World War II prisoner of war camp - Stalag Luft I


World War II - Prisoners of War - Stalag Luft I 

A collection of stories, photos, art and information on Stalag Luft I


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  Listing by Rooms of the POWs at Stalag Luft I
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Artwork by Dominick Tutino

Please help us complete this project.  Tell us where you or your loved one was held, include compound number, barrack or block number and room number, if known and the names of your roommates. 

South or West North 1 North 2 North 3


North 3 Compound

American Compound Commander

Col. Francis S. Gabreski Dec. 44 to May 45

 German Compound Commander

Hauptmann Probst Dec. 44 to Apr. 45

North 3 drawing

Drawing of North 3 Compound
click to enlarge and view

Airview of North 3 during roll call at Stalag Luft I

Air View of Roll Call at North 3 by Bill Tune

Termed  "Gabreski's Rock", the complete area within the wire enclosure surrounding this compound totaled no more than ten acres.

Approximately 2,500 prisoners were held here.  Nine barracks, two latrines, and a large stagnant pool of water filled the greater part of the compound.  Each barracks housed approximately 270 men.  Each was completely inadequate in both size and structure.  The beds, sarcastically but appropriately called "the catacombs" by the Kriegies, were nothing more than wooden shelves constructed around two walls of the room in four decks.  These decks were so close together that it was impossible for a person to sit up without striking his head on the deck above.  A straw tick, one blanket, sometimes a pillow and very rarely a second blanket comprised the bedding issued by the Germans.

The only pieces of furniture in the room were a table, seating eight at a time, the accompanying benches, and a small heating stove which was necessarily converted to a cook stove.  To further illustrate the crowded conditions it was impossible for all the occupants of a room to stand at one time.

Each of the barracks was raised two feet above the ground as a precaution against tunnels originating under the floor boards of a room.

North 3 - Barracks 1 (Block 301) Officers:
Barracks Commander - Capt. James R. Blackburn
Red Cross Officer - Lt. Glass
Supply Officer - Capt. Monroe S. Sams
Security Officer - Lt. Edward Ainsworth (Green Hornet)
Ration Officer - Lt. Jordan Eliades (Greer)
Adjutant - Lt. Louis F. Leon
Coal Rations Officer - Lt. Gus D. Leslie
Mail Officer - Buckwright

North 3  Barracks 1 - Room 2 at Stalag Luft I

Barracks Drawing by Martin Uhl

North 3 - Barracks 1 (Block 301)  - Room 2
Lewis R. Blakeney Lafayette, IN
Shelton Brannen Stilson, Georgia
Harry B. Churchwell Savannah, Tennessee
Paul E. Daugherty Dallastown, PA
Arthur W. Donovan Stamford, CT
Frank W. Druehl Port Washington, Long Island,  New York
James B. Fishburn       Room Commander Chico, California
WIlliam J. Gleason Cohoes, New York
Wilburn A. Haggard Clemville, Texas
George R. Klare   North Bend, Nebraska
Ralph F. Krantz Aberdeen, Washington
Randolph W. Lee Rapid City, South Dakota
Daniel F. McBride Malden, Massachusetts
Ralph McClintock  Fresno, California
Elmer M. Olson      Elder, South Dakota
Lyle C. Pearson Mankato, Minnesota
Theodore E. Pollard   (He made all of our "dinnerware"  from the discarded cans) Boone, Iowa 
Noyes Richey Ragley, Louisiana
Reece B. Robertson Lovell, Wyoming
Miles J. Rudolph Saukville, Wisconsin
Joe B. Spencer Slate Spring, Mississippi
Martin E. Uhl Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Theodore E. Yeaton Suncook, New Hampshire
George E. Zackert St. Joseph, Missouri
North 3 - Barracks 1 (Block 301)  - Room 3
Arnold R. Allen Ottawa, KS
Jesse A. Bryan   Winnsboro, LA
Donald N.  Christensen Santa Rosa, CA
Frank D. Dillard Miami, FL
Roy E.  Dixon Sacramento, CA
Jim F.  Eckrich Neenah, WS
William V.  Fertig Floyd Knobs, IN
Philip S.  Guckes Elkins Park, PA
Russell D.  Haas Three Rivers, MI
Roy J.  Kruger San Diego, CA
William W. Kuchinskas Worcester, MA
J. T. McMillen Yonkers, NY
George W. Morrison Chillicothe, TX
Joseph R. Paragone St Albans, NY
Donald G.  Sachs  - Seattle Chapter WWII POW Stories Jersey City, NJ
John R.  Salyer Erwin, TN
Harold K. Sargent Caldwell, ID
Lawrence C.  Shaw Natchez, MS
Oscar W.  Sparks Konowa, OK
Johnny Thompson Gladstone, MI
W. H.  Turner Youngstown, OH
Alfred J.  Walterscheid Carlsbad, NM
Roland E.  Weber  Chicago, IL
Raymond G.  Wiethorn Bellevue, KY
North 3 - Barracks 1 (Block 301)  - Room 10
Edward G. Anderman Westwego, La.
Warren Anderson Orlando, Florida
Palmer D Arrowood Langley, Kentucky
Edward Cado  
Eugene R.  Cronin Dallas, Texas
Harold S. Derr, Jr.   Williamsport , Pa
James B. Dodge  
Frank Élan  
Carl Gartz Michigan
Carl T. Goetz  
Chick Lowe  
Paul Moore  
Richard B. Musgrave  
Henry J. Rutkowski      "Hank" Chicago, Illinois
Harrison W. Roach Woodbury, NJ
Benjamin J. Sheppard Bridgeton, New Jersey
Eugene Shiffmin  
Edward Shiffner  
Mel L. Strewe San Antonio Texas
? Strive  
Emmett C. Thompson, Jr. Shreveport, La
Leo Ublanski  
Harold F. Uebel St Louis,  Mo.
Cyril Vrabel  
Dale T. Westell Pocahontas, La
Edward Westell  
Cleo C. White Fairmont, West Virginia
Bob ?  
North 3 - Barracks 1 (Block 301) - Room 12
Glenn O. Barlow Gordon, TX
Roy Blackburn Winchester, IL
Thomas L. Carr Binghamton, NY
Allen L. Diveley Pontiac, IL
Frank L. Dolce Long Island, NY
John Dolan Sunnyside, Long Island, NY
Wendell J. Dunn  
Robert Finkle Kingston, NY
Edward Gorman East Chicago, Ind.
Robert J. Griffin Albany, NY
Robert R. Hindert   see also Barracks "unknown"  Room 9 Peoria, IL
John F. Huf Glennrock, NJ
Jerald Kinchloe Long Beach , CA
Palmer Lacoss Lowell, Mass.
Martin McNicholas Philadelphia, PA
Raymond J. Morton Albertville, AL
Albert O'Brien Watervliet, NY
Richard Olson Culver, CA
Coy Pledger Eufaula, OK
Howard Senk Roanoke, VA
Richard Simerson Phillips, WI
Roman A. Sobota Independence, WI
Delbert Unger Page, ND
Leonard Werner Los Angeles, CA
North 3 Barracks 2 Officers:
Barracks Commander -
North 3 - Barracks 2 (Block 302) - Room 4
Chuck Blaney Chicago, IL
North 3 - Barracks 2 (Block 302) - Room 9       
James D. Creamer Providence, Rhode Island
Robert Cummings Colorado Springs, Colorado
Samuel DeGeorge Passaic, New Jersey
Harold L. Dillon   brother of Carrol Dillon, author of "A Domain of Heroes" Washington, Indiana
Paul Duran  
Edwin Herzig Bronx, New York
William L. Hogan New London, Connecticut
Robert R. Hindert    " Bob"  see also Barracks 1 - Room 12 Peoria, Illinois
Clifford A. Karrels Little Chute, Wisconsin
Harold E. Nelson  
John Massey  
John W. Sauer Los Angeles, California
William Schreiber River Rouge, Michigan
L. W. Shea New York
Marion Tennison Dallas, Texas
Harry D. Wellington Eagle Rock, California
North 3 - Barracks 2 (Block 302) - Room 13
Ernest M. Alcorn St. Louis, Missouri
Emery Boynak Hobart, Indiana
Nicholas A. Cannata Passaic, New Jersey
John B. Carson Chattanoga, Tennessee
Bernard M. Conlin Leavenworth, Kansas
James O. Davis Ottumwa, Iowa
Ysaye W. DiRosario Boston, Massachusetts
Roscoe W. Dooley Trenton, Texas
Richard D. Drummey New Haven, Connecticut
Karl W. Grigsby Olathe, Kansas
Harry D. Hawkins Lebanon, Indiana
Theodore J. Kmiecik Williamston, New York
Willy Krupitsch Brooklyn, New York
James C. Losey Unionville, Missouri
Leonard A. Luba Brooklyn, New York
Earl F. Matthews Hinton, Kentucky
George C. Miller Morton, Illinois
Coleman  D. Moberly Oakley, Kentucky
R. W. Moore Ft. Worth, Texas
Fred M. Olson - mail address available Wheeling, West Virginia
Orlando Puntorno Maplewood, New Jersey
William E. Smith Waco, Texas
James W. Toffton Rocky Mount, North Carolina
Omar L. Toney Commerce, Georgia
North 3 Barracks 3 Officers:
Barracks Commander -
North 3 - Barracks 3 (Block 303) - Room 9
Bill Addison Danville, VA
Roger W. Armstrong - author "USA The Hard Way" South Dakota
Pete Bausano Mohawk, MI
Wallace R. Beyer Duluth, MN
Granville Billingsley Lubbock, TX
Jack Black Charlotte, NC
Winton W. Blevins Houston, TX
Richard A. Bohl   (Tubby)   "Dick" Detroit, MI
Thomas L. Bracey Jackson, MI
Joseph H. Bradley Brownwood, TX
James R. Burg Chicago, IL
Clayton Burdue Lodi, CA
Irl Klinginsmith Lucerne, MO
Glover Nall Memphis, TN
Claude Nauer Geneva, IL
Francis Nine Cary, NC
Chester Nordling Turlock, CA
Robert Oakes New Albany, IN
George Obravatz Milwaukee, WI
Lewis Odgen Beaumont, TX
Paul Pearce Norfolk, VA
Henry Peters Portland, ME
Mark Phillips Andrew, NC
Melvin Steele Fenton, MI
North 3 - Barracks 3 (Block 303) - Room 12
Forest W. Howell Evansville, IN
North 3 - Barracks 3 (Block 303) - Room unknown   These men were also at one time in the South Compound - Block 13 - Room 12
Joseph M. Budich Dayton, Ohio
Bland Carter St. Louis, Missouri
James Dixon Aiken, South Carolina
Donald Menard Lafayette, Louisiana
Peter Merle Newark, New Jersey
Robert Messinger Bronx, New York
Albert Miller Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Don Miller Mt. Orab, Ohio
Edward Miller Bronx, New York
Swede Miller Black Foot, Idaho
Morris "Moe" Privin Brooklyn, New York
Norman Read Denver, Colorado
Walter E. Schryver    "Wally" Niagara Falls, New York
Robert Volkman Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Carl Weible Louisville, Kentucky
Marshall T. Windham Center, Texas
North 3 Barracks 4 Officers:
Barracks Commander -
North 3 - Barracks 4 (Block 304) - Room 2
Robert C. Bueker  
John W. Dohm Minneapolis, Minnesota
L. L. Jordan Washington, D.C.
Benjamin W. Long Avery, Oklahoma
Harlan D. Peterson Nelson, Nebraska
Joseph K. Plepel Chicago, Illinois
Randall Powell Evansville, Indiana
William W. Truxes Chadron, Nebraska     
North 3 - Barracks 4 (Block 304) - Room 12
William A. Callahan  
North 3 - Barracks 4 (Block 304) - Room 13
Edward B. Bayhi New Orleans, LA
William L. Beadle Terre Haute, IL
Ernest J. Biasetti Yonkers, NY
Paul B. Brady Philadelphia, PA
Melvin O. Brown W. Palm Beach, FL
William G. Burt Denver, CO
J. F. Campbell Philadelphia, PA
Charles J. Deckert Ozone Park, NY
Leroy E. Dunster Nashua, MT
William P. England Des Moines, NM
Isadore A. Galler Washington, DC
Alan Grimshaw Glendale, CA
Richard N. Hovey Cedar Falls, IA
Frank H. Hudson Lubbock, TX
Carl E. Ingersoll Emporium, PA
John H. McCracken - author " For You Der Var Ist Oufer Ligonier, PA
R. F. Miguet Evansville, IN
David H. Murphy Chicago, IL
Noah L. Puckett Dalton, GA
Cyril B. Rice L'Anse, MI
Clinton L. Rubadou Barrington, RI
Jack A. Scott Glen Alpine, NC
Casimer J. Skomski Detroit, MI
Charles R. Stewart Carmen, OK
North 3 Barracks 5 Officers:
Barracks Commander -

POW reunion           POW reunion       POW roommates reunite   

North 3 - Barracks 5 (Block 305) - Room 3
Robert Baker    Des Moines, Iowa   
David L. Bishop    Spartanburg, S.C.
Curtis Chapman Raymond, IL
Paul L. Foster   Kalamazoo, Mich.  
John L. Hartnett Los Angeles, Calif
Robert J. Humes Philadelphia, PA 
Harry A. Keirns Millfield, OH
Donald F. McGurk West Springfield, MA
Truman L. McMinn West Burke, VT
Adolph P. Miller Texarkana, TX  
William L. Miller Arcola, IL
Arthur R. Moran    Ellsworth, WI   
Robert G. Ostrander River Forest, IL  
Kermit R. Pope    Waynesboro, VA       
Gordon A. Redtfeldt  ( also Blk 9 room 3) Lemoore, CA 
Horace R. Simms   Oakland, CA 
Mike Sopko   Philadelphia, PA 
Marvin E. Strohl       Detroit, MI     
Fredrick A. Towle    Manchester, CT   
George K. Voseipka Cheyenne, WY  
David W.  Wetherill Springfield, PA
Dick J. White   Blytheville, AR 
Lloyd R. Worden, Jr. Los Angeles, CA 
Charles E. Zimmer - Room Commander Flushing, NY
North 3 - Barracks 5 (Block 305) - Room 5
Thomas Accardi Lyndhurst, NJ
Harold L. Anderson Gothenburg, Neb.
Lew H. Baxter North Springfield, PA
Herbert A. Bentley Sagimas, MI
Willard J. Blanchard Salemburg, NC
Douglas C. Brink Minneapolis, MN
Robert H. Berly, Jr.  "Bob" Lexington, SC
Fred B. Capalbo Greenwich, CT
William B. Cox New Orleans, LA
Frank B. Davy La Crosse, WI
Burr E. Davidson  
Robert R. De Nure Fort Jones, CA
John M. Howison Bogata, TX
Edward G. Jacobs Ratherford, NJ
Eugene M. Kipp Marysville, MI
Lindsey I. Lipscomb Hempstead, TX
A. S. Melovidoff San Francisco, CA or Tacoma, WA
Alvin G. Millspaugh Oakland, CA
Philip J. Moscherosch Flushing, NY
Charles M. Scott Huntington, WV
Roy R. Shoaf Topeka, KS
Floyd I. Weitz Seattle, WA
Fred W. Willis, Jr. Washington, DC
Rinaldo A. Zona New York, NY
North 3 - Barracks 5 (Block 305) - Room 10
Robert W. Bell Sacramento, CA
Donald E. Bell Sacramento, CA
Gordon J. Blake Wyoming, NY
Robert  N. Blazey Rochester, NY
Wade M. Craig Nashville, TN
Randall B. Darden Lubbock, TX
Daniel Dzioba Battle Creek, MI
Jack Eskenazi  
Tenny R. Fogelberg Marble, MN
Hugh H.  Hanley Jersey City, NJ
Joe J. Hanzook Brooklyn, NY
Robert Harris Homer, NY
Frank V. Hokr            Info Los Angeles, California
Donald K. Hopp Glenwood, IA
Chet H. Jameson Tulsa, Oklahoma
Dan Joba  
Edgar Lee Lamar     story Faucett, MO  
Richard Lipinski Milwaukee, WI
George E. Marquis Pittsburgh, PA
Joe McIntyre Indianapolis, IN
Robert Meier - Bob Hartford, WI
George Meuse Brookline, MA
Raymond Moulton Southbridge, MA
Emil F. Opalka Massena, NY
James Peyton Detroit, MI
William G. Phillips Richmond, VA
Zenon  Pietkiewicz  
North 3 - Barracks 5 (Block 305) - Room 11       hauck menu     hauck menu 2
Vern C. Bell  
A. Harris  
C. W. Harris  
W. Harris  
George Hauck   "Mickey" New Jersey
North 3 - Barracks 5 (Block 305) - Room 12
James W. Nance  
Ralph J. Butler Broadlands, Illinois
Victor Hernandez Mercedita, Puerto Rico
Joe McCorgin or McCaughan Tuskahoma, Oklahoma
Robert W. Van Zandt    P-51 pilot  
Allen D. Young Salt Lake City, Utah
North 3 - Barracks 5 (Block 305) - Room 13
Edmund T. F. Barcikowsky Cleveland, Ohio
Oliver A. Bonner Fairfield, Texas
Jack R. Chidley Casper, Wyoming
John W. Christian Kewanee, Illinois
Wayne W. Daniels Peoria, Illinois
Frank Elkins Nevada, Iowa
Donald Fahey Minneapolis, Minnesota
Robert L. Francis Bismarck, North Dakota
Louis J. Grus Bloomfield, New Jersey
Lester R. Keson Ludington, Michigan
Fred C. Kinsler Lincoln, Massachusetts
Harry R. Lovely Chicago, Illinois
Robert J. MacMullin Sparta, Wisconsin
Thomas J. Mahon Brooklyn, New York
Frank J. Marszalak McKeesport, Pennsylvania
Maurie S. McDade West Hartford, Connecticut
Harold E. Meiser Rochester, Indiana
Leonard U. Mitchell Evansville, Indiana
Michael J. Pollot Peoria, Illinois
John F. Priddy Stanton Texas
David Roush Newton, Iowa
Harold Scheer Brooklyn, New York
James H. Shaver  
Thomas M. Shive Cedar Rapids, Iowa
Harry W. Sonntag Saginaw, Michigan
Lowell Dean Strain Brewster, Kansas
Don E. Walters Webb City, Missouri
Arthur Wong, Jr. Oakland, California
North 3 Barracks 6 Officers:
Barracks Commander -
North 3 - Barracks 6 (Block 306) - Room 2
Charles A. Appel Gillette, Wyoming
Michael Blakita Buffalo, New York
William L. Cassel   (died of Leukemia in the camp hospital on  3/12/44) Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
Donald M. Childes Anderson, Indiana
David B. Coleman Jonesboro, Arkansas
John M. Conroy Buffalo, New York
Woodrow Cornelison Columbia, Missouri
Daniel W. Finlayson San Antonio, Texas
Milton S. Fox New York, New York
Thomas C. Guest Hamden, Connecticut
John J. Hockery Kansas City, Missouri
Charles J. Ingraham Atlanta, Georgia
John Kirkham Baltimore, Maryland
Gilbert A. Meyer Oakland, California
Charles H. Pedrotta Los Angeles, California
Marion A. Pitts Scottsville, Virginia
Robert D. Puckett Tulelake, California
George E. Reedy Minneapolis, Minnesota
John S. Richardson Minneapolis, Minnesota
Walter S. Smith Lumberton, North Carolina
Daniel W. Snow Silver City,  New Mexico
Frank A. Spady Jr. Chuckatuck, Virginia
Frank J. Zmudka La Salle, Illinois
North 3 - Barracks 6 (Block 306) - Room 3                  "The Uninvited Guests"                  Block 306 Room 3 door
Max Stanley Adler Pennsylvania
Jacob F. Baer  
Ralph A. Brautigam Pennsylvania
Kenneth J. Busse  
W. P. Davis  
Forest L. Dunham Wisconsin
Charles H. Enes  (or Charles N.) Connecticut
Joseph L. Hamilton Texas
Edward J. Holzer Wisconsin
R. E. Johnson New Jersey
Charles W. Lundsberg Michigan
Paul H. McKenny Wisconsin
Howard E. Munson California
William F. Nettekoven  
James H. Nugent Ohio
Alfred F. Pelka Pennsylvania
Donald A. Schulman Ohio
William N. Shearer Virginia
J. C. Shields Pennsylvania
William J. Swigart Pennsylvania
Harold T. Tomlinson California
William S. Tune Alabama
Samuel C. Winfree Florida
Richard R. Woodward Massachusetts
North 3 - Barracks 6 (Block 306) - Room 6
Randolph D. Anderson Worcester, MA
Walter M. Bagot Baton Rouge, LA
Lyman A. Beeman Watertown, NY
Burt D. Bream Brooklyn, NY
Ray Cook, Jr. Ames, Iowa
Richard C. Crabtree Chicago, IL
Gene Douglas (later moved) Washington, DC
George L. Fernandez Norfolk,  VA
John S. Frazier Plattsburg, NY
Ray M. Goodson Joliet, IL
James R. Groblewski Webster, MA
Norman W. Hanson Mars Ill, ME
William E. Kennedy Chicago, IL
Don L. Killian Bishop, CA
Norman E. Kottke Stewart, MN
Robert Leister McAllisterville, PA
Giles J. McCarthy Covington, KY
Thomas A. Michaels Luzerne, PA
Philip Morgan Indianapolis, IN
Harry Nelson  (later moved) Milwaukee, WI
H. Harry Phipps Herrin, IL
William C. Senn Castle Shannon, PA
J. K. Schafer Anaheim, CA
Jack E. Schimpf Chicago, IL
Floyd B. Whaley Oil City, PA
William H. Woodcock Forest Hills,  Long Island, NY
North 3 - Barracks 6 (Block 306) - Room 7
Donald B. Beers Pennsylvania
North 3 - Barracks 6 (Block 306) - Room 8
Col. William Blum author "Journey To A Star" New York
Major Cyrus Manierre Lake Forest, Illinois
George McCafferty  
Roger Receveau    see also North 2 Le Mans, France
North 3 - Barracks 6 (Block 306) - Room 9
George Alexander Oak Park, Illinois
James R. Davis Coshocton, Ohio
John D. Eckersley La Peer, Michigan
Donald R. Freer Warren, Ohio
Richard Funkhouser Los Angeles, California
John A. Gabriel Dayton, Ohio
Frank L. Gailer Manhassett, Long Island
Joseph M. Gallagher Dushore, Pa
Zigmund Harkiewicz Newark, NJ
Charles L. Houlihan Beeville, Texas
Forest L. Kenyon Richmond, Vermont
Harold W. Lasch  Lakewood, Ohio
Matthew S. Martin Waddy, Kentucky
James R. Moore  Blanchard, Oklahoma
Robert F. Nemec Chicago, Illinois
Herbert D. Olson Winfield, Iowa
William A. Pace Herrin, Illinois
Thomas H. Rieker Mankato, Minn
Melvin G. Rosche Nokomis, Illinois
Aubrey C. Ross Montgomery, Alabama
Jean D. Tarbutton Houston, Texas
Judson M. Willis Dexter, Mo
Harvey R. Warninger Yakima, Washington
James B. Walden Decatur, Georgia
North 3 - Barracks 6 (Block 306) - Room 12
Vincent J. Avallone New York, NY
? Caldwell Bainbridge, GA
Warren C. Cooley Cashion, OK
Alastair Currie Medford, Massachusetts
Clarence Fothergill        "Pappy" South Dakota or Washington DC
Oscar E. Howard Verbana, AL
Burke W. Jay Palmyra, NJ
Jim Kennedy Ferndale, MI
Bill LaCoss Walnut Ridge, AR
Warren H. MacDonald Virginia
Frank C Madill Ferndair, MI  (now Kimberly, WI)
Andrew Vedros Kansas City, KS
North 3 Barracks 7 Officers:
Barracks Commander -
North 3 - Barracks 7 (Block 307) - Room 2
John J. Thompson  
North 3 - Barracks 7 (Block 307) - Room 3
Raymond G. Mitchell  
North 3 - Barracks 7 (Block 307) - Room 5
John M. Alcorn Pontiac, IL
Donald L. Bennett Bellflower, CA
Roy W. Burns   see also Barracks "unknown"  Room "unknown"  Salem, OR
Charles O. Dewey Independence, KS
E. Stuart Gregg, Jr. Greensboro, NC
Lloyd A. Hamann Long Beach, CA
Virgil O. Hall Indianapolis, IN
Howard N. Kresge Bridgeport, CT
Marvin Laufer Bronx, NY
Ronald L. Maley San Diego, CA
Eugene P. Mench San Antonio, TX
Charles S. Olson Ridgefield Park, NJ
Charlie A. Stanley Albuquerque, NM
Walter E. Starck Milwaukee, WI
George C. Smith Butler Springs, AL
Harold E. Smith Dallas, TX
Grover Truet Sharbutt Palestine, TX
Robert N. Stevens Kokomo, IN
James J. Teske Loveland, CO
William L. Torske Hardin, MT
Earnest R. Taft Rochester, IL
Charles R. Wilbur Portland, OR
Ben G. Williams Richmond, VA
Herman Zetterquist San Jose, CA
North 3 - Barracks 7 (Block 307) - Room 6
Bernard J. Boucher Lynn, Massachusetts
Frank W. Brennan Newark, NJ.
Oral C. Chippeaux Witchita, KS
Glenn T. Conner Pittsburgh, PA.
William B. Crooker New York, NY.
Charles L. Ebert Brooklyn, NY
Robert O. Fitzsimmons Boone, Iowa
William C. Geer Wheeling, WV
Richard C. Jones Royal Oak, MI
Michael J. Kearns Titusville, PA.
Donald J. Kermode Alahambra, CA
Earl M. Kesler Clover Lick, WV
Harry G. Liskil Chicago, IL.
Robert C. Miller Lake George, NY
Edward J. Moppert Cranford, NJ
Channing W. Murray Manhattan, KS
Richard N. Pounds Bolivar, NY
Robert Simon Algonac, MI
Fern L. S. Steepleton Pueblo, CO
William B. Turner Roscoe, CA.
John W. White Long Beach, CA.
D. J. Whittingham Oakland, CA
Charles Wossiler or Wossilek Donora, PA
Robert S. Zerkel Troy, OH.
Leon Zimmerman Hershey, MI.
North 3 - Barracks 7 (Block 307) - Room 9
John D. Bante St. Louis, MO
Eugene F. Becker Milburn, NJ
Raffaele  F. Biondi   "Ralph" New Haven, CT
William G. Blue Tewksbury, MA
Wayne H. Buhrmann  Princeton, NE
Richard L. Carroll Rosemont, MN
Harry R. Colgate Washington
Frank Delmerico Dobbs Ferry, NY
Joe  Drutz Saranac Lake, NY
Milton H. Duckworth Jackson, MS
John R. Fitzgerald Dorchester, MA
Joe C. Frechette New Haven, CT
Henry C. Greve    Upper Manhattan, NY
William H. Gullette Van Buren, AR
Kenneth O. Hale   Kansas City, MO
Norman W. Hanson Mars Hill, ME
Robert M. Hockman Oil City, PA
Frank J.  Hoder Rutland, VT
Sanborne Hutchins Paxton, MA
Gerald W. Lay Ranburne, AL
Richard  McDonnell Maspeth, NY
Harinus  Mieras Grand Rapids, MI
Donald S. Mohr  
Nick G.  Morgan Anita, IA
Earl C.  Walsh Jackson, MS
North 3 - Barracks 7 (Block 307) - Room 10
Anthony A. Aratari New York
Ralph Brown North Carolina
Thomas Horgan Nevada
Lee G. Johnson Chicago, Illinois
Raymond C. Koorenny Washington
Matthew Brad Slaven California
E. Philip Stroupe Whitehaven, Tennessee
James Vaughan Tennessee
Bob Walter Virginia
Thomas Whelan New Jersey
North 3 - Barracks 7 (Block 307) - Room 12
Richard W. Blake Belvidere, IL
Robert F. Carlgren Concordia, KS
Robert E. Cloughley Kansas City, KS
George W. Forgey Biggsville, IL
Vrooman L. Francisco Burbank, CA
Ralph H. George Hemet, CA
Clarence O. Gore West Allis, WI
M. Alexander Harasym Youngstown, OH
James M. Hollingsworth Montesano, WA
Vernon E. Houtck Wenatchee, WA
Allen C. Hutchinson Narberth, PA &/or Denton, TX
Sam P. Jones Los Angeles, CA
William L. McLain Jr.  Montgomery, AL
John J. McSpiritt  Newark, NJ
Kenneth E. Merry Emporia, KS
Jesse F. Moses Blackfoot, ID
Tom D. Neely Sacramento, CA
William H. Osborne Rieth, OR
William K. Redmon Jr.  Wichita, KS &/or Hawthorne, CA
Gerald R. Smith Grand Rapids, MI
Harry W. Vaughn Pocatello, ID
North 3 - Barracks 7 (Block 307)  Room  "unknown"                Barracks 307 at Stalag Luft I      Robbers Roost -  Kriegie land bedroom    Kriegie kitchen - barracks 307
Roy G. Coleman Aurora, Nebraska
Robert W. Craver Rochester, NY
James J. Daugherty Pittsburgh, PA
Henry P. Delvecchio East St. Louis, Illinois
James O. Dickenson Lexington, Nebraska
George F. Green Shenandoah, PA
Carmine M. Guillo Boston, MA
Robert A. Jahn Matteson, Illinois
Clifford Lee Mussehl Beaverdam, Wisconsin
Hillman D. Oden Dallas, Texas
Lauren N. Porter So. Gate, California
Emery E. Salyards Sandy Point, Idaho or Spokane, Washington
Frank E. Schnurstein Forest Park, Illinois
Harry R. Shirey Elwood City, PA
John Sikich Conway, PA
R. C. Simpson Handley, West Virginia
David L. Smith New Franklin, MO
Louis M. Smith Seattle, Washington
Bernhardt E. Sopha Detroit, MI
John S. Stariknok Springfield, Vermont
Rocco L. Stefano Buffalo, NY
Valentine Villanueva San Antonio, Texas
Frank Ward Tulsa, Oklahoma
James R. Williams Eufaula, Alabama
North 3 Barracks 8 Officers:
Barracks Commander -
Rations Officer:- Leonard Mitchell
North 3 - Barracks 8 (Block 308) - Room 1
Leonard U. Mitchell Evansville, IN
North 3 - Barracks 8 (Block 308) - Room 3
Herbert A. Armse  St. Louis, Missouri     
Joe Amos  Evergreen, Alabama
Robert Bailey  Birmingham, Alabama 
Harry W. Bosier  Eau Claire, Wisconsin
Allen L.  Brooks   see also Room 12 Tahoha, Texas
Thomas Conroy, Jr.  see also Barracks 9 Room 6 Baltimore, Maryland
Willard G. Earl  Wood Haven, New York
Larry Genaver   Irvington, Nebraska
Lewis Guernesy Ionia, Michigan
Jim Haggard  Cynthiana, Kentucky
B. J. Hawthorne  Arlington, Virginia
William H. Hendricks   see also Barracks "unknown"  Room 12 Mathis, Texas
Robert A. Herman  see also Barracks 9 Room 6 Youngstown, Ohio
Jack Jeffreys Osceola, Iowa
Charles Jones Lyons, Indiana
W. Keenan  West Chester, Pennsylvania
Edward F. Knabb  Cincinnati, Ohio
John P. Miller Ambler, Pennsylvania
Wallace W. Patton Ponder, Texas
William G. Pitts  Lafayette, California
Jonny Turner  Pikesville, Michigan
Frank R. Weston  Pittsburgh,  Pennsylvania  
Bruce A. Yount   Pittsburgh,  Pennsylvania
Jim Zender             Alexandria, South Dakota
North 3 - Barracks 8 (Block 308) - Room 8
Cecil C. McGrew  "Tex' Yoakum, TX
David E. McNeely Ellenboro, NC
Ed D. Meckley New Oxford, PA
Henry X. Metz Waltham, MA
Francis J. Miller Banger, PA
Robert L. Mooring Houston, TX
Russell H. Nicholaison  "Nick Duluth, MN
Robert E. Otis Jasper, TX
Robert Owen New York, NY
Donald J. Perdzock Kingsford, MI
George L. Petty  "Cookie" Pocatello, ID
Anthony J. Pope Brooklyn, NY
Lawrence M. Rogers Candler, NC
Eugene N. Schwerdtfeger  "Curly" Davenport, IA
Bill Sebert Kansas City, MO
Jack D. Spadafino Bronx, NY
Matthew G. Streit Chicago, IL
John F. Tribby Coraopolis, PA
Fred C. Warfle Waverly, NY
William H. Wiest Springfield, IL
Robert A. Woehlke Baltimore, MD
Walter E. Wright Berwin, IL
Roy P. Yetter, Jr. Lackawanna, LI, NY
Walter V. Youngs Milwaukee, WI
North 3 - Barracks 8 (Block 308) - Room 9
Oliver A. Bonner, Jr. Fairfield, TX
Joe G. Cosgrove Waterbury, CT
George Dawson "Jack"  Kalamazoo, MI
Charles N. Enes  "Pop" South Windsor, CT
Donald Fahey Minneapolis, MN
Hyman Fine Boston, MA
Tom G. Horgan Reno, NV
Russel C. MacDuffee DesMoines, IA
Howard McIntire Lockport, NY
Paul H. McKenny Appleton, WI
Don L. Tapie Santa Barbara, CA
Elmo Tibbetts San Bernadino, CA
L.C. Tipton Plainview, TX
Leslie C. White Atlanta, GA
Robert T. Wright Bedford, OH
North 3 - Barracks 8 (Block 308) - Room 11
Granville F. Billingsley Texas
George William Caudell  
William E. Groover Jr.  Georgia
Russell C. Gwin South Dakota
Ralph J. Harvey  
Earl R. Hoppe Texas
Wilbert L.  Jacobson  
Harold L. Keen  
Raymond F. Martin  
Clare H. Oliphant  
Arthur J. Pflughaupt Washington
William S. Raborn  
Harold L. Scales  
Clarence R. Shepherd  
Paul A. Shull -  Room Captain  
Oscar L. Stillman  
Richard W. Stones  
Robert E. Tunney  
Albert G. Van Morris  
Warren M. Vaelz  
Arthur C. Walstrom  
William A. Wells  
Garland H. Williams  
North 3 - Barracks 8 (Block 308) - Room 12
Joseph W. Bollard Waterbury, CT
Allen L. Brooks   see also Room 3 Tahopa, TX
William F. Effinger St. Louis, MO
Roy L. Freese Savonburg, KS
Leonard G. Johnson Chicago, IL
Roy E. Kanys Ocean Springs, MS
Kenneth L. Knudtson Seattle, WA
Guy R. Martin Baltimore, MD
Frank A. Miskiewicz Jewett City, CT
John J. Norstrom Minneapolis, MN
Raymond A. Ohm Winslow, AZ
Stan Pavlic Schenectady County, NY
Eugene M. Powell Wichita Falls, KS
John H. Robinett Houston, TX
S. Bud Shapiro Fresno, CA
Charles L. Solterman Montillo, WI
James Steel Philadelphia, PA
A. C. Stone Buffalo, WY
Marion W. Taylor Wichita Falls, TX
Attilio Tirapelli      "Terry" Crystal Falls, MI
Calbert O. Turner Springfield, MO
Gerald E. Whitman Dalsestown, OH
Albert G. Williams   author Falling Down For the Count St. Clair Shores, MI
Joseph L. Williams New Haven, CT
Roman Yriarte Burns, OR
North 3 - Barracks 8 (Block 308) - Room "unknown"
Lester H. Russell  
John Starnok Springfield, Vt
North 3 - Barracks 8 (Block 308) - Room "unknown"
Valentine Villanueva  
North 3 Barracks 9 Officers:
Barracks Commander -
North 3 - Barracks 9 (Block 309) - Room 2
Leroy J. Bruce Kennewick, WA
Edward N. Chan New Hyde Park, NY
James T. Creekmore Visalia, CA
Donald H. DeMarce El Cajon, CA
Zdzislaw Dewicki  (Jerry) Dearborn Heights, MI
Hal D. Draper, Jr. Grass Valley, CA
Harry D. Edmiston Denver, CO
John W. Galt (see also N2- Blk 4- Rm 5) Avon Park, FL
Edward W. Gardner Palatine, IL
Charles L. Gould New York
Frank L. Hobart Sabinal, TX
Paul O. Hower El Dorado, KS
Wesley L. Hudelson  (see also N2- Blk 4- Rm 5) Staunton, VA
Granville G. Kemp   "Pete" Seal Beach, CA
Neil W. McCulley St. Petersburg, FL
David R. Miles Jacksonville, FL
Richard W. Moulton Naples, FL
Herbert W. Natzke San Francisco,  CA
Roy A. Peterson Flint, MI
Stanton M. Rickey  (see also N2- Blk 4- Rm 5) Salem, OR
Steve Rudnyk Fountain Hill, AZ
Wayne E. Rosenoff      story Monterey, CA
David M. Stein  (see also N2- Blk 4- Rm 5) Roswell, NM
Eugene F. Sweeney Bay Ridge, NY
North 3 - Barracks 9 (Block 309) - Room 3 Kitchen in North 3, Block 9 room 3 by Bob Tucker
Charles J. Amers Pittsburg, PA
Frank H. Boehm Woodside, Long Island, NY
Raymond E. Comer Abilene, TX
Howard R. DeMallie Rochester, NY
Roger W. Drinkwalter Zumbro Falls, MN
William Flynt Augusta, Maine
Joe E. Gonzales Rupert, Idaho
Kenneth F. Kane Brocton, MA
Jerry Larotonda Brooklyn, NY
Aaron G. Louchead Hamilton, OH
Russell C. Macduffie Chicago, IL
Paul W. McIntosh Farndale, MI
Anthony C. Morbeto Houtzdale, PA
David M. Morey Grand Junction, CO
Leslie P. Morgan Vestal, New York
Bert Morrison Montgomery, AL
Gordon Redtfeldt   (also Blk 5 room 3) Lemoore, CA
Vincent S. Seger Beeville, Texas
Edward J. Sullivan Jackson Heights, NY
Forest R. Tucker    "Bob"   Postal address available Glendale, CA
Roy Van Cleave Memphis, TN
Lawrence W. Ward Elkins, WV
George R. Warder Springer, NM
William W. Willson   (room leader) Darien, CT
Robert T. Wright Bedford, Ohio
North 3 - Barracks 9 (Block 309) - Room 4
Lewis B. Hoagland East Orange, New Jersey
North 3 - Barracks 9 (Block 309) - Room 5
Jim Mankie  
Elgin S. Scobell  
North 3 - Barracks 9 (Block 309)  Room 6
Frederick M. Abbott El Paso, TX
Paul C. Andersen Redfield, SD
Russell D. Austin    see also South Compound Electra, TX
John E. Bacon Baltimore, MD
Paul J. Bellavance    Attleboro, MA
Dofel J. Brunetti San Francisco, CA
John K. Carlson  "Red" Markville, MN
John M. Connor    Hazleton, PA
Thomas C. Conroy    see also Barracks 8 Room 3 Baltimore, MD
Michael V. Duslarowitz Brooklyn, NY
Calvin M. Essenberg Muskegon Heights, MI
Bruce Fulton  (brief stay in room only) Erlanger, KY
Robert C. Hailer Newton, MA
Max Harder  Iowa
Robert Herman    see also Barracks 8 - Room 3 Youngstown, Ohio
J. H. Hopkins Omaha, NE
James A. Joy Crowell, TX
Raymond A. Kader Sanford, FL
Oswald Kornhoff   Passaic, NJ
John P. Miller   Ambler, PA
Vernon V. Murphy Ada, OK
Stan Pace  (brief stay in room only) Burkesville, KY
Edward T. Perrot Chicago, IL
William K. Phillis Atlantic City, NJ
Ellsworth H. Quinell Fairbault, MN
William K. Redmon  (brief stay in room only) Wichita, KS
Clarence W. Reicherts Park Ridge, IL
Irving Smirnoff   (brief stay in room only) Connecticut
Raymond E. Smith Waukegan, IL
Charles R. Steinforth Yates Center, KS
Norman J. Strombotne Cheyenne, WY
John Edward Thompson   postal address available Blanchardville, WI
Victor J. Toro Springfield, MA
Augustine Troy Stamford, CT
Jonathan Turner  Pikesville, MD
John J. Verbitski  Miami, FL
D. M. Williams Massilon, OH
W. N. Yellott LaFayette, LA
North 3 - Barracks 9 (Block 309)  Room 10
Gordon Behling Johnson Creek, Wisconsin
Earl Cline Decatur, Illinois
Robert Cohen Cincinnati, Ohio
Richard Decker Elmhurst, Illinois
Donald Dorman LaCrosse, Washington
George Dorval Waltham, Massachusetts
William Foster Abbeyville, Kansas
Robert A. Galvan San Antonio, Texas
Glenn Gladfelder Des Moines, Iowa
Eldred Helton Timberland, North Carolina
Arthur Holter San Francisco, California
Fred Marshall Oakland, California
Louis McComsey Cheshire, Oregon
Lawrence McFee Sharon Springs, New York
George Moll Jersey City, New Jersey
Henry H. Plume Yoakum, Texas
Stewart Reed Lindsborg, Kansas
Harold Rensch Makon, North Dakota
Martin Rockenhaus Scranton, Arkansas
Luther Rone Koskiusko, Mississippi
Harry Slesnick Flint, Michigan
John Sullivan Chicago, Illinois
Ernest Verbeck Flint, Michigan
E. Ernest Waymon Morgantown, West Virginia
North 3 - Barracks 9 (Block 309)  Room 11
Paul W. Behrents Three Rivers, MI
Ted A. Bunn Stockton, CA
Charles A. Dews Austin, TX
Harvey L. Eustrom Rapid City, SD
Frank E. Funk Jersey City,  NJ
Malcom C.  Hawkins  "Rusty" Concan, TX
Donald J. Hillyer Harvey, IL
Louis H. Keil St. Louis, MO
Grady G. Lightfoot New Orleans, LA
James A. McElrath Bramwell, WV
Hugo S. Miller W. Palm Beach, FL
Alfred H. Mullins Memphis, TN
Gilbert T. Nesch Racine, WI
Kenneth S. Paulson - Room Commander Corry, PA
John H. Peters Chicago, IL
Isaac C. Peterson  
James Piersol Mt. Jay, PA
Claude L. Rains Del Rio, TX
Henry F. Renard  "Hank" West Bend, WI
William P. Saum Springfield, OH
George R. Simmons Chickasha, OK
Herbert Spettel Dayton, OH
Harry A. Walz New York, NY
Donald F. Winters Meadville, PA
James H. Young Norfolk, VA
North 3 - Barracks 9 (Block 309)  Room 12
John P. Cherney            Pennsylvania
Raymond D. Dillon Wisconsin
Leland C. Farlow Ohio
Paul L. Fergot Wisconsin
Harry O. Filer Florida
Marvin Iverson  
Edmund A. Kasold California
Herman T. Kennedy Alabama
John J. Kollar Pennsylvania
William G. Leek  
Kenneth R. Messel Indiana
Carl B. Pollock  
Blaine E. Richards Illinois
Glenn H. Rojohn  
Merle H. Ross  
Ward C. Smidl Illinois
Clark S. Smith Missouri
William L. Smith North Carolina
William M. Sterrett Virginia
Milton D. Waite Pennsylvania
Edwin D. Woellner  
Harry B. Winger Pennsylvania
North 3 - Barracks 9 (Block 309)  Room 13
Aldridge, John S. Mapleshade, NJ
Carpenter, John Jacksonville, FL
Carrol, Paul L Laurens, Iowa
Everheart, John E Roswell, NM
Fulton, Bruce W. Erlanger, KY
Gavanonski, G.A. Harvey, Il
Harvey, Charles Philadelphia, PA
Hedstrom, Raymond E. St. Louis, MO
Ivey, Maury H. Cennison, TX
Mann, Elton F. Kansas City, MO
Macksey, Earle West Oskaloosa, Iowa
McCutcheon, Robert B. Martinsville, VA
Mitchell, Donald E. Tennessee
Mowry, Duane  D. Audubon, Iowa
Neider, Joseph M. Rivera, CA
Neudorfer, Robert H. Boise, Idaho
Rutherford, John L Philadelphia, PA
Schamis, Abe Forrest Hills, LI NY
Silvey, W.R., Jr. Chicago, Il
Smith, Bowman L. Maryville, TN
Treynellis, Kasimer A. (Or Traynelis) Cliffside Park, NJ
Williams, Don D. Russels Point, OH
Williams, George E. St. Clair, PA
Winger, Harry B. W Middlesex, PA
North 3 Barracks 12 Officers:
Barracks Commander -
North 3 - Barracks 12 (Block 312)  Room 9
Paul E Strippgen Jr  
North 3 - Barracks 12 (Block 312)  Room 10
Henry C. Preher Evansville, Indiana
North 3 Barracks 13 Officers:
Barracks Commander -
North 3 - Barracks 13 (Block 313)  Room 11
Robert Coe  

North 3 Barracks Unknown
North 3 - Barracks "unknown"  Room 12
Robert C. Brown Illinois
Bernard M. Eshleman Washington DC
Jake Feagles New York
Charles V. Frascati New York
Bill Hendricks  see also Barracks 8 - Room 3  
Earl A. Jefferson Wisconsin
Daniel  E. King  
Rollie C. King  
James B. Mc Arthur  
Arthur R. Meyers  
Gerald M. O’ Donnell  
Walter E. Payne  
Loren C. Rice Washington
Eric Sherman  
James A. Soloman  
R. G. Swain  
Robert J. Thiefels  
Milton A. Wilde  
North 3 - Barracks "unknown"  Room "unknown"           these men may or may not have been in the same room
Ralph P. Blanton Cleveland County, NC
Roy W. Burns  see also Barracks 7 (Block 307) - Room 5 Salem, Oregon
Norval L. Covington Mangum, Oklahoma
Arvid J. Johnson Deer River, Minnesota
Emery E. Salyards Spokane, Washington
Allison M. Stern New York New York
North 3 - Barracks "unknown"  Room "unknown"   from James Russell Massie's log, they may or may not have been in the same room
Robert E. Baccus Huntsville, Texas
Pat J. Caulfield Brooklyn New York
Earle J. Cochrane Schoolfield, Virginia
Charles B. Coogler Chester, South Carolina
Raymond Crewson Sebring, Ohio
Earl L. Davis Big Spring, Texas
Carl D. Eaton Macon, Georgia
Peter Euggino Istrouma, Louisiana
Grover Fortenberry Foxworth, Mississippi
Keith Hereford Fort Scott, Kansas
Thomas Horger Detroit, Michigan
Sam Jepsen Sledge, Mississippi
Arthur Laffenwell Chandler, Oklahoma
Tom W. Lattimore, Jr Sullivan, Missouri
John R. Manicki Chicago, Illinois
Ken L. Minette Fargo, North Dakota
James Russell Massie Sardis, Miss
Elvis A. McCoy Miami, Oklahoma
William McLaughlin Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Hugh McMurran Pensacola,  Florida
Charles W. McReynolds Carl Junction, Missouri
Terrence Messing Columbus, Nebraska
Maurice Michalek Warren, Minnesota
John R. Modrovsky New York City, New York
Leonard C. Raple Antigo, Wisconsin
Nolan Reech Simmesport, Louisiana
Harold W. Roney Rosemead, California
Gilbert Scherer St Louis, Missouri
Henry Schmid Coachella, California
Jack Severson Milwaukee, Wisconsin
George Smith Jr. Spartanburg, South Carolina
Henry Thibodeaux New Orleans, Louisiana
William Violrich Amsterdam,  New York
James G. White Homer, Louisiana
Jarvis Williams Kansas City, Kansas
W. J. Williams Joplin, Missouri
Robert Willson Magnolia, Mississippi
Arnold Wilson Greensboro, Pennsylvania
Leo Wloczewski West Natrona, Pennsylvania



Francis Gabreski

Col. Francis "Gabby" Gabreski the commanding officer in charge of the North III Compound at Stalag Luft I died on January 31, 2002.  He was for many years was known as "America's Greatest Living Ace".



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