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If you are a former Prisoner of War or a next of kin of a POW, we invite you to sign and leave your email address so others that come may find you. Please mention camp, compound, barracks and room numbers if possible.

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Guestbook Entries - 3rd Quarter - 2005
 7/01/05 thru 9/30/05

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Note:  this list is not complete, we are sorry to report that we have lost many of these entries. Please resign our guestbook if your entry is missing.


Name: mark wilkinson
City: northants UK
POW Camp:: various
Name of POW:: ashby bird
Sent: 09/30 2005 02:52 PM

My grandfather was ashby bird and i may have some information which may help you.

Name: Adrian Leahu
City: Timisoara, Romania
Sent: 09/26 2005 04:40 PM

My great-grandpa was in the service in the first war all 4 years, and then in the second war from 1941 right up to the end of the fighting, he was one of the few Romanian soldiers to reach the Oder river, then he went onward to Berlin. During the attack on Russia he was stationed at Kiev then at Leningrad, when he was dispatched to an Russian Armored brigade till they reached Berlin in 1945.

Name: Harland Yriarte
City: Eugene, Oregon
POW Camp:: stalag luft 1
Name of POW:: Roman Yriarte
Sent: 09/25 2005 05:43 PM

Hi: My name is Harland Yriarte.I am wanting to get ahold of anyone who knew my Uncle Roman Yriarte from Burns, Oregon who was a POW at Stalag Luft 1 North 3 Barracks 8 block 308 Room 12. I have tried to email one of the other POWs but his email is not good..His name is Albert G. Williams who was from St. Clair Shores MI.. Any or all information from anyone who could share information about my uncle and his POW experience with me would be greatly valued...

Name: sandy foust martinez
City: denver,co
POW Camp:: stalag 3
Name of POW:: 2nd lt david h foust
Sent: 09/24 2005 07:25 PM

I am the daughter of David Foust (pete). I have been told he was navigator on a plane called princess pat (ches)? They were shout down May 12, 1944 and he was captured and taken to stalag 3. My father died april 1950 in sandia mountains , new mexico. I just wonder if anyone out there knew him. thanks

Name: Simon Hepworth
City: Leeds
POW Camp:: Stalag Luft 1
Name of POW:: F/O F J Eisberg
Sent: 09/19 2005 07:48 AM

My great-uncle Sgt Peter Gosnold flew in the same crew as F/O Eisberg. They were shot down on 21.11.44 over Moers, Germany. I am trying to trace any relatives or friends of F/O Eisberg who survived as a POW. Peter lost his life in the incident. After the war F/O Eisberg kindly wrote to Peter's family but the correspondence has been lost.

Name: Walter Farmer
City: Corsicana, Texas 75110
POW Camp:: Stalag Luft 1
Name of POW:: Walter Farmer
Sent: 09/18 2005 09:11 PM

I was at Stalag Luft 1 from March 20 1943 until end of war. My plane a B-24, "The Commanche" was downed over France on the way back to England from a bombing raid. I was with 44th Bomb Group, Sq. 714, 8th Air Forced based in Seething, England.

Name: Hank Kozlowski
City: Buffalo
POW Camp:: Neubrandenburg Stalag 2a
Name of POW:: Walter (Wladyslaw) Kozlowski
Sent: 09/16 2005 12:52 AM

I'm looking to contact anyone who may have spent time with my Father, Wladyslaw Kozlowski (Polish POW) at Stalag 2a in Neubrandenburg in the late 1930s.

Name: Gary R. Hill
City: Watertown, MA
POW Camp:: Stalag Luft III
Name of POW:: Harlan R. Hill
Sent: 09/15 2005 10:54 PM

What a fantastic site - very helpful. I'm working on a book of my father's experiences in WWII. Thanks for all the work you put into this site.

Name: Laura Ann Harris
City: Rancho Santa Margarita
Sent: 09/12 2005 12:33 AM

Thank you so much for this sight. My grandfather was Jack Richard Foster, and was a POW for eighteen months. Recently, I have been encouraged to research more of his story and what everyone went through. He was an amazing man when he was alive - one of the best men that I know, but naively I never asked him about his time as a POW - I guess I was scared! Reading his memories is an incredible thing - and then finding this sight was something like a miracle. Thank you for all your work in this sight - I am blessed to have found it, and can not wait to filter through it all. I am 23 years old, and see that this history is more important to learn and understand than everyday. Many thanks to everyone who contributes to this sight - I am in awe of bravery and survival.


Name: Maug�-Audhuy Mich�le
POW Camp:: stalag VB Villingen
Name of POW:: Maug� Andr�
Sent: 09/11 2005 08:35 AM

Je cherche des renseignements sur la vie de mon p�re lorsqu'il �tait captif au stalag VB

Name: kamil
City: sosnowiec
Sent: 09/10 2005 07:57 AM

Hello! my name is Kamil.I live in Poland. I made a web page about Klimontow which is a quarter of Sosnowiec. There were a camp for prisoners of war from great Britain. It was a part of the camp in Lamsdorf I'm looking for soldiers who used to live in Klimontow (1943 to 1945). How can I find them? please help me! Best regards kamil my page

Name: J Radanovic
City: London
POW Camp:: STALAG 10/C
Sent: 09/09 2005 07:44 AM

I am looking for any information on Stalag 10/c. My grandfather was POW in 1941 as much as I can tell from the paperwork. He was arested in Yugoslavia on 15.4.1941 and then taken to Stalag 10/C for which I can not find any information on the internet.If anyone knows anything that might be of help, I would be most grateful. Thank you. Kind regards, God bless

Name: Emily Byrne
City: Lakewood, Colorado
POW Camp:: Stalag I, South Compound, Block 2, Room 11
Name of POW:: Albert D. Byrne
Sent: 09/04 2005 01:00 PM

My Grandfather, Albert D. Byrne, was a POW in Stalag I, South Compound, Block 2, Room 11. He was in the 2nd Bomb Group, 96th Squadron and was shot down over Steyr, Austria on February 24, 1944. Unfortunately, my dear Grandfather died a couple of years ago and I miss hearing his stories. If anyone remembers him or has any information or stories I would love to hear them.

Name: Nunn jill
City: mcrae ga
Sent: 09/02 2005 03:19 PM

Sanders B. Walker Jr. Graveside services for Sanders B. Walker Jr. of McRae were held at 10 a.m. Tuesday, Aug. 30 at Riverside Cemetery in Lumber City. The Rev. Sandra Conley and the Rev. James Boyd officiated. Walker, age, 82 died Sunday Aug. 28, 2005 at his residence. He was the son of the late Sanders B. Walker Sr. and Dora Silver Walker and was married to Irene Walker. He was a World War II Army Air Corp Veteran, a prisoner of war, a survivor of the Heydekrug Death March and a Master Mason of the Helena Masonic Lodge 536. He was a retired farmer and owner of the Shot Shop. In addition to his wife, survivors include two sons, Sanders B. (Sandy) Walker III and Michael Alan Walker of McRae and six grandchildren. Donations may be sent to Masonic Children�s Home, P.O. Box 4665, Macon, Ga. 31205. Lowe�s Funeral Home of Helena was in charge of arrangements.

Name: Don DellaMea
City: charlotte,nc
POW Camp:: stalg luft 1
Name of POW:: Ken Williams
Sent: 09/01 2005 09:55 PM

My wife and my mother in law are cousins to Ken Williams. (Jeanne Williams is my mother in law) I was searching ww2 info when I came upon this website. Ken's cousin and Jeanne William's Brother (Joe Williams) was also a prisoner of war from WW2. Ken and Joe both were prisoners at the same time period. Joe was a tailgunner who was shot down over France and captured by the Germans. I salute the Williams family for their patriotism. I am proud to say my children are relatives to such great heros. Thanks for keeping their story in front for others to see.

Name: J. Ladner
City: West Bend, WI. 53095. Address 823 S. Main St., #141
POW Camp:: Stalag Luft 1 #4596
Name of POW:: Joseph S Berger (Deceased 1959)
Sent: 09/01 2005 08:07 PM

Mr. Berger was my uncle. He was shot down in 1943 flying B-24's out of North Africa. He was in the German prison camp for 17 months. He had a German Bank note that was signed by several of the prisoners in his Barracks. Most of the names are still readable even though the bill has split in half. I keep the bill in guarded condition. His AAF Serial #0-527314 as best as I can make out. He was the pilot and a U.S. army 2nd LT. I would like to get a copy of his Caterpiller Club certificate & pin for his memorial box which I maintain if possible. Thank You Very Much. They Gave All, lets remember them. Thanks everybody.

Name: J R Coates
City: Menston yorks
POW Camp:: stalag luft ivB or ivD
Name of POW:: Tom William Coates 223970
Sent: 08/30 2005 11:56 AM

On his German card it says Stalag Luft IVB, but on a communication to his mother from the war office it refers to IVDZ,I am trying to find out which camp my dad was in and its' location. He had always intended to return but sadly died before this was possible and I feel I need to do the visit for him. He came to Germany from camp 82 P.M. 3200 in I taly which I am also trying to locate. His army number was 907501. Any help would be much appreciated. John Coates

Name: jd
City: australia brisbane
Sent: 08/29 2005 10:16 PM

my omi was in a russian pow camp when she and here sister were fleeing germany in the state of the war here name is freda and i am just trying to find out what it was like for her living in those conditions it is a very good site considering all the pain and suffering that has gone on. i had no idea that there were so many pow's

Name: Jennifer Giannone
City: 93 Centennial Ave Medford NJ 08055 USA
POW Camp:: Stalag Luft 1
Name of POW:: Edwin "Eddie" Warmington
Sent: 08/29 2005 03:40 PM

I am searching for Edwin J. Warmington, the previous 2002 entry with Craig Wall is no longer working. Please contact me re: found correspondence penned by Edwin J. Warmington from 1955. Please send contact details to Many heartfelt thanks to all of you.

Name: Diana Ferrus
City: Cape Town
POW Camp:: Stalag VIII C
Name of POW:: Jacobus Marinus Daniel Ferrus/Ferus or Rex Ferrus
Sent: 08/29 2005 07:35 AM

My father was captured in Tobruk 21 June 1942. He was taken to Germany via Italy. I would like to know if there is any living POW who remembers him. He escaped at some time with a Mr van der Ross and another gentleman, was given refuge by a young Italian called Parenti Ovidio from Pisa, Italy. He suffered enormous post traumatic stress, something I did not understand. Now I would like to write about him and the hardships he went through. Could anyone mail me with any info, I believe that the POW's had to march through Italy to Germany? Am I correct? much appreciated.

Name: Charles Sturgeon
City: Amarillo, Texas 79109
POW Camp:: Stalag Luft 1and Stalag Luft lV
Name of POW:: Charles Sturgeon
Sent: 08/27 2005 07:34 PM

I have signed your before, one or two years ago. Enjoy looking through your site. Remember the Mayo well. Who could forget? Fresh out of Prison back home for the first time in a long, long time.

Name: John W. Chenoweth
City: Urbandale, Iowa 50322
POW Camp:: Stalag luft one
Name of POW:: John Rasko
Sent: 08/27 2005 05:41 PM

Greatly interested in these brave men of WWII. John Rasko (deceased) was my friend.

Name: J Slator
City: new ulm tx
Name of POW:: Fred Kushera
Sent: 08/26 2005 11:26 AM

any info on the above pow

Name: Henry Dueck (formerly (Dyck)
City: Niverville
POW Camp:: Inowroclaw, Poland
Name of POW:: Jakob D�ck (D�ck became Dyck in Canada)
Sent: 08/26 2005 09:22 AM

My father, Jacob Dyck (The name was changed from D�ck to Dyck by the immagration officer)immigrated to Canada in 1952. He was born in Alexandrov, Ukrain in 1931. He lived in a Mennonite Colony called Molotchna. His father was taken by the Russian authorities in 1940, never to be seen again (he apparently starved to death in a forced labour camp). My father's family (mother, two brothers and three sisters), along with countless other Mennonites, left the Ukrain in September 1943 ahead of the retreating German army. Two sisters died of Typhoid fever during this trek. They walked westward to Poland through the winter and arrived in Lodz (by train) in January 1944. They stayed here until April, 1944 and then took a train took to Wloclawek, Poland. His remaining family lived here until January 1945. They traveled by horse and wagon to Inowroclaw, Poland. It was here that my father was separated from the rest of his family. He was put into a concentration camp (he was only 13 but big for his age and put with the men). He was in this camp/prison until June, 1949. He also talked about spending some time in a summer camp near Sarograd, Poland. My father suffered greatly and saw inumerable atrocities during this time. He managed to get to L�bau, East Germany in July 1949. After some time in an orphanage, he got his trade as a toll and die maker and then "escaped" from east to west Berlin in 1952. He then immigrated to Canada on the Beaverbrae (ship) out of Bremen, Germany. I would like to hear of other similar experiences.

Name: Wayne Dillon
City: Totonto
POW Camp:: Dulag Luft, Wetzlar
Name of POW:: James R. Dillon 1st Canadian Parachute Battalion
Sent: 08/25 2005 12:52 PM

Have some photos and would be willing to share. I am his son. He is still with us but neither of us are very computer literate.

Name: DJ
POW Camp:: Stalag Luft 1, Barth German
Name of POW:: Dominick Tutino, Sr.
Sent: 08/24 2005 10:22 PM

I forgot to state that my Dad was in the South compound. I helped him navigate this website and he remembered many of the guards and office staff. Now in my brother's possession, my Dad's War Log is just incredible--his drawings, stories and memorials to his fallen comrades are something to behold!

Name: DJ
POW Camp:: Stalag Luft 1, Barth, Germany
Name of POW:: Dominick J. Tutino, Sr.
Sent: 08/24 2005 10:05 PM

My Dad was a Lt. in the 8th Air Force - 390th Bomb Group, 568th Bomber Squadron, Crew 10 during WWII. He became a Prisoner of War from December 11, 1943 until May 1945---18 months! He was a bombardier on a B-17 that was shot down while on a bombing run to Emden, Germany. His plane was hit by flak; it was spotted on fire at 23,000 feet. About ten men made it out of the plane (my Dad and a few others went through the nose hatch; the others went through the waist door.) Two of the crew members were killed and the rest became POWs. When my Dad landed the Germans were waiting for him on the ground and said, "For you the War is over!" Off he was taken by truck and then train to Stalag Luft 1 in Barth, Germany; located on the north coast along the Baltic Sea.") Although the Russians' mission was to liberate they were quite frightening to encounter; many were drunk, waving and shooting off their weapons wildly. One approached my Dad and pointed a gun in his face ready to kill him (Dad remembers thinking, "Oh great, I survived 18 months in a German POW camp, I'm liberated for only 5 minutes, and I might be shot by a drunken Russian soldier!). Just then a woman walked by and the Russian soldier removed his aim from my father and aimed his attention to her instead. My Dad then made his way to the town of Barth where he came upon one of the Majors of the POW camp. My Dad's first response was that he was going to kill that man and had physically subdued the Major, but then my Dad looked in the German officer's eyes and said to himself, "No, he's just a man like me following the orders of his superiors." He did let the Major go, but not before removing his luger which my Dad still has to this day along with the bullets that were inside it. About 4 years ago my Mom was able to locate the gentleman that my Dad helped get out of the burning plane. You see my Dad had no idea whether the co-pilot had lived. Well, they talked by phone and my Dad flew out to Nevada for 3 days to be reunited with his dear crew member! Imagine, for over 50 years neither knew what happened to the other; what a gift God gave them to be reunited again. October of this year, Lord willing, my Dad will celebrate his 85th birthday! Thank you Dad for serving your country honorably. With Love and Pride, DJ

Name: mario mendoza
City: falls church va.
Sent: 08/24 2005 12:36 PM

i was a 7 years old cuban boy in vacation in baracoa beach west from havana, when in front of my eyes two us air force b25 collided crashing on the sea . this happened on sunday 7-25-1943 at 9,35 am i never forgot the scene. but i was deeply sorry for thos men that have died in front of me, protecting my country in wwii. many years ago i obtain from the internet a complete report of this accidents and i knew the names of those killed. i would like to know in what cemetery or any familiar information about them. one of the pilot was: william p. ballard 2nd lt. serial number 0-=666220 26th wing 17th antisub sq. ande he was located in batista airfield in the havana province . a few week after the accident the sea washed to the beach the body of one of the crew, atached still in his chair, my older brother tokk me to view the body and i will never forget, what i saw specially his wallet open with a photo of his family. may the lord bless all the armed personnel for usa that have gave theirs lives for the freedom in the world. i am now a 71 yeras old man, may be you can help where i can go for more information about this accidents thank and may the lord bless you

Name: Wayn Carpenter
City: Chittenango
POW Camp:: Dulag-Luft
Name of POW:: Donald W. Carpenter
Sent: 08/24 2005 12:29 PM

Donald was my uncle. I'm trying to determine what happened to him during the war. Every member of the family has a different version.

Name: Tom Olson
City: Tempe, AZ (Bellevue, Wa)
POW Camp:: Grandfather was a member (FAA flight instructer WWII) FAA test pilot
Name of POW:: Richard (dick), Ulm
Sent: 08/24 2005 10:09 AM

Hey all you senior pilots. I am a grandson of the pilot above. Just looking for information about my grandpa that I had alot of stories told to me about. He past away about 4 years ago. Let me know if you have any advice on seeking information. Thanks -Tom Olson

Name: Gary Hill
City: Watertown, MA
POW Camp:: Stalag Luft III
Name of POW:: Harlan R. Hill
Sent: 08/22 2005 09:42 PM

Thank you for the information. Will be using some in my book on my father's WWII experiences. I will annotate your web-site as a source. Thanks again. G

Name: Dennis Pellman
City: Cincinnati
Name of POW:: Robert W. Pellman
POW Camp:: Stalag Luft IV
Sent: 08/22 2005 08:21 AM

Is a map available of the route the Stalag Luft IV POW's took on the Death March?

Name: Horton Herrin
City: Dalton, Georgia, 30720
Sent: 08/21 2005 03:43 PM

August 21, 2005 God bless you, and thanks for all that you and your friends did in World War II. You surely kept a lot of people from speaking German or Japanese! Thanks again, Horton Herrin

Name: W. B. Tonner
City: Vernon BC Canada
Name of POW:: Peter Tonner
Sent: 08/17 2005 10:13 PM

Any info or reference to Peter Tonner crash landed in DC 3 in Holland during airlift Sep 1944 A POW possibly a member of the 437 Squadron RCAF attached to RAF/

Name: Tiffany Smith
City: Winter Springs Flordia
POW Camp:: Stalag 11b
Name of POW:: P.F.C. Joseph A. Streznetcky
Sent: 08/17 2005 12:13 PM

New Information on the pow camp.Stalag 11 B. Any information would be great.

Name: Tiffany Smith
City: Winter Springs , Flordia
POW Camp:: German Prison Camp Lucky Strike
Name of POW:: Pvt. Joseph A. Streznetcky Jr.
Sent: 08/17 2005 11:38 AM

I am trying to find out any information about my Grandfather. My Mother told me he was a POW and the camp name was The Lucky Strike. I do know that he spent 18 months as a prisoner in Lubeck. He Died at the young age of 38. I have the Western Union that he was missing in action since six of November in Italy. I do have his H.S.N. number. Any information I would be grateful. I have alot of letters he wrote to his Aunt and some to his Mother. From 1942-1944. Thank you, Tiffany Smith

Name: Daugherty, Paul E.
City: Coluimbia, PA
POW Camp:: Luft 1, North 3, Barache 301
Name of POW:: Daugherty, Paul E.
Sent: 08/17 2005 10:20 AM

Mary: Long time since I last visited and am amazed at the additions. Will likely be using some (a lot!) of your material when I speak at a local meeting here on Tuesday, 30 August, 2005. Please note my name (then spelled Dougherty) is not listed under the D's. Given the scope and popularity of your site I would appreciate being included. Thank you and GOD bless you. Paul

Name: Gary Hill
City: Watertown, MA
POW Camp:: Stalag Luft III
Name of POW:: Harlan (Jake) R. Hill
Sent: 08/16 2005 10:38 PM

I am Harlan's son. I'm currently writing a book about his war experiences. He was a tail gunner on a B-17, flying missions out of Foggia, Italy, in summer of 1944. He was captured in October '44, after evading capture for 3 months and was sent to Germany. Was on 3 long marches during the winter of '44-'45.

Name: Charley Barth
City: Washington D.C.
Sent: 08/16 2005 08:14 PM

What a great website. Your dad would be very proud. I traveled to Barth Germany in the late 90's due to curiosity (my last name). It was a beautiful city and I had no idea a POW camp was located there. Thanks for sharing all of this information with the world. Charley Barth

Name: Carolyn (Darnold) Link
City: Duncan, OK
POW Camp:: Barth, Germany South Barrick 2 Room 8 Listing February 1, 1945
Name of POW:: Vyrle Wayne Darnold
Sent: 08/16 2005 05:57 PM

I would like to locate anyone who remembers my father, Wayne Darnold. Please contact me either by email or by postal mail. Thank you Carolyn

Name: Kathleen Stetler
Sent: 08/14 2005 04:52 PM

I am awestruck at the bravery and sacrifice of all those fighting for freedom and liberty. You are the Greatest Americans. I am 45 and believe we will never see those of your caliber and character again. The most sincere thanks can never describe my gratitude. So, what I can and will do is to teach others, particularly young people, lest we not forget. Please know you are honored, however quietly it may seem, in the hearts of even those who have had very little personal relation to the war. THANK YOU EACH AND EVERY ONE

Name: Jeanette Jordan
City: Brady, Texas
POW Camp:: Neubrandenburg.
Name of POW:: Jasper Whit Erskine
Sent: 08/14 2005 06:29 AM

My uncle was a POW from mid 1944 until set free by Germans. any info appreciated.

Name: Paul Durante
POW Camp:: Stalag 3 or 4
Name of POW:: Carmine Durante
Sent: 08/13 2005 02:43 PM

My name is Paul Durante � I am the 6th - and youngest child of Carmine Durante � he was the flight engineer on the B-24 - Lil Abner - shot down on Sept 12 1945 - 465th BG 780 Squadron. Last summer, the 2 of us went up in the only remaining working B-24 �the Dragon and his Tail. It was a 45 minute flight over the south shore of Long Island � simply spectacular.After the war, he moved to Long Island, New York. He still lives in the first house he and my Mother purchased � back in 1953. He�s been married for the last 52 years to my Mom. They have 6 children, 5 boys, 1 girl and 12 grandchildren. He will be 81 in October and is still going strong being a full time Grandparent

Name: Carolyn K. Anders (Garrett)
City: West Monroe, LA
POW Camp:: Stalag Luft 1
Name of POW:: Herbert Vincent Garrett (deceased)
Sent: 08/11 2005 09:17 PM

My dad was on a B-17 that was shot down over Germany and spent 18 months as a POW. He never talked about it. My husband happened to pull up your site and found the name H.V. Garrett off a B-17. It said Colorado; he was from Nebraska, but could have signed up in Colorado. I would like to find out anything I could about anyone who might have known him. If anyone who flew with him is still alive, I would love to hear from them. I will ask my step-mother if she has any information about the plane he was on, but he didn't like to talk about that time in his life. He wanted to forget all about the war when he got home, and especially his time as a POW.

Name: Bart Barton
City: East Smethport PA
POW Camp:: Stalag Luft 1, North 2 Barrack 4
Name of POW:: William L. Barton
Sent: 08/11 2005 12:10 PM

I am sending this so you can update the info on my father. He was the copilot on the Tujunga shot down over Munich 7/31/1944. He died 10/78 in Satellite Beach, FL.

Name: John H Woodward
City: Flagstaff
Name of POW:: John H Woodward
Sent: 08/11 2005 10:10 AM

I am a friend and neighbor of John and Betty Woodward. He is 91 now and has alzheimers. He was a POW . I have a typed copy of his diary from WWII. I would like to know where to send it. I have a copy of his Honorable Discharge also and a news article and photo of him holding his young daughter, Joan, when he arrived home. I had the name of the camp but gave doc to his wife. I think it was Stalag something. I would like to get his story to you and photo or whatever if you contact me. Vicki Ratzlaff 928-526-5642

Name: Sylvia Holzapfel - DRK
City: 17034 Neubrandenburg
POW Camp:: Stalag II a
Name of POW:: Sawczyk, Jan
Sent: 08/11 2005 01:10 AM

Erbitte Infos zum Zeitpunkt der Inhaftierung sowie den Begleitumst�nden.Jan Sawczyk, geb. 26.09.1915 in Grudziadz (Graudenz) - Polen

Name: Kathleen Portlock
City: Bollington, Cheshire
POW Camp:: Stalag
Name of POW:: Charles Audenshaw Heslop
Sent: 08/09 2005 02:28 PM

Not much known about my uncle Charles. He was an elder brother of my mother, Ethel and was born about 1918 in Bishop Auckland, County Durham. His father was Charles and mother Ada nee Marks. His wife was also called Ethel and he had 2 daughters. Believed he died after returning from the camp and believe he lived in Elerthley Road, nr Bishop Auckland. If anyone has any information I would be grateful to hear.

Name: Alex Deans
City: Melbourne Australia
POW Camp:: Gorlitz
Name of POW:: Mr Phillip Robert PARKER
Sent: 08/04 2005 09:56 PM

Any records would be appreciated

Name: Terry Freeman
City: Gloucester.
POW Camp:: Stalag 8b
Name of POW:: Frederick Robertson
Sent: 08/02 2005 01:13 PM

Trying to find information about my uncle Fred Robertson was a prisoner of war in Poland Stalag 8b he was in the gloucester's. Fred was a boxer for the regiment, anyone who knows any more about him can they please contact me.

Name: Eddie Sewall
City: Huntsville, AL
POW Camp:: Stalag Luft 1
Name of POW:: Frank L. Sewall
Sent: 08/01 2005 08:40 PM

I am the son of Frank Sewall, who was a prisoner in Stalag Luft 1.

Name: Bernadette Trela
City: Sydney
POW Camp:: Stalag 12 A
Name of POW:: Wladyslaw Thomas Trela
Sent: 08/01 2005 01:30 AM

I have had enormous success tracing my Fathers Polish Family 2 sisters and relatives by using the Stalag website. Miraculas. Bernadette Trela

Name: Ellen L. Martin
City: Sacramento, California
POW Camp:: Stalag Luft III
Name of POW:: Arnold P. Martin
Sent: 08/01 2005 01:26 AM

I am looking for any information or persons knowing my father. He was shot down, captured and sent to Stalag Luft III in October, 1944, then redeployed in the "death march" to Stalag Luft VII where he was liberated in April 1945 by General George Patton's army. He was a co-pilot on a B-17 but I don't know the squardon number. He made it home but died in 1955 (at the age of 35) from complications from the stress and poor diet in the camps.

Name: faith watson
City: lake charles
POW Camp:: stalag #17
Name of POW:: john patrick hart sr.
Sent: 07/31 2005 05:01 AM

i made a previous entry, but now i have more info. my grandfather was in the 100th bomb sqaud 350th div 8th army air corps. he was shot down over premen germany,was held at stalag #17 from oct 8th 1943 until april 20 1945. if any knows any more, please contact me.

Name: faith watson
City: lake charles
POW Camp:: stalag
Name of POW:: john patrick hart sr.
Sent: 07/31 2005 04:31 AM

i would like to talk to anyone who knew john or has any information about him.

Name: Loren White c/o Joey DuRee
City: Long Beach CA
POW Camp:: Stalag Luft 1
Name of POW:: Loren White
Sent: 07/30 2005 05:20 PM

Trying to get my dad interested in computers by researching some of his past roommates in his Barrack. Dad is 82 and doing great! Stalag 1 (North) Barrack 10, Room 12

Name: Ron Hicks
City: Buhler, Kansas
POW Camp:: Stalag Luft 1
Name of POW:: Howard Ruble
Sent: 07/30 2005 04:50 PM

My uncle, Howard Ruble, was shot down over Berlin in May of 1944. The last name of the pilot of the B-17 aircraft was King. Howard bailed and parachuted in a tree just to the northeast of Berlin. He was at first taken to Stalag Luft III, I believe, then transferred to Stalag Luft 1 in January 1945. He had some incredible tales about Luft I, both bad and good. Does anyone remember him? HIs wife, Delores, would really like to know.

City: St THOMAS de C�NAC
Sent: 07/29 2005 12:16 PM

Recherche t�moignages de prisonniers ayant rencontr� mon p�re.

Name: Joe Davenport
City: Snellville
POW Camp:: Stalag 2A, Neubrandenburg
Name of POW:: Elmer "Gene" Davenport
Sent: 07/27 2005 11:58 AM

My father, Gene, was in the 30th Infantry Division, and was captured in a basement of a Gasthaus along with the rest of his squad during house-to-house fighting in Aachen. He was held for 7 months in Stalag 2A. He hated Germans until the day he died.

Name: Concetta Franco Phillipps
City: Chicago
POW Camp:: Stalag Luft IV
Name of POW:: Nerone A. Franco
Sent: 07/27 2005 11:17 AM

What a great site! I had no idea my great uncle was a POW, or even a soldier. If anyone has any information about him I would be very interested in seeing it.

Name: Stuart Tait
City: Ottawa
POW Camp:: 408 " Goose" Squadron POWs
Sent: 07/26 2005 03:28 PM

I am doing a history of 408 "Goose" Squadron and am very interested in and happy to see your site. I will be doing further research in your site. In the meantime WELL DONE!

Name: Eddie Kane
City: Mannheim, germany
Sent: 07/26 2005 11:12 AM

I just came across your site. I have lived in Mannheim, Germany over 40 years and I'm Past Commander of the local American Legion Post in Mannheim. We try to vist as many WWII sites as possible and we recently returned from Remagen Bridge Head. I would like to wish all WWII Vetrans a sincere "God Bless", you are always in "Hearts and Minds" Eddie Kane

Name: Barbara Kosloski
City: Sherman, TX 75092
POW Camp:: Stalag 12A
Name of POW:: William Francis
Sent: 07/25 2005 02:53 PM

Iam the daughter of William Francis former POW. According to his discharge he was in Co A 317th infantry. I believe he was captured Dec. 28th 1944. My sister has the original post card sent to his family notifying them he was fine and in Stalag 12A. Also listed are battle campaigns Rineland GO 40 WD 45. Do you know anything about these campaigns?

Name: Max Meiser
City: Indianapolis, Indiana
POW Camp:: Stalag Luft 1
Name of POW:: Harold Meiser
Sent: 07/24 2005 04:41 PM

My father was a POW at Stalag Luft 1, North 3 compound. We were interested in finding his Barracks and block and names of the others in his room

Name: Bonni Rains
City: Austin, Tx
POW Camp:: Stalag Luft 1Barracks 9 Block 309 Room 11
Name of POW:: Claude Lavon Rains
Sent: 07/24 2005 02:45 AM

I am so excited!!! Forget my previous entry. I just found my father listed on your site! Thank you, thank you. One more piece of the puzzle. Now I'm going to get busy & read everything on the site. Thanks to your father, I'm founding out about my own father. Many thanks, Bonni Rains P.S. Also found 2 of his crew members listed with him - will start looking for the others now.

Name: Bonni Rains
City: Austin, Tx
Name of POW:: Claude Lavon Rains - Del Rio, Tx
Sent: 07/24 2005 02:15 AM

12-25-1944, Christmas day, Claude Lavon Rains, B17 pilot, was shot down over Czechoslovakia. 463rd BG 773 Squadron, MACR 10649. He recorded audio & written history of his war experience but left out specifics about his POW experience. He did tell stories about the coffee made from tree bark & the turnip broth. He also talked about being captured by the local authorities, held at the "roundhouse" & then being turned over to the Germans. As he was marched past the targets that had been destroyed by the 463rd, he was surrounded by a huge crowd of angry civilians. The German soldier took out his pistol & held it to the head of one of the civilians. The mob backed away and no one lost their life in the confrontation. Sorry, I'm digressing. I have names of crew members but don't know if any survived. I don't know what POW camp he was held at. Don't know his plane #. Any connection or info would be appreciated. There seems to be a lack of info/records about squadron 773. I sent info to Maxwell A.F.B. a year ago with no luck. Thanks for the space here & any info that might be generated. Bonni Rains

Name: Liz
City: Victoria, BC Canada
POW Camp:: Japanese Camp
Name of POW:: Ashton Carr
Sent: 07/23 2005 10:39 PM

Its a long shot but I was wondering if anyone has heard of my Grandfather, Ashton Carr. He was with the Canadian Army and from New Brunswick. His unit was captured & in a Japanese camp. He saved his life by telling the Japanese that he was a tailor & could sew uniforms - even though he could barely sew a button. My Grandmother had been told that he had been killed & she remarried. When he returned and found out that she had gotten married, he left for Alberta & I believe he died in Lethbridge. I have an enormous amount of gratitude for our Veterans and the sacrifices that were made for our freedom. I would love to keep my Grandfather's memory alive for my daughter. I never want our future generations to forget what our soldiers did for us and we should never take freedom for granted. This is a wonderful website and thankfully we have the freedom to communicate worldwide our gratitude. Some countries aren't so lucky. May God Bless you.

Name: tabesse sophie
City: Le Bocasse
Name of POW:: Mall�vre Paul
POW Camp:: Stalag VI A
Sent: 07/23 2005 08:45 AM

Bonjour. Mon grand p�re paternel:Paul Mall�vre a �t� fait prisonnier le 4 juin 1940 pr�s de Dunkerque et fut envoy� � Hemer au stalag VIA jusqu'au 20 f�vrier 1941, jour ou il a �t� lib�r�. Si vous avez des renseignements sur lui, merci de bienvouloir me les transmettre.J'ai diff�rentes documentations inn�dites sur ce camp que je suis pr�te � partager avec vous. Entre autres, des peintures r�alis�es par F dantan, compagnon de mon grand p�re. Cordialement � vous. Sophie

Name: m.bailey
City: penticton b.c
POW Camp:: V111B or 344
Name of POW:: W/o a.graham winton jacquet river,n.b
Sent: 07/22 2005 10:40 AM

best site;still looking for more info;or anyone in SQN;115 GROUP 3,special date sept.1042.markham u.k.god bless them;

POW Camp:: Stalag Luft 1
Name of POW:: John Philip Onkey
Sent: 07/20 2005 10:24 AM

John was a P51 Pilot

Name: Margo Story
City: Sarasota
POW Camp:: Stalag Luft 3
Name of POW:: "Dapper" Dan Story
Sent: 07/17 2005 09:08 PM

My Dad, Dan Story was a POW at Stalag Luft 3 for about three years. Does anyone remember him or heard of him? He flew the Blonde Bomber II (named after my Mother) and was shot down over Sicily with Ed Griffin as his bombardier.

Name: Kenneth L. Babin
City: Sandpoint, Id.
Name of POW:: Lloyd D. Babin
Sent: 07/17 2005 06:38 PM

I am in receipt of a book of paintings by C. Ross Greening, that my father Lloyd Babin received from Mr. Greening after the war. He had told me that he was in prison camp with Mr. Greening, and after their release he sent the book to him. It is called "Not as Briefed", is marked as a limited addition, and contains paintings by Mr. Greening from the Pacific, Africa and Europe. I do not know which camp my father met Mr. Greening in, he was in 3 or 4. But if anyone knows, I would be very interested.

Name: D. Ryan
POW Camp:: Stalag Luft I - found info on this site
Name of POW:: Lt. Ralph L. Karkow
Sent: 07/15 2005 10:45 PM

My wife's Grandfather, Lt. Ralph L Karkow, was part of the 452nd Bomb Group - 730th Bomb Squadron. If anyone has any info regarding him or his group, please contact me. I found, thanks to this site, he was a POW at Stalag Luft I - South Compound. Thanks!!

Name: Jim Atkins
City: Frederic, Wisconsin
Sent: 07/15 2005 09:23 PM

You folks are doing a wonderful thing with this website. I'm sure your father would be proud of what you have accomplished with this unique effort. My father was a combatant in Korea, and has gone into more detail with me about that experience through e-mail than he ever could have in person. Keep up the good work. You are building a lasting and priceless treasure for the future. History comes alive in the minor details. Many of us know the dates and the battles and the big pieces of this puzzle, but the minute details told by these very special men bring it all to life. Thanks, especially, to those of you who lived through it, for sharing these intimate and painful fragments of your lives with us. We are forever in your debt.

Name: Robert L (Bob) Jones
City: Myrtle Beach, SC
POW Camp:: Stalag Luft 1
Name of POW:: Same as above
Sent: 07/13 2005 10:23 PM

Glad we made it home.

Name: Rita Spalding-Harpring
City: Louisville
POW Camp:: Stalag 3B
Name of POW:: Ora S. Spalding
Sent: 07/13 2005 09:11 PM

Looking for anyone who may have been a POW with my dad. He was captured in North Africa on 2/17/43 and liberated on 7/12/45.

Name: Lynn Kadesh
City: Riverside, Ca
Sent: 07/13 2005 05:03 PM

Please keep up the good work. Don't let the memory of those that had to endure the hell of the nazi camps be forgotten. If it is forgotten, it can only happen again.

Name: Barbara Schmucker
City: Mt Pleasant Pa
POW Camp:: Stalag 2 B Hammerstein West Prussia
Name of POW:: Matthew J Potosky
Sent: 07/11 2005 11:14 PM

My father, now deceased, was a POW from Oct 16, 1944 through May of 1945. He was member of Co E 116th Inf of the Army . I would love to hear from any one that knew him there. God Bless You.

Name: Suzanne New Seely
City: Fairfax Station, Virginia 22039
POW Camp:: Stalag Luft I Barth, Germany
Name of POW:: Charles Garland New
Sent: 07/11 2005 08:13 PM

My father, Charles G. New was a POW in the Stalag Luft I for 13 months. I would love to hear from anyone who might have known him. Thank you very much! Suzanne

Name: Michael DiLeo
City: Locust Valley, N.Y.
POW Camp:: Stalag XXII also kastreuin
Name of POW:: Rocco DiLeo
Sent: 07/11 2005 06:51 PM

My dad was in the 7th Armormed Division company B23rd, He was captured crossing the Moselle River at the battle of Verdun in August 1945, he was liberated by the Russian army and recaptured after the Germans countered. Any info would be helpful thank you Mike

Name: Avery Booth Stone
City: Belfast
Name of POW:: Lt William Mayo
Sent: 07/10 2005 02:13 PM

My cousin Lt Bill Mayo piloted a B-17 serial No 43-38381, 418th Bomb Sq 100th Bomb Grp [Heavy] based at Thorpe Abbots in Suffok, Eng.. On 31 Dec 1944 plane hit by flak returning from Hamburg, ditched off Spiekeroog I, East Frisian Islands. Canadian Army Major who liberated the islands wrote my aunt, US Army WAC, inquiring if Bill was related, reported Bill had been shot and his clothes were dry, suggesting he had been rescued and brought ashore but later shot when islands were invaded. Am trying to gather any info on this event, and anything on Bill's service in England, what happened to his crew.. Thanks.

Name: Megan
POW Camp:: Stalag Luft 2
Name of POW:: Michael Gishard Gummer
Sent: 07/09 2005 12:03 PM

Hi I'm chasing info on Stalag luft 2 , My grandfather was POW # 772 , I am unable to find anything refering to Stalag Luft #2...He was imprisoned from 1942-45

Name: Jeanette Raniszeski
POW Camp:: Stalag Luft 1
Name of POW:: Francis Rzatkowski
Sent: 07/05 2005 08:34 PM

My father was in the airforce at Pearl Harbor and shot down in Germany. A POW for 18 months. He was in Stalag Luft 1. Looking for anyone who's father might of stayed with my father.

Name: James Osman Jr.
City: Little River, SC
Name of POW:: James Osman
Sent: 07/05 2005 04:16 PM

My father was captured in Nennig, Germany on January 20, 1945 and taken to XIIA. From there he went to Bad Orb Stalag IXB until April 2, 1945. Looking for anyone who knew him, also pics and records of both POW camps.

Name: jodi sherbert
POW Camp:: stalag luft 1
Name of POW:: john sherbert
Sent: 07/04 2005 01:04 PM

i am looking for any information on my father Air Force ssgt. john r. sherbert, i have no knowledge of what group he was in in the air force. the only thing I know is this site has him listed in north 1 barracks 8 room 1 "sgts". Any help appreciated! Thanx, Jodi

Name: brian t bucy (GOWER)
POW Camp:: Stalag Luft 1
Name of POW:: R L Gower (Richard)
Sent: 07/03 2005 11:13 AM

Looking for my info. about my Grandfather - R L Gower. Stalag Luft1 south 2-11

Name: Hazel K. Miller
City: Portage, MI
POW Camp:: Stalag Luft 1
Name of POW:: Philip B. Miller 2nd LT 445 BG 8th AAC
Sent: 07/02 2005 04:56 PM

Jimmy Stewart was my father's commander. My father was shot down out of a plane. His parachute didn't open. He landed in a field in France and was captured immediately. He was taken prisoner by the Germans. He was in Stalag Luft 1 for several months. My oldest brother was almost 3 years old when he got out of the service and saw him for the first time. My father died on June 6, 2001, D Day, which was a fitting day for him to die in. His records were burned in a fire somewhere and I am attempting to get his military papers in order. As he deserves a promotion he was never able to get while he was alive. The World War II veterans memorial, is too little, too late I am afraid.



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