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If you are a former Prisoner of War or a next of kin of a POW, we invite you to sign and leave your email address so others that come may find you. Please mention camp, compound, barracks and room numbers if possible.

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Guestbook Entries - 1st Quarter - 2006
 1/01/06 thru 3/31/06

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Note:  this list is not complete, we are sorry to report that we have lost many of these entries. Please resign our guestbook if your entry is missing.



Name: david b cook
POW Camp:: stalag luft 1
Name of POW:: cook t b sgt 1852747
Sent: 01/29 2006 06:59 PM

my father is looking a group photo with him in it taking at stalag luft 1 can anyone help with this

Name: Kathy Storey
City: Benton, IL.
City, State, Zip:: West Frankfort, IL 62896
Postal Street Address:: 15642 Ice Rd.
Name of POW:: Robert E. Ice
Sent: 01/28 2006 03:31 PM

My father is a survivor of the march that ended when the war was over.

Name: roger patrick
City: birmingham
City, State, Zip:: b313ud
Postal Street Address:: 19 middlemore road,
Name of POW:: 2360978 signalman charles halder
POW Camp:: stalag 6a
Sent: 01/27 2006 04:39 PM

hello thank you for your help,this wed site is the best one i have found so thank you both, good luck and god bless.

Name: gogniat
City: lodelinsart
City, State, Zip:: jumet 6040 belgique
Postal Street Address:: dewiest
Name of POW:: wery
POW Camp:: m-stammlager iv a hohnstein (sachs-schweiz)
Sent: 01/27 2006 07:22 AM

recherche photos du camps de prisonniers guerre ou mon grand-pere est rest� en 1940-1945

Name: Eileen Pilley Brodsky
City: SC
City, State, Zip:: NEW JERSEY
Sent: 01/26 2006 11:02 PM

My father was a POW for 2 years after being shot down over Germany. He was a navigator and he and one other man survived the crash. He died over 20 years ago never sharing in detail about his time in the camps. Would love if someone could share any stories.

Name: Colleen O'Brien
City: Philadelphia
City, State, Zip:: n/a
Postal Street Address:: deceased
POW Camp:: Stalag Luft 1
Name of POW:: Wilbur Brice O'Brien
Sent: 01/26 2006 12:20 AM

This is a very moving website. I was astounded to find it, and then to see my father in the list of POW's. This website is a true tribute to these men who gave so much.

Name: steve siefker
Sent: 01/25 2006 09:54 PM

my uncle John "Jack" Siefker was a gunner on a B-17 called the Liberty Ship of the 8thAAF 336th 95th does anyone have pictures of this B-17?

Name: Phyllis Amick
City: Jenison, Michigan
City, State, Zip:: Jenison, MI 49428
Postal Street Address:: 7732 Riverview Dr. # 202
Name of POW:: Cecil L. Baker
POW Camp:: Stalag  2A  Germany
Sent: 01/25 2006 08:59 PM

My dad, Cecil Baker, was captured 11-21-1944 and liberated in May of 1945. I am not sure where in Germany he was at the time of his capture but I do know that he went through "The Battle of the Bulge" because he talk about it at times but not to much. My dad past away in 1988. He was born and raised in Michigan and lived most of his life in Cheboygan.

Name: michele
City: long island ny
Name of POW:: willy krupitsch
POW Camp:: stalag luft
Sent: 01/25 2006 07:01 PM

Interested in information, my mom is having trouble with the VA since my fathers death. Thank you

Name: Anna Dibble
City: Londonderry
POW Camp:: Stalag Luft 1
Sent: 01/23 2006 09:19 PM

I am trying to find Philip N. Wright Jr. who was a P.O.W. in Stalag Luft 1. There is an essay about him (actually several) on this website. His email address does not work. My mother knew him many years ago when they were both teenagers, and she'd like to find his address and phone number. Thanks.

Name: Hubert Lachor
City: Sosnowiec
City, State, Zip:: Sosnowiec, Upper Silesia
Postal Street Address:: Sosnowiec - Kazimierz G�rn.
Name of POW:: Thomas Daniel Merwyn
POW Camp:: Lamsdorf - Sosnowiec
Sent: 01/23 2006 05:21 AM

Hello!My name is Hubert.I'm looking for some news about british and french prisoners of war who work during the war in sosnowiec's mines. I'm looking some informations about one of them, too!His name is Thomas Daniel Merwyn-born in Australia in 1918!He was killed by germans in 2/9/1943 in Sosnowiec during escape!Please help me!

Name: Terry L Dumerauf
City: Donahue
City, State, Zip:: Donahue, Iowa 52746
Postal Street Address:: 29354 115ave
Name of POW:: Eugene Norman Schwerdtfeger
POW Camp:: Stalag 317
Sent: 01/23 2006 12:46 AM

I am looking for someone who may be able to translate a copy of a German POW card.

Name: Mark Dutton
City: Albuquerque
City, State, Zip:: New Mexico
Sent: 01/22 2006 04:11 AM

Great site! Has been very helpful in the early stages of a book I am working on which lists the entire group of POW�s ever in Stalag Luft 1, currently over 9400 on my list. I am listing such information as Name, nickname (If known), rank, AC type and number, crew position, date shot down, location shot down, home state, home city, date lost, Group, Squadron, Serial #, POW #, Compound(s), Room(s), and a notes section for interesting information on each man. I have over 1400 POW ID#�s so far but this is the biggest area lacking information. I am also lacking information on the few Soviet fliers in the camp. Any information that can be provided by others is greatly appreciated. Regard, Mark Dutton

Sent: 01/22 2006 03:55 AM

Hello,my grandfather was a prisonner in stalag vb in villingen.If you have some informations send me an email. Seb

Name: Tracy Simmons
City: bethpage
City, State, Zip:: Bethpage Ny 11714
Name of POW:: Willie Krupitsch
POW Camp:: st
Sent: 01/19 2006 11:15 AM

I am doing research for my Aunt about her husband, Willie Krupitsch. If anyone knows anything please let me know. I am just starting out. /thanks

Name: tim devine
City: Martinsburg, WV
Sent: 01/18 2006 11:10 PM

My father was a radio operator on a C47 in the 434 Group 72nd TC squadron during WWII. He spoke little of the war during his life, but he did mention one of the most difficult times during the war (and there were many), was when his unit apparently took part in evacuating several of the concentration camps. If there is anyone who may have known my Dad, John A. DeVine, from Madison, New Jersey, please drop a note. Bless everyone who was touched by the events.

Name: Heidi
City: Yukon
City, State, Zip:: Yukon, OK 73099
Postal Street Address:: 1212 Dorchester Ct.
Name of POW:: William "Bill" Whitson
POW Camp:: Stalag 4B at Muehlberg
Sent: 01/18 2006 09:33 PM

I am trying to find out about my Grandfather's stay at Stalag 4B. He was a pfc rifleman in the 275th infantry M company and was captured Jan. 3 1944 near Phillipsbourg during the Battle of the Bulge in the Ardennes. He never talked about his experience during the war, except that the Russians liberated the camp, and that he ate a lot of pea soup, which he never touched again the rest of his life. He died of cancer almost 14 years ago and I would really like to know about this time in his life. I have met a lot of WWII veterans in the last several years who have reminded me of him, and I just need to know what he went through for us to have the lives we live today. Thanks you for any help. Heidi

Name: Paul K. Cashdollar
City, State, Zip:: Butler, PA 16001
Postal Street Address:: 120 Webb Road
Sent: 01/18 2006 06:39 PM

In 2001 I wrote a book, In Harm's Way, Stories of American Prisoners of War in Germany, ISBN 0-9706679-0-6. I interviewed sixteen former POWs from PA and Ohio. Some of the men in my book were at Stalag Luft 1. I've been interested in these real American heroes for years.

Name: Keith Jackson
City: Nottingham
Name of POW:: Corporal George Jackson
POW Camp:: M-Stammlager IX C Dulag
Sent: 01/17 2006 08:04 PM

My Grandfather Goerge Jackson from Newcastle in the UK was at this camp in March 1942, I have a photograph of him with 9 other men, and a number 1015 in the foreground. I would like to know more about who are in the photo, where it was taken etc. I am trying to put together our Family Tree, and found this photo among the documents. Cheers Keith

Name: A. Edward Wilen
City: Boca Raton, Fl
City, State, Zip:: Boca Raton ,Fl 33434I was in
Postal Street Address:: 20100 Boca West Dr. Apt. 166
Name of POW:: Same as above
POW Camp:: Stalag Luft 3, Stalag 13D, Stalag 7A
Sent: 01/16 2006 03:12 PM

In Luft 3 I was in West Compound, Bldg. 167, Room 15 I have the signatures of every one in the room with me but havent been able to locate anyone except my own crew members and the are deceased now. If anyone sees this that was with me please respond. At that time my name was Wilensky.

Name: Carina Gomulko
City: Manchester England
Name of POW:: Teofil Gomulko
Sent: 01/16 2006 07:23 AM

Does anyone know anything about Teofil Gomulko who was taken from a concentration camp to train as a paratrooper at ringway airport in England. We believe he was from OLAWA Poland but thats all we have. Hopefully he will have some relatives in poland still living. Any information would be appreciated.

Name: William Horwitz
City: Irvington, NY
City, State, Zip:: Brooklyn, NY
Name of POW:: Lt. Martin Horwitz, 142d Regiment, Texas 36th Division, U.S. Army
POW Camp:: Stalag IX-C
Sent: 01/15 2006 11:32 PM

My father was wounded in the battle for the Vosages (in Remiremont, France) on Sept 22, 1944 and eventually ended up in Stalag IX-C. Would love to hear from anyone with knowledge of him or of the camp in general. WIlliam Horwitz

Name: Leon John Zimmerman
City: Jackson
City, State, Zip:: Jackson, MI 49203
Postal Street Address:: 3782 Maidstone Road
Name of POW:: Leon John Zimmerman
POW Camp:: Stalag 1 Barth, Germany
Sent: 01/15 2006 10:12 PM

I am an Ex P.O.W. and my wife and I are planning a trip to Germany, October 2006. We want include Barth on our trip. I think we were in North 1. John W. White was a roommate, John was our Pilot, I was the Bombardier on our crew. We were shot down over Bohlen, on November 30, 1944. 457th Bomb Group, 751 First Squadron, based at Glatton Station, near Peterborough, England. I have photos, of our crew, our aircraft, Hamtramack Mama. Gerald Whitman, Leonard Johnson, Richard Seely, Rudolph Prokop, Jack Landsman, Jeseph Geller, Howard Wilcox completes the crew that were there.

Name: Rick Anderson
Name of POW:: Marvin Daniel Anderson
POW Camp:: Barth
Sent: 01/15 2006 08:04 AM

You have done a wonderful job commemorating the sacrifices these men made so many years ago! Thanks! My dad- Marvin Daniel Anderson was shot down on his 18th mission over Germany & was in Barth as a POW for the rest of the war. He was a navigator on the Spirit of 44 when shot down. He was reported mia to his parents Feb. 22 1944, but soon confirmed as a POW, much to their relief I'm sure! Thanks again! Rick

Name: michael david stovell
City: rugby
City, State, Zip:: cv21 3sa
Postal Street Address:: 27 lawrence rd. rugby
Name of POW:: Tom stovell
POW Camp:: stalag 8b
Sent: 01/15 2006 07:37 AM

To any one who new my father or any one who was in stalag 8b or there reatives I would like to hear from you kind regards to you all you are what england needs today. Mike.

Name: carla cox
City: lafayette
Name of POW:: clinton n jacobsen
POW Camp:: stalug luft I
Sent: 01/15 2006 05:01 AM

My father was a POW in Barth Germany at Stalug Luft I, he was a navigator on a B-17. He got shot down, bailed out, the plane did continue to fly into Switzerland. I was a post war baby, my brother was born and over a year old when my Dad came home. MY Dad was a POW for 18 months, and he was never the same after that experience. I really think the USA should take better care of their service men who go to war and the unfortunate ones who are and were POW's!! My Mother would send parcels through the Red Cross, they got there, but my Dad did see anything except the cigarettes, which he did use for a potato or maybe a piece of meat. He did have a journal, what was written, was pages and pages of "Things I like to eat" I'm writing this, because maybe someone might remember my Dad! Thank you, Carla S. Cox

Name: Merranda
Sent: 01/14 2006 06:17 PM

Im am the Great Grandaughter of Ray D. Ford I just recently found out about my relative and I am so proud to be of the same blood line. To hear the great things he did for others and his country shows great poise. My grandfather was adopted by another family before Ford's death. He never knew his father until 2004 when we found out, that was when I decided to enlist in the Air Force, I rank at 1st Lt. and am proud to follow in his foot steps. Every time I board an aircraft I think about how my great grandfather sacrificed himself for all those people without even breaking a sweat. God Bless America and our troops. ~*~M~*~

Name: Robert J. Abresch
City: Austin, Texas
POW Camp:: Stalag Luft 1
Name of POW:: Robert J. Abresch
Postal Street Address:: 1804 Casa Grande Drive
City, State, Zip:: Austin, TX 78733
Sent: 01/11 2006 07:46 AM

no message

Name: s.p. thacker
City: mt vernon, ky
Name of POW:: richard monhollen
Postal Street Address:: po box 4198
City, State, Zip:: mt vernon, ky 40456
Sent: 01/10 2006 10:40 PM

My grandfather Richard Monhollen served with the 109th inf, 28th Div in europe. He was reported MIA 12/18/1944 in Luxembourgand taken prisoner. If anyone known of him please feel free to contact me..Thank you

Name: Alex
POW Camp:: Stag Luft IV
Name of POW:: Jack S. Bowen
Sent: 01/10 2006 10:28 AM

Jack bowen was a waist gunner on a b-17 " Wrambling Wreck" 401st Bomb squadron, 91st bomb group Shot Down over poland and placed in pow camp. He was in the Death March. He later managed to escapewith the help from a German Gaurd and lives with is wife in the U.S.A

Name: Janet Scott Delperdang
City: Burnsville, MN
Name of POW:: Alfred Scott (deceased 1990)
POW Camp:: Barth
Sent: 01/09 2006 09:01 PM

Alfred Scott was my Dad.

Name: Nicole Emanuel
POW Camp:: Stalag 12D
Name of POW:: Rene Golschmann
Sent: 01/09 2006 03:20 PM

My Grandfather was a French Army captain, captured and eventually transferred to Stalag 12D. I am trying to find details about his release in March 1941. Does anyone have suggestions of how to track down information? I have his prisoner numbers and date of capture. Thank you.

Name: Craig Marsh
City: greenock
POW Camp:: STALAG V111 B
Name of POW:: Douglas Craig Marsh
Postal Street Address:: 61 Newton street greenock
Sent: 01/09 2006 02:10 PM

my father was in the 6th Battalion of the Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders.

Name: Richard M Millspaugh
City: wichita,ks
Sent: 01/08 2006 10:32 PM

It is interesting to learn about and be proud of my relatives. I love the internet, anywhere in the world is only a minute away. Thank you for your website. Richard Millspaugh

Name: Wayne Dillon
City: Toronto, Ontario
POW Camp:: Dulag Luft Wetzlar
Name of POW:: James Richard Dillon
Postal Street Address:: 66 Christina Cres
City, State, Zip:: M1R-4H8
Sent: 01/07 2006 05:32 PM

Willing to share any small bits of info. Jim (my dad) is here with me and we have just gone on line at home. He knows of Stark and has an old address. He mentions W.J. Summerhaze and has an old address. Pictures are around someplace.

Name: Brenda Gale Warner
City: Winnipeg, Manitoba
POW Camp:: Stalag Luft VI
Name of POW:: George V. Neale
Postal Street Address:: 239 Southwood Drive
City, State, Zip:: Hamilton, Ontario Canada L8T 4E9
Sent: 01/07 2006 05:14 PM

My Father, George V. Neale, was a Halifax Bomber Pilot with the RCAF He was captured by the Germans and spent 664 days in three different POW camps During that time, he kept detailed diaries and carried them in a canvas sack tied around his body, so they would not be found He has recently written a book, taken directly from the diaries - refer to

Name: Doug Quigley
City: Leicester
POW Camp:: stalag xxb
Name of POW:: Alexander Espie
Sent: 01/07 2006 12:13 PM

I am trying to find any informationon behalf of this mans nephew.He was in the Gorden Highlanders 51st div and was captured at St Valery in 1940 and sent to Stalag XXB

Name: Andrew J. Strenecky
City: Cocoa, Florida
POW Camp:: Stalag SB
Name of POW:: PFC Joseph Streznetcky (Strezneteky) S/N 358217
Sent: 01/06 2006 08:08 PM

Joseph Strezetcky was my cousin. He died in 1964. I am interested in any information pertaining to his Military service, capture, and confinement. I know he was captured in Italy on November 6, 1942. Any or all information about him will be greatly appreciated. Thank you, Andrew J. Strenecky 3046 Skyline Drive Cocoa, Florida

Name: Deborah Meehan
POW Camp:: Stalag XIII D N�rnberg, Moosburg, Stalag VIIA
Name of POW:: Richard "Dick" Meehan
Postal Street Address:: 476 East Main Street
City, State, Zip:: Denmark, ME 04022
Sent: 01/05 2006 06:23 PM

My father was in both camps, Stalag XIIID, Nurmberg and Stalag VIIA. He was unable to walk for most of the time and was carried by fellow crewmember Morris Burkhart, in the journey from Nurmberg to Moosberg. I know that once in Moosburg there was a seminarian who tended to his wounds, but know little more. He was shot down 12.31.44 in a bombing run over Hamburg and was with the 100th, 350th. Any additional info very much appreciated. Thank you.

Name: Terry (Neff) Thurley
City: Scottsville, NY
POW Camp:: Stalag Luft
Name of POW:: Horace R. Neff (Bud)
Postal Street Address:: 5 Dogwood Lane
City, State, Zip:: Scottsville, NY 14546
Sent: 01/04 2006 08:18 PM

After typing up the two letters that I have that my father sent to his parents while in Europe for my son, I found reference to Stalag Luft. I did a search online and found this site. I found my dad was in South Barrack #7. Thank you. I've learned so much.

Name: Paul Croteau
City: Brantford
Sent: 01/04 2006 08:15 PM

I read with great interest some of the accounts on your web site... well done.

Name: Robert K. Bristow
City: Leavenworth, KS
POW Camp:: Stalag Luft I
Name of POW:: Richard T. Zeugin
Postal Street Address:: 1801 Thornton Street
City, State, Zip:: Leavenworth, KS 66048
Sent: 01/03 2006 09:15 PM

My uncle, Richard T. Zeugin, was a member of a US Air Force crew that crashed in Italy on March 29, 1944. Thanks for developing your web page and providing info on POWs. Members of my family have been in contact with Mr. Giancarlo Garello who wrote a book about my uncle and the members of his crew.

Name: Donna Holmes Palkowsky
City: Marble Falls, TX
POW Camp:: Stalag Luft 1
Name of POW:: Phern Stout
Postal Street Address:: 1405 Bluebonnet Drive
City, State, Zip:: Marble Falls, TX 78654
Sent: 01/03 2006 09:10 PM

This man was the son of my step-father-in-law. He was a great guy as was his father. What was never discussed therefore I didn't know he was a POW. I am so thankful to find this article and I do have info on the Stout family. I lived with his father, Roy and his step-mother Edna while my husband, son of Edna was in Korea. Donna Holmes Palkowsky

Name: Emery L. Reynolds
City: Littleton, Colorado
Sent: 01/02 2006 01:35 AM

Found your site to be very interesting and wish you luck. I lost an uncle 1st Lt Harry M. Schaffert USAAC in England during the WW2. I do not know if there were any other relatives. I'm just interested in that time period and events thereof.

Name: James Osman Jr.
City: Little River
POW Camp:: Stalag XIIA, Limburg and Stalag IXB, Bad Orb
Name of POW:: James Osman
Postal Street Address:: 1025 Plantation Drive West #2833
City, State, Zip:: Little River, SC, 29566
Sent: 01/01 2006 12:11 PM

Would like to hear from anyone who served or knew my father. He was a heavy machine gunner captured January 20, 1945 during a German counterattack in the city of Nennig, Germany. He was with the 94th Infantry Division, 302nd Infantry Regiment, Company M, 2nd Platoon.


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