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Page E - Listing of POWs at Stalag Luft I

Clicking on names in blue will give you the latest e-mail address for the POW or his family, or may take you to a page that contains more information about that POW.

Last Name First Rank State Compound Other
Eadie D. S. F/O  England West RAF 160101 
Eagle Morris S.  Lt. Virginia North 1  
Eames Jack J. W. Sgt. England West RAF 970534
Earl A.  S/Sgt. Georgia North 3 B-24
Earl William G.   S/Sgt. New York North 3 B-17
Early Charles L.   Lt. South Carolina South B-17 pilot
Easley Charles D.   Lt. Indiana North 1  
Easson R. F/Lt.  Australia West RAAF Aus420166 
Eastman Henry V.   Lt. Minnesota North 1  
Eastman William G Lt. Oklahoma North 2  
Eaton Carl D.  S/Sgt. Georgia North 3 B-17
Eaves Buford. M.   Lt. Texas North 1  
Eberly William E.  Lt. Pennsylvania North 1  
Ebert Lloyd M.   Lt. California North 2 B-24
Ebert Rex S. F/O Australia West RAAF Aus413840 
Ebert  Charles L.   New York North 3  
Echert William H.   Lt. Illinois South  
Eckard Robert L.   Lt. Illinois North 1  
Eckersley John D.  Lt. Michigan North 3 B-24
Ecklund Robert D.   Lt. Kansas South  
Eckrich James F.  Lt. Wisconsin North 3 B-26
Edel Ralph R.   Lt. Florida North 1 B-17
Edelstein Stanley Sidney    Lt. New York South  
Eden John F.   Lt. Georgia North 1  
Edens Billy G.  Lt. Arkansas North 2 P-47
Edgar Raymond O.    Lt. Pennsylvania South & North 2  
Edgar Richard     North 1  
Edington G. P. F/Lt Canada West RCAF J.11044 
Edkin Thomas H.  Lt. Wisconsin North 1  
Edler Rondo D.  T/Sgt. Utah North 3 B-17
Edmiston Harry D. Lt. Colorado North 3  
Edmonds Charles G.   Lt. New Mexico North 1  
Edwards Aubrey L.   Lt. Kentucky North 1  
Edwards Claude C.   Lt. Georgia North 1  
Edwards D. B. Cpl England West RAF 543573
Edwards E. M.  T/Sgt. Washington North 1  
Edwards G. G.  F/Lt England West RAF 102443 
Edwards J. Cpl England West ARMY 3852419
Edwards Jack Dean  Lt. Kansas North 2 B-17
Edwards Robert E.   Lt. Illinois North 1  
Edwards Wilson V.   Maj. Arizona South  
Effinger William F.   Missouri North 3  
Egan Donald R. Lt. New York    
Egan John M.  S/Sgt. New York North 3 B-17
Egan Thomas M.  T/Sgt. Massachusetts North 3 B-17
Egans D. R.   Lt. Michigan North 1  
Eggen Edward J.        
Eggers Richard F.   Lt. Illinois North 1 & South  
Ehrhardt Frederick G.    Lt. Ohio South  
Ehrman Everett G.  Lt. Missouri North 2 B-24
Eich Henry J.    Lt. New York South  
Eichenlaub Raymond J.    Lt. Ohio South  
Eicher Alvin A   Minnesota North 2  
Eidmans Gordon Henry L/Cpl England West B ARMY 6846611
Eisberg F. J.  F/O  England West RAF 161585 
Eisner Harold J.    Lt. New York South  
Elan Frank     North 3  
Elder Donald C.   S/Sgt. Indiana West From Luft IV 
Elder Donald E.  F/O Tennessee North 1  
Elder Thomas L.     Lt. Georgia North 1  
Elderkin James K.   Lt. New Jersey South & North 2  
Eldridge Truman K. Lt. Missouri North 2 B-17
Elgin Joseph Lt. Ohio North 1  
Eliades Jordan Lt.   North 3  
Elizondo Antonio S/Sgt. California West From Luft IV 
Elkins Frank Lt. Iowa North 3  
Elkins Robert C.  S/Sgt. Texas North 3 B-17
Ellerbusch William C.    Lt. New York South  
Ellicott Samuel M.   Lt. Delaware South  
Ellington Paul M.   Lt. Oklahoma North 1  
Elliot Fred B.   Lt. New Hampshire South & North 2  
Elliot Harold S.   Lt. Minnesota South  
Elliot Rodger L.   Lt. Alaska North 1 & North 2  
Elliott R. J. Driver England West ARMY 4453562
Ellis G. R. F/O Canada West RCAF J.36295 
Ellis James W.  Lt. Texas North 1  
Ellis Rex M.   Lt. Kansas North 1 additional info
Ellis Robert B. Lt. California North 2  
Ellis W. H. Sgt. England West RAF 1380157
Ellis Warren L.   Lt. Indiana South  
Ellis William L. Lt. Arkansas North 1 B-17
Ellis William L.  Lt. Arkansas North 2 B-17
Ellison Thomas G.   Lt. California South  
Ellsworth Robert I..   California North 2  
Eloranta Toivo E.   Lt. Montana North 1  
Elrades J.  Lt. Nevada North 3 P-51
Elsaesser Alphonse J.    Lt. Ohio South  
Elsey W. Sgt. England West RAF 1800518
Elstad John O.   Lt. Minnesota South  
Elvin K. C. Bob F/O Canada West RCAF J.19636 
Elwood F. Sgt. England West RAF 1523527
Ely Edmund J.   Lt. New Mexico South  
Embree Grady R. Lt. Texas South  
Emerson Aubrey L.    Lt. Texas South  
Emerson Burt R.   Lt. Illinois South  
Emerson Raymond G.   Lt. Minnesota South  
Emery M. S. F/O  England West RAF 143850 
Emmick Robert E.    Lt. Washington South  
Emms Jack W. F/Sgt England West RAF 1604689
Encinias Miguel  Lt. New Mexico North 1  
Enes Charles N. Lt. Connecticut    
Engbrock Glenn H.  Lt. Texas North 2 B-24
Engel Arvid W.   Lt. Connecticut South  
Engel Herman Lt.      
England William P. S/Sgt. New Mexico North 3  
Englebreit J. C.   Capt. Michigan North 3 P-51
Englehardt Elmer Wallace   Lt. Illinois South  
Englehart  William H. Lt. Illinois North 2  
English J. A. F/Sgt Canada West RCAF R.216283
English Robert Deane F/O Canada West RCAF J.43126 
Enos Alvin A.    Lt. New York South  
Ennis Jerome Lt. New Jersey South  
Enslow Donald L.   S/Sgt. Illinois North 1  
Epperson George W.  Lt. Illinois North 3 A-20
Epstein Charles A.  Lt. Michigan North 2 B-26
Epstein Henry  Lt. New York North 1  
Erb Robert L.    Lt. Pennsylvania South  
Erdmann Frederick H.  Lt. Oregon North 2 B-24
Erickson Farrell R.  Lt. Utah North 1  
Erickson Harold J.    F/O Wisconsin South  
Erickson Milton F.   Lt. Connecticut North 1 P-47
Erwin Chester D. Lt. Florida North 1  
Erwin Donald G.   Lt. Illinois North 1  
Esborn John E.  T/Sgt. Ohio North 3 B-24
Eshelby R. A. W/O England West RAF 1252991
Eshleman Bernard M.   Lt. District Of Columbia North 1 & North 2 & North 3 B-24
Eskenazi Jack Lt.   North 1 & North 3  
Esparcia Alfred E.  S/Sgt. California North 3 B-24
Espinosa Lorenzo   "Larry" Lt. California South  
Essenberg Calvin M.  Lt. Michigan North 3 B-17
Estle Elmer E.   S/Sgt. Indiana North 3 B-17
Etheridge Harold E.  Lt. North Carolina North 1  
Euggino Peter Sgt. Louisiana North 3  
Eustrom Harvey L. Lt. South Dakota North 3  
Evans Earl A.  Lt. Texas North 1  
Evans Ellicott  Davis T/Sgt.      
Evans G. A. Capt. South Africa West SAAF 104047-V 
Evans J. C.  T/Sgt, Oklahoma North 2 B-17
Evans John William. F/O Australia West RAAF Aus410152 
Evans Luther  "Taffy" Sgt. England - South Wales West RAF 922611
Evans M. V. Cpl England West ARMY 684433
Evans Robert N.  Lt. New York North 1  
Evens George A.    Lt. New York South  
Everard H. J. S/Ldr Canada West RCAF J.6222 
Everett Eric W. F/Lt England West RAF 138062 
Everhart John E.  Lt. New Mexico North 3 B-17
Everson James E.   W/O England North 2  
Everson L. E. Sgt. England ? West RAFVR 970053
Evertson Bryce S.   Lt. Nebraska North 1  
Ewert Warren L.   Lt. Illinois North 1  

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  Listing of the Prisoners of War at Stalag Luft I

This listing contains the names of 7,245 of the 8,939 POWs held at Stalag Luft I when it was liberated in May 1945. 

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