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If you are a former Prisoner of War or a next of kin of a POW, we invite you to sign and leave your email address so others that come may find you. Please mention camp, compound, barracks and room numbers if possible.

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  Listing by Rooms of the POWs at Stalag Luft I
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Artwork by Dominick Tutino

Please help us complete this project.  Tell us where you or your loved one was held, include compound number, barrack or block number and room number, if known and the names of your roommates. 

South or West North 1 North 2 North 3

"Each compound was enclosed by two barbed-wire fences, each about ten feet apart and ten feet tall, with coils of barbed wire between them to deter attempts to crawl through.  Guard towers equipped with search lights and machine guns, were stationed at the corners and other strategic locations along the fence.  A single strand of barbed wire about eighteen inches from the ground and twenty feet inside the fence encircled the perimeter of each compound.  This was a warning wire no prisoner was allowed to cross on order of being shot. "      from "Kriegie" by Oscar Richard III

"Barracks were about forty-five feet by one hundred or more feet and were elevated one to four feet from the ground on eight inch round wooden posts to facilitate detection of tunnels and espionage."        from "Kriegie" by Oscar Richard III

South or West Compound

Allied Compound Commander

Col. Einar Malmstom  April 44 to May  45

German Compound Commander

Hauptmann Eilers Sept. 43 to Feb. 44
Hauptmann Wolf Feb. 44 to Jun. 44
Hauptmann von Beck Jun  44 to Oct. 44
Hauptmann Luckt Oct. 44 to Jan. 45
Major Opperman Jan. 45 to Apr. 45
Drawing of South/West Compound at Stalag Luft IDiagram of South Compound

Drawings of South or West Compound



Order from the Senior British Officer  - April 17, 1944

South Barracks 1 Officers:
Barracks Commander -
South - Barrack  1 -  Room 2
John L. Aegeter       also Barrack  8 - Room 3   Cincinnati, Ohio
James R. Akins      Also room 6 Haskell, Texas
James F. Barlow    also Barrack "Unknown" - Room "Unknown"  Lambertville,  New Jersey
Francis J. Bornhorst      also Barrack  8 - Room 3   Shelbyville, Indiana
James D. Campbell Champaign, Illinois
Walter Chyle, Jr. Auburn, Kentucky
Jack D.  Foard   Oakland, California
Jack L. Gard  also room 8 and unknown Kelseyville, California
William J. Gray  
Donald  G. Harrer Mason City, Iowa
Warren C. Hess Flushing, New York
Jacob Kaplan New York, New York
John J. Long Washington, DC
Leo Margolian Brookline, Massachusetts
Robert  B. Marsden Bethesda, Maryland
Harley B. Mason Los Angeles, California
Charles R. McMahan    "Mac"  or "Coxie" also Barrack "Unknown" - Room "Unknown" Madison, Illinois
William E. Mitchell    see also Barrack "Unknown" - Room "Unknown" Madisonville, Kentucky
James R. Morgan N. Caldwell, New Jersey
Jack W. Mulheron Fountain City, Tennessee
Jerome Pearlman Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
David Randle Little Rock, Arkansas
Austin D. Rinnie Indianapolis, Indiana
James L. Runte    see also Barrack "Unknown" - Room "Unknown" Port Arthur, Texas
James Benjamin Scarborough   "Smokemeat" Macon, Georgia
George T. Schutz    see also Room 8  & Barrack Unknown Room Unknown Dallas, Wisconsin
Elmond M. Strickbine Herrington, Kansas
J. Ed  Woolen    see also Barrack "Unknown" - Room "Unknown" High Point, North Carolina
South - Barrack  1 -  Room 3
Judson H. Whitman Wyoming - or Peoria, IL
South - Barrack  1 -  Room 6
James R. Akins    also room 2 Haskell, Texas
Anthony S. Asad Dallas, Texas
Norman G. Bodet San Antonio, Texas
E. A. Brande Pretoria, South Africa
Arvid W. Engel Hartford, Connecticut
Augustine Fernandez     Author of POWerful Memories Tampa, Florida
David E. Ferris Cleveland, Ohio
Clyde C. Freeman College Park, Georgia 
Dudley W. Haddock Detroit,  Michigan
Mones E. Hawley     also Room 8 Warren, Pennsylvania
David C. Heibert Akron, Ohio
Orrin  H. Heinrich Antigo, Wisconsin
Donald T. Huemoeller Truman, Minnesota
Joseph W. Kiska S. Norwalk, Connecticut
James E. Klansnic Enumclaw, Washington
Howard N. Moulton Sheffield, MA
Harold N. Mulford Ocean City, New Jersey
Ray L. Pounds Cannonsburg, Pennsylvania
Ernest L. Racener Waycross, Georgia
Francis L. Shaw Milton Junction, Wisconsin
Richard A. Stearns Augusta, Georgia
George J. Thom   see also Barrack  7 - Room "Unknown" Burlington, Wisconsin
Thomas  L. Underwood Quincy, Massachusetts
Arthur F. Wagner Union, New York
South - Barrack  1 -  Room 7
Charles F. Geyer Missouri
South - Barrack  1 -  Room 8
Thomas C. Breen, Jr. Great Neck, New York
James S. Clansic Enumclaw, Washington
Maurice E. Fridrich Tyndall, South Dakota
Jack  L. Gard   also room 2 and unknown Kelsey, California
William F. Guillaum Connelton, Indiana
Mones E. Hawley   also Room 6 Nebraska City, Nebraska
James A Mullinax    "Pete" Greenville, South Carolina
Edwin Dale Rinkenberger Gridley, Illinois
George T. Schutz   see also Room 2 Dallas, Wisconsin
Charles R. Stafford Portland, Oregon
South - Barrack  1 -  Room 9  
Douglas G. Adkins Cashmere, Washington
Bernard E. Cantwell Indiana
Raymond F. Feilbach Monroe, Louisiana
George S. Goldstein Hartford, Connecticut
Luther M. Graeff Reading, Pennsylvania
Ervin T. Kautt St. Paul, Minnesota
Clinton K. Kemper New Liberty, Kentucky
Claude M. Kolb Huntsville, Texas
Claude McCrocklin Shreveport, Louisiana
Edward J. Meyer Holmen, Wisconsin
Charles D. Nemeth Ohio
W. T. Phillips Florence, Alabama
George W. Sadler Virginia
H. C. Schmutz Belleville, New Jersey
George F. Tulley New Salem, Pennsylvania
Emory J. Varga Yardville, New Jersey
Darlyle M. Watters  
John Wayman Webster Texas
Kenneth E. (Sam) Webster   
Edward A. Werner Canton, Ohio
South - Barrack  1 -  Room 10  
Bernard I. Anderson Boise, Idaho
Ray F. Argast Moffit,  North Dakota
James O. Bridges Brevard, North Carolina
Donald M. Bruton Dallas, Texas
Merlin L. Chardi Sacramento, California
Samuel M. Ellicot Wilmington, Delaware
David Feldman Brooklyn, New York
Gerald J. Hanus Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Harry L. Howie, Jr Pine Bluff, North Carolina
Frank Karpeles Bronx, New York
Connie Jack Laino Springfield, Massachusetts
Albert L. Lane, Jr. Alexandria, Virginia
Donald J. Larson Nicollet, Minnesota
Emanuel Magilavy Akron, Ohio
James W. McNulty Houston, Texas
Charles E. Nicklett Los Angeles, California
Robert J Peterson  Ironwood, Michigan
Richard L. Pfeiffer Spokane, Washington
Paul R. Teetor Somerville, New Jersey
James F. Thompson Bloomington, Indiana
David W. Thompson Salt Lake City, Utah
George J. Verbruggen Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Russell I. Vrieling Holland, Michigan
Eugene Waldher   (Room Commander) Pomeroy Washington
Robert L Warner Syracuse, New York
William C. Williams Chattanooga, Tennessee
South - Barrack  1 -  Room 14  
James D. Haffner  -  Room Commander Seattle, Washington
South - Barrack  1 -  Room unknown
Benjamin Dixon England
A. C. Collyer England
E. Lawson England
Daniel Magee Ireland
F. J. O'Malley Ireland
J. Masters England
R. P. MacNaughton Scotland
D. B. Edwards England
South Barracks 2 Officers:
Barracks Commander -  Capt. Frank K. Walsh
South - Barrack  2 -  Room 2  
Warren H. Beach  "Gus"   also Barrack 2 - Room 11 Bristol, Connecticut
Roland P. Bigley Houston, Texas
Robert  B. Currence Gastonia, North Carolina
Wayne W.  Dillard (also room 9) Gainesville, Texas
John Durakov (also North I) California
Roy G.  Dutton Sherman, Texas
Warren L. Ellis Indianapolis, Indiana
Rene C. Fix   also Barrack  13 - Room 5 St. Albans, Long Island, New York
Orlando G. Hamlin Altadena, California
John D. Hull   Syracuse, New York
Emanuel Koszalka New York
Bernard C. Kyrouac Harvey, Illinois    
Robert R. Lent Iowa
Lonnie B. McGee Batesville, Mississippi
Cliff G. McIlveen Portland. Oregon
Wilbert D. Norring  
Horace S. Potter Texas
Edward Price San Mateo, California
Robert P. Surdez Burlingame, California
Robert H. Tank  
Henry John Thayer Merrifield, Minnesota
South - Barrack  2 -  Room 3         Sketches of men in room 1        Sketches of men in room 2  Do you know who drew these caricatures?  If so, please e-mail us.
Alexander Alex New Kensington, Pennsylvania
Maurice G. Alexander Jacksonville, Florida or Chattanooga
William R. Archer  "Billy" Thompsonville, Illinois
John A. Barrett    "Jack" Highland Falls, New York
James H. Bellingham  "Jim"  (from Dec. 43) (also room 7) Rochester, New York
Merlin C. Briggs Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Eldon J. Broman White Water, Wisconsin
Phinehas W. L. Chrystie Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania
Edwin D. Davidson  (from Jan. 44) Bovina Center, New York
William J. Doherty Boston, Massachusetts
Philip F. Dunn Vancouver, Washington
Frederick W. Frietag Bronx, New York
Nicholas J. Goldschmidt Waukegan, Illinois
David E. Goss Anderson, Indiana
John W. Griffin Corning, New York
Robert A. Gross  Kenosha, Wisconsin
Henry S. Vogel  "Hank"   see also Barrack  7 - Room 8 Fargo, ND
South - Barrack  2 -  Room 4  
Robert E. Boerner Drexel Hill, Pennsylvania
William G. Coltman    see also Barrack 13 Room 10 Detroit, Michigan
Ralph Hogan, Jr.   (also North 1 Barrack 3) California
Charles C. Huber  St. Joseph. Missouri
Arthur E. Mohr Hillsboro, Ohio
John F. Maciejowski  Moved from North 1 Compound on 1/15/45  
Harry W. Westmore     see also Barrack 13 Room 10 Detroit, Michigan
South - Barrack 2 - Room 4        Click Here to see their portraits
Thomas A. Andrew Saylesville, Rhode Island
Steve W. Barker Pomona, California
Bruce E. Barclay   (also room 9) Toledo, Ohio
Samuel H. Bender Landisville, Pennsylvania
Virgil L. Burke Spencer, South Dakota
Paul Canin - until January 1945   "Remy"  
Harold S. Elliott Osakis, Minnesota
John J. Farley Montgomery, Alabama
Robert W. Fillman Des Moines, Iowa
Arnold W. Hunger Mount Union, Iowa
Henry Milton Jones Wagener, South Carolina
Everett l. Keesee, Jr.  "Mike" Balboa Isle, California
James C. Newbold      see more photos  page Cincinnati, Ohio
Thomas A. Parks Accokeek, Maryland
Shelby Pitts Greensberg, Indiana
William A. Staub Trenton, New Jersey
James F. Stone Bloomfield, Iowa
Elroy F. Wyman - shot and killed by a guard at Stalag Luft I "Cisco" New Berwick, Maine
South - Barrack 2 - Room 5
Andrew J. Boles  (possibly room 11 also) Malden, MA
F. Page Nelson  
South - Barrack 2 - Room 6
Philip Bern     see more photos  page New York, New York
Loubet C. Boyd  McComb, Mississippi or New York
Earl O. Brooke  see also Barrack  2 -  Room 8 Cleveland, Ohio 
Thomas Davis  "Herky" Baltimore, Maryland
Clarence R. Greene Dayton, Ohio
Robert W. Holmes Silsbee, Texas
Myles N. Keathley     see more photos  page Tampa, Florida
James L. Laing Detroit, Michigan
Jesse E. Orrison Marshall, Michigan
Richard T. Phelps  Trinidad, Colorado
Francis L. Ramsey   "Frank" El Campo, Texas
Myron R. Sands       see more photos  page Milwaukee, Wisconsin
South - Barrack  2 -  Room 7  
James H. Bellingham (also room 3) Rochester, New York
Edgar A. Cannon  (also room 9)    see more photos  page Hollywood, California
Grady R. Embree  (also Room 9)  see more photos  page Irving, Texas
Dwight C. Hartle           see more photos  page Phoenix, Arizona
Edison P. (Phil) Janney     see more photos  page Salt Lake City, Utah
Fred J. Kennie      see more photos  page Belle Vernon, Pennsylvania
Mitchell J. Mulholland     see more photos  page Long Island City, New York
W. Odell Myers    author of "Thrice Caught"     see more photos  page Tyler, Texas
Robert P. Schisler    see more photos  page Canton, Ohio
Arthur A. Smedley     see more photos  page / see cartoon Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
John A. Vietor    author of "Time Out" Washington, DC
Frank K. Walsh  Jackson, Mississippi
South - Barrack  2 -  Room 8    (This listing was as of Feb. 1,  l945) 
Russell J. Alcott Schenevus, New York
Edwin E. Bliss Warren, Pennsylvania
Robert C. Boyd Redwood City, California
Earl O. Brooke - (was later moved to Barrack 2 - Room 6  
William F. Breuninger Newark, New Jersey
David E. Cadmus Parsons, Kansas
Joseph Choma      (bombardier on a plane named Tootie Belle) Lore City, Ohio
Vyrle Wayne Darnold Lomita, California
Noble E. Deer Bargersville, Indiana
Thomas G. Ellison San Mateo, California
Joseph H. Fishbein - Later moved to North 1 Compound Bridgeton, New Jersey
Arthur L. Goodin Charleston, Missouri
John W. Goodin Missouri
Sheldon W. Hanneman Dunlap, Iowa
Kenneth E. Hartwig Chicago, Illinois
John P. Hollis Lincoln, Nebraska
Charles Knorr Dallas, Texas
Harris Hadley Luse Oil City, Pennsylvania
Charles F. Popken New Jersey
Walter J. Raiter St. Paul, Minnesota
Roger F. Rice Tiltonville, Ohio
Richard A. Ritchings Point Pleasant, New Jersey
George Sartis New Orleans, Louisiana
Jesse Seeley Jackson, Tennessee
Walter Sherbenou  
Louis J. Staebell Kirkwood, Missouri
Doyle W. Tucker Lakeland, Florida
Kenneth E. Weaver Oregon
Robert H. Wood Evanston, Illinois
South - Barrack 2 - Room 9
Bruce E. Barclay    (also room 4) Toledo, Ohio
Ashley R. Bean South Paris, Maine
William J. Bumgarner  (passed  away Sept. 1, 2005) Philipsburg, Pennsylvania
Edgar A. Cannon (also room 7) Los Angeles, California
E. Conway Cohalan New York City, New York
Robert A. Dickson  West Orange, New Jersey
Wayne W. Dillard (also room 2) Gainesville, Texas
Grady R. Embree  (also Room 7) Irving, Texas
Carl O. Flagstad  Minneapolis, Minnesota
Francis R. Gerald      see also Barrack unknown Room unknown Cornish, Pennsylvania
Lewis. M. Gerow Kentucky
Clarence A. Gill Patton, PA
Percy H. Hoag Jennings, Louisiana
Reino O. Jylkka Hartford, Connecticut
Merle L. Kent Peoria, Illinois
Fred Larson  Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
James M. Plant Oregon
John W. Temple  Columbus, Ohio
John T. Wennerberg Pasadena, California
South - Barrack 2 - Room 11
Arthur J. Andrzejewski Dunkirk, New York
Anthony P. Barile Newark, New Jersey
Warren H. Beach   also Barrack  2 -  Room 2 Bristol, Connecticut
Ben G. Beauclair Buhl, Minnesota
Lyle R. Black Boulder, Colorado
Robert S. Brundage Washington D.C.
Albert D. Byrne  also Barrack 2 - Room 12 Artesia, Mississippi
Louis J. Cappiello New Haven, Connecticut
Charles W. Cecil  "Bud" Tawas, Michigan
Kenneth I. Covington Penola, Virginia
Willard E. Dixon Chicago, Illinois
George A. Evens Lake Luzerne, New York
John Edward Friend Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania
Richard L. Gower Piggott, Arkansas
Marshall L. Hanna Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
Robert J. Hornbeck Chicago, Illinois
Homer M. Howard Austin, Texas
John D. Hull Syracuse, New York
Robert B. Kelley    (Or Robert G. ?) Bedford Village, New York
George M. Kelly Chicago, Illinois
Wayne C. Keysar Lancaster, New Hampshire
Hans P. Landem Chicago, Illinois
Carl D.  Larsen Salina, Utah
Daniel McCauley Brooklyn, New York
Wilbur J. Pecka Cicero, Illinois
Richard E. Plothow Peru, Indiana
Joseph R. Martin Burlington, New Jersey
John R. Morrin  "Pop"  Chicago, Illinois
Patrick P. Reams Los Angeles, California
Richard X. Sheehan W. Somerville, Massachusetts
Victor L. Smith Charlotte North Carolina
Edward J. Sullivan Appleton, Minnesota
John T. Taylor South Bend, Indiana
Newton Weiss New York, New York
South - Barrack 2 - Room 12     
Arthur G. Bodei    "Bud"  South Orange, New Jersey  
Whitney M. Bray Chicago, Illinois
Harry L. Burdette    Belle, West Virginia
Albert D. Byrne  also Barrack 2 - Room 11 Artesia, Mississippi
Arthur Carmell Boston, Massachusetts
Marion R. Cessna   "Rocky"   Nevada, Iowa
Vincent J. Corte  or Bensor Corti Springfield, Missouri
Franklin P. Falvey   Pasadena, California
George W. Ford Annapolis, Maryland
John Beaver Harr Jacksonville, Oregon
Larry F. Malarin Ross, California
Joseph F. Thornton Watsonville, California
Thomas G. Witt Lake City, Florida
South - Barrack 2 - Room "Unknown"       
Clifford H. Robinson Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
South - Barrack 2 - Room "Unknown"       
Rodney R. Helms Portland, Oregon
South - Barrack 3  

South Compound Barrack 3 diagram
Diagram of barrack with room numbers

South Compound - Block 3 - Stalag Luft I

Barrack 3 Group Photo
In the second row from the front, right to left, number 3 is Roy Braly, number 4 is Clint Gruber, and number 5 is Bob Wilkins

South - Barrack 3 - Room 4   

Diagram of room 4 /w names
Room layout

Roscoe E. Albright Coldwater, Michigan
Frank W. Angevine  Brooklyn, New York
Stewart E. Biegler  
H. A. Bouchard  
George F. Castings Cleveland, Tennessee
Melvin B. Dunham Fort Worth, Texas
Charles Early        later moved to room 6 South Carolina
John O. Elstad St. Paul, Minnesota
Donald E. Falk Spokane, Washington
Robert I. Felsberg Nutley, New Jersey
H. W. Fraker Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
Carl J. Fyler - author of "Staying Alive" Hutchinson, Kansas
Richard  M. Gordon Lynn, Indiana
Clint  E. Gruber       later moved to room 6 Portland, Oregon
Charles J. Keating Buffalo, New York
Frances J. Kenny  
H. R. "Dick" Ketchum     later moved to room 6 San Saba, Texas
Everett R. Lund Minneapolis, Minnesota
Hugh E. Maguire Los Angeles, California
Donnell H. Marsh Longmont, Colorado
Lovick C. Miller Florida
Robert D. Munn New York
Ernest G. Ornett Trappe, Maryland
Everett B. Ragan Geronimo, Oklahoma
John Rasko Iowa
Robert E. Reid    later moved to room 6 Richmond, Virginia
Gerald E. Roderick East Syracuse, New York
Charles C. Schoenian West Virginia
Donald L. Strunk Rochester, New York
Jack  Trowbridge  
South - Barrack 3 - Room 6

A busy day at POW Camp
A busy day at POW camp by Charles Early

Left bunk - Charles Early - top / Bob Reid  - bottom
Middle bunk - Roy Braly - top / Bob Wilkins - bottom
Right bunk - Dick Ketchum - top / Cllint Gruber - bottom
Roy E. Braly   see also Barracks 3 group photo above Spring Lake, New Jersey
Charles Early    also room 4 South Carolina
Clint Gruber    also room 4 Portland, Oregon
H. R. "Dick" Ketchum    also room 4 San Saba, Texas
James H. McGahee Alba, Texas
Robert E. Reid       also room 4 Richmond, Virginia
Merle Verberg Balboa Island, California
Robert S. Wilkins   "Bob" Wilson, North Carolina 
South - Barrack 3 - Room 8
William  E. (Steve) Stevenson (also Barracks 13 room 3 & Barracks 8 Room 2) Waterloo, Iowa
South - Barrack 3 - Room 10
Marcus S. Baker Valdosta, Georgia
Emery R. Chesmore Washington
W. C. Coleman   "Bill" Canada
Richard F. Eggers Illinois
Raymond J. Eichenlaub Columbus, Ohio
Ed Fennessey  
B. J. Fuller Miami, Florida
J. A. Graham St. Cloud, Minnesota
Kenneth L. Haines Farwell, Michigan
R. C. Howard Bakersfield, California
Charles E. Mason Portland, Oregon
Richard S. Macauley Rochester, New York
Frank C. McGinley   online story Buffalo, New York
L. R.  "Dick" Moon  
Howard N.  Mullaney New York City, New York
Donald G. Naughton      Bombardier B-17 Chicago, Illinois
James E. Peacock Fremont, North Carolina
Daniel A. Reagan Ransomville, New York
Anthony N. Rossi Hoboken, New Jersey
William C. Thompson Rochester, Indiana
A. O. Williams Hahira, Georgia
South - Barrack 3 - Room 11               
Corman H. Bean   from North 1 North Dakota
Frank J. Bertram California
Walter E. Bison Detroit, Michigan
George L. Carter San Francisco, California
Richard W. Cooke Olean, New York
Walter Davis     moved in from Barrack 13 Pennsylvania
William R. Gilliat Kansas City, Kansas
A. William Horner Dyer, Tennessee
James J. Kelly    moved out to Room 6 Ellensberg, Washington
Joseph M. Krebs Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Harry Lerner New York, New York
Barvin E. Leidl San Antonio, Texas
Bernard B. Levine   moved in from Barrack 11 Hackensack, New Jersey
Henry S. Levine Syracuse, New York
Hugh E. McCall     moved in from Barrack 13 Texas
William J. McKee Detroit, Michigan
Earl D. McKenna San Antonio, Texas
William D. Mehegan    moved in from Barrack 13 Cedar Rapids, Iowa
Ehud Merkel Shafter, California
Paul W. Mikesell     moved in from Barrack 11 Richmond, Indiana
Vernon M. Moland   moved in from Barrack 13 Washington
Reginald R. Miner  from North 1 New Jersey
Robert N. Muri Cartersville, Montana
R. R. Olszanowski     moved in from Barrack 11 Buffalo, New York
Eino J. Ranta Harrisville, New Hampshire
Jack E. Remers       see also North I  Barrack 6  -  Room 14 (?) California
Marvin E. Schlossberg Detroit, Michigan
William E. Service      moved in from Barrack 13 Pasadena, California
William P. Shannon Pittsburg, Pennsylvania
Ora A. Spaid       see also room 12 South Bend, Indiana
Norman Dale Stuckey Udell, Iowa
Charles R. Taylor  see also North 1 Tennessee
Jean R. Traub     moved in from Barrack 13 Illinois
William L. Turner    moved in from Barrack 13 Roscoe, California
Dale E. Wilkinson New Castle, Indiana
Herbert  W. Young      moved in from Barrack 14 Louisville, Kentucky
Adolph E. Zimmer   see also North 2 St. Louis, Missouri
South - Barrack 3 - Room 12                from Donald Nowak
Walter Bison Detroit, Michigan
Richard G. Bowman Denver, Colorado
William Brannon Shreveport, Louisiana
Joseph Buland Tulsa, Oklahoma
Freelane Carlton Chicago, Illinois
Robert Costello New York City, New York
Robert Ecklund Harveyville, Kansas
Robert J. Flood New York City, New York
Neil H. Gunderson Cranford, New Jersey
Richard Hayford Ravenna, Ohio
William Hearn Savannah, Georgia
Aurthur Heeves White Plains, New York
William H.  Knowles   "Shorty" Lindale, Georgia
Carl Morgan Ludlow, Kentucky
Donald Nowak Grand Rapids, Michigan
Wilbur Roberson Akron, Ohio
Ronald C. Orr Ferndale, Michigan
Howard R. Petersen Garland, Utah
John Raedeke  Waterville, Minnesota
Harvey W. Reid  Dunsmuir, California
Arthur Robers New York City, New York
Peter Rutledge New York City, New York
George W. Seibert Memphis, Tennessee
Stanley Seston Independence, Missouri
Clark S. Smith LaForge, Wisconsin
Ora Spaid   see also room 11 South Bend, Indiana
Edward Tanner San Rafael, California
John Taylor South Bend, Indiana
South Barracks 4 Officers:
Barracks Commander -
South - Barrack  4 - Room 5
Leslie O. Amundson Sunnyside, Washington
Robert V. Coughlin  
Jerome Ennis New Jersey
Frank Faragasso Brooklyn, New York

South - Barrack  4 - Room 7 
Isaac Sackman Marx - later moved to North 1 Monroe, Louisiana

South - Barrack  4 - Room 13 
Frank G. Adams Syracuse, New York
George H. Anderson
Lead Hill, Arkansas 
Jack J. Bogel San Francisco California
John W. Bradley Ovid, New York
Ray W. Brennan    see also Barrack unknown & room unknown Franklin, Massachusetts
Beaumont Carpenter Hollywood, California
Loren D. Humble Ardmore, Oklahoma
Billy T. Lewis Kernersville, North Carolina
Charles F. Miller Jr. Denver, Colorado
Mitchell M. Ramonas Lynn, Massachusetts
Samuel P. Scott Wisemantown, Kentucky
Cecil H. Simpson       (Wounded and removed from the barracks, leaving 14. Supposedly sent home) Clarkston, Kentucky
John E. Taylor North Hollywood, California
John J. Verona Jr. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Joe N. Wackerly    see also Barrack unknown & room unknown Essexville, Michigan
South - Barrack  4 - Room 16  
Wilson V. "Bill" Edwards Arizona - California
Robert "Digger" Williams  
South - Barrack  4 - Room unknown
Col. Einar Malmstom  
South Barracks 5 Officers:
Barracks Commander -
South - Barrack  5 - Room 2   (before January 1945 in Barrack 11 room 7)
Bohdan Arct   "Dan"  -  author "Prisoner of War - My Secret Journal" Poland
Geoff M. Rothwell                  The Man With Nine Lives England
Harry R. De Belleroche England
Charles B. De Moulin Belgium
Jan A. Pentz Poland
G. Fraser Stooks England
South - Barrack  5  Room 15 
Larry Aspinall Canada
Bill Coleman Canada
Ed McCullough Canada
Harry Meyers Canada
Balfour Shannon Canada
Frank Staker London, England
John Stoyko Canada
Archibald Younger Canada
South - Barrack  5  Room 20  
Harry Besson England
Robert Black England
Charles L. Grisedale       choir leader England
William Henry Hopkins  
Richard Thomas Jones England
Basil Ronald Lambert Australia
Eric Sullivan England
South - Barrack  5  Room 21   (see Group Photo page for photo - photo # 18)
Fred A. Carter Barnstaple, Devon, England
Bob Elvin Toronto Ont. Canada
Alex Fleming Toronto Ont. Canada
William Burns Gillespie    "Doc" Brantford  Ont. Canada
Bill Hastie Hamilton Ont. Canada
Jim McIntosh Revelstoke BC Canada
Alec Small (transcribed in shorthand the BBC news received via the secret radio for distribution to the camp) Morris Manitoba Canada
Louis V. Trouve (transcribed in shorthand the BBC news received via the secret radio for distribution to the camp) Hempstead Long Island, NY USA
South - Barrack  5  Room 24  
Duane W. Beeson  (later moved) Boise, Idaho
Robert Martin Guthrie England
J. P. Hablot France
Peter Piddington England
P. W. B. Timms England
South - Barrack  5  Room "unknown"  
Grp. Capt. Marwood Elton England
South - Barrack  6 - Officers:  
Barracks Commander - Bill Tacon - New Zealand (became King George VI's pilot in 1946 - when the King's Flight was re-established - and remained chief pilot until the King's early death in 1952.)
South - Barrack 6  - Room 1
A. Abels London, England
P. R. Goodwin Plymouth, Devon., England
N. P. Samuels Worthing,  England
South - Barrack 6  - Room 2
H. A. Mitchell  Chaplain Dunedin, N.W.I., New Zealand
South - Barrack 6  - Room 3
A. H. Bunster Sutton, Surrey  England
H. A. Mace Hitchin, Herts.  England
K. C. Matthews Parkes, N.S.W., Australia
J. C. Payne Pinner, Middlesex  England
P. M. Platten Manly, N.S.W., Australia
H. C. Wills Homebush, N.S.W., Australia
South - Barrack 6  - Room 4
J. Carter England
D. E. Woodward London, England
A. Powell Llwynypia, Glam  England
P. H. Paddon Beckenham, Kent  England
J. Simpson Clarencefield,  Dumfries  England
South - Barrack 6  - Room  5
N. J. Anderson Brisbane, Q.   Australia
J. H. Borley Winnipeg, Manitoba  Canada
Patrick James Duffy Winnipeg, Manitoba  Canada
Gerald D. Fitzgerald Randwick N.S.W.  Australia
Arthur E. Freeman Cobble Hill, T. I.  BC Canada
Doug M. Labelle Ottawa, Ontario  Canada
South - Barrack 6  - Room  6
B. A. Caplan Toronto, Ontario   Canada
J. A. Higgins New Westminster,  BC  Canada
Ronald C. Hodgson Montreal, Quebec   Canada
A. M. Kingon Mossal Bay,  Capetown, South Africa
R. K. Shields Reddit, Ontairo   Canada
A. P. Smith Sceptre, Saskatchewan  Canada
South - Barrack 6  - Room  7
Jock F. Cameron Johannesburg, South Africa
Ken J. Chambers Beckenham, Kent  England
John Cordner England
H. P.  Currin South Africa
Ben J. Grove   see also Room  "18" South Africa
Ronald C. Hodgson Montreal, Quebec  Canada
Johnnie Johnston Alston, Cumberland  England
K. K.  Kincaid-Weeks South Africa
Jack N. Kirby St. Louis, Missouri  USA
Frank J. Lees Manchester, England
Otis A. Montgomery Oklahoma
W. O'Brien United States
Harold W. Parry Ruabon, Wrexham, N. Wales  England
C. M. D. Reitz Johannesburg, South Africa
P. L. Richardson   (see also room 24) Launceston, Tasmania, Australia
Stan Smith Selby, Yorkshire, England
J. H. Spurrs Gateshead 10, Co. Durham, England
Jerry J. Steyn   see also room 18 Johannesburg, South Africa
George Whitehouse * shot by guards March 1945 (seriously injured but non-fatal)  see also  North 2 -  Barracks  2 -  Room 4   N. Transvaal, South Africa
D. D. Wilson United States
South - Barrack 6  - Room  8
A. G. Boyd Fraserburgh, Aberdeenshire  England
E. S. Caridis Athens, Greece
R. J. Dayers Sudbury, Suffolk  England 
N. E.  Koskinas Kypuador, Patiasia
N. U.  Morris Vancouver, BC Canada
South - Barrack 6  - Room  9
Howard M. Brown Saskatoon, Saskatchewan  Canada
D. A. Clark Windsor, Ontario  Canada
David T. Cooper Cardston, Alberta  Canada
Arnold Livesey Broughton, Salford  England
N. G. Price Birmingham, England
W. B. P.  Pritchard  "Bobs" London, England
South - Barrack 6  - Room  10
J. R. Massey Auckland, New Zealand
W. J. Morgan Tate, Bristol  England
T. G. Paton Heywood, Lancs   England
J. Rogers Somerset,  England
R. C. Saunders Swindon   England
Harold Arthur Standen Teford, Essex   England
South - Barrack 6  - Room  11
John DeR Morgan Wales  England
J. P. Phillips Bristol  England
Gordon Schacter Orillia, Ontario   Canada
W. A. Williamson London, Ontario   Canada
R. J. Wilton Cornwall  England
G. L. Wood Toronto, Ontario  Canada
South - Barrack 6  - Room  12
T. C. Graham Aughton, Lancs
G. Johnston Alston, Cumberland  England
W. L. Martin Belfast, Northern Ireland
R. H. Sadler Abingdon, Berks   England
Kotarski Stanislaw Krakow, Poland
South - Barrack 6  - Room  13
D. J. Coombes Teddington, Middlesex   England
E. R. Hoe London, Ontario  Canada
P. D. Newberry South Africa
H. J. Wroughton Yarmouth, Norfolk   Englnad
Kpt.  Winiarek Jan Warsaw, Poland
South - Barrack 6  - Room  14
J. W. E. Bridger Richmond, Surrey   England
Richard E. Cooper Leathershead, Surrey  England
M. Geisler Manchester England
Olaf Cecil Lambert Salisbury, Wells  England
P. F. L.  Nickless Devon  England
P. H. Todd Rutherglen, Scotland
South - Barrack 6  - Room  15
D. Crompton Birmingham, England
W. F. Halliwell Longridge NR  Preston  England
C. Nielsen New York City, NY
A. R. McGillivray Central Buth, Saskatchewan   Canada
F. R.  Storen St. Lambert  P.Q
South - Barrack 6  - Room  16
F. T.  Brown Babinda, NQ  Australia
D. C. Burrow Leeds, England
C. A. F. Curwin Alexandria, Egypt
L. Lindley Castleford, Yorkshire England
R. H. Lucas London, England
G. McK. Milne Stirling, Scotland
South - Barrack 6  - Room  17 
A. E. "Ted" Ansfield   (see also room 24) Bickerstaffe, Lancashire, England
R. Atkinson Birmingham, England
Ian Buchanan-Bolton  
Druce Cheal England
W. H. Miller England
Tony Lampkin England
E. Dacre Lugg Pietermavitzburg, South Africa
William Barnhardt Nelson Tolworth, Surrey, England
Gordon K. Williams Hamilton, New Zealand
South - Barrack 6  - Room  18 
Jack Bonnett Canada
J. G. Booysen South Africa
George F. Collier England
George J. Dippe Glasgow, Scotland
Ben J. Grove     (see also room  7) South Africa
G. Hollis London, England
John Johnstone  
Barry J. Keyter           author of "From Wings to Jackboots" Kuruman, South Africa
Des Lander Gosport, Hants England
Thomas Patrick "Paddy" McGarry  (survived fall from 17,000 ft. without a parachute) England
Norman Palmer Bristol
Mike Reitz South  Africa
Piet Robbertse South Africa
Jerry Steyn   (see also room  7) South Africa
Zyl South Africa
South - Barrack 6  - Room  19                                                                           
E. W. Davidson Westmount
D. Bruce Ogilvie W. Highlands
Ken Hindi Sydney, Australia
P. J.  
Norman Lamford  
Thomas John  Roberts Cardiff South Wales  England
South - Barrack 6  - Room  24   (the following names are recorded in H.J. Smith's diary)
Ted Ansfield  (see also room 17) Bickerstaffe, Lancashire, England
W. I. Bell Bangor, Co. Down, Northern Ireland
Daniel Davis Payette, Idaho, USA
Eric W. Everett Ashby de la Zouch, Leicestershire, England
Dougland D. Govett Prahran, Victoria, Australia
J. Langdon Portsmouth, England
Lyndon Lewis Whitchurch, Cardiff, S Wales
P. L. Richardson   (see also room 7) Launceston, Tasmania, Australia
Hector Joseph Smith         "Eddie or Smudger" England
Conrad M. Torget Montreal West, Canada
A Wood Briantree, Essex, England
South - Barrack 6  - Room  25 
John Henry Smythe South Africa
Ronald Stockwell Australia
E. W. Tickler England
Charles M.  Weicker Canada
Alfie Wood England
South - Barrack 6  - Room  "Unknown"  (the first room on the left)
Peter Graham   author "Skypilot" England
South Barracks 7 Officers:
Barracks Commander -
South - Barrack  7 - Room 6  (This barracks served as MP's after Germans left)        A POW room at Stalag Luft I
John Cordner England
South - Barrack  7 - Room 7   
Aubrey L. Emerson Hamlin, Texas
Carl A. Hedin  (Mar. 45 till liberation) Naples, Florida
Lee McDuff Crosbyton, Texas
Leon M  Patterson Jackson, Louisiana
Leonard  Rosen  see also Barrack  7 - Room "Unknown" Cedarhurst, Long Island, New York
South - Barrack  7 - Room 8
Julius E. Bass Laurel, Mississippi
Thomas L. Cameron Wilkinsburg, Pennsylvania
James E. Carroll San Francisco, California
Merlin L. Cornish Los Angeles, California or Elkhart, Indiana
Peter H. Digilio   "Pete"   see also North 1 -  Barrack 8  Room 16 Cedarhurst, New York
Henry J. Eich, Jr. Brooklyn, New York
Meredith. D. Fink   "Buster" Castleton, New York
John M. Hardin  "Jack" Oak Park, Illinois
Herbert G. Meakin   also Barrack  13 - Room 13 Jersey City, New Jersey
John W. Mitchell "Muscle Head" Charlotte, North Carolina
George H. Parker Gulfport, Mississippi
Robert G. Patterson  (the first former Eagle Squadron member sent to Stalag Luft 1) see also Barrack unknown room unknown Los Angeles, California
Robert D. Peterson Houston, Texas
William E. Roach Tampa, Florida
Martin F. Rooney  "Pat" Rochester, New York
Oliver J. Saunders, Jr.   "Ollie"    see also Barrack  13 - Room 13 Palo Alto, California
John W. Smith Dry Prong, Louisiana
Richard W. Speers     see also Barrack  13 - Room 13 Garfield, Utah
William G. Stein Ohio
Henry S. Vogel  "Hank"   see also Barrack  2 -  Room 3   Fargo, North Dakota
Bromby S. Westlake Belmont, Massachusetts
William E. Woodside St. Petersburg, Florida
South - Barrack  7 - Room 12             Click here for photos of these roommates
Seymour M. Alexander Jamaica, New York
Meredith M. Calvert Lincoln Park, Pennsylvania
Harold Curtis Canon Mount Vernon, Washington
Herbert Clough Slatersville, Rhode island
Arthur A. Cobel Espanola, New Mexico
Lawrence G. Copeland Florence, Alabama
Walter M. Culbert        "Dick" Collingswood, New Jersey
Okey DeRaimo    arrived January 1945    see also Barrack  13 - Room 13 Noto Mine, West Virginia
John E. Devereaux       "Hank"     arrived January 1945   see also Barrack  13 - Room 13 Auburn Heights, Michigan
Warren F. Donovan      "Zeke" Westport, Massachusetts
Thomas D. Garner Tacoma, Washington
Edward J. Hennegan Norwood, Ohio
Jack K. Larsen Houston, Texas
Matthew J. McEvoy Lawrenceville, New Jersey
Milton R. Moore Sasabe, Arizona
Traian Neag Torrington, Connecticut
Joe R. Rousselle Genoa, Texas
Haskell H. Rubin   later to North 1 Spring Valley, New York
Jack A. Scott   see also North 3 Ashburn, Georgia
South - Barrack  7 - Room "Unknown"
Russell D Austin   see also North 3 Houston, Texas
Joseph S. Bingham New York
Hyman H. Bittman Los Angeles, California
Neil L. Britt       (from K-AAPIG) Lumberton, North Carolina
John M. Carlson Watertown/Markville, Minnesota
John F. Cota Houston, Texas
Jesse R. Crookshanks Jonesboro, Tennessee
Lloyd G. Crabtree     see also North 1 Daisetta, Texas
James J. Daigle "Jimmy" Lafayette, Louisiana
Don J. Delaura Rochester, New York
John C. Doty, Jr. Huron, Ohio
Edward M. Frost, Jr. Towson, Maryland
Robert C. Gamache Leominster, Massachusetts
Oscar W. Gills Bedford, Virginia
Carey E. Goodwyn, Jr. San Antonio, Texas
Royce W. Hatchett Baton Rouge, Louisiana
Ray Haley    (from K-AAPIG) Denver, Colorado
John W. Hubenschmidt Detroit, Michigan
William M. Jennings North Manchester, Indiana
James C. Jensen, Jr. Oakland, California
Dorman W. Landtroop Norman, Oklahoma
Norbert A. Lorentz, Jr.  "Syringe"   (Possibly room 8) Wasbrouch, New Jersey
Charles E. Major Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
Isaac S. Marx  "Sax" Monroe, Louisiana
W. L. McConnaughhay   see also Barrack unknown room unknown Larned, Kansas
Albert F. Monaco "Burt"   (Possibly room 8) Kansas City, Missouri
Willis R. Moon Route 1, Macungie, Pennsylvania
Harry P. Moses Vidalia, Georgia
Horace R. Neff Katonah, New York
Cyril J. Niemiec   "Cy" (Possibly room 8) Chicago, Illinois
William F. O'Brien    (Possibly room 8) Providence, Rhode Island
Jack Pogue New Mexico
Lawrence M. Selanders Garnett, Kansas
George J. Thom   see also Barrack  1 -  Room 6 Burlington, Wisconsin
South - Barrack  7 - Room "Unknown"
Milton B. Abernathy Washington DC
Kenneth D. Adams Knoxville, Tennessee
Lorenzo Espinosa Los Angeles, California
Harry R. Greenup Maroa, Illinois
Myron Bruce Koth Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Vincent A. Morkus Hartford, Connecticut
Harry P. Moses Vidalia, Georgia
Edward Neft Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Warren H. Neville Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Leon M. Patterson Baton Rouge, Louisiana
Wood Rose Cynthiana, Kentucky
Leonard A Rosen  see also Barrack  7 - Room 7 Brooklyn, New York
Frank E. Upson Oakland, Indiana
John C. Wooder Lubbock, Texas
South - Barrack  8 - Officers:   Barracks 8 moved to North 2 Compound in September 1944
Barracks Commander - Don Warren
Interpreter/Trader - Walter Amundsen
South - Barrack  8 - Room 2      
Edward F. Bracken Pittsburg, Pennsylvania
Robert R. Case Vienna, Illinois
William L. Clyatt Terra Cieca, Florida
J. B. L. Halliburton Arkansas City, Kansas
Albert Lashier Rochester, New York
Lawrence J. Lynch Flushing, New York
J. C. Page Amarillo, Texas
Fred E. Reichel Paw Paw, Michigan
Bertram Ripley Dickenson, North Dakota
William (Steve) Stevenson (also Barracks 13 room 3 & barrack 3 room 8) Waterloo, Iowa
William E. Trees Enhart, Pennsylvania
Richard Vaughan Akron, Ohio
Francis E. Wilson Cedar Rapids, Iowa
George F. Young McKeesport, Pennsylvania
South - Barrack  8 - Room 2                   
William G. Carman "Bill" Hounslow, Middlesex
P. J. Coups Camden Town, London
J. Galloway Paisley, Scotland
M. B. Haggart Stonehaven, Scotland
Gordon G. N.  Hemmings  "Bert" (also Barracks 9 room 8) England
H. Lloyd Lyne Newquay, Cornwall
E. A. Meikle Newtownards, N. Ireland
G. Peake Wrexham, Wales
P. D. Velasco Valparaiso, Chile
H. Williams Gloucester, England
South - Barrack  8 - Room 3                     "The Spider Kelly Gang" In Sept 44 moved to North 2 Compound.
John Aegeter        also Barrack 1 room 2          see also North 2 Cincinnati, Ohio
Francis Bornhorst     also Barrack  1 -  Room 2 Shelbyville, Indiana
Norman Burascano  "Pete" Brooklyn, New York
Art Desmond Weymouth, Massachusetts
Earl Faris Los Angeles, California
Art Guinnip Union Springs, New York
William C. Hendrickson    "Bill" Yuma, Arizona
Robert W. Hosier    "Bob" Brooklyn, New York
John C. Kosky    "Scoop" Michigan
Charles W.  Lundsberg  (later moved)  "Chuck" Michigan
Zaven Masoomian   "Doc" or New York
Henry Mickelson   "Mike" Namba, Idaho
Dick Owens Chicago, Illinois
James D. Pearson  "Jim" Banquette, Texas
Oscar G. Richard  author - Kriegie, An American POW in Germany Baton Rouge, Louisiana
Ben Spevack  (later moved to "Jewish Barracks" North 1 Barracks 11) Brooklyn, New York
Joe Tryens Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Francis Villminot Michigan
Sam Walker        Room Commander Brookhaven, Mississippi
South - Barrack  8 - Room 4                   
William G. Carman "Bill" Hounslow, Middlesex
South Barracks 9 Officers:
Barracks Commander -
South - Barrack  9 - Room 2              
Ogwyn George "Oggie"  (A/G. shot down during the Norway campaign) London, England
Gordon Hemmings  (for a short time only) England
Charles S. Hart  (Observer, a POW since the fall of France, played piano and clarinet in the orchestra) Wilton, Wilts
Donald Reid   "Flash"  (Observer, played guitar and double bass in the orchestra).  
South - Barrack  9 - Room 10             See their bios as written by Bill Branigan
William E. Addison Langdon Glostershire
Charles Bennett Liverpool, England
William Branigan      "Bill"     Navigator Liverpool, England
Edward Harris         "Ted"   Wireless Operator Croydon, England
Percy Stevens-Hoare     Navigator Gosport, England
Duncan Jerrard     "Jerry" London, England
Peter Jung Manchester, England
James King              Mid-Upper gunner Haydon Bridge,Northumberland England
James Paul Lehman      Tail Gunner Toronto, Canada
Leslie A Parker   "Les" London, England
Joseph Pennicott Brighton Sussex, England
Andrew I. Smith Oxford, England
Joseph Ernest Smith       Pilot Edinburgh Scotland
Gerard H Turgeon      "Jerry"    Pilot   see also Barrack 18 - Room Unknown Montreal, Canada
South - Barrack  9 - Room 13                    
E. J.  Albon  (had quite a decent voice (crooner type) and did a bit of singing in the camp.) London
A. J.  Cardiff   (and Hemmings on same crew) Dublin, Ireland
F. J. Collings  (crew ditched in the North Sea, within sight of the English coast, but their SOS was not heard, and they drifted in the dinghy for four days, finally washing up on the Dutch coast.) Hertford, Hertfordshire
P. J. Cramp Beckenham, Kent
Gordon G. N.  Hemmings  "Bert"   (also Barracks 8 room 2)  
P. Jewell Hamilton, Canada
A. W. LaRochelle Ottawa, Canada
Lenny J. Lozo Toronto, Canada
C. MacDonald Muirhead of Liff, Scotland
J. E. Naisbitt Crook, County Durham
J. Nesom Gravelthorpe, Yorkshire
H. J. Nicholls Bristol
F. P. Settle Islington, London
Ronald A. Turner Woodstock, Canada
Vern Turner  (was in an aircraft that exploded, but he had his chute on, and was the only survivor.) Moosejaw, Canada
South - Barrack  10 - Officers:  
South - Barrack  10 - Room 2                                        Souith Compound, Barracks 10 , Room 2 listing
S. Astely Oldbury, Birmingham  England
R. J. Barker London, England
Stanley C. Beeson Harold Wood, Essex
M. W. Coles Milton, Prince Edward Island
A. J. Cooney Durban, Natal, South Africa
Victor H. Cuttle - RAG Belfast, N. Ireland
Geoff Downer Shell House, Capetown, South Africa
W. W. Foster Shawinigan Falls, Quebec
J. Vic Hall Petermaritzburg, Natal, South Africa
C. H. Lane Toronto, Ontario
G. H. Meagher - see also Barrack unknown Room unknown West Coast, S. Island, New Zealand
R. R. Neave Mount Albert, Auckland, New Zealand
Ian E. Osbourne Lincoln, Lincolnshire
W. E. Pearson Vancouver, B.C.
Kenneth G. Pinkerton West Wickham, Kent
K. S. Robinson Stirchley, Birmingham
David N. Thompson Newcastle-on-Tyne, Northumberland
Kenneth M. Tucker Star City, Saskatchewan
W. T. Upton Eythorne, Dover, Kent
South - Barrack  10 - Room 4
Edwin J. Warmington Faddon, Cornwall England
South - Barrack  10 - Room 6
K. J. Ayres England
Bernard C. Baker New Zealand
E. D. Cleary - TAF  
F. J. Cleary Australia
T. S. Coram Australia
Robert W. Dunn Canada
P. C. Gore England
G. A. H. Langford England
Oscar  E.  Libbey Sydney, Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, Canada
H. Matthews  England
J. B. Morison Canada
T. L. W. Mullinder New Zealand
W. North England
J. S. Prentice New Zealand
T. A. Sheen - RAG  
A. A. Thomas New Zealand
I. R. M. Weir New Zealand
A. J. R. Wilson New Zealand
South - Barrack  10 - Room 9
C. W. Bell    Hamilton, Ontario Canada
John C. Burns Ottawa, Ontario  Canada
G. W. Cash Essex, England
W. E. Cormack New Zealand
Bruce Cowie Wellington, New Zealand
R. Cuthbert Yorkshire, England
A. C. Flood Yorkshire, England
George H. Gill Canada
E. T. W. Harris London, England
M. M. Johnstone Orillia, Ontario Canada
Dave Reid Toronto, Ontario Canada
George A. Wolstencroft Corry, Pennsylvania
South - Barrack  10 - Room 10
D. D. Ashleigh Canada
G. W. Bidford Canada
D. C. Byrne England
R. G. F. Chase - RAFVR  
J. K. Haselden England
J. Helland Norway
T. Herman - Para Regt. England
I. Insamam (?) South Africa
L. Laszkiewicz Poland
R. D. MacFayden Canada
D. G. Reich England
W. B. Reynolds Canada
E. V. Sanders England
F. Sorenson Norway
P. Walter Australia
P. G. Wilson England
P. Woolfenden - RAFG  
South - Barrack  10 - Room 11
Reg  A. Banks  Slough, Bucks. England
Bill Bond   Forest Hill, London
D. G.  Booyens  "Piet"  possibly Barrack 6  - Room  18  also   Orange Free State, South Africa
Phil Brunet   Montreal, Canada
J. I. De Wet  "Divvy "  Featherstone, Rhodesia 
Jack N. Francis  Reading, Berkshire, England
George  W. Gardiner  Petrolia, Ontario, Canada
A.  Griffiths   "Red"  Chester, England
Capt.  R. T. Hutchinson  Transvaal, South Africa
Bob Kinkead-Weekes  Weekes -  South Africa
F. Irv Morrisey  Ontario, Canada 
Geoff H. Packham  Sheffield, England
W. I.  Sheppard    "Shepp"  Saskatchewan, Canada
David L. Thompson  Manchester, England
Chuck W.  Soles  Ontario, Canada
Dave  J. Weepers  Ontario, Canada
G. Williams   "Willie"  Coventry, England
Brink Van Zyl       Vredepoo  Cape Province, South Africa
South - Barrack  10 - Room 12
D. A. Backhouse England
R. P. Dryden Canada
G. R. Ellis Canada
K. W. Gordon Canada
R. W. James Canada
G. J. Johnston Canada
N. M. Jorgensen Norway
H. Louden England
H. M. MacLeod Canada
J. W. Neil  Canada
R. A. Parry Canada
C. D. Shaw  England
W. B. T. Smiley Canada
E. H. Smith Canada
R. D. Truscott England
J. C. Webber England
J. P. Wheeler England
R. M. Woychuck Canada
South - Barrack  10 - Room 13
B. Budil Czechoslovakia
R. S. Downing Canada
G. P. Edington Canada
R. V. Fawkner-Corbett England
A. Frombolo Canada
M Z. Karic England
V. Kilian Czechoslovakia
C. N. Krizek Czechoslovakia
C. J. McLeod Canada
W. F. Mesley England
R.? M? Canada
Desmond L. Plunkett - RAFVR     "Stalag Luft III  Great Escaper" England
Z. Prochazka Czechoslovakia
I. Sargent -  FAA  
G. V. Wilton - RAFVR  
J. E. Wiltshire England
W. F. Woolfrey England
M. F. J. Zapletal Czechoslovakia
South Barracks 11 Officers:
Barracks Commander -
South - Barrack  11 - Room "Unknown"
Norman H. Stutzer Bronx,  New York
South - Barrack  11 - Room "Unknown"
Bernard B. Levine     see also Barrack 3 Hackensack, New Jersey
R. R. Olszanowski     see also Barrack 3 Buffalo, New York
Paul W. Mikesell     see also Barrack 3 Richmond, Indiana
South Barracks 12 Officers:
Barracks Commander -
South - Barrack  12 - Room 2
Charles Bidgood Joliet, Illinois   
Vernie R. Brockman Wayne, Nebraska 
William R. Dayson   California
Joseph B. Denari Queens, Long Island, New York 
Billy J. Driver Dallas, Texas 
E. Wallace Engelhardt Chicago, Illinois  
Al Fontes    California 
John T. Fouts  Santa Rosa, California  
E. Russ Lewis Australia   
Leon A. Mascola Hartford, Connecticut
George C. Neal   Lakeport, California   
Arthur J. Rogers   New York City, New York 
William E. Steeper                    Utica, New York
David Stiner Berwick, Pennsylvania
Eugene Sylvester Kansas City, Missouri (now NJ)
A. C. Walker New Philadelphia, Ohio 
South - Barrack  12 - Room 5
Bernard Brooks  "Bernie" Chicago, Illinois
Harry Campbell Vermont
Charles T. Cooper Middle Village, Long Island, New York
A. H. Day  (died in an aircraft accident in 1959) New York
C. R. Holden Port Jervis, New York
Charles Inlow Wichita, Kansas
Allan Ruch LaSalle, Illinois
Hans C. Sands San Francisco, California
Otto Schoeneberg Jamestown, Missouri
Elvin Walsh Minersville, Pennsylvania
Joe Williams Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Howard Woltemath Sedgwick, Colorado
Chester Zimmerman West Milton, Pennsylvania
John Zirkle Springfield, Ohio
South - Barrack  12 - Room 6
Jack Cayot Livermore, California
Harold Chapman Pontiac, Michigan
Leonard Clausen Berkeley, California
Milton Cohen NYC, New York
Frank R. Gerrity   Scranton, Pennsylvania
Sol H. Greenberg Atlanta, Georgia
Bill Ingram Texas
John George Leverton New Mexico
Robert McGee South Dakota
Frank Miller Michigan
Sam Schlitzkus Austin, Texas
Joe Bill Vogel Lockhart, Texas
Nicholas Zender  St. Paul, Minnesota
South - Barrack  12 - Room 7     South Compound, Barracks 12, Room 7 Stalag Luft I
Charles Reed Holden New York
Charles S. Inlow Kansas
Hans C. Sands California
South - Barrack  12 - Room 13
T. R. Allen Towaco, New Jersey
Nicholas F. Caputo Brooklyn, New York
Donald Clift Newell, New Jersey
J. E. Curtis Oregon City, Oregon
James N. Dingwall New York City, New York
Nelson W. Hardin   "Tex" (arrived Feb. 45 from Barracks 13 Rm 10)  Richmond, Texas
Charles W. Harris Pueblo, Colorado
Emmett J. Moore Sears, Michigan
Frederick G. Pugsley Peekskill, New York
Richard F.  Reed Rome, Georgia
Barry J. Shillito Dayton, Ohio
Donald C. Sprecher Milledge, Illinois
K. N. Tinklepaugh Albuquerque, New Mexico
Vincent P. Tollis Lima, New York
Robert E. Ware Stanford, Kansas
John F. Werner Chicago, Illinois
Harold V. Wiggins Quarryville, Pennsylvania
Robert W. Wright Centralia, Illinois
South - Barrack  12 - Room 18 (?)
Robert D. Bangham Detroit, Michigan
Charles Banks Nampa, Idaho
Neil Bartholme   Pennsylvania
Vestal H. Caraway Houston, Texas
James M. Collison Dundas, Minnesota
Otis K. Cranford   Los Angeles, California
Russell K. Crans Collingswood, New Jersey
Ted H. Davis Westmont, New Jersey
Robert E. Emmich Olympia, Washington
James W. Fortenberry Beaumont, Texas
Mervyn Johns Danville, Virginia
J. F. Kainiecki Saginaw, Michigan
Pete F. Kaniecki Michigan
W. H. Louaas Hibbing, Minnesota
Herbert T. Swanson   Montana
Frank A. Silvasy Williamsfield, Ohio
South Barracks 13 Officers:
Barracks Commander -
South - Barrack 13 - Room 3
William (Steve) Stevenson (also Barracks 3 room 8 and Barracks 8 Room 2) Waterloo, Iowa
South - Barrack  13 - Room 5 
Chris P. Allison Denver, Colorado
Stanley J. Campbell Goodland, Indiana
Walter F. Donohue Chicago, Illinois
Edgar C. Downing Homer, New York
Rene C. Fix   also Barrack  2 -  Room 2 St. Albans, Long Island, New York
Weldon B. Frantz  "Pete" Lincoln, Illinois
Peter G. Kenny, Jr. Pittsburg, Pennsylvania
R. C. Korenny Rogers, Texas
Roy C. Mitchell Terre Haute, Indiana
H. C. Neilson Chicago, Illinois
William E. Newell Dearborn, Michigan
Leonard I. Tannenbaum Brooklyn, New York
Sidney Trink Brooklyn, New York
Richard T. Zeugin Leavenworth, Kansas
South - Barrack  13 - Room 6
Joseph Caporaso Summit, New Jersey
Jack M. Glide, Jr. Detroit, Michigan
Roscoe C. Hayes, Jr. Charleston, Indiana
Kenny J. Paulson Plaza, North Dakota
Robert W. Plude Bridgeport, Connecticut
Sidney Porter Mt. Vernon, Illinois
Michael T. Postek Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Raymond Provost Chicopee, Massachusetts
Thurman E. Purdham Hagerstown, Maryland
Walter E. Spindler Sullivan, Missouri
William F. Whitworth Dodd Ridge, Arkansas
Henry Zoldowski Chicago, Illinois
South - Barrack  13 - Room 10
Lee F. Barrows Charleston, West Virginia
Robert C. Boyd Redwood City, California
William G. Coltman          see also  Barrack  2 -  Room 4   Detroit, Michigan
William R. DeWolf Anaheim, California
Allen M. Hansen Libertyville, Illinois
Nelson W. Hardin " Tex" (moved to Barracks 12 Rm 13 in Feb 45)   Richmond, Texas
John F. Huistra Grand Rapids, Michigan
Richard T. Knowles Rochester, New York
Manford Markowitz Bronx, New York
Richard A. Ritchings Point Pleasant, New Jersey
Bernard Wasserman New York City, New York
Harry W. Westmore      see also  Barrack  2 -  Room 4 Detroit, Michigan
South - Barrack  13 - Room 11
R. D.  Atkinson (Atky) Vancouver BC  Canada
Kenneth K. Blyth  ( KK) - author "Cradle Crew" Naples, Fla. (formerly Canada)
W. B. Cable   (Bill) Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada
J. H. Caldwell  (Jack) N. S. W. Australia
Rex S. Ebert   (Rex) N. S. W. Australia
F. S. Holly  (Spike) Liverpool, England
Harold Geoffrey Kinsey (Jeff) Cheshire, England
C. K. Legaarden (Lee) Red Deer, Alta.  Canada
A. S. Lobban  (Jock) Renfrew, Scotland
L. L. MacDonald   (Mac) Sydney, Australia
S. M. MacKay  (Mac) Ross Shire Scotland
Robert McColl  (Bob) N. S. W. Australia
Robert C. McCracken (Bob) Lakefield,  Ontario
N. W. Mullen  (Moon) Ottawa, Ontario,  Canada
W. Neilson - (Bill) Cheshire, England
Lucien Pigeon   (Pidge)   Montreal, Que.  Canada
J. Roger Savard   (Rog) Montreal, Que.  Canada
P. C. Smith (Smithy) Cornwall, England
J. M.  Taylor  (Jim) Calgary, Alta  Canada
D. J.  Thomas  (Tommy) S. Wales
South - Barrack  13 - Room 12    These men were also at one time in the North 3   Compound - Block 303
Joseph Budich Dayton, Ohio
Bland Carter St. Louis, Missouri
James Dixon Aiken, South Carolina
Donald Menard Lafayette, Louisiana
Peter Merle Newark, New Jersey
Robert Messenger Bronx, New York
Albert Miller Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Don Miller Mt. Orab, Ohio
Edward Miller Bronx, New York
Swede Miller Black Foot, Idaho
Morris Privin    "Moe" Brooklyn, New York
Norman Read Denver, Colorado
Walter Schryver Niagara Falls, New York
Robert Volkman Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Carl Weible Louisville, Kentucky
Marshall T. Windham Center, Texas
South - Barrack  13 - Room 13       Click Here to see sketches of the men in this room
Harlan B. Bixby Emerald,  Wisconsin    
Ira B. Corpening Salinas, California
Wayne G. Corpening Salinas, California
Alexander C. Denniston Mobile, Alabama
Okey DeRaimo  also Barrack  7 - Room 12 West Virginia
John E. Devereaux   also Barrack  7 - Room 12 Auburn Heights, Michigan
Robert L. Erb Harrisburg, Pennsylvania
Herbert G. Meakin  also Barrack  7 - Room 8 Jersey City, New Jersey
Gregory G. Montreuil Jamaica, New York
George F. Piro Bellport, New York
Oliver J. Saunders  see also Barrack  7 - Room 8 Palo Alto, California
Willis D. Smith Vallejo, California
Richard W. Speers   see also Barrack  7 - Room 8 Garfield, Utah
Thaddeus W. Tedrowe Indianapolis, Indiana
Homer B. Wells Washington, DC
William W. White St. Paul, Minnesota
South - Barrack  13 - Room "Unknown"
Gordon G.N. Hemmings (only here a few weeks) England
Horace Mann Dewey Rose. Georgia
South - Barrack  13 - Room "Unknown"
Walter Davis     also Barrack 3 Pennsylvania
Hugh E. McCall     also Barrack 3 Texas
William D. Mehegan   also Barrack 3 Iowa
Vernon M. Moland       also Barrack 3 Washington
Jean R. Traub     also Barrack 3 Illinois
William L. Turner    also Barrack 3 California
South - Barrack 14 - Officers:  
Barracks Commander - Capt. Merle H. Culp
South - Barrack  14 - Officers Room
Merle H. Culp Ford City, Pennsylvania
James B. Fisher Missouri
Joseph Marsiglia New York
South - Barrack 14 - Room 12
Stan Birnbaum   (Feb 45 moved to North Compound) New York City, NY  (now Dayton Ohio)
Paul W. Campbell  Belle Vernon, Pennsylvania
Phil Chase  (arrived Feb 45) Arizona
Sam Drake  Texas
Frank Gerhardt Chicago, Illinois
Louis Green Chicago, Illinois
Merle Hungerford  El Paso, Texas
Robert Johnson Minnesota
Martin N.  King   (Feb 45 moved to North Compound) Florida
Ehrhard Mittendorf  Georgia
Alvie N. Myers  Minneapolis, Minnesota
Darwin G. Nelson         Luverne, Minnesota
Edwin H. Nicholls  Denver, Colorado
Leonard C. Sacks   (Feb 45 moved to North Compound) Dorchester, Massachusetts
G. Willie Schock  Falls City, Nebraska
Richard Thornton  Texas
Russell S. Unangst   (arrived Feb 45) Colorado
South - Barrack 14 - Room 13
Alan M. Baldwin  
John Bartallio Port Natches, Texas
Jennings G.  Brown California
Robert  Calender  
Floyd L. Jackson                          Brewton, Alabama 
Donald James Edensburg, Pennsylvania
William M. Marlin   Jamaica Estates, LI, New York
Frank Mortimucci                      Dewit, Michigan                     
Leo K. Moser  (Room Leader)   Seattle, Washington.
Irvin Patterson       Broken Arrow, Oklahoma.
James G. Saling Oregon
Nick Salimbene                       New York, New York  
Steve Sideroff Farmingdale, New Jersey
Norman Lee Sinclair Wisconsin
Woodrow W. Smith Wayne, West Virginia
Charles F. Sturgeon                  Sikeston, Missouri
Harry H. Swinger Missouri
Bill Walker                                    Des Moines, Iowa
South - Barrack 14 - Room "Unknown"
Libero J. Bernagozzi Long Island, New York
Philip Brouman Pittsburg, Pennsylvania
Harold Crawford Atlantic, Georgia
Stanley Dubee Long Island, New York
James M. Fry Elsmore, California
Robert A. Grimes Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
James  C. Hickey Linden, New Jersey
Clive Hubbel Laurel Springs, New Jersey
Hugh Jack Oceanside, New York
Leroy C. Jones Park, New York
Francis Kane Elizabeth, New Jersey
George Kerr Pittsburgh. Pennsylvania
Donald Marks Centralia, Washington
Adam Mauren Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Wilson Rossignol Waterville, Maine
Frank Sullivan Larchmont, New Jersey
Carl Tuscano New Haven, Connecticut
South - Barrack 14 - Room "Unknown"
Gilbert W. Whitchurch    Kingfisher, Oklahoma
Newton C. Wilbur   Connecticut
South Barracks 18 Officers:
Barracks Commander -
South - Barrack 18 - Room Unknown
Terry Fynn South Africa / Zimbabwe
Rudy Hoiland Norway
Colin Hughes New Zealand
Vladimir Popovic Yugoslavia
Jerry Turgeon  see also Barrack  9 - Room 10 Canada
Johnny Woods England
Gwynfor Williams England

South Barracks Unknown
South - Barrack "Unknown" - Room "Unknown"
Miles C. Wood Dade City, Florida
South - Barrack "Unknown" - Room "Unknown"     (From Dominick Tutino's Log Book)     

 South Compound of Stalag Luft I POWs    South Compound of Stalag Luft I POWs

Anthony J. Abad San Francisco, California
John Adams   Navigator B-17 Bridgeport, Connecticut
Ernest Amport    Co-Pilot  B-17 Kansasville, Wisconsin
Lester Aufmuth   Pilot B-17 Wadsworth, Ohio
James F. Barlow     Bombardier B-17   also Barrack  1 -  Room 2 Lambertville, New Jersey
Daniel Barna Clifton, New Jersey
Henry Berwaldt   Pilot B-17 Willoughby, Ohio
Nathaniel L. Bliss     Pilot B-17 New Rochelle, New York
William J. Bumgarner   Navigator B-17  (passed  away Sept. 1, 2005 also Barracks 2  rm 9 Philipsburg, Pennsylvania
Edgar A. Cannon    Navigator B-17   also Barracks 2  rm 9 Los Angeles, California
Harry B. Churchwell Savannah, Tennessee
Edward Cytarzynski    Co-Pilot   B-17 Scranton, Pennsylvania
James B. Fisher, Jr.     Pilot B-25 St. Louis, Missouri
Greenwood Gay   Pilot  B-24 Pensacola, Florida
Jack L. Gard     Pilot P-38  also Barrack  1 -  Room 2 & Barrack  1 -  Room 8 Kelseyville, California
Merrill R. Gassert Brooklyn, New York
Francis R. Gerald     Pilot B-17  also Barracks 2  rm 9 Cornish, Pennsylvania
Clarence A. Gill    Pilot B-17    also Barracks 2  rm 9 Patton, Pennsylvania
Joseph P. Hovantz Cleveland, Ohio
Frederic W. Irwin New York, New York
Michael Kuchwara   Pilot B-24 Dickson City, Pennsylvania
John H. Lashly       Pilot B-17F St. Louis, Missouri
Charles R. McMahan  Pilot P-40  also Barrack  1 -  Room 2 Madison, Illinois
George Molnar    Navigator B-17 Detroit, Michigan
Andrea Montello Syracuse, New York
Theodore R. Nardone       Bombardier B-17 Brooklyn, New York
Elmer M. Olson Rapid City, South Dakota
Casimir J. Paulinski  "Casey" Chicago, Illinois
Richard Peery    Pilot P-47 Beverly Hills, California
Bryant H. Poore     Co-Pilot B-24 Garland, Texas
Robert Queener  Engineer B-17 Cottage Grove, Oregon
Anthony N. Rossi     Bombardier B-17 Hoboken, New Jersey
James L. Runte   Co-Pilot  B-17     see also Barrack  1 -  Room 2 Port Arthur, Texas
Stephen O. Russell  B-17 Lucy, Tennessee
Donald D. Shards Cumberland, Maryland
Thomas P. Sheedy Akron, Ohio
Victor L. Smith Charlotte, North Carolina
Herbert Snelgrove Shelton, Washington
Charles E. Taylor Westfield, New Jersey
Edward J. Teaman    B-17 Wilkinsburg, Pennsylvania
Patrick C. Thomas   Bombardier B-25 New Jersey
Dominick J. Tutino   Scranton, PA
Robert C. Ward     Co-Pilot B-17 Newport, Rhode Island
Harold Weachter    Navigator B-17 Bartonville, Illinois
Edward P. Winslow, Jr.    Bombardier B-17 Wellesley, Massachusetts
Forrest Woodman    Pilot B-17 Augusta, Maine
South - Barrack "Unknown" - Room "Unknown"   From John Kyler's  log book             From Luft IV
Eugene C. Arkett Ellwood City, Pennsylvania
George R. Bailey New Ringgold, Pennsylvania
Norris L. Ballard  Chambersburg, Illinois
Orlando R. Catone E. Boston, Massachusetts
Edgar W. Carr Lima, Ohio
Roger R. Clark Scottsburg, Indiana

Theodore E. Cunningham

Pulaski, New York

Thomas  J. Fanara Rochester, New York
John D. Fields Uniontown, Pennsylvania
John S. Ford III Palestine, Texas
Adolph M. Gonzales Del Mar, California
William W. Gooch Winchester, Arkansas
Albert Grech South Montrose, Pennsylvania
Luther H. Hawkins Steele, Missouri
Howard R. Hershey Kansas City, Missouri
Michael Kutaga Woonsocket, Rhode Island
John R. Kyler Salamanca, New York
Ernest A. Lemcke, Jr. Pleasantville, New York
Robert J. Longo Westerly, Rhode Island
Gordon L. Lowe Greeneville, Tennessee
Leroy N. Marucco Latrobe, Pennsylvania
Dan V. Matlock Monahans, Texas
William F. Matthews Johnstown, Pennsylvania
Dewey H. Ovelletto St. Francis, Maine
Wade Prince Rockville Centre, New York
Harold R. Roock Milwaukee, Wisconsin
August Cliff Schnepf Hicksville, New York
Harold W. Scull Pocomoke City, Maryland.
Robert S. Seidel Elkhart, Indiana
Kenneth E. Sheehan No. Hollywood, California
Leonard M. Siegel Baltimore, Maryland

Paul J. Thuesen

Hematite, Missouri
Percy Waltho Buffalo, New York
Lloyd A. Winegarner Fenton, Michigan
Dempsy W. Wolfe

Tulsa, Oklahoma

South - Barrack "Unknown" - Room "Unknown"             from Frank Page war log
Robert N. Beaver Indiana
Harvey L. Beeson     
Leo J. Cain  
Bertie C. Connor  
George M. Cramer Wisconsin
Thomas L. Cremeen  
William C. Donahue  
Albert A. Hajovsky  
Joseph D. Hostler  
Avery B. Houchard St. Petersburg, Florida
Carl R. Kalbach Lebanon, Pennsylvania
Frederick J. Kappan Buffalo, New York
G. A. Lafata  
Michael J. McConville  
Richard N. Mosier Georgia
Gerard C. O'Day California
Zigmund K. Olejarski    New York
Frank J. Page North Carolina
Jerry L. Pucillo Boston, Massachusetts
Robert B. Reifsnyder Pennsylvania
Ralph E. Sirianni   author of  POW #3959 Winthrop, Massachusetts
Carl R. Swanson Wisconsin
Don D. Zumwalt Oregon
South - Barrack "Unknown" - Room "Unknown"
Arthur Dunn England
Jack J. W. Eames England
Leslie Hurrell  (The builder of the wireless set) England
Roy Kilminster  (Forger) England
Stanley Robinson  England
South - Barrack "Unknown" - Room "Unknown"  From John Sydney Yeeles Log Book
P. Addison Newcastle on Tyne, Northumberland
Robert W. Becker Sandusky, Ohio
Ross Bell Waryport, Cumberland
James F. Berger Dayton, Ohio
J. H. W. Bishop Toronto, Ontario   Canada
Marion D. Blackburn Hollywood, Florida
Ray W. Brennan    see also Barrack 4 room 13 Franklin, Massachusetts
John E. Brine   Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada
E. A. Brown    "Kiwi" Greymouth, New Zealand
S. Boustead   "Geordie" Annfield Plain, Co. Durham
G. M. Campbell Scotland
P. A. Clare  "Pete" Harrogate, Yorkshire
Bernard F. Dorsey Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Howard Dewar Toronto, Ontario   Canada
Harry Dunn Wellington, Surrey
Samuel J. Fogel Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
J. Galloway Paisley, Scotland
Jack L. Gard  see also   Barrack 1 - Room 2  &  8 & Barrack unknown & room unknown Kelseyville, California
Francis R. Gerald   see also Barrack 2 - Room 9 Carnegie, Pennsylvania
T. W. Holmes    "Tommy" Stanwix, Carlisle
Ivan L. Horler Bath, Somerset
Edwin Taylor Hutchinson Auckland Co. Durham
W. R. Jackson Victoria, British Columbia   Canada
J. D. James London, England
Robert L. Kift     "Bob" Toronto, Ontario   Canada
Daniel H. Lafferty Allen Park, Michigan
Les R. Lauzon Toronto, Ontario   Canada
J. R. Lee    "Ginger" Smethwick, Staffordshire
James R. Lincoln Lapeer, Michigan
Daniel Magee Belfast, Northern Ireland
Arthur R. McAlhone Northumberland
W. L. McConnaughhay   see also Barrack 7 room unknown Larned, Kansas
John P. McGowan Santa Barbara, California
Charles R. McMahan Madison, Illinois
G. H. Meagher    see also Barrack  10 - Room 2 Greymouth, New Zealand
William E. Mitchell   see also Barrack 1 - Room 2 Lexington, Kentucky
Robert G. Patterson   see also Barrack 7 Room 8 Los Angeles, California
Eddie G. Pope Sunderland  Co. Durham
R. G. Quinlan Hamilton, Ontario  Canada
Herbert A. Rainbird   "Tony" Rochelle Park, New Jersey
Stanley Robinson Rainham, Essex
James L. Runte    see also Barrack 1 - Room 2  & Barrack "Unknown" - Room "Unknown" Port Arthur, Texas
Charles E. Salzer Miami, Florida
L. W. Saunders Woking, Surrey
George T. Schutz  see also   Barrack 1 - Room 2  &  8 Dallas, Wisconsin
Robert B. Spencer Cleburne, Texas
William H. Stein  or William G. Flushing, Long Island, New York
H. C. Stevens Shrewsbury, West Virginia
John R. Stewart     "Flying Boy" Inverness, Scotland
Gerard P. Thoms Rutherford, New Jersey
Samuel Craig Tuili    "Thrasher" Radford, Coventry
Kenneth M. Van Leuven Hollywood, California
Joseph N. Wackerly   see also Barrack 4 room 13 Bay City, Michigan
Marion M. Walshe New Orleans, Louisiana
Don Wilson Dundas, Ontario Canada
Raymond R. Wilson Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
J. Ed  Woolen     see also Barrack 1 - Room 2  High Point, North Carolina
W. R. Wynveen    "Bill" Leamington, Ontario Canada
John Sydney Yeeles England
South - Barrack "Unknown" - Room "Unknown"  From Frederick A. Smith's Log Book
Fabian Blatt       see also North 1 Jersey City, New Jersey
Kenneth Brown Fort Worth, Texas
John R. Cole  Stirling, New Jersey
Wayne D. Corbin Waterloo, Indiana
Andrew F. Detmers Ionia, Michigan
Vincent C. Gill Oxford, Massachusetts
Harry D. Gubner, Jr. Richmond Hill, New York
James G. Hatheway  Portland, Oregon
John P. Hill  Chicago, Illinois
William F. Kleine Lancaster, Pennsylvania
Don E. Robbins Newton, Iowa
Frederick A. Smith Brooklyn, New York
John L. Sullivan San Francisco, California
Russell I. Vreiling   see also Barracks 1 Room 10 Holland, Michigan 

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