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Page N - Listing of POWs at Stalag Luft I

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Last Name First Rank State Compound Other
Naeve Daniel A.   Lt. California South  
Nagle Raymond L.   Lt. Massachusetts North 1  
Naisbitt J. E. Sgt. England West RAF 1145846
Naismith W. F/Lt.  England West RAF 47714 
Nall Glover S/Sgt. Tennessee North 3  
Nance James W. Lt.   North 3  
Naquin Henry E.   S/Sgt. Louisiana North 1 From Luft IV 
Nardone Anthony J. Lt. New York North 2  
Nardone Theodore R.    Lt. New York South  
Nash James W. Lt. Georgia North 1  
Nash Thomas F.   Lt. Missouri South & North 2  
Nason Stephen G.    Lt. Oregon South  
Nattier Clayton A. Lt. Kansas North 2  
Natzke Herbert W.  Lt. Wisconsin North 3 B-24
Nauer Claude S/Sgt. Illinois North 3  
Naughton Donald G..   Lt. Illinois South  
Nawoj Emil M. Lt.      
Neag Traian   Lt. Connecticut South  
Neal George C.   Lt. California South  
Neal John W.   Lt. New Jersey North 1  
Neary C. H. W/O England West RAF 522356
Neave W. R. R. F/O New Zealand West RNZAF NZ421391 
Needham W. J. C. F/Lt.  England West RAF 136698 
Neely George B.    Lt. Texas South  
Neely Tom D.  Lt. California North 3 P-51
Neeves Arthur E.    Lt. New York South  
Neff Horace R.    Lt. New York South  
Neft Edward I.    Lt. Pennsylvania South  
Nehila Willilam J.  Lt. New York North 1  
Neider Joseph M.  Lt. California North 3 B-17
Neil J. W. F/O Canada West RCAF J.16638 
Neill James. C.   Lt. Mississippi South  
Neill Robert W.  Sgt. Minnesota North 3 B-24
Neilson E. W/O England West RAF 920448
Neilson H. C.   Illinois South  
Neilson W. F/O England West RAF 162188 
Nelander Frederick J. Maj. California North 2 P-47
Nelson Arthur W.  Lt. Illinois North 1  
Nelson Darwin G.   Lt. Minnesota South  
Nelson Edgar H. Lt. Pennsylvania North 2  
Nelson F. Page   Lt. Virginia South  
Nelson Fred J.   Lt. New Jersey South  
Nelson Harold E.     North 3  
Nelson Harry Capt.   North 3  
Nelson Lyle R.  S/Sgt. South Dakota North 3 B-17
Nelson R. H. F/O Canada West RCAF J.26307 
Nelson William Barnhardt   England South  
Nemec Robert F.  F/O Illinois North 3 P-47
Nemeth Charles D.    Lt. Ohio South  
Nesbitt Glenn C.  Lt. Pennsylvania North 1  
Nesbitt Wayne E.   Lt. Colorado North 1 B-24
Nesch Gilbert T. Lt. Wisconsin North 3  
Nesom J. Sgt. England West RAF 1590417
Nesselbush Louis K.    Lt. Ohio South & North 2  
Nestorvic R. 2/Lt. Yugoslavia West RAF(JU) Y-116 
Nettekoven William F. Lt.   North 3  
Neu Edward F. Lt. Ohio North 2 & North 3  
Neudorfer Robert H.  Lt. Idaho North 3 B-17
Neumann Rudolph A.  Lt. Texas North 1  
Neuwirth Edward  Lt. Wisconsin North 1  
Neuwirth Walter G.    F/O Wisconsin South  
Neville Warren H. Lt. Pennsylvania South  
New Charles Garland  Lt. Virginia North 1  
Newberry P. D. Lt. South Africa West SAAF 280419 
Newbold James C.    Lt. Ohio South  
Newby G. W. E. P/O England West RAF 176746 
Newcomb Alan H.  Lt. Ohio North 2 B-17
Newcomb Harry F. F/O New Jersey North 2  
Newcomb Robert. J.  Sgt. New York North 3 B-17
Newell Eugene   Lt. Colorado South & North 2  
Newell William E.   Lt. Michigan South  
Newman J. M. P/O Canada West RCAF J.86853 
Newton Earl W. Jr.   Lt. Illinois North 2 B-24
Newton John T.   Lt. Missouri North 1  
Newton R.R. P/O England West RAF 174110 
Newton S. (?) England West B ARMY 3130673
Nicholls Edwin H.   Lt. Colorado South  
Nicholls H. J.   England South  
Nicholls J. H. F/Lt.  Australia West RAAF Aus403147 
Nicholls W. A. F/O England West RAF 160679 
Nicholls William Arthur  Lt. Pennsylvania North 2 B-17
Nichols Derise L.   S/Sgt. Virginia West From Luft IV 
Nichols H. J. F/Sgt. England West RAF 1223376
Nichols W. Martin Capt. - Medical England West RAMC 62741 
Nicholson William P.  Lt. Pennsylvania North 1  
Nicholson  Don E. Lt. Kansas North 2  
Nicklas Fred W.   Sgt. Iowa West From Luft IV 
Nicklawsky Donald T.    Lt. North Dakota South  
Nickless P. F. L. F/O England West RAF 143686 
Nicklett Charles. E.   Lt. California South  
Nicks James E.  Lt. Texas North 1  
Nicks Patrick M.  S/Sgt. Washington North 3 B-17
Nicolaisen Elwood T.  S/Sgt. California North 3 B-17
Nicolaison Russell H.  Sgt. Minnesota North 3 B-24
Nicosia John P.  S/Sgt. Pennsylvania North 3 B-17
Nielsen C. F/O Canada West RCAF J.25080 
Nielsen Harvey C.   Lt. Illinois South  
Nielson Carl V. Lt. Wisconsin North 2  
Niemeyer John   Lt. Illinois South  
Niemiec Cyril J.   Lt. Illinois South  
Nikitin Nicholas N.    Lt. New York South  
Nilsen Arnold V. S/Sgt. Massachusetts    
Nine Francis S/Sgt. North Carolina North 3  
Nisely Carnot J.  Lt. Illinois North 2 B-24
Nisewonger Boyd A.  Lt. Pennsylvania North 2 B-17
Nivens Delbert S.   S/Sgt. Missouri South  
Nix Francis J.  S/Sgt. Oklahoma North 3 B-17
Nixon Robert R.   Lt. Alabama North 1 B-17
Noack John R.  Lt. Texas North 1  
Noble Alex C. "Jock" Sgt. England - Scotland West RAF 1575695
Noell Hugh E. Lt. Mississippi North 1  
Noga Theodore F.  Lt. Ohio North 1 & North 2  
Nokes James C.   S/Sgt. Maryland West From Luft IV 
Nordling Chester A. S/Sgt. California North 3  
Norman J. D. Sgt. England West B ARMY 5282897
Norring Wilbert D. Lt.   South  
Norris A.M. F/Sgt. England West RAF 1801918
Norstrom John J.  S/Sgt. Minnesota North 3 B-17
North W. P/O England West RAF 174326 
North Lewis W. E. W/O England West RAF 929468
Northrup John A.   S/Sgt. Oklahoma West From Luft IV 
Novak Albert E.  Lt. Missouri North 2 B-17
Nowak Donald R.   Lt. Michigan South  
Nugent James H.  Lt. Ohio North 3 B-24
Nunnery Edwin W.  Lt. South Carolina North 1  
Nutkis Hyman  F/O New Jersey North 2 & South B-24
Nutt J. H. AC1 England West RAF 753055
Nutter W.  Lt. Texas North 1  

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  Listing of the Prisoners of War at Stalag Luft I

This listing contains the names of 7,245 of the 8,939 POWs held at Stalag Luft I when it was liberated in May 1945. 

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