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Page V - Listing of POWs at Stalag Luft I

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Last Name First Rank State Compound Other
Vacek Charles   Lt. Illinois North 1  
Vaden William E.    Lt. Tennessee South  
Vaira Alvin Sgt.      
Valachovie G. A.  Lt. New York North 3 B-24
Valente Mario J.  Lt. Connecticut North 2 B-17
Van Bemmel Adrian T. Lt. New Jersey North 1  
Van Blaricom James E.   Lt. Montana South  
Van Cleave Roy   Tennessee North 3  
Van Dale Armin E. Lt. Wisconsin    
Van Dame Alfred G.    Lt. Pennsylvania South  
Vandertill Donald S. Lt. Michigan    
Van Dries W. P.  Lt. New York North 2 B-17
Van Epps David A.    Capt. Wisconsin South  
Van Gordon Emery S.   S/Sgt. California West From Luft IV 
Van Ingen John V. Lt.      
Van Leuven Kenneth M.   Lt. California South  
Van Morris Albert G.  Sgt. Florida North 3 B-17
Van Ness Sidney B.   Lt. Illinois South  
Van Nortwick John E.  Lt. New York North 1  
Van Nostrand C. B.  Sgt. New York North 3 B-24
Van Syckle Leon G.   Lt. New Jersey South  
Van Wart Franklin I.   Lt. Connecticut North 1 Sp.
Van Wart Franklin   Canada North 2  
Van Zandt Robert W. Lt.   North 3 P-51 pilot
Van Zyl C. M. 1/Lt. South Africa West SAAF 206579 
Varela Henry J.  Lt. Utah North 1  
Varga Emory J. Lt. New Jersey South  
Varley J. AC England West RAF 1521075
Varner Benjamin R.    Lt. North Carolina South  
Vaughan Elijah C.   Lt. California North 1 B-17 
Vaughan J. W/O England West RAF 1165192
Vaughan James   Tennessee North 3  
Vaughan Merrill D.   Lt. Indiana North 1  
Vaughan W. E. F/O Canada West RCAF J.24919 
Vaughn B.   S/Sgt. Massachusetts West From Luft IV 
Vaughn K. L.    Lt. Pennsylvania South  
Vaughn Harry W.  Lt. Idaho North 3 B-26
Vaughn Richard W.    Lt. Ohio South  
Veal Fred D.   Lt. Florida North 1  
Vedros Andrew N.  F/O Kansas North 3 B-24
Velasco P. D. Sgt. England West RAF 1893309
Venables J. W. R. Pvt England West B ARMY 4686731
Ventling Verdi L.   Lt. California South  
Venzie Howard D.  Lt. Pennsylvania North 1  
Verbruggen George J.    Lt. Wisconsin South  
Verbeck Ernest L. Lt. Michigan North 3  
Verberg Merlin H.   Lt. California South  
Verbitski John J. S/Sgt. Florida North 3  
Verdi James J.   T/Sgt. Pennsylvania West From Luft IV 
Verona John J.    Sgt. Pennsylvania South  
Vevier C.  Lt. New York North 1  
Vichi Edward A. S/Sgt.      
Vickers A. H. F/O Canada West RCAF J.21585 
Vickers H. A. AC1 England West RAF 639139
Vickers Robert J. Lt. Missouri North 2  
Vietor John A.   Capt. District Of Columbia South  
Vigneron Arthur W. Lt. New York South  
Villanueva Valentine  Sgt.   North 3  
Villiard J. A. R. F/Sgt. Canada West RCAF R.199989
Villminot Francis J.   Michigan South  
Vincent F. W.   Lt. Colorado South  
Vincent J. H. F/Lt.  Australia West RAAF Aus413696 
Vionrich William     North 3  
Virag Andy R.  Lt. Ohio North 3 B-17
Vise D. O. W/O England West RAF 963581
Vitale James V.   Lt. California South  
Viterbo Verne D.    Lt. Texas South  
Vititoe John A.   Sgt. Kentucky West From Luft IV 
Vitrano Frank A.  T/Sgt. Louisiana North 3 B-17
Vittle T. W. Sgt. England West RAF 1852658
Vogel Henry S.  Lt. North Dakota South  
Vogel Joe Bill    Lt. Texas South  
Vogler George L Lt. California    
Vokaty Alfred E.   Lt. Minnesota North 1  
Volet Leonard.  Lt. New York North 1  
Volk Anthony D.    Lt. Pennsylvania South  
Volkman Robert   Wisconsin South & North 3  
Vollmer Robert D.   Lt. Pennsylvania North 2 & South B-17
Vonnegut Walter A.   Lt. Indiana South  
Voorhies James W.   Florida North 2  
Voseipka George K.  Lt. Nebraska North 3 B-24
Voska Gerald H.   Lt. California North 1 B-17 
Vrabel Cyril A Sgt.   North 3  
Vrban Vance T/Sgt.      
Vrieling Russell I.   Lt. Michigan South  


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  Listing of the Prisoners of War at Stalag Luft I

This listing contains the names of 7,245 of the 8,939 POWs held at Stalag Luft I when it was liberated in May 1945. 

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