarely spoke to anyone in our family about his time in the war, as a prisoner or otherwise.

Name: Ken Neuhaus
Hometown: Fort Wayne
Name of POW: Sgt. Ernie Feltz
Postal Street Address: 1048 Marlin Lakes Cr., #20111
City, State, Zip: Sarasota, Fl 34232
Sent: 10.49 PM - 6/25 2004

Has anyone ever heard of my Uncle Ernie Feltz. He was the bellygunner on a B17 (I think) that went down leaving England. I have reason to believe that he might have died in a POW camp in Germany. He was listed as MIA and then parts of the plane were found washed ashore and everyone was buried in a common grave 6 years later. He was from Fort Wayne, Indiana and might have starved to death in prison.

Name: Beryl Myers
Postal Street Address: 15 The Glen Crescent,
City, State, Zip: Springwood,2777, N.S.W. Australia
Sent: 9.13 PM - 6/24 2004

I have a caterpillar brooch with the name F/Lt. A (B?. E?, or G?) Cory inscribed on the back. I was wondering if anyone of that name is on your records. If so I would like to contact the family.

Name: Edmund Maul
POW Camp: unknown
Name of POW: Donald Ackerson
Sent: 5.45 PM - 6/23 2004

Donald Ackerson, Bombardier, plane shot down, he bailed out and was a POW.
Wish I knew more,
Korean War Veteran
2nd Korean Winter offensive 1951-52

Name: Katrina Sims
Hometown: Narellan, NSW Australia
POW Camp: Limburg and Minden
Name of POW: Leslie Spriggs
Postal Street Address: 7 Bennelong Place
City, State, Zip: Narellan NSW 2567 Australia
Sent: 7.04 AM - 6/23 2004

I am trying to locate any information I can on my Great Grandfather. He apparently escaped from Limburg for six days. Upon recapture he was then transferred to Minden. Our family is under the impression that he received an award in London at the end of the war for his efforts in helping prisoners in one of these camps.

Name: John Aliveto
Name of POW: Frank Aliveto
POW Camp: Stalag Luft I
5.15 PM - 6/22 2004

Interested in learning about my fathers experiences as a POW.
I am also interested in obtaining a copy of the book
Trials and Tribulations of the Hard Luck Lady.

Name: John Kaufman
Hometown: Pt. Reyes, CA
POW Camp: Stalag Luft I
Name of POW: Mozart Kaufman
Postal Street Address: 2 Magnolia Ave.
City, State, Zip: San Anselmo, CA 94960
Sent: 2.10 PM - 6/22 2004

My father, Mozart, has enjoyed your site and will look at it some more. Thanks for listing his book. The mailing address above is his office. He is 87 and has had a serious stroke but still goes to the office every day.
John Kaufman

Name: Tom Shalles
Hometown: Philadelphia
POW Camp: Stalag Luft I - North 1
Name of POW: G T Shalles
Postal Street Address: 6108 202 SW, #102
City, State, Zip: Lynnwood, WA 98036-6076
Sent: 3.28 PM - 6/19 2004

I would like to know more about this relative. My family elders will tell me almost nothing.

Name: Terry Howell Pelick
POW Camp: Stalag Luft 1 - South Barrack
Name of POW: C.B. Howell
Sent: 10.07 PM - 6/18 2004

I was checking your web site. A mistake was made listing my father Lt. Charles Buchanan Howell (Florida). He was shot down Jan. 4, 1944, 305th Bomber Squandran - B17. He was taken to Stalag luft 1 and placed in one of the 1st 3 barracks built (there were only 3 when he arrived.) You have his name listed wrong. You have O.B. Howellv.. he should be C.B. Howell (Florida)- South barracks. Could you please make this correction. He is still alive.He is 85 years old and it is still hard for him to talk about his time as a POW. I have gotten him to tell me a few things which I have written down. He was the navigator for his B17, flying his 5th mission when he was shot down. He was on a raid to bomb the Kiel submarine base. Please feel free to contact me if any other information is necessary. I will try to find out some of his roommates when I talk with him again.
You have a great web page. Mrs. Terry Pelick

Name: Brian Pokrzywa
Hometown: Woodstown NJ
POW Camp: Stalag 17 ???
Name of POW: John Pokrzywa
Postal Street Address: 712 Trenton Road
City, State, Zip: Fairless Hills, PA
Sent: 9.49 PM - 6/18 2004

My father was in the 36th Division Company B 143rd Infantry. He was captured after crossing the Rapido River. He is now deceased but I am trying to confirm the POW camp he was in and learn more on the history of this camp.

Name: Debra Choate
Hometown: Marble City, Oklahoma
Name of POW: Joseph R. Hunt
Postal Street Address: 2909 Forest Creek Dr.
City, State, Zip: Fort Worth, TX 76123
Sent: 3.51 PM - 6/18 2004

My uncle Joseph R. Hunt was in the 5th wing, 2nd bomb group, 49th squadron. His plane was the RhomarII Serial # 42-29907

Name: Bradshaw
Hometown: Perth
POW Camp: Stalag 383
Name of POW: Harry Armstrong
Postal Street Address: 69a Tweeddale Road
City, State, Zip: Applecross, Western Australia 6152
Sent: 5.09 AM - 6/18 2004

My father was in Stalag 383, captured on Crete, now deceased. I am typing up his letters to my mother and to his mother, and the letters from my mother and his mother to him. I have previously typed his diaries kept all through the prison camp years.

Looking for anyone who knew him in the prison camp.

He was a Western Australian, member of the 2/11th Battalion, WX 401.

Name: Ed Henry
Hometown: Dunbar, WV 25064
POW Camp: Stalag IIIB, Stalag IIIA, Stalag VIIA
Name of POW: Ed Henry
Postal Street Address: 127 Chestnut Street
City, State, Zip: Dunbar, WV 25064
Sent: 5.56 PM - 6/17 2004

I spent most of my 27 months as a POW in Stalag IIIB. I played the accordian (from the YMCA) for the fellow POWs in IIIB. I am currently persuing being an NSO in West Virginia and hope to help those POWs who are in need of assistance. I have completed and copyrighted a brief, 80 pages, book covering my time, 4 years, in the service. I have spoken to grade schools, high schools and military groups regarding the POW life. It's surprising how little is known about World War II, much less than the Civil or Revolutionary Wars. If I can be of service at any time please let me know.

Name: Debbie
Hometown: Chicago
POW Camp: Stalag Luft 1V
Name of POW: Edward J. O'Leary
City, State, Zip: West Coviba, Ca
Sent: 6.26 AM - 6/17 2004

My Grandfather passed away in 1994. I would love to know about his military background (Army???) He took me to the Horseraces every night and one night, I smashed my finger and got a purple blood blister. He said "Don't cry, you should be proud of that-it's a Purple Heart--I got one of those in WW11"He would be so proud of me for what I've done for the War in Iraq!

Name: Larry Denman
Hometown: Anacortes
POW Camp: Stalag 3b
Name of POW: Hurley Denman
City, State, Zip: Lubbock, Texas
Sent: 10.48 PM - 6/16 2004

My grandfather passes away some years ago and seem like I missed a great part of his history. Upon my recent retirement from the Navy I found interest in looking for anyone that would have known him. Sgt Hurley Denman. I believe that he was in Europe a short time and captured near Aachen on 1 October 1944. He was marched across Germany to Stalag 3b. I was told he volunteered for farm detail in hopes of getting a little more food. If you have ever heard of Hurley or know of someone that might please contact me. Thanks,Larry Denman

Name: David E. Ferris
POW Camp: Stalag Luft 1
Name of POW: Dave Ferris
Postal Street Address: 1871 Autumn Drive
City, State, Zip: Mansfield, OH 44907
Sent: 11.04 AM - 6/16 2004

I was a navigator on a B-17, with the 379th Bomb Group. We were hit by flak over Brussels, after having bombed Frankfort on March 2, 1944. We all bailed out, but I've only had contact with the pilot and radio operator.

Name: Jim McCosham
Hometown: Cornwall,Ontario
POW Camp: Stalag Luft  1, 6 & 4
Name of POW:
Larry J. McCosham
Postal Street Address: 206 Fifth St.West
City, State, Zip: Cornwall,Ontario.K6J 2v1
Sent: 3.06 PM - 6/15 2004

My father was shot down Dec 9/42 over France.He was captured and became a POW for 2 1/2 years.,returning April 1945 According to his log book he was with 115 SQDN His reg.# R62636.He passed away July 20/90 Was looking for the prison camp he was in and any other details.

Name: Carol (Seibel) Pilgrim
Hometown: Regina Saskatchewan
POW Camp: Stalag Luft III
Name of POW: Albert Alexander Seibel
Postal Street Address: 35 Blackwood Drive
City, State, Zip: Gander, NL A1V 1B8
Sent: 7.18 PM - 6/14 2004

My uncle was a prisoner of war here and he just passed away on Sunday. My father Walter, uncles Harold and Albert, and grandfather John Seibel were all overseas in the war at the same time. My father died of cancer in 1954 at the age of 28. I can now see what uncle Albert went through as well as all the other brave men in the war.

Name: Kim Nielsen
Hometown: UT
Sent: 10.21 AM - 6/14 2004

What a phenomenal site. I laughed and cried while reading the poems. Ross Greening and the other gifted artists who documented their ordeals through pictures are surely blessed. Thank you for letting the younger people catch a glimpse of this important time in history. Kudos to the site owners.

Sent: 9.16 PM - 6/13 2004

I enjoyed reading your letters that are posted here. My son is an American Soldier serving in Iraq and I know how much the letters from him mean to me. I too write everyday just as the dad did in the letters posted. I know that dad's fear and the pain felt in his heart.

Name: Frances Bain
Hometown: Bloomington, Ill
POW Camp: Stalag Luft 1
Name of POW: Charles F. Bain
Postal Street Address: 3168 Ray Dr
City, State, Zip: Haltom City, Tx 76117
Sent: 4.24 PM - 6/13 2004

My husband was an Airforce Pilot and he was shot down over the Baltic Sea and was a prisoner Stalag Luft 1

Name: Douglas L. Grantham III
POW Camp: Stalag Luft 1
Name of POW: 1st. Lt. Douglas L. Grantham Jr.
Postal Street Address: 244 Private Road 8585
City, State, Zip: Winnsboro, TX 75494
Sent: 7.42 PM - 6/12 2004

Just arrived at your great site and was attempting to locate pictures of my dad there, 1stLt. Douglas L. Grantham Jr.

Name: Stewart Biegler
Name of POW: Cpt. Stewart E Biegler
Postal Street Address: PO Box 712
City, State, Zip: Garland, NC 28441
Sent: 10.27 PM - 6/11 2004

My Grandfather (Cpt. Stewart E. Biegler) was in Stalag Luft I South - Barrack 3 - Room 4. Sadly he passed on 8-29-67 and is buried in Ft Snelling National Cemetery in section o site 1312, Minneapolis, MN. I was 1 when He passed and didn't get to know him. Did you know him?

Name: Hanse
POW Camp: desziest
Name of POW: lecompte charles
Sent: 1.53 PM - 6/11 2004

My husband's grandfather (Belgian) was imprisoned in Camp Dezeist (not sure of the spelling)in Holland, in 1916 during the first world war. We have wooden a box which he made during his capture which, on top depicts the queen of Belgium helping a wounded soldier. If anyone can give us any information on the camp or details of the interns, we would be extremely grateful.

Name: Robert Lehr
Postal Street Address: 2,rue Amiral de Coligny
City, State, Zip: 75001 Paris-God blee america France
Sent: 9.46 AM - 6/11 2004


I am a french veteran of WW II
Thank you,for your help .Thank you for your heroes.Thank you for our liberty and our freedom !

Name: Jim Conley
Hometown: El Paso
POW Camp: Stalag Luft 1, Compound 1 North
Name of POW: 1st Lt. James "Jim" Conley
Postal Street Address: 6022 Caprock Ct. Apt. 1106
City, State, Zip: El Paso TX 79912
Sent: 11.04 PM - 6/10 2004

I would love to hear from anyone who knew my Dad, shot down March 6, 1944 on Berlin raid, with 336th BS, 95th BG out of Horham. Dad was born in December 1919, and was from St. Paul, Minn. He died May 23, 1971. I am his oldest son. I have been able to meet two crewmembers shot down with him, Frank Baca of Bayard, NM, the belly gunner, and James Russell, the top turret gunner, of El Paso.

Name: Mike Eicher
Hometown: Plymouth, MN
POW Camp: Stalag Luft 1
Name of POW: Alvin A. Eicher
Sent: 4.56 PM - 6/10 2004

My dad was a POW at Stalag Luft 1, Room 2, Block 9, North 2. He was with Saur, Tierney, Maddox, Abresch, Swanson, Mooring, Spaniol, Smith, Katherly, Hauser, Marsh, Williamson, Willet, Crooke and Jansen. They were later moved to Block 3(Barracks 3) Room 5. Please correct your records. Thanks

Name: Paul M Mikolajczyk
POW Camp: -NA-
Sent: 3.50 PM - 6/10 2004

For jonh mikolajczyk, were you a POW?

Name: Arthur L. Paxton
Hometown: Tigard, Oregon 97224
POW Camp: Luft VI and IV
Name of POW: Arthur L Paxton
Postal Street Address: same as above
City, State, Zip: same as above
Sent: 12.31 PM - 6/10 2004

8th Air Force, 94th B/G, 331st B/S. ROMG, shot dowm 2/10/44. Forced march 2/10/45 - 5/3/45.

Name: Linda Read Chesser
POW Camp: Stalags XIIA and IIIC
Name of POW: Cliffton R. Read
City, State, Zip: Indianapolis, Indiana
Sent: 11.59 PM - 6/9 2004

My father passed away April 2, 1989. Clifton R. Read fought at St. Lo in July of 1945. He was shot and captured 11 Sept. 1944 just below Nancy, France on the Moselle River. He was interrogated at Stalag XIIA near Limburg and then taken to Kuestrin (Stalag IIIC). He was liberated by the Russians on Jan. 31, 1945 making his way to Posen (now Posnan, Warsaw, Lublin, and to Odessa where he and 5 others boarded a British cargo ship bound for Alexandria, Egypt. There he returned to military control. After a three-day stop in Naples, he returned through Boston on April 9, 1945.

Name: Cornelia Wissman
Hometown: Richmond VA
POW Camp: Stalag IVA
Name of POW: Gustav Paul Slezak
Sent: 9.11 PM - 6/8 2004

If you knew Gus Slezak from NYC at this camp let me know. I am his oldest daughter.

Name: Robert Carver
Hometown: New Orleans
City, State, Zip: New Orleans, LA 70130
Sent: 7.16 PM - 6/7 2004

I am a historian at the start of my work and research on the American Kriegsgefangerer of WWII. This is an overall survey rather than a focus on just one camp. This website has been and will be a great resource in my work. For those interested in this topic, please send me an e-mail. I have a lot to learn and from these posts, it appears I have found a great place to connect with others who also share an interst in this subject.

Name: Arthur E. Crowe, Jr.
POW Camp: Stalag Luft IV
Name of POW: Arthur E. Crowe, Jr.
Postal Street Address: 22 Webster Avenue
City, State, Zip: Claremont, NH 03743
Sent: 7.08 PM - 6/7 2004

452nd Bomb Group, 728th Squadron, Tail Gunner on B-17
Shot down on May 12, 1944 on 13th mission to Brux,
Czechoslovakia. At Luft IV 8 1/2 months until camp was evacuated on Feb. 6, 1945 and recovered by English
22nd Army Group on April 17, l945.

ame: Jeanne
Hometown: Bloomington, IN
POW Camp: Stalag IIA
Name of POW: Roy H Torbit
Sent: 8.04 PM - 6/6 2004

Looking for anyone who may have known my dad in the war or in the POW camp, Stalag IIA.
This web address may help some people get a little bit of info, if you haven't seen it already:
If it doesn't work, let me know and I will try to do it a different way. It is the NARA search page for POWs from WWII.


Name: Donna Stout
Hometown: Elizabethton, TN
POW Camp: Stalag 12 A, Germany
Name of POW: Carl Wilson Boyd
City, State, Zip: Mansfield, OH 44904
Sent: 6.53 PM - 6/6 2004

My father passed away in May 2002. While going through some of his papers I found information on where he was a prisoner of war in Germany. A letter from the Army to his mother said that he was on the west side of Germeter and they were in a defensive position after attacking and seizing its objective(?). The enemy then counter-attacked and drove our forces back to their original position and then a number of men came up missing. This was from 10/10/44 until (I believe) 5/22/45 when he was liberated by Russians. He was then sent to the hospital in Halle Germany for malnutrition. He never spoke to his family about his experiences in the Army and the Army said his papers were lost in a fire. I'm not even sure what outfit he was with. If anyone has any information on him I would very much appreciate it.

Name: Kathy Hauge
Hometown: White Hall
Name of POW: Leroy Parent
POW Camp: Stalag Luft III
Postal Street Address: 1505 Oak Hill Drive
City, State, Zip: White Hall, AR 71602
Sent: 5.10 PM - 6/6 2004

While going through my father's things, I found numerous pictures of different air crews that he served with during WW II. Found pictures of B-17's "Lil Butch", "Mad Money II", "Ruthless", and "Salvage Queen". If anyone is interested in obtaining a copy, please email me.

Name: Christopher Cherney
Hometown: Ft. Worth
POW Camp: Stalag Luft One
Name of POW: John P. Cherney
City, State, Zip: Hurst, TX 76054
Sent: 2.38 PM - 6/6 2004

Hello, my name is Chris Cherney. My father is retired Air Force Major John Cherney. John is alive and well and living near Ft. Worth, Texas. Dad was a B-24 Nav/Bomb that was shot down on Dec 9, 44. He spent the remaninder of the war in Barth, Germany at Stalagluft One. He returned to the states and later went back to the air force, this time to become a pilot. He graduated from Vance AFB in 1950. John flew several airframes, including the C-47 and B-47. He went to Vietnam in 69 and flew a total of 17 combat missions in the C-47. After retiring from the air force, he went to work at American Airlines and retired as a simulator instructor in 96. Today, my father spends his time golfing and enjoying being a grandfather. As a C-130 pilot in the Air National Guard, I find his career and stories fascinating, and would like to hear from those who have a story to tell. Thank you Dad and thank you to those are my hero!

Name: Candy Brown
Hometown: Kill Buck, NY
POW Camp: Stalag Luft VI, IV & I
Name of POW: John R. Kyler
Postal Street Address: 6126 Sullivan Hollow Road
City, State, Zip: Kill Buck, NY 14748
Sent: 11.58 AM - 6/6 2004

My father passed away 5/4/04. He never spoke of his WWII experience. I do know that he was a turret gunner and that he was shot down 2/4/44 over Belgium and was a POW in Stalag Luft VI 2/21/44 to 7/15/44, Stalag Luft IV 7/18/44 to 1/29/45 and Stalag Luft I 2/8/45 to 5/13/45. He has written that he was 2 days in Belgium, 1 week in Frankfort interrogation and 21 days of box car and boat travel. In my father's belongings he kept a couple of small notebooks while he was a POW. He wrote verses and drew pictures of planes and the camp. He wrote a verse about the Englishman that was struck by lightning called "Fate" that I noticed on your map of Stalag Luft IV. He has the man's name written under the verse as written in memory of him. My father was such a humble man and never thought he was a hero. My mother said that he didn't feel he was a hero because he survived. I guess he's like so many of you veterans of that era. He put his experience behind him. In his journals he has drawn dog tags with names and addresses on them. I'm not sure which camps that they are from. I want to know more about my dad - the side he never talked about. I'd love it if I could find someone that knew him during his service time. I want to find out enough that I could publish a book in his memory. I'd love to publish a book with his drawings and verses. I am just in awe of them. My dad was my hero and a wonderful person to everyone without anyone ever having known of his war experience. I treasure and am so glad that my dad kept the things that he did after all these years. I only wish that he was here to talk to me about them. I would love to hear from anyone that may have known of my father.

Name: Richard J. Walters
Hometown: Johnstown PA
POW Camp: Stalag 7-A
Name of POW: Richard J. Walters
Postal Street Address: 142 Eastland Dr.
City, State, Zip: Chambersburg, PA 17201
Sent: 1.25 PM - 6/5 2004

I am seeking any information on my crew: Name of plane was Jeanie Beaney and we were shot down over Leitzig Gremany on March 2nd, 1945. I was held as P.O.W. by Germans for duration of war. Thankyou.

Name: Debra Pfau
POW Camp:  Stalag Luft IV
12.30 PM - 6/5 2004


Name: Dan Birin
Hometown: Sun City West, Arizona
Sent: 8.59 AM - 6/5 2004

In reference to my message posted earlier,
three messages down, The Book of Watercolored
Sketches/Drawings made at Stalag Luft One by
Col Greening, The Book has Sketches of the
following people: J.M. Coppinger, Col Hubert Zembe,
Capt Archie Birkner, Col H.R. Spicer, Col Loren
McCollom, 1st Lt Eugene "Andy" Anderson, John "Red"
Morgan, F.S. "Gabby" Gabreski, Mark E. Hubbard, Major
Gerald W. Johnson, James J. McGrew, Lt Frank Sims,
Lt Eugene "Rhodes" Sabertooth Johnson, 1st Lt Harry Korger, Lt. Alfred Shepard, Rev Michael R. Charlton and Harold L. Cooke. Names Mentioned without a Sketch of them, but a brief story of them & their Aircraft: Lt. Steve Turner, Col E.A. Malmstrom, Lt F.E. Rains, Lt Don Carr, Lt Everett Holstrom, Lt Col James Doolittle, Capt D.H. "Barney" Ross, Col J.R. Byerly, Col "Killer" Kane, Capt Art Smedley, Lt G.S. Zebrowski,
"Shorty" Klaiser, Lt John A. Lanehart, and Capt R.P. Sanford.

Name: Jamie Stowe
Hometown: Brick
POW Camp: Stalag Luft I
Name of POW: 1st Lt Henry Markow
Sent: 9.39 PM - 6/4 2004

My cousin Henry was in stalag luft I. If anybody remembers him or has has any information please e-mail me. Thank You,


Name: Bill and Mary Rothnie
POW Camp: Stalag X11A ??
Name of POW: PFC Robert W. Rothnie
Postal Street Address: 25207 Franklin Terr.
City, State, Zip: South Lyon, Mi. 48l78
Sent: 6.23 PM - 6/4 2004

Hello/ We would appreciate any information about Robert W. Rothnie. In 109th Infantry Regiment, 28th Infantry Division. Date of Capture: December 19, l944, during the Battle of the Bulge. Died February 23, l945.,where, what POW camp, and cause of death. Thank you. Sincerely Bill and Mary Rothnie .

Name: Dan Birin
Sent: 5.42 PM - 6/4 2004

I am not of your generation, I do appreciate the sacrifices many of you and your fallen comrades made so My generation lived in Freedom. I am of
the and served in the Korean Conflict. I came across a book of pictures entitled "Not as briefed" by Col Charles Ross Greening, and currently (June 4-14, 2004) have it up
for bid on Ebay, If interested, go to Ebay, and in the Search Box, type in the item # 2248992281. Please be advise I do donate annually to D.A.V., and I am of the age I need to sell items I have accumulated over the years.

Name: Linda Conklin
Hometown: Mt. Pleasant
POW Camp: Stalag 4B

Name of POW: William Howard Creech
Postal Street Address: 683 Serotina Court
City, State, Zip: Mt. Pleasant, SC 29464
Sent: 10.39 AM - 6/4 2004

Looking for anyone to provide me with any information on my fathers capture and imprisonment at The Battle of the Bulge. He was a carpenter and came from

I am searching for any information of my father's capture (POW) at the Battle of the Bulge. Everyone called him Howard. He was in the infantry. He sustained back and other injuries while a prisoner. He was a carpenter and was from Charleston, South Carolina. He had a very large family at home and also a brother that served in WWII, Willard Francis Creech.

Name: Mason Kelsey
Hometown: Longwood, FL
POW Camp: Stalag Luft 2
Name of POW: Roy Dutton
Postal Street Address: 150 Palmetto Ct.
City, State, Zip: Longwood, FL 32779
Sent: 1.20 PM - 6/3 2004

Looking for information on Roy Dutton, a cousin, who, we think, was a POW in Stalag Luft 2. The scant info I have is that the camp was on or near the Black Sea. Any information would be appreciated.

After the war, Roy Dutton settled in Sherman, TX, and was in the real estate business. He had two daughters. He apparently developed diabeties while in the Stalag Luft 2 camp, which eventually killed him in the 1980s.

Hometown: youngstown
Name of POW: robert j. thornton, sr.
Sent: 11.35 AM - 6/3 2004

trying to find out any info. on this person robert j. thornton, sr. born 3/30/21  please if anyone has anything on this person notify me
thank you

Name: Richard Walker
Hometown: London, UK
Postal Street Address: 75 Bayston Road
City, State, Zip: London N16 7NB
Sent: 7.05 AM - 6/3 2004

I am searching for personal accounts of the 'Black March' of PoWs from Stalag Luft IV in February-March 1945, for a forthcoming book. All information and contacts gratefully received.

Name: Brian Somerfield
Hometown: Melbourne Australia
POW Camp: Stalag 10b
Name of POW: Gunner Alf Somerfield
Sent: 2.02 AM - 6/3 2004

Can anybody provide any information regarding my fathers time as a pow. I believe he was taken POW in belgium at the time of Dunkirk

Name: Angela McMurtry
Hometown: Queensland Australia
POW Camp: Stalag Luft 1
Name of POW: Leslie BANKIER
Sent: 6.34 PM - 6/2 2004

Hi from Down Under.  My grandafther's brother Leslie BANKIER was a POW at Stalag Luft1. I never knew this until this morning when someone contacted me trying to find him (his father was also a POW). Leslie was in the British Army and was from Halifax Yorkshire. has anyone come across him or knew of him ? He never really spoke of his experiences we only knew he had been a POW . He died 1993 here in Australia

Name: Joseph P. ODonnell
POW Camp:  Stalag Luft IV
Postal Street Address: 20 O'Rourke Dr., Robbinsville NJ 08691
Sent: 4.45 PM - 6/2 2004

Hello Mary

Name: Attwood, Lauren,
POW Camp: Stalag 9c
Name of POW: Stanley Fahey
Sent: 6.25 AM - 6/2 2004

Stanley Fahey, was one of only two Australians in the Stalag 9c German prisoner camp. He was a nursing assistant and was there for about 4 years up until 1945. No info on my part is really known as I'm trying to find out about my great grandfather.

Name: Darrell B. Larsen
Hometown: Woods Cross, Utah
POW Camp: Stalag Luft 1 - Barth
Name of POW: Lars Eldon Larsen
Postal Street Address: 749 West 925 South
City, State, Zip: Woods Cross, Utah, 84087
Sent: 11.13 PM - 6/1 2004

My father (Eldon Larsen) died May 18, 1982. He served on the "Sweet Dish" B-17. Robert Roach (flight officer), Robert Faulkner & George Alexander Jr. were on the same B-17. Others were Augustus (Andy) Mantia, Joe Canellas & Walter Lipinski. They were in the 91st BG, 322 B.S. He bailed out over Germany on December 5th 1944 along with two or three other crew members. The "Sweet Dish" made it back to its base with the rest of the crew. He spent about six months in Stalag Luft I - Barth in the North III compound. Although I have three notarized statements by fellow POW's stating that he was in Stalag Luft II. His German POW tags show Stalag Luft 1 & his POW number was 7763. If anyone has any more information to add to this feel free to contact me. Thanks, Darrell Larsen (Major retired).

Name: Paul Nielsen
Hometown: San Jose, CA
Name of POW: Ernest Chumley
Sent: 9.51 PM - 6/1 2004

I recently purchased an old B-24 Flight Manual off of ebay and was pleased to find the name of a pilot inscribed inside the cover. It was Lt. Ernest W. Chumley...I found your website by searching the internet for his name. The last posting I saw for him was 2001...does anybody know if his current e-mail address is correct? Thanks!


Name: Holly Houston Stein
Hometown: Batavia, OH
POW Camp: Stalag XIIA and Stalag IIA
Name of POW: Richard Houston
Postal Street Address: 4190 Woodknoll Dr.,
City, State, Zip: Batavia, OH 45103
Sent: 12.42 PM - 6/1 2004

My father died at age 80 in l999. He was Richard Houston, and was captured on Sept. 17, l944 at the Siegfried Line. He was in the 36th Armored INfantry Div. He was a POW from Sept.-May of l945 and worked on the railroad while in prison. I remember many of his stories about his times being a prisoner, although he rarely talked about it. If anyone remembers him, or can tell stories about being in those POW camps, please e-mail me!My dad was from Chicago.

Name: Holly Houston Stein
Hometown: Batavia, OH
POW Camp: Stalag XIIA and Stalag IIA
Name of POW: Richard Houston
Postal Street Address: 4190 Woodknoll Dr.,
City, State, Zip: Batavia, OH 45103
Sent: 12.41 PM - 6/1 2004

My father died at age 80 in l999. He was Richard Houston, and was captured on Sept. 17, l944 at the Siegfried Line. He was in the 36th Armored INfantry Div. He was a POW from Sept.-May of l945 and worked on the railroad while in prison. I remember many of his stories about his times being a prisoner, although he rarely talked about it. If anyone remembers him, or can tell stories about being in those POW camps, please e-mail me!My dad was from Chicago.

Name: edwin frost
Hometown: naples
POW Camp: Stalag Luft III
Name of POW: Same
Postal Street Address: 10370 Quail Crown Drive
City, State, Zip: Naples FL 34119
Sent: 10.48 AM - 6/1 2004

Oberursel tenant 2 weeks October 1943.
Revisited September 1978, then it seemed to be some sort of sanitorium.
Present status?

Name: Thomas W. McNamara
Hometown: Duluth Minnesota
POW Camp: Stalag Luft IV
Name of POW: John H McNamara
Postal Street Address: 13041 Herald Circle
City, State, Zip: Apple Valley, Minnesota 55124
Sent: 10.11 AM - 6/1 2004

My father is deceased, and suffered from Gastrointestinal problem is whole life due to malnutition and post war health problems.

Name: Jeanne
Hometown: Bloomington, IN
POW Camp: Stalag 2A
Name of POW: Roy Torbit
Sent: 8.03 PM - 5/31 2004

I am looking for anyone who may have known my father while in the POW camp or in the army in general. I believe he was captured in late 1944.

Name: Carla Franklin
Hometown: Glens Falls, ny
Name of POW: Harry Alonzo Davis
POW Camp: Stalag 2A
Sent: 10.47 AM - 5/31 2004

I have little to no information on my Grandfather who was a pow in wwII. I would love to know where he was held, as we are retired military living in Germany..

Name: Paul Kinch
Hometown: London
POW Camp: Stalag Luft 1
Name of POW: Frederick William Kinch
Sent: 5.06 PM - 5/30 2004

Looking for anyone who knew my father, shot down from Halifax 76 sqaudron 24/3/1944.

Name: Monroe S Wolyn
Hometown: Sunshine Summit Ca
POW Camp: Stalag Luft IV Stalag Luft I
Postal Street Address: 35109-159 Hwy 79
City, State, Zip: Warner Springs, Ca 92086
Sent: 11.42 AM - 5/30 2004

Name: Evelyn Crocker
Hometown: Wichita Falls Tx.
POW Camp: unknown
Name of POW: William Toye Ayres
Postal Street Address: 159 CR 430
City, State, Zip: Paris, Ms. 38949
Sent: 11.19 PM - 5/28 2004

I am looking for anyone who knew about William Toye Ayres time as a POW in Germany, he too was on a B-24 which went down in December of 1944. He was the navigator. He escaped once but was recaptured , thought to be an awol Germany soldier due to blue eyes and blond hair. He was returned to prison camp and the French underground rescued them sometime in 1945.
He served over 25 years in the air force retiring in 1960. He died in 1977 and his WW 2 POW status was left off his tombstone in the Roseburg Or Nat'al Cemetery.
His children may have never known of this time in their father's career since he didn't marry until 1950.
I am attempting to have his marker corrected.

Name: Sharon Chapman Graham
Hometown: Birmingham, Alabama
POW Camp: Stalag Luft 1 - North 1
Name of POW: John Monroe Chapman
Postal Street Address: 5100 San Felipe, Unit 44E
City, State, Zip: Houston Texas 77056
Sent: 9.08 PM - 5/28 2004

I am attempting to find anyone who knew my late Daddy, John Chapman so that I may communicate with them. My Daddy died in 1986 and spoke very little of his prisoner of war period but was very vocal in his last moments. He had memoirs that I am attempting to locate. My Mom had given them to a close friend of my father's who unfortunately died and they have been misplaced. I am on a journey to find out whatever information I can. I worshipped my father and all that he stood for. Any information would be appreciated.
Sharon Chapman Graham

Hometown: Copperhill,TN.
POW Camp: Stalag Luft 1V
Name of POW: T/sgt Joseph A. Duch
Postal Street Address: 4100 Massachusettes AVE. NW APT. 502
City, State, Zip: WASHINGTON,DC 20016
Sent: 5.15 PM - 5/28 2004

I would like to know if anyone knew my first husband Joseph A. Duch who was a prisoner from June 22,1944 in Stalag 1V. B-17 tail gunner. Only survivor of the plane. 96th Bomb Group 337 Bomb Sqd. Deceased June 1973

Name: VEVA
Sent: 3.19 PM - 5/28 2004


Name: Melanie Vrabel McCree
Hometown: Bessemer, PA
POW Camp: Stalag Luft I
Name of POW: Cyril A. Vrabel
Postal Street Address: (Melanie) 3399 Shadow Ridge Dr.
City, State, Zip: Loveland, Ohio 45140
Sent: 10.15 AM - 5/28 2004

My father, Cyril, was at Stalag Luft I from Nov. 1944 to May 1945. He was shot down during a bombing raid on Misberg (Mersburg?). His pilot was Lt. Andy Verag.
I would like to hear from anyone who remembers him.
My dad is living and is 80 yrs. old.
My husband and I are planning a trip to Germany in August 2004. We want to go to Barth to see the remains of the prison camp.
Melanie Vrabel McCree
513.683.3913 or e-mail

Name: Debra Simaitis
Hometown: Rockford, Illinois
POW Camp: Stalag 17
Name of POW: Arnold Zetterberg
Postal Street Address: 8960 Forest Meadow Dr.
City, State, Zip: Memphis, TN 38125
Sent: 12.45 PM - 5/26 2004

Hello, I am trying to find closure for my mother, Age 82. Her brother, Arnold Zetterberg, was a POW in Stalag 17. He was 20 years old. He was captured in 1944 after hiding out with the French Underground for many months. His Air Force plane was shot down over France in Sept. 1943 and he was listed as dead by the War Dept. He told a friend that he was not going to use his real name, Arnold Zetterberg, in the prison camp because it sounded too Jewish. He as actually Swedish. My mother and Grandparents never heard from him again. I would like to solve the mystery of my uncle's fate while my mother is still here.
Thank you very much..... Debra

Name: Paul R. Brown
Hometown: Newton MA
POW Camp: Stalag Luft I
Name of POW: Paul R. Brown
City, State, Zip: Scituate, MA
Sent: 6.32 PM - 5/25 2004

Hello to all.

Name: Jim Hennessey
Hometown: Bayonne N.J. U.S.A.
Sent: 10.58 AM - 5/25 2004

Thank You for this great web-site. Good Luck.
WW2-Vet-Co.E-345th-Regt-87th-Infantry Division-(Golden Acorn)-E.T.O.

Name: Chris Tyrrell
POW Camp: 344 stalag lamsdorf
Name of POW: Arthur J Tyrrell
Postal Street Address: Burton Latimer
City, State, Zip: Kettering
Sent: 5.03 AM - 5/25 2004

My grandad Arthur j Tyrrell used to run a swap shop of cigarettes, jewellery, chocolate etc in 344 Stalag Lamsdorf 1944/45. Can anyone elaborate on this story, or remember him?
He is sadly no longer with us now, but remains a hero in our hearts. God bless them all.

Name: Jessica Tyndell
POW Camp: Stalag Luft 1, North 1, Barrack 7, Room 14
Name of POW: Hubert Noel Ballew
Postal Street Address: P.O. Box 118
City, State, Zip: Mineola, Texas 75773
Sent: 12.26 AM - 5/25 2004

Noel Ballew is my grandfather. My mother previously listed an email address that is no longer correct.
I was never able to be with my grandfather, he passed away 5 years before I was born. By all accounts he was an extrodinary man and I have been so blessed that my mother and grandmother have so lovingly passed on his legacy to me. If anyone remembers him or has a story to share, please contact me. Although I feel I know him well, it would be nice to know of him through others.
Thank you.

Name: James Gerber, MD
Hometown: St. Paul, Minnesota
POW Camp: Stalag Luft 1
Name of POW: Herbert Bunde
Postal Street Address: 6065 Hadley Ave. S.
City, State, Zip: Cottage Grove, MN 55016
Sent: 10.25 AM - 5/24 2004

My uncle, Herbert Bunde, was a B-24 co-pilot. His plane was the Crud Wagon. He went down over St. Pol and was interned at Stalag Luft 1, North Camp. I have been doing research to find out more about his time in the camp. I wouold appreciate any information that anyone has, especially pictures of the camp. He was there until the end of the war. Thank you.
James Gerber,MD

Name: April Hellinger
Name of POW: Charles Carl Hellinger
POW Camp: Stalag 9B Bad Orb
Postal Street Address: 755 E. River Rd.
City, State, Zip: Flushing, MI 48433
Sent: 5.25 AM - 5/24 2004

My father-in-law was a POW. He didn't talk about those days. All we know is that he was part of the 28th inf. Co. "C" 112th inf. Squad leader 745. He was taken captive in mid Jan 1945 and liberated March 30, 1945 (Good Friday) He fortunately because of German descent could speak German that helped a little while being held. I have heard that they were transported by rail withthe box cars marked as German hoping the USA would bomb their own contained in these cars. If anyone was part of this same unit or has other info that will help my own research please contact me. God Bless those that defend our country!!!!

Name: Jim Considine
Hometown: Baltimore
POW Camp: Stalag Luft 1
Name of POW: Lt. James I. Considine
Postal Street Address: 625 Deepdene Rd
City, State, Zip: Baltimore, MD 21210
Sent: 11.41 PM - 5/23 2004

I'd love to hear from anyone who knew my
Dad.. Thanks!

Name: cathy schwarz
Hometown: sacramento,ca
POW Camp: stalag 17 b
Name of POW: paul otto schwarz
Sent: 8.25 PM - 5/23 2004

My dad, Paul, and his crew were shot down over Munster, Germany on 10/10/1943 and were all taken prisoners. They were all held there until the end of the war. 96 B.G. 338 Squadron
i am looking for anyone who might remember him or any other info on that camp.
thank you - cathy

I Salute you all !!!!!

Name: jo shaller
Hometown: Clarendon, Tx
POW Camp: stalag luft I
Name of POW: Wayne L. Johnston
Postal Street Address: hc5, box 43
City, State, Zip: clarendon, tx 79226
Sent: 7.21 PM - 5/23 2004

My uncle wayne was in camp when the Russians arrived May 2, 1945. i am writing a book using the letters he wrote my mother during the years of WWII. would love to hear from anyone who knew him.

Name: Alexander logan
Hometown: Ardrossan ayrshire
POW Camp: Stalag 3 d
Name of POW: Alex logan
Postal Street Address: Camp 517
City, State, Zip: Germany
Sent: 4.11 PM - 5/23 2004

Trying to trace some of my dads comrades

Name: Janet Irene Atkinson
Name of POW: Wilbur Strong
POW Camp: Stalag 17
Sent: 4.13 PM - 5/20 2004

I am currently interviewing 81 year old Wilbur Strong of Tuolumne who served as a top gunner on the B-17. Shot down over Abbeville April, '44. Interned at Stalag 17.

Name: Heather
Hometown: Nashville
POW Camp: Stalag Luft III
Name of POW: Jack R. Cody
Postal Street Address: 637 Brook Hollow Road
City, State, Zip: Nashville, TN 37205
Sent: 7.40 PM - 5/19 2004

Name: condemine
Name of POW: gerbeau
Sent: 5.32 PM - 5/19 2004

Je recherche toutes documentation écrit et photographique concernant mon grand père Henri Gerbeau qui venait de Dordogne et qui a été 4 ans prisonnier de guerre.
Je sais qu’il a travaillé dans une ferme. Je n’en sais pas plus.

Merci de m’aider

Thierry Condemine

Name: Gordon Thayer
Hometown: Athens, Alabama 35611
POW Camp: Stalag 17-b
Name of POW: Richard (Dick) L. Thayer
Postal Street Address: 1709 Clifford Street
City, State, Zip: Athens, Alabama 35611
Sent: 2.42 PM - 5/19 2004

"Dick" was my father. He was in Stalag 17-b from March of 1944 until the liberation march on April 8, 1945. He played a lot of bridge while in prison and came home to a very appreciative family and community. His four children are very proud of his dedicated service to his country. "Dick" died on January 1, 2001.

Name: Frankie
Hometown: New York
Name of POW: Rocco L. Stefano
POW Camp:  Stalag Luft I
Postal Street Address: Bridelwood
City, State, Zip: Ny 14051
Sent: 8.34 PM - 5/18 2004

Hey good job defending the country. I like the jacket it makes u look buff. Good job we love u papa.

Name: Tom McNamara
Hometown: Duluth Minnesota
POW Camp: Stalag Luft iV
Name of POW: John H. McNamara
Postal Street Address: 13041 Herald Circle
City, State, Zip: Apple Valley MN. 55124
Sent: 1.33 PM - 5/18 2004

I have enjoyed reading the many stories from the various airmen/prisoners. My Father was captured or betrayed by Rene Van Muylen after spending a few months in the Dutch Underground. I am very interested in learning about the "black march" that my father participated in towards the end of the war. God bless all of the prisoners for the bravery and dedicated service and resolve during their capativity.


Tom McNamara

Name: Cindy Riney
Hometown: Chicago, IL
POW Camp: Stalag Luft IV
Name of POW: Renard G. Kampstra
City, State, Zip: Bradenton, FL
Sent: 10.09 AM - 5/18 2004

My Dad was shot down on June 16, 1944 during a bombing mission to Bratislava, Czechoslovakia. He parachuted into Hungary. His first stop was the Budapest Jail, then on to Stalag Luft IV. He was in Lager A, Barracks 7, room 4.
He was with the 450th Bomb Group (B-24s)
Dad is alive and well and enjoying retirement in sunny Florida.

Name: Mary Arvizu
Hometown: Bloomington, California
POW Camp: Stalag Luft 1
Name of POW: James J. Johnson
Sent: 11.52 PM - 5/17 2004

I came across this site, because I was looking up the meaning of a word. The word was Kriegies. I found two diaries that belonged to my Dad. As I read them, I realized it was when he was a P.O.W. He was shot down over Linz, Austria on Dec 3, 1944. After his interragation in Frankfurt, Germany on Dec 8, 1944. And further interragation in Wetzlar, Germany on Dec 11, 1944. He, along with the rest of his crew were taken to Barth, Germany and held as prisoners until the end of the war in 1945. My Dad was a prisoner way before I was born. He never told me about this awful time in his life. And now 59yrs after he was released I came across these Diaries. There are names of his fellow Kriegies, and also names of his Crew members. My Dad was a tail gunner for the United States Airforce but I can't remember what kind of plane he was in. He retired active duty in the early 60's and continued to work as Civil Service until 1977 at Norton Air Force Base in San Bernardino, California. My Dad died April 19, 1986. I found these diaries to be interesting to read. Even though it was about a very bad time for everyone there. If any one was there the same time as my dad. Or if you want to know if you or your family member is in his diary. You can e-mail me. Also if you have anything to share with me if you were with my dad. I would appreciate it. Thank You and God Bless Them All.

Name: matt yeaton
POW Camp: stalag luft 1
Name of POW: ted yeaton
Postal Street Address: 159 sanborn hill rd
City, State, Zip: epsom new hampshire 03234
Sent: 8.13 PM - 5/17 2004

ted is my grandfather, i was wondering if anyone knows the name of the b17 he was on thanks

Name: Barbara Shope
Hometown: Binghamton, New York 13905
POW Camp:
Name of POW: Harry Vibbert
Sent: 9.53 AM - 5/17 2004

Name: Tom Lloyd
Hometown: Columbus, Ohio
Sent: 10.25 PM - 5/16 2004

Last summer I spent some time down at Camp Blanding (Stark Florida) for weather training (USAF). While I was there I found out that it had been a POW camp during WWII. I explored the camp trying to locate it, but it was all forest and trees. I kept up my efforts and I was able to find to old camp (whats left of it), the old fence lines, barracks foundations and the POW cemitary. It's all still there, but over grown in dense forest and thicket. Camp Blanding also has a museum that shows its WWII history as a giant training area and staging area for U.S. troops preparing for combat over seas. The POW camp was put right in the middle of all that. It was a trip back through time. But one would never know it was there beause the area that its located in is a restricted army base and no one is allowed back in those areas. I kind of had to do a lot of sneaking around to uncover all the stuff I found out in those woods. It was an amazing thing.
Tom Lloyd

Hometown: lincoln illinois
Name of POW: John K Jones  ASN 36480086 POW # 3399
Sent: 6.59 PM - 5/16 2004


This is my father-in-law. If anyone was there with him I would love hearing from you. Put POW in the message box so i don't delete it.

Name: Erin
Hometown: Fife
POW Camp: Stalag Luft 1
Name of POW: Richard Francis Williams, 2nd Lt.
Sent: 5.40 PM - 5/16 2004

My grandfather, Richard Williams, was at Stalag Luft 1. I have been given a sketch book of his that has some things inside including a play bill for "Hit the Bottle" From his writings I believe he was in North 2 Barrack 5 Room 10. It would be interesting if anyone can confirm this.

Name: Don
Sent: 7.00 AM - 5/16 2004

My father in law taught flight training during ww11
at corpus christy texas. (he taught ty power) I woulde like info on him. His name was tom Baker. Lt. commander
if you know of him please contact me.

Name: Monika Ehrentraut
Hometown: 65510 Idstein, Germany
Name of POW: Mary-Claudette (of Reginald)
Sent: 5.02 PM - 5/15 2004

Dear Friends,
I want to find a family from a woman and her husband or brother. In the autumn 1945 search in Barth a woman with name "Mary-Claudette" her husband or brother. She lived short time near Barth in Prerow. She is born in Ireland 1913. The russian soldiers arrested Mary-Claudette in the decembre 1945. They wrote "Mary-Claudette Of Reginald" in her documents. Who was "Reginald" ? I think it is the firstname from a prisoner in Stalag I. I was wondering if there was anyon who might have know from Mary-Claudette or Reginald.
Who can help ?
Kindly Regards
Monika Ehrentraut

Name: Kenneth C. Micko
Hometown: Originally - St. Paul, MN
POW Camp: Stalug Luft 1
Name of POW: Kenneth C. Micko
Postal Street Address: 1064 Green Gables Rd.
City, State, Zip: East Gull Lake, MN 56401
Sent: 12.43 PM - 5/14 2004

I think I was in No. 2 compound, Barracks 1, room 6 (Same as Chuck Arnao Jr.) Was the co-pilot on Bill Shinn's B-24 crew out of BG 467, sq. 789. Was shot down over Berlin on March 18th '45 and landed on sidewalk in downtown Berlin.

Name: Katrisha Kirby
Hometown: Anderson Alabama
Name of POW: Willis Bea Tarpley
POW Camp: Stalag 7A
Postal Street Address: 21345 Lake Bates Rd.
City, State, Zip: Athens Alabama 35614
Sent: 11.43 PM - 5/13 2004

My Uncle by marriage was a POW during world war 2. He was held for 8 months. He is a strong man who is now very old and sickly. My Uncle holds a VERY SPECIAL PLACE IN MY HEART. If anyone has photos or information about him please e mail it to me.
To any other POW,s or there family thank you for all you went through to protect our country, in my family, you are all much appreciated and we love you. Katrisha Kirby

Name: Bob Parry
Hometown: Ottawa
POW Camp: Stalag Luft 1 Barth
Name of POW: Robert Alan Parry
Sent: 2.49 PM - 5/13 2004


Just thought I would correct some information...Parry L.A. F/O Canada West RCAF J.23618 Should read Parry R.A and service number should be j24618.
great site, my dad would have loved it.

Name: Albert Edwin Smith
Hometown: Findlay, Ohio
POW Camp: Stalag Luft One
Name of POW: Albert E. Smith
Postal Street Address: 10318 Mountington Ct.
City, State, Zip: Vienna, VA 22182
Sent: 3.28 PM - 5/12 2004

Was POW in North Two compound. Was B-17 Navigator, 2nd Bomb Group, 20th Sqdn., 15th AAF, Italy. Shot down over Czechoslovakia, 29 August 1944.

Name: Harland Hoffman
Hometown: San Francisco
Sent: 4.16 PM - 5/11 2004

Loved the stories, have a host of them myself (USMC 1942-1946).
Pleased to have found your site.
Thank you again, HJH

Name: h. osten
Hometown: berlin
Postal Street Address: anklamer 7
City, State, Zip: 10115 berlin
Sent: 11.25 AM - 5/11 2004

dear sirs,
i found nearby berlin (oranienburg) a part of a shotdown b 17 F, manufactured by BRIGGS MANUFACTURING CO.AIRPLANE PARTS DIVISION -DETROIT - the briggs unit # is 6721-L and the part # is B.D.V.-75-7125-617 -
how can i find out about the crew - the mission and the date of loss??
greetings to everyone and thank you for what you all have done to achieve a free germany - thank´s

Name: Bruce E. Halvarson
Hometown: Portland, Oregon
Postal Street Address: 14521 Alicante Rd
City, State, Zip: La Mirada, CA. 90638
Sent: 8.56 AM - 5/11 2004

My dad, Sgt. Herman T. Halvarson was in the 51st Engineer Combat Batallion, Co. C during the war. I want to pass on the information I learn about the WWII to my children. Two of my sons serve in the armed forces today. May dad rarely spoke of the war. He passed away at 72 in Carlsbad CA. My search about "V" mail brought me to this wonderful website.

Name: robert bodet
Hometown: san antonio, tx
POW Camp: stalag luft 1
Name of POW: norman g. bodet jr.
Postal Street Address: 14602 parksite woods
City, State, Zip: san antonio, tx 78249
Sent: 8.04 AM - 5/11 2004

my father piloted a B-17... and was shot down on his third or fourth mission. plane was crash landed after fighters and flack did their work. at least three crew members were killed... mostly by machine gun fire while still in the air. i understand that all of the crew is now gone... including my father... but would love to hear from anyone who might have know "Norm"


Name: Phil
Hometown: St. Louis Missouri
City, State, Zip: St. Peters MO, 63376
Sent: 11.39 PM - 5/10 2004

I just wanted to say how nice of a web page this is... my grandfather Ted Liebig was in the great escape one of the only ones to escape it too... after being lined up in the execution line in front of the germans before general patton came in and raided...

Name: Donell Turner
POW Camp: stalag 4
Name of POW: William Douglas Turner
Postal Street Address: 80 Osprey
City, State, Zip: eagle point , or
Sent: 9.28 PM - 5/10 2004

I am so proud of my dad William Douglas Turner and what he endured to defend our nation. With what is going on today in Iraq. Thank you for this Web site I believe I found my dad,s photo in the photos taken. I believe his is the soldier carrying the coffin on the right. I would like to know for sure you can call me at 1 916 988-4928.

Name: William Dean Jones
Hometown: Manchester,Iowa
POW Camp: Dulag Luft & Stalag 17-B
Name of POW: self
Postal Street Address: 818 E Union Street
City, State, Zip: Manchester, Ia 52057
Sent: 5.54 PM - 5/10 2004

Downed Apr 2,44. Looking for crew Members. etc.

Name: Wm. (Pat) Dohoney
Hometown: Mechanicsburg, PA
POW Camp: Bad Orb,Hammelburg,Moosburg
Name of POW: Wm. (Pat) Dohoney
Postal Street Address: 2223 Canterbury Drive
City, State, Zip: Mechanicsburg, PA 17055
Sent: 7.29 AM - 5/10 2004

Always looking old 106th buddies, especially from 422nd, Company C. I am the last officer of this Company still living

Name: Mary Ager
Hometown: Seattle, WA
POW Camp: Stalag Luft 1
Name of POW: Robert Lee Ager
Sent: 7.39 PM - 5/9 2004

Name: George Meuse
Hometown: Brookline, MA
POW Camp: Stalag Luft 1
Name of POW: George Meuse
Postal Street Address: 535 Palo Verde Drive
City, State, Zip: Leesburg, FL 34748
Sent: 5.54 PM - 5/9 2004

Still looking for Fred Willis and Mike Gallo from Luft 1. This is a wonderful site.

Name: Marc Coolen
Hometown: Hagerhill, KY
Sent: 5.31 PM - 5/9 2004

Fascinating website. During a flight delay in Chicago I happened to converse with this wonderful older gentleman, who told me about his POW time and the plight of so many others. Thanks George Simmons!! and thanks to the preparers of this website for making this possible.

Name: Peter Kassak
Hometown: Trnava
POW Camp: Grinava POW camp and others.
Name of POW: all POWs from Slovakia
City, State, Zip: Slovak Republic
Sent: 10.12 AM - 5/9 2004

HI all.
I am looking for any information about the POWs, who were interned in POW camp Grinava in Slovakia, and or were shot down over Slovak Republic and were transported to any of the German POW camps in the Europe.

Peter Kassak (change =AT= to @ -antispam strategy)

Name: Bill Terry
Hometown: Fort Walton Beach, FL
Sent: 5.28 PM - 5/8 2004

A wonderful site - so glad some one is keeping the memories alive

Name: Donna L. Spackman
Hometown: Elizabethtown PA 17022
POW Camp: Stalag-luft 1 Barth, Germany
Name of POW: James Piersol Jr.
Postal Street Address: 2475 Cloverleaf Rd.
City, State, Zip: Mount Joy, PA 17552
Sent: 8.13 PM - 5/7 2004

My father has passed away.I remember as a small child my father yelling out in his sleep from nightmares. He didn't talk about his experience as a POW until his later years. Then he told me stories about his experiences. My father is my hero, I couldn't imagine living through the things he lived through.  Sincerely, Donna Spackman

Name: Kristal Piersol
Hometown: Mount Joy ,PA
POW Camp: Stalag-Luft 1 Barth ,Germany
Name of POW: James Piersol Jr
Postal Street Address: 122 Retherford Drive
City, State, Zip: Bainbridge,PA 17502
Sent: 6.51 PM - 5/7 2004

I am the daughter of James Piersol, I would love to hear from anyone who knew my Father. Kristal

Name: James Jeomter
Hometown: Orange Beach, Al
POW Camp: Stalag Luft 1
Name of POW: Lloyd P. Jeter
Postal Street Address: 31811 River Rd.
City, State, Zip: Orange Beach, Al 36561
Sent: 9.27 PM - 5/6 2004

My dad Lloyd was in North 1 Barr 8 Rm 10. He flew B-17's and told me he was in the POW camp for 15 months. If any one new him or has any information concerning his flying please send me an e mail. Thanks jim jeter

Name: Heidi Dietrich
Hometown: Medford, MA
POW Camp: ?
Name of POW: Harold Cannizzaro
Postal Street Address: 272 Cambridge Road #48
City, State, Zip: Woburn, MA 01801
Sent: 8.02 PM - 5/6 2004

Thank you all for serving. I wish I could shake all your hands but I can't. I want to let you know that I am grateful and make it a point when I meet a soldier or a veteran to shake his or her hand and say thank you. So thank you with all my heart.

Hometown: POW-Wiston,steyning
POW Camp: StalagLuft 3
Name of POW: William (Bill) Jennens
City, State, Zip: U.K
Sent: 3.03 AM - 5/5 2004

I am the great grand son of sq-Ldr William Jennens who was involed in the great escape digging of tunnel, I would like any information about him.

Name: James R. Morrin
Hometown: Chicago, IL
POW Camp: Stalag Luft I
Name of POW: John R. Morrin ("Pop")
Postal Street Address: 3034 N. Kenmore
City, State, Zip: Chicago, IL 60657
Sent: 11.13 PM - 5/4 2004

My father was a B-17 pilot with the 360th Bomber Squadrom, 303rd Bomb Group, out of Molesworth, England. On 2/22/44 his plane was shot down near Antwerp, Belgium and he successfully parachuted and was captured and eventually imprisoned at Stalag Luft I in Barth. I still have a YMCA-issue book that contains water colors, poems, a diary, and other notes documenting his story. I also used to have a hard-bound book of "cartoons" that captured the Kriegie experience. I also still have a Christmas placecard, no doubt from a party at the prison camp in December 1944 -- It is lettered "POP", which was his nickname, because at 26 he was considerably older than his crew. After the war he spoke little about his experiences, and had almost nothing to say about Stalag Luft I and his time there. After the war he worked as a railroad engineer for 35 years, retired, and died of cancer in June 1986.

Name: John Hooper
Hometown: Eastbourne
POW Camp:  Stalag IXC
Name of POW: John Hooper
Postal Street Address: 2A Derwent Road
City, State, Zip: Eastbourne, BN20 7PH. UK
Sent: 10.18 AM - 5/4 2004

I am trying to find information on my father John Edward Hooper (deceased) who I think was a POW at Stalag IXC 1943/45? Any info much appreciated.
Thanks, John Hooper Jnr

Name: John Mabbs
Hometown: Prestatyn
POW Camp: 4B Muhlberg 17B Krems Vienna
Name of POW: myself
Postal Street Address: St Charmonds Bishopswood Road Prestatyn
City, State, Zip: LL19 9PW
Sent: 10.06 AM - 5/4 2004

Greetings to ex kreigies

Name: Carol Toppen
Hometown: DeMotte
Name of POW: Sgt. Daniel Walstra.
POW Camp:
Stalag Luft VI and IV.
Postal Street Address:
P.O. Box 351
City, State, Zip: DeMotte, IN 46310-0351
Sent: 10.26 PM - 5/3 2004

My uncle was shot down over Holland on March 6, 1944. He was a right rear gunner on the "Suzy Sagtits" Flying Fortress. He was captured and sent to Stalag Luft VI and IV. He was in IV whe the Germans sent them out on the Death March. Is there anyone out there that remembers Sgt. Daniel Walstra.
Thank you,
Carol Toppen

Name: Jennifer Donahue
Hometown: Michigan
POW Camp: Stalag Luft I
Name of POW: Kenneth E Willey
Sent: 6.27 PM - 5/3 2004

My Grandfather was Kenneth E Willey. I was wondering if there was anyone who might have known him or been in the POW camp with him. Thank you.

Name: Candice Denowh
POW Camp: Stalag Luft I
Name of POW: Eugene A. Flint
Postal Street Address: 13508 N. Dover Rd.
City, State, Zip: Nine Mile Falls, WA 99026
Sent: 10.58 PM - 5/2 2004

While reviewing the camp pictures #3, I am sure the guy in the front row, wearing a white bathing suit is Pete Hiltgen, my Dad's best friend. If anyone can point out my Dad's picture, I would be greatful. While growing up, my Dad told us his experiences of being a POW at Barth and how it impacted his life. What a brave group of men you are! I am so greatful that my Father made it out alive.

Name: FrancesBain
POW Camp: Stalag Luft 1
Name of POW: Charles Franklin Bain
Sent: 3.53 PM - 5/2 2004

My husband Charles Franklin Bain was a prisoner in Stalag Luft 1

Name: Ruth Dunn Widmann
Hometown: Woodstock, NY
POW Camp: Stalag Luft I
Name of POW: Wendell Dunn
Postal Street Address: 5 Manor Dr.
City, State, Zip: Woodstock, NY 12498
Sent: 3.29 PM - 5/1 2004

Dear Friends,
Sorry I couldn't join you this time, as I have fond memories of our time in Germany in 2001. I send my best wishes to all of you & hope you had a wonderful time at the recent reunion!
Ruth Dunn Widmann

Name: George Lesko (USAF Retired)
Hometown: Lee's Summit, MO (Kansas Cit y)
POW Camp: Stalag Luft 1 (Barth, Germany)
Name of POW: George Lesko
Postal Street Address: P.O. Box 6995
City, State, Zip: Lee's Summit, MO 64064-6995
Sent: 2.00 PM - 5/1 2004

I signed B & M's Guestbook many years ago and on April 15-20,2004 - I attended a Stalag Luft Mini POW Reunion at Savannah, Georgia arranged by my good friend Mary Smith and Amy Baker who resides in Tucson, AZ. More than 50 attended and we toured the 8th Air Force Museum and visited the National POW Museum in Andersonville, Georgia. Side tours included Tybee Island, Fort Pulaski, Savannah Historic District and a Cruise aboard the Savannah River Queen.
I have attended every Conference/Reunion at Barth, Germany and honestly say this Reunion was the "best".
Everything was outstanding. Thank you Mary and Amy.

Name: Alessandra D'Atri
Hometown: Brooklyn, New York
Name of POW: Joseph A. D'Atri
Postal Street Address: 121 86th Street
City, State, Zip: Brooklyn, NY 11209
Sent: 10.41 PM - 4/30 2004

Joseph D'Atri is my grandpa and I am currently trying my best to locate men that served with him and hopefully rekindle old friendships. Below is all the info that I currently have. Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated.
Birthdate May 11, 1922, Served in World War II, Army Air Corp. 8th Air Force (Norwich England) 330th Bombardment Group AKA "Ted's Flying Circus", Staff Sgt ASN 32530523. Drafted in 1942 and was a B24 Tailgunner. In 1944 he crash landed in Friedrichshafen, Switzerland (his 19th mission) and was interned there in civilian prison. He was cited in "Stars & Stripes" on March 12, 1944 when another plane of his ("Heavenly Daze") was shot down over London.
Above is all the info that I would think may be important in leading towards the right path. I just don't know where the path starts! :) Thank you.

Name: Dave McEldery
Hometown: Plains
Name of POW: Mike Sopko, Ralph Hogan, Jr.
Postal Street Address: PO Box 248
City, State, Zip: Plains, MT 59859
Sent: 1.35 AM - 4/30 2004

Great website,very impressive. I'm writing a book about the 428th Squadron, 310th BG, 57th BW, 12th AF and just interviewed Mike Sopko. When he told me he was in Stalag Luft 1, I went to Google to learn more about it and found your site, then Ralph Hogan's name appeared in your roommates list. He and Mike were in the same plane when they were shot down. I'm in the process of contacting him. This is a wonderful service you're providing, and I know there has been an amazing amount of work and research. What a thoughtful memorial to our men and a great historical resource. Ciao, Dave McEldery

City, State, Zip: Cafrmichael, CA 95608
Sent: 1.13 PM - 4/29 2004

I enjoyed visiting your website. I was a flight radio operator on a C-47 Troop Carrier aircraft during WW II. Although I always was ready to use my parchutae if our airplane was shot down, I never had to. But some of my friends in the 4a37th Troop Carrier Group were shot down, and survived by using their parachutes. One of the friends, Charles Salerno of Troy New York is still alive, and we are still friends. His son, Lou, is trying to get his Dad, Charles Salerno, enrolled into the Catapillar Club. I hope that he is successful. He was shot down on March 24, 1945 near Wesel, Germany while towing two gliders into Germany across the Rhine River.
Don Bolce

Name: Neil Collins
Hometown: Singleton
City, State, Zip: N.S.W 2330
Sent: 4.45 PM - 4/28 2004

Hello to Sarah Deane in Mudgeeraba, you wrote in this about your Grandfather in Stalag 13D, my Uncle was in Stalag 13C could you please send me a e-mail to see if they were in the camp together.
Thankyou Neil

Name: Robert Ingersoll
Hometown: Emporium, PA
POW Camp: Stalag Luft I
Name of POW: Carl Ingersoll
City, State, Zip: Fair Oaks, CA 95628
Sent: 12.50 AM - 4/27 2004

My father is listed as a POW in Stalag Luft I. I am looking for any information I can find on my father's time spent as a POW and in the Army Air Corps. in general. He was the radioman on the B-17G "Millie K" with the 388th BG. Thank you.

Name: Neil Collins
POW Camp: Stalag X111C
Name of POW: Ron Whalan, serial num NX853
City, State, Zip: Singleton N.S.W. Australia
Sent: 6.53 PM - 4/26 2004

Here is a bit more info I am trying to find out a bout my uncle, Ron Whalan when he was captured and taken to Stalag X111C,he was 2/1 field regement RAA,his rank was a gunner, His number is NX 853, he was enlisted on 8th November 1939 and discharged on the 21st August 1945, if anyone has any info or if they know someone that knows him please get in contact.
And what a great site to get on, great job

Name: Neil Collins
Hometown: Singleton
POW Camp: Stalag X111C
Name of POW: Ron Whalan
City, State, Zip: N.S.W Australia
Sent: 5.22 PM - 4/26 2004

I am just trying to find out a bit of info in relation to finding out about my uncle that was in the Stalag X111C POW camp in 10-9-1943 and he was released in (I think )1945

Name: michael mcclellan
Hometown: taunton, ma.
POW Camp: camp myles standish
Postal Street Address: 18 monroe street
City, State, Zip: taunton ma. 02780
Sent: 4.27 PM - 4/26 2004

i am interested in any german or french pow's who spent time at camp myles standish, also any allied soldgiers who spent time passing through. I am local amateur historian looking to keep camps past alive. thank you

Name: Barbara Murdoch Maxwell
Hometown: Phoenix AZ
POW Camp: Stalag Luft I
Name of POW: Lt. Raymond Foss Murdoch, Jr
Sent: 2.11 AM - 4/26 2004

My Dad was a P-47 pilot who was shot down over Rheims on Dec. 30, 1943. He spent the remainder of the war in Stalag I in Barth. I did not see his name on your rosters. He was in the South Compound. There was another Lt. E.P. Winslow, Jr. in the same compound. I did not see him either. Lt. Winslow was something of an artist and drew a picture of my Dad in his P-47, with my Dad's girlfriend's name on the fuselage. That girlfriend was my mother. The picture is signed by EP Winslow, Jr. Stalag I, Germany 1944. I would be glad to email you a copy of the picture for your art section. But I would like to see my Dad's name on the list of honored POW's at Barth.

Thank you,
Barbara Murdoch Maxwell

Name: Walter K. Schroder
Postal Street Address: 16 Hamilton Gate Court
City, State, Zip: North Kingstown, RI 02852
Sent: 8.32 PM - 4/25 2004

Just ran across your excellent web site. Enjoyed the recollections very much. As for myself, I am a US-born
son of German parents who returned to G. in 1937; back in Germany I was drafted in 1944 at age 15 to serve with a Flak Bty in NW Germany.Later served in USAREUR. Have been assisting US families in digging up info on loved ones shot down over Germany.Wrote autobio: Stars
and Swastikas; The Boy Who Wore Two Uniforms. Addl info
via e-Mail.

Name: Teresa Leopold
POW Camp: Stalag-17b
Name of POW: Edward Rogowski
Sent: 10.11 PM - 4/24 2004

Edward Rogowski was a POW from 9/1943 through 5/1945 in Stalag 17B. Any contact from other family members of POWs in this camp are welcomed.

Postal Street Address: 25010 ARROW RIDGE
City, State, Zip: SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS 78258
Sent: 10.28 PM - 4/23 2004

My Dad was in the group that left the camp prior to the "rescue" walked/rode through Germany...was with Russian Army for about 1-2 weeks then with the British. Anyone have similar experience? I know he was with a "Massey" from Georgia.

Name: Martha Samuels (Tipton)
POW Camp: Stalag 1
Name of POW: L.C. Tipton
Sent: 12.36 PM - 4/23 2004

I was searching for info about where my dad had been a POW. This site is very interesting. I found photos of his trip in 2001 to Germany. Thank you.

Name: Hal E. Corbett
Hometown: Warren AR.
Name of POW: Eustus H. Corbett
Sent: 9.47 PM - 4/22 2004

My father sgt. Eustus H. Corbett an Army medic was a p.o.w. in Russia and Poland, liberated by Russian army . This is all know ,can you help me

Name: Ruth Pedrie
Hometown: Monument, CO
POW Camp: Stalag IVB , Stalag VIIIA
Name of POW: Raymond L. Davis
Postal Street Address: 19515 Kershaw Court
City, State, Zip: Monument, CO 80132
Sent: 4.37 PM - 4/22 2004

My father was captured on 12/18/44 in the Battle of the Bulge. Was a POW until May 1945. Was at Stalag 1VB for about 1 week and Stalag VIIIA from 1/18/45 to 2/14/45. Spent most of the time marching to keep away from Americans. Anyone who may have known him or was with him as POW would like to hear from you.

Name: Eugene A. Burlingame
Hometown: Sacramento, California
POW Camp: Stalag Luft one
Name of POW: Eugene A. Burlingame
City, State, Zip: Sacramento, California
Sent: 12.04 PM - 4/22 2004

I was a POW and lived in North three compound I still appreciate what you have done to preserve history, I was a tail gunner on the ship called The Litle Orphan,
Piloted by Eugene Freeman. I was shot down March 18 1945 after the raid over Berlin. Thank you again

Name: Boris Bascarevic
Hometown: Kragujevac
POW Camp: Stalag 2A
Name of POW: Tanasko Vucetic
Postal Street Address: Zorana Radmilovica 6A
City, State, Zip: Kragujevac,Srbija,34000
Sent: 4.59 AM - 4/22 2004

I'am looking for a few informations about my kinsman Tanasko Vucetic Who was a Prisoner of German prisoner camp Stalag 2A. I hope that you can find out what had hapened with him.I Know a few information about him and that is that he was captured in Macedonia an his prisoner number was 76151

Name: Janice L. (Quinby) Hewes
POW Camp: Stalag Luft 1
Name of POW: Charles E. Quinby
Sent: 5.58 PM - 4/21 2004

Thanks for posting Dad's story about the Silver Slipper. He didn't talk much about the war until late in life, so I never knew the B-17 had a name.


Name: Caz
Hometown: Calgary AB
Sent: 5.46 PM - 4/21 2004

I'm afraid I do not know any POWs, but visited your site for information regarding a project I was doing for an informational booklet on the Canadians involved in the "Great Escape" (Stalag Luft III). I needed some images of the camps, and I certainly found what I was looking for and so much more. I was very impressed with this site. There is so much information here, and it leaves you with a real sense of what the men had to endure. I found it very interesting and enlightening. Good job!

Name: dejan miloševiæ
Hometown: kragujevac
Postal Street Address: èegarska 37
City, State, Zip: 34000 kragujevac
Sent: 5.14 PM - 4/21 2004

Like some others, I am looking for anyone who knew my grandfather Miodrag Rakic from village Siokovac, near Jagodina/Svetozarevo from Serbia. He was prisoner in The II World War in Stalag from 10. 4. 1941. till 21. 4. 1945, together with relative Radivoje Rakic. Prisoner number of Radivoje Rakic is knowen to me - 91106, but I do not have any information about my grandfather, exccept the fact that they were together all the time in Stalag. I would be thankfull to anybody who could help me to find other facts about granny, official and the rest. Thanx for replaying the message

Name: Hannah mitchell
POW Camp: stalag luft 1
Name of POW: Reginald jack fayers
Sent: 2.36 PM - 4/21 2004

I am looking for anyone who knew my grandfather. he was a navigator in a Handly Page Halifax and was shot down whilst on a raid to Frankfurt. Only three survived the crash, the bomb aimer tom Patent, my grandfather Reg Fayers and the mid-upper gunner Slim. they were shot down on november 25 1943 and were liberated by the Russians in 1945. slim was repatriated due to injuries and poppa has never heard of him since. he shared a room with a scot called alec Boyd, a new zelander, two greeks (one is called van). he is still well and lives in Wales anyone who knew him is welcome to e-mail me.

Name: Scott Cairns
Hometown: Reno
POW Camp: Stalag Luft I
Name of POW: Henry H Cairns Sr. (babe)
Postal Street Address: 10100 Bodie Dr.
City, State, Zip: Reno CA 89506
Sent: 10.39 PM - 4/20 2004

miss him wished I had gotten to know him better.

Name: John F. Kirkham Jr.
Name of POW: john kirkham
Postal Street Address: 4536 Sunrise Blvd.
City, State, Zip: Delray Beach, Fl 33445-1234
Sent: 9.06 PM - 4/20 2004

I was search the Kirkham name on the internet and found this site. This week I received a phone call from John Kirkham from Warrington visiting here in the USA and a fellow EAA member who also visited the Sun and Fun Event in Lakeland, Florida last week.

Name: Winston (Bill) Strehorn
Hometown: Hideaway
POW Camp: Stalag Luft1
Name of POW: Winston (Bill) Strehorn
Postal Street Address: 1625 Morningside Trl
City, State, Zip: Hideaway, Tx 75771
Sent: 8.44 PM - 4/20 2004

My wife of 58 years & i are still alive & kicking.
Praise the Lord.
Bill & Lee

Name: Kenneth I. (Ken) Covington
POW Camp: Stalag I,
Name of POW: Ken Covington
Postal Street Address: 4517 Brunswick Ave. N.
City, State, Zip: Minneapolis, MN 55422
Sent: 1.59 PM - 4/20 2004

Hi to anybody left from South Compound, Barracks 2, Room 11,especially to singing buddies Hans and Cecil.

Name: LCDR Art Greer (USN Ret)
Sent: 8.50 AM - 4/20 2004

I was a Search and Rescue (SAR) controller in Viet Nam who brought back airmen shot down over North Viet Nam. My men didn't spend time in the Hanoi Hilton if I could get to them. Later after I got commissioned I launched them into missions over the North. In honor of those who were shot down and captured and those unaccounted for I wear a POW/MIA pin always. Wish we had the means to rescue downed airmen in WW II.

Postal Street Address: 21 PAINS WAY
Sent: 6.16 AM - 4/20 2004


Name: steven dunphy
Hometown: bristol u.k.
POW Camp: stalag luft 1+ 3
Name of POW: desmond dunphy
Sent: 5.05 AM - 4/20 2004

It is a pity my father is no longer alive he would of liked this site a lot I am sure.

Name: Michael Clifton
Hometown: Afton
City, State, Zip: Afton, WI 53501
Sent: 8.01 PM - 4/19 2004

This is amazing. I'm doing a research paper for my college class on World War II. I found some nice material here that gave me some great ideas.

Name: martin d. howell
Hometown: grenada,ms.
Name of POW: gora f. huddleston
Postal Street Address: 838
City, State, Zip: grenada,ms.
Sent: 11.48 AM - 4/19 2004

i have been trying to find info on my uncle's imprisonment

Name: Rosemarye Tennyson Taylor
Hometown: Bolivar, Te
POW Camp: Stalag Luft 1
Name of POW: J. B. Tennyson
Postal Street Address: 3813 Blazing Star Dr.
City, State, Zip: Orlando, Florida 32828
Sent: 5.34 PM - 4/18 2004

I'm quite impressed by this website and all of the artifacts and information collected. I have some photos, newsletter, and letters to and from home that my father wrote. I am looking for someone who knew J.B. Tennyson at the camp or knew of him.

Also, I'm organizing a manuscript and would appreciate any photos, letters, etc that anyone would be willing to share and have included.


Name: Philip Darby
Hometown: London
Postal Street Address: 24 Holly Park Road
City, State, Zip: England, N11 3HD
Sent: 6.37 AM - 4/17 2004

Hi, I don't have anything to do with the search for these prisoners etc. I'm just writing to say that I found this site to be very interesting and I really enjoyed reading about this. Since I saw 'The Great Escape' I've always been interested in prisoner of war camps. I just want you to kno that I enjoyed reading this, thank you.

Name: Lynne Bond
Hometown: Kerrville
Name of POW: Lt. Thomas Leon Bond
POW Camp: Stalag Luft I
City, State, Zip: TX
Sent: 3.37 PM - 4/16 2004

Our Dad was pilot of "Pride of the Yanks," shot down over Dieppe, France in May 1944. He ended up POWA at Stalag Luft 1, in section 3, with "Gabby" as Commander.
We will look through his letters/notes from the camp to see if we can find out what barracks etc. He went on to become Lt.Col.; he died 6 years ago.

Name: Brian McDonough
POW Camp: Stalag Luft I  Barth Room 6
Name of POW: Francis McDonough
Postal Street Address: 2633 10th Ct. #3
City, State, Zip: Santa Monica CA 90405
Sent: 4.58 AM - 4/16 2004

I was surprised to see my fathers name included on this web sight. He is still alive and healthy. I'm now motivated to document his stories of the war. Thanks!

Name: Rob
Name of POW: Verne Woods
Sent: 1.32 PM - 4/15 2004

Just finished reading an excellent article in my employee union magazine - The Foreign Service Journal, about Mr. Wood's and Mr. Carnot's ties. It was written by one of our staff at the U.S. Embassy in Paris.

Cheers, RobJ
U.S. Embassy, Santiago, Chile

Name: crystal
Hometown: st pete
POW Camp: 7895
Name of POW: robert w stirling jr.
Postal Street Address: 4131 41st n.
City, State, Zip: st petersburg,fl,33714
Sent: 8.51 AM - 4/15 2004

hi! i am 46yrs old now!i was just born when my god father had went to war for w.w2 and had never made it home becouse he had became a pow i cry wondering if he is still alive or not please if you seen him or knows of him please contact me!
thanks so much 4 reading god bless!!!!!!

Name: Lisa Graf
Hometown: Ripon, Wisconsin
Sent: 11.46 PM - 4/14 2004

I'm currently a senior at Ripon College and have chosen to research American POWs in German Stalags during WWII as my History Senior Seminar topic. I've researched this topic all year long and have yet to find an Internet site as easy to navigate, as informative, and as accurate as this one. Thank you so much for all the information you've provided. I've been able to fill in many missing links in my research process and final analysis paper from the vast amount of information provided here!
Through my research I've come to truly appreciate all the people who have sacrificed of themselves for the greater cause of humanity. Thank you so much to each and every Veteran, and the families of all the Veterans of all the past wars; you're very much appreciated! Thank you!

Name: Eugene Sylvester
Hometown: MO, Now NJ
POW Camp: Stalag Luft 1
Name of POW: Eugene Sylvester
Postal Street Address: 1774 Hillside Dr
City, State, Zip: Cherry Hill, NJ 08003
Sent: 2.57 PM - 4/14 2004

This is a change of address, and I am still looking for Maurice Turner, our waist gunner and armorer. He was from Florida at the time. B-17 shot down 4/13/44 on mission to Schweinfurt. Pilot was Lt. Gil Whitchurch from OK.
Thank for this site.

Name: Matthias Baars
Hometown: Lübbrechtsen,Germany
Sent: 11.12 AM - 4/14 2004

You have a very Interesting Site!

Matthias Baars

Name: Donna Sabulsky
Hometown: Kamloops
POW Camp: Stalag luft 7
Name of POW: Boyd leslie Gillis ( Bud)
Postal Street Address: #84-8oo valhalla place
City, State, Zip: Kamloops,B.C.
Sent: 10.40 PM - 4/13 2004

Hello, my Dad was a tail gunner, wireless operator, and his crew and Lancaster bomber were shot down while on a raid on a machine factory in Auchen,Germany.This was the night of July 13/14th,1943. I have been trying to find pictures of him and the whole flight crew. If anyone reading this is related to one of the other survivors of that crew and has pictures, I would be tickled to see them someway. My Dad never told us anything much,however he told my husband that a Ukrainian cook saved thier lives at the end of the war when they were packing to leave. He hit the german S.S. guard with the paddle used to put bread in the oven, and killed him because the guy had a pistol and was going to shoot them. Also his brother Norman Gillis who was an engineer in the R.C.A.F. was killed Dec.17th,1943 when his plane being badly shot up,crashed in the forest in Britain trying to make it back. They were all very brave men, the flight crews of w.w.2. All the best, Donna

Name: Allan Chapman
Postal Street Address: PO Box 1200
City, State, Zip: Yountville, CA 94599
Sent: 10.30 PM - 4/13 2004

Some years ago I wrote a brief article about my experience as one of crew on B-17 used to evacuate the POWs at Barth. I'm pretty sure it was sent to some of your members, and also printed in the newsletters of various memorial organizations.

Problem is I have somehow lost or misplaced it and am hunting. If anyone has a copy or ASCII DOS file I would like to get a copy. Thank you.

Postal Street Address: PO Box 1200
City, State, Zip: Yountville, CA 94599
Sent: 6.45 PM - 4/12 2004

I had the privilege of meeting POWs, when the B-17 on which I was the radio operator took them to France and Camp Lucky Strike. Only name I remember was Thomas
Williams of Bessemer, Alabama.

Name: Nancy Angevine Gardner
Hometown: Dover,Delaware
POW Camp: Stalag Luft 1
Name of POW: Frank Willis Angevine
Postal Street Address: 213 North State Street
City, State, Zip: Dover,,,,,,,,,,,,,,De 19901
Sent: 6.20 PM - 4/12 2004

My father, Frank W. Angevine was a prisoner at Stalag Luft 1 for almost two abd a half years. He is in failing health, but speaks proudly of this part of a distinguished Air Force Career. He is not online but delighted to receive info I pass along.We have hisPOW letters. Please share memories of him.

Name: Marga Verouden
POW Camp: stalag X1A and stalag VA
Name of POW: Arie Verouden
City, State, Zip: Holland/Netherlands.
Sent: 3.35 PM - 4/12 2004

My dad a Dutch Marine was a P.O.W.1943-1945 in Stalag X1A Altengrabow and Stalag VA Ludwigsburg from were he escaped two times.
I am looking for information about those Stalags and pictures.

Name: Roy Brosi
Hometown: Quincy,IL 62301
POW Camp: Stalag Luft IV
Name of POW: Roy W. Brosi
Postal Street Address: 4905 Wyaconda
City, State, Zip: Hannibal,MO 63401
Sent: 11.52 AM - 4/12 2004

Name: Earl B Joswick
Hometown: Plymouth, Minnesota
POW Camp: Stalag IV
Name of POW: Earl B Joswick
Postal Street Address: 1730 Olive Lane
City, State, Zip: Plymouth,MN 55447
Sent: 12.55 PM - 4/11 2004

Any Ex-POW's give me a call 763-473-8306.

Name: john moodie
Hometown: edinburgh. scotland
POW Camp: stalag xxb
Name of POW: george moodie
Postal Street Address: eh 12 7bh
City, State, Zip: edinburgh
Sent: 8.20 AM - 4/11 2004

i am trying to find out details about my father corporal george moodie medic seaforth highlanders prisoner instalag xxb from 1940-45. liberation unknown.

Name: jon bulau
Hometown: gibbon, minnesota, usa
POW Camp: luft 1
Name of POW: norman kottke lt.
Postal Street Address: 59856 226th st
City, State, Zip: gibbon, mn. 55335
Sent: 7.13 AM - 4/11 2004

hello norman was my uncle and i'm very proud to know this man in my life for what he did and what he endured for our freedom

sincerly, jon bulau

Name: Robert William Morgan
Hometown: Smithfield, Kentucky
POW Camp: Luft I and Luft IV
Name of POW: Robert William Morgan Sr
Postal Street Address: 4329 Lake Jericho Road
City, State, Zip: Smithfield, KY 40068
Sent: 6.36 PM - 4/10 2004

I was a POW during April 29, 1944 til May 1, 1945.
I am available if anyone has any questions or has any info.
Robert Morgan

Name: kelly hanratty
Hometown: st louis mo
Name of POW: harold w. britton
Postal Street Address: 916 hampshire heath drive
City, State, Zip: ofallon mo 63366
Sent: 1.30 AM - 4/10 2004

Just passing thru, great website. God Bless our veterans.

Name: Joseph Latchford
Hometown: Berlin, MD 21811
POW Camp: Stalag 17
Name of POW: Jack Latchford
Sent: 9.42 AM - 4/7 2004

My company is currently selling Korean Pins for the 50th anniversary of the Korean War. The Vietnam Veterans of Charleston, SC have asked us to make the Vietnam button pins. On May 30th in Washington, DC a statue will be dedicated to all those men who gave of their lives in World War II. A button pin will be coming out in June.
If anyone reads this, please contact Joe Latchford 410-641-7246 to get one.

Name: Mike Fecht
Hometown: Sterling, IL
POW Camp: Stalag 4 B
Name of POW: Robert "Bob" Fecht
Sent: 9.28 PM - 4/6 2004

My grandfather wrote this about his experience...

"One Cold Night and a Rosary"

"This is the last time I’ll ask you to help me clean the attic," my wife said. "Everything we come upon, you say, ‘Don’t throw this away, or don’t throw that away.’ Please tell me what we were even up here for."
But I scarcely heard her words as I looked at the old, broken, brown, wooden, beaded rosary in her hand. For thirteen years, I had thought I had lost it. I had almost forgotten it and the incident that brought it into my possession. Yet, there it was, and with it the memory of the one cold night and a rosary.

It was while I was a Prisoner of War in Germany that it happened. A group of twenty-five Americans were picked out to leave the camp which was called Stalag 4B. We were to go north to the small town of Sandersdorf to work in the coal mines. I was one of the twenty-five to leave, and the only Catholic in the group.
Upon arriving at our destination, we were quartered in a small building with a double row of high wire fence around it, between which one guard patrolled at night only. There were three guards and one Commandant in charge of our group at night and on Sunday’s. During the day, while at the mine, we had a different group of guards. At night our guards would take four hour shifts. Four hours on, eight hours off.
As you know, or have heard, the Nazi’s had no love for the Catholics. Our Commandant, who must have been indoctrinated by Hitler himself, had a very special dislike for them. Upon discovering I was a Catholic, he always managed to find extra things for me to do, and would laugh and joke and fold his hands, as if in prayer, whenever ridiculing me. I tried to retaliate by making the sign of the cross whenever he looked at me. I stopped this, though, when I found out he thought I was doing it because I was afraid of him.
One Sunday, when the Commandant was supposed to have been gone, one of the guards, whose name was Herr Engle, called me into his room. Upon entering, I noticed a woman sitting at a small table. She smiled as the guard shut the door, motioning me to be quiet and, at the same time, she handed me a small sugar bowl full of strawberry sauce. Thinking the world had come to an end, I hurriedly ate them. I don’t think anything tasted as good to me as they did right then.
Then, to my astonishment, she pulled out a rosary and pointed to herself and the guard and said, "Catholic." I looked at the guard and he nodded and was all smiles. Just then, the door opened and there stood the Commandant. Everyone froze. He walked over to the woman and snatched the rosary out of her hand and started spilling out German a mile a minute. From the look on the woman’s face, I thought she was going to faint right there. Before either of them could say a word, I stepped over to the Commandant and grabbed the rosary from his hand, and told him it was mine. I also told him the guard had no right to take it from me, and that he should tell the guard that he should leave my stuff alone. He turned and asked the guard in German if he had taken it from me. The guard immediately answered, "Yes." They exchanged a few more words, and then the Commandant ordered me back to the main room.
I found out that night that I was to be punished. Not for having the rosary, but for being out of the main room when I shouldn’t have been. For my punishment, I was to patrol inside the fence, along with the guard, with nothing on but my shorts, and the burlap strips on my feet.
It was the last part of March and very cold. I didn’t think I would be able to take it. When the time did come, I stripped and started for the door with one of the guards when the Commandant called to me. I stopped and he bent over and took the rosary from my pocket and tossed it to me and said, "If you pray hard enough, it may keep you warm." I walked, stamped my feet, slapped myself all over, and even cried. AND I DID SAY THE ROSARY, OVER, OVER, AND OVER.
When the guards four hours were up, the next guard that came to relieve him was Herr Engle. The minute he saw the light go out in the other guard’s room, he stripped off his overcoat and handed it to me. He turned around and let out a low whistle, and Frau Engle came from behind a building and up to the fence with a big kettle of hot soup. Herr Engle passed it over to me. Whether any of it was meant for him, I don’t know, but I ate it all myself. They both whispered to me in German, and from as much of it as I could understand, they were thanking me for what I did that morning. I went to give her back her rosary, and she shook her head and folded the rosary into the palm of my hand. She then made the sign of the cross and disappeared into the darkness. After Herr Engle’s stint was up, I had one more to go. But, suprisingly enough, it didn’t seem too cold.
There was a rosary said on those beads every day thereafter. It was just thirty days after this incident that we were liberated by the 69th Division. I was on the boat home that the rosary broke. I put it away in my duffel bag, and didn’t find it again until thirteen years later. I had it repaired, and am now using it again. Each time I use it, I wonder about Herr Engle and his wife, and how they are, for, Sandersdorf is in the Communist zone.
Robert M. Fecht
112 West Second Street
Rock Falls, Illinois

Name: Lindsey Baker
Hometown: Darlington
POW Camp: Stalag Luft 1
Name of POW: Lisa Miller Stutzman
Postal Street Address: 1824 Harry Byrd Hwy
City, State, Zip: Darlington,Sc 29532
Sent: 8.30 PM - 4/6 2004

I just want to know some things about what the pow's had to go through.i am doing a paper on World War 2 and i decided to look up some pow's.please write back if you can help.thanks

Name: Lisa Miller Stutzman
Hometown: Savannah, Georgia
POW Camp: Stalag Luft One
Name of POW: Charles "Charlie" E. Miller, Jr.
Postal Street Address: 8914 NE 31st Street
City, State, Zip: Terrebonne, OR 97760
Sent: 1.22 PM - 4/6 2004

My Daddy, Charlie Miller, was a pilot of a B-17. His plane was shot down somewhere over Greece, and he was able to bail out and hide among the Greek ruins until he was captured, and taken to Stalag Luft One. He would never talk much about his experiences there, but I know he became well-known among his fellows and Germans guards alike for his ability to repair watches and other small electronics! He always has been, and will remain my hero...and my "pappa-schlappa"!

Name: Guy Williams
Hometown: Glendora, California
Postal Street Address: P. O. Box 5
City, State, Zip: Glendora, Ca. 91740
Sent: 6.45 PM - 4/5 2004

Seeking information on S/Sgt. Henry H. Sievers, 39256913 from El Monte, California. He was a belly gunner on a B-24 Serial Number 41-29337, 461st Bombardment Group (H)Dwatted Wabbit. He was lost on 12 July 1944 off the coast of Nice, France. I am trying to locate an Air Sea Rescue Report on what they found at the ditching site. Any information will be appreciated.

Name: Steve Webster
Hometown: Barre VT. 05641
POW Camp: Stalag 12A
Name of POW: Donald W Webster
Postal Street Address: 62 Second St. Westons
City, State, Zip: Montpelier Vt. 05602
Sent: 4.26 PM - 4/5 2004

I just recently found this site. This is a wonderful service. My dad was in the 101`st Airborne 327`th Glider Infantry; captured Dec 26 1944 in the Ardennes forest. His name is Donald Webster. Anyone remember him?

Name: Ronald G. Neil
Hometown: New Braunfels, TX
POW Camp: Stalag Luft I, Barth, Germany
Name of POW: James Arnold McAvoy
Postal Street Address: 194-B West Street
City, State, Zip: New Braunfels, TX 78130
Sent: 11.58 AM - 4/5 2004

I would like to correct the last name spelling of my father, listed as J.A, MacAvoy of Washington @ North 1.
Correct spelling is McAvoy, NOT MacAvoy.
He was B-17 Co-Pilot on the John C. Booker Crew, 8th Air Force, 92nd Bomb GP (H), 327th Bomb Sqdn, Podington Sta #109, England, shot-down/captured 5Nov'43. His Serial #0-739819.

Thank you.

Name: Mary Ann Reid
Hometown: Petersburg, West Virginia
POW Camp: Unknown
Name of POW: George A. Reid (died in 1983)
Sent: 1.17 AM - 4/5 2004

My Dad's plane was named "Fletcher's Castoria", commanded by Captain Bill Fletcher. It was shot down over the Netherlands, and my dad, among others were held POW. If anyone knew him and wants to discuss email me. thanks for the informative site and hard work putting it together.

Name: jennifer griffith glaudel
POW Camp: Stalag Luft 1
Name of POW: Leonard R. Griffith
Postal Street Address: 2420 W. Webster Ct.
City, State, Zip: Anthem, AZ 85086
Sent: 11.29 PM - 4/4 2004

Trying to locate anyone who may remember my Dad and has any information about him. He died on 11/11/69 at the age of 53.

Name: Margaret Kincannon
Hometown: Flower Mound, TX
POW Camp: Stalag Luft I
Name of POW: Francis Chase Kincannon
Postal Street Address: 1832 Walden Blvd.
City, State, Zip: Flower Mound, TX 75022
Sent: 1.12 PM - 4/3 2004

I am interested in learning more about F. C. Kincannon. I know that he was born Apr. 21, 1918, and died June 19, 1971. He was buried at the Sam Houston National Cemetery in San Antonio. Please send me any additional information about him that you have.

Name: Irene Gray
POW Camp: South Barracks 1 Room 2
Name of POW: W J Gray
City, State, Zip: Stone, Ky
Sent: 3.50 PM - 4/2 2004

My husband, Bill, was a POW in the camp listed above.
He was Lt. W. J. Gray and was co-pilot of a plane shot down over Bremmen, Ger. (I think) He was in Stalag I from Apr.8,1944 - May 13, 1945 He talked a great deal about his experiences there. Great website.

Name: Chris Mattie
POW Camp: Stalag Luft 1, North Compound 1
Name of POW: John Duane Mattie
Postal Street Address: 19 Michaelson Dr
City, State, Zip: Mt Laurel NJ 08054
Sent: 1.13 PM - 4/2 2004

I am the son of John Mattie, who is researching his life in prison camp. My father is still alive and healthy living in Central California. I am a retired USMC LtCol with the inspiritation to keep current his memories of what life was like as a Kriege.

Name: George A Meuse
Hometown: Brookline, MA
POW Camp: Luft 1
Name of POW: George A Meuse
Postal Street Address: 535 Palo Verde Drive
City, State, Zip: Leesburg, FL 34748
Sent: 10.30 AM - 4/2 2004

Still looking for my navigator, Fred Willis and nose gunner, Michael Gallo. This is a wonmderful site.

Name: Trish Wilcox
Hometown: Mississauga
POW Camp: Stalag Luft 1
Name of POW: R.M. Hyde
Postal Street Address: 3410 Brett Road
City, State, Zip: Mississauga ON Canada L5L 4M5
Sent: 10.24 AM - 4/2 2004

What a fabulous site. Both my father & my uncle fought in WWII and neither one has ever shared much about their experiences. My uncle, who is listed on this site, just recently passed away. Stalag Luft 1 gives me a connection to him and helps me to understand so much more about him and his life. As more and more of the WWII veterans leave us, sites like this will become so much more important if we are to remember the sacrifices that gave us the rights and freedoms we take for granted today.

Name: ron Lazarou
Hometown: Naples, Fl.
POW Camp: Stalag luft one
Name of POW: 2nd Lt. Paul D Straw ( 0-0690001)
Sent: 8.11 PM - 4/1 2004

Lt Straw was CP of air craft my uncle, Frank DeMarco was a member. They were shot down on 2/22/44 @ my Uncle was KIA.

Lt. Lorin A Wolfe (0-6885720)was also a member of the crew @ imprisoned at Stalag Luft one.

Any info would be helpful

Ron Lazarou

Name: Ron Lazarou
Hometown: naples, Fl.
POW Camp: stalag luft 1 @ Barth
Name of POW: Lt. William H Ritzema
City, State, Zip: Greenville, Mi ?
Sent: 7.37 PM - 4/1 2004

My uncle was a crew member of Lt. Ritzema. On 2/22/44 they were shot down and my uncle Sgt Frank DeMarco was KIA. If anyone can help me please contact me.

Ron Lazarou

Name: James Keegan
Hometown: Providence, RI
POW Camp: Stalag Luft IV
Name of POW: T/Sgt Raymond J. Keegan
Postal Street Address: 3 Douglas Drive
City, State, Zip: Cumberland, RI 02864
Sent: 10.57 AM - 4/1 2004

I believe that my father, T/Sgt Raymond J. Keegan (8th AAF, 452nd BG, 731 SQ), was one of the surviving crew members of the B17 which collided with 1/LT Kaplan's aircraft near Sangerhausen on 28 Jul 44. My dad suffered a broken ankle when he bailed out and was captured by local police, then held in Sangerhausen for at least a few days. He also was sent to Frankfurt to be interrogated by a German major (perhaps the same officer who questioned 1/LT Kaplan), then shipped to Luft IV in Pomerania. 1/LT Kaplan's account of what happened that day fills in some of the missing gaps of what my Dad told me - it's great to read his story. My Dad may have been one of those guys who were lined up against the wall expecting to be shot - he never mentioned anything about that. A local civilian did try to kill him when he landed, but obviously did not succeed. If anyone else has any information about that day (classified as the Leuna mission) I would love to hear from them.

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