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World War II - Prisoners of War - Stalag Luft I 

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Page W - Listing of POWs at Stalag Luft I

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Last Name First Rank State Compound Other
Waage Jack C.  Lt. Texas North 2 B-17
Wachter John B.  S/Sgt. Pennsylvania North 3 B-24
Wackerly Joseph N.   S/Sgt. Michigan South  
Waddy I. D. S/Ldr New Zealand West RNZAF NZ402915 
Wade Raymond W.    Lt. Ohio South  
Wade Rollins     North 2  
Wager L. R. W/O England West RAF 1332120
Wages Thomas B.  S/Sgt. Oklahoma North 3 B-17
Waggoner P. A.    Lt. Texas South  
Waggoner William E. Lt. Arkansas South  
Wagner Arthur F.   Lt. New Jersey South  
Wagner H. A. F/O England West RAF 130242 
Wagner Herbert A.   F/O Maryland South  
Wahl Russell F.   Lt. New Jersey South  
Waickas Joe   Wisconsin North 2  
Waight B.    Lt. New York South  
Wainwright Stanley D.    Lt. New York South  
Wainwright T. E. F/Sgt. England West RAF 943031
Wainwright V. C. F/Sgt. England West RAF 635257
Waite Milton D. Lt. Pennsylvania North 3 B-24
Wakefield R. C. Cpl.      
Wakeham C. E. F/O Australia West RAAF Aus419977 
Walda David W.   Lt. Indiana South  
Walden James B. Lt. Georgia North 3  
Waldher Eugene N.    Capt. Washington South  
Waldman Wesley L.    Lt. Alabama South & North 2  
Waldorf Horace C. Lt. Iowa North 1  
Waldron F. G. W/O England West RAF 1287168
Waldroup Marvin M.   Lt. Louisiana South  
Wales Kenneth S.   Lt. Maryland North 1  
Walk Charles E.   Lt. Indiana North 1 454th Group, 738th squadron
Walker A. Pvt England West B ARMY 2924918
Walker A. J. S. P/O England West RAF 159063 
Walker Alfred C.    Lt. Ohio South  
Walker Bill     South  
Walker D. F.   S/Sgt. Illinois West From Luft IV 
Walker Ernest F.  T/Sgt. Texas North 3 B-17
Walker H. N.  T/Sgt. California North 3 Liaison
Walker Harold H. Lt. Arizona North 2  
Walker James L.   Lt. Colorado South  
Walker John E.   Lt. Ohio North 1  
Walker John H.   Lt. California North 1 B-17
Walker John P.   Lt. California South  
Walker Joseph M.   Lt. Alabama South  
Walker Laurence W.   Lt. Illinois North 1  
Walker Lawrence D.   Lt. California South  
Walker Roy M.    Lt. Pennsylvania South  
Walker Samuel A.   Lt. Mississippi South & North 2  
Walker T. R Pte England West ARMY 3708909
Walker Ward C.   Lt. Massachusetts South  
Walker  Charles E. Lt. Florida North 2  
Wall Charles L.   S/Sgt. Louisiana North 1  
Wall G. F/O Australia West RAAF Aus427046 
Wall J. Pvt England West B ARMY 787649
Wallace Jack R.    Lt. Oklahoma South & North 2  
Wallace Lew  E. Lt. Washington North 2  
Wallace R. J.  Lt. Pennsylvania North 3 B-17
Wallaszek John F.   Sgt. Michigan West From Luft IV 
Walling Walter D.   Lt. South Carolina North 1  
Wallis Alan W.  Lt. California North 2 B-17
Walsh Earl C. Lt. Mississippi North 3  
Walsh Elvin    S/Sgt. Pennsylvania South  
Walsh Frank K.   Capt. Mississippi South  
Walsh James P.   T/Sgt. New Jersey West From Luft IV 
Walsh James F.   Sgt. New York West From Luft IV 
Walsh John J. Lt.      
Walshe Marion M. Lt. Louisiana South  
Walstrom Arthur C.  S/Sgt. California North 3 B-26
Walter B. W.  Lt. Ohio North 1  
Walter Bob   Virginia North 3  
Walter Charles R. LT. Virginia    
Walter F. O. P/O Australia West RAAF Aus427273 
Walter J. H. P/O Australia West RAAF Aus427575 
Walter R. W. F/O Canada West RCAF J.29995 
Walters Don E.  Lt. Missouri North 3 P-38
Walters W. J. Pte England West ARMY 2733251
Walterscheid Alfred J. Lt. New Mexico North 3  
Waltho Percy   S/Sgt. New York West From Luft IV 
Walton Charles P.  Lt. New Jersey North 2 & North 1 B-17
Walton J. E. F/Lt.  England West RAF 106088 
Walton J. H. F/O England West RAF 155112 
Walton Raymond T. Sgt. Iowa    
Walts Charles D.   Lt. Indiana South  
Walz Harry A. or G. Lt. New York South or North 3  
Walz Harry R S/Sgt. Illinois    
Wangeman Herbert O Lt. California South blog
Wanger Donald R.   Lt. Indiana South  
Wanstrom Wilber E.  Lt. North Dakota North 2 B-17
Ward D. E. Sgt. England West RAF 1801683
Ward Edmund F.  Jr.  S/Sgt. North Carolina North 3 B-17
Ward Edward P.   Lt. New Jersey or Louisana North 1  
Ward Frank  Sgt. Oklahoma North 3 B-17
Ward Hugh Augustus   Lt. South Carolina North 1  
Ward John R.    Lt. Wisconsin South  
Ward K. P/O England West RAF 184083 
Ward Lawrence W.  Lt. West Virginia North 3 B-17
Ward Marion H.  Lt. North Carolina North 2 B-17
Ward Neal P. Lt. Texas    
Ward Neil Pershing    Capt. Texas South  
Ward Robert C.    Lt. Rhode Island South  
Ward Russell M.  Lt. Oregon North 2 B-17
Ward Walter E. Lt. Missouri    
Wardell John R Lt. Kansas North 2  
Warder George R. Lt. New Mexico North 3  
Wardle G. Pte England West ARMY 4977329
Ware Henry L. Lt. Texas    
Ware J. E.  S/Sgt. California North 3 B-17
Ware James N.    Lt. Texas South & North 2  
Ware N. L.    Lt. Texas South  
Ware Robert E. Lt. Kansas South  
Wareham James A.    Lt. Pennsylvania South  
Wareing R. S/Ldr England West RAF 86325 
Warfel Douglas C.   Lt. New Jersey North 1 & North 2  
Warfle Frederick C. S/Sgt. New York North 3 B-17
Warmington Edwin J. F/O England West RAF 157190 
Warne William H.   F/O South Dakota North 1  
Warner Robert L.    Lt. New York South  
Warninger Harvey R. Lt. Washington North 3  
Warp Arlo E.   Lt. Nebraska North 1  
Warren Donald L.   Capt. Illinois South & North 2  
Warren J. H. F/Sgt. Canada West RCAF R.186513
Warren Robert A.  Lt. Massachusetts North 2 B-24
Warwick M Pte England ? West OPD(A/B) BRITISH  B-26949
Wasek Marion S/Sgt.      
Washburn Arthur W. Lt. Massachusetts South & North 2  
Washington Robert Lt. North Carolina North 3 B-17
Wasowicz Barney W.  F/O Michigan North 2 B-26
Wasserman Bernard Lt. unknown    
Wasserman Bernard    Lt. New York South  
Wasson Herbert J.  F/O Illinois North 2 CG4A Glider
Wates G. H. Capt. South Africa West SAAF 11517-V 
Waters Joseph F. 2nd Lt. Iowa North 1 or 3  
Watkins Jesse F. Sgt.      
Watkins William David Gordon W/Cdr.  England West RAF 44828 
Watson A. A. F/Sgt. Canada West RCAF R.250570
Watson David L.   Lt. Oklahoma North 1  
Watson Earl F.   Lt. Georgia North 1  
Watson Harold L.  S/Sgt. North Carolina North 3 B-24
Watson L.C. Sgt. England West RAF 626680
Watson Marlyn L.   Lt. Minnesota South & North 2  
Watson R. F/O Canada West RCAF J.37779 
Watson Thomas A. Pvt. Alabama    
Watson Thomas J. Lt.      
Watt A.   New York North 2  
Watt John A.   New York    
Watt W. Pvt England West B ARMY 2756802
Watters Darlyle M.     South  
Watters James G.   Lt. Illinois North 1  
Watters Ronald A.  Lt. Montana South  
Watts Clinton L. T/Sgt. Oklahoma    
Watts L. B.   S/Sgt. Kentucky West From Luft IV 
Watts Lowell H.   Lt. Colorado South & North 2  
Watts W. F. F/Lt.  England West RAF 115746 
Waugh G. H. F/Sgt. England West RAF 988339
Wayman Charles A.    Lt. Ohio South  
Waymon E. Ernest   West Virginia North 3  
Weachter Harold L.   Lt. Illinois South  
Weaks William T.  Lt. North Carolina North 1  
Wear Byron F. S/Sgt.      
Weaver John R.   Lt. Missouri North 1  
Weaver Kenneth E.    Lt. Oregon South  
Weaver Ralph E. F/O Idaho    
Webb James A.    Lt. Pennsylvania South  
Webb L. Cpl England West B ARMY 2188693
Webb Orrin F.   Lt. Idaho North 1  
Webb William E.   T/Sgt. Florida West From Luft IV 
Webber J. C. F/O England West RAF 145082 
Webber Jack H.   Lt. California South  
Weber N. J. Lt. South Africa West SAAF 206940 
Weber Richard L.   S/Sgt. Ohio West From Luft IV 
Weber Roland E. Lt. Illinois North 3  
Webster Allen   Lt. New York North 2 B-17
Webster George E. Lt. Pennsylvania    
Webster Kenneth E. Capt. Ohio South B-24 pilot
Webster Lewis M. or Lois Lt. Idaho North 3 P-38
Webster   John Wayman Lt. Texas South  
Wedd E. R.  Lt. Pennsylvania North 2 B-17
Wedd George G. Lt. Pennsylvania North 2  
Weed F. J. Sgt. England West RAF 1602764
Weeks Willliam C. Lt. Kentucky    
Weepers Dave J. F/O Canada West RCAF J.28845 
Weers Norval W. Lt.      
Weever J. Cpl Canada West C ARMY K53929
Wegener Charles C.  Lt. Missouri North 2 B-17
Wegener John Jeremiah Lt.  New York    
Wegner W. R.    Lt. Wisconsin South  
Wehry George. E.   Lt. Kentucky North 1  
Weible Carl   Kentucky South & North 3  
Weicker C. N. F/O Canada West RCAF J.20397 
Weidig Carleton. H.    Lt. New York South  
Weinberger Bernard Sgt. Virginia North 3 B-24
Weinstein Ira P. Lt. Illinois North 2 info
Weir C. G. Sub/Lt.  RNFAA England West RNVR SUB/LT FAA 
Weir C. T. Grp./Capt. England West RAF 33075 
Weir I. R. M. P/O New Zealand West RNZAF NZ4310157 
Weirsum F. K. F/O England West RAF 173416 
Weiselberg Jay R.   Lt. Connecticut North 1 B-17
Weisgarber John C. Lt.      
Weisler Joseph S/Sgt. New York North 1 B-24
Weiss Frederick   S/Sgt. Massachusetts North 1  
Weiss Glen A.  Lt. South Dakota North 2 B-17
Weiss Newton    F/O New York South & North 2  
Weistling Howard G. Sgt.      
Weitz Floyd I. Lt. Washington North 3  
Weitz Philip J.  Lt. New York North 2 B-17
Welborn William F. Lt.      
Welch Donald N.  T/Sgt. Ohio North 3 B-24
Weldon William C. Lt. Texas South  
Wellington Harry D. T/Sgt. California North 3  
Wells Benjamin F.  Lt. Florida North 2 B-17
Wells Homer B.   Lt. District Of Columbia South  
Wells J. W/O England West RAF 580721
Wells J. W.   T/Sgt. Kentucky North 1  
Wells Preston J.  T/Sgt. Kentucky North 3 B-17
Wells William A.  Sgt.      
Welsh J. Pte England West ARMY 4387360
Welsh James L.   Lt. Nebraska South  
Welsh Richard J.   S/Sgt. Pennsylvania North 1 From Luft IV 
Weltman Nathan Lt. Michigan South  
Welty Kenneth S. Lt. Montana North 2  
Wendell Clifford Lt. Minnesota South  
Wendell Roy E.  Lt. New York North 1  
Wenger Donald R. Lt Indiana North 2  
Wenger Walter R. Lt. Wisconsin North 2  
Weniger Robert L.  Lt. Texas North 1  
Wennerberg John T.   Lt. California South  
Wenrich  Edward W.  Lt. Pennsylvania North 1  
Went A. Pvt England West B ARMY 1456291
Wenzinger Harlan J.   Lt. Nebraska South  
Werner Edward A.    F/O Ohio South  
Werner John C.   Lt. Nebraska North 3 B-26
Werner John F.   Lt. Illinois South  
Werner Leonard   California North 3  
Wescott Philip R.  Lt. New York North 1  
West Carl L.   Lt. New Jersey North 1  
Westbrooke William R.  Lt. Georgia North 2 P-47
Westcott F. W. A. F/Lt.  England West RAF 109026 
Westcott Robert B.  Sgt. Indiana North 3 B-17
Westell Dale T.  S/Sgt. Iowa North 3 B-17
Westell  Edward     North 3  
Westerbeke Donald G.  Capt. Wisconsin South  
Westerfield Henry Bertrand   Lt. Louisiana North 1  
Westerhouse Paul A.   Lt. Illinois South  
Westlake Bromby S.   Lt. Massachusetts South  
Westmore Harry W.   Lt. Michigan South  
Westmyer Robert C.   Lt. California North 1 B-17
Weston Frank R. S/Sgt. Pennsylvania North 3  
Weston John Moore F/Lt.  Canada West RCAF J.7758 
Westphall James E.   Lt. California South  
Westwood D. C. F/O New Zealand West RNZAF NZ427483 
Westwood L. W. P/O England West RAF 158801 
Wetherill David W.  Lt. Pennsylvania North 3 B-17
Wethor John M.   S/Sgt. South Dakota West From Luft IV 
Weyerts Frederick B..  Lt. Texas North 1  
Whalen L. E.   S/Sgt. Tennessee West From Luft IV 
Whalen Phillip F.  Lt. Ohio North 2 B-17
Whaley Floyd B.   Pennsylvania North 3  
Wheble L. F/Lt.  England West RAF 130648 
Wheeler J. E. F/O Canada West RCAF J.23648 
Wheeler J. P. F/O England West RAF 154229 
Wheelock Richard M.  Lt. Maryland South  
Whelan Thomas Lt. New Jersey North 3  
Whidden Harold P.  Lt. New York North 2 B-24
Whipple Charles T.   S/Sgt. Ohio West From Luft IV 
Whitaker A. R. F/Lt.  England West RAF 100053 
Whitaker Ellsworth R. Lt. California North 2 B-26
Whitamore J. A. F/O England West RAF 150014 
Whitby Robert A.    Lt. Pennsylvania South  
Whitchurch Gilbert W.    Lt. Oklahoma South  
White Claud. E.  Lt. Oklahoma North 1  
White Cleo C. S/Sgt. West Virginia North 3 B-17
White Dick J.  Lt. Arkansas North 3 B-17
White Horace Bedford  Lt. Tennessee North 2 P-51
White Howard J.  Lt. Colorado North 2 B-17
White J. D. F/Lt.  England West RAF 128361 
White J. G. F/O Canada West RCAF J.16348 
White James G.   Louisiana North 3  
White John W. Lt. California North 3  
White Lewis. H.  Jr.   Lt. Illinois North 2 B-17
White Loren   Lt. California North 1 B-17
White Robert K.  Lt. Texas North 1  
White Sydney A.  Lt. Wisconsin North 1  
White Thompson E.  Lt. Oregon North 1  
White Warren T. Lt. Virginia South  
White William W.   Lt. Minnesota South  
White  Leslie C. Lt. Georgia    
White  Richard E Lt. Minnesota    
Whitehouse George V. Lt. South Africa West & North 2 SAAF 206733 
Whitehouse J. Pte England West ARMY 2026231
Whitehouse M. Pvt England West B ARMY 4859371
Whiteley Floyd L.    Lt. Texas  South  
Whitely F. L.    Lt. Tennessee South  
Whitenight Harry W.    Lt. Pennsylvania South  
Whitman Gerald E.  T/Sgt. Ohio North 3 B-17
Whitman Judson H. Lt. Wyoming South  
Whitman William W.  Lt. New York North 1  
Whitney Emil L.  Lt. Idaho South  
Whitney Robert W.  S/Sgt. New York North 3 B-26
Whitney William L.    Lt. New York South  
Whittet Robert L.  Lt. Oklahoma North 1  
Whittingham D. J.  Capt. California North 3 B-24
Whittington Frank L Lt. Iowa North 2  
Whitton T. Driver England West B ARMY 83074
Whitworth William L.  S/Sgt. Arkansas North 3 B-24
Wichser John H.  Lt. Pennsylvania North 1  
Wickens Lewis A.   F/O California North 1 P-47
Wicker Herbert T.  Sgt. Indiana North 3 B-17
Wicker  James R. Lt. North Carolina South & North 2  
Wicks N. W. 2/Lt. South Africa West SAAF 280724-V 
Wideman Robert Jr.   Lt. Illinois North 2 B-17
Widmark Donald H.   Lt. California South  
Wiener Frederick   S/Sgt. New York West From Luft IV 
Wierman John B. Lt. Pennsylvania South & North 2  
Wiersema Nathaniel Lt. Michigan South  
Wieser Henry A.    Lt. Texas South  
Wiest Charles L.   Lt. Maryland North 1  
Wiest William Henry T/Sgt.      
Wiethorn Raymond G.  Lt. Kentucky North 3 C-47
Wiggins G. Cpl Canada West C ARMY K53889
Wiggins Harold V.    Lt. Pennsylvania South  
Wiggins Warren S.  Lt. New York North 1  
Wika Raymond J.  Lt. South Dakota South  
Wilbur Charles R.  Lt. Oregon North 3 B-17
Wilbur Gerard B.   Sgt. Maine North 1  
Wilbur Newton C. Lt. Connecticut South  
Wilburn N. C.  Lt. District Of Columbia South  
Wilcock J. AC2 England West RAF 641932
Wilcox J. R. Pte Canada West C ARMY M.21838
Wilcox Kenneth L.   S/Sgt. Wisconsin North 1 From Luft IV 
Wilcox Norman Roger S/Sgt. Pennsylvania North 3 B-17
Wilde Milton A. F/O   North 3  
Wiles Marion E.  Lt. New York North 2 B-17
Wiley Wilburn W.    Lt. Oklahoma South  
Wilhelm Carl A.  Lt. West Virginia North 2 B-24
Wilhoit Buford  M/Sgt. Kentucky North 3 B-17
Wilk Lajune F.  Lt. Wisconsin North 1  
Wilkins Edwin F.  Capt. New York North 2 C-47
Wilkins Robert S.    Capt. North Carolina South  
Wilkinson C. W. F/O Canada West RCAF J.26210 
Wilkinson Dale E.   Lt. Indiana South  
Wilkinson J. Sgt. England West RAF 937842
Wilkinson James L.    Lt. Texas South  
Willett Roger V. Lt. California North 2  
Willett William D.  Lt. Ohio North 2 P-51
Willey Kenneth E.  S/Sgt. Indiana North 3 B-17
Williams A. L.   Texas North 1  
Williams Albert G.  S/Sgt. Michigan North 3 B-17
Williams Andrew J.    Lt. West Virginia South  
Williams Arnold O.   Lt. Georgia South  
Williams Arthur Davis Sgt. Wisconsin   From Luft IV 
Williams Benjamin G. Lt. Virginia North 3  
Williams C. E.   T/Sgt. Washington West From Luft IV 
Williams Charles C. Capt. Texas North 1  
Williams Charles M.    Lt. Pennsylvania South & North 2  
Williams Claude A.  Lt. Minnesota North 2 B-17
Williams Claude M.  Lt. Tennessee or Texas North 1  
Williams D. M.   Ohio North 3  
Williams David M.  Capt. Indiana South  
Williams Don D.  Lt. Ohio North 3 B-24
Williams G. H.  T/Sgt. California North 3 B-17
Williams G. L. F/O England West RAF 144344 
Williams George W.  Lt. Pennsylvania North 2 B-24
Williams Gordon E. Lt. Pennsylvania North 3 B-26
Williams Gordon E.   Lt. Massachusetts North 1  
Williams Gordon K. F/O New Zealand West RNZAF NZ401796 
Williams Gwynfor F/O England West RAF 151839 
Williams H. Sgt. England West RAF 1314440
Williams Horace L.  Lt. Texas North 1  
Williams Jack S.   Illinois North 2  
Williams James Richard  S/Sgt. Alabama North 3 B-17
Williams Jarvis D. S/Sgt. Kansas North 3  
Williams Joe    S/Sgt. Pennsylvania South  
Williams John B.  Lt. West Virginia North 1  
Williams Joseph A.  S/Sgt. Pennsylvania    
Williams Joseph F. S/Sgt.      
Williams Joseph L.   Connecticut North 3  
Williams Joseph Vincent   S/Sgt. North Carolina West From Luft IV 
Williams Kenneth D.    Lt. North Carolina South  
Williams Mack        
Williams Marshall R.   T/Sgt. Texas West From Luft IV 
Williams R. A.  Lt. Nebraska North 2 B-24
Williams Richard A. Lt. California    
Williams Richard F.   Lt. California South & North 2  
Williams Richard R.   California North 2  
Williams Robert G.    Capt. Florida South  
Williams Robert R.    Lt. Texas South  
Williams Thomas O.   Lt. Alabama South  
Williams Walter G.   Lt. Minnesota North 1  
Williams Wiley B. Lt. Oklahoma North 2  
Williams William C.  Lt. Tennessee South  
Williams William H. Lt.   North 3  
Williams W. J.   Missouri North 3  
Williamson Jesse Marlow  Lt. Alabama South  
Williamson Leroy M.  Lt. Texas North 1  
Williamson M. F/Lt.  England West RAF 106108 
Williamson Oscar A.  Lt. Michigan North 2 B-17
Williamson W. A. F/O Canada West RCAF 222800 
Williamson Willard R.  Lt. Ohio North 2 B-24
Willis Charles A. W/Cdr.  Canada West RCAF C.836 
Willis Fred W. Jr.   Lt. District Of Columbia North 3 B-24
Willis J. R. P/O Canada West RCAF J.19484 
Willis Judson M. Lt. Missouri North 3  
Willis Newton I.  Lt. Washington North 1  
Willison William W. Lt. Connecticut North 3  
Wills H. C. P/O Australia West RAAF Aus412787 
Willson Robert  E. S/Sgt.   North 3  
Wilmot-Roussel Jacques Lt. France    
Wilski Joseph A. Lt. Pennsylvania    
Wilson A. Pvt England West B ARMY 4275185
Wilson A. J. R. F/O New Zealand West RNZAF NZ424540 
Wilson Arden D.  Lt. West Virginia South  
Wilson Arnold T. S/Sgt. Pennsylvania North 3  
Wilson Bonard S.   Lt. Illinois South  
Wilson Charles T.  Lt. Ohio North 2 B-17
Wilson Cy Col. Texas North 2  
Wilson Daniel E.    Lt. Oregon South  
Wilson Daniel F.     North 2  
Wilson Darrell D.   Lt. California North 1 B-17
Wilson Don   Canada South  
Wilson Donald E.  Capt. Vermont North 2 B-26
Wilson E. G. D. Pvt England West B ARMY  C-288146
Wilson Francis E.   Lt. Iowa South  
Wilson George F.   Lt. California North 1 B-17
Wilson Guy   Ohio North 2  
Wilson Harry B.   Kentucky North 2  
Wilson Henry L.  Lt. Tennessee North 1  
Wilson J. G.   S/Sgt. Kansas North 1  
Wilson J. R. Pte England West B ARMY 4436381
Wilson L.P. Pte England West ARMY 3130903
Wilson P. G. F/O England West RAF 138106 
Wilson Paul R.   Lt. Massachusetts South  
Wilson R. D. P/O Canada West RCAF J.88875 
Wilson Raymond E.  S/Sgt. Pennsylvania North 1  
Wilson Raymond R.    Lt. Pennsylvania South  
Wilson Richard S.  Lt. Texas North 1  
Wilson Samuel P.  Lt. Rhode Island South  
Wilson T. G. F/O England West RAF 139379 
Wilson  William D.   Lt. Texas North 2 P-51
Wilton G. V. P/O England ? West RAFVR 174556 
Wilton R. J. F/O England West RAF 131993 
Wiltshire J. E. F/O England West RAF 146892 
Winder Francis J.  T/Sgt. Pennsylvania North 3 B-17
Windham Marshall T. Sgt. Texas South & North 3  
Winegarner Lloyd A.   S/Sgt. Michigan West From Luft IV 
Winfree Samuel C.  Jr.   Lt. Florida North 3 B-24
Wingard Milton Rex Lt. Ohio North 2  
Winger Harry B.  Lt. Pennsylvania North 3 B-17
Winiarek Jan   Poland South