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Page R - Listing of POWs at Stalag Luft I

Clicking on names in blue will give you the latest e-mail address for the POW or his family, or may take you to a page that contains more information about that POW.

Last Name First Rank State Compound Other
Rabay Nicholas R.  Lt. New York North 1  
Rabideau Harold C.   Sgt. New York West From Luft IV 
Rabo Fred A.   Maj. California South  
Raborn William S. T/Sgt.   North 3  
Racener Ernest L.   Lt. Georgia South  
Radosevich J.  S/Sgt. New Mexico North 3 B-24
Radovsky Milton Lt. New York    
Radowski       North 2  
Radtke Dean M.   Lt. Michigan North 1  
Rae J. D. Edward F/Sgt. Canada West RCAF R.195173
Raedeke John W.   Lt. Minnesota South  
Raffle William H. Lt. Pennsylvania North 1  
Ragan Everett Boyd    Lt. Oklahoma South  
Ragsdale Floyd E.  Sgt. South Carolina North 3 B-17
Rainbird Herbert A.   Lt. New Jersey South  
Raincourt J. C. F/Sgt. Canada West RCAF R.177157
Rains Claude Lavon Lt. Texas North 3  
Rains Farmer E. Lt. Missouri North 1  
Raisig Arthur G.   Lt. Kansas  South & North 2  
Raistrick H. Pvt England West B ARMY 13012460
Raiter Walter J.   Lt. Minnesota South  
Raleigh J. B. Lt. South Africa West SAAF 328829 
Raley Nathaniel G.  Lt. Alabama North 2 P-38
Ralph A. J. Sgt. England West RAF 1231913
Ralph Eugene K.   Lt. New Jersey North 1  
Ralph Genson K.   New Jersey North 1  
Ralph L. K.   Lt. New Jersey South  
Rambo Lionel C.  Lt. Texas North 2 B-24
Ramer Cordy A.   Lt. Arkansas North 1 B-17
Ramonas Mitchell M.   Lt. Massachusetts South  
Ramsay C .J. F/O England West RAF 126904 
Ramsay J. L. W/O England West RAF 747915
Ramsey Francis L   Texas South  
Ramsey Frank L.    Lt. Texas South  
Ramy C. W.  Lt. Oklahoma North 2 B-17
Randall Robert C.   Lt. Michigan South  
Randle David   Lt. Arkansas South  
Randolph Paul R.  Jr.  S/Sgt. Pennsylvania North 3 B-24
Ransom Benjamin R.   S/Sgt. New York West From Luft IV 
Ranta Eino J.  Lt. New Hampshire South  
Ranter J. Pvt England West B ARMY 1494276
Raphael Joe T/Sgt. Texas North 1  
Raple Leonard C.  S/Sgt. Illinois North 3 B-25
Rapp John R. Lt.   North 2  
Rapp John W.   Lt. Indiana South  
Rardon Edward P.   S/Sgt. West Virginia West From Luft IV 
Rasko John Lt. Iowa South  
Rasmussen Eugene H.  Lt. Wisconsin North 1  
Rasmussen Wilbur N.  Lt. Utah North 1  
Rathke Earl C.  Lt. New York North 1  
Rawlings Loren F.   Lt. Kansas North 2 B-17
Rawls James B. Lt. Florida    
Rawson Frederick H.    Lt. Pennsylvania South  
Ray Charles P.    Lt. Oklahoma South  
Ray Howard T.  Lt. Tennessee North 2 B-24
Rayborn Garland A.  Lt. Texas North 3 P-51
Read L. R. F/Sgt. England West RAF 745334
Read Norman   Colorado South & North 3  
Read Richard H.   Lt. Massachusetts North 1  
Read Robert E.  Lt. Pennsylvania North 2 B-24
Read Robert E.    Lt. Pennsylvania South  
Reagan Daniel A.    Lt. New York South  
Reagan G. T.   Lt. Mississippi South  
Reams Patrick P.   Lt. California South  
Rearick Harry R. Lt. Pennsylvania North 2  
Rebello Abel S.   Lt. Massachusetts North 1  
Rebello Walter V.  Cpl. Rhode Island North 1  
Receveau Roger Lt. France North 2 & North 3 C-47
Rector Fred J.  Lt. South Carolina North 1  
Redding Donald  S/Sgt. Missouri North 3 B-24
Redmon William K.  Lt. Kansas North 3 P-47
Redmond S. S. F/O Canada West RCAF J.28867 
Redtfeldt Gordon A.  Lt. California North 3 B-17
Reech Nolan J. T/Sgt. Louisiana North 3  
Reed Everett B. Lt. Oregon North 2  
Reed Herman C.  Lt. New York North 1  
Reed Jack W.  Lt. Tennessee North 1  
Reed R. E.    Rhode Island North 2  
Reed Richard Fred   Lt. Georgia North 1 & South  
Reed Robert B.   S/Sgt. Indiana North 1  
Reed Roddy W. Lt. Georgia    
Reed Stewart D.  Lt. Kansas North 3 B-17
Reed Willard D.  Lt. Tennessee North 2 B-17
Reeder Caleb L.   Lt. Florida North 1  
Reedy George E. Lt. Minnesota North 3  
Reedy Irving Lt. Florida North 1  
Reedy Richard W.    Lt. Pennsylvania South & North 2  
Reep Lawrence R.  T/Sgt. North Carolina North 1  
Rees D. W/O  England West RAF 529192
Rees H. F/O England West RAF 152402 
Reese George S.  S/Sgt. Iowa North 3 B-24
Reese Thomas L.  Lt. Ohio North 1  
Regan George T. Lt. Mississippi South  
Reggio Ralph J.   Wisconsin North 2  
Reich D. G. F/O England West RAF 133108 
Reichel Fred E.   Lt. Michigan South  
Reicherts Clarence W.  Lt. Illinois North 3 B-24
Reichl Otto S/Sgt. Pennsylvania North 3 B-17
Reichle William J.  Lt. Ohio North 1 Bombardier
Reid Dave F/O Canada West RCAF J.25533 
Reid Dan B. Sgt. England Scotland West RAF 910503
Reid Harvey W.   Lt. California South  
Reid I. B. F/O England West RAF 132770 
Reid Robert E. Lt. Rhode Island    
Reid Robert E.    Lt. Virginia South  
Reidy Martin S.  S/Sgt. New Jersey North 3 B-24
Reifsnyder Robert B. Cpl. Pennsylvania South  
Reilly Robert M.  Lt. New York North 1  
Reimer Kenneth C.   Lt. Illinois North 1  
Reinke Milton E.  Lt. Ohio North 1  
Reitz C. M. D. Lt. South Africa West SAAF 206392 
Reitzinger B. K. Capt.   North 1  
Remers Jack E.   Lt. California North 1 & South B-17
Remington Clarence W. Sgt. Rhode Island    
Remnant G. W/O England West RAF 519321
Remy Carl W. Lt. Oklahoma North 2  
Renard Henry F. Lt. Wisconsin North 3  
Rene' Ernest J.  T/Sgt. Massachusetts North 3 B-17
Renner Albert J.   F/O Pennsylvania North 1  
Renner Robert T.    Lt. New York South  
Rensch Harold Lt. North Dakota North 3  
Repas Andrew J. Lt. Pennsylvania North 1  
Retford A. Fusilier England West BR ARMY 3655645
Rethings R. A.   Lt. New Jersey South  
Reulbach William E. Sgt. Ohio    
Reus Joseph H.   Lt. Maryland North 1  
Revitz J. Lt. Illinois North 1  
Revitz Joe Lt. California South & North 2  
Revolti David R.   S/Sgt. Massachusetts West From Luft IV 
Rewtress J. Pvt Canada West C ARMY M26935
Reyes Nicanor M.   S/Sgt. District Of Columbia West From Luft IV 
Reynke J. J. Lt. South Africa West SAAF 102151 
Reynolds Andrew M.   Lt. Montana South  
Reynolds D. J.   T/Sgt. Georgia West From Luft IV 
Reynolds Donald N.  Lt. Massachusetts North 2 B-24
Reynolds J. A.   S/Sgt. California West From Luft IV 
Reynolds Theodore P.   Lt. New Jersey South  
Reynolds W. B. F/O Canada West RCAF J.29384 
Rhoades Carman Fred  Capt. Arizona North 2  
Rhodes Glenn J. Lt. Idaho South  
Rhodes H. C.  S/Sgt. Virginia North 3 B-17
Rhodes Howard W.  Lt. California North 2 P-51
Rhodes L. Pvt England West ARMY 5252454
Rhodes S. Sgt. England West RAF 1680670
Rhodes W. Pvt England West ARMY 601820
Rhodes W. H. F/O Canada West RCAF J.25141 
Rhodes W. H.    F/O New York South  
Rhyne Samuel A.  S/Sgt. North Carolina North 3 B-17
Ricci Albert J.   Lt. New Hampshire North 1  
Rice Cyril B.  Sgt. Michigan North 3 B-24
Rice D. R.   Lt. California North 1 B-24
Rice Daniel Paul   Lt. Missouri South  
Rice Don R.  Lt. California North 2 P-51
Rice H. W. F/O Canada West RCAF J.21359 
Rice Loren C. Lt. Washington North 3  
Rice Roger F.    Lt. Ohio South  
Rich George IIII   Lt. Illinois North 2 P-47
Rich John Lt. Alabama South  
Richard Oscar G.   Lt. Louisiana South & North 2  
Richards Blaine E.  Lt. Illinois North 3 B-24
Richards J. Arthur F/O Australia West RAAF Aus427149 
Richardson Carl E.   S/Sgt. Virginia North 1 From Luft IV 
Richardson E. T. F/Sgt. England West RAF 1351387
Richardson Earl L.   Lt. Iowa North 1  
Richardson John S. Lt. Minnesota North 2 & North 3 B-25
Richardson P. L. F/O Australia West RAAF Aus430590 
Richardson R. E.   T/Sgt. Rhode Island West From Luft IV 
Richardson T. Pvt England West ARMY 5882660
Richardson W. E.   Lt. Maine South  
Richardson William G.  Lt. Maine North 2 B-24
Richey Joe R.   S/Sgt. Oregon West From Luft IV 
Richey Noyes Lt. Louisiana North 3  
Richford R.J. LAC England West RAF 339574
Richmond J. B.    Lt. Oklahoma North 3  
Richmond Luther H. Lt. Col. Massachusetts South  
Richtfertig Seymour L.  F/O New York North 3 & North 1 B-24
Rick R.  Cpl. Wisconsin North 1  
Ricketts F. J. Sgt. England West RAF 1602110
Rickey Stanton M. Lt. California North 2 & North 3  
Riddick McDonald L.    Lt. Texas South  
Riddleberger William I. Lt. Virginia North 2  
Riebe Fred A. Lt. Wisconsin North 2 B-24
Riedel Frederick R.  Lt. Wisconsin North 1  
Rieker Thomas H. Lt. Minnesota North 3  
Rierson William H.   Lt. North Carolina North 1  
Riley Fred Lt. Texas North 2  
Riley J. W.   S/Sgt. Arkansas West From Luft IV 
Riley James A. Sgt. New York    
Riley William L.    Lt. New York South  
Rinard Ralph J.   Lt. Indiana South & North 2  
Riney Joseph M.   Lt. Illinois South  
Rinkenberger Edwin D.   Lt. Illinois South  
Rinne Austin D.   Lt. Indiana South  
Rios Trindad O.   Lt. Nebraska North 1  
Ripley Beretram    Lt. North Dakota South  
Ripley Donald M.    Lt. New York South  
Ripley Lynn M.  S/Sgt. Ohio North 1  
Rippon R. E.  T/Sgt. Pennsylvania North 3 B-24
Ririe David Lt. Idaho North 1  
Ritch William L.  Lt. Connecticut South  
Rithchings Richard A.   Lt. New Jersey South  
Ritt Louis E.   Lt. Michigan South  
Ritter E. W.   S/Sgt. California West From Luft IV 
Ritter Kelly Lt. North Carolina South  
Ritto Ross S.   S/Sgt. New York West From Luft IV 
Ritzema William H.   Lt. Michigan North 1  
Rivers Earl H.   Lt. Louisiana South  
Rizzo Joseph   Lt. New Jersey South  
Roach Harrison W.   New Jersey North 3  
Roach William. E.   Lt. Florida South  
Robb David V. M.   T/Sgt. Pennsylvania West From Luft IV 
Robbertse P. J. Capt. South Africa West SAAF 102676 
Robbins Clifford L.   Lt. Illinois North 1  
Robbins Donald E.   F/O Iowa South  
Robbins Jack B. Lt. Texas North 2 C-47
Robbins Robert P.    Lt. Texas South & North 2  
Roberson Wilbur Gillis    Lt. Ohio South  
Roberts Charles L.   S/Sgt. Michigan West From Luft IV 
Roberts E. R. A. S/Ldr England West RAF 100070 
Roberts Frank G. Jr.   F/O Maryland North 3 B-17
Roberts H. Sgt. England West RAF 1625281
Roberts James P.   Lt. Colorado South  
Roberts John E.   Lt. California North 1 B-24 
Roberts John H. Lt. Montana North 2  
Roberts Omar E.   Lt. Florida North 1  
Roberts Thomas J. F/O England West RAF 152423 
Roberts William N.  Lt. Texas North 1  
Robertson A. Pvt England West ARMY 13015509
Robertson A. E. W/O England West RAF 749199
Robertson C. E.   Lt. California South  
Robertson Charles E.   Lt. Indiana South & North 2  
Robertson E. G. F/O Canada West RCAF J.28663 
Robertson George P.   F/O Texas North 1  
Robertson Hubert Montague S/Ldr England West RAF 39568 
Robertson J. C.   Lt. Alabama North 1 B-24
Robertson Reece B. Lt. Wyoming North 3  
Robinett John H. S/Sgt. Texas North 3  
Robinson Buel C. Lt. Kansas North 2  
Robinson C. V. F/O Canada West RCAF J.35108 
Robinson Clifford H. Lt. Pennsylvania South  
Robinson Donald H. Cpl.      
Robinson E. D.  S/Sgt. Mississippi North 3 B-24
Robinson G. C. S. R. W/Cdr.  England West RAF 37892 
Robinson G. D. Sgt. England West ARMY S.381081
Robinson George R.   S/Sgt. New Jersey West From Luft IV 
Robinson J. H. F/O England West RAF 151780 
Robinson K. S. F/O England West RAF 153236 
Robinson R. C.   Lt. Kansas South  
Robinson Stanley Sgt. England West RAF 632800
Robinson W. R.   Sgt. Michigan West From Luft IV 
Robson Everette J.  Lt. Arkansas North 2 B-17
Robson F. W/O England West RAF 564766
Robson Nicholas B.   Lt. Kansas North 1  
Rockenhaus Martin J.  Lt. Arkansas North 3 B-26
Rockwell Arvil M.  Sgt. Ohio North 1  
Roddy Willis H.   Lt. California South  
Roderick Gerald E.  Jerry  Lt. New York South  
Rodgers Burton   Lt. California North 1 B-17
Rodgers J.  Jr.   S/Sgt. Oklahoma North 3 B-24
Rodgers John W.   Lt. Maryland South  
Rodolff James L.    Lt. Pennsylvania South  
Roe Ralph R.   Lt. California South  
Roeben Walter J. Lt. California North 2 B-24
Roeber Henry J.    Lt. New York South  
Roehm Rodney P.   Lt. Michigan North 1  
Roehr Howard H. Jr.   Lt. New Jersey North 2 B-17
Roesch Donald C.    Lt. Wisconsin South  
Rogers Arthur J.    Lt. New York South  
Rogers Charles A.  T/Sgt. California North 3 B-24
Rogers Chas. O.   Lt. Florida South  
Rogers Francis        
Rogers H. LAC England West RAF 1348451
Rogers J. R. P/O England West RAF 157626 
Rogers John J.  Lt. Virginia North 1  
Rogers Lowell Lt. California North 1 B-17
Rogers O. G.   S/Sgt. Alabama West From Luft IV 
Rogers Robert H.   Lt. Michigan North 1  
Rogers  Lawrence M. S/Sgt. North Carolina North 3 B-17
Roggenkamp Edward W.  Lt. Illinois North 2 B-26
Rogillio Douglas S.   Lt. Mississippi North 1 & North 2  
Rogy Charles Paul F/O Pennsylvania North 1  
Rohrbaugh Laverne E.   S/Sgt. Pennsylvania West From Luft IV 
Rohs Eldon W.   Lt. Minnesota South  
Rojohn Glenn H. Lt.   North 3  
Rolfe George R.  T/Sgt. New York North 3 B-26
Rolnick David  Lt. New York North 1  
Roman Joseph E.   S/Sgt. Pennsylvania North 1 From Luft IV 
Romanoff Harold Lt. Ohio North 1  
Rondel Albert O.  Lt. Illinois North 3 B-25
Rone Luther R. Lt. Mississippi North 3  
Roney Harold W.  Sgt. California North 3 B-24
Roock Harold R.   S/Sgt. Wisconsin West From Luft IV 
Roodt H. B. 2/Lt. South Africa West SAAF 109395 
Rooney Martin F.    Lt. New York South  
Roper R. J. F/Sgt. England West RAF 1576408
Roper Richard M.  Lt. Washington North 1  
Rosbotton H. LAC  England West RAF 1535765
Rosche Melvin G. Lt. Illinois North 3  
Rose Anthony F. S/Sgt. Illinois North 3 B-17
Rose C. B.  S/Sgt. Florida North 3 B-24
Rose Wood   Lt. Kentucky South  
Rosen Leonard W.    Lt. New York South  
Rosenfeld Abraham   S/Sgt. Pennsylvania West From Luft IV 
Rosenfield Samuel S.  S/Sgt. New York North 3 B-24
Rosenoff Wayne E. Lt. Washington North 2 & North 3  
Rosenthal Alvin S. F/O California North 2 B-17 
Rosholt Norman T. Lt.      
Rosinski Stanley J.   S/Sgt. New Jersey West From Luft IV 
Ross Aubrey C. Lt. Alabama North 3  
Ross Bernard E.   Lt. Minnesota South  
Ross Clark Lt. Texas North 1  
Ross Donald H. Lt. California North 1 & North 2  
Ross Harlan P.   Lt. New Jersey South  
Ross I. Driver England West ARMY T/75732
Ross Merle H. Lt.   North 3  
Rossi Anthony N.   Lt. New Jersey South  
Rossignol Wilson Sgt. Maine South  
Roth Frederick Lt. New Jersey North 1  
Rothwell Geoff M. S/Ldr England West RAF 42726 
Rougeau Edward N.   Lt. Louisiana North 1  
Rouse H. J. F/Sgt. England West RAF 1317908
Roush David Lt. Iowa North 3  
Rousselle Joe R.    Lt. Texas South  
Rouswell Simon B.   S/Sgt. Colorado West From Luft IV 
Rowe C. W. F/Sgt. Australia West RAAF Aus428361
Rowe L. W.    Lt. Texas South  
Rowe T. S/Ldr England West RAF 124836 
Rowlands R. W. F/Sgt. Canada West RCAF K.284342
Roy Joseph R. O.   S/Sgt. Massachusetts North 1  
Roy Morris J.   Lt. Florida North 1  
Roy P. Pvt Canada West C ARMY D61884
Royal Clarence K.   S/Sgt. Alabama North 1 B-24
Royer Earl M.   S/Sgt. Indiana North 1  
Rubadou Clinton L. S/Sgt. Rhode Island North 3  
Rubenstein Arthur J.    F/O New York South  
Rubin Haskell H.    Lt. New York South  
Rubin Joseph H.    Lt. Ohio South  
Rubin Melvin  Lt. New York North 3 & North 1 B-24
Rubin Seymour Lt. New York South  
Ruble Roy C.   Lt. Arkansas North 1  
Ruble W. Howard   S/Sgt. Illinois West From Luft IV 
Ruch Allan   S/Sgt. Illinois South  
Rucker William L.  Lt. California North 2 B-17
Rudisil William P.  Lt. South Carolina North 2 B-17
Rudloff George L.  F/O Delaware North 2 B-17
Rudnyk Steve F/O Michigan North 3  
Rudolph Miles J. Lt. Wisconsin North 3  
Rudolph Ray A. F/O Colorado    
Rudtke D. M. Lt.   North 1  
Ruff Ed C.  Lt. New York North 2 B-24
Ruff G. M. F/O Canada West RCAF J.12073 
Rugh Robert E.   S/Sgt. Ohio West From Luft IV 
Rundell F. E.  Lt. Michigan North 3 B-17
Runnels Raymond M.  T/Sgt. Missouri North 3 B-17
Runshe Lewis. D.    Lt. Indiana South  
Runte James L.    Lt. Texas South  
Rushing Joe    Sgt. North Carolina South  
Russel A. G. Pvt England West ARMY 6089338
Russell Lester H.  Sgt.   North 3  
Russell Michel B.   Lt. Alabama North 1 B-17
Russell Stephen O. Sgt. Tennessee South  
Russi Clarence J.  T/Sgt. Ohio North 3 B-24
Russo Rocco F.   Sgt. New York West From Luft IV 
Ruster Sherwood P. Lt.      
Ruston F. D. F/O England West RAF 152932 
Rutherford D. F/Lt.  England West RAF 65589 
Rutherford John L.  Lt. Pennsylvania North 3 P-47
Rutkowski Henry J.  Sgt. Illinois North 3 B-17
Rutledge Peter G.    Lt. New York South  
Ryan Alvin        
Ryan John R. Lt. New York North 2 P-51
Ryan Thomas G.  S/Sgt. New Jersey North 3 B-24
Ryczek John J.  Lt. New York North 1  
Rylands A. AC England West RAF 1500738
Ryther Ray W.    Lt. New York South  
Rzatkowski Frank S.   F/O Michigan North 1  


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  Listing of the Prisoners of War at Stalag Luft I

This listing contains the names of 7,245 of the 8,939 POWs held at Stalag Luft I when it was liberated in May 1945. 

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