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World War II - Prisoners of War - Stalag Luft I 

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North Compound, Stalag Luft I
Barth, Germany

February 13, 1945 

NO. 15


  1. Effective this date, the verbal orders of the commanding Officer’s assignments of staff duties are hereby confirmed and made a matter of record:



Lt. Colonel M.M. Hubbard Executive  Block 9
Major G.C. Hozier Adjutant Block 9
2nd Lt.  F.R. DeRoever Asst. Adjutant Block 9
Major W.R. Cooper  S-1  Block 9
1st Lt. R.B. Bailey Asst. S-1 Block 9
Capt. P.A. Stock  Mail Block 6
1st Lt.  M.R. Kehrer Asst. Mail Block 3
2nd Lt. R.H. Martin Asst. Mail Block 7
1st Lt. M.R. Haskins Enlisted Men
& Mess Meetings
Block 9 
Capt. M.R. League Parcels Block 11
2nd Lt.  W.R. Major Parcels  Block 8
2nd Lt. H.E. Noell  Labor Block 7
2nd Lt. H.L. Wilson Asst. Labor Block 2



Capt. C.H. Corning S-2  Block 9
Capt. C. Palfrey Asst. S-2 Block 9
Capt.  C.G. Johnston Asst. S-2 Block 9



Major G.E. Lundquist S-3

Block 9

1st Lt.  J.H. Little Asst. S-3 Block 9
Capt. L.B. Palmer Phonograph Supply Block 6
2nd Lt. B.J. Smolens Education Block 5
2nd Lt. J.J. Carroll Entertainment Block 6
1st Lt. R.B. Conroy  Enter. (Seating) Block 7
2nd Lt. D.S. Boomer Enter. (Props) Block 7
1st Lt. B.L. Morrill Art Department Block 9
2nd Lt. R.A. Payne Art Supplies Block 7
2nd Lt. R.L. Fowler  Art Supplies Block 3
2nd Lt. M. Spodar Band Block 6
1st Lt. H.F. Korger Glee Club Block 7
1st Lt. R.H. Klein Librarian Block 11



Capt.   R.C. Gee Sports  Block 2
1st Lt. R.J. Murths  Asst. Sports Block 7
1st Lt.  J.B. McCord Asst. Sports  Block 3
2nd Lt. J.W. Hammond Sports Supply  Block 3



Major F.Q. O’Conner S-4 Block 9
Capt. R.C. Beckman Asst.  S-4 Block 5
1st Lt. R.L. Weniger Utilities & Equip. Block 8
1st Lt. C.R. Taylor Asst. Util., & Equip. Block 9
2nd Lt. R.S. Jackson  Asst. Util., & Equip. Block 9
1st Lt. S. Balman Rations  Block 11
1st Lt. J.A. LaForge Asst. Rations

Block 7

2nd Lt. T.F. MacDonald  Asst. Rations Block 2
1st Lt. W.P. Nicholson Clothing Block 3
2nd Lt. W.W. Jungbluth Asst. Clothing

Block 7

Capt. V.C. Lanigen Fuel

Block 5

1st Lt.  D.M Rudkte Asst. Fuel Block 5
1st Lt. D.S. Murray Asst. Fuel Block 7
Capt. D.B. Males Canteen Block 5



Capt. C.R. Putnam Squadron 1
Capt. J. Bromley  Squadron 2
Capt.  R.O. Smith Squadron 3
Capt. R.H. Lohot Squadron 4
Capt. B.K. Reitzinger Squadron 5
Capt. R.T. McNeeley Squadron 6
Capt. H.G. Bussing Squadron 7
Capt. J.H. Foster Squadron 8
Capt. C.H. Corning Squadron 9
Capt. M.S. Holmes Squadron 10
Capt. P.M. Loring Squadron 11a
Capt. L.B. Margolian Squadron 11b
Capt.  A.C. Kroos Squadron 12
Capt. C.C. Williams Squadron 13
Capt. F.C. Kincannon Squadron 14



Major  M.J. Yarsky Mess Officer Block 7
Capt. J.O. Booker Asst. Mess Officer Block 7
1st Lt. H.H. Hill Provost Marshall Block 3
2nd Lt. L. Volet Asst. Prov. Marshall Block 7
2nd Lt.  R.M. Roper Medical Block 4
F/O  A. Malerbe Asst. Medical Block 8
2nd Lt. R.A. Parker Public Relations Block 9
2nd Lt. E.H. Gallagher Asst. P.R.O. Block 9
2nd Lt. D.H. Austin Asst. P.R.O. Block 9
1st Lt. W.E. Mikolasy Maintenance Block 2
F/O  M.P. Bianchi Asst. Maintenance

Block 11

1st Lt P.D. Beall Courts and Boards Block 7
2nd Lt. H.L. Wilson  Food Acco Block 2
2nd Lt. T.F. Sharpless Food Acco Block 7


  1. All orders contrary to these are revoked.


Lt. Colonel


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