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Page P - Listing of POWs at Stalag Luft I

Clicking on names in blue will give you the latest e-mail address for the POW or his family, or may take you to a page that contains more information about that POW.

Last Name First Rank State Compound Other
Paaske Raymond M.  Lt. California North 2 B-17
Pace Michael F.   Sgt. Connecticut West From Luft IV 
Pace Stan   Kentucky North 3  
Pace William A.   Illinois North 3  
Packham Geoff H. P/O England West RAF 161076 
Paddon P. H. F/O England West RAF 134547 
Paganelli Albert  S/Sgt. Ohio North 3 B-17
Page Burtis A.  S/Sgt. Texas North 3 B-24
Page Frank J.  Sgt. North Carolina North 1 & South  
Page Garland N.   Lt. Florida North 1  
Page J. C.    Lt. Texas South  
Page Lewis A.   Lt. Arizona South & North 2  
Page R. Pvt England West B ARMY 7599212
Pagenkopf Joseph A.   Lt. Minnesota North 1  
Pagota Joseph  Lt. Michigan North 2 & North 1 B-24
Paige Haskell E.   S/Sgt. Connecticut West From Luft IV 
Paine Robert E.  Lt. Virginia North 1  
Palenica Matthew E  M/Sgt. Ohio North 3 B-17
Palfrey Campbell   Capt. Louisiana North 1  
Palladino Arthur  Lt. Massachusetts North 2 B-24
Palme Norman J. Sgt.   South  
Palmer Arthur B.   Washington    
Palmer Charles W.        
Palmer D. O. F/Sgt. Canada West RCAF R.264720
Palmer Donald E.   S/Sgt. Iowa West From Luft IV 
Palmer H. B.   Washington North 2  
Palmer Jesse H.        
Palmer Leslie B.   Capt. Michigan North 1  
Palmer Ralph H.   Lt. California South  
Palmer Robert H.    Lt. Ohio South  
Palmer V. S. F. F/O England West RAF 159931 
Papernek Nicholas L.   Lt. New Jersey North 1  
Paquette Richard J.   Lt. Minnesota North 1  
Paragone Joseph R.  Lt. New York North 3 P-47
Parialo Peter J. Lt. Pennsylvania North 2 B-17
Park G. W. P/O England West RAF 172302 
Park Roy B.   S/Sgt. Wisconsin West From Luft IV 
Parker Eugene E.   S/Sgt. Ohio West From Luft IV 
Parker George H.   Lt. Mississippi South  
Parker George V.   Lt. California South  
Parker John A.   Lt. New Jersey South & North 2  
Parker Leslie A. F/Sgt. England West RAF 94484
Parker Max F.  Lt. North Carolina North 2 B-17
Parker Ralph T.  Lt. Texas North 2 C-47
Parker Raymond A.  Lt. Ohio North 1 POW WOW Editor
Parker Roland G.  Lt. Texas North 1  
Parkins Frederick G.   T/Sgt. Pennsylvania West From Luft IV 
Parks Thomas A.   Lt. Maryland South  
Parry Harold W. F/O England West RAF  153481 
Parry Robert Alan F/O Canada West RCAF J.24618 
Parsons Roy A.    Lt. Washington South  
Parsons William H.    Lt. New York South  
Passant B. N. F/Lt.  Canada West RCAF J.11294 
Passin Sidney   Lt. California South  
Pastorino Ben J.  F/O New Jersey North 2 B-17
Pastrick William J.    Lt. Ohio South  
Paterno Vincent J. Lt.      
Paternoster Marcel C.   S/Sgt. Michigan North 1 From Luft IV 
Paton T. G. F/O England West RAF 132608 
Patrick Wilburn F.   Lt. Texas North 1  
Patten Adrian R.  Pvt. New Jersey North 3 B-24
Patterson Harold E.    Lt. Pennsylvania South  
Patterson Harvey C.   Sgt. California North 1 From Luft IV 
Patterson Irvin   Oklahoma South  
Patterson J. B.   Lt. Kansas North 1  
Patterson Jack M.  S/Sgt. Pennsylvania North 1  
Patterson Joseph F.  Lt. New York North 1  
Patterson Joseph R.   Lt. Connecticut North 1 B-17
Patterson Leon M.   Lt. Louisiana South  
Patterson Leslie R.   Lt. Arkansas North 1 B-17
Patterson Maurice J.   T/Sgt. Michigan West From Luft IV 
Patterson R. P. F/Lt.  Canada West RCAF J.23377 
Patterson Robert D.   Texas South  
Patterson Robert E.   Lt. Kentucky South  
Patterson Robert G.   Lt. California South  
Patterson Robert T.    Lt. Ohio South  
Patterson Thomas R.   Lt. Michigan North 1  
Patterson W. J. F/Sgt. England West RAF 1487069
Patterson William E.  Lt. California North 2 B-24
Pattinson N. Pvt England West ARMY 4372872
Patton Wallace W.   Texas North 3  
Patton William E.  Sgt. Texas North 1  
Pauley James L.   S/Sgt. Minnesota West From Luft IV 
Paulinski Casimir J.   Lt. Illinois South  
Paull C. H. L. Lt. South Africa West SAAF 328968-V 
Paulson Kenneth S. Capt. Pennsylvania North 3 B-17
Paulson Kenny J.  Sgt. North Dakota North 3 & South B-24
Pausha Joseph  J.  Lt. New York North 1  
Pavlic Stanley   New York North 3  
Pawuet R. M.  T/Sgt. Illinois North 3 B-24
Paxton David F.   Lt. California North 1 B-17
Payne Richard M.   Lt. Oregon North 1  
Payne Robert A.   Lt. Massachusetts North 1  
Payne Robert F.   Lt. Michigan North 1  
Payne Walter E.     North 3  
Payne Walter E.  Lt. South Carolina North 1 & North 2   
Payne Walter E.  Capt. Texas North 2 B-26
Peace V. S. F/Sgt. England West RAF 1503005
Peacher Herman A.   S/Sgt. Missouri West From Luft IV 
Peacock Francis B.  Lt. Pennsylvania North 1  
Peacock James E.    Lt. North Carolina South  
Peake G. Sgt. England West RAF 1622926
Peake Hilton E. F/O England West RAF 139484 
Pearce Paul   Virginia North 3  
Pearce R. G. F/Sgt. Canada West RCAF R.217621
Pearce Robert C. Lt. Alabama North 2  
Pearce S. I. F/O England West RAF 189149 
Pearlman Jerome   Pennsylvania South  
Pearson G. Sapper England West B ARMY 1878461
Pearson George W.   Colordo    
Pearson J. D.   Lt. Mississippi North 1  
Pearson Jack B.  Lt. Florida North 2 B-17
Pearson James D.    Lt. Texas South  
Pearson Jim     North 2  
Pearson Lyle C.   Minnesota North 3  
Pearson W. E.   Canada South  
Pease Paul W.  Sgt.      
Pecka Wilbur J.   Lt. Illinois South  
Peckerar Irving M.   S/Sgt. New York West From Luft IV 
Pederson Delvin F.   Sgt. California North 1 B-24
Pedrotta Charles H.  Lt. California North 3 B-24
Peel D. M. P/O England West RAF 174216 
Peel Michael G. F/O England West RAF 151605 
Peel Robert G.  S/Sgt. Pennsylvania North 3 B-17
Peery Richard   Lt. California South  
Pelczarski Stanley J.   Lt. Massachusetts North 1  
Pelka Alfred F.    Lt. Pennsylvania South & North 3  
Pellecchia M.  Lt. New York North 3 B-24
Pelley Frank A. W. Lt. Rhode Island South  
Pendergast Wilbur M.   Capt. California South  
Penn Starling B.   Lt. New York North 1  
Pennicott Frederick  James Sgt. England West RAF 652188
Pennicott Joseph   England South  
Penny Comus R.   Lt. Maryland South  
Pentz G. F/Lt.  Poland West RAF(POLAND) P.0499 
Pepitone S S/Sgt. New York North 3 B-17
Peppmeier Dean M.  Lt. Iowa North 2 B-24
Perason W. E. F/O Canada West RCAF J.21611 
Perdue Cawthon B. S/Sgt.      
Perdzock Donald J.  S/Sgt. Michigan North 3 B-24
Periolat Donald J.   Lt. Illinois North 1  
Perkins Paul L.  Lt. New York North 2 B-24
Perla Richard S.  Lt. Wisconsin North 2 B-17
Perlman Jerome    Lt. Pennsylvania South  
Perlman Stanley Lt. New York North 1  
Perrot Edward T.  Lt. Illinois North 3 B-17
Perry George F.  Lt. Oregon North 2 B-17
Perry Oliver C.  Lt. Massachusetts North 2 B-24
Perry Robert E.   Lt. Colorado South & North 2  
Perry Russell A.  S/Sgt. Maine North 3 B-17
Perry T. LAC England West RAF 1226152
Perry Warren Earl Lt. Illinois North 2 P-38
Persun Ralph M. S/Sgt. Pennsylvania    
Peters Edward F.   Lt. Michigan South  
Peters George F.  Lt. Pennsylvania North 1  
Peters Harold H. Lt. New York North 2 B-17
Peters Henry   Maine North 3  
Peters John H.   Illinois North 3  
Peters Ralph Lt. Ohio North 1  
Peters Robert D.  S/Sgt. Kansas North 3 B-26
Petersen Howard R.    Lt. Utah South  
Peterson D. A.  Lt. Wisconsin North 1  
Peterson Harlan D. Lt. Nebraska North 3 B-17
Peterson Issac C.     North 3  
Peterson Kenneth D.  Capt. Arizona South  
Peterson Lorimer   Lt. Illinois North 1  
Peterson Robert D. Lt. Texas South  
Peterson Robert J.   Lt. Michigan South  
Peterson Robert T.    Lt. New York South  
Peterson Roy A.   Michigan North 3  
Petley-Jones A. C. F/O Canada West RCAF J.14779 
Petrolino James S.    Lt. New York South  
Petrowski Anthony J.  S/Sgt. New York North 3 B-17
Pettey George C.   S/Sgt. Mississippi West From Luft IV 
Petty George L.  S/Sgt. Idaho North 3 B-17
Petty H. C. Sgt. England West RAF 1075957
Peyton James.  Lt. Michigan North 3 B-17
Pfaffinger Richard C.   S/Sgt. F/O Minnesota North 1  
Pfeffer R. S.  Lt. Wisconsin North 2 B-17
Pfeiffer Edward G.   Lt. Missouri North 1  
Pfeiffer Richard L. Lt. Washington South  
Pfieger C. E.   S/Sgt. Kansas West From Luft IV 
Pflughaupt Arthur. J.  Sgt. Washington North 3 B-24
Phelps Richard T.   Lt. Colorado South  
Phelps Robert M.   S/Sgt. Michigan West From Luft IV 
Phillippe Hilbert W.   Lt. Indiana North 1  
Phillips Frank P. Sgt.      
Phillips H. R. F/Lt.  England West RAF 132164 
Phillips J. P. F/O England West RAF 139377 
Phillips M. C. H. F/Lt.  England West RAF 115785 
Phillips Mark   North Carolina North 3  
Phillips R. E. W/O England West RAF 552155
Phillips Richard H. Lt. Washington    
Phillips Robert James F/O Texas North 1  
Phillips W. T.   Lt. Alabama South  
Phillips William G.  Jr.  Lt. Virginia North 3 P-47
Phillis William K.   New Jersey North 3  
Phinney R. W.  Lt. Iowa North 3 B-26
Phipps H. Harry   Illinois North 3  
Piccolo Anthony J.   Lt. Nebraska South  
Pickens W. G. F/O Canada West RCAF J.17387 
Pickens W. G.    F/O Texas South  
Pickthorne B. J. F/O Canada West RCAF J.18787 
Piddington R. R. F/Lt.  England West RAF 111533 
Piekarski William F.   Lt. Massachusetts North 1  
Pierce Norman R.   Lt. California South  
Pierce Patrick J. Lt. Illinois North 1  
Piersol James  Jr.  F/O Pennsylvania North 3 B-17
Pietkiewicz Zenon J. F/O   North 3  
Pigeon J. H. Lucien P/O Canada West RCAF J.93850 
Pike David I. F/Lt.  England West RAF 43479 
Pilkington Dean W.   Sgt. Illinois North 1  
Pinckney Andrew M.   New York North 2  
Pingel Robert C.  S/Sgt. Indiana North 3 B-17
Pinger Harvey K.    Lt. New York South  
Pinkerton Kenneth G. F/O England West RAF 130413 
Pinkussohn Lewis A. Lt. New York North 2 & North 1 B-24
Pinzke Arthur A.   Lt. Illinois North 1  
Piro George F.    Lt. New York South  
Pirog Joseph  Lt. New York North 1  
Pisula Stanley J.    T/Sgt. Pennsylvania South  
Pittman Albert W.   S/Sgt. New Mexico West From Luft IV 
Pittman Ray W.  Lt. Oklahoma North 2 B-24
Pitts Marion A.   Virginia North 3  
Pitts Shelby   Lt. Indiana South  
Pitts William G.   California North 3  
Pizzello Ralph J.   S/Sgt. New Jersey West From Luft IV 
Planalp Eldon W. Lt. Indiana South  
Plant James M.    Lt. Oregon South  
Plant R. F/Lt.  England West RAF 135149 
Plante J. L/Cpl Canada West C ARMY E.49796
Plants William Jack  Lt. New York North 1  
Plattner Milton    Lt. New York South  
Pleasence Donald (Actor) F/O England West RAF 157509 
Pledger Coy D. T/Sgt. Oklahoma North 3  
Plemmons Howard M.    Lt. North Carolina South  
Plepel Joseph K.  Lt. Illinois North 3 B-24
Pliskin Irving R.  Lt. New York North 1  
Plothow Richard E.   Lt. Indiana South  
Plowmen R. W. S/Sgt. New Jersey North 3 B-24
Plude Robert W.   Connecticut South  
Plume Henry H. Lt. Texas North 3 B-17
Plunkett Desmond L. F/Lt.  England ? West RAFVR 78847 
Plyley D. G. W/O Canada West RCAF R.108467
Poate J. H. F/O Australia West RAAF Aus421042 
Podolak Stanley J.   Capt. Massachusetts South  
Poe Hal E.   S/Sgt. North Carolina West From Luft IV 
Pogue Jack  Lt. New Mexico South  
Pohl Dewayne. W.   Lt. Iowa North 1  
Poirier T. Cpl Canada West C ARMY M17413
Pokorny Joseph S.  Lt. New York North 2 B-24
Poljanec Raymond E.   Lt. Minnesota North 1  
Pollard Raymond V.   S/Sgt. Florida West From Luft IV 
Pollard Theodore E.   Iowa North 3  
Pollitt J. F. F/O England West RAF 154909 
Pollock Charles M. Jr.  Lt. North Dakota North 2 B-24
Pollot Michael J.  Lt. Illinois North 3 B-24
Pompetti Peter E.    Lt. Pennsylvania South  
Pond George K.  Lt. New York North 1  
Pond John D.  Lt. Virginia North 1  
Poole George I. Lt. Texas South  
Poole Irvin W.   T/Sgt. South Carolina North 3 B-17
Poore Bryant H.    Lt. Texas South  
Poore Forrest V.    Lt. New York South  
Popa Aurel H.    Lt. Ohio South  
Pope Anthony J.  S/Sgt. New York North 3 B-17
Pope Eddie G. F/Sgt. England West RAF 1048603
Pope Kermit R. Lt. District Of Columbia North 3 B-17
Popken Charles F. Lt. New Jersey North 1 & South  
Popovic Vladimir Capt. Yugoslavia West RAF(JU) Y-58 
Porter Donald H.   Lt. Kansas North 1 & South  
Porter F. S.   Capt. Connecticut South  
Porter John D.   Lt. Massachusetts South & North 2  
Porter Kenneth W.   S/Sgt. Massachusetts North 1  
Porter Lauren N. Sgt. California North 3  
Porter Lawrence M.  Lt. Massachusetts North 2 B-24
Porter Philip G.  S/Sgt. Illinois North 3 B-17
Porter Sidney   Illinois South  
Portir L. N.  Sgt. California North 3 B-17
Posey Fred W.   Lt. Georgia South  
Postek Michael T.   Pennsylvania South  
Potnam M. C.    Lt. North Dakota South  
Potter George W.    Lt. New York South  
Potter Horace S. Lt. Texas South  
Potter Leland C. Sgt. California North 2  
Pottier   F/O England West RAF 127007 
Poulter A. Pvt England West ARMY 4540872
Pounds Ray L.    Lt. Pennsylvania South  
Pounds Richard N.   New York  North 3  
Powell A. F/O England West RAF 138893 
Powell Buren F.   T/Sgt. Texas West From Luft IV 
Powell D. C.  S/Sgt. Texas North 1  
Powell Eugene M.  "Bill" Sgt. Texas North 3 B-24
Powell Grady B S/Sgt. Tennessee   From Luft IV
Powell Jack Z.  T/Sgt. Kansas North 3 B-17
Powell Kenneth R. Lt. Connecticut North 2 B-17
Powell Paul. J.    Lt. Oklahoma South & North 2  
Powell Randell L.  Sgt. Indiana North 3 B-17
Powell William M.  Lt. Ohio North 1  
Power Allen R.   Connecticut North 1  
Power Ronald W.   Sgt. California North 1 B-17 
Powers Frank D.   Lt. Florida South  
Powers J. M.  F/O Utah North 3 B-24
Powers John F.  Lt. New York North 2 P-51
Pratt Frank H.    Lt. Washington South  
Pratt William H.  Lt. Ohio North 1  
Preher Henry C.  Lt. Illinois North 2 B-17
Prenatt Charles R.  Lt. Pennsylvania North 1  
Prentice J. S. F/O New Zealand West RNZAF NZ.413120 
Presley Leroy H.   S/Sgt. Alabama West From Luft IV 
Presto Felix A.  S/Sgt. New Jersey North 3 B-17
Preston L. W. Sgt. England West RAF 1813264
Preston Maxwell D.    Lt. New York South  
Preston R. F/O England West RAF 153457 
Prevost Theodore L.  Lt. Maryland North 2 B-17
Price Barney R.    Lt. Oklahoma South  
Price Edward   Lt. California South  
Price Junius C.  T/Sgt. South Carolina North 3 B-24
Price Leslie A.   Lt. Missouri North 1  
Price N. G. F/O England West RAF 110407 
Price Walter E. Lt. Louisiana North 1  
Priddy John F.  Jr.  Lt. Texas North 3 B-24
Priest P. E. Cpl England West ARMY 6139134
Prince Charles J.   Lt. Michigan North 1  
Prince Wade H.   S/Sgt. New York West From Luft IV 
Pringle Frank G.   Lt. California North 1 B-17
Prior A. C. W/O Canada West RCAF R.85446
Pritchard L. T. F/O Canada West RCAF J.14783 
Pritchard T. A. G. Maj England West BRITISH ARMY AIRBORNE 49939 
Pritchard W. B. P/O England West RAF 148130 
Privin Morris Sgt. Ohio South & North 3  
Procak George J.    Lt. New York South  
Prochazka Z. F/Lt.  Czechoslovakia West RAF(CZ) 82628 
Procopio Frank A.    Lt. New York South  
Proctor Joe L.    Lt. Tennessee South  
Proctor Robert F.   Lt. Massachusetts North 1  
Prokop  Rudolph  Lt. Michigan North 3 B-17
Prophett James H. Lt. Florida South  
Proteau Francis O.   Lt. Montana North 1  
Prout Gordon D.   Lt. New Jersey South  
Provost Raymond Cpl. Massachusetts North 3 & South B-24
Pruvenok Michael G.  Sgt. Indiana North 3 B-24
Pucillo Jerry L. T/Sgt. Massachusetts South  
Puckett Noah L.  T/Sgt. Georgia North 3 B-17
Puckett Robert D.  Lt. California North 3 B-17
Pue Robert J.    Lt. New York South  
Puff John D.   Lt. Missouri South  
Pugh John H.   Lt. Arkansas North 1  
Puglise Sam C.  S/Sgt. New York North 3 B-17
Pugsley Frederick G.    Lt. New York South  
Pulley Raymond F.   T/Sgt. Missouri North 1 From Luft IV 
Pulliam Rupert H.  S/Sgt. Tennessee North 3 B-24
Puntorno Orlando   T/Sgt. New Jersey North 1 & North 3  
Purdham Thurman E. S/Sgt. Maryland South  
Purdy Robert B..   Lt. Michigan South  
Purifoy Lawrence L.   Lt. Arkansas South  
Putnam Gerald R.   Capt. New Jersey North 1  
Putnam Leonard A. T/Sgt. Wisconsin   From Luft IV 
Pygram J.R. F/O England West RAF 151375 
Pyne J.B. F/O England West RAF 129151 

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  Listing of the Prisoners of War at Stalag Luft I

This listing contains the names of 7,245 of the 8,939 POWs held at Stalag Luft I when it was liberated in May 1945. 

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