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A collection of stories, photos, art and information on Stalag Luft I


If you are a former Prisoner of War or a next of kin of a POW, we invite you to sign and leave your email address so others that come may find you. Please mention camp, compound, barracks and room numbers if possible.

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Guestbook Entries - 3rd Quarter - 2003
 7/01/03 thru 9/30/03

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Name: Tollie Ross
Postal Street Address: 15 Rosewood Rd.
City, State, Zip: Rome, Ga 30165
Sent: 11.53 AM - 9/29 2003

I have recently made the acquaintance of Claude C. Edwards, a POW in North I. 2d Lt-Bombardier B17. He is in good health and lives next door to a friend of ours in Marietta. I am sending him this website.

Hometown: DELTA B.C.
Postal Street Address: 11141 MAY PLACE
City, State, Zip: DELTA B.C. CAN V4E 1L7
Sent: 11.18 PM - 9/28 2003


Name: Patricia Gould
Hometown: New York, NY
POW Camp: Stalag Luft I
Name of POW: Charles L. Gould
Postal Street Address: PO box 1261
City, State, Zip: Angel Fire, NM 87710
Sent: 5.47 PM - 9/28 2003

I'm trying to get in touch with survivors from my father's camp in order to try to get VA help for my mother. My father was at 50% disability at the time of his death in 1974 and was in the appeals process for attaining 100%. I've contacted ex-POW foundation and they are looking in to the possibility of re-opening his case since that would mean income for my mom who is finding it difficult to pay for her medications. On the slight chance that any of the survivors of Stalag Luft 1 may have gotten to know my father, it might help our case to have statements as to his injuries from being blown out of his B17, head wound and neck injuries, which caused problems in later life in addition to the emotional stress of being a POW. His plane was "MInnie The Moocher" in the 303 bomb division and he was a navigator. He died at the age of only 51, after his 3rd heart attack and he had lost his job as an engineer due to lack of attention and performance and was unemployable. His nightmares were present his entire life and as with many POWs, would not discuss his experiences with the exception of a few funny stories.

I would love to hear from anyone in his camp about the conditions if you can talk about it or if you ever met my father, (a very funny, freckled, redhead).

Name: Dwight Davis
Hometown: Lumberport, West Virginia
POW Camp: Stalag Luft IV
Name of POW: Dwight Davis
Postal Street Address: 537 Old Coach Road
City, State, Zip: Westerville, Ohio 43081
Sent: 5.08 PM - 9/28 2003

8th AF,94th BG, 332nd BS,
Trying to locate any members of "Vie's Guys", Taken by FLAK over Munich on July 12, 1944. Can also be reached via phone-614 882-1940

Name: Joyce Park
Hometown: Londonderry, Ohio
POW Camp: Stalag 7A
Name of POW: PFC Oral Wayne Cooper
Postal Street Address: 415 Poes Run Road
City, State, Zip: Londonderry, Ohio 45647
Sent: 1.38 PM - 9/28 2003

I lost my Dad on Dec. 15, 1998 due to congestive heart failure. He could not discuss his war experiences. Therefore, I know nothing!! He was wounded in action and taken prisoner by the Germans. He was at Stalag 7A for awhile, but was transferred to a prison farm. I believe it was a dairy farm. He was in the Army from 10-23-42 to 12-7-45. 8th Inf. Division, 28th Inf. Regm't., Company A, 2nd Platoon, 1st Squad. He was a rifleman and a scout. He received the Purple Heart. Was a POW from 7-10-44 to 5-15-45. When he arrived back home, he was very weak and very thin. I have done some research and I feel he was probably captured near the Ay River. If anyone has any information concerning my Dad, I would be forever grateful. Joyce Park

Name: Alexander Djordjevich
Hometown: Bethesda, MD
Sent: 9.45 PM - 9/26 2003

Wow! What a fantastic website and a great tribute to these brave men. My grandfather fought on the allied side with the Yugoslav army in WW2 and was in a POW camp for 3 years before he was released. Any information on non-american POW camps in Germany would be appreciated. thanks.

Name: Chester Campbell Jr.
Hometown: Snyder, TX
POW Camp: Stalag Luft I
Name of POW: Samuel James Hamm
Postal Street Address: 13741 N. Rawhide Parkway
City, State, Zip: Farmers Branch, TX 75234
Sent: 10.24 PM - 9/25 2003

I believe my grandfather was imprisoned at Barth. I have a copy of the Barth Hard Times newspaper that he gave me and a photograph of a German town with the name Barth written on the back. Sam was an engineer or navigator on a USAAF bomber. The pilot, I believe, was named Zimmerman. They were shot down over Belgium. Sam broke or sprained his ankle when they parachuted and so they couldn't run very fast when the Germans showed up. But for a night or two they were hidden by a nice Belgium family ... in a barn, I think. Does any of this ring a bell with anyone? I'd love to find someone who knew my grandfather. Thanks!

Name: Randy Peterson
Hometown: Irvine, CA
POW Camp: Stalag Luft 1
Name of POW: Clair E. (Buz) Buskirk
Postal Street Address: 25002 Sunset Place West
City, State, Zip: Laguna Hills, CA 92653
Sent: 8:40 AM - March 15, 2007

Good Day;

This message is on behalf of my Father In Law, Capt. Clair E. (Buz) Buskirk, shot down and captured over Germany, Jan. 6, 1945 in his P-51.
Buz returned to the USA to his wife Doris, after the Russians liberated Buz and his fellow prisoners from Stalag Luft I, Barth, Germany. Buz spent four months behind barbed wire. Buz and Doris raised two beautiful daughters, Pam (my wife) and Tricia.

After, the war, Buz had an exciting career as a Engineer with the City of Los Angeles Fire Department and retired after thirty years of service.  Buz retired from military service as a Lt. Col/USAF Reserve. Buz has told me treasured stories of his experiences, which I have passed on to my two daughters, son in laws, three grandsons and one granddaughter. 

As a result of great prodding some years ago, we were able to encourage Buz to jot down his personal  memories in  longhand no less. With loving effort his second daughter, Tricia, re-typed and bound what became titled, "Return to Barth". The book is now being passed around to our extended family who all want copies.

Buz and Doris continue to live in good health health in Irvine, California.  Thanks to all of you that have served for your courage and my freedom.

Should any of you out there remember Buz, I will be more than pleased to pass on to him any hellos or other comments.

Thanks again.

Randy Peterson

Name: Marcy Adams
Hometown: Bryant AR
Name of POW: Charles L. Stewart b/d 10/23/21
City, State, Zip: Piedmont AL
Sent: 3.43 PM - 9/24 2003

My dad Charles L Stewart passed away in 1986, I am trying to find out information about POW and WWII to
pass on to my grandson. I know my Dad was a POW for
almost a year, I have some of my Grandparents "stuff"
I plan to go through all of this and try to find any information I can. I know my Dad was in the Air Force.
And when he died he 1986 he had full Military honors.

Name: john cuccinello
Hometown: island heights
Name of POW: Sam Gossen CP.
Postal Street Address: po box 284
City, State, Zip: ocean gate, n.j. 08740
Sent: 8.32 PM - 9/23 2003

my cousing Tony J. Zarro was a radio officer on a b-17. he and his crew were shot down on there first mission and there was only one recorded POW (Sam Gossen). i was hoping that there might be someone out there who might have ever been in touch with him or have any information about him. i know an awful lot about that day but it would be nice to hear from a family member or friend about sam.
thanks for your time. 527th aircraft 42-29875

Name: David
Hometown: Vancouver BC
City, State, Zip: Canada
Sent: 3.48 PM - 9/23 2003

Looking to correspond with anyone at Stalag Luft III who has knowledge of the Donald Duck "I Wanted Wings" insignia.

Emmet Cook Sr., bombardier on a replacement B-17 named Junior, was shot down over Palmero Italy in 1943. He was later incarcerated at Luft III. Emmet designed the original Donald insignia.

Emmet is still alive and says hello to all former Stalag Luft III pows.

Feel free to email me or write:

David Lesjak
Box 42023 Champlain P.O.
Vancouver, British Columbia
Canada V5S 4R5



Name: Lew Holt
Hometown: Salem
Postal Street Address: 1625 19th St. NE
City, State, Zip: Salem, OR 97303
Sent: 1.05 PM - 9/23 2003

This is a little off the subject but I am going to Japan on Oct. 8 to interview two Japanese aviators who participated in the attack on Pearl Harbor. My brother, Bill, was on the U.S.S. Phoenix during the attack. He died later in the war from tuberculosis. The Phoenix was sold to Argentina in 1951 and the British sank it during the Falkland Island War in 1982. I am friends, now, of both an Argentine veteran of the sinking and a British veteran of the submarine. I have the accounts of the sinking from both of them. Now I want to meet one of the Japanese aviators. Hopefully a book will come from all of my information.

Lew Holt

Name: Robert Carrillo
Hometown: Corona,
City, State, Zip: Corona,California
Sent: 11.06 PM - 9/22 2003

I was station at camp king oberusel germany from jan. 1984 till dec.1985

Postal Street Address: 868 BULLOCK'S PT. AVE.
City, State, Zip: RIVERSIDE, RI 02915
Sent: 8.21 PM - 9/22 2003


Hometown: MERCER ISLE. WA.
Sent: 1.05 PM - 9/22 2003


Name: Brad Scott
Hometown: Martinsville, IL
POW Camp: ?
Name of POW: Jim Zachary
City, State, Zip: Martinsville, IL / St Louis, MO
Sent: 6.44 PM - 9/20 2003

My father and two uncles fought in Germany. None of the three ever mention a word about the war or their experiences. My father is the only one still alive and the only thing that I have of his war time is a letter that he sent home to my grandmother on a dollar bill ... it reads "England, France, Belgam, Germany and HOME (I hope!). Your Son, Charles Everett Scott. My dad stayed in France until May 1947.

My uncle Jim Zachary was capture in Cherbourg and a second time in St Mere Ingl . Jim (like my father never mentioned anything about the war), but I remember seeing a letter that he wrote to the US Government in the 1970's that documented his experience ... I only seen the letter once (and was not suppose to see it then) and never seen it again. I remember his initial being branded on his wrist or arm.

Any information of either GI would be appreciated.
Brad Scott

Name: peter Nett
POW Camp: Stalag Luft I
Name of POW: Jack L. Gard
Sent: 5.22 AM - 9/20 2003

I`m looking for some information about 2nd Lt. Jack L. Gard. he crashed down next to my village on 12/1 1943. If anyone have information about him or knew him I would love to hear it.
Peter Nett

Name: Al DeBernardis
Hometown: Silver Spring, MD
POW Camp: Stalag 17B
Name of POW: Al DeBernardis
Sent: 7.26 PM - 9/19 2003

Barracks 39A I am interested in hearing from anyone who may have been in camp with me from 1943-45.

Name: Alyssa Mansfield
Hometown: Point Loma
POW Camp: Stalag
Name of POW: Clai Cline
Postal Street Address: 2777 Nimitz Blvd. #23
City, State, Zip: SD, Ca 92107
Sent: 2.03 PM - 9/19 2003

I am doing a report on a pow story for a homework assignment. Lately i have been watching and reading things about war. I think it's so interestin to learn about and to know as personnal thought and to think about. I hate how alot of what happened in those days can affect what goes on now days. I would love to learn more about this and whatever else is available to learn about. If it's, i would love to be sent some info on what you guys have to offer. Thanks.

Name: Ed Miller
Hometown: Morton, Illinois
POW Camp: Stalag Luft I
Name of POW: George C. Miller
Postal Street Address: 618 E. Washington St.
City, State, Zip: Morton, Illinois 61550-2163
Sent: 8.59 PM - 9/18 2003

George Miller was my brother. He was a tail gunner in a B-17, shot down on his first mission, captured by the Germans and encarcerated at Stalag Luft 1, North 3, Barracks 2, Block 302, Room 13. He was a Staff Sargt. He talked little of his experiences after the was. I was a small child when he left for the war. If anyone knew him or was in his building I would love to hear your memories of my brother. Thanks.

Name: Joe Hill
Postal Street Address: POBox 416
City, State, Zip: East Rochester NY 14445
Sent: 8.05 PM - 9/17 2003

I want to thank every man and woman who served in world warII I have a good friend who was a gunner on Jimmy Dolittles plan when they bombed Tokyo I was stationed in Dachau Germany in the 60s WWII was before my time but i saw a lot of the things that were left after the war and I thank all of you and god bless the ones who did not come home

Name: Ursula von Oertzen
Hometown: Frankfurt - Germany
Sent: 1.19 PM - 9/16 2003

I am referring to your page "the guards". There I found my father name: Major Roland von Oertzen.
I made a homepage and in one part you can see that he became a great well know artist(sulpter) in Germany. He died in 1974. After the war he re-married and had 2 children and I am his last child he had.
If you want to get more information about my father you can write me a e-mail under

PS I am German and live in Germany.
Best regards
Ursula von Oertzen

Name: Allan Hunter
Hometown: Watertown, MA
POW Camp: Stalag Luft III
Name of POW: Jim Hunter
Postal Street Address: 10 Hillside Road
City, State, Zip: Watertown, MA 02472
Sent: 2.27 PM - 9/15 2003

Great website! Well done. I thought I'd let you know about 'From Coastal Command to Captivity, the Memoir of a Second World War Airman' by W.J. 'Jim' Hunter, my late father. It includes his watercolor pictures of various POW camps, 1941-45. These may well be of historical interest, as he painted them at the time, as a cover for forging documents!

Name: Jackie Barry
Hometown: Victoria, IL
POW Camp: Stalag Luft 1
Name of POW: Archie Sornberger
Postal Street Address: P O Box 6
City, State, Zip: Victoria, IL 61485
Sent: 2.23 PM - 9/14 2003

My father would be interested in any information from surviving members of this camp.

Name: tony johnson
Hometown: benenden, kent, uk
POW Camp: stalag luft 1
Name of POW: william charles hayward johnson
Postal Street Address: tolhurst, golford road
City, State, Zip: benenden, kent, uk
Sent: 6.31 PM - 9/13 2003

I have in my possession diaries of my father William (Pappa) Johnson an English airman and so I gather drama director at Stalag Luft 1. They mainly concern the liberation but also include a cigarette case which I am told was a gift from a grateful Russian/Polish POW who my father had helped feed. Any information or interest about these matters would be of great interest.

Name: Christopher J. Hardy
Hometown: Baltimore, MD
Name of POW: Thomas F. Nash
Postal Street Address: 240 Lombard Street #325
City, State, Zip: San Francisco, CA 94111
Sent: 1.01 PM - 9/13 2003

My grandfather recently passed away leaving me his WWII photos, medals and POW info. I think my grandfather was processed at Dulag-Luft in January of 1944. I was looking for more information regarding my grandfather, his plane, crew, missions, etc. Any information would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.

Name: Thomas Wiethorn
Name of POW: Ray G. Wiethorn
Postal Street Address: 715 Lincoln Rd.
City, State, Zip: Bellevue, Ky. 41073
Sent: 11.31 PM - 9/9 2003

My late father was a "guest" at Stalag Luft One. Though he kept a journal with material supplied by the Red Cross; the information was mostly about menues and meals he would eat upon his release.

If there are any survivors from this camp, I would like to hear from you with any stories about my dad during his six months as a POW.

Even though upon his return he earned a Juris Doctor degree and practiced law for 42 years, while devoting himself to public service; he never told us much about his stay with the Germans.

I feel that there is a huge gap in my history of my dad. So whatever help you can give would be most appreciated.

Please feel free to email me at

Name: Janice McLaughlin
Hometown: Bradenton, Florida
POW Camp: Stalag Luft One Barth Germany
Name of POW: William L. Clyatt Jr.
Sent: 10.36 PM - 9/9 2003

Thank you for maintaining this wonderful connection to the men/women and their service. My Uncle William L. Clyatt Jr. was a POW at Stalag Luft One.
I read and look thru his papers often. He recently passed away. Oh how I wish we could have viewed this Website together!!

Name: Grier Fleischhauer
Hometown: Midlothian, VA
POW Camp: Stalag Luft 1
Name of POW: Eugene (Jeff) Fleischhauer
Postal Street Address: 1004 Lady Jean CT.
City, State, Zip: Midlothian, VA 23114
Sent: 10.09 PM - 9/9 2003

My father was a POW for 22 months mostly at Stalag Luft 1. He was captured by the Italians on the water after his B17 was shot down during the invasion of Naples operation. He was recaptured by the Germans.

My father did not speak much about the war, he did however write about 20 pages of notes, but he never completed the whole experience. What he did write is interesting and will be passed down the generations. Unfortunately our father passed away in Feb, 1996.

This website is very good and I hope that it will continue for many years to come.


Name: Rita Clark
Hometown: Oneida, IL. 61467
POW Camp: Stalag Luft 1, North II, Barrack 1,rm 13
Name of POW: Archie (Sandy) Sornberger
Postal Street Address: P.O. Box 6
City, State, Zip: Victoria, IL. 61485
Sent: 7.52 PM - 9/9 2003

I was so fascinated when I found your web site. My father and I are hoping it will help us find information about his fellow POWs from Stalag Luft 1, North II, Barrack 1, Room 13. If anyone remembers my dad we would appreciate hearing from you.
Thank you
Rita Clark

Name: B-E Fastrup
Hometown: KARLSHAMN, Sweden
POW Camp: Stalag
Sent: 2.36 PM - 9/9 2003

Among the names I found a LT Fastrup probably from South Carolina. Do anybody know this man??
May good be with all you hereos!!

Name: Arnold Mintz
Hometown: Wilmington NC
Postal Street Address: 335 Pine Valley Dr
City, State, Zip: Wilmington NC 28412
Sent: 10.08 PM - 9/8 2003

In 1944 a B-24 or B-17 crashed in Friedrichsthal Saarland Germany. Two young German boys ran to the crash site to find at least one crew member alive and he spoke to them in english and gave them a photo of a family member and a good luck piece a Liberty 10 cent piece with a hole in at the top for a chain. I've had this ite, for 20 years an have not been able to fine anything about tthe aircraft are its member. Help

Name: Debra Ragan
Hometown: Tulsa, OK 74169
POW Camp: Stalag Luft 1 Room4 Block3
Name of POW: Everett B. Ragan
Postal Street Address: P.O.Box 691780
City, State, Zip: Tulsa, OK 74169
Sent: 8.47 PM - 9/8 2003

Is Charles Law Early still alive? My father Everett B. Ragan remembers him.

Name: Kathleen Eichfeld
Hometown: Ypsilanti, Michigan
POW Camp: Stalag 12A to 9B
Name of POW: Henry C. Herbst
Postal Street Address: 1242 Calvert Beach Rd.
City, State, Zip: St. Leonard, MD 20685
Sent: 5.42 PM - 9/8 2003

I'm trying to learn more about my Uncle Harold's very brief life and death as a German POW. He arrived in Europe in November 1944 and was probably a prisoner by Christmas. He died in March/April 1945. Thank you if you can provide any information.

Postal Street Address: 608 DOVER RD
City, State, Zip: BROWNSBURG IN 46112
Sent: 5.22 PM - 9/8 2003


Name: henk witteveen
Hometown: holland
Postal Street Address: 8700ac113
City, State, Zip: bolsward
Sent: 10.04 PM - 9/7 2003

on dec 22 1943 an b24 crasht near bolsward.this year it will be 60 years ago.have some infomation.want to make an monument.all crew where my infomation norman nelson-george clark-conrad silverman-martin bulger[bailed out]-george entminger-charles smith-walter derdsenski-james king-francis folkner-asha small.thank you heroes

Name: John A. Neal
Hometown: Calgary, Alberta, Canada
POW Camp: None, I was an Evader.
Postal Street Address: Apt. 2310, 9600 Southland Circle S.W.
City, State, Zip: T2V 5A1
Sent: 9.15 PM - 9/7 2003

You won't believe it, but I was a P.O.W. of the American Army. They thought I was a German when my Evasion was over. Right now I am searching for stories of Caterpillars, and how they became a member of the club. All the details from the air attack thru the bailout and the landing, and everything that happened during that time frame. This input for my book I am writing on the Caterpillar Club, and titled "Bless You Brother Irvin". I thank you in advance for any stories.

Name: Kerry McNamara
Hometown: Saranac Lake, NY
POW Camp: Stalag Luft IV
Name of POW: Kenneth Garwood
Sent: 6.46 PM - 9/6 2003

The more I learn of my grandfather's experience as a POW the more ashamed I am of the petty problems that I and many of us dwell upon.

Name: Jean-Paul FAVRAIS
Postal Street Address: la haie-ouisais
City, State, Zip: 35310 BREAL FRANCE
Sent: 2.48 PM - 9/6 2003

This is just to express my congratulations for
this remarkable work of MEMORY (sorry for me english)

Name: Charles W. Looper
Hometown: Tpa
POW Camp: Stalag Luft 111 and 7-A
Name of POW: Myself-Charles W. L:ooper
Postal Street Address: 1608 E. Paris St. Tpa, Fl. 33610
Sent: 7.36 PM - 9/2 2003

I was shot down in Dec. of '44 near St. Vith and was in Stalag 111 and in Stalag 7-A. We were on the forced march across Germany when We had to evaccuate to Moosburg in the spring of '45.

Name: Dr Sue Hunter
Hometown: Beach Haven, NJ
POW Camp: Stalag Luft I, Barth, Germany
Name of POW: Lt. Howard D. Hunter
City, State, Zip: Bellport, NY
Sent: 4.59 PM - 9/2 2003

I am attempting to have my late father's Wartime Log published and am looking for comments from Stalag Luft I survivors

Name: Joseph P. ODonnell
POW Camp: Stalag Luft IV
Postal Street Address: 20 ORourke Dr. Robbinsville NJ 08691
Sent: 1.14 PM - 9/2 2003

I wrote six books about experiences of pows in Luft IV. They are called The Shoe Leather Express.

Name: Paul Nulton III
Name of POW: Paul Nulton Jr.
Postal Street Address: PO Box 349
City, State, Zip: Warwick, New York
Sent: 10.54 PM - 9/1 2003

Dear Whomever,

My father, Paul Nulton, was on the Silver Slipper Mission that was shot down. He passed away from cancer in December 1989 and his wife passed away this past August 13th.

If any of you who read this can share information about my father war experiences - he was POW in Stalag
Luff IV.

You can e-mail me at the above address or share a letter. My phone is 845-986-2052 if you would like to phone.

God bless you all!

Paul Nulton

Name: Co de Swart
Hometown: Zeist, Holland
POW Camp: Stalag Luft I
Name of POW: Robert. P. (Bud) SurdezJr.
Sent: 8.53 AM - 9/1 2003

So good to have found you after 60 years.
Bud and Lily, wish you a lot of healthy years!

Name: Carol Wierman Sapyak
POW Camp: Staglag Luft 1
Name of POW: John B Wierman
Postal Street Address: 3148 West Street
City, State, Zip: Sanford, Michigan 48657
Sent: 8.01 PM - 8/31 2003

Looking for any one who knew or spent time in POW camp with John B Wierman. May God Bless all our POW/MIA's from all wars. Carol Wierman Sapyak

Name: Catherine Bishop
POW Camp: Stalag Luft IV
Name of POW: Francis G. O'Connell
Sent: 5.09 PM - 8/30 2003

Dad was assigned to the 390th Bomb Group, 570th Bomb Squadron. He was in a B-17G and was returning from a bomb run on the Hamm Germany marshalling yards when he was hit and bailed out (22 Apr 1944) He is now buried not far from the pilot (lLt Harold E. Reich of Virginia) who went down with the plane in Arlington National Cemetery. He was extra proud of his caterpillar pin. He survived the Death March of 86 days and 500 miles.

Name: nancy morris
Hometown: hamilton, mt
POW Camp: stalag 1
Name of POW: jack vietor
Sent: 10.01 AM - 8/30 2003

What wonderful men they were! And I was fortunate to have met one in La Jolla, CA, after the war and when he was in retirement.

Jack Vietor was a very nice man who never lost his love of flying. He was especially good to his friends who were down and out, and always helped them in whatever way he could.

Jack had a wonderful library in his home that was filled with valuable books, and at one time while visiting, he introduced me to a book that was sent to him while he was a prisoner of war. Does anyone remember his receiving this book?

We should always be grateful to men like Jack who maintained their dignity and Americanism while under the German boot. They gave so much without freedom so we could live in freedom---God Bless Them All!.

Nancy M.

Name: Janet Rohac
Hometown: North Versailles, Pennsylvania
Postal Street Address: 4 Tintsman Avenue
City, State, Zip: North Versailles, PA 15137
Sent: 11.45 AM - 8/29 2003

Accidentally came across this story. I thank our servicemen and women for all they have done. I am so deeply sorry for the pain and suffering at the hands of their captors.

Name: Eric H. Sherman
Hometown: La Jolla,Ca. 92037
POW Camp: Stalag Luft One
Name of POW: Eric Sherman
Sent: 5.59 PM - 8/28 2003

I flew B-24's with the 446 Bm Gp. We were shot down on 21 july 1944. Only three survived out of eleven. I was interned at Stalag Luft one from 2 Aug 1944 until mid May 1945

Name: Shella Juszli
Hometown: San Diego
POW Camp: no
Name of POW: none
Postal Street Address: 282 Lausanne Dr.
City, State, Zip: San Diego, CA. 92114
Sent: 1.28 PM - 8/28 2003

I really am sorry for all the pain you went through in life and I hope you can be in peace now. It's a new day and all we can do now is hope for better for the new generations of people! I praise you for all your hard times in life! I hope you are well and if you have past then I hope you rest in eternal peace!

Name: david carly
Hometown: sandbach
POW Camp: stalag luft 3
Name of POW: john francis williams
Sent: 12.24 PM - 8/28 2003

john francis williams was awarded a golden caterpiller after he was shot down over northern france april 1942 latter he was shot after the mass escape from that same camp in 1944

Name: Michelle Miller
POW Camp: stalag luft 1 north 3 barrocks 5 block 305 room 3
Name of POW: Gordon A Redtfeldt
Postal Street Address: 9497 N farn rd 127
City, State, Zip: Willard, Mo 65781
Sent: 11.35 PM - 8/26 2003

I'm Gordon's great neice and would like to know if their is any one that was with him or knew of him during his incarceration. He is still alive today and if you need to or would like to contact him please let me know.

Name: Keith Richards
Hometown: Ingersoll, Ontario, Canada
POW Camp: Stallag XXB
Name of POW: Sonny Richards (Tich)
Sent: 9.05 PM - 8/23 2003

My Father died 5 years ago, and i have just received some photo's and letters from ones he was in Stalag xxb with, now i understand why he was in therapy for so many years. I remember as a child my dad waking up screaming many night. I think he was in the Kensington regiment, he was captured holding the nazis back at dunkirk, i think, then marched to poland and spent 5 years in camps


Name: Harvey Stockwell
Hometown: Sydney Australia
POW Camp: Stalag Luft 1
Name of POW: Ron Stockwell
Sent: 10.10 AM - 8/23 2003

Dad was in South Barrack 6, Room 25, and I am interested in making any contact, especially with Alfie Wood from Braintree, Essex (UK), with anyone who might remember him or can offer a lead. Dad is now 91 and blind so I am doing this on his behalf.

Name: Giulio Mirabella
Hometown: Eden. Australia
POW Camp: Ehrenhain Zeithain
Name of POW: Marco Mirabella
Postal Street Address: 12 Yule Street
City, State, Zip: Eden. Australia. 2551.
Sent: 8.20 AM - 8/23 2003

Looking for any information about prisoner of war camp at Ehrenhain Zeithain in Germany which held Italian army internees around 1943.

Name: Sue Rowe
Hometown: Stellenbosch
Postal Street Address: P O BOX 119
City, State, Zip: Koelenhof, Stellenbosch 7560 South Africa
Sent: 4.52 AM - 8/23 2003

I am so happy to have found your site! I am signing your book in order to reach any surviving members in order to offer them a personally heartfelt token of appreciation.

We are a private wine estate in South Africa owned by the Hunting family. (Hunting PLC owned Irvin for many a year.)

Lindsay, following in his grandfather's footsteps is also a pilot and has especially produced selected and dedicated 400 award winning magnums of wine to the Irvin Caterpillar club members. Members are invited to contact Lindsay Hunting to claim their magnum. Telephone +27 21 865 2123 or Please visit our website and view the RESERVE page to see more of his passion with aircraft.

Name: Debbie Edwards
POW Camp: unknown
Name of POW: Arlin C. Edwards
Postal Street Address: 1725 Georgia St.
City, State, Zip: Pine Bluff, Ark. 71601
Sent: 6.36 PM - 8/22 2003

My grandfather was Arlin C. Edwards. He past away 10 yrs. ago. I only found out about him being in a German POW camp a year or so before his death purely by mistake. I happened to have mentioned something about something having to to with Germany or Germans in his presence and he went "crazy". His temper flared and he started talking about how they were mean and worthless people. Like I said I had no idea what he was talking about and surely had no idea he had been a POW, even though I knew he had been in the war. I do not know what camp that would have been, or what year ( because I was to scared to say anything else to him about it). But I do remember seeing an picture frame at one time that had an oval cutout for his military picture in the bottom right corner of paper and an airplane going from left to right across top of paper. My grandmother,his 1st wife, is still living and just yesterday (Aug. 21, 2003 ) she gave my dad ( their son)a postcard sent from a camp, but he didn't know where. I will try to find out more, but until then can anyone shed any light my way? P.S. My grandparents would have either lived in Mississippi (Jackson?) or Arkansas (south central part, not sure where). Thank you.

Name: Betty Gamble
Hometown: Port Huron, MI
POW Camp: Stalag Luft 1 South Compunnd
Name of POW: Lt K. M. Van Leuven
Postal Street Address: 715 Ontario St BE-6
City, State, Zip: Port Huron, MI 48060
Sent: 6.33 PM - 8/21 2003

I am doing our Van Leuven history and would like as much information on K. M. Van Leuven as I can get. Was he in a plane that went down. or on the ground when taken prisoner? any other information you may have
Thank-You Kindly Betty

Name: dolores kastl
Name of POW: arthur tank
Postal Street Address: 900 norfolk court
City, State, Zip: longwood, fl 32750
Sent: 8.13 PM - 8/20 2003

we know he was a pow during wwII. my aunt & uncle & his
brother have all passed on. he also had been dead for
several years. i was shocked to find this site as i am doing genealogy on our family. if anyone has information that may help me, please let me know. thank you.

Name: Andy Markwick
POW Camp: Stalagluft 1V B
Name of POW: Bert Markwick
City, State, Zip: Kent, England
Sent: 8.12 AM - 8/19 2003

My father died February 1995 at 75 years of age. He served with the Buffs as a signal operator. I am interested to know of his mates and his movements during the war. He was not vocal at all about his time serving in the armed service. Thank you all for your courage.

Name: Frederick R. Miller, PH1, USN Retired
Hometown: Ballston Spa, New York
POW Camp: Unknown
Name of POW: James G. Leonard
City, State, Zip: Albany, NY
Sent: 5.41 AM - 8/19 2003

The following obituary was published in the Albany (NY) Times Union on 8/19/2003.

Leonard, James G.

ALBANY James G. Leonard, 86, of Albany, died August 17, 2003 at the Samuel Stratton VA Medical Center after a brief illness. James was retired from the Watervliet Arsenal. He served in the U.S. Army from 1942 to 1945 in the European Theater, he was also a former POW. He is the cousin of Margaret Dunn of Buffalo, N.Y.; brother of the late Helen Welter; and brother-in-law of the late Frank Welter. Family and friends are invited to attend a celebration of James' life Wednesday at 1 p.m. at Calvary Cemetery, Glenmont, NY. There will be no calling hours at the funeral home.

Hometown: JERSEY, UK.
Name of POW: ANY
Sent: 6.00 AM - 8/17 2003

Great site!
I wonder if anyone can help.I'm searching for information regarding any Allied POWs that were captured in or around the German occupied British Channel Islands during WWII.Many US & British aircraft were lost in the area (including the north Brittany coastline and Bay of StMalo)and I would like to collect some information on any airmen who were unfortunate to be downed there.
Many thanks.

Name: Nancy Bianchin Christensen
Hometown: Ventura
POW Camp: Stalag Luft IV-D
Name of POW: John Bianchin
Sent: 11.54 PM - 8/16 2003

Thank you so much for this sight. The photographs give a glimpse of how my dad lived. A big hug to all of you Veterans. Thank you for your sacrifice.
Sincerely, Nancy

Name: Apostolos Papageorgiou
Hometown: Athens, Greece
Postal Street Address: 17 Menandrou, Agii Anargiri
City, State, Zip: GREECE, GR-13561
Sent: 11.32 PM - 8/16 2003

Anyone knowing about the operations of the Wehrmachts 1. Gebirgsjaeger Division "Edelweiss" during the period July to November in Epirus, Greece. Kindly contact us.

Name: Kathey Berg
Hometown: Shelburne
POW Camp: Ravenberg
Postal Street Address: 167 Penny Lane
City, State, Zip: Shelburne, Vt o5482
Sent: 11.20 PM - 8/16 2003

I was born in Ravensberg Germany in 1947, My mother name was Ursula Deutche. My adopted parents were placed in camps.I was never told I was adopted. Can someone fill me in, how it was then.Adopted parents are deceased, and have never told me I was adopted.

Name: David M. Sitbon
Hometown: Philadelphia, PA, USA
Sent: 7.52 PM - 8/16 2003

Wonderful site. What an honor and privalege it was to visit. Please keep up the good work! Thanks, and take care.

Name: Dr. Zoe Simmons
Hometown: San Diego
Sent: 7.28 PM - 8/16 2003

Great website. If you would care to have your story published in our magazine, US Legacies, please visit our webpage at The magazine is designed to preserve the history of WWII Veterans.
Dr. Zoe Simmons, Asst. Admin.

Name: Bill Vibbert
Hometown: Rochester Hills
POW Camp: Stalag XIII-D, Nurnberg
Name of POW: Harry Vibbert
Postal Street Address: 26 Foxboro Dr.
City, State, Zip: Rochester Hills, MI. 48309
Sent: 5.31 PM - 8/16 2003

Harry Vibbert was my Uncle, my Dad's brother. Thanks to you and my cousin Fran I know more about my Uncle and the courage of all those who were with him. If it weren't for your sacrifices we wouldn't free! Thank you!

Name: Ivana Jankovic
Hometown: Uzice
POW Camp: Stalag D VI
Name of POW: Sucurovic Krsta
Postal Street Address: 110 Nikola Tesla street
City, State, Zip: 31000 Uzice,Serbia
Sent: 12.17 PM - 8/15 2003

I am looking for any information about my grand father Sucurovic Krsta,from vilage Slivovica,Serbia.He was prisoner number 111395 in Stalag D VI,and he newer back home.It's really important for me and for my family to now anything about his destiny.

Name: Julie-Christine Helas
Hometown: Nassogne, Belgium
Name of POW: Gaston Helas
Postal Street Address: 1 rue du Vivier
City, State, Zip: 6950 Nassogne
Sent: 1.30 PM - 8/14 2003

My grand father, Gaston Helas, went in a stalag during the WWII...
I'm looking for any information about him because I don't know him...He died in 1950 but I'd like to learn about his life. It's really important for me and for my family! Please, if you or a member of your family knew him, write me.


Name: Maureen Grace
Hometown: New Windsor, New York
POW Camp: Stalag Luft One
Name of POW: Harold J "Harry" Grace
Postal Street Address: 12 Myrtle Ave
City, State, Zip: New Windsor, NY 12553
Sent: 10.27 AM - 8/14 2003

My father, Harry Grace, was in North 1 - Barrack 6 - Room 3. He was in the Army Air Corps and was the bombardier. He spoke often of the men he shared that time with altough he didn't like to talk much about the experience. When I was in grade school one of the men from his crew called to say his granddaughter had discovered a passage in the diary of Anne Frank that described the day their plane had been shot down. The entry is on March 23, 1943. They were shot down and captured on the 22nd.
After his death in November of 1989 we found a diary he had kept during his time in the camp. He has cartoon caricatures of his "buddies" and each of them signed under his own likeness. There are maps my father drew of the camp and clippings from local German newspapers. There is a poem he copied from the wall of a solitary confinement cell, and he gives credit to the author. In addition, there are poems my father wrote in the style of his favorite author, Edgar Allen Poe.
I am not very computer literate but if anyone is interested I can try and send some of these pages. My father was a very talented artist and author and I am very proud of his work. I also miss him terribly and it feels good to share and hear about him and for my children to get to know him better.
I look forward to hearing from anyone who knew him or of him. Please put a reference in the subject box so I don't accidentally delete anything.
Maureen Grace

Name: Michael L. Coleman
Hometown: Harvest, AL
POW Camp: Stalag Luft 1
Name of POW: David E. Goss
Postal Street Address: 146 Darr Dr.
City, State, Zip: Harvest, AL 35749
Sent: 12.48 PM - 8/13 2003

What a great web site!!

I am Mike Coleman. I am 52 years old and went to high school with David Goss' son, Larry.

I was looking for his phone number on the internet and stumbled across the Stalag Luft 1 site. I called him and told him about the site and started naming the other members of South Barrack 2, Room 3. He remembered them all. We talked for a while about his experiences.

Back in the mid '80s, I was on TDY in Hampton, VA (where he lives). I always tried to go by and see him and Ann whenever I was in the area. We where sitting at the kitchen table talking about the service, life, family, and all sorts of other things. He told me about his experiences in the camp and how he escaped. He had never told any of his family members about this. It was incredible.

Any way, he asked me to print out some of the pages from the web site. He is not computer literate and does not have a computer at home. I thought I would email you and maybe you could contact him by mail or phone (757-851-0920). I am sure he would enjoy a word or two from other guests of Stalag Luft 1.

His mailing address is:

David E Goss
363 Hopemont Cir
Hampton, VA 23669


Name: Ingrid Harmse
POW Camp: Germany/Italy
Name of POW: Cecil Oswald Koelges
Sent: 8.56 AM - 8/13 2003

Name: Nelson P. Pallispis
Hometown: Loakan Airport, 2600 Baguio City, Philippines
Sent: 5.08 AM - 8/13 2003

Democracy, the liberty to do right and never wrong. What would have happened if the Allied Powers failed in WWII? Certainly CHAOS! LONG LIVE TO THE GREAT SOLDIERS WHO FOUGHT FOR WHAT THEY BELIEVED WAS RIGHT, WHICH WAS REALLY RIGHT!

Name: Barbara A. Olka
Hometown: Davenport, IA
POW Camp: Stalag Luft 1
Name of POW: Francis L. Shaw
Sent: 11.41 PM - 8/12 2003

My father, Francis Shaw, passed away in November of 1999. He spoke little of the WWII experience or his being a B-17 pilot and a POW until after his retirement. It is bitter sweet to see his name on the listing. He was always my example of a hero.

Name: Nancy Huaracha
Hometown: Rockford, IL
POW Camp: Stalag Luft I
Name of POW: Francis L. Shaw
Postal Street Address: 716 Jordan Place
City, State, Zip: Rockford,IL 61108
Sent: 1.12 AM - 8/12 2003

After a family reunion recently I got to thinking about my Uncle Francis and knew he was a prisoner of war. Few knew about his experience as he never talked about it. To find him listed at this site after only a couple of hours of search was a sweet sadness because it makes it all so real. Thank you for helping us fill in the gaps of family history!

Name: Marianne Arseneau
POW Camp: Stalag Luft 3
Name of POW: Joseph Douglas Arseneau
Postal Street Address: 42 Salliotte Rd.
City, State, Zip: Ecorse MI, 48229
Sent: 9.03 PM - 8/10 2003

My dad was in the RCAF. He was a member of the 409 "Moose" Squadron. He was shot down over Belgium on July 3/4, 1943 and spent the rest of the was as a guest of the Nazis at Stalag Luft 3. Like you father he was liberated by the Russians in 1945 but a little earlier I think in April. Dad died in 1995 and now I have all the unanswered questions. Did anyone happen to know him. He went by the name of Doug. I do know a few things but not of much detail. He kept a journel while in the camp and writes in great detail of his rescue. I would be most greatful for any help.

Name: shannon linn
Hometown: hermiston
POW Camp: compound 1
Name of POW: Ralph Skoubo
Postal Street Address: 335 E Percy Ave
City, State, Zip: Hermison
Sent: 10.51 PM - 8/8 2003

My grandfather is Ralph Skoubo. He was a Lt. in the 92th 8th air. He flew a B-17. He was a pilot if it. He never thought that he was a hero the men and boys who did come home where. It's been two years since he past and to me he will always be a hero.

Shannon Linn

Name: Jackie James
Hometown: Surry, VA 23883
Name of POW: Henry Lane James
Sent: 7.13 PM - 8/8 2003

I am returning once more to this most interesting web site....since finding this area have spent much time reading the e-mails....

Now, the info in this e-mail was sent to me by a researcher finding my note and name in this area...
and if anyone out there reading this served with my husband aboard the same plane..please let me hear from you....

TSGT Henry Lane James was the TOP Turret Gunner/Flight Engineer aboard B-17 tail #42-3509, nicknamed Crystal Ball....was piloted by lst LT. Charles E. Robertson, and was part of the 351st Bomb Group, 511th Bomb Squadron, when downed over Hengelo, The Netherlands.
If anyone out there reading this served with this group, I would appreciate it so very much to hear from you...and as I said before Lane never talked of his months as a POW...he took this with him to his grave on August 9, 2002....

Thank you and may God Bless Each military man and woman.

Name: Don Marion
Sent: 1.45 AM - 8/8 2003

I was a reporter for the Palo Verde Valley Times in Blythe, Calif three years ago. I visited most of Gen.
Patton's camps in the Desert Training Area and wrote several stores about them in special editions.

As you know, the camps and their landing fields, while protected by law, are faded and forgotten by most Americans these days. My father was an engineer building pontoon bridges into Germany and made it home safely. Unfortunately my parents divorced when I was still quite small, so I was never able to learn his encounters first hand.

One of my favorite things to do each weekend was to drive my Jeep to those hallowed camps and walk the silent streets which are still marked with lines of rocks...a brave attempt to create order from the chaos of the desert. It is easy to hear sudden small noises behind you and see the wind kick up a bit of sand and believe you are not alone there. But it is a friendly feeling and I feel honored to visit them still today.

Patton's Museum on I-10 between Blythe and Palm Springs has hundreds of photos and items from those camps...i used several in my articles. Perhaps someone who reads this was in one or two.

As a former USAF vet from the 1960s myself, I salute all of the brave men and women who saved mankind from certain hell. God be with each of them, and with you.

Name: Mary Jane Waldher Pacheco
Hometown: Pomeroy, Washington
POW Camp: Stalag Luft One
Name of POW: Col. Eugene N. Waldher
Postal Street Address: 11411 Lehner Schwerin Trail
City, State, Zip: Tucson, AZ 85749
Sent: 6.21 PM - 8/7 2003

My Father, Col. Eugene N. Waldher, was a POW in ww2, our mother, Mabel D. Waldher still has the letters she received from our father while still in prison. One of the remarkable items our father mentioned (which was very few) was how the Germans knew things about my dad's family, wife, and hometown friends and information-he felt as if there were spies within the usa, and particularly his hometown who were feeding the Germans with information. The Germans knew when my oldest sister was born long before my dad did, in fact, my dad found out from the Germans before our mother could write to him and let him know.
To all of you who experienced this pow life. We as a family are truly grateful to your sacrifices and loyalty to the usa-as we are all one big family. God bless you all past present and future. Sincerely, Mary Jane Waldher Pacheco.

Name: Lisa Treptow
POW Camp: Stalag Luft 4
Name of POW: Delmar Treptow
Postal Street Address: 8095 Cty A West
City, State, Zip: Lena, Wi. 54139
Sent: 4.27 PM - 8/7 2003

my husbands uncle Delmar Treptow was in Stalag luft 4
and was a POW for 14 months we have a scrap book that his mom saved for him, all the letters that he sent home and some pictures with guys in his flying group.

Name: Jack Hood
Hometown: Sand Rock
POW Camp: Stalag 4B
Name of POW: Archie Atheal Duncan
Postal Street Address: 1490 Sand Rock Av.
City, State, Zip: Sand Rock, Al. 35983
Sent: 8.28 AM - 8/7 2003

My father-in-law was captured in the Battle of the Bulge in Hurricane Forrest. He was in the 106 Infantry Division, he was in Stalag 4B for a while then transfered to Commando course work detail. Would like any information if possible. My father-in-law is 81 years old and he may be able to answer any questions. God Bless you!

Name: Joanne Lewis
Hometown: London UK
Sent: 7.37 AM - 8/7 2003

Just wanted to say my thanks to you all for allowing me to live in a peaceful part of Europe i.e London


Name: Mack Williams
Hometown: Cookeville TN 38501
POW Camp: stalag Luft I
Name of POW: Mack Williams
Postal Street Address: 746 Brown Ave.
City, State, Zip: Cookeville TN 38501
Sent: 1.58 PM - 8/6 2003

Hang in there youngsters

Name: Jackie Sullivan
Hometown: Chicago
Name of POW: Robert Sullivan
Postal Street Address: 3805 West 84th Street
City, State, Zip: chicago, Il 60652
Sent: 11.47 PM - 8/5 2003

I have been looking for information on my grandfather, Robert Sullivan, who I never had the chance to meet. From what I have gathered so far, he was taken prisoner at Normandy and later received a Purple Heart. I would like to learn more about him. If anyone reading this recognizes the name, please feel free to contact me. Thank you.

Name: Mary Strnad
Sent: 6.45 PM - 8/5 2003

My dad, Frank John Strnad, was a cook and baker on the USS H T Mayo during that trip.

Name: Pauline V. Sammons
Hometown: Ethel.WV
POW Camp: Stalag Luft I
Name of POW: Willis A. Sammons
Postal Street Address: 1115 Priscilla Lane
City, State, Zip: Alexandria,Va 22308
Sent: 2.54 PM - 8/5 2003

Thanks for the site/service. Not seeking help at this time.

Name: P.S. Tracey
Hometown: Bedford, Indiana
POW Camp: Stalag Luft 1
Name of POW: Lt. William H. Sears
City, State, Zip: Mentor, Ohio
Sent: 1.17 PM - 8/4 2003

Great website! I wish my Uncle Bill (deceased) could see it. Your hard work, dedication, respect, honor, and love comes through on every page.
I have a copy of the cartoon book, Welcome to POW Camp Stalag Luft 1 Barth Germany, and it always amazes me how humor could prevail at such a difficult time.
We should all be very proud to have known such brave individuals. Best wishes to all of you.

Name: Paul Cherry
Postal Street Address: PO Box 39
City, State, Zip: Shiloh, NC 27974-0039
Sent: 8.06 AM - 8/4 2003

My father, Norman D. Cherry was among those who assisted in the repatriozation of the POWs. Unfortunatley he has passed away without telling much (he to was affected by the situation). God bless.

Name: Bob Skoubo
Hometown: Boardman, OR 97818
POW Camp: Stalag Luft 1
Name of POW: Ralph Skoubo
Postal Street Address: PO Box 243
City, State, Zip: Boardman, OR 97818
Sent: 5.40 PM - 8/3 2003

I just happened on your site a few minutes ago and I have bookmarked it. My father was a POW in Stalag Luft 1 as well. It is possible that our fathers crossed paths. Just like you folks, my brother, mother and myself are trying to learn what happened to my father when he was a POW. He didn't talk much about anything with us. He told others about some of the things that happened but not us. We only learned the details after his death of how his B-17 was shot down. If you would like to drop me a note concerning the subject I would really appreciate it.

Name: Jackie James
Hometown: Surry, VA
Name of POW: Henry Lane James
Sent: 4.39 PM - 8/3 2003

Lane passed away 8/9/02 after a short illness with cancer....he was a pow during the 40' the air force..and I would need to look at his records to give info of whereabouts ..the only thing he ever mentioned was the plane being shot down..and the men captured..Lane would never discuss to his family about his time as pow...

I do admire and respect every person that has served and is still serving our country...and am so very sorry that we are now having to send our military once again to foreign soil and so many of the young men and women being killed to keep us free.....

God Bless each and every family who give so freely of these young people....

Name: James Gray
Hometown: East Norriton PA
POW Camp: Stalag 7A
Name of POW: John R. Gray Jr.
Postal Street Address: 2907 North Wales Road
City, State, Zip: Norristown, PA 19403
Sent: 9.37 AM - 8/3 2003

My father recently passed away. I never knew where he was held as a POW. I asked my mother and she said she would send letters and packages to Stalag 7A. My father always liked the German people but hated the "Nazis". Any one with any information about his time at stalag 7A please forward to me.
Thank you.

Name: Donna Fasel
Hometown: Lansing, Michigan
POW Camp: Stalag 17
Name of POW: Donald J. Rademacher
Sent: 9.34 AM - 8/3 2003

My father, Don Rademacher, was in the US Air Force and was a WWII POW at Stalag 17. He, as well as my mother, are now deceased. He gave my mother a book of poems he wrote while a prisoner at Stalag 17. I want to check the authenticity of his work. I don't know where to begin.

Name: Dean Fetterly
POW Camp: Stalag Luft 4 Gross Tychow
Name of POW: Jack Jameson Fetterly
Sent: 11.29 PM - 8/1 2003

Trying to find any information pertaining to my father.He was a tail gunner on a B-17 shot down over France on June 20 1944. He was a POW until May 1945.

Name: Bobby Leshikar
Hometown: Taylor TX
Name of POW: Willie Leshikar Jr.
Postal Street Address: 1014 W . 6TH St.
City, State, Zip: Taylor , TX . 76574
Sent: 10.13 PM - 8/1 2003

I don' t have all the camps my dad lived through in front of me , but I do remember stalag luft 111 .

Name: thomas watts
Name of POW: thomas watts
Sent: 5.54 PM - 8/1 2003

please if any one knew my mums uncle in stalag 5 prison camp please contact my email number it is he is dead know he died after the war but he never knew he had a daughter named katrina or she might go by the name of angerla her mu7m was called mourushia she told her daughter she had a dad called thomas watts before she died we are trying to find her so if you are out there somewhere katrina watts please contact me on mum trying to find you or if any o0ne knows her she had a baby tom never saw it or is daughter katrina or angerla he loved her he searched every where for her but died after the wzr without seeing her

Name: thomas watts
Hometown: shropshire
POW Camp: stalag camp 5
Name of POW: thomas watts
Postal Street Address: eastwell street hucknall old adress deasaed now
City, State, Zip: nottingham shire
Sent: 5.41 PM - 8/1 2003

is there any one out ther e angerla or katrina watts when her mum was dying she told her her dads name was tommy watts he was my uncle he died aftyer the war , he never saw his baby daughter angerla or katrina we think her name was if you are out there katrina please contact me at my mum is searching for you you are her cousion your mum was called mourushia if any one knows any thing please contact me you have a family out there

Name: Francesca Campbell
Hometown: Brigg
Postal Street Address: 33 Springbank
City, State, Zip: Brigg, Nth Lincs, England DN20 8PW
Sent: 10.15 AM - 7/31 2003

As a 20 year old student living in today's times it's sometimes easy to forget the terrible hardship the people whose stories you tell on your site. Thank you for highlighting brave and wonderful stories; it has made me realise there is more to life than money, riches and possesions. x

Name: Christopher J. Cherney
Hometown: Hurst, TX
POW Camp: Stalagluft I

Travis King
Hometown: Mount Airy NC
POW Camp: Stalag 7 A
Name of POW: William Franklin Hiatt
City, State, Zip: Mount Airy,NC 27030
Sent: 9.59 PM - 7/29 2003

My Grandfather was in Stalag 7 A. He was in the 137 Infantry Divison. I am looking for other POWs who might have known him. Any information would be a great help. Thanks Travis

Name: George O'Bryan
Hometown: Red Bud, Illinois
POW Camp: Hanover- Misburg Refinery
Name of POW: George O'Bryan
Postal Street Address: 1016 Monroe
City, State, Zip: Red Bud, IL 62278
Sent: 3.40 PM - 7/29 2003

You bombed the Misburg oil refinery in November l944. I was taken prisoner when attacking a woods called Steinwald near a small town called Herrlisheim near the Rhine river. I saw the results of your bomb at the oil refinery as I was cleaning up the mess you made as a commando group in Jan-Feb- Mar and April 1945. Thanks!

Name: Bob Moore
POW Camp: Stalag Luft 3
Name of POW: Jack Pilkington
Postal Street Address: 23, Lambert Close, Freshbrook,
City, State, Zip: Swindon. Wilts. UK. SN5 8NY
Sent: 8.07 AM - 7/29 2003

Jack Pilkington was my uncle and flew as a navigator with an all Canadian crew. He was shot down over France but gave himself up after a while to protect the French family who were looking after him. He was the only survivor from his crew. I have been told that he escaped by pole vaulting the wire when he heard the Americans were fairly close by. He survived the war and emigrated to Australia with his family but died some time ago. I don't believe he got over seeing his aircraft blow up above him with his crew still inside. As navigator he had to be the first one out as he sat over the escape hatch.

Name: Ronald L. Vibbert
POW Camp: Stalag XIII-D
Name of POW: Harry J. Vibbert, Jr
Sent: 11.46 AM - 7/28 2003

Name: paul m haugen
Hometown: eau claire wi
POW Camp: stalag 1
Name of POW: Owen M. Haugen
City, State, Zip: Eau Claire, WI, 54701
Sent: 10.21 PM - 7/26 2003

I have had the honor of hearing some of the recollections of my father's ordeal in Stalag 1. I pay respects to him and his fellow POW's. In his spirit, and the spirit of his generation, I would like to invite the sponsors of this site to contact me for a donation to continue this site as a memorial to the living and to those who have passed away. God bless.

Name: John C. Stephens
Hometown: Boise Idaho
Sent: 4.03 PM - 7/26 2003

I have been looking for the poem 'High Flight' for all of two days-I didn't know the title! I did a search and found your site with it at the top!!! Thank you for your recognition of those who deserve honor and respect of those they have defended-God bless you all.

Sent: 12.24 PM - 7/26 2003

I own a website dedicated to "Patton's Troubleshooters". In the war, this unit fought a German flak unit near Grossenritte, Germany. This was in April 1945. The previous September, a B-17 was shot down by this same flak unit. The bomber crashed nearby. A German citizen and I researched this unknown bomber, and discovered it to be the Liberty Run. At least two of it's crew ended up at Stalag Luft 1. I have their POW ID cards on my website, as well as other photos. I found and interviewed one of them. Because your site is related to this subject, I would like to exchange links with you. If you look at my links section, you'll see that each link is like a mini-ad, complete with logo. I notice that we have a shared link in common with Aaron Elson's Tank Books. "Patton's Troubleshooters" had many P.O.W.'s, so we have more than the Liberty Run story in common. I applaud your work, and compliment your site. I welcome the opportunity to exchange links with you if you so choose. is the site's main page. is the Liberty Run story.

Terry D. Janes

Name: Susan Blakita-Steward
POW Camp: Stalag Luft I
Name of POW: Michael Blakita
Postal Street Address: 26707 Pickens Rd.
City, State, Zip: Eugene, OR, 97402
Sent: 11.31 PM - 7/25 2003

My father, Michael Blakita, was a German POW at this camp. He was reported missing on Christmas Eve, 1944. I think his plane was shot down over Italy.

Name: Karl Rockenhaus
POW Camp: North 3
Name of POW: Martin Joseph Rockenhaus
Sent: 12.58 PM - 7/25 2003

A neat site. I see alot of what my dad described to me while he was living. He would have loved to see it!

POW Camp: stalag2e schwerin mecklenberg 53-11
Name of POW: charlie mcwhorter
Postal Street Address: 470 neumann st
City, State, Zip: coldspring,texas,77331
Sent: 3.19 AM - 7/25 2003

i am trying to find out some info on the camp where my grandfather was held and if there is any one out there that was maybe in the same camp with him you can email me if you have any info thanks

Name: Suzette M. Arostegui
Name of POW: David Owens
Sent: 7.53 PM - 7/24 2003

I am trying to find any info about David Owens. He died by taking a cyanide pill after being captured by the enemy. Please, write me if you have any information about him. I would like to know where I could go to tribute his memory.

Name: Sandy Floore
City, State, Zip: Charleston, SC
Sent: 5.14 PM - 7/24 2003

Mary & Barbara
I stumbled across your website while looking for new ways to present WW2 to college students. And just want to thank you for your hard work and the personal perspective of this website. For students moving away from the timeperiod, people, and emotions associated with the event, it can be difficult to convince them that war is not just a textbook topic but real. I hope you don't mind me adding your website to my class as a research site for student papers. Keep up the excellent work!!!

Name: MK Brennan
Sent: 1.10 PM - 7/24 2003

What a wonderful site. I am a teacher and have a hard
time finding fiction for my students regarding WWII. This is inspiring and will be an experience for them to read. I try my best to teach them the import of the war and the sacrifices made!! Super!!!

Name: Holly Eaton
City, State, Zip: N. Little Rock, Arkansas
Sent: 10.37 AM - 7/24 2003

I have had the honor of meeting Thomas Watt Bonds and his co-pilot Guy Carter when we took a trip to Russia last year to meet with Russian veterans of WWII there. This diary was very interesting to me, as it allowed me to get a glimpse of what they went through. Thank you for honoring all POWs with this website.

Name of POW: charlie clifford mcwhorter
Postal Street Address: 470 neumann st
City, State, Zip: coldspring, texas,77331
Sent: 12.51 AM - 7/24 2003

my grandfather was a pow we dont know exactly which camp or anything like that i know that he was in a german hospital and they performed some sort of eye surgery on him he came out of there with two different colored eyes. if you have any information or can help me find any info on him you can email me at or contact me at my home number 936-653-3588 i am really interested in finding out some information on him. as we lost him in june of 1983 i was to young to then to get any information from him therefore any help would be greatly appreciated thanks HOPE MCWHORTER I WILL BE WAITING TO HEAR FROM SOMEONE

Name: John H. Mikolajczyk
POW Camp: Stalag 4
Name of POW: Witt W. Bencal
City, State, Zip: Niagara Falls, NY
Sent: 6.45 PM - 7/23 2003

Father-in-law, Witt W. Bencal, 32580141, Upper turret gunner on B17 shot down over Yugoslavia after bomb run over Budapest oil fields. Believe this may have been his first mission as he arrived in Italy 5/28/44 and he and his crew were shot down on 6/14/44. Mail was sent to stalag 4. Ship s/n 42-31527. need info.

Name: jim moran
Hometown: chester u.k.
POW Camp: stalag luft 1
Name of POW: F/O B.A.David R.C.A.F.
Sent: 2.42 PM - 7/23 2003

F/O David was shot down along with my wife's uncle F/Sgt. R.S.Williams (Stan) on august 13th 1944 at Bergentheim in Holland. Stan along with F/Lt. Christopher Holland,P/O. Benjamin Ramsden, F/Sgt. Laurence Roy Watts, is buried at Hardenberg cemetary in holland approx five miles from the crash site. F/O. David was captured and taken to stalag luft 1. I would be grateful for any information regarding F/O. David
Jim Moran
Chester U.K.

Name: Guy Craig
Hometown: Stephenville, Texas
POW Camp: Stalag Luft 1
Name of POW: Guy Stubblefield
Postal Street Address: P.O. Box 5381
City, State, Zip: Arlington, Texas 76005
Sent: 9.37 PM - 7/22 2003

My name is Guy Craig. I am 33 years old. My grandfather was the late Guy Stubblefield. He was held in Stalag Luft 1. He was only there for about 3 months before the liberation. I would like to add his name to your list of prisoners. I have no clue as to what barracks or room he was assigned. I am glad I found this site. It brings back good memories of my grandfather. I am currently in the Air Force Reserves. I was active from Dec 1991 - Jan 1999. I have been in the reserves since that time. I was recalled after the 9/11 attacks. I was sent over seas, once again, and served proudly on active duty by order or President Bush. I will stay in the military for as long as they will allow, and I will serve proud without a complaint of any of my situations. I do this with my grandfather and all the other men and women who have served this, Great Country, so we can live the way we live today, in 'Freedom'. I love so many Veterans and I don't even know you. Don't think that all of us young, wild Americans, take our Freedom for granted. I thank all who have served and wish you the best. I would love to hear back from anyone and would love to meet and visit with all that is possible. Email me at Thank you once again.

Name: Scott L Hixson
Hometown: Salt Lake City
POW Camp: Stalag Luft I
Name of POW: Captain Van Hixson
Postal Street Address: 8777 Russell Park Road
City, State, Zip: Salt Lake City, Utah 84121
Sent: 7.01 PM - 7/22 2003

My father was the pilot of a B-17 from the 96th Bombardment Group, 337th Bombardment Squadron that was shot down on 11 April 1944 following a bombing run over Rostock Germany. His efforts to save his crew earned him the Distinguished Flying Cross. Please contact me if you have any knowledge of him during his time at Stalag Luft I between 11 April 1944 and 1 May 1945 when he was liberated by the Russian forces.

Name: David Bernard
Hometown: Brooklyn,N.Y.
POW Camp: Stalag Luft I
Name of POW: Albert F. Bernard
Postal Street Address: 8705 Windsor Rd
City, State, Zip: Windsor, CA 95492
Sent: 1.25 PM - 7/22 2003

My Father, Lt. Col. Albert F. Bernard was the Bombadier on the B-24 Available Jones which was shotdown on the original Ploesti Raid on Aug 01, 1943. He was a POW and was held at Stalag Luft I

Name: Janean Linder
Hometown: Dayton Ohio
POW Camp: Dulag Luft
Name of POW: Gerald G. Gille "GG"
Postal Street Address: CMR 475 Box 1208
City, State, Zip: APO AE 09036
Sent: 10.57 AM - 7/22 2003

My father, GG Gille, was shot down in his B-24 on a bombing mission over Germany. He bailed out and was taken prisoner upon landing. He spent 14 months in Dulag Luft as head POW, helping to in process other prisoners before he escaped. I'm interested in contacting anyone who might remember him. He was with the 8th Air Force out of Norwich England.

Name: Thomas W. Bonds
Hometown: Ward, Arkansas
POW Camp: Stalag Luft 1
Name of POW: Thomas W. Bonds
Postal Street Address: 293 Lenderman Lane
City, State, Zip: Ward, AR 72176
Sent: 4.26 PM - 7/21 2003

I think Dad was referred to as "Arky" He lives down the road from me, is 86 years young, blessed with good health, sound mind and would love to hear from anyone connected to or interested in WWII. Especially those who shared his experience in POW camp.

Name: Guy M Carter
POW Camp: Stalag Luft 1
Name of POW: Guy M. Carter
Postal Street Address: 5420 So. Lake Dr.
City, State, Zip: Douglasville, GA 30135
Sent: 11.03 AM - 7/21 2003

Great Web site. I was in No.2 Blk. 4 (204) Rm. 12. along with Bruce. Thanks for the memories. Guy

Hometown: cookstown
POW Camp: none
Name of POW: sargent g,d nicoll
Postal Street Address: 41 killeenan rd, cookstown. co. tyrone
City, State, Zip: n.ireland
Sent: 11.16 AM - 7/20 2003

would like to get in touch with sargent g,d nicoll who was the only surviver of plane crash in which my grannys brother was in also. any info would be helpful.

Name: Jonathan Goodliffe
Hometown: London
POW Camp: Eichstatt, Titmonning, Laufen
Name of POW: Michael Goodliffe
Postal Street Address: 136 Clonmore Street
City, State, Zip: London SW18 5HB
Sent: 5.27 AM - 7/20 2003

Very interested to find this, particularly the photo of Donald Pleasence (note correct spelling). My own site is focused on theatrical activities in POW camps. Very grateful if you would link to it. I have now linked to your web site

Name: Gary Perkins
Name of POW: Fred Kushera
Sent: 9.28 PM - 7/19 2003

feel free to contact me re Fred.

Name: Joe Krejci
Hometown: bedford
POW Camp: stalag luft 1
Name of POW: Joseph F.Krejci
Sent: 2.46 PM - 7/19 2003

Name: John M. Sant
Hometown: Danville, Il. 61832
POW Camp: Stalag Luft I
Name of POW: John M. Sant
Sent: 10.25 PM - 7/18 2003

Copilot - B-17 774th BS -463rd BG 15th Air Corp out of Italy. Shot down over Czechoslovakia 7-7-1944

Name: Jill Lucas
Hometown: Perth. Western Australia
POW Camp: Marrinup #16 POW Camp Western Australia
Postal Street Address: 20 Dakin St. Daglish [Perth] Western Australia 60-08
Sent: 9.23 PM - 7/18 2003

I am researching Marrinup #16 POW Camp which was 83kms from my hometown of Perth, Western Australia and where my father was an ambulance driver with the Australian Army. I am collecting "happy" stories of the time the young German POWs [mainly Afrika-Korps] spent in our state. Many came back as migrants after repatriation. They were respected and liked by most who met them. I was interested to read the results of your research. Congratulations. I too am doing this for my late father, Ralph Stuart. Regards .......Jill from Sunny Perth

Name: Jody Medon
Hometown: Newington, CT
Name of POW: Tom Begush
Postal Street Address: 1600 Cedar Knoll Circle
City, State, Zip: Roswell, GA 30076
Sent: 8.44 PM - 7/18 2003

Dad was a co-pilot of a B-24 and was shot down on or around June 26, 1944 over Austria.

Name: E. Rocha Jr
Hometown: Pasadena, TX
Name of POW: Lewis R. Blakeney
Postal Street Address: P. O. Box 5644
City, State, Zip: Pasadena, TX 77508
Sent: 7.35 PM - 7/16 2003

I served under a Lewis R. Blakeny in England AFB,Louisiana. He was the squadron commander of the 614 Tactical Fighter Squadron and we went TDY to Misawa AB, in Japan. I was wondering how he was and if he was the same one. I was discharged after we came back from Japan and lost contact with most of the people in my squadron. Major Duane Dawson, Major Ed Seaman were also some of the other officers in the squadron.

Name: jenny howard
Hometown: memphis, tn.
POW Camp: stalag 13?
Name of POW: donald k. howard
City, State, Zip: memphis, tn.
Sent: 11.12 PM - 7/15 2003

i am trying to research my uncles capture at the battle of the bulge. he died in 1995. i have no way of finding out anything except through his wife and she does not remember much of what he told her after all these years. she thinks he was in stalag 13 but i see there are numerous stalag 13's any help would be greatfully accepted. thank you
miss jenny howard

Name: Phil Storer
Hometown: Adelaide
Sent: 5.52 AM - 7/15 2003

I found this site while doing a search on my father, Flight Officer Geoffrey Storer, who I believe wrote the "concentration camp" report as my mother recognised his hand writing. He was assigned to Sqdrn 467 very late in the war, as a bomb aimer in a Lancaster, but never spoke of his war time experiences at all, so it was amazing to read his report and see what horrors he saw.


Phil Storer

Name: Mark Wilson
Hometown: Melbourne
City, State, Zip: Australia
Sent: 2.11 AM - 7/15 2003

Very good site, well researched and a privilege to share in a heros wartime adventure. I only wish I was born earlier to give those guys a hand. 'We all owe you and your mates who didn't return'

Name: David Spicer
Postal Street Address: 13957 Seaward Lane
City, State, Zip: Anacortes, WA 98221
Sent: 1.58 AM - 7/15 2003

Wow! What a wonderfull way to pay homage to a real hero!

I stumbled upon this site. I am interested in my heritage and happened to get far enough into the list of relevant hits!

If anyone has traced their lineage to Col. Henry Russell Spicer, I'd love to hear from them. It is possible that I am related! It would certainly be an honor, if I was.

Best wishes and thanks to all who have served for the common good! God bless you!

David Spicer

Name: Richard J. Lindbloom
Hometown: Willmar, Mn.. 566201
Name of POW: Edward Lindbloom
Sent: 9.22 PM - 7/14 2003

Edward :Lindbloom ordiginally from Wood S.D. is my first cousin.- now living in Florida

Name: Suni Chapman
Hometown: Alexandria, Virgina
POW Camp: Marlag, Germany
Name of POW: Sub. Lt. Tom C. Chapmn
Sent: 8.11 PM - 7/14 2003

I have only recently located my late father's memoirs about his experiences whilst a POW in WW11. Shot dowm off Malta June 3,1943. My father was Fleet Air Arm and shot down near Sardinia and sent to an Italian POW camp. When he escaped from the Italians as they were being taken north by train into Germany he escaped with 2 British army men one named Jerry and other was John. My father's name was Sub-Lt. Tom Christopher Chapman, he survived captivity.

Name: Doy Cloninger
Hometown: Burleson Texas
Sent: 6.19 PM - 7/14 2003

Impressive site. I just discovered WWII letters that my parents wrote each other. Trying to decide what to do with them. I saw my first v mail today from my uncle to my dad. Had never heard of this before. Any suggestions?

Name: George Lymburn
POW Camp: Stalag Luft 1
Postal Street Address: 1225 Taylor Street #402
City, State, Zip: San. Fran. CA 94108
Sent: 4.04 PM - 7/14 2003

Graduating in the class of 43-B, I became the first pilot of a B 24 at the age of 19. The 445th BG [sometimes called Jimmy Stewart's outfit] went overseas in Nov. 1943. Our crew was shot down on its 12th mission during the first major daylight raid on Berlin, March 6, 1944. We were interned 14 months at Stalag Luft 1. As mentioned below, I returned to England 50 years later to produce a documentary film "Just Trying to Stay Alive". It makes an ideal donation to make to libraries or schools. Passing along the WWII Message. Please contact for info: Thanks GHL

Name: Jordie peterson
POW Camp: n/a
City, State, Zip: edmonton,alberta
Sent: 11.43 PM - 7/13 2003

Just wanted to learn about the lives that were lost, fighting this war

Name: Debbie McCabe
Hometown: Houston
Postal Street Address: 3710 Mesa Ridge Rd.
City, State, Zip: TX 77043
Sent: 10.31 PM - 7/13 2003

Trying to help locate crewmembers of the "Miss Margie" (B25). They bailed out after being hit by antiaircraft near Porto Ferraio, Elba, Italy on 14 May 1944. They were: Allan (Alan?) T. Smapson (Samson?), Ernest Nigrello, and Robert F. Mygrant. Searching for them on behalf of Felix Napoliello. If you know any of these gentlemen, please contact me!
Thank you--
Debbie McCabe, Editor

Name: Mary Jane Winnei
Hometown: Beacon Falls, CT
Name of POW: Jack Bathgate
Postal Street Address: 102 Beacon Balley Road
City, State, Zip: Beacon Falls CT 06403-4911
Sent: 9.09 PM - 7/13 2003

Name: Merl Quincy Vanderhoof
Hometown: Newton , Illinois
POW Camp: Luft 4 // Luft 6 // stalag 13D // stalag 7
Name of POW: Merl Quincy Vanderhoof
Postal Street Address: 506 Weest End Ave.
City, State, Zip: Newton , Il. 62448 - 1828Shat dow
Sent: 4.07 PM - 7/13 2003

Shat down Feb 22 1944 over Regensburg .. Made it to Czech Republic for capture. Would enjoy hearing from anyone who traveled the route.. I was flying with the 98 th. Bomb Group .. Started in Bengahsi Libya.. Then up to near Tunis and then to Brendisi Italy .. Manduria and finaly to Lecce Italy. I was on my 38th mission...Riding as an engineer gunner on B24s.

Name: Lymburn
Hometown: San Francisco
POW Camp: Stalag Luft 1
Name of POW: Allen - Fastrup
City, State, Zip: SF CA 94108
Sent: 9.57 AM - 7/13 2003

I returned to England on May 1995 with the 2nd Air Division to acknowledge the 50 Anniversary of VE Day. The visit resulted in the production of a video "Just Tryin' to Stay Alive" Most appropriate for the newer generations. 33 Min. Contact me for information. Pass it on. Thanks. GHL

Name: Fannie Cavazos Hewgley
Hometown: Rockport, TX
POW Camp: Fall of Bataan-Death March
Name of POW: WWM Hewgley & Juan Zamora
Postal Street Address: 816 Pine Avenue
City, State, Zip: Rockport, Tx 78382
Sent: 10.58 PM - 7/12 2003

My father-in-law, William Warren Milton Hewgley, was taken prisoner in the Fall of Bataan, survived the Death March and was prisoner for 4 years. His hometown was Paris, TX but he later lived in San Antonio, TX until he passed in 1983.

My uncle Juan de Dios Garcia Zamora was a WWII prisoner as well, except that he was taken by the Germans and was a prisoner for about 1 year. His hometown was Robstown, TX but later lived in Brownfield, TX until he passed in 1996.

Any information would be greatly appreciated.

Name of POW: John P. Cherney
Postal Street Address: 333 Pleasantview
City, State, Zip: Hurst, TX 76054
Sent: 2.26 AM - 7/11 2003

My father, retired Air Force Major John Cherney is alive and well and living in Hurst, TX. I am writing this as I am deployed to the middle east. Whenever I start to complain about the heat or living in a tent with 9 other guys, I think about the conditions my father was in during WWII, and then my problems dont seem so bad. Thank you dad for your sacrifices!

Name: CoholanmGerald,F.
Postal Street Address: 8617 Wrenwood Circle
City, State, Zip: Baldwinsville,N.Y.13027
Sent: 9.15 PM - 7/10 2003

As a member of the Tenth Mountain Division during WWI I have always felt very fortunate that I made it back.

Name: Sam Pakan
City, State, Zip: Amarillo, Texas 79106
Sent: 5.17 PM - 7/10 2003

I am researching American POWs held in German camps. I very much enjoyed your website. If you know of any survivors of any camps in Saxony, near what would become the East German/West German line, please have them contact me. My mailing address is 6816 FM 453, Shamrock, Texas. I am especially interested in stories of liberation, the days leading up to it, relationships with German captors, German friendlies, underground contacts within the prisons, etc. Thanks!

Postal Street Address: 2004 GROVEWOOD DR
City, State, Zip: CAPITAL HTS MD 20743
Sent: 10.29 AM - 7/10 2003


Name: Marilee Armstrong
Sent: 9.18 AM - 7/10 2003

My dad, William Bachardy, was a bombardier in the 15th AF, 429th squadron, shot down over Verona Italy. He is living in Southern California, in very good health. I'm putting together a scrapbook of war memorabilia for him. Any help would be appreciated.

Name: Andrea Lee Botts
Name of POW: Gertrude Frey
Postal Street Address: 1025 Manor Road
City, State, Zip: El Sobrante, CA 94803
Sent: 6.29 PM - 7/9 2003

Hello there. I am Andrea L. Botts. My father's name before he changed it when he came to United States was and is Olaf Frey. I am really looking to find any information about my grandmother who was a political prisoner of WW II. Her name was Gertrude Jager Frey. I do not know how to put the two dots over the "a" for prponunciation. I am not sure what name she went by when she was imprisoned. Jager is her maiden name. My grandfather, Joseph Frey, whom I do not know anything about, was I believe SS, and the reason she was imprisoned. My father has told me she did not agree with the political views her husband supported. I am about to be 35 years old and I really want to know more about the roles my grandparents played in the war. Also, there are many personal belongings in Germany my father should have. If anyone has an idea of how I can begin to reclaim those, my family will be greatly apprecative.

Andrea L. Botts

Name: Carson Howe Jr.
Hometown: Santa Ana, Ca.
Name of POW: Jack Walker
Postal Street Address: 1251 Cabrillo Park Drive
City, State, Zip: Santa Ana, Ca. 92701
Sent: 11.08 AM - 7/9 2003

Jack was shot down as a B-17 pilot on his first mission.

Name: michele becchi
Hometown: reggio emilia
City, State, Zip: italy
Sent: 4.56 AM - 7/9 2003

Hello, my name is Michele Becchi, wrote from italy, i'm an historical researcher.
On october 19, 1944 three B-26 of 440th BS was shot down over Mantua (north italy) by Bf109 of 2nd Fighter Group of ANR (fascist air force). Whole crew of "93" (pilot Lt. Robert) and "97" (pilot Lt. O'Bryant) bail out safely, but on ship "88" (pilot Lt. Treadwell) only two chute was seen before crash.
My friend Claudio Mischi (from Mantova) report me a statement from an eyewitness, about two crewman of "88" killed by fascist forces after his landing, with a gun shot in his head. Anyone can help us? We need any kind of information and the crew list of three ships.
Many thanks to all and excuse me for my bad english.

Michele Becchi - Via Villani 1 - 42100 Reggio Emilia - Italy
Email: OR

Name: Adam McCollom
Hometown: Jefferson
City, State, Zip: Ankeny, IA, 50021
Sent: 4.34 AM - 7/9 2003

Name: Mrs. Beth Parsons
Hometown: Melville
Postal Street Address: Box 2322
City, State, Zip: Melville,SK. Canada S0A 2P0
Sent: 9.20 PM - 7/8 2003

Dear Friends: I have been researching World War II seeking family histories of the more than 3600 service personnel from my Province of Saskatchewan, Canada with hopes of soon publishing a book. I have heard and read many stories of our Prairie Heroes who paid the Ultimate Sacrifice and have been looking for poems and quotes to use for the entrance to my Chapters-1 to 26.
Many of the memories and poems on your web site pull and tear at my heart for I have heard many of these words spoken from the veterans but its so nice to see the words in print. God Bless and keep up the good job. Beth.

Name: Kenna Eaton
Hometown: Hartford CT
POW Camp: North 2
Name of POW: 2nd Lt. Kenneth R Powell
Postal Street Address: 602 Bagleyshop Dr.
City, State, Zip: Nashville, TN 37209
Sent: 8.47 PM - 7/6 2003

My dad (Kenneth Powell) is enjoying looking at your site and it has brought back memories of his days in Stalag 1. His B-17 was shot down over Munich on July 16, 1944.

Name: Dennis Hager
Hometown: Donaldsonville, La.
POW Camp: Stalag Luft IV
Name of POW: Tech. Sgt. Herman Hager
Postal Street Address: 2205 Hwy 308 south
City, State, Zip: Donaldsonville, La. 70346
Sent: 12.27 PM - 7/6 2003

My father was a radioman aboard a B17 that was shot down near Leipzig Germany. Its a rather long story but I will just tell you that he made it home safelly. He was 180 lbs. when he was shot down on Nov. 21, 2003 and was 120 lbs. at the time he was liberated. He was at Stalag Luft IV from just before Christmas until Feb. 6, 1945 when it was evacuated. Many, many marching miles later he was liberated by a huge division under the command of Gen. Courtney Hodges.

Name: Paul Guthrie
Sent: 5.26 AM - 7/6 2003

I located this site by chance after visiting Barth and wanting to learn more history about it. I was surprised to learn that Barth was the location for Stalag Luft 1 and also KZ Barth.

I am Australian and currently living in Germany and I know some German people here who fled Barth soon after the war ended.

I am curious to know if anyone remembers a Helmut Welsch who may have been a German soldier connected with activities in Barth during the war.

It is a very long shot but perhaps someone has some information that would be greatly appreciated

Many thanks


Name: Candace Cook
Name of POW: Robert M. Cook
Sent: 1.14 AM - 7/6 2003

My father, Lt. Robert M. Cook was a B-17 pilot (452nd bg) shot down over Chateaudun, France on March 23, 1944. I know he was liberated at Stalag One in 1945, he also spoke of being transported in train boxcars, and being part of a forced march. I would appreciate any information or search suggestions. My father passed away in March 2002

Name: Sarah Pruvenok
POW Camp: Stalag Luft I, North III, Block 5
Name of POW: Cpl. Michael G. Pruvenok
Sent: 5.56 PM - 7/5 2003

In researching my family history, I came across this website and the story of 2nd Lt. Millspaugh. Thank you for sharing it. According to the list, my uncle was the nose gunner in that crew, standing second from the left in the picture. I knew there were family members on my father's side who fought in WWII, but I never knew much more info than that. I know there were four brothers, Michael, George, Steve, and John Andrew (or Andrew John, I can't remember which.) At the time Cpl. Pruvenok was enlisted, he would have had nephews, Andrew and Robert.

I would greatly appreciate any information or stories anyone may know about my uncle, or about his brothers.

--Sarah Marie Pruvenok

Name: Roy J. Fulco
Hometown: Shreveport, La.
POW Camp: Stalag Luft 1, Barth, Germany
Name of POW: Roy J. Fulco
Postal Street Address: 810 Cardinal St.
City, State, Zip: Shreveport, La. 71105
Sent: 3.19 PM - 7/5 2003

Found web site today and was not listed. Room six Block six North Compound. Captured Sept. 11 1944. Liberated by Russians 5-1-45 and departed Barth 5-13-45.

Name: Tracy Houghten
Hometown: Pittsburg,PA
POW Camp: Stalag Luft I, North 2 - Barrack 7
Name of POW: Richard Houghten
Postal Street Address: P.O. Box 891176
City, State, Zip: Temecula, CA 92589
Sent: 10.53 AM - 7/5 2003

Navigator Lt Richard A. Houghten, Was my Father that flew in this Mission No. 128
Date - September 28, 1944
Target - Magdeberg
POW CAMP:Stalag Luft I, North 2 - Barrack 7

I am learning more things about my father
everyday that I new nothing about, I was only 16 when my father passed, so did not learn alot about him. My brother has been updating me. Special thanks to him for this site...

Tracy Houghten (SON)

Name: Joseph H. Bradley
Hometown: Brownwood, Texas
POW Camp: Stalag Luft 4 and Stalag Luft 1
Name of POW: Joseph H. Bradley
Postal Street Address: 599 Edgewater Terrace
City, State, Zip: New Braunfels, Texas 78130
Sent: 9.10 AM - 7/5 2003

15th Air Force, 449th Bomb Group - shot down on 48th mission to Ploesti on July 15, 1944 - tail gunner on B-24. Sent to Budapest for interrogation to Stalag Luft 4 for 6 months and then to Stalaf Luft 1. Liberated by Russians around April 5, 1944. 8th Air Force flew us out of Barth, Germany to LeHarve, France.

Postal Street Address: 45283 OAK TRAIL
City, State, Zip: CALLAHAN FL 32011
Sent: 10.07 PM - 7/4 2003


Name: Carol Ring
Hometown: Royal Oak, Michigan
Name of POW: Richard Oliver Darling
Postal Street Address: 2376 Phillips
City, State, Zip: Berkley, MI 48072-1029
Sent: 7.18 PM - 7/3 2003

ROD was born 1925 Florida and died 1979 San Diego. Was in prison camp several times. His prison camp was taken to Russia at the end of the war for a while. Does anyone know of his military period? He was my cousin.

Name: kitty post
Hometown: fairmont, wv
POW Camp: stalag VIII B
Name of POW: Voyd Bond Arnett
Sent: 5.46 PM - 7/3 2003

My father was too small for the American army so he went to Canada and joined the Essex regiment. He was at Dieppe, France and was captured in August before the bombing of Pearl Harbor. He ended up in Stalag VIII B. He was not released until April 13 (a Friday) after the war was over. If anyone has any information about this please send it. My father has been dead for twenty years and he talked very little about his imprisonment; however, my sister and brother and I are interested in any information anyone might have.
Thank you

Name: Sandra
Hometown: Ipswich
POW Camp: moonsberg
Name of POW: fredrick john BYOTT
Postal Street Address: Email
City, State, Zip: Australia
Sent: 1.49 AM - 7/2 2003

My father was a prisoner of war his name was Fredrick John Byott. he was in the British army 4th Dorsets. 21st army. was in moosberg for awhile and some other camps & working farms. Landed on Normandy beach. Would like any info on him or any one that knew of him. he is still alive. thank you. his daughter sandra

Name of POW: SAME
Postal Street Address: 211 FIVE OAKS
City, State, Zip: SAN ANTONIO, TX 78209
Sent: 12.37 PM - 7/1 2003



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