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If you are a former Prisoner of War or a next of kin of a POW, we invite you to sign and leave your email address so others that come may find you. Please mention camp, compound, barracks and room numbers if possible.

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Guestbook Entries - 4th Quarter - 2003
 10/01/03 thru 12/31/03

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Name: Paul T. Haggerty
POW Camp: Stalag Luft I
Name of POW: Paul T. Haggerty
Postal Street Address: 12 Fischer Dr Apt 3E
City, State, Zip: North Kingstown, RI 02852
Sent: 6.59 PM - 12/31 2003

Hi Guys; How many of you are still around to celebrate New Years 2004. Remember New Years 1945. We (about 150 of us) were in railroad cars in the marshalling yards in Berlin. We were being transported from Dulag Luft to Stalag Luft I and parked in the railroad yard about noon on December 31,1944. We all sweated out a British bombing of Berlin to start the 1945 off right. Thank God they did not bomb that night. Sgt Hellman, how could you ever forget conning the German guards into
going into the station and getting beer for the guys who swapped a couple of cigarettes for a bottle. I was the red head that helped collect the booty for the guards and will never forget your telling me after they left that they would probably shoot you if they knew you were Jewish. Anyhow, all ended well, you were in a room with my radio operator and nose gunner in North 3 and you were removed from the room in February because you were Jewish. Mel Ten Haken and Tom Byers were my radio operator and nose gunner. I ended up in North 2. My number was 7050 so any of you guys that have numbers surrounding that had to be on that train. We arrived in Barth on January 3,1945 and naturally were liberated by the Russians. Why do you suppose they kept us. VE day was the 8th of May and we didn't get out until the 13th,14th and 15th of May. The reason was because of Andrei Vlassoc. He was a Russian General who received no food, guns or ammo from Stalin early during the German advance into Russia. Because of this and the fact that his army was surrounded, he surrendered to the Germans. Count Von Staffenburg, the one with one arm who was instrumental in the plot to kill Hitler told Vlassov that the Germans would need strong Russian Leaders to help them run Russia when the war ended so he believing what he was told signed pamphlets that were dropped on the Russian front and many, many Russians surrendered to the Germans. Later in the War his army fought against the Germans near Prague and when the Americans got nearby they turned around and started fighting against the Germans. They then joined up with the Americans. The Russians knew this and they held on to us until Vlassov and his army were turned over to the Russians. A half hour after this happened the B-!7's were allowed to take off and get us.
As Paul Harvey Would say "Now you have the rest of the story" Good luck to all of you and if any of you are not getting your full benefits contact your VA. They are having a drive to notify you of what you have coming to you.

Name: Mindy Bent
City, State, Zip: Colorado Springs, CO, 80925
Sent: 1.52 PM - 12/31 2003

I have just recently learned of Bassingbourn and am learning more as we speak! I was stationed at RAF Lakenheath from 1996 to 1998 and this was pretty much under my nose and I didn't even know it. I lived so close and spent many afternoons walking through Cambridge. I would have loved to visit the museum. I am yearning to go back to East Anglia and will make this a definite stop in my travels. I am glad I now know. mindy

Name: les
Hometown: waltham abbey
POW Camp: oflag 11b
Name of POW: capt cj mahoney
Sent: 7.41 PM - 12/30 2003

after finding books and license (ww2 motocycle)at local dump i had to try and find out about capt cj mahoney of the royal marines if any one has any info on this ex prisoner or was with him in the camp please contact me on my e.mail address in strict confidence my interest is of historical only many thanks


Name: Karen Funk Blocher
Hometown: Syracuse (Dewitt) NY
POW Camp: Stalag Luft 1
Name of POW: Frank E Funk (my dad--still alive and well!)
Sent: 1.21 PM - 12/30 2003

I was just looking to see what references to my dad might be online, with a view to compiling a bio/tribute page. He's 80 years old and still actively involved in church and community in Wilmington, NC. When he visited us here in Tucson about five or six years ago, he saw an exhibit on Stalag Luft 1 at the Pima Air and Space Museum. The exhibit included a POW-printed newspaper from the time of liberation, and a handbook for prisoners with a title like "Welcome to Stalag 1." Dad said he never got such a handbook, and we joked that he should complain to the German government about this.

The only other thing I know about his POW experience (other than that he was an Army Air Force navigator and that he spent time in a VA hospital afterward) is that (according to my mom) he spoke just enough German that he was once able to keep a another POW from being killed, and that he once heard from another ex-POW (circa 1990) who asked, "Did you cut my hair?" He had.

Karen Funk Blocher, Tucson, AZ

Name: Paula S. Warner
Name of POW: Donald Nowak
Sent: 8.07 AM - 12/30 2003

These are the people he has listed in his diary.

Wilber Roberson, Akron, OH
Edward Tanner, San Rafael, CA
Peter Rutledge, NYC
Carl Morgan, Ludlow, KY
Robert Ecklund, Harveyville, KS
John Raedele, Waterville, MN
Harvey Reid, Dunsmiur, CA
William Brannon, Shreveport, LA
Robert Flood, NYC
Neil Gunderson, Cranford, NJ
Robert Costello, NYC
Stanley Seston, Indpeendence, MO
Ronald Orr, Ferndale, MI
George Seibert, Memphis, TN
Richard Bowman, Denver, CO
Freelane Carlton, Chicago, IL
Howard Peterson, Garland, UT
John Taylor, South Bend, IN
William Hearn, Savanah, GA
Aurthur Heeves, White Plains, NY
Walter Bison, Detroit, MI
Joseph Buland, Tulsa, OK
Richard Hayford, Ravenna, OH
Ira Spaid, South Bend, IN
"Shorty" Knowles, Lindale, GA
Arthur Robers, NYC
Clark Smith, LaForge, WI

If any of you know these people, they probably knew my dad.

Name: Cal Newton
Hometown: Amboy
POW Camp: unknown
Name of POW: Chester Newton
Postal Street Address: P.O. Box 298
City, State, Zip: Amboy Wa.
Sent: 9.03 PM - 12/29 2003

My Dad was in 393rd infantry regiment co b. He was captured during the battle of the bulge on Dec. 16th or 17th, he passed away in Mar of 1996 and never talked much about his pow time or even how many men were captured with him. hopefully someone may know him or were even captured with him

Name: Sandra Moses
Hometown: Moultrie, Georgia
POW Camp: Stalag 7
Name of POW: Lynwood Jackson
Postal Street Address: 7939 East Drive #4
City, State, Zip: North Bay village, fl 33141
Sent: 4.26 PM - 12/29 2003

My father just passed away November 9, 2003. He was shot down while on a bombing raid over some oil fields. He did not share much information with us until his later years. He was a prisoner of war in Germany in Stalag 7. If anyone knows my Dad I would really like to hear from them. His name was Lynwood Jackson some nicknames were Jack, Nuke.
Hope to hear from someone. Thanks, His only child, Sandra Moses.

Name: Peter Cooper
Hometown: Oak Park, MI
POW Camp: Stalag Luft 1
Name of POW: Harry J. Vibbert, Jr.
Postal Street Address: P. O. Box 56
City, State, Zip: Royal Oak, MI 48068-0056
Sent: 4.14 PM - 12/29 2003

My name is Peter Cooper, and Harry Vibbert was my step-father. My mother, Billie Vibbert, was recently told this site existed and asked me to look it up for her. I've heard this story before, but not in such detail. Harry was very modest about his heroism during The War. Mr. Wright, you've written a wonderfuly, sensitive chronicle, and it brought a tear to my eye. I'm making a paper copy for my mom, and sending an e-copy to my Uncle Wick in TN.

Harry Joe Vibbert III recently called my mom to wish her a Merry Christmas. He told her that he'd recently moved, but forgot to give her his new address and phone number. By scrolling down and reading some of these messages, I found his note and number! Talk about finding someone MIA!

Sincerely, Peter Cooper (and it's my birthday today!)

Name: Paula Warner
Sent: 2.47 PM - 12/29 2003

More info. My father was shot down February 24, 1944. His crew:
Lt. Bridges, Navigator
Lt. Williams, bombardier
TSSgt Lombardi
Lt. Williams
Lt. Gray, co-pilot
SSgt Williams, nose gunner
SSgt Walker
TSgt Spadafora

He was captured by civilians near Erfurt, taken by train to Frankfort-on-Maine, then on to Barth. Thanks

Name: Paula Warner
Hometown: Fairfax, VA
Name of POW: Donald Nowak
Postal Street Address: 4716C Quiet Woods Lane
City, State, Zip: Fairfax, VA 22033
Sent: 2.40 PM - 12/29 2003

I have my dad's diary when he was a POW at a camp near Barth. I am wanting to publish his diary with alot of filler information from the war itself. He was a bomber pilot. Some of his flight crew were at Lt. Williams, bombardier, TSgt Lombardi, Lt. Gray, co-pilot and SSgt Williams, nose gunner. Any help at all would be appreciated, thanks.

Name: Graeme Atkins
Hometown: Watford, England
POW Camp: Barth - Stalag Luft I?
Name of POW: Edward Henry Atkins
Postal Street Address: 38 Sunnyside, Worksop, Nottinghamshire, England
City, State, Zip: S81 7LN
Sent: 4.09 PM - 12/27 2003

My father, who died in 1999, was a POW - I believe at Stalag Luft I - although he was always very reluctant to talk about it. He only ever referred to it as being in Barth in the former East Germany. He had been the navigator in a Beaufighter and had been shot down during his first sortie. His pilot, a man I only ever heard him refer to as Morris was killed when their plane ditched and my father was taken prisoner. He had nothing but praise for the way in which he was treated by his captors who performed several operations on his arm which had been almost severed during the crash. He was a POW for 9 months until he was repatriated via Sweden before the war ended. I don't really know any more than that, although when he died he left some papers and a photo album from those days which are stored in my loft and which I have not yet looked through properly - I found it too upsetting in the early days after he had died and pressure of work has stopped me since! He's not on the list of prisoners on the web site but if anyone has anything whcih might enlighten me about his time there, I'd be very grateful to hear of it.

With thanks

Graeme Atkins

Name: Nick Carter
Hometown: Hengoed, South Wales, UK
Sent: 9.19 AM - 12/27 2003

Just visited the site, and have completed a history of 149 (East India) Squadron, No 3 Group Bomber Command, with John Johnston, who lives in Charlotte, USA. Would be grateful if you could tell anyone in the States that the book has been published:

'STRONG BY NIGHT' the history memories of 149 (East India) Squadron, No 3 Group Bomber Command RAF, ISBM No: 0 85130 313 7

I am still interested in anyone who had connections with the Squadron, as I know, form research that USAF crews did serve with them, and I have come across certain anonilimies.

Name: Nick Carter
Hometown: Hengoed, South Wales, UK
Sent: 9.19 AM - 12/27 2003

Just visited the site, and have completed a history of 149 (East India) Squadron, No 3 Group Bomber Command, with John Johnston, who lives in Charlotte, USA. Would be grateful if you could tell anyone in the States that the book has been published:

'STRONG BY NIGHT' the history memories of 149 (East India) Squadron, No 3 Group Bomber Command RAF, ISBM No: 0 85130 313 7

I am still interested in anyone who had connections with the Squadron, as I know, form research that USAF crews did serve with them, and I have come across certain anonilimies.

Name: Bob Morrison
Sent: 7.32 PM - 12/26 2003

I was researching a book and came across this site. The book in question is 'Not As Briefed', not the 2001 release, but a limited edition signed/autographed by C. Ross Greening. I'm not sure of the year, after the war obviously. And the portrait of Col. L.G. McCollom is on 41C. I believe this book came from Col Greening and given/purchased by Major John M. Morris. Any thoughts or comments as to my research would be appreciated.

Bob Morrison

Name: m.bailey
Hometown: vernon
POW Camp: 3357 pow #543
Name of POW: f/s g.b.porter r.c.a.f.
City, State, Zip: thunderbay ontario
Sent: 10.58 AM - 12/26 2003

dear jason;please contact me for more info; on
w/o g.b.porter,i have tried to contact you,phone me at 1 250-542-6413 regards m.bailey

Name: Nancy Kellas
POW Camp: Stalag Luft I
Name of POW: Zaven (Doc) Masoomian
Postal Street Address: 3816 Santiago Drive
City, State, Zip: Plano, TX
Sent: 8.11 AM - 12/26 2003

Thank you so much for this wonderful site! I too am a daughter of a POW and as you said my Dad too never would talk about his prisoner of war days. My Dad was a prisoner for almost two years and one time when I was asking him about the war the words they were animals were said and nothing more. My Dad and Mom are retired in Plano, TX and my Dad is the head of the WWII POW group here. And as was said God Bless these men, these POW's for giving up their freedom so we would have our's.

Name: Harry Joseph Vibbert III
Hometown: Albuquerque, New Mexico
Sent: 2.47 PM - 12/25 2003

I am the son of Harry Vibbert, the Brow, who was the character in Philip's Prune Face and the Brow story.
Have been trying to get in touch with Philp Wright.

My home phone number is 505-867-2321

Name: Zaven 'Doc' Masoomian
Hometown: Worcester, MA
POW Camp: Stalag Luft I
Name of POW: Zaven 'Doc' Masoomian
City, State, Zip: Plano, TX
Sent: 9.16 AM - 12/24 2003

I am now Commander of The North Central Texas Chapter of The American Ex-POWs.

Name: Rachael Chesnut
Hometown: London
Name of POW: Coleman D Moberly
Postal Street Address: P.O. 1300
City, State, Zip: London, Ky , 40743
Sent: 8.49 AM - 12/24 2003

Coleman D Moberly was my grandfather. There was not another man that I admired more. As a child I took for granted the thing that my grandfather would tell me. It wasn't until later in life I reliezed what he was trying to teach me.

Name: Mike Meldrum
Hometown: Uttoxeter
POW Camp: Barth - Stalag Luft 1
Name of POW: Cpl Thomas Bede Croisdale
Postal Street Address: 29 Ashbrook Close
City, State, Zip: Uttoxeter Staffordshire UK
Sent: 8.56 AM - 12/23 2003

My step father Corporal Thomas Croisdale Royal Army Service Corps, was a British POW at Barth. Unfortunately I never asked him about his time there. He was very ill at the end but marched away with British troops. Any one remember him? He died a few years ago keeping it all quiet.

Name: Robert Landolfi
Hometown: Oklahoma City, Ok.73118
POW Camp: Stalag Lufr 4 or 6
Name of POW: Vincent Landolfi
Sent: 11.01 AM - 12/22 2003

Vincent Landolfi was my uncle. He passed away several years ago and no one left in my family knows anything about his last mission which I beleive was over the Ploesti oil fields of Romania. I would appreciate any help I may receive. Thanks in advance.

Name: Gordon Jonew
City, State, Zip: Southbury, CT
Sent: 10.39 AM - 12/22 2003

Thank you to all who've gathered and shared the material on this site. It's very important to those of us who've never had to pay such a price for our freedom to remember those who have paid our way.

Name: Jack W. Roan
Hometown: Atlanta, Ga.
POW Camp: Stalag IIB
Name of POW: Jack Weldon Roan
City, State, Zip: Acworth, Ga 30102
Sent: 1.10 PM - 12/21 2003

I was A P.O.W. for 15 months starting in January of 1944. I can only remember one name of a fellow P.O.W. It is Elmer C. Carr. If anyone remembers me or Elmer Carr I would be interested in hearing from you.

Name: H.G. McLean
POW Camp: Stalag IVb
Sent: 11.18 AM - 12/21 2003

I operated with 428 & 427 Squadrons, RCAF. Got the chop 6/9/43, aged 19. Celebrated my 80th Birthday 2 weeks ago. Never expected to make that. Good wishes to all fellow Kriegies

Name: Hannelore Rabe
Hometown: Ostseebad Dierhagen, Germany
Sent: 10.48 AM - 12/21 2003

We are working for the memory of the victims of fashism
in the Förderverein Barth, Dokumemtations- und Begegnungsstätte. In Barth, where the Stalag Luft 1 was situated.

Name: Larry Jack Roan
Hometown: Lovejoy, Ga
POW Camp: Starlag 2-B
Name of POW: Jack Weldon Roan
City, State, Zip: Acworth, Ga
Sent: 11.35 PM - 12/20 2003

Just want to say that Jack W. Roan is my father, my "Hero". He is now 81 years old and still more of a man than most will ever be. I want to also say Thank You to all the veterans, for the freedom that we all take for granted. A very special "Thank You to my "Hero"!

Name: Woodrow
Hometown: Rushville, IN
Postal Street Address: po bOX 4473
City, State, Zip: San Dimas, CA 91773-8473
Sent: 6.37 PM - 12/20 2003

I am a former Marine and have read many stories of veterans interned in prison camps (especially during World War II) and am constantly at their resourcefulness in dealing with a hellish situation. I, for one, will never forget what they endured. I just wonder, sometimes, if I could have done as well. My Best Wishes for those internees still with us and my sympathies for the families of those who have passed on. If anyone has stories about POWs they would like to share, please send them to me. I'd like to try and put together a book of remembrance for those brave souls.

Name: Quentin R. Petersen
Hometown: Corpus Christi, TX
POW Camp: Stalag Luft III South Compound
Name of POW: Quentin R. Petersen
Postal Street Address: 4000 Surfside Blvd. Apt 901 Corpus Christi, TX 78402
City, State, Zip: Corpus Christi, TX 78402
Sent: 12.32 PM - 12/20 2003

I would like to meet with other Luft III x -pows Keep up the great Catepillar web site!

Name: Brieuc Cudennec
Hometown: Plerin
Postal Street Address: 22190
City, State, Zip: Plerin
Sent: 9.25 AM - 12/20 2003

my name is Brieuc Cudennec,I am nineteen years old and I am French.Like many countries,France and United States have suffered because of the war.
I have learned a lot about this period and I am very interested of al the points of history during the Second World War.But I do like to go on my studies and want to be very specialized.I would like to correspond with persons who knew well the war and may be who was a soldier in that time.I would like to have with these people a correspondance for speaking and writing about these memories.



My address is: BRIEUC CUDENNEC
4,rue Jacques Cartier
22190 Plerin

My E-mail is:

Name: SGT Kevin Glenn
Hometown: Thornton, CO
Sent: 10.25 AM - 12/19 2003

I understand your respect for the men who served their country during such a turbelant period of the world's history. However, I find your comment, " the real veterans are from WWI and WWII plus the other wars" highly disturbing. The men, many barely out of high school, that are dieing in both Iraq and Afghanistan as we speak are no less a veteran than the men who served 50 years ago. For that matter anybody who has donned a military uniform even during times of relative peace should and are referred to as "veterans." I'm not sure about the statistics of our neigbors to the north, but here in the blessed U.S.A. fewer than 4% of our population ever wears a uniform in defense of our country. That should be enough to make our family's proud regardless if we are ever unfortunate enough to endear the tortures, embarrasment (many POWs were considered cowardly during WWII for being captured), pain, etc. Personally, I admire the men such as T/SGT Williams who came back and just resumed their lives. No whining, etc. They just picked up the pieces of their lives and left their days in captivity behind. They fought honorably and came back and lived their lives honorably. A good book on POWs of the Axis is "The Last Escape; THe Untold Story of Allied Prisoners of War in Europe 1944-1945." It was written by John Nichol and Tony Rennel.

Nobody prays for peace more than the soldier.

Name: Austin Wilson
Hometown: Greenwood, Nova Scotia
Postal Street Address: P.O. Box 1054
City, State, Zip: Greenwood, NS B0P 1N0
Sent: 6.39 AM - 12/19 2003

Currently in the Canadian Forces for the past 14 years. I went to Afghanistan to fight the war on terrorism recently and now I am considered a veteren. I refuse to be called that because the real veterens are from WW I and WW II plus the other wars. Now there is Iraq, the Congo and other places. Will there ever be peace in the World. I am afraid the answer to that question is no. My grandfather fought in WW II, he the vetern, not me.

Name: Fred Walker
Hometown: Bismarck, ND
POW Camp: Stalag Luft IV
Name of POW: Daniel G. Walker
Postal Street Address: 1319 Apache Street
City, State, Zip: Bismarck, ND 58501
Sent: 12.16 PM - 12/18 2003

I am researching everything to do with my father's time as a POW and as a soldier. Staff Sgt. Daniel G. Walker. He broke his ankle upon landing after the B24 he was in was shot down. He has now passed away and I am trying to find some of the history of his time for my family.
I would like to hear from anyone that may have know the "North Dakotan".
Also, I may try to visit the area that was Stalag Luft IV. Has anyone been there? Any helpful information will be appreciated!

Name: Charles Blaney
Hometown: Colorado Springs
Postal Street Address: 3011 Chelton Drive
City, State, Zip: Colorado Springs, CO 80909-1008
Sent: 11.26 PM - 12/17 2003

Just a hello to a great lady.Happy Holidays

Name: Christopher Dunville
POW Camp: StalagLuft I
Name of POW: W/Cdr Herbert Montague "Monty" Robertson
Postal Street Address:
City, State, Zip:
Sent: 3.39 PM - 12/17 2003

My Grandfather, W/Cdr. "Monty " Robertson (Guelph, Ontario, Canada) flew the first mission of WWII & thus became the first Canadian to engage the Nazi's of WII. Sixty (60) years ago today, Dec 17th, 1943, Monty was shot down over Berlin. He was taken first to the DulagLuft at Templehoff then on Dec 17th to StalagLuft I where he spent the last 17 months of WWII. Monty died in 1961 while serving Canada in the Diplomatic Service in Belgium. His Y.M.C.A. Diary lists the Kriegies of #6 barracks as well as many other names and addresses of SL1 POWs. While at SL1 Monty compiled a Diary of the structure and routines of the Camp. Today, 60 years later, I remember his courage and determination. Many thanks to all Kriegies of SL1 and to all who served to destroy the Nazi regime. You are remembered.

Name: Gerald W. Lay
POW Camp: Stalag 1, North Compound 3
Name of POW: Gerald W. Lay
Postal Street Address: 1107 Scott Rd
City, State, Zip: Kingston, TN 37763
Sent: 10.13 AM - 12/17 2003

I was in the first group of Prisoners to open North 3
Compound and was there until the Russians liberated
the camp in May, 1945.

Name: Gerald W. Lay
POW Camp: Stalag 1, North Compound 3
Name of POW: Gerald W. Lay
Postal Street Address: 1107 Scott Rd
City, State, Zip: Kingston, TN 37763
Sent: 10.11 AM - 12/17 2003

I was in the first group of Prisoners to open North 3
Compound and was there until the Russians liberated
the camp in May, 1945.

Name: mano carroll
Name of POW: jacque buteau
Postal Street Address: 17715 sunset ln
City, State, Zip: harlingen tx 78552
Sent: 8.05 PM - 12/11 2003

my dad was a fusillier mont royal canadian army taken prisoner at the dieppe raid . i am looking for some information on the camp the soldiers were taken

Name: Karen Patterson
Hometown: Pittsburgh, PA
Name of POW: Fred Killmeyer
Postal Street Address: 166 Fry Drive
City, State, Zip: Chillicothe,OH 45601
Sent: 3.19 PM - 12/11 2003

My father, 2nd Lt. Fred "Red" Killmeyer (a B-24 co-pilot with the 8th Air Force, 2nd Bomb Div. and with both the 788 Bomb Squadron and 492 Squadron), was shot down on Christmas Day, 1944 over Germany and was a POW in Stalag Luft I from early January, 1945 until the Liberation in May, 1945.
Members of his crew on that fateful day were:
Paul Erhlich (pilot)
Kenneth M. Ryan (navigator)
Challenger Whitman, Jr. (pilotage navigator)
John Beyer (bombardier)
Frank Sanders (radio operator)
Roy L. Yarnell (engineer)
John V. Salen (gunner)
Roland F. Person (gunner)
Leo F. Feeney (gunner)
I am seeking any of these brave gentlemen or anyone who may have known them or my father. I would really like to talk with you. Please email or snail me as soon as possible. Thanks so much.

Name: Mike
Hometown: Kenosha
Name of POW: Raymond Wick
Postal Street Address: 5537 34th ave
City, State, Zip: kenosha, Wisconsin, 53144
Sent: 12.24 PM - 12/11 2003

My name is Mike Herbrechtsmeier and I am 21 years old. I am looking for any information about my Uncle Raymond Wick or the crews he served with. Any information you can give me would be appreciated.

I have some picture if you would like to see

I am currently gathering
information to generate a website to pay tribute to my deceased uncle.
When my uncle came home from the war he did not speak a lot about the
experiences he had, and I was to young to ask. My family does not know a
lot about what my uncle Ray went through during the war and I would like
to give every one in my family more insight about what happened during
the time Raymond was over seas. I have some information about my uncle
but I would like to get more. I know he was stationed in San Pancrazio
Italy 376th BG 513 Bomb Sq. my uncle was part of 2 crews. The first crew
he was in he did not fly a single mission with them. Raymond was asked
on 2/23/1944 to fill in for another crew. The crew my uncle
filled in for (his first mission) on a air raid over Styer Austria where he was
shot down. I have the roster of his original crew and the crew he was
shot down with. Raymond was a pow for about a year and a half and then
was liberated April 29th, 1945. Any information you can give me would be helpful. If
you have any pictures please send them to me. Basically any information
about b-24s and the pow camps you can give me I would appreciate

The crew my uncle was shot down with
MACR 2567 or 2587
crashed on Feb 23rd 1944 , 12:07 hour, at Marchtrenk (east of Wels )
B-24 H-10-FO S/N 42-52206 built at Ford Willow Run
376th BG San Pancrazio, 513 Bomb Sq.

Crew Members:
1. Pilot Gibbons Henry B. Capt.
2. Co-Pilot Solow Michael J 2nd Lt
3. Nav. Jaffe Lester 2nd Lt.
4. Bomb. Graves William E. 2nd Lt.
5. Eng. Callow John E. S/Sgt
6. Rad. Kearns John W. T/Sgt
7. Gun. Wick Raymond S/Sgt 36278782
8. Gun. Stupar William J. Sgt.
9. Gun. Holman Dean O. S/Sgt
10.Gun. Buonanno Pasquale S/Sgt
11.Gun. Ruttenburg Morris S/Sgt.

My uncles original crew

Lt Joe Dunfee - Pilot - Bridgeton , NJ
LT. Bill Schmitt - Co-Pilot - Bergenfield , NJ
LT. Abe Sack - Navigator - New York , NY
Lt. Tom Parinni - Bombadier - Belle Rose, NY
S/Sgt. Charles Altman - Engineer - Greensburg , PA
S/Sgt. Raymond Wick - Radio Operator - Kenosha , WI
Sgt. George Schuber - Asst. Engineer - Chicago, IL
Sgt. Spike Pabian - Asst. Engineer - Trenton , NJ
Sgt. Peter Lenoswski - Armorer/Gunner - Cheswick, PA

Email me at


Hometown: didcot
POW Camp: STALAG LUFF ? salzburg austria
Name of POW: Stanley Eric Hyett
Postal Street Address: 54 oxford crescent
City, State, Zip: oxfodshire ,england
Sent: 9.59 AM - 12/11 2003

any information on Stanley Eric Hyett who was a royal engineer, was captured in austria at the beginning of the war.unsure which camp he was in , grandfather said he had spent most of his time in a camp in salzburg , any information would be appreciated. grandson trying to find out more about his grandfathers past

Name: John Williams
Hometown: Charlotte N.C.
POW Camp: Stalag Luft I
Name of POW: Kenneth D. Williams (Father)
Postal Street Address: 2218 Randall St.
City, State, Zip: Charlotte N.C. 28205
Sent: 10.27 PM - 12/10 2003

My father, Ken Williams of the Murder Inc. story, died peacefully yesterday morning 12-09-03. I spent time today with my brothers and sister reminiscing through dad's scrapbooks and remembering him and our uncles and all of those other guys who so willfully gave their all for the good of fellow mankind. They all sacrificed unconditionally, with no thoughts of personal acclaim, so it was especially poignant for me
to find your site recognizing dad and his contribution to such noble endeavor. I have his original "Murder Inc. an American B-17 Heavy Bomber" manuscript on the table next to me as I write this. The stapled typed pages are a bit faded and jaundiced with time but the story is still vibrant, in part thanks to people like you. I know that I speak for all of his children by thanking you for making a big part of a good man's life available for others. Thanks for the web site. Feel comfortable contacting me. If there is anything that we can do to help you just let us know. Thanks. John Williams

Name: James W. Martin
Hometown: Charles City, Iowa
Postal Street Address: 108 8th Avenue
City, State, Zip: Charles City, Iowa, 50616-2304
Sent: 11.29 AM - 12/10 2003

I was Squadron Navigator of the 49th Squadon, 2nd Bomb Group, in the 15th Airforce in Italy during WW11. The 2nd was a B-17 group attached to the 5th Wing of the 15th. Our group was one of three B-17 groups, from the 5th Wing, which took part in the first large scale repatriation of U. S. and allied airmen from Bucharest, Rumania to Bari, Italy on August 31, '44. I was privileged to be lead navigator of the 2nd Bomb on this historic mission. The 28 plane groups flew at one hour intervals from our bases in Italy to Popesti Airdrome, Bucharest, Rumania, at 10,000 foot altitude and with 6 man skeleton crews, and boarded up bomb bays. Each plane carried 20 POWs back to Italy, and I had 6 of the POWs in the nose of my B-17 for the return to Bari. Upon landing at Bari, each POW fell to his knees and kissed the earth. I completed 50 combart missions on Janauary 8,'45 but never had a more thrilling or happy mission than the one returning the Pows to freedom.

Name: Jason Porter
Hometown: Toronto
POW Camp: Stalag Luft
Name of POW: F/S G.B Porter
Postal Street Address: 22 Wineva Ave
City, State, Zip: Toronto, Ontario, M4E 2S9
Sent: 11.00 AM - 12/9 2003

Any information on G. B Porter. 405 Squadron from Thunderbay, Ontario.

Name: Kathleen Boyd
Hometown: Overland Park, Kansas
POW Camp: Stalag Luft 3
Name of POW: Walter Boyd, Jr
Postal Street Address: 13002 W. 104th Street
City, State, Zip: Overland Park, Kansas 66215
Sent: 11.55 PM - 12/8 2003

Is there any way to learn about prisoners from another Stalag (Luft 3)? Walter Boyd, Jr. was from Texas and was held prisoner there for almost a year. Thank you.

Name: Peggy Gilkey
Hometown: Princeton, Ky.
Name of POW: Charles Hankins, Jr.
Postal Street Address: 409 Hillcrest Dr.
City, State, Zip: Newburgh, In. 47630
Sent: 10.46 PM - 12/7 2003

This is a wonderful website.
I hope someone might help me with information on my uncle Charles Hankins.
I know that he was inducted at Ft. Benjamin Harrison Dec. 1943 then transferred to Field Artillery Training Center at Ft. Sill, Okla. for basic training.
In Feb. 1945 his father was informed in a message from the War Department that Charles was missing in action somewhere in Belgium.
Then in a letter written in his own handwriting received by the family after the War Department message
he advised them that he was a prisoner of war, it came from a German prison camp, dated Jan. 21, 1945.
In Dec. 1945 he was discharged from service at Ft. Knox, Ky.
This is all information from my mother before her death, and all I have.
Could someone tell me how to get more information on him or his service record, he died in 1968.
Hopefully someone will remember him and write me I would enjoy hearing from you...
We owe our Veterans so much for the job that they have done..

Name: Ed Dowling
Hometown: Mattoon, IL
POW Camp: Stalag Luft 1
Name of POW: Dick Dowling
Sent: 9.10 PM - 12/7 2003

I am the younger brother of Dick N. Dowling, who was a prisoner. Dick was a bombardier that was shot down on his 1st mission. I remember him talking about a "Pop" McMorris, a colonel Gabreski and a colonel Zemke. There is little to add as he spoke of his experience very little. Ed


Name: cat
Hometown: nyc
POW Camp: ????
Name of POW: eugene f. galvin
Postal Street Address: n/a
City, State, Zip: n/a
Sent: 8.40 PM - 12/7 2003

my great grand father was a POW in germany from Dec. 1944 to April 1945. he was captured during the battle of the bulge in a town called Weltz. If anyone has any information on where i could find out more, please email me. thank you. cat

Name: Kevin McCloud
Hometown: Middletown
Sent: 12.47 PM - 12/7 2003

I just wanted to post a thank you message for the creators of this great site. Me and my friends highly enjoy this website!

Name: Diana Young
Hometown: Macarthur, Australia
POW Camp: Stalag Luft I
Name of POW: Bill Young
Sent: 7.20 AM - 12/7 2003

My late father, Australian spitfire pilot Bill Young, was at Stalag Luft 1 1944/45. If anyone remembers him, I would appreciate hearing from you.

Name: Charles Dwight Chiles
Hometown: Dallas
POW Camp: Stalag One Barth Germany
Name of POW: Charles Dwight Chiles
Postal Street Address: Caruth Haven
City, State, Zip: Dallas, texas 75225
Sent: 10.19 PM - 12/6 2003

I was shot down Sept. 11, 1944 as I piloted my B17 "Now N Then" out of the 349th Thorpe Abbots. God Bless to all! Dwight Chiles - Retired from Braniff Airlines after 38 years.

Name: Pauline
POW Camp: Stalag XXB
Name of POW: Basil Charles Stephenson
Postal Street Address: 2087 S.W. Helmholtz Way
City, State, Zip: Redmond
Sent: 7.10 PM - 12/6 2003

My Father went into the British army in 1939 at the age of 37, he was father of five and volunteered ,he was a captured at Dunkirk and spent duration as POW at XXB camp. Was put into hospital on his return return home to England at end of the war. Died at age 55 of "Old Age" (hardening of the arteries)

Name: Robert J. Walton
Hometown: Davenport, Iowa.
POW Camp: Stalags I & IV
Name of POW: Raymond T. Walton
Postal Street Address: 3316 Johnathan Ave.
City, State, Zip: Bettendorf, Iowa 52722
Sent: 8.46 PM - 12/5 2003

Thanks for everything. My father was in the 392 BG out of Wendling. His B-24 was shot down over Cologne on 10/16/44. He was removed from LuftStalag I in Febuary 1945, being wounded in both legs and being a "floor sleeper". He spent the rest of the war in Barth - Stalag I. His return stateside was capped by passing the Statue of Liberty aboard the Queen Mary. What a moment that must have been. Dad is alive and well and watching a ballgame as I write this!

Name: Chad
Hometown: South Paris
POW Camp: North 1 Barrack 8 room 10 Stalag Luft 1
Name of POW: Earl Truex
Postal Street Address: 43 Brett Hill Rd.
City, State, Zip: South Paris, ME 04281
Sent: 8.28 PM - 12/5 2003

I was just visiting this site in regards to my grandfather, Earl W. Truex, but if anyone does have any information pertaining to him, I would greatly appreciate it. Thank You

Name: Matt Blue
Postal Street Address: 928 W. Sunberry Dr
City, State, Zip: Murray, Ut 84123
Sent: 12.08 PM - 12/5 2003

My father, Lt. Eugene H. Blue flew with the 338th, 96th BG from '43 to '44. Navigator.

Name: Harvey Tate
Hometown: Weatherford Texas
Sent: 11.12 PM - 12/4 2003

I have spent several nights reading at this site, very rewarding,

Name: Melvin Brown
Hometown: Chicago,IL
POW Camp: Stalag Luft 1
Name of POW: Melvin Brown
Postal Street Address: P O Box 16 Billings MT 59103
City, State, Zip: PO box 81828 Las Vegas,NV89180
Sent: 8.26 PM - 12/4 2003

Did you ever get a copy of "Behind Barbed Wire"? Writen all about Stalag Luft 1, rosters and all. Very interesting, but out of print now.

Name: Dana Morgan
Sent: 12.08 PM - 12/4 2003

I'm not a POW but John was my great uncle! I have heard many stories, however i never got to meet him. I just wanted to say that my family greatly apprreciates this website.

Name: John R. McIntyre
Hometown: Washington, DC
Sent: 10.53 PM - 12/1 2003

A note of thanks to all the POWs. I spent 30 years in the USAF and am proud to have known some of you who were still on active duty. You are not forgotten.

Name: Paula Degnan Weinberg
Hometown: Lenox, MA
POW Camp: Stalag Luft 1
Name of POW: Paula Thomas Degnan
Postal Street Address: Box 757
City, State, Zip: Groton,MA 01450
Sent: 6.29 PM - 12/1 2003

My Dad was a B-17 Navigator on the plane "War Bride",
was shot down on Jan. 11, 1944 and survived a year and a half imprisonment in Stalag Luft1. He returned to the States and died in 1949 from related war injuries.
Since he died before my birth, I never knew him. I'd love to have any information from vets, etc. Thanks

Name: Vic Cornes
Hometown: crewe, cheshire. uk
POW Camp: stalag 4
Name of POW: Alfred Cornes. (gunner. British army)
Sent: 5.35 PM - 12/1 2003

my father was captured at Tobruk, he survived the war, and died in 1972 aged 63. he wouldn't talk much about the war, so I got very little info. my mother died last year and I found much whilst sorting out her things, including letters from pow camp, and photos that had been sent to him which he had at the camp and brought home. I am now doing a family history search which includes finding out more about dad's war history.

POW Camp: ???????
Name of POW: Bertram Harry Wright
Postal Street Address: 37 The Beagles Cashes Green
Sent: 12.30 PM - 11/30 2003

{BERT}was my grandfather ,I know he was in the caterpillar club because of the certificates .I would like to know what camp he was in because he had his portrait done by a polish prisoner of war and was apparently in the same camp as a prisoner who had no legs this man was named Douglas Bader . So i was told he also done the walk to Germany.

Name: Nicholas Kovach
Name of POW: Raymond Kovach
Sent: 2.54 PM - 11/29 2003

Name of plane was Lucky Lady. Shot down in plane called Stormy Weather.

Name: Nicholas Kovach
POW Camp: unknown
Name of POW: Raymond Kovach
Sent: 2.51 PM - 11/29 2003

I was wondering if you could direct me on how to find info on prisoner registries. My grandfather was imprisoned and cannot remember the name of the camp (he was marched roughly three times to new camps). Wondering if you could help. Thank you.

Name: Paige Mills
POW Camp: Stalag Luft I
Name of POW: Irwin J. Stovroff
City, State, Zip: Boca Raton, Florida
Sent: 2.03 AM - 11/29 2003

Mr. Stovroff, It was an honor to meet you and shake your hand. Thank you for serving our great country.

Name: Tom Clark
Hometown: santa cruz
Postal Street Address: 104 Bronson St.#10
City, State, Zip: Santa Cruz, CA 95062
Sent: 1.35 AM - 11/29 2003

After my grandmother passed away in 1992 and my brother, sister, aunt and i inherited her farm (my father having passed away to cancer in 1983)I became obssesed with ww2 history through the upturning of so many surplus items around the farm. I spent my childhood playing on the D-4 caterpiller and that old army truck that my grandmother called "the little truck." My father explained to me that they had also owned a GMC semi tractor with flatbed trailer that my grandfather had built from a ww2 surplus duece and a half (this being the BIG truck)and that my father and grandfather where going to try going into the trucking business (a very slow trucking business lol)Being that my uncle traded our beloved 1937 caterpillar in for a wonderful new ford wheel tractor that does everyhing but give you a shave in the morning the two items left from the farm are the little truck and the 1948 Farmall tractor. Immediately after settling the estate I went to a military vehicle meet and found out all i needed to know about my prized truck, it is a 1943 Dodge Weapons Carrier 6x6 1-1/2 ton. Over the last 10 years i have built a new engine, installed an original transmission still in its unopened 1947 shipping crate and all new electrical wiring and military tires. Since my grand father tore off the silly little bed and dumped it into a field 40 years ago and the 6x6 configuration is not a common find these days i am stretching the center section of a weapons carrier bed from a 4x4 3/4 ton dodge. I hope to have it restored in time for a vet, any vet can enjoy a ride in it. My aunt married a man named Jerry Conrow in 1972 who i never felt i had anything in common to talk about. He passed away while we were settling the estate. After his death and then my sudden interest in ww2 i found out he was a P38 pilot in the South Pacific. My grand father had a brother 24 year his junior(which made him only 6 years older than my father)who came up to my aunts funeral 2 years ago. I had only met him as a small child and at that point he was becomming one of my last family connections to an era that i go back to to live in my Walter Mitty dream. During his brief visit i tried to learn as much of his 80 somthing years of history as i could and still allow him to get a word in edge wise with others at the reception. Here I learned that he had been a B-24 pilot in the South Pacific. One year later he has now passed away. When I'm finished restoring my grandfathers truck i would like to drive it down the back country road from the farm into town (Gilroy CA) like he did 40 years ago. I'm fast running out of time because the beautiful Day Rd. is now being considered to be turned into a four lane espress way to facilitate the further rampant south ward growth of the San Jose silicon valley megalopolis. So i turn to the stories like in this web site to absorb as much as i can about a bye gone era when large shiney Southern Pacific steam locomotives pulled elegant Dailight special passenger trains down the once beautiful Santa Clara valley of fruit orchards. I will try to find out what bomb and fighter groups my two uncles were in so i can try to find more out about them from a web site such as this, thank you for all of your hard research work the stories are amazing to read

Name: Laura Mills
Sent: 9.23 PM - 11/28 2003

My family came from Miskolc and Diosgyor, Hungary. Most of them came to the U.S. Some died in Auswichtz. Those who survived WWII were glad that the Americans bombed the steel works- helped to end the war. My husband also served in the US Airforce in WWII.

Name: sue northenscold
Name of POW: John H. Brecnker
Sent: 11.34 AM - 11/28 2003

I'm trying to find above pow for my mother. The nickname of his plane was "Mary Dinah". He was in the 460th Bomb Group, 762 bomb squad, 2nd LT CAAF, their crew of 10 left from Casper, WY, he was held prisioner until 1945, plane shot down in 1944,I believe while flying over Yugoslavia. He enlisted at Fort Snelling, Mpls., Bombers attached Blechhammer, Germany. My uncle who's nickname was ACE, was aboard also and didn't make it home. If John is still alive, should be maybe 82 yrs. old; any help you can give me will be immensely appreciated. My mom is 85 and I would like to find out whatever I can as they were "buddies". Thanks in advance

Name: Jim Weitkamp
POW Camp: Stalag luft IV
Name of POW: James W Weitkamp
Sent: 3.53 PM - 11/27 2003

like to hear from anyone that knew my dad : 388thBG, 7th and 19th BG's in the Pacific.

Sent: 9.37 PM - 11/26 2003

I am trying to write stories on the both of them for the 96th Bomb Group Newsletter. My Uncle Bud died on June 6, 1987, and Stephen J. Manzek just passed away on November 22, 2003. Any help would be greatly appreciated by me. I have a voice program to hear e-mails due to my blindness from the ravages of 32 years of diabetes. I love these brave courageous men, so once again, any help from soomeone who knew them during their stay in the Stalags I have listed would be wonderful to my endeavor to write their stories for history!

Respectively yours,

Herbert P. Dreyer
alias: The Blind Bombardier of the Mighty Eighth

Name: Carol Newbold
Hometown: Cincinnati
Name of POW: James Newbold
Sent: 4.28 PM - 11/25 2003

Thanks you for the wonderful picture of my father, James Newbold. I will cherish it.

Name: Nancy Moberly Valmassoi
Hometown: London, KY
Name of POW: Coleman Moberly
Sent: 2.29 PM - 11/24 2003

Thanks to my Uncle Glen for sharing this information about Dad. He would be pleased to be included in this website. I am Coleman Moberly's youngest daughter and live in Wake Forest, North Carolina. Anyone seeking information about Dad is welcome to contact me.

Name: Manville Fenn
Hometown: Sidney,B.C.Canada.
POW Camp: Dulag Luft etc.
Name of POW: Manville C.Fenn
Postal Street Address: 8707 Ebor Terrace.
City, State, Zip: Sidney,B.C.V8L 1L7
Sent: 1.46 PM - 11/24 2003

Details re. Sonderfuhrer Eberhart.Interpreter & Interrogator.Dulag Luft.Jan.1st. 1941

Name: Mike Koffler
Hometown: San Diego
POW Camp: Barth
Name of POW: Goloven, Ralph
Sent: 1.46 AM - 11/24 2003

Name: Tom Maginnis
Hometown: Portland
POW Camp: South Compound, B 2, Rm 3
Name of POW: Philip H. Dunn
Postal Street Address: 12793 Sierra Vista Dr.
City, State, Zip: Lake Oswego, OR 97035
Sent: 1.44 AM - 11/24 2003

I am Phil Dunn's nephew. His widow, Barbara Dunn, is still living. She is my mother's sister,and my godmother. I just told her about this website, and this week she and I will look at it together.

If anyone has any information on uncle Phil, please share.

Name: Alistair R. A. Lennie
Postal Street Address: 5 Prinys Drive, Wigmore,
City, State, Zip: GILLINGHAM, Kent, ME8 0RB
Sent: 1.53 PM - 11/23 2003

Probably THE most interesting site visited to date.
I,and Bernards McMasters young daughter, Christine, are seeking/looking for any information regarding Chris's father,Bernard McMaster,Flight Engineer of aircraft T-Tommy,635(PFF)Sqn RAF,on the 4th April 1945(so long ago?), based at RAF Downham Market,who,at the age of 21+1day(can you imagine todays youngsters doing such things),was captured having baled out of the said Lancaster III, "T-Tommy" after beingn shot down by a fighter at18,000' near Meppen and captered by Germans and taken to Stalag Luft 1. Bernard was intered from 5 April 45 untill being released by the Russians on the 5 May 45.ANY (not shouting) information will be most grateful as we, as a family, want to gather as much information as possible. THank you in antisipation.

Name: mary edge
Hometown: manchester
POW Camp: stalag v11
Name of POW: frederick robert edge
Sent: 10.59 AM - 11/23 2003

My father was in the tank regiment driving a matilda tank i know that he was in different stalag pow's it would be nice to here from anyone as my father has now paased away.

Name: joan reeves
POW Camp: stalag vlla and murnau
Name of POW: anthony dylewski
Sent: 4.59 PM - 11/21 2003

I am tracing my father through the war. Would like to find out about him from 1939 to 1942 when he arrived in Murnau camp. We have photos and dog tags for stalag Vlla and prisoner no 4251. can anyone help. My father died in 1965 so we could not question anything then we were to young to understand. Many thanks

Name: John Boertlein
Hometown: Cincinnati, OH
POW Camp: Stalag Luft 1
Name of POW: John S. "Jack" Beatty
Sent: 12.48 PM - 11/21 2003

Jack Beatty was my uncle (mother's brother). I spent a lot of time around him during high school and he sometimes spoke of his experiences- some amused, some sad. Jack died about 19 years ago in CA. I'm only now starting to check into the history of his experience.

Name: Gareth Kinsey
Hometown: Ross-on-Wye Herefordshire, UK
POW Camp: Stalag Luft (not sure which no.)
Name of POW: Richard (Dick) Kinsey
Sent: 7.48 AM - 11/21 2003

Just trying to find out what my Grandfather had to go thru - not sure which camp he was in - feel free to e-mail me. Gareth

Name: Stefaan Calus
Hometown: Bruges
Postal Street Address: wiedauwbos 48
City, State, Zip: 8310 BRUGES (belgium)
Sent: 6.51 AM - 11/20 2003

I am looking for former pow's or family of former pow's who were in these camps from 1940 - 1945
Thanks for eventual information

Name: George Basanovic
Hometown: Perth
POW Camp: Oflag VI C
Name of POW: Dusan Basanovic
Sent: 6.29 AM - 11/20 2003

If any one has information, photos, books about Oflag VI C, also known as Oflag 6C in Osnabruk, I would be very grateful.

Great site, Thanks

Name: Vic Robson (Ben)
Hometown: Hatfield Herts u k
POW Camp: Stalag 7a Moosberg
Name of POW: Victor Robson
Postal Street Address: 89 Garden ave, Hatfield al108lh
Sent: 11.38 AM - 11/19 2003

I spent several months at 7a before being marched off into Bavaria ahead of the advancing American Army.
This was just before Germany capitulated.
I would love to hear from anyone ,British or American,who may have been there.

Name: Mike Zemke
Postal Street Address: P.O. Box 168
City, State, Zip: Mt.Aukum, CA 95656
Sent: 11.29 AM - 11/19 2003

Col. Hub Zemke was a great uncle of mine, whom I never knew. I have two book s that he did and would appreciate any information on him from anyone.

Name: Emma Healy
Hometown: Ludlow, uk
POW Camp: stalag 7a
Name of POW: Anthony Dylewskie
Sent: 11.09 AM - 11/19 2003

Looking for information on my grandad Anthony Dylewskie. He was polish and supposed to of spent the last 9months in stalag 7a. If anyone has info about him please e-mail me. thanx

Name: Wilfrid E. Hebert
Hometown: Cumberland RI 02864
POW Camp: HyDEKRUG Lithuania, Luft4, Luft1
Name of POW: Wilfrid[Will] Hebert
Postal Street Address: 1 Flat St. Apt. 108
City, State, Zip: Cumberland RI 02864-2350
Sent: 5.53 PM - 11/18 2003

I was the flight engineer of a B-17G[Shadrack] 15th
AF, 483RD BG, 840TH SQDN.Target,Pilsen Czechoslovakia.
Hit on the bomb run by flack,dropped our bombs, fell out of formation trying to make it back to our base in Stamperone Italy. Lost two more engines, baileD out over the Austrian Alps, taken POW [18TH MISSION]

Hometown: GLASGOW
Sent: 11.41 AM - 11/18 2003


Name: George L. Carter
Hometown: San Francisco, CA.
POW Camp: Stalag luft 1
Name of POW: George L. Carter
Postal Street Address: 17799 Alexandra Way
City, State, Zip: Grass Valley, CA. 95949
Sent: 5.42 PM - 11/17 2003

Pilot, 2nd Lt. B 17 Shot down near Magdeburg Germany on Sunday February 20, 1944, arrived at Barth and Stalagluft 1 on Mon. March 13th 1944. I was assigned to Block 3 room 11 and was released and flown to France on Sunday May 13, 1945.

Name: Seireeta Duch langham
Name of POW: T/Sgt.Joseph A. Duch
Postal Street Address: 3401 38th st.NW Apt.709
City, State, Zip: Washington, DC 20016
Sent: 4.15 AM - 11/17 2003

My former husband, Joseph Duch, now deceased, 1973 armorer tail gunner B-17 96 bomb grp. 337 bomb Sqd. shot down over France Normandy Invasion June 22, 1944. POW Stag Laft lV Liberated Taken hospital in England.USA July i945. Sent to Miami, Fl. Convalesant Hospital Discharged Dec. 1945. In service 36 months. I would be so gratful to hear from someone who might have known him. He talked very little of the German war camp which was so horrible to our guys. Please Email or write me. Thank You.

Name: Seireeta Duch Langham
POW Camp: Stalag Luft lV
Name of POW: T/Sgt.Joseph A. Duch
Postal Street Address: 3401 38th St. NW Apt.709
City, State, Zip: Washington, DC 20016
Sent: 3.49 AM - 11/17 2003

POW Joseph Duch former husband now deceased in 1973 was a tail gunner B-17 96th bomb grp.337Bomb sqd. shot down June 22,1944 in France.Death March Liberated taken to Hospital in England


Name: michael rewcastle
POW Camp: ?
Postal Street Address: 41 CALLANDER
Sent: 4.47 PM - 11/16 2003


Name: Jim Hutton
Hometown: Fleet, Hampshire, UK
POW Camp: Stalagluft III
Name of POW: Flt Sgt Andy Hutton
Sent: 3.55 PM - 11/16 2003

Any out there remember Andy Hutton (my Dad) captured on April Fools day 1942?

Name: maureen hammond
Hometown: Kings Lynn, Norfolk, UK
POW Camp: Stalag XXA.BAB20/2
Name of POW: Graham Hose-Brooker
City, State, Zip: Sonning Common, Reading
Sent: 12.07 PM - 11/16 2003

I am trying to find the location of the above mentioned POW Camp, where my husband's grandfather was held prisoner. Can anyone help me?

with thanks,
Maureen Hammond

Name: Ira David Halvorsen
Hometown: Gary, Indiana
POW Camp: Stalag Luft 1
Name of POW: Denver Jeff Wood
Postal Street Address: 1625 Five Springs Drive
City, State, Zip: Chattanooga, TN 37319
Sent: 12.24 AM - 11/15 2003

I was a prisoner at Stalag Luft 1 from the last few days of December 1944 until liberation in May of 1945. As I recall, I was in the northernmost compound, but I do not find my name or the names of my bunkmate Monroe David and my buddy Denver Jeff Wood.
Please notify me if you can determine the room and the barracks where we were housed. I think my kriegsgefangenen number was 4813. The night before the flight of B-17's evacuated us, a piano that my roommates had "scrounged" from the German officer's clubhouse was moved out by a roaring campfire and I played popular requests for the better part of the night. Maybe some of the other former prisoners will remember that celebration. Now I play much better than I did then. But I did so much enjoy entertaining my fellows with popular favorites of that era.

Name: Doris H. Klinginsmith
Hometown: Lucerne, Missouri
POW Camp: Stalag Luft 1 and4
Name of POW: Irl J. Klinginsmith
Postal Street Address: 5701 South 10th Street
City, State, Zip: St. Joseph, MO 64504-1809
Sent: 9.21 PM - 11/14 2003

Would enjoy hearing from fellow roommates.
God Bless!!!!

Name: Maxine Jacobs
Hometown: Ipswich
Postal Street Address: 19 Boyton Road, Ipswich
City, State, Zip: Suffolk England
Sent: 2.11 PM - 11/14 2003

My Grandfather Mr Walter Wallington was in the RAF during the Second World War. He was shot down over Northern France, does anyone know anything about him. He survived & received a Caterpillar Pin

Name: Mary K Bracey
POW Camp: Stalag Luft I
Name of POW: Thomas Bracey (Bracy)
Postal Street Address: 1520 Belmont
City, State, Zip: Dearborn, MI 48128
Sent: 10.23 PM - 11/13 2003

My Dad was a POW and passed away in 1996; I would like to talk with anyone who may have known him.

Postal Street Address: 5202 STONEHEDGE BLVD ZPT 10
City, State, Zip: FORT WAYNE, IN, 46835
Sent: 12.42 PM - 11/13 2003

City, State, Zip: SEYMOUR TN. 37865
Sent: 9.45 AM - 11/13 2003


Name: sean todd
Hometown: ashington
POW Camp: stalagxv111
Name of POW: william todd
Postal Street Address: 101
City, State, Zip: ne639dw
Sent: 3.35 PM - 11/12 2003

Name: Blanche Castle
Hometown: Lowell,MA
POW Camp: Stalag VIII8B
Name of POW: Sergeant Randall Castle
Postal Street Address: PO Box 253
City, State, Zip: South Lancaster, MA 01561
Sent: 9.42 AM - 11/12 2003

If any one knows my Dad Randall Castle, I would love
to know more about him. He was part of the 16th Infantry Regiment.
Also more about the camp and his time there.

Name: sharon "watts" rhodes
Hometown: Sallisaw, Oklahoma
POW Camp: barth, germany
Name of POW: clinton loftin "tiger" watts
Postal Street Address: rt. 2 box 186-90
City, State, Zip: Sallisaw, Oklahoma 74955
Sent: 7.55 AM - 11/12 2003

Dad was one of 10,000 prisoners liberated on May 13, 1945, leaving Germany on a C-46 bound for Rheims, France. He didn't talk much about the war until he was sick and dying with cancer. would love to know which camp room, etc. anything anyone may know about him.

Name: Kelly Newell
POW Camp: Stalag Luft 1
Name of POW: W.E Newell
Postal Street Address: 2860 N valley View DR
City, State, Zip: Prescott Valley AZ 86314
Sent: 9.13 PM - 11/11 2003

I am the son of William Newell. My father was in the south compound barrack 13 room 5. If you knew my father i would love to hear from you. William is alive and well.

Kelly Newell

Name: Bernard C Strohmier
POW Camp: Stalog 12-A
Name of POW: Bernard C Strohmier
Postal Street Address: 1457 Columbia St
City, State, Zip: Loretto Pa 15940
Sent: 9.11 PM - 11/11 2003

106 Division 589th F.A.Bn.

Name: Bernice
Hometown: Canada
POW Camp: -
Name of POW: -
Postal Street Address: Aurora Court
City, State, Zip: Scarborough, Ontario, M1W 2M6
Sent: 8.29 PM - 11/11 2003

in sch we talked about ww2. so i wanted to find out more. so i found ur pg on a search engine. it was a great page

Name: Amanda Miller
Hometown: Lakin, KS 67860
POW Camp: 455th Bombardment Group
Name of POW: Lt. Robert H. Ahrens
Postal Street Address: 201 Barber Avenue
City, State, Zip: Holcomb, KS 67851
Sent: 5.13 PM - 11/10 2003

I'm doing a research paper on WWII, and this stuff on here is amazing. My heart goes out to the families that have lost their loved ones at war. Peace be with you and stay safe for the Holidays. Amanda Miller

Name: David
Postal Street Address: Box 42023 Champlain P.O.
City, State, Zip: Vancouver, BC, Canada V5S 4R5
Sent: 4.23 PM - 11/10 2003

On the eve of Rememberance Day I would just like to say thanks to all of the veterans who served during World War II.

Through my writing I have been able to speak with some of you. I am always in awe of the stories you relate.

Thousands died and were maimed fighting for what we today often take for granted. I encourage those of you who read this message board to seek out and thank those vets who are alive today for their sacrifices and service.



Name: Lesley
Hometown: Hinckley Leicestershire England
Name of POW: Albert Neale
Postal Street Address: 24 East Close, Burbage
City, State, Zip: LE10 2TU
Sent: 3.02 PM - 11/10 2003

My Uncle was a P.O.W in a Japanese camp. he was released and left Singapore Sep. 12 1945. Can anyone tell me how to trace his unit please. He spent 3.5 years in the camp, but he never spoke about his time in there.

Name: Mike & Colleen Velarde
Hometown: North Hollywood,Calif
POW Camp: Stalag XXID Poland
Name of POW: Colin McAllister
Sent: 6.05 PM - 11/9 2003

My uncle was captured in Dunkirk and spent the war years in poland in this stalag.. What is it's number?? He never spoke much about it. He recently died and we found this number on the back of some POW pictures. We didn't know he had pictures. He had a wife who died and no children. I'm his neice and only relative..

Name: Samuel Ciraulo -B-17 Navigator WW11
Hometown: Greensburg, PA
Sent: 9.08 AM - 11/9 2003

My father in law flew with the 351 st Bomb group and conducted 35 missions over Germany, then returned home to Johnstown to raise a family, paint pictures of his B-17 and write poetry.

Hometown: Palmerston North
POW Camp: Not sure
Name of POW: Petera Kaa
Postal Street Address: 15 Kimberley Grove
City, State, Zip: New Zealand
Sent: 9.58 PM - 11/8 2003

My uncle was a New Zealand POW. He also does not talk of his time in prison. He is still alive and lives in the South Island of New Zealand. My uncle was a part of the New Zealand 28th Maori Battalion.

Name: Absolam H. Kelly
Hometown: Borden
POW Camp: Stalag Luft IV
Name of POW: Absolam H. Kelly
Postal Street Address: 15910 Beyl Road
City, State, Zip: Borden, IN 47106`
Sent: 10.16 PM - 11/7 2003

Am writing for my father, above. Dad loves receiving e-mails and I print out a lot of info regarding his WWII POW experience.

He was a radio operator and was shot down over Belgium on May 9, 1944. He was interred in Stalag IV, Compound A, Barracks 5. Dad was also on the Death March and was liberated on May 2, 1945 and returned to the States on May 8, the day the war was over in Europe.

Dad would really love to hear from others who shared his experience. Although, he probably won't get on the computer. He has me e-mail his on=line buddies.

Please respond.

Thanks, Debbie Kelly

Name: Bob Cason
Sent: 5.56 PM - 11/7 2003

Excellent additional information for my WWII research

Name: Julie Stephenson
Hometown: Redfield, NY
POW Camp: n/a
Name of POW: n/a
Postal Street Address: 412 Durrand Oak Dr
City, State, Zip: Keller, TX 76248
Sent: 3.53 PM - 11/6 2003

What a great tribute to your Father and his fellow POW's. Thank you for the informative website.

Name: James P. Hammond
Hometown: Harrisburg PA
POW Camp: SL1 North 1
Name of POW: Lt. James W. Hammond
Postal Street Address: 1471 Valley Rd
City, State, Zip: Marysville PA 17053
Sent: 1.21 PM - 11/6 2003

My father was in Stalag Luft 1 North 1 compound. He was the Bombardier on the Georgia Belle, B-24, 8th AF,
392nd Bomb Group, 579th Sq. The Pilot (I believe) was Bill Nickelson<sp> Shot down Nov 7th 1943.
I can't find what Barracks and room he was in. Does anyone know?

Name: Karin Smith
POW Camp: Stalag Luft IV
Name of POW: Warren S. Smith (also went by Jim or Smitty)
Sent: 10.29 PM - 11/5 2003

I am trying to find what compound this POW was in. He is my Grandpa and passed away in 2001. It is just a question I wish I would have asked him. Thank you if you can help

Name: Ron Raible
Hometown: Rhinebeck, NY 12572
POW Camp: Stalag Luft I - Compound North 3 - Barracks 1 - Blk 301 - Rm 12
Name of POW: Sgt. Robert W. Finkle
Postal Street Address: Esopus Ave
City, State, Zip: Esopus, NY
Sent: 9.09 AM - 11/4 2003

My uncle, flew for: 15th Air Force
49th Bomb Wing
451st Bomb Group
726th Squadron
Served on B-24 Liberator .. as nose gunner.
Aircraft Tail number: 42-50630
Missing Aircraft Report #: 10392
Shot down over Hungry, Dec 11, 1944.
Taken POW to above camp until liberated at end war.
As of this writing, at the age of 85 - he is alive living with his wife Lee (63 yrs) and battling prostate cancer, otherwise doing well. Like most, reluctant to talk about his experiences. After the war he returned to his hometown, Kingston, NY, worked as a tool maker and later worked and retired with IBM. He was/is an a avid hunter, loves dogs, the outdoors and his church.

Name: Coderre, Kim
Hometown: Stoughton, Sask., Canada
POW Camp: Luft 6
Name of POW: Coderre, Wilfred (Bill)
Sent: 10.35 PM - 11/2 2003

flew as a tail gunner with RAF. shot down on 13th mission over Germany on Jan 13/44. All got out and survived parachuting except the mid upper gunner.Wilf (my dad) spent the rest of the war in prison camp Luft 6. Dad is now 82, physically and mentally fit, living independently with mom. I'm entering his name here with his permission and he is willing to help any one with any info he may be able to provide. He is most interested in obtaining his log book which he hasn't seen since he was shot down. Would like to hear from any one who may has been able to track theirs down. Regards to all.

Name: Ashley
Hometown: Chicago
POW Camp: Stalag Luft One
Name of POW: Donald Austin
Sent: 9.04 PM - 11/2 2003

my uncle was a POW here. I just did a research paper on him and your site was a real help. i find his story fascinating. I wish i could hear more but it scarred him emotionally and really won't tell to much in depth.

Name: Marcia Hamilton
Hometown: Brattleboro, VT
POW Camp: Stalag Luft IV
Name of POW: Richard H. Hamilton
Postal Street Address: 63 Hughes Road
City, State, Zip: Brattleboro, VT 05301
Sent: 7.55 AM - 11/2 2003

My Dad, Richard H. Hamilton, was the radio operator of B-17 Destiny's Child, shot down over Germany July 20, 1944 and taken to Stalag Luft IV. He was in 8th AF, 91 BG. He was in a forced march. He's 81 and gives talks on his POW experiences to schools and other groups.

Name: Richard G. Burgess
Hometown: Moultonborough
POW Camp: Corridor,Farnsworth,Plantation Gardens,Hanoi Hilton
Name of POW: Richard G. Burgess
Postal Street Address: P.O. Box 441
City, State, Zip: Moultonborough,N.H. 03254
Sent: 4.34 PM - 11/1 2003

Great site as the Veterans need all the information and recognition that we can get.
If someone from 3rd. Bn. 4th. Marines Phu Bai 1966-1973 reads this and would like to write, I would love to hear from you.
Take Care, and G. B. The Burge

Name: fiorella fenati
Hometown: ravenna
City, State, Zip: italy
Sent: 3.57 PM - 11/1 2003

very interesting,
bye ciao ciao

Name: anne
Sent: 11.03 AM - 11/1 2003

i just came across your website. my dad james sullivan was in the army. the last 8 months of the war he was a p.o.w. in germany. he passed in 1998 and he couldn't bring himself to talk about his war time.

Name: Foster "Buzz" Nelson
Hometown: Decatur, Il
Name of POW: Bradley Edgar Squires - Stalag Luft I
City, State, Zip: Pennsylvania
Sent: 3.42 PM - 10/31 2003

Brad Squires was by brother in law and my hero. I was just 9 years old when he married my sister. Both he and I were History teachers in High School. I had Brad tape a lecture on his POW experiences. It was quite a tale. He died in the early 1980's of brain cancer thought to be caused by an injury when bailing out of his plane.

Name: Ann Trout
Sent: 11.52 AM - 10/31 2003

My husband's Uncle, Kyle Scott Smith was killed in
action. He was the pilot of the Little Guy
We are having a Memorial in his name on November 15

Postal Street Address: 415 BOATING CLUB ROAD
City, State, Zip: ST. AUGUSTINE, FL. 32084
Sent: 9.59 AM - 10/31 2003


Name: Marilyn Walton
Hometown: Oxford, OH
POW Camp: Stalag Luft III & VIIA
Name of POW: Thomas F. Jeffers
Postal Street Address: 222 Country Club Dr.
City, State, Zip: Oxford, OH 45056
Sent: 9.02 AM - 10/31 2003

My father was a B-24 (Rhapsody in Junk) bombardier from the 458th BG out of Norwich England. He was shot down June 18th, 1944. One crewman, Harold Flaugher, was KIA on that mission. Would love to hear from anyone who knew either of these men.

Name: Leonard Tunnell
Hometown: Miami,OK
POW Camp: Moosburg Stalag V11-A
Name of POW: Len tunnell
Postal Street Address: 512 York St.
City, State, Zip: Miami,OK 74354-4433
Sent: 9.56 PM - 10/30 2003

Anyone familiar with the above POW Moosburg Stalag V11-A and in late 1944 to 1945 period please contact me. <>Len<>

Name: peter ramsay
Hometown: Farnham.Surrey.UK
POW Camp: Stalag Luft 1
Name of POW: R D Grant
Sent: 3.24 PM - 10/30 2003

I am trying to trace the career of an English Pilot Officer R D Grant 174409 (I believe his first name to be Richard "Dickie") who was in the West Compound in late 1944. Any information would be greatly appreciated.

Name: Melissa Green
Hometown: Hilo,Hawaii
Name of POW: William R.Green
City, State, Zip: Hilo,Hawaii,96720
Sent: 7.30 PM - 10/29 2003

HI my name is Melissa Green and im doing a report for school and i was on the internet and was looking up the hunger march of WWII and I was thinking of my Grandpa and I thought that i would stop by and say that i thank you all for fighting for what is right and helping us young ones, and fighting for your future our future as americans and as a nation Im 15yrs old and Im in the Navy Junior ROTC and I plan on going into the service and fighting for everyone just as you and everyone else did for us.I thank you so much. My grand father was a POW for two yrs his troop was picked up 30 min-and hour after the started batttle. Thank you for your time.

Name: donald vitelli
Hometown: turtletown tn
Sent: 2.26 PM - 10/29 2003

just visiting sites from ww2. my uncle cleaston patterson (pat) mia italy 5 15 1943. 85th division, 339th infantry co k....

Name: Franco Brusco
Hometown: San Donato Milanese Milan Itay
POW Camp: 211 POW Camp Cap Matifou
Sent: 9.49 AM - 10/29 2003

I exchange informations about English 211 POW of Cap Matifou - Algiers because my father was there from may 1945 up to february 1946.
If mss Beckett will not receive my last e-mail (some problems in address?) please contact directly my e-mail.

Name: Jim Ciolek
Hometown: Cleveland Ohio
Name of POW: Mike Spodar
Postal Street Address: 12475 Deer Creek Drive
City, State, Zip: North Royalton, Ohio 44133
Sent: 8.17 AM - 10/29 2003

I juat did an AOL search of my Grandfathers name. I found this site,and was able to see a great drawing of him and his band The 'Round the Benders". Any info of Mike Spodar would be welcome
God Bless You All
God Bless America

Name: Chuck Hoffman
Hometown: Hawthorne, New Jersey
POW Camp: Stalag VII B
Name of POW: Phillip B Hoffman
Postal Street Address: 50 Frederick Ave
City, State, Zip: Hawthorne,NJ 07506
Sent: 7.07 PM - 10/28 2003


Name: Peter krupitsch
Hometown: middletown ny
Name of POW: willy krupitsch
Postal Street Address: 60 peach pl
City, State, Zip: middletown ny 10940
Sent: 11.21 PM - 10/27 2003

hello all im trying to find out about my father and what he was like, he passed away in may/99 and never spoke of his ordeals as a pow. i could never express my admiration enough for him i am truely proud of him, i would hope someone knew him. thank you

Name: Howard E Munson
Hometown: San Diego, ca
POW Camp: Stalag Luft One
Name of POW: Jeff Hamilton, Dallas Tex.
Postal Street Address: PO Box 2966
City, State, Zip: Chula Vista Ca. 91912
Sent: 11.22 AM - 10/27 2003

Jeff and I were not listed in Compound three or maybe I just missed it. We were in the same building as Gabreski
As an engineer and nothing to do in the camp, I cut hair. One of my clients was Col Gabreski and good friend. One cigarette per haircut. I quit smoking 55 years later.
I retired from the USAF and now live in Ensenada, BC Mexico.
Someone is doing a great job in the area of the POW's.

Howard Munson

Name: John Haavik
Hometown: Haugesund
Name of POW: Petter Daldorf Haavik
City, State, Zip: Norway
Sent: 1.26 PM - 10/26 2003

Petter Daldorf Haavik was a prisoner at Munchen, Gross Rosen and Dessau 1943 - 1945.
How do I go about confirming this?

Name: Lorett Elizabeth Lee
Sent: 3.31 PM - 10/24 2003

I visited because I have a beautifully illustrated limited edition copy of Not as Briefed by C. Ross Greening and wanted to know more about it. Thanks

Name: Vic Evans
Postal Street Address: 27b Albert st. Whitstable ct5 1hs
Sent: 8.06 AM - 10/24 2003

re. sgm Anderson my email I forgot to send my home address.

Name: V ic Evans
Hometown: Whitstable
POW Camp: Stalag,XV111 A.
Name of POW: pw948 sgm H.R. Anderson
Sent: 8.01 AM - 10/24 2003

I have a book with this person's name in it. The book was sent to the above camp from London, probably ordered through the Red Cross. There are some notes in the back, probably members of the camp library. I acquired the book in Gadansk

Name: Bill Fischer
Hometown: Framingham, MA 01702
POW Camp: Stalag Luft 1
Name of POW: Col. John J. Fischer, USAF
Postal Street Address: 215 Raymond St.
City, State, Zip: Rockville Centre, NY 11570
Sent: 2.41 PM - 10/23 2003

I see a picture of my Dad!!! He's 30 y.o. in the picture and has been a prisoner for about 18 months...God he looks good for what he and they all went through. What a thrill.
He's in group photo Stalag Luft 1 (second row - last one on the left as your facing the picture). His name is Colonel John J. Fischer USAAF - shot down in his P-47 over Germany in Jan. 1944. He will be so moved to see these pictures of his friends and colleagues. He is alive but somewhat frail at 89. He lives in Rockville Centre, NY with his wife Eleanor (a young 84). Thank you so much for all your efforts. My sister, Eleanor Quigley, has compiled his POW stories and will be in touch with you to post them as part of the web site.

Name: Robert Jordan Bentley
Hometown: Capitola, Ca
Name of POW: Al Bentley
Postal Street Address: 811 Laurence Ave.
City, State, Zip: Capitola CA 95010
Sent: 10.54 PM - 10/20 2003

Thanks for writing your story!
Bob Bentley

Name: Charles E. Blackwell
Hometown: Sun City, Ca 92586
POW Camp: Stalag 17B Krems, Austria
Name of POW: Charles E. Blackwell
City, State, Zip: Krems Austria
Sent: 1.29 PM - 10/18 2003

I'm interested in anyone who was POW from !943-1945, and does anyone know a person by the name of "Phillips" who wrote a book about 17B and the forced march to Braunau, Austria. I'm 84 years old, anyone left????

Name: Claude C. Edwards
Hometown: Marietta
POW Camp: Stalagluft I
Name of POW: Claude C. Edwards
City, State, Zip: Marietta, Ga
Sent: 10.10 AM - 10/18 2003

My name is Claude C. Edwards and I was a prisoner in Stalagluft North 1, Barrack 10, Room 11. My roommates were: Robert K. Belk, PA; John M. Bender, Moussouri; Carl R. Bird,Massachusetts; Carl R. Browning, Missouri; John E. Monroe, PA; Edward E. Shumski, NY; R. G. Donovan, Massachusetts; and A. Rhoee, Nebraska. There were three others but I don't remember their names. I wish to hear from any of my roommates, if possible. Please email me at:

Thank you,
Claude C. Edwards

Name: Kinga
Hometown: Vernon
Sent: 12.00 AM - 10/18 2003

Hey! Great site. Thank you for all the information you have provided to me. It is great having something like this available over the net. I wish the war had never happened; but, it did and I am thank-ful that I can look back on it. Thank you once again. :)

Name: Adrian Radaza
Hometown: Zamboanga
Postal Street Address: 123 Masuhud Dr, Tumaga,
City, State, Zip: Zamboanga City, 7000 Philippines
Sent: 10.17 PM - 10/16 2003

Good day to everyone...

Im just found this site and got interested with the WWII POW stories. Anyway, i am also looking for somebody who knows a certain US NAVY SERVICEMAN with a last name HAGGERTY. He was married to a Filipina and took his family to Hawaii in the mid of 1960s then to Japan.... For those who knew him or got any information, pls inform me, your help might pave the way to reunite my family. Thanks and God bless to all.

Name: Christopher Dunville
Hometown: Penetanguishene
POW Camp: Stalagluft 1
Name of POW: Herbert Montague Robertson
Postal Street Address: 107 Peel
City, State, Zip: Ontario Canada L9M1C3
Sent: 7.25 PM - 10/15 2003

My grandfather, Herbert Montague Robertson DFC, was a POW at SL1 for 17 months. Great to see the site.

Name: Sammie Overby
Hometown: Mt.Airy NC
Postal Street Address: 190 Glendale Rd
City, State, Zip: Mt. Airy NC 27030
Sent: 8.26 PM - 10/14 2003

i was in ww2and spent 29 months oversea i was blessed not to be a POW and was wandering if you have any names of anyone who was with the 69th field art. that may have been a POW looking forward to hearing from you. do you have any info. on the 69th field art.?

Name: Tim Hoyle
Hometown: Llantwit-Major, Wales
POW Camp: Stalg Luft 1, West Compound
Name of POW: Sgt. Raymond Hoyle
Sent: 4.58 AM - 10/14 2003

What a marvellous website!

I am working (long term) on a family history project and wonder if anyone has any stories regarding my father. He was a prisoner in the West Compound from February 1945 onwards. After the war he moved back to Wales and passed away in 1983, aged 63.

Many thanks.

Name: tanya weller
Hometown: england
Name of POW: john beuster
Postal Street Address: elkhart
City, State, Zip: indiana
Sent: 10.53 AM - 10/13 2003


Name: Jay Johnson
POW Camp: Stalag Luft I
Name of POW: Lynn Rhead Goetzman
Sent: 4.14 PM - 10/12 2003

My Great Uncle was Lynn Rhead Goetzman. Either before or after his time spent in Stalg Luft I, he spent time in Stalag Luft III, where he helped dig the tunnels which were code named "Tom", "Dick" and "Harry". The movie "The Great Escape" was based off of the tue story of that escape. Lynn wasn't one of those that escaped, but he did return home after the war.

Name: Robert Harper
Hometown: Murfreesboro, TN
POW Camp: Stalag Luft IV and VI
Name of POW: George Walter (G.W.) Harper
Sent: 3.56 PM - 10/12 2003

I will visit the sites of Stalag Luft Vi and IV in Lithuania and Poland the last week in October. I would like to hear form anyone who knew my operator on a B-17 valled "Pistol Packin' Mama" (apparently a very common name for bombers).

Name: Linda (Bentley) Johnson
Hometown: Austin, TX
POW Camp: unknown
Name of POW: Albert Jordan Bentley
Sent: 11.46 AM - 10/12 2003

I am curious to learn more about my father's experiences in WWI.

Name: Jonni Newburg
Hometown: Sandpoint, Idaho
POW Camp: ?
Name of POW: John V Dunegan
Postal Street Address: P.O.Box 1441
City, State, Zip: Sandpont, Idaho
Sent: 9.31 PM - 10/10 2003

My name is Jonni and my dad was POW. He is still alive.
As a young girl he took medication for nerves and I never new what for. Only a aunt could tell me what my dad had to go through for our country. I still don't know a whole lot. What I do know is he rode in jeeps with beheaded frenchmen, starved, and almost dead. I know that the german army was transfering them thru the town and he and 5 others POW's excaped thru the crowds and then met up missing 1 POW. They ran to a farm house that was unoccupied and found some bread and a can of beans, one of the POWs ripped open the can of beans and ate the whole can, the others witnessed his stomach expanding and then blowing up. My dad is now 100% disabled he is 84 and still can not talk about his ordeal. I'm hoping that I could the real story of what they went through. He has great benefits through the Veterans Hospital and has devoted so much of his time to the volunteers programs and has helped other vets with there demons. But still he can't talk about his. My dad is a hero and I wanted you to know that.
Jonni Newburg
P.O.Box 1441
Sandpoint, Idaho 83864

Name: Joyce Park
Hometown: Londonderry, Ohio
POW Camp: Stalag 7A
Name of POW: Oral Wayne Cooper
Postal Street Address: 415 Poes Run Road
City, State, Zip: Londonderry, Ohio 45647
Sent: 6.02 AM - 10/10 2003

My Dad passed away in December, 1998 of congestive heart failure. We have very few details of his POW experiences. Would appreciate any information. He was wounded in action in July 1944, and taken prisoner. 8th Infantry Division, 28th Infantry Regm't. Company A

Hometown: Lenoir CIty, TN 37771
Name of POW: Raymond Kader
City, State, Zip: Clearwater, FLorida
Sent: 10.41 PM - 10/8 2003

IF any of the members of the Ray Robert SHaver family read this, please contact me. I am Ray's daughter. I live in Lenoir CIty, Tn 37771. Ray, Glenn, and Fred were brothers and they are all deceased but I would love to make contact with some or any of the family. My mailing address is P O BOX 972, Lenoir CIty, TN 37771, Joyce Shaver Norris.

Name: jan hermens
Hometown: Hoensbroek
POW Camp: --
Name of POW: --
Postal Street Address: Slot Harenlaan 16 6432JP
City, State, Zip: The Netherlands
Sent: 5.18 PM - 10/8 2003

I'm Dutchman, 74 years and just remember those days of thousands of planes coming over heading for Germany.
Some came down. It was all done for our liberation.

Name: Tom Bousquet
Hometown: McKinney Texas
Postal Street Address: 6408 Calloway
City, State, Zip: Mckinney, tx, 75070
Sent: 4.57 PM - 10/8 2003

My Grandfather, Francis Bousquet was the ball and turret gunner on this plane. Love the stories and wish you well.

Name: David
Sent: 3.09 PM - 10/8 2003

Looking to purchase any YMCA logbooks for a museum exhibit, especially those featuring the Donald Duck I Wanted Wings insignia as drawn by an ex-pow.

Name: Edward Urban
Hometown: Pittsburgh, PA
POW Camp: Bad Orb (Stalag IX-B) and Berga
Name of POW: Anthony "Tony" Urban
Postal Street Address: 3107 Alberta Street
City, State, Zip: Munhall, PA 15120-2741
Sent: 10.58 AM - 10/8 2003

My father, Anthony "Tony" Urban served with the 106th Infantry Division, "I" Company, 423rd Infantry Regiment. He was captured by the Germans during the Battle of the Bulge. Initially he was sent to Bad Orb (Stalag IX-B). He was further singled out for transfer to the horror camp at Berga. He was wounded during the Death March in Cham, Bavaria and died at age 40 in 1956 as a result of his service connected injuries. I am very much interested in correspondence with other former POW's of these camps or their descendants. I reached this website as I have a copy of the "Special Army Edition" Newsletter from the USS Mayo among my father's personal papers.

Name: Paul T. Haggerty
POW Camp: Stalag Luft 1
Name of POW: Paul T. Haggerty
Postal Street Address: 12 Fischer Dr Apt 3E
City, State, Zip: North Kingstown, RI 02852-2854
Sent: 5.05 PM - 10/7 2003

In the series of Photos Group 1, I am the guy at the end of the line on the first row with my hands across my knees.

Name: Gretchen Fooshee
Hometown: El Dorado
Name of POW: Paul O Hower
Postal Street Address: 359 Broadview
City, State, Zip: El Dorado, KS 67042
Sent: 8.33 PM - 10/6 2003

My grandfather, Paul O. Hower, was in north 3 barracks 9 block 309 room 2. My mother and I would love to hear from anyone that was a roomy with him or would have any information about him. He pasted away about 10 years ago very unexpected and I have never heard his story. All I know is that he was a glidder pilot and was captured and taken to stalag luft I. It would be great to hear from anyone. thanks, Gretchen and Carol

Name: John M. Carmine
Hometown: Ford, Virginia
POW Camp: Stalag Luft 1
Name of POW: John W. ( DICK ) Carmine-LT
Postal Street Address: 10222 Colemans Lake Road
City, State, Zip: Ford, Virginia 23850
Sent: 9.50 AM - 10/6 2003

Hello Everyone,
I would appreciate any info on my father whom was held P.O.W. in Luft 1 for 1year 6 months until liberation. He was a Lt in the Army Aircorp. His hometown was Petersburg Virginia

Name: Charles R Sibert
POW Camp: Stalag 17B
Sent: 9.43 PM - 10/4 2003

I have enjoyed visiting your WEBSight

Name: Alan J. Kammeyer
Hometown: Sunman, Indiana
Name of POW: Irvin W. Kammeyer
Sent: 12.26 PM - 10/3 2003

My father, Irvin Kammeyer,a Sergeant in the 4th Armored Division, 3rd Army, was directly involved in the Hammelburg Raid. He was captured and was on a forced march which took him near Munich. I am not aware of which Stalag he was held. I do know he was there about a month and was liberated by Patton.

Name: Mary Heard
Hometown: Del Rio
POW Camp: Stalag Luft IV
Name of POW: Harry W. Arfman II
Postal Street Address: 5514 Porsche Lane
City, State, Zip: Austin, Texas 78749
Sent: 11.26 AM - 10/1 2003

Harry Arfman was my father. He is now deceased but it would be nice to have any information on his friends experiences etc...

Name: dq
Hometown: umina beach
POW Camp: stalag 8b
Name of POW: sam komene
City, State, Zip: nsw australia
Sent: 5.06 AM - 10/1 2003

i am looking for information about sam komene who we believe was a prisoner of war in germany in camp stalag 8b, i have no futher information about him.

thank you



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