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Kriegsgefangenenlager Nr. 1
Barth, den 1.6.1944
Der Kommandant


To: The Senior American Officer

Re: Conference between the Kommandant and the S.A.O. on the 23.5.1944


Behavior of the Ps.o.W. during "Alert"


The answer from the superior Authorities concerning the above referred to matter, has in the meantime arrived, which says that the Ps.o.W. at Barth have to remain in their barracks during  "Alert".

In future should "Alert" be given, the Lager officer or a representative of his and some interpreters will go into the camp and notify the Ps.o.W. of the alarm, and give the order to the Ps.o.W. to retire into their barracks.  If the not carry out the order, the German personnel will leave the compound.  In this case the guards will be instructed to make use of their arms, thus enforcing the order that the Ps.o.W. to remain in their blocks.

Shortly after "Alert" has been given, the gate leading to the Mess Hall in the North Compound will be locked . Ps.o.W. who have not finished with their meal at this time, have to remain in the Mess Hall during "Alert".



Oberst u. Kommandant





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