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World War II - Prisoners of War - Stalag Luft I 

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William R. Harry w/cousin - graduation from Flight school  William R. Harry   of Clearfield, PA
 384th Bomb Group - B-17 Pilot


Shot down on a mission to Schweinfurt, Germany on October 14, 1943 while flying a B-17 #42-29800, named "Me and My Gal"

Stalag Luft I POW


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William Harry on Graduation day from Flight School with his cousin  


Lt. William R. Harry Pilot POW
Lt.  Ivan L. Rice Co-pilot killed in action
2nd Lt.  David H. Black Navigator POW
2nd Lt.  Charles P. Mannka Bombardier killed in action
Sgt.  Tom B. Wheeler   POW
T/Sgt.  Edward F. Simpson   POW
S/Sgt.  John McKenna   POW
Sgt.   Julius Marcus    
Sgt.   Howard D. Parks,   POW
S/Sgt.  Leroy Parent   POW


Placque made in the POW camp


Plaque made in the POW Camp with crew's names and airplane

William Harry's letter home from POW camp - Sept 1944 William Harry envelope - letter home from POW camp
A Letter home dated Sept. 5, 1944 Front of Letter home

Dear Mother & Father,

It is raining and a little cold today.  I made myself a picture frame yesterday and now I am making a plack with my crews names on it and a drawing of an airplane.  It should be a nice souvenir and it also gives me something to do.  The biggest problem we have is finding something to do.  I spend my time by reading, walking and fooling around.  I have a bucket of water on the stove now heating.  I am going to shave and take a bath after I finish this.  The kids will be starting school today, it seems a long time since I was going and how I hated it.  It doesn't seem possible that Betty will be starting her last year of school soon.  Tell her to keep her eye out for a nice looking girl who has a lot of money.  I have decided to get married if I can find a girl who will marry me and has a lot of money.  I hope this fines you all in the best of health and that everything is ok.  I am just fine and looking forward to being with you soon.  Give everyone my regards.  Tell Aunt Mary and Uncle Erick to plan on being home on Xmas and we will celebrate.

 Love, Bill

William R. Harry with parents 1942 William R. Harry with his parents - 1942

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