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World War II - Prisoners of War - Stalag Luft I 

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Page C - Listing of POWs at Stalag Luft I

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Last Name First Rank State Compound Other
Cable William B. F/O Canada West RCAF J.37869 
Cadmus David E.   Lt. Kansas South  
Cado Edward     North 3  
Cagle Curtis Sgt.      
Cain Leo J. T/Sgt.   South  
Cain Maxwell M. Lt. Alabama North 2  
Cain Richard C. Lt. New York North 3 P-51
Cairns Henry H. Lt. California    
Caldwell Jack H. F/O Australia West RAAF Aus423986 
Caldwell     Georgia North 3  
Cale Samuel L. Lt.      
Calender Robert     South  
Callahan William A. T/Sgt New York North 3  
Callan Thomas H.  Capt. South Dakota North 3 P-47
Calland Paul E.   S/Sgt. Ohio West From Luft IV 
Callmeyer Edward T.  Lt. New York North 1  
Calvert Meredith M.    Lt. Pennsylvania South  
Camarda Joe J.  S/Sgt. California North 3 B-17
Cameron A. LAC England West RAF 1376634
Cameron D. LAC England West RAF 950985
Cameron Jock F. 2/Lt. South Africa West SAAF 542500 
Cameron Thomas L.    Lt. Pennsylvania South  
Camp Glenn E.    Lt. Texas North 2  
Campbell G. M. Sgt. England West RAF 1071995
Campbell Harold E.   S/Sgt. New Hampshire South  
Campbell Harry   Vermont South  
Campbell J. F.   Pennsylvania North 3  
Campbell James D.   Lt. Illinois South  
Campbell Jerry M. F/O Texas North 2  
Campbell Paul W.    Lt. Pennsylvania South  
Campbell Stanley J.   Lt. Indiana South  
Campbell William  B.  Lt. Texas North 1  
Canin Irving P. Lt. New York North 1  
Canin Paul Lt. New York South  
Canion Bill E. Lt. Kansas North 2  
Cannata Nicholas A.   S/Sgt. New Jersey North 1 & North 3  
Canning William B.   Lt. Nebraska North 1  
Cannon Edgar A.   Lt. California South  
Canon Harold Curtis Lt. Washington South  
Canter Manuel Lt. Michigan North 2  
Cantin E .A. J. G. F/Sgt Canada West RCAF R.130333
Cantin R. W. F/Sgt Canada West RCAF R.194170
Canton Arthur H.  Lt. New York North 1  
Cantwell Bernard E.   F/O Indiana North 1  
Capalbo Frederick B. Lt. Connecticut North 3  
Capehart Burwell B.    Lt. South Carolina South  
Caplan B. A. F/O Canada West RCAF J.14391 
Caplinger William   Lt. California South  
Caporaso Joseph T/Sgt. New Jersey South  
Cappiello Louis J.   F/O Connecticut South  
Caputo Nicholas F.    F/O New York South  
Caraway Vestal H.    Lt. Texas South  
Carberry Robert J.   S/Sgt. California West From Luft IV 
Carder Orval B.  Lt. Oregon North 1  
Cardiff A. J. Sgt. England West RAF 1530448
Cardin James   Washington North 2  
Cardis E. S. F/Lt.  Greece West RHNAS RN141 NETHERLANDS
Cardon Harry L. Lt. Pennsylvania North 2 navigator
Carey Richard J.    Lt. New York South  
Carley Raymond J.  Lt. New York North 1  
Carlgren Robert F.  Lt. Kansas North 3 P-38
Carlson Carl R.  S/Sgt. Texas North 3 B-17
Carlson Donald H. S/Sgt. Oregon    
Carlson John M.    Lt. Minnesota South  
Carlson John K.   Minnesota North 3  
Carlson Pershing Y. F/O      
Carlson Sidney E. Lt. Minnesota North 2  
Carlton Freelin Alan   Lt. Illinois South  
Carlton James M. F/Sgt. Canada    
Carman William G. F/Sgt England West RAF 1237632
Carmell Arthur A.   Massachusetts South  
Carmichael Leonard A..   T/Sgt. West Virginia West From Luft IV 
Carmichael W. F.   Lt. Arkansas South  
Carmine John W.  Lt. Virginia North 1 & North 2  
Carnahan James R.    Lt. Ohio South  
Carnell Arthur A.   Lt. Massachusetts South  
Carnes James Fred Lt. Indiana South  
Carney John W.  Lt. New York North 1  
Caron John B. T/Sgt. Massachusetts West From Luft IV 
Carpenter A. Pvt England West B ARMY T/107311
Carpenter Beaumont   S/Sgt. California South  
Carpenter J. A. F/O England West RAF 138284 (AC) 
Carpenter John W.  Lt. Florida North 3 B-24
Carr Charles D.   Lt. Nebraska South  
Carr Donald W.  Lt. Washington North 1  
Carr Edgar W.   S/Sgt. Ohio West From Luft IV 
Carr Frank W. S/Sgt.      
Carr N. R. P/O Australia West RAAF Aus415507 
Carr Paul C.   Lt. Indiana South  
Carr Thomas L. Sgt. New York North 3  
Carr William G.   Lt. Michigan North 1  
Carroll Alfred Q. Lt. Wash, DC North 2  
Carroll G. H.  S/Sgt. Louisiana North 3 B-24
Carroll J. E.   Sgt. Ohio West From Luft IV 
Carroll James E.   Lt. California South & North 2  
Carroll John J.   Lt. Michigan North 1  
Carroll M. B. Sgt. England West RAF 1395264
Carroll Philip W.  Lt. New York North 1  
Carroll Paul L.  Lt. Iowa North 3 B-17
Carroll Richard L.   Minnesota North 3  
Carrow Raphael E.  Lt. New York North 2 B-24
Carson Durward D. Lt. Calfornia    
Carson Harold J.   S/Sgt. Pennsylvania West From Luft IV 
Carson J. F/O Canada West RCAF J.24230 
Carson John B.  S/Sgt. Tennessee North 1 & North 3  
Carson John F. Capt. Oklahoma North 1  
Carson John P. Capt. California North 1 B-17
Carson W. A. F/O New Zealand West RNZAF NZ421805 
Carter Bland   Missouri South & North 3  
Carter C. R.  F/O England West RAF 53362 
Carter Eric C.    S/Sgt. Vermont South  
Carter F. B.  S/Sgt. Alabama North 3 B-17
Carter Fred A.  P/O England West RAF 162627 
Carter George L.   Lt. California South  
Carter Guy M.   Lt. Florida South & North 2  
Carter Herschel H.   Lt. Arkansas North 1 B-24
Carter J.  F/O  England West RAF 128385 
Carter James J.  Lt. Nebraska North 2 B-17
Carter Robert S.   Lt. Alabama South B-17 Bombardier/Navigator
Carter William A.   F/O Massachusetts South & North 2 B-24
Cartier R.N. F/O Canada West RCAF J.39257 
Carver Harold I.   Lt. Indiana South  
Caryl Robert L. Sgt. New York   From Luft IV
Caryl William L.  Lt. New York North 1  
CasaGrande Leo J.   Lt. Connecticut South  
Case C. W. Sgt. England West RAF 1819583
Case James W. Lt. Arkansas South  
Case Marion O.  F/O California North 2 CG4A Glider
Case Richard J.   Lt. Michigan South  
Case Robert R.   Lt. Illinois South  
Case Rodolph  F/O Mississippi North 1  Brookhaven , Mississippi
Caseley A. R. F/O England West RAF 177919 
Casey M. L. P/O Australia West RAAF Aus418064 
Casey William T.    Lt. New York South  
Cash G.  P/O  England West RAF 169875 
Cash Hugh I. Sgt.      
Cashman Daniel C.  Lt. Rhode Island North 2 B-24
Cashore John W.    Lt. Pennsylvania South  
Casper Robert W.  Lt. Texas North 1  
Cassel William L.   Oklahoma North 3 Died of Leukemia in camp
Casselli John A.  Lt. New York North 2 B-24
Castings George  S. Lt. Tennessee South  
Castleman Harry L.  Lt. Arizona North 2 B-17
Castles David F.   S/Sgt. South Carolina North 1 From Luft IV 
Castner Max E.   Lt. Illinois South  
Caston Earl W.    Lt. Ohio South  
Catana Anthony M.   Lt. New Jersey North 1  
Catlin L. G. Pte England West ARMY 2183504
Cato Dale W.   S/Sgt. Missouri West From Luft IV 
Catone Orlando R.   Sgt. Massachusetts West From Luft IV 
Caturani Bruce G.  Lt. New York North 1  
Caucey J. T. B. F/Sgt Canada West RCAF R.177007
Caudell George W. T/Sgt.   North 3  
Caudell Otto E. Lt. Indiana North 2  
Caulfield Patrick J. T/Sgt. New York North 3  
Cavaletto Umberto F.   Lt. Arizona North 1 B-26
Cavan Robert K. F/O Michigan North 2  
Cavanagh Albert F.  Sgt. Illinois West From Luft IV 
Cavendish Robert J.  Lt. West Virginia North 1  
Cawson C. A. F/O Canada West RCAF J.23132 
Cayot Jack E.   Lt. California South  
Cecil Charles W.   Lt. Michigan South  
Cederbaum Harold P.   Lt. New York North 1  
Cederstrom Glen R.   Lt. Minnesota North 1 & North 2  
Celusnak Leonard J.   Lt. Minnesota South  
Center W. G. Jr.  Lt. New York North 3 B-17
Cessna Marion R.   Lt. Iowa South  
Chadwick F. F/O England West RAF 132173 
Chadwick G. Pvt England West B ARMY 5185307
Chadwick Ralph M.    Lt. Oklahoma South  
Chakansky Morris S/Sgt. New York North 3 B-17
Chalk W. R.  F/Lt.  England West RAF 47910 
Chambers Ken J. F/O  England West RAF 153270 
Champagne Rene P.  Lt. Rhode Island North 3 B-17
Chan Edward. N.  Lt. New York North 3 B-24
Chandler Charles H.   Lt. Missouri North 1  
Chang David G.  Sgt. California North 3 B-17
Chapas Joseph J.   Lt. Illinois North 1  
Chapman Carl H.   Lt. Missouri South  
Chapman Curtis. G.  Lt. Illinois North 3 B-17
Chapman H. G. 1/Lt. South Africa West SAAF 206644-V 
Chapman Harold J.   Lt. Michigan South  
Chapman John M. Lt. Pennsylvania    
Chapman John M.   Lt. Alabama North 1 B-17
Chapman L. W/O Canada West RCAF R.69955
Chapman Norman L.   Lt. New Hampshire North 1  
Chapman Richard G.   Lt. Maryland South & North 2  
Chapnan C., 2/Lt. France West FAF 30743
Chappell Leroy G.   Lt. Connecticut North 1 B-17
Charbonneau Arthur P.  Lt. Connecticut North 2 P-47
Chard B. S. Sgt. England West RAF 1616409
Chardi Merlin L.   Lt. California South  
Charles J. F. F/Sgt Canada West RCAF R265270
Charlton Michael A. Capt. Padre Scotland West Catholic Padre   
Charpentier Louis E.   Lt. New Hampshire South  
Chase Charles N.  T/Sgt. Kansas North 3 B-17
Chase Delbert W.   Lt. California North 1 B-17
Chase Phil   Arizona South  
Chase Philip J.   Lt. Michigan North 1  
Chase R. G. F.  F/O England West RAF 124153 
Chason Billy F.    Lt. North Carolina South  
Chatterley Archie W.   Lt. California North 1 P-51
Cheairs William T. Lt. Tennessee North 1  
Cheal Druce J. H. F/O England West RAF 133408 
Chearello B. J.   Lt. New Jersey South  
Cheatham Robert H.   Sgt. Alabama North 1 B-17
Chelf Paul C. Lt. Indiana South  
Chenet James H.    Lt. New York South  
Cherney John P.  F/O Pennsylvania North 3 B-24
Chesmore Emory R. Lt. Washington South  
Chestnut John J.   Lt. Kentucky South  
Chevraux Edward L.   S/Sgt. Ohio West From Luft IV 
Chiarello Bruno J.   New Jersey North 2  
Chidley Jack R.  Lt. Wyoming North 3 B-17
Childers Leonard H.  Jr.   Lt. Virginia North 2 P-47
Childers Loren B.   Lt. Kansas South  
Childes Donald M.  Lt. Indiana North 3 B-17
Chiles C. Dwight Lt. Texas North 2  
Chinn Lewis E.   T/Sgt. Kentucky West From Luft IV 
Chipman P. G. F/Lt.  Canada West RCAF J.6271 
Chippeaux Oral C. Lt. Kansas North 3  
Chisick M. F/O Canada West RCAF J.36938 
Choma Joseph    Lt. Ohio South  
Chorley G. W. P/O Canada West RCAF J.87799 
Chrighton R. Pvt England West B ARMY 2932062
Christensen Donald N.  Lt. California North 3 B-24
Christensen Richard A.  Lt. California North 2 B-17
Christensen Roger G.   Lt. Iowa North 1  
Christian John W.  Lt. Illinois North 3 A-20
Christianson Russell C.  Lt. North Dakota North 2 B-24
Christopher R. F.  F/O  England West RAF 156784 
Chrystie Phinehas W. L.    Lt. Pennsylvania South  
Chumley Ernest W.   Lt. Illinois North 1  
Church Willard V.   Lt. South Dakota North 1  
Churchwell Harry B.  Lt. Tennessee North 1 & North 3  
Chyle Walter Lt. Kentucky South  
Cihon John B.  Lt. Ohio North 1  
Clague Robert E.   Lt. Michigan North 1  
Clansic James S.    Washington South  
Clapie Albert L.    Lt. Pennsylvania South  
Clapperton R. H. F/O  England West RAF 151700 
Clarck H. A. W.  F/Lt.  England West RAF 55000 
Clarck R. H. F/O Canada West RCAF J.22603 
Clare P. A. Sgt. England West RAF 1622864
Clark Charles C Sgt.      
Clark D. A. F/O Canada South  
Clark Daniel J.  Lt. Pennsylvania North 2 B-17
Clark Ernest A.   Lt. California North 1 B-24
Clark James Dale  Capt. Virginia North 2 B-17
Clark K. W.  Lt. Ohio North 1  
Clark Leroy R.   Lt. California South  
Clark P. C.  Lt. California North 2 B-17
Clark Paul    Lt. Texas South  
Clark Paul I.   Lt. Illinois South  
Clark Robert C. Lt. California North 2  
Clark Roger R.   Sgt. Indiana West From Luft IV 
Clark W. A.   Lt. Georgia North 1  
Clark Wilson D.  Lt. Washington North 1 additional info
Clarke Keylon Lt. Ohio    
Clarke Leonard O.  Lt. California North 2 B-24
Clarke M. F. L. Capt. Padre England ? West PADRE C/E B A 111036 
Clarke R. J.  F/O  England West RAF 125379 
Claus Paul E.   Lt. Missouri North 1  
Clausen Leonard M.   Lt. California South  
Clausen Walter S/Sgt. Michigan North 3 B-24
Clay Charles R. S/Sgt.      
Clayton C. E. F/Sgt England West RAF 967136
Clayton William F.   Lt. Kentucky North 1  
Cleary E. D.      South TAF
Cleary F. J. F/Lt.  Australia West RAAF Aus400870 
Cleary John J.    Lt. New York South  
Clemens R. A.   Lt. Michigan South  
Clements Lawson W.    Lt. North Carolina South  
Clendenning R. S. P/O Canada West RCAF J.87282 
Cleveland Clyde S.   Lt. Indiana South & North 2  
Clever Arlington T.  F/O Pennsylvania North 2 P-47
Clew Harry F.   Lt. Illinois South  
Cleworth Brian H.   Sgt. Minnesota West From Luft IV 
Clifford J. W.  F/O  England West RAF 140866 
Clift Donald   Lt. New Jersey South  
Clifton B. Pvt Canada West C ARMY M28055
Cline Clair W.   Lt. Minnesota North 1  
Cline Earl E.   Illinois North 3  
Clotfelter Raymond P.   Lt. Illinois South  
Clough Herbert N.    F/O Rhode Island South  
Cloughley Robert E.   Kansas North 3  
Clouston D. J. Sgt. England West RAF 1821921
Clouter T. Sgt. England West RAF 1892028
Cloutier Donald A. S/Sgt. Illinois North 3 B-17
Clutts Eugene E.  Lt. California North 1 B-17
Clyatt William L. Lt. Florida South  
Clyde Edgar N.   Lt. California South  
Clymer Charles R.   T/Sgt. Pennsylvania West From Luft IV 
Coates E. A. W/O England West RAF 650905
Cobb Thomas W.  Lt. Florida North 3 B-17
Cobel Arthur A.   Lt. New Mexico South  
Coben Jack Cpl England West B ARMY 6914798
Coble J. L.  Sgt. California North 3 B-17
Cochran George E.  F/O Illinois North 3 B-26
Cochrane Earle J.  T/Sgt. Virginia North 3 B-17
Cockerham Edwin F. Lt. Indiana    
Codo Edward A.  S/Sgt. Illinois North 3 B-17
Coe Robert H. F/O   North 3  
Coffer Hobert L. D.   Lt. Arizona South  
Coffin John W.  Capt. Pennsylvania North 2 B-24
Cogswell Kirch J.  Lt. Wyoming North 1  
Cohalan Eugene Conway    Lt. New York South  
Cohen Irving J.  F/O New York North 2 B-17
Cohen Jacob   Lt. Massachusetts South  
Cohen Milton   New York South  
Cohen Robert   Ohio North 3  
Cohen Seymour  S/Sgt. New York North 3 B-17 Ball Turret Gunner
Colby Eldon Neil   Lt. California North 1 & North 2 B-24
Cole Arthur V.   Lt. Colorado South  
Cole C. W.   F/Lt.  England West RAF 108152 
Cole F. S. Sgt. England West RAF 1804728
Cole John R.   Lt. New Jersey South  
Cole Phil Z.   Lt. California South  
Cole R. W.  P/O England West RAF 182716 
Cole Ralph C.  S/Sgt. Idaho North 3 B-17
Cole Truman Lt.      
Cole William R. Lt. Texas South  
Coleman David B.  Lt. Arkansas North 3 B-24
Coleman L. F/O Canada West RCAF J.38335 
Coleman Lee B.  Capt. West Virginia North 2 B-17
Coleman Roy G. Sgt. Nebraska North 3  
Coleman W. C. F/Lt.  Canada West RCAF J.14189 
Coles M. W. F/O Canada West RCAF J.16833 
Coletti Robert E.   Sgt. New York North 1 From Luft IV 
Colgate Harry R.  Lt. Washington North 3 B-24
Collar George M. Lt. Michigan North 2  
Collier George F. P/O  England West RAF 158982 
Colligan Robert L.    Maj. New York South  
Collings Billy R.    Lt. Wyoming South  
Collings Frederick John Sgt. England West RAF 1874296
Collins B.  Pvt. Pennsylvania North 3 Ground Forces
Collins Merill B.  Lt. California North 2 B-17
Collins R. AC1 England West RAF 1446388
Collins W. R.  S/Sgt. North Carolina North 3 B-24
Collins William. J.    Pennsylvania North 2 B-24
Collison James M.   Lt. Minnesota South  
Collyer A. C. Sgt. England West RAF 539279
Colombo Louis G.  Lt. New York North 1  
Colson John V. Lt.   North 3  
Coltman Willliam G.   Lt. Michigan South  
Colvin Edward J. Lt. Rhode Island   493rd BG/863rd BS
Combest Merwin J.   Lt. Kansas North 1  
Combs Wiliam D.   S/Sgt. Ohio West From Luft IV 
Comer Raymond E.   Texas North 3  
Comstock R. O.  Lt. Maine North 2 P-51
Comstock Robert O.   Lt. Maryland North 1  
Conchie R. H. Lt. England West BRITISH A 304609 AIRBORNE
Conley James W.   Lt. Minnesota North 1  
Conlin Bernard M.   S/Sgt. Kansas or Wisconsin North 1 & North 3  
Conlon John J.  Lt. New York North 1  
Conlon Wilfred P.   Lt. Massachusetts North 1  
Conly Robert X.  Lt. Ohio North 1  
Connaway Robert F.  Lt. Texas North 1  
Conner Glenn T. Lt. Pennsylvania North 3 B-24
Conner Preston E.   Lt. Texas North 1  
Conneran Edward J.  Lt. New York North 1  
Connolly Joseph F.   Lt. Massachusetts North 1  
Connor J. D.  T/Sgt. Ohio North 3 B-24
Connor Bertie C. S/Sgt.   South  
Connor John M. Lt. Pennsylvania North 3  
Connors B. Sgt. England West RAF 1621408
Connors Edward B.       303rd
Conrow Russell C. Lt. Iowa North 2  
Conroy John M.   New York  North 3  
Conroy Robert B.   Lt. Pennsylvania North 1  
Conroy Thomas C.   Maryland North 3  
Considine James I.   Lt. Maryland North 1  
Contarino Emanuele S/Sgt. Massachusetts North 3 B-17
Contrada Vincent S/Sgt. Virginia   From Luft IV 
Conway Emmett G.  Lt. Virginia North 2 B-26
Conwell Cleon   S/Sgt. Indiana West From Luft IV 
Coogler Charles B.  Sgt. South Carolina North 3 B-24
Cook E. D.   Lt. Georgia South  
Cook Eugene D.    Lt. Oklahoma South  
Cook F. L. F/Sgt England West RAF 1219846
Cook G. R. Lt. South Africa West SAAF 206712 
Cook Joseph M.  Lt. Illinois North 2 B-24
Cook K. C.   S/Sgt. Indiana West From Luft IV 
Cook L. Cpl England West B ARMY 556280
Cook Lawrence H.   Lt. California North 1 B-17
Cook R. W.   S/Sgt. California South  
Cook Ray  Jr.   Lt. Iowa North 3 B-17
Cook Robert M.    Lt. Washington South  
Cook Thomas B. Sgt. England West RAF 1852747
Cook William J.  Lt. Texas North 1  
Cooke Albert R.   T/Sgt. North Carolina West From Luft IV 
Cooke Harold F. Sgt. Pennsylvania    
Cooke Harold L.   Lt. Indiana North 1  
Cooke Richard D.    Lt. Virginia South  
Cooke Richard W.    Lt. New York South  
Cooke Robert N.  Lt. Texas North 2 B-17
Cooley Warren Charles  Lt. Oklahoma North 3 P-51
Coolidge Myles E.  Lt. Minnesota North 2 B-24
Coomber D. J. P/O  England West RAF 155225 
Coonan John F.  Capt. Oregon North 3 P-51
Coonelly Joseph M.   S/Sgt. Pennsylvania West From Luft IV 
Cooney A. J. Lt. South Africa West SAAF 102558 
Cooney William J.  Lt. New York North 1  
Cooper C. G. Cpl England West ARMY 1986862
Cooper Charles T.    S/Sgt. New York South  
Cooper David T. F/O Canada West RCAF J.25078 
Cooper Edward J.        
Cooper Ernest E.  Lt. Texas North 3 B-17
Cooper Jarvis H.   Lt. New Jersey South & North 2  
Cooper Richard E.  F/O England West RAF 171628 
Cooper Stanley C.   Lt. California North 1 B-24
Cooper William R.   Maj. California North 1 C-47
Cope Charles H.  Sgt. Pennsylvania North 3 Ground Forces
Copeland Lawrence G.   Lt. Alabama South  
Coppinger John M.   Lt. Colorado North 1 B-17
Coppola John C.  Sgt. Rhode Island North 1  
Copus P. J. Sgt. England West RAF 1430308
Coram T. S. P/O Australia West RAAF Aus427501 
Corbin Wayne D.   Lt. Indiana South  
Corcoran Charles J.   S/Sgt. Pennsylvania West From Luft IV 
Corcoran Stephen M. Lt. New York North 2  
Corday A. L.    Lt. Oklahoma South  
Cordner John  F/O  England West RAF 148862 
Cordon H. L.  Lt. Pennsylvania North 2 B-17
Cordova Valdemar A.   Lt. Arizona North 1 B-17
Cordray Melvin F.  S/Sgt. Indiana North 3 B-17
Cordray William W.  S/Sgt. Ohio North 1  
Core Orville Ben   T/Sgt. Arkansas West From Luft IV 
Corley Forest C.   S/Sgt. California West From Luft IV 
Corley Paul E.  Lt. Vermont North 2 B-17
Cormack W. E. F/O New Zealand West RNZAF NZ429089 
Cornelison Woodrow Lt. Missouri North 3  
Corning Clarence H.   Capt. Massachusetts South & North 1  
Cornish Merlin L.   Lt. Indiana South & North 2  
Corpening Ira B.   Lt. California South  
Corpening Wayne G.   Lt. California South  
Corretti Billy R.   Lt. Alabama North 1 B-17
Corrington Stanley   Lt. California South  
Corte Vincent J.   Lt. Missouri South  
Cosgrove Joseph F.    Lt. New York South & North 3  
Costales Elmer   Lt. California North 1 Book - Rendezvous With Destiny
Costantino Mathew Lt. Massachusetts North 2 B-24
Costello Robert E.  Lt. New York North 1 & South  
Cota John F.    Lt. Texas South  
Cote J. A. Sgt. Canada West RCAF R94157
Cotter James F.  Lt. California North 2 B-24
Cottrell Bert S/Sgt. New Jersey North 3 B-17
Coughlin Robert V.    Lt. New York South  
Coulter Frederick. L.   Lt. Michigan South  
Coups P. J.   England South  
Courvalin C. M. 1/Lt. France West FAF 944
Couttie S. W. W/O England West RAF 1345942
Couture Robert E.