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Barth, Germany   (Stalag Luft I)


May 3rd, 1944

 Special Orders)
 No.      5)


     All members of the United States Armed forces stationed at Stalag Luft I, Barth, Germany, are subject to the following post regulations, and any changes thereto, while at Stalag Luft I and during their repatriation to the United States. 

I.                   Military Courtesy.

     Officers and enlisted men will observe normal military courtesy with superior officers of all nationalities.  This includes saluting out of doors, standing at attention indoors and the use of the word “Sir” when speaking on official status or receiving orders.

     All German Officers of equal or superior rank will at all times be saluted by members of the American Armed Forces in accordance with Chapter V, Article 18 of the Geneva Convention.


II.                Uniform Regulations.

A.  Clothing will be kept clean and in the best possible condition at all times.

B.  Uniforms will be in no case defaced by individuals.  Attention of all personnel is invited to the fact that uniform items are on loan from the Red Cross Societies and not personal property of individuals.

C.  Uniforms will be of one color where possible.  Exchanging of British blue uniform for American O.D. is encouraged as supplies and facilities permit.

D.  Wearing of officer clothing by enlisted personnel is prohibited.

E.  Wearing of badges of rank will be done as far as possible.  The making of ersatz rank badges is encouraged.  American personnel will not wear British insignia or badges of rank with the exception that RAF wings are permitted only to ex-members of the RAF entitled to them accordingly.

F.  Military clothing only will be worn on Parades, Reviews and Inspections.  Self made overseas caps are permitted; the wearing of non-military headgear or individual costumes at official formations is prohibited.


III.             Hygiene and Personal Apperance.

     Personal hygiene and cleanliness will be maintained in so far as conditions imposed by the Germans permit.

     All personnel will be reasonably well shaven.  Wearing of moustaches only are authorized.

     Personal appearance and neatness, in so far as conditions permit, will be a matter of record on officer’s War Department substitute  66-1 cards under Paragraph 7.


IV.             Quarters.

     Rooms and individual equipment will be neat and clean at all times.  Squadron Commanders will have daily barracks inspections conducted to insure compliance.


V.                Assignments of Personnel.

     Individual assignments of personnel to groups and squadrons will be changed only by proper headquarters.  Individual temporary exchanging of officers between barracks or compounds for social or personal reasons is prohibited except on authority of Group Commanders.

All previous orders conflicting with these regulations are hereby rescinded.




J.R. Byerly

Colonel, US AAF











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