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World War II - Prisoners of War - Stalag Luft I 

A collection of stories, photos, art and information on Stalag Luft I


If you are a former Prisoner of War or a next of kin of a POW, we invite you to sign and leave your email address so others that come may find you. Please mention camp, compound, barracks and room numbers if possible.

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Guestbook Entries - 2nd Quarter - 2002

 04/01/02 thru 06/30/02

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Name: John Michael Carmine
Hometown: Ford
POW Camp: Stalag luft 1
Name of POW: LT John W. (DICK) Carmine
Postal Street Address: 10222 Colemans Lake Rd
City, State, Zip: Ford, Virginia 23850
Sent: 8.00 AM - 6/30 2002

I would appreciate any info on my father Lt John Walter Carmine-(Dick) was his nickname. He was in the camp for 18 months

Name: Carmelo (Charlie) A. Torres
Hometown: Johnson City, TN
POW Camp: Stalag Luft IV
Name of POW: Carmelo A. Torres
Postal Street Address: See above
City, State, Zip: See above.
Sent: 3.43 PM - 6/29 2002

The story of Lt. Qiunby is sad, and reminds me of my own mission, when we were shot down over Weiner Neustadt, Austria. I am writing about it. People should know what the price of liberty we so richly enjoy today has cost, not in money, but in lifes, sacrifices, and sufferings of so many to protect our liberties. Your webpage helps do that. Thank you.

Name: Tom Davis
Homepage: http//
Hometown: Baltimore, Md.
POW Camp: Stalag luft 1
Name of POW: Thomas G. Davis
Postal Street Address: 1704-3B Rich Way
City, State, Zip: Forest Hill, Md. 21050
Sent: 2.30 PM - 6/28 2002

You will find me as a resident of Block 2. Room 6, South Compound. Played second base on the South Compound's All Star softball team. This web site is magnificent and I have enjoyed reading it in its entirety.

Name: Paul Goldberg
Hometown: Brooklyn, N.Y.
Postal Street Address: P.O. Box 198
City, State, Zip: Belleville, IL 62222
Sent: 12.21 PM - 6/28 2002

I'm not a former POW but I was an evadee, having been shot down over Occupied France and saved by the Maquis. I saw your book because I was browsing for Caterpillar Club information.

Name: roy mccaldin
Hometown: tucson
Postal Street Address: 410 s brighton ln
City, State, Zip: tucson az. 85711
Sent: 10.14 PM - 6/27 2002

this brought back memories. i was shot down 18 mar.45 on berlin raid. sable, my copilot was captured and went to stalag luft 1. i evaded through poland and russia, and got back to england in time to make the barth trip, and meet sable. thanks for the site. R

Name: Kristopher Nilsson
City, State, Zip: Los Angeles, Ca.
Sent: 5.30 PM - 6/27 2002

For any and all P.O.W.s who may read this:

Thank you for your time
Thank you for your effort
Thank you for your will
Thank you for your sacrifice
I'm 42 and have been lucky enough
to miss the wars.....
but I have not forgotten what you have done
for me.
Thank you, thank you, thank you...I love you all.

Name: Leanne Pilon
Name of POW: Eugene Mauvieux
Postal Street Address: 1701 13th St. West
City, State, Zip: Prince Albert, Saskatchewan, S6V 3K2, Canada
Sent: 3.44 PM - 6/26 2002

My grandfather, Eugene Mauvieux, was a soldier in the second world war, but he is unable to talk about his experiences during that time. If anyone can tell me anything concerning my grandpa (or direct me to someone who can)please write me: email:
Mailing address: 1701 13th St. West
Prince Albert, Saskatchewan
S6V 3K2
Thank you, Leanne M. Pilon.

Name: Jason
Hometown: south port
Name of POW: Elbert G. Yelvington
City, State, Zip: south port Fl 32405
Sent: 11.52 AM - 6/26 2002

Name of POW: O. L. TONEY
Sent: 11.26 AM - 6/26 2002


Name: Ken Lindbloom
Hometown: Medford, Oregon
POW Camp: Stalag Luft I
Name of POW: Edward M Lindbloom
Postal Street Address: 8101 Hetherwood Dr #106
City, State, Zip: Seminole, Fl 33777
Sent: 2.29 AM - 6/26 2002

My dad was a guest in Stalag Luft I North 2 Barracks 2 room 3. I am named after two of his roommates: Ken Skeen & Dean Sanner. Dad was shot down July 7, 1944 and remained a POW until the end of the war. He retired from the USAF and lives in Florida. GREAT WEBSITE

POW Camp: LUFT 4
Name of POW: SAME
Sent: 12.48 PM - 6/24 2002

Name: Rick Stull (Son of Lt. Ed Stull)
POW Camp: Stalag 1 Barth Germany
Name of POW: Edward W. Stull (deceased)
Postal Street Address: 1409 Bennett Ave
City, State, Zip: Colorado Springs, CO 80909
Sent: 12.20 PM - 6/24 2002

My Dad (447th Bomb Group) was shot down over Berlin on March 22 1944. He was interned in Stalag 1 until being liberated by the Ruskies in the spring of 1945. He wrote Ross Greening a check for $10.00 on the back of a Luck Strike cigarette pack label for a copy of the book he promised to publish at the end of the war. That book, Not as Briefed, was received by Dad in 1946. I remember many days spent by myself and with my Dad looking through the book and marveling at the artwork. I have just recently purchase another copy in mint condition and will cherish the art and the memories forever.

POW Camp: STALAG 1 & 3
Postal Street Address: 2802 W35TH AVE APT 219
City, State, Zip: KENNEWICK, WA 99337
Sent: 9.09 AM - 6/24 2002

S/SGT 13002659
Aerial Photographer

shot down over Linz, Austria, July 25th, 1944

Sent to Stalag 3

Transferred to Stalag 1 Jan 1945

Liberated May 1, 1945

POW NO. 7689

Looking for Leroy C. Jones and Roy (Tex) Long

Thank you all for the effort that went in to creating this site.

Name: Roland P. Bigley
Hometown: Houston, TX
POW Camp: Stalag Luft 1, Barth, Germany
Name of POW: Roland P. Bigley
Postal Street Address: 206 Contento
City, State, Zip: Victoria, TX 77905
Sent: 2.00 PM - 6/22 2002

Would like to hear from Thomas G. Davis. I also was in South Compound, Block 2, Room 2 and was a pitcher on

Postal Street Address: 20 CUPPIN ST
City, State, Zip: CH1 2BN
Sent: 3.37 PM - 6/21 2002


Name: Mag
POW Camp: Unknown
Sent: 10.50 AM - 6/21 2002

Seeking information on my uncle, whom I am told was a POW and escaped at least once. His name was Arthur Coffey (a pilot) and he was from Massachusetts (Watertown or Cambridge?) If anyone has any information, or knew him, please contact me. Thank you.

Name: David Hunter
Hometown: Carnoustie, Scotland. U.K.
POW Camp: Stalag Luft 1
Name of POW: David Hunter (Father)
Postal Street Address: 48 Corbie Drive
City, State, Zip: Angus, DD7 7NU
Sent: 8.26 AM - 6/21 2002

I have recently found this site and think it is superb. My father was one of the British medical orderlies in the camp from 1942 onwards. I believe there were about eight orderlies altogether. He was an NCO (Radio Operator) in the RAF prior to his capture. He is now 81 and lives in the same town as me. He has seen the site and it brought back a lot of memories for him. I recently visited what remains of the camp whilst on holiday and it was a strange feeling to stand where my father and all the other prisoners were all those years ago. He has often wondered what happened to the other medical orderlies or the camp doctor after the war ended. If anyone remembers my dad and would like to say hello please get in touch. I'm sure it would be a great surprise for him. If anyone has any info on the other orderlies or doctor could you please let me know.
Best wishes to all.

Name: Jack Buchler
Hometown: Melbourne, Australia
POW Camp: Stalag XIIIc
Name of POW: Jan Buchla (Father)
Postal Street Address: 294 Dandenong Road, East St. Kilda
City, State, Zip: Melbourne, Victoria, Australia 3183
Sent: 6.25 AM - 6/21 2002

I think your website is tremedous. Keep up the Good Work and keep the memories alive!

My late father, who was a corporal of the 80th Polish Cavalry Regiment, was a POW in Stalag XIIIc for the duration of the war. Stan Lewis who was a US Army prisoner there, who I met on the Internet, has told me a bit about Stalag XIIIc. An English Historian has also given me a Red Cross report on conditions in the camp (not nice). However, if anyone else knows anything else about this camp and its occupants I would be grateful if you would contact me.

Name: Robin Elaine Jackson
POW Camp: Stalag Luft 1
Name of POW: Carl Edward Jackson
Postal Street Address: 1416 NW 32nd Ave
City, State, Zip: Camas, WA 98607
Sent: 3.30 AM - 6/20 2002

I just learned of this site by one of my father's fellow 49th Troop Squadron mate, Stanley Fishel POW#6015. He informed me that my uncle Carl E. Jackson was at the same camp and his POW # is 3197.
I would like to have a poem Carl wrote while at Stalag Luft 1, South Compound printed in this web-site. Thanks for all you have done in reunions, information, and healing. By the way, on Monday, June 24th at 1100, my father, Capt. Robert Louis Jackson will be interred at Arlington Nat'l Cemetery with full military honors. Thanks again, Robin Jackson

Name: DeLoyd Cooper
Hometown: Reform
Postal Street Address: 19-31st East
City, State, Zip: Tuscaloosa Al 35405-2239
Sent: 8.04 PM - 6/19 2002

I had a brother Sgt Robert H. Cooper who was the Waist Gunner on a B17 bomber. They were shot up pretty badly and had to bail out over Normandy on Feb 28th 1944. He was never captured but was hidden by the Free French until he was rescued by the British Forces and sent back to England, on August 28th 1944. I don't know anything else about his crew. He always said the tail gunner was killed and the other eight were captured. I would love to hear anything that anyone might know about this bomber and it's crew. I remember it was his 11th mission. He died in 1990.

Name: Dr Eric Massie
POW Camp: Stalag IVB
Name of POW: Sgt James Massie PFF RAF
Sent: 8.07 AM - 6/19 2002

Can anyone give me any information relating to my late grandfather Jimmy Massie of Lancaster A Apple 7 Sqdn Raf Oakington. The aircraft was shot down on a raid to Kassel in 1943. My grandfather was a POW until liberation by the Red Army. He died aged 79 in the 1980s.

Name: Col Donald D Hawkins
Hometown: Springfield
POW Camp: Stalag Luft 1
Name of POW: Donald D Hawkins
Postal Street Address: same as above
Sent: 5.32 PM - 6/18 2002

Just recently acquired this POW Webb Page. It is very good and helps to recall all that went on. I was in Compound Two from Sept 44 to the end, walking out to the airdrome to leave in the B17s. Was there when Col Russ Spicer made his famous speech and later served under him at Williams AFB, AZ. Another Stalag 1 member lives in Springfield: Bill Mildren. Will see that he becomes familiar with this excellent source.

Name: Kristi
Sent: 9.13 AM - 6/18 2002

my boyfriends dad is wondering what happened to his father. He was a ball turret gunner on missions in 1943 August 15,16,19,24,31 Sept 3,6,9th(wounded flak in leg). He recovered then on his first mission back on March 2,1944 he was a replacement gunner with Eugene Shultz crew and was shot down Frankfurt mission. On the way down he landed in a tree broke his thigh and became POW stalag IV for remainder of war. Needless to say, as POW, he did not receive the best medical treatment for the broken leg.
: When I was a very young boy my father mentioned an a/c nickname 'TOOTSIE SNOOTS'. how can we find out the local people who found him? or if he was at the Hohemark hospital?

Name: Melba Schmidt Hixon
Hometown: Sullivan, Missouri
POW Camp: Stalag Luft 1
Name of POW: Lt. John J. Daly, Jr.
Postal Street Address: 560 Leff St.
City, State, Zip: San Luis Obispo, CA. 93401
Sent: 10.09 PM - 6/17 2002

Any Info in re Lt. John J. Daly, Jr. Bombardier, 401st B.G, 614th Sq. --- Stalag Luft 1 April 1944 - May 1945.

Name: Dave Martin
Name of POW: John (Jack) Thompson II Lt.
Sent: 7.37 PM - 6/17 2002

Yours is "The Greatest Generation..."
By doing your part, you kept our country free
Many Thanks,
Dave MArtin

Name: Wayne Rosenoff
Hometown: Monterey, California
POW Camp: Stalag I
Name of POW: Wayne Rosenoff
Sent: 2.32 PM - 6/17 2002

I was a POW in Stalag I, please look at my new web site pertaining to Stalag I and my war experience.
- Wayne Rosenoff

Name: Sheri Rhodes
Hometown: Abliene Texas
POW Camp: Stalag Luft 1
Name of POW: Pvt. J.W. Toffton and His brother
Postal Street Address: 520 Ridings Place #281
City, State, Zip: Arlington,Texas, 76011
Sent: 1.51 PM - 6/17 2002

I have just found your website I think it is great. I am looking for any information on My Great Uncle J.W Toffton. My Grandfather can't really help me seeing that he didn't really get along. I am doing the family tree and I am stuck on my grandfather and I thought that if I went to my Greatuncle J.W maybe I can find there parents and cont. with the tree. Thanks for your time and any information you can help with will be great.

Name: Michael Davis
Hometown: Kansas City, MO
POW Camp: Italian Camp PG 59
Name of POW: John T. Davis
Postal Street Address: 1704 S. Halsey Ave
City, State, Zip: Harrisonville, MO 64701
Sent: 11.55 AM - 6/17 2002

My father was captured in Tunisa in March,43 and was turned over to the Italians held at camp PG 59. He does not remember where the camp was located and any information somebody could provide would be appreciated.

Dad was able to escape in late August, 43 and made it back to allied lines on February 27, 1944. He was in the Army with Co. E, 2nd Battalion, 9th Inf.

Name: George J. Ritchie
Hometown: Flushing, Long Island NY
POW Camp: Stalag Luft III
Name of POW: George J. Ritchie
Postal Street Address: 107 Rock Ct.
City, State, Zip: Swansboro, NC 28584
Sent: 11.28 AM - 6/16 2002

Shot down 10-17-44, arrived via Frankfurt, Wetzlar in Stalag Luft III. Forced march via foot and rail to Langvasser, Ger (near Nuremburg)
Another forced march was formed because of the threat of being overrun by Allied troops. Marched toward Munich. During that march, I managed three escapes. Two were unsuccessful, the third I joined Patton's forces and was returned to Paris, then home.

Name: Howard W McCord
Hometown: Decatur,Alabama
Name of POW: Howard W McCord
Postal Street Address: 220 Austinville RD SW
City, State, Zip: Decatur,Alabama 35601
Sent: 8.50 AM - 6/16 2002

Hello any one,
I have the plans and picture of the Stalag Cooker sometimes
called the jiffy cooker. I have made one and will share the pictures and plans,

The British had the first one that I saw and used at IV-B

HW McCord

Name: Sam Pennell
Hometown: Smiths
POW Camp: Buchenwald..........not sure of the pow camp
Name of POW: Samuel "Sam"Alexander Pennell
Postal Street Address: 50 Lee Road 607
City, State, Zip: Smiths,Al 36877
Sent: 8.33 AM - 6/16 2002

im trying to find out what Pow camp my father was in..........he was shot down over France.........the french underground help him.......until he was captured and was sent to Buchenwald......aprox 3 months and was transfered to a stalag ? thanks Sammy

Sent: 10.12 PM - 6/15 2002


Name: Christine Irwin
Hometown: England
Name of POW: Joseph Findlay
Sent: 5.56 PM - 6/15 2002

I am trying to locate any information relating to the POW Camp my father was held in Stalag IVA. I am not sure when from but it was until 1945.
Many thanks

Name: Kahrs, Rüdiger
Postal Street Address: Windhornsweg 16
City, State, Zip: 27729 Hambergen, Germany
Sent: 5.21 PM - 6/15 2002

Wanted informations about FORTRESS , crashed 194 ?
(1943, 1944, 1944 -6.August ????) at Wallhöfen, Bremen Area (Osterholz-Scharmbeck). One Man died, Rest POW.
Target Hamburg
- about LANCASTER , crashed 1945, 7.March at Teufelsmoor (VErlüssmoor), Flying Officer JETSON died, REst Crew POW -
wanted Picture of Crew and Bomber, Informations about POW .
Rudy Kahrs, Windhornsweg 16, D-27729 Hambergen Germany

Name: Stephen Callmeyer
Hometown: Manchester,NH
Name of POW: E.T. Callmeyer
Postal Street Address:
90 Shore Drive North
City, State, Zip: Bristol,NH 03222
Sent: 8.47 AM - 6/15 2002

anyone finding pictues of my dad please send me info thanks much. He died march 14, 1978 Steve Callmeyer

Name: Joan Marx
Hometown: Selma Al.
POW Camp: Stalag LUft I
Name of POW: Robert H. Marx
Sent: 11.24 AM - 6/14 2002

I have tried to get compensation for Bob's early death at age 41 due to anemia which I believe was a result of his internment. He was a B24 Pilot and in perfect health when he went into service .If anyone knew him in POW camp please contact me. Thanks. joan

Name: Robert Hopkins
Hometown: Weatherford, Texas 76086
Postal Street Address: 416 W. Josephine
City, State, Zip: Weatherford, Texas 76086
Sent: 9.05 AM - 6/14 2002

Words can't express the graditude I have for your generation. I thoroughly enjoyed your recorded account of your military experience. Reading the accounts of men such as yourself gives me such an appreciation of the experiences you lived. I am 42 years old and admire all men and women who faught and sacrificed so much for freedom. Although I wasn't born until 1959, My father was a WWII veteran. He was in the U.S. Army 1st Div. (Big Red One). He faught at Tunisia, Sicily, Normandy, and the Rineland. My uncle was a gunner on a B-17, shot down in 1943. He spent 2 years in a POW camp in Germany. He died in 1984 of complications due to some disease (lack of vitamins) while a prisoner. My Grandfather, who was a Frenchman, was captured by the Germans in 1939. He spent the entire war as a POW at Stalag 17. My wifes' Uncle was a Lt. who's Co. liberated Dachau Concentration Camp. My oldest brother, Michael Hopkins, was a Marine during the Viet-Nam war, he was KIA near Da-Nang, on July 4, 1966. (One day before his tour of duty was up). I, myself, was an airman in the U.S. Navy from 1982-1986. I was aboard the Carrier USS America and served 2 years (TAD) as Aide and Driver to Admiral J. K. Parker, Cammander of the Norfolk Naval Base. I just wish to thank you for all you have done for me and my family. This fall, in Fort Worth Texas, there is a big band dance and silent auction at the vintage aircraft museum in Fort Worth, Texas. It is held in a hanger that houses one of the few vintage B-17G's left. I plan to be there dressed in my WWII pilots uniform in honor of all those great souls, like yourself who gave so much. I am a firefighter by profession and many call me a hero. No, I am no hero. You sir, and those like you! You are true hero's. Thank you once again, and may God bless you and all of your family. Bob Hopkins, Weatherford, Texas.

Name: Ursula von Oertzen
Hometown: Frankfurt /Germany
Sent: 3.31 AM - 6/14 2002

Right now I am working on my family history. And by searching in the internet I came on your HP. You did a great work. My father was a Major in the German Airforce in Wor War II. He died 1963. If you like to read more about him you are wilcome to visit my HP and you will find him under familytre.

Name: John J. Thompson
Hometown: Dexter, Michigan
POW Camp: Stalag Luft 1
Name of POW: John J. Thompson
Postal Street Address: 9514 Tea Rose Trail
City, State, Zip: Austin, Texas 78748
Sent: 11.17 AM - 6/13 2002

Stalag Luft 1, North Three compound, Block 307, Room 2

Name: Dan Ruster
Sent: 8.50 AM - 6/13 2002

My dad Lt. S.P.Ruster was a POW in Stalag 1. I enjoyed this site very much.

Name: Jacobowski
Hometown: Nordenham
Postal Street Address: Deichstr 2.26954 Nordenham
City, State, Zip: Germany
Sent: 5.52 AM - 6/13 2002

Meine Mutter ist eine geborene Haslob , habe die Familiengeschichte mit Interesse gelesen.

Name: Bill Schleppegrell
Hometown: Littlefork, MN
POW Camp: Stalag Luft I, Barth, Germany
Name of POW: Bill Schleppegrell
Postal Street Address: 13015 Beauty Mountain Road
City, State, Zip: Hibbing, MN, 55746
Sent: 9.56 PM - 6/12 2002

Dear George!
Finally getting my act together, thanks to calls from
Phil & Dorothy Cellitti, so am downloading your story. My son, Bill, does video work and interviewed me for my story, so am sending a copy to Phil & Dorothy and asking them to forward it to you when they have finished viewing it. I have almost no memory of the time overseas before I was shot down and captured on January 1, 1945. I was on my 17th mission at the time.

NName: John H. Anderson
Hometown: Kansas City, MO
POW Camp: Stalag Luft IV
Name of POW: John H. Anderson
Postal Street Address: POBox 13753
City, State, Zip: Mexico Beach, FL 32410
Sent: 4.52 PM - 6/12 2002

Does anyone have pictures of camp other than A Lager? I have been back to the campsite in 1994 and again in 2000. Would enjoy corresponding with people from C Lager. I was in Barracks 1 from Sept. 26, 1944 to Feb. 6, 1945 and then went across Germany to Stalag XIB at Fallingbostel.

Name: Phil Darr, Jr.
Hometown: Wheaton, IL.
Sent: 3.23 PM - 6/12 2002

I came upon this wonderful website while doing a search on my father's, Philip Darr, Sr.,B-17 named the Windy Lou. My father was the pilot of this plane, 8th AF, 452nd BG, in the Spring/Summer of 1944 and completed his tour. My father passed away in 1975. He told me that the plane was shot down soon after he completed his 30 missions and my search led me to the entry for Coy H. Newport who passed away Nov. 6, 2001 listed as the tail gunner for the Windy Lou. It's possible that Mr. Newport and my father flew together! Thanks for your website...great site!

Name: DeLoyd Cooper
Hometown: Tuscaloosa Alabama
Postal Street Address: 19-31st Street East
City, State, Zip: Tuscaloosa, Al 35405-2239
Sent: 12.53 PM - 6/12 2002

I was never a prisioner of war, but I missed certain capture in the battle of the Bulge on December 16th 1944 by one day. From an OP in the little village of Roth Germany. I was with the 275th Armored Field Artillery Battalion, which has a web site on the internet.

Name: katherine teetor
Hometown: middlebury vermont
POW Camp: stalag luft 1
Name of POW: Paul Raymond Teetor Lt.
Postal Street Address: 17 Chipman Heights
City, State, Zip: Middlebury VT 05753
Sent: 8.24 AM - 6/12 2002

This site is just a sensational review of those times. The pictures are quite a surprise, all of which should launch me into a complete description of my husband's wartime experience and, indeed, his and our lives. Most gratefully, KatherineTeetor

Name: Meriellen Cole
POW Camp: Stalag luft 1 Barth
Name of POW: Truman C. Cole
Sent: 7.18 PM - 6/11 2002

Please send me any info you have on Lt. Truman C. Cole

Name: Vernon Wegener
Hometown: Higginsville MO
Name of POW: Charles Christian Wegener
Postal Street Address: 1850 Canterbury Drive
City, State, Zip: Indialantic FL 32903
Sent: 10.05 AM - 6/11 2002

My Father was a POW in Luft Stalag I. I have his POW dog tags and found his name on your master roll but ont the one by location. He died in 1997, I would appreciate any information if anyone knew of him. Thanks,

Vernon Wegener

Name: stan newman
Hometown: chicago. Il
POW Camp: n/a
Name of POW: n/a
Postal Street Address: 1400 dorchester dr
City, State, Zip: Okla City, OK 73114
Sent: 4.05 PM - 6/10 2002

A couple of my friends, Irwin Stovroff and George R. Simmons were POWs at Barth and both gave me this website.
What wonderful stories of true heroism and sacrifice.
I also liked the one about Hub Zemke. What a great leader and man.
I couldn't locate Col Spicer's page?

Name: Michelle Kearns Robnett
Hometown: Titisville, PA
POW Camp: Stalag Luft I
Name of POW: Michael J. Kearns
Postal Street Address: 3375 Wentworth Place
City, State, Zip: Iowa City, IA, 52240
Sent: 3.46 PM - 6/10 2002

My dad Michael J. Kearns, was a B-17 pilot, plane went down at the end of the war (about 6 months before the camp was liberated). He was born April 25, 1916 in Welland, Ontario and passed away December 2, 1992 He was a great dad! We love him and miss him.

Name: Curt Brown
POW Camp: Stalag Luft I
Name of POW: Richard Boyd
Sent: 12.24 AM - 6/10 2002

Seeking any info on Richard Boyd. Created very nice aircraft paintings in Luft I, similar in style to Greening's work. Possibly no middle name. Possibly same as 1st Lt Richard Boyd s/n 722269 of the 93rd Bombardment Group captured 28JAN45. I have four of Mr. Boyds paintings that were brought out of Luft I by Capt Bernard "Ben" Seitzinger.

Name: Thom Danicki
Hometown: Rochester Hills, Mich.
POW Camp: Stalag Luft I Prison Camp in Barth, Germany
Name of POW: Edward Danicki
Postal Street Address: 484 Willow Tree Ln.
City, State, Zip: Rochester Hills, Mich. 48306
Sent: 9.36 PM - 6/9 2002

I have assembled a Danicki family tree & would like to add Edward's branch to it. Does anyone know about his ancestry? At this point, I don't know anything about any Danickis who lived in Milwaukee, Wisc.

Name: Philip P. Dunseath II
Hometown: Springfield
POW Camp: Stalag Luft I
Name of POW: Kenneth 'Sam' Webster
City, State, Zip: Springfield, Ohio
Sent: 4.09 PM - 6/9 2002

I am the grandson of POW Kenneth Webster and Ruth Webster.

Name: Donald Vitelli
Postal Street Address: 97 Gimbel Pl
City, State, Zip: Ocean, NJ 07712
Sent: 3.46 PM - 6/7 2002

my uncle Cleaston Patterson pvt US Army 5th army 85 Division, 339th infantry Co. K--Missing in action May 14,1944 Italy on the Gustave line....

NName: Peter Miles
Hometown: Maidenhead,
POW Camp: E1 (stalag VlllB), E8, E596, E508
Name of POW: Vivian (Vic) Miles 15821
Postal Street Address: 29, moor lane, Maidenhead
City, State, Zip: Berkshire, SL6 7JX
Sent: 12.49 PM - 6/6 2002

My father died last year and I found a notebook he kept during his imprisonment from 30th May 1945 to 30th April 1945.
He was captured at Watten by 6th panzer div. He was force marched accross Belgium, Germany into Poland, Czechoslovakia and back to Germany until his release by American armoured fieldgun crew on 30th April 1945 at Weiden.
I am trying to trace the route taken over the five years baced on his notes.

Name: Darren Knowles
Hometown: Newcastle-under-Lyme
POW Camp: Stalag XXB
Name of POW: Anson Hulstone Green
Postal Street Address: 1, Wilmot Close, Cross Heath
City, State, Zip: Newcastle, Staffs, ST5 9BB, United Kingdom
Sent: 8.10 AM - 6/6 2002

Looking to hear from anybody who knew my grandfather Anson Hulstone Green, also known as "Dodger", a POW in Poland at Stalag XXB. Think he was captured in quarry outside Calais in 1940. We are led to believe he was in the Royal Engineers. POW # 9400

Name: Chandler McGrew
Hometown: Bethel, Maine
POW Camp: Stalag Luft One
Name of POW: TSgt Cecil McGrew
Postal Street Address: 357 Mayville Road
City, State, Zip: Bethel, ME 04217
Sent: 2.06 PM - 6/5 2002

My father, TSGT Cecil McGrew was shot down on the 2nd of December 1944, questioned in Frankfurt and then shipped to Stalag Luft One. He was shot down on his last mission in a B-24 and always told the story of being held in a small village outside of Frankfurt where he gave his parachute to the Burgermeister for use in the Burgermeister's daughter's wedding dress. I tried to find the village (my father couldn't remember the name of he town) when I was stationed in Frankfurt in the early seventies but had no luck. I did stay for a few days in the transfer barracks which my father recognized from photos as the old Gestapp headquarters where he was questioned. Thank you for your work memorializing what these brave men did.


Name: Richard Taylor
Hometown: Seattle
Postal Street Address: 28822 38th ave s
City, State, Zip: auburn wa 98001
Sent: 10.01 AM - 6/5 2002

In 1976, I took a job at the Hecel Co. in Livermore CA. Snow ski division. Hub Zemke was the Dir. of R and D. I used to talk to him about skis and skiing. A year later he offered me a job in his lab. I turned it down because I wanted to be in sales. I wish I had known about this man when that offer was made. I would have accepted his offer. It wasn't til years later that I learned about Hub and his WW2 past. A wasted oppurtunity on my part.

Name: Susie Kaiser
Hometown: Yoakum, Texas
POW Camp: Stalag Luft 1
Name of POW: Cecil C. McGrew
Postal Street Address: 3847 203rd Ave NE
City, State, Zip: Sammamish, WA 98074
Sent: 12.24 AM - 6/5 2002

My father, Cecil McGrew, was in Stalag Luft 1, North 3 from December 1944 until liberation in May 1945. He was an engineer/gunner in a B24 flying out of Wendling with the 392nd Bomber Group. I'm looking for anyone who roomed with him or knew him while he was in the camp. I remember him corresponding with someone, I think, named Pope who had been a POW with him. Please email me with any names of roommates, etc. Thank you.

Name: J. McBroom
Name of POW: W.P. McBroom
Sent: 9.18 PM - 6/4 2002

I would appreciate any and all information on W. P. McBroom listed as POW at Stalag Luft 1.

Thank you

Name: Mary Chula
POW Camp: Stalag Luft 1
Name of POW: Robert Peterson
City, State, Zip: Chassell, Michagan
Sent: 1.04 PM - 6/4 2002

My grandfather Robert Peterson was a prisoner of war in this camp. His plane was shot down. I am glad that they have these sites to remember what they went through. Thank you.


Name: Pat Schultz
Hometown: Nora Springs, Iowa
Postal Street Address: 24 640 305th Street
City, State, Zip: Nora Springs, Iowa 50458
Sent: 9.46 PM - 6/3 2002

I have just read with interest a good deal of the incredible information on this web site. It is so good. I am the President of the Board of Directors of a non-profit group called Traces. I'll just quickly zap in our mission statement here, so you know what we are all about.

"TRACES is a non-profit educational organization created to gather, preserve and present stories of people from the Upper MIdwest and German who encountered each other during World War II. Many of these stories have lain beneath the dust left in the wake of a World War most never though touched the American Hearland. TRACES brushes away that dust, unearthing an amazing legacy. As we learn about these stories, may we rise above - and eventually defeat - the prejudices, fears and conflicts that otherwise demean and destroy us."

We have just published a book entitled THE ENEMY WITHIN, which tells the stories of five men from Iowa who were held prisoners in Nazi Germany. These include drawings, pictures, and information about their units and service.

Our executive director is currently touring in Iowa making presentations to student and community groups about Iowans who were POWs in Germany, about the Scattergood Hostel in West Branch where German refugees came fleeing Nazism, about German POWs held in camps in the Midwest; and about two Iowa sisters who were penpals of the Frank sisters (Ann Frank) before the war. This is made possible through grants from a variety of sources and the sale of our publications.

We are also holding a conference in Muscatine, Iowa, in October, in conjunction with the opening of an exhibit of artifacts from Germans who were POWs in Iowa. The conference focuses on all of these topics and more. It will also include special session during which former POWs held in Germany might get together for a time. Not just midwesterners - but anyone interested.
Should you have any interest in the book or the conference, I invite you to contact our executive director, Michael Luick-Thrams,
at for more information.

Or if you just have interest in our work in general, it would be great to correspond.

Pat Schultz
Nora Springs, Iowa

Name: Dan Steber
Hometown: Va Beach, VA
POW Camp: Stalag 7a
Name of POW: Pvt. Edwin Matthew Steber
Sent: 7.00 PM - 6/3 2002

My uncle was captured in August 1944. I wrote to the National Archives, specifically for POW information, and was given the address. They sent me a package confirming my uncle was held at stalag 7a. If anyone knew him, I'd appreciate more information about the camp, his demeanor, or his day-to-day dealings (although I've read about everything on the web about the camp). I'm a retired Navy Senior Chief researching my family's involvement in WWII, Korea, Vietnam, and our current servie to the country post-Vietnam. Thank you.

Name: Philippe ROUYER
Hometown: ROUEN
Postal Street Address: 37 rue Orbe
City, State, Zip: 76000 ROUEN, FRANCE
Sent: 6.04 PM - 6/3 2002

Congratulations for your website. I have mentionned it on my own pages :
(I am trying to collect memories and true stories of WWII Veterans, with a special concern for the RAF and USAAF)

Name: Jeremy Standen
POW Camp: Stalag luft 1
Name of POW: Harold Arthur STANDEN
Sent: 4.05 PM - 6/3 2002

An amazing web site that has filled in so many gaps. I truly did not appreciate what my father and all his colleagues from around the world went through.

My father Harold Arthur Standen "Stan" was in Stalagluft 1. As far as I know he was in Barrack 6, Room 10- West Wing(?).

I would love to hear from anyone who remembers my father. Also he was in some plays with Donald Pleasance that were apparently put on in or around the camp?

Can anyone fill in more details??

Look forward to hearing from you

Name: Joseph M. Lee
Hometown: Augusta, GA
POW Camp: Stalag Luft 1
Name of POW: William H. Fletcher
Postal Street Address: 35 Summit Dr.
City, State, Zip: Covington, GA 30016-1785
Sent: 11.41 PM - 6/2 2002

My Uncle, Lt. William H. Fletcher, was in North 1, Barracks 106 , Room 14, Feb. 28, 1944 to liberation. He was the pilot of "Fletcher's Castoria" in the 100th Bomb Group, 350th Squadron. His co-pilot was Dick Roper. Would like to get in touch with anyone who knew him or Roper. Thanks. Joe Lee

Name: Mark Strebe
POW Camp: Stalag Luft I
Name of POW: Louis Staebell
Postal Street Address: 5704 Traceside Drive
City, State, Zip: Nashville, TN
Sent: 11.29 PM - 6/2 2002

Looking for any info on my uncle, 2LT Louis Staebell, navigator on B-17E 42-3557, "Esquire", 390th BG, 570th BS (H). He was shot down on 30 Nov 43 while on a raid to Solingen, GE. Any information or friends/acquaintances would be extremely welcome.

Name: Donald L. Brazones
Hometown: Racine, Wisconsin
POW Camp: Stalag Luft No. 1
Name of POW: Donald L. Brazdzons
Postal Street Address: 8294 Rockledge Way S.W.
City, State, Zip: Byron Center, Mi. 49315
Sent: 7.52 PM - 6/2 2002

Name: Jim Reeder
Hometown: Stuart, Fl.
POW Camp: Stalag Luft I
Name of POW: Lt. Caleb Reeder
Postal Street Address: 1140 E. 12th St.
City, State, Zip: Stuart, Fl. 34996-4120
Sent: 7.42 PM - 6/2 2002

I'm compiling a Reeder family history. Lt. Reeder and I are second cousins. I met his son Richard a few years ago and got some information. I'm interested in learning more about his experiences as a POW and will check the book mentioned on his page. Jim Reeder Stuart, Fl.

Name: John T. Mathison
Hometown: Madison, Wisconsin
POW Camp: Stalag Luft I
City, State, Zip: Washington, DC 20015
Sent: 1.48 PM - 6/1 2002

Navigator B-24 Shot down November 16, 1944

Name: Gary Glass
Hometown: New Orleans,La
POW Camp: Stalag 2A
Name of POW: Salvador Viverito
Postal Street Address: 1405 Green Acres rd
City, State, Zip: Metairie,La.70003
Sent: 8.22 PM - 5/31 2002

Salvador Viverito is my father-in-law. He was a prisoner of war from late 1943 and early 1944 in Stalag 2A. We are trying to find information for him and anything about the camp including the location and maybe some facts of the camp. He is trying to remember some of these things as he still has problems resulting from those days. Thanks for any help.

Name: Robert J. Auchu
Hometown: New Port Richey, FL
POW Camp: Luft Stalag 17B-Krems, Austria
Name of POW: Alfred J. Auchu (my Father)
Postal Street Address: 9108 Elsa Court
City, State, Zip: New Port Richey, FL 34655-5269
Sent: 4.13 PM - 5/31 2002

We veterans & our families will NEVER forget our P.O.W. and M.I.A.'s ! God be with them.

Name: Cherry Anderson
Hometown: Dallas, Texas
POW Camp: Stalag Luft IV
Name of POW: Paul Nelson
Postal Street Address: 14616 Spring Oaks Drive
City, State, Zip: Balch Springs, TX 75180
Sent: 1.35 PM - 5/31 2002

A wonderful website. Thank you for the time and effort you put in to create this tribute.

Name: Jim Hennessey
Hometown: Bayonne
City, State, Zip: Bayonne-New Jersey-07002-U.S.A
Sent: 9.36 PM - 5/30 2002

I was not a prisoner, just would like to say,
this is a great web-site. Was stationed in Stone, Eng. Nov. 1944. God Luck
WW2-Vet-Co.E-345th-Regt.-87th-Golden Acorn-
Infantry Division

Name: Rik
Hometown: Mississauga
POW Camp: Stalag Luft III
Name of POW: Wally Floody
Postal Street Address: Lakeshore
City, State, Zip: Ontario
Sent: 8.56 PM - 5/30 2002

This is a fantastic website with tons of pics and info. This topic is truly fascinating and this website makes it even better! Keep up the great work!

Name: George Meuse
POW Camp: Luft 1
Name of POW: Fred Willis
City, State, Zip: Washington, D. C.
Sent: 5.57 PM - 5/30 2002

Still looking for Fred Willis. Last seen at Luft 1. This site is just wonderful.

Name: Curt G. Reus (son)
Hometown: Colorado Springs, CO
POW Camp: Stalag Luft !
Name of POW: (then 2nd Lt) Joseph H. Reus (445thBG, 703BS)
Postal Street Address: PSC 76, Box 3487
City, State, Zip: APO, AP 96319
Sent: 8.18 AM - 5/30 2002

I want to here from anyone who knew of or remembers my fathers stay at Stalag Luft 1/ Barth. (2nd Lt.) Joseph H. Reus, Baltimore, MD.(703BS, 445thBG (B-24 outfit)
Also interested in info.on following men (Capt.)Ross Greening-the Doolittle Raider. (I found his book "Not as Briefed" years ago-gave it to my father); Commander Stalag Luft 1 (Col Von Bock?). The Luft. Col. gave my father his WW1 issue Lugar pistol after the Soviets took over the camp-I have it now and would like to display it with details about the Col.  Lastly want more info on "Joe Bannanas" (Luft. Officer.)
I am a former Marine and now am Active Duty Navy with 17 years service. My father Joe is active, health and not quite retired.
Thanks- pls. pass this along to any and all Barth Kreigies.

Name: Jean James
POW Camp: Stalag XIB
Sent: 7.11 PM - 5/29 2002

My father just passed away. He was captured at Arnhem after a mortar bomb hit him on the leg, but did not explode. It broke his ankle, and he was made to work in the lead mines in Germany with his broken ankle for 7 months. He was in Stalag X1B in Germany. Dad was in one of the gliders. I think it may have been the first landing at Arnhem. He was a signalman, and trained at Carlisle and Northern Ireland.

He served with the 1st Battalion,
British 1st Airborne Division, Border Regiment, in North Africa, Sicily, Italy and Arnhem, Holland, and later served with the Commissionaire Corps in Canada for 13 years. Always a soldier and a gentleman to the end, he used his sense of humour and his kindness to bring joy to others, even during his traumatic wartime experiences and his imprisonment. To me that is real heroism.


NName: Buddy Larsen (POW's son)
Hometown: Blanco, Texas
POW Camp: Stalag Luft I, Brk 11, Rm 10, North Cmpnd I
Name of POW: Lt Jack K Larsen (1919-1986)
Sent: 11.35 AM - 5/29 2002

The 1946 book by LT Morris J. Roy "Behind Barbed Wire" has, on the dedication page the last four lines of W.A. Percy's WWI poem "For Them that Died in Battle":
"They mount superbly thru' the gold-flecked air,
The light of immolation in their eyes,
The green of youth eternal in their hair,
And Honor's music on them like sunrise."

Name: Linda
POW Camp: Stalag Luft 1
City, State, Zip: Canada
Sent: 9.36 AM - 5/29 2002


My father was a POW at Stalag Luft 1 at Barth. He was shot down on his 25th assignment.
Dad never talked about his war time experiences. He kept everything to himself. Dad died
when he was only 63 and I am so sorry that we really didn't understand what he had gone
through. His war time experience certainly was a factor in his early death. Obviously, I am searching for something. When I typed in "Stalag Luft 1" in the
search engine and your sight came up, I was quite emotional. Even more so to find my dad's
name listed. I have all of dad's things, including a couple of editions of the "Barth Hard Times". I really don't think any of us can truly understand what these heroic men endured. Thank you for your site. I think I would like to put in my full name, sometime. I think I'm
still searching for answers.

Name: Erik Dyreborg
Hometown: Copenhagen
Postal Street Address: 27 Solvej
City, State, Zip: DK-2635 Ishoj
Sent: 8.54 AM - 5/29 2002

New Book on CD !

"THE LUCKY ONES - 8th Air Force Airmen" -

is a collection of stories gathered from the wartime experiences of a few US Airmen who served in the 8th Air Force Bomb Groups in England during WW II.

The stories in this collection, narrated by the Airmen themselves, recount the harrowing adventures the Airmen endured in their most trying missions over Europe. These are stories of encounters with enemy fighters, struggles to control flak-damaged planes, grueling crash landings, and desperate bail-outs from burning planes.

Many Airmen, fortunate enough to survive these experiences, were captured by the Germans once on the ground. Their treatment at the hands of their captors is painfully re-told here.

Miraculously, some Airmen managed to evade captivity and escape the Germans, sometimes as an entire crew.

In the course of the war, more than 30,000 young Americans lost their lives over Europe. As one Airman said: "The real heroes... were the many... who died in combat".

These are the stories of other heroes who survived what seemed certain death. These are the stories of THE LUCKY ONES.

The English version of approx. 260 pages including 200 photos is available June 2002.

The book is available on CD ONLY (one big WORD file ready to print as a book). See cover on and select BOOKS.

Price US $ 20.00 (prepaid) including shipping to your address in the States.

Delivery time approx. 1 week.

Please contact Author Erik Dyreborg

Name: Paul Vuksanovich
Hometown: Spruce Grove,Alberta
POW Camp: Oflag XIIIB, Nurnberg
Name of POW: Radomir(Rajo) Vuksanovich
Postal Street Address: 123-609 King St.
City, State, Zip: Spruce Grove, Alberta, Canada T7X 4B2
Sent: 7.22 PM - 5/28 2002

Further to my original message below--I inadvertently typed the wrong number for my dad's camp--Not Oflag XIIB but Oflag XIIIB, as described on your site, the camp of the Serbian Royalist officers. It was here in the summer of 1941 that Rajo witnessed the first Russian prisoners being brought from the eastern front--and saw these brutalized and starving men eating grass. Anyone out there with additional information on this camp please contact me--thanks.

Name: Lawrence A. Wreyford
Hometown: Rochester,Tx.
POW Camp: Stalag Luft 1 Barracks1, Room 6
Postal Street Address: 4825 Marlborough Way
City, State, Zip: Carmichael, Ca. 95608
Sent: 7.00 PM - 5/28 2002

B17 Pilot shot down 3 Sept. 44

Name: BettyJane Gibney
POW Camp: Stalag Luft 1
Name of POW: Edward T Callmeyer
Postal Street Address: 106 Cedar St
City, State, Zip: Sturbridge, MA 01566
Sent: 3.56 PM - 5/28 2002

My father was a POW for the last 13 months of WWll. He was a Lieutenant, and the co-pilot of a B-17 which was shot down over Vienna, Austria. There had been 11 on board, many of whom were press and photographers. Only he and one other person on his plane survived. He didn't talk about individuals very often and he passed away in 1978, so the few details we may have had have faded. I would love to hear from anyone who knew him and could add to our memories of him. He was probably known as Eddie to his friends, and his sport of choice was running track, so I'm not sure if he participated in sports while at the camp. He was a religious and very patriotic man with a young wife, Janet at home in New York City. These details may not be exact, but they are as accurate as memory allows. Please contact me if you think you may have known my dad! Thank you!

Name: Fred Richard Sullivan Jr
Hometown: Pine Bluff, Arkansas
POW Camp: Stalag Luft 1
Name of POW: Lt Fred Richard Sullivan
Postal Street Address: 2932 Robinhood
City, State, Zip: Houston TX 77005 USA
Sent: 10.08 AM - 5/28 2002

My late father, Fred Richard Sullivan, was a prisoner in Stalag Luft 1 from August 1944 until the camp was liberated. He was a B24 pilot whose plane was shot over Munich and then crashed in the Austrian Alps on July 12, 1944. For the past five years, I have made several trips to Tirol where, with the help of a local WWII historian, I have located his crash site on the top of Mt Gruenberg near the village of Obsteig, identified the castle in which he was interrogated, discovered many photos relating to his crash and parachute landing - including one of my father being marched at gunpoint through the village of Silz immediately after his capture -, and interviewed many eyewitnesses of his and his crewmembers' parachute landings. During his incarceration in Stalag Luft 1, he kept expansive journals that paint a vivid picture of life there. I would be glad to share the material I have, and I would be most grateful to hear from anyone who knew my father during that time.
Many thanks,
Fred Richard Sullivan Jr
Houston TX

Name: Paul Vuksanovich
Hometown: Spruce Grove, Alberta
POW Camp: Oflag XIIB, Nurnberg
Name of POW: Radomir (Rajo) Vuksanovich
Postal Street Address: 123-609 King St.
City, State, Zip: Spruce Grove, Alberta, Canada T7X 4b2
Sent: 9.19 PM - 5/27 2002

Thank you, thank you, thank you! Words cannot express my gratitude for your wonderful site. My father was a Serbian officer imprisoned in Oflag XIIB Nurnberg from 1941 to 1945. This is the first time in my life that I have seen pictures of his camp and read detailed information on its location. I have searched with no luck for years to find anything about the camp. He is now 92 years old, frail and almost blind, and he is still a prisoner of war in his mind. Do any of you children of P.O.W.s know what I mean? Unfortunately he seldom speaks of his experiences, except to say how terrible it was and that he could never fully explain. If there is anyone out there with more information and pictures of the Serbian prisoners of Olflag XIIB Nurnberg, please let me know. Again, I cannot thank you enough for giving me this information.

Name: Norman Stutzer
POW Camp: Stalag Luft 1
Name of POW: Norman Stutzer
Postal Street Address: 5190 Pale Moon Drive
City, State, Zip: Pensacola,FL 32507
Sent: 4.40 PM - 5/27 2002

Name: Kim Ellington
POW Camp: unknown
Name of POW: Robert James Ellington
Postal Street Address: 2600 Club Drive
City, State, Zip: Gastonia, NC 28054
Sent: 1.37 PM - 5/27 2002

I am looking for information on my father-in-law. He was one of the first jumpers out of Fort Bragg, NC. He died when my husband was 11 years old in a car accident. He also did not speak of his war days. We know that he escaped once and lived off of potatoes, however he was captured and returned. I am looking for information to share with our children as they grow, so that they will know some of their family history.

Name: Coy N.Dodson,USAF,MSgt,ret.
Hometown: Childress ?, Texas
POW Camp: Unknown.germany/austria 1943-45
Name of POW: Alvoy Carter
Postal Street Address: 1410Delaware Ave
City, State, Zip: Wilmington, Delaware 19806
Sent: 1.27 PM - 5/27 2002

My father,Alvoy Carter according to his now deceased brother Paul Carter formerly of Lubbock,Texas,was a gunner aboard a B-17. He was shot down I think in 1943 and remained a prisoner until liberation in 45.He was born 30 Jan.1911 and died Sep.1981. I never knew him and corresponded only rarely with his brother Paul. Paul gave me a couple of pictures of him and told me about his being a POW but not much more. He told me the usual stories of how greatly he was decorated but it seems nearly every story or at least many say that. I choose to believe he was a hero. I never new him and I'm not sure he even knew I existed but he got around and he had three sons by three women about three months apart in 1934. That part ceased to mean anything decades ago but now that I have grandchildren of my own I'd like to know more for them ,and medically if any significant medical familial illnesses exists. I have his social security number and would give that to someone if they needed it. I lost the only pictures I ever had and someone in this world would fall over if they could see my older son walking around looking like his identical twin. How genes do tell a story,eh? Thanks for any word from any source about dear Alvoy Carter C.Dodson

Name: Pat Kearns-Michaelsen
POW Camp: Stalag Luft I
Name of POW: Michael J. Kearns
Sent: 11.53 AM - 5/27 2002

Name: Milton "Eric" F. Erickson
Hometown: Stratford, CT
POW Camp: Stalog Luft 1, North Compound
Name of POW: Milton "Eric" F. Erickson
Postal Street Address: 9801 Coledale Ct.
City, State, Zip: White Lake, MI. 48386
Sent: 8.37 AM - 5/27 2002

This is my father who is 82 years old. He is and has been suffering from post traumatic stress ( not officially diagnosed). He helped illustrate the book "Behind Barbed Wire" by Lt. Morris Roy,'46; he flew P47/ call him soon (248) 698-3797;he's not well or contact Joel Erickson Hursting his only child @ e-mail above or (561)392-5712; 550 SW 6th Ave, Boca Raton, FL 33486. Thanks, JEH

Name: mike hamilton
Hometown: okc, oklahoma
POW Camp: ? ???????????????
Name of POW: Claud Coats
Postal Street Address: 8719 S. SantaFe
City, State, Zip: okc,ok 73139
Sent: 9.04 PM - 5/26 2002

this was my uncle and all i remember of him . is my mothers stories. which she is now past on . my uncle did survive the german camps . he even wrote a poem which hit most of the papers in the U.S.A. he did however die before i was born and i would like to know him . please help if you can. thank you

Name: Mary Kearns
Hometown: Titisville, PA
POW Camp: Stalag Luft 1, North 3, barracks 7, room 6
Name of POW: Michael J. Kearns (Joe)
Postal Street Address: 303 Haywood Drive
City, State, Zip: Iowa City, IA 52245
Sent: 7.40 PM - 5/26 2002

My father's plane went down Dec. 1944 after 3 engines failed, before making it to the planned bomb run.
My father Michael Joseph Kearns retired as a Major U.S.A.F. in 1966. He then worked Civil Service. He passed away November 30, 1992 and is buried at The Rock Island National Cemetery on the Rock Island Arsenal. He married Rita F. Doyle (Capt. USA) on Dec. 14, 1955. They had eight children and I am the oldest. Dad never talked much about when he was in the camp, his sister Rita said he was very quiet and skinny when he came home. Any information or stories would be appreciated.

Name: Tom Maxwell
Hometown: Exeter /England
POW Camp: NA
Name of POW: NA
Postal Street Address: EX5 5LT UK( will get me )
Sent: 7.26 PM - 5/26 2002

Have (had) friends/crew members in Stalag luft one and three .Shot down March 15th 1944 on our sixth "trip" (RAF useage) Target Stuttgart Aircraft Lancaster RAF Bomber Command 3 POW Pete Thomson RAAF Taffy Peake RAF Gordon Stevens RAF
Two of the rest of the crew (evaded )and went back to finish the business, One was wise and said he had enough one Doc Hyde RCAF unaccounted for. I did 26 more and my buddy did another 30 before being killed
sic transit gloria aviators
I am priviledged and humbled to be able to sign your visitors book . I include that other old fellow Wally Hoffman amongst my friends

Name: Buddy Larsen
Hometown: Blanco, Texas
POW Camp: Stalag Luft 1, North Cmpnd, Barth
Name of POW: Jack K Larsen
Postal Street Address: 7813 HWY 165
City, State, Zip: Blanco, Texas
Sent: 4.21 PM - 5/26 2002

Memorial Day, 2002. We are trying to add to Dad's story...he never said enough, including warning us that he was afixin' to become dearly-departed. Thanks, and a Salute to all these boys, and what they did for us all, and for all time....

Name: John Galvin
POW Camp: stalag 1
Name of POW: Sgt N.V Thornton
Sent: 4.00 PM - 5/26 2002

With many thanks to Rob Davis Bomber Command Losses Database. I have now found out that Halifax 11 took off from Linton-On-Ouse at 19-45 April 3rd 1943 on a mission to ESSEN. Sadly the pilot aged 21 Thomas Noble Forster of Ballinalee, Co Longford Ireland seem's to have died saving the rest of the crew, the other crew members where Sgt W.F Hodgson (POW) Sgt G.E. Sendall RCAF (POW) Pilot Officer J.H. Jamieson RCAF (POW) Sgt E.A Drury (POW) and Sgt W. Wayte (POW) I am sure that they would have all ended up in Stalag 1 so I am looking for any of the guys above or relatives for further information
Many Thanks

Name: Jim Reichle
Hometown: St. Petersburg, FL
POW Camp: Stalag Luft 1
Name of POW: William J. Reichle
Postal Street Address: 2256 Winslow Circle
City, State, Zip: Casselberry, FL 32707
Sent: 12.38 AM - 5/26 2002

I just found your website and will visit my dad tomorrow to offer the viewing opportunity- there are some mixed emotions as he has shared a few memories in the past but tried to "promise (himself) to be so strong that nothing can disturb his peace of mind..." Thanks for what you have put together- a great tribute to your dad! I'm sure mine will appreciate your efforts and successful results, although I'm not sure of the response when he sees the photos and mentally returns to some of the horrors described. May God bless you and your family; and give you peace in knowing you are offering the opportunity for many to review and properly address some of their past. Thanks, again!

Name: Katie Kearns
Hometown: chicago
POW Camp: stalag luft 1
Name of POW: Michael J. Kearns
Postal Street Address: 4426 1/2 N. Seeley Ave. #3B
City, State, Zip: Chicago, Il 60625
Sent: 10.16 PM - 5/25 2002

I found information about my Dad! I'm so excitied!
He was in compound North 3.. It's amazing to see in the information.. Nice site.

Name: Peter G. Kenny Jr.
Hometown: Seven Fields, PA
POW Camp: Stalag Luft I
Name of POW: Peter G. Kenny Jr.
Postal Street Address: 233 Sycamore Drive
City, State, Zip: Seven Fields, PA 16046
Sent: 1.44 PM - 5/25 2002

Name: John Galvin
POW Camp: Stalag 1
Name of POW: Sgt. N.V Thornton Air gunner
Postal Street Address: 19, Derby St Colne Lanc's BB8 9AA
City, State, Zip: England
Sent: 8.34 AM - 5/25 2002

I would love any info on the above guy who came from Yorkshire, he flew with 78 Sqdn out of Linton-On- Ouse and was shot down around April 1943. The pilot on his last previous mission was Flt/Sgt Marshall, so he coul have been with the same pilot on the night he was shot down, im after any info on the last crew that he flew with, or can anybody point me in the right direction to find the info. Also on one of his OPs he has written "Gardening, East Frisians" does anybody know what this means.

Name: John
Hometown: Roscoe Il.
POW Camp: Stalag 1 north compound
Name of POW: Don Brazdzons
Sent: 10.26 PM - 5/24 2002

On this Memorial Day weekend I would like to thank the vets for what you have done for the rest of us. Thanks dad.

Name: Paula Molnar
POW Camp: Stalag Luft 1
Name of POW: George Molnar
Postal Street Address: 175 Walnut Circle
City, State, Zip: Rohnert Park, CA 94928
Sent: 7.46 PM - 5/24 2002

Enjoyed this site. Would be interested in info from anyone who knew my father George Molnar who flew B-17s (Carl Fyler's crew) with the 303d/360th BG. Shot down on Nov 29, 1943 over Bremen and spent last 17+ months of war in Stalag Luft 1. Again, a wonderful web site!

Name: Emmett J. Murphy
Hometown: Redwood City, CA 94062
POW Camp: Stalag Luft 1
Name of POW: Emmett J. Murphy
Postal Street Address: 3651 Jefferson Ave.
City, State, Zip: Redwood City, CA 94062
Sent: 6.01 PM - 5/24 2002

I was there! Any questions, call me.

Name: C. W. (Wes) Lundsberg
Hometown: Sycamore, IL 60178
POW Camp: Stalag Luft 1
Name of POW: Charles W. Lundsberg
Sent: 11.40 AM - 5/24 2002

Enjoyed viewing this site, and seeing friend Verne Woods contribution. I would like to find families of my dad's crew (aircraft Flak Shak (flown to Belgium on 1 engine) and Gallant Lady (shot down 24 Sep 44).

Postal Street Address: 93 ANDOVER DR.
City, State, Zip: SPRINGFIELD, IL 62704
Sent: 8.32 PM - 5/23 2002

My friend, Perk Chumley, informed me of the site, and I found it through Yahoo Search. I have read one of the POW stories and, because of the constraint of time, could not read others. However, I find the site to be most interesting and intend to return later. For some reason, I did not find Perk's story listed, but I'm certain it will be in the future. I have read it and thoroughly was engrossed in Perk's experiences. Agsin, this is a good web site and I'll be back.

Name: James Whitesde
Hometown: Sheffield, England
POW Camp: ?
Name of POW: Maurice Whiteside
Sent: 2.03 PM - 5/23 2002

I am trying to find which camp my Father was interned in, he spent sometime in Italy and the rest in Germany.

Name: Diane Hines
Hometown: Germantown, Maryland
POW Camp: Stalag Luft 1, North 2, Barracks 3
Name of POW: George S. Owens
Sent: 6.53 AM - 5/23 2002

George S. Owens was my uncle. He was a navigator, 2nd Lieutenant in the Army Air Corps. He was captured on July 18, 1944. I am trying to find out information regarding the unit and bomber squadron with which he served. Also, if anyone might have other information about him. This web site is a treasure and thank you to all who have made it possible.

Name: gareth james everson
POW Camp: stalag luft one.north2 barracks7 room3
Name of POW: james ernest everson
Postal Street Address: 112 sunnybank road, griffithstown.
City, State, Zip:
Sent: 4.27 PM - 5/22 2002

My father was a pow in the above camp.He has very fond memories of all his american friends. Unfortunately, he has dementia but his wife and his children and grandchildren would love to hear from anyone who remembers him. We are extremely proud of all of you people.

Name: Albnert Preston
Hometown: Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
POW Camp: Stalag Luft IV
Name of POW: Albert Preston
Postal Street Address: 806 N.E. 73
City, State, Zip: 73105
Sent: 3.34 PM - 5/22 2002

I am very interested in anything pertaining to the 351st bomb group 511th Bomb Squadron

Name: Bill Motley
POW Camp: unk.
Name of POW: Louis Brindley
Postal Street Address: 9404 Wikel Rd.
City, State, Zip: Huron, Oh. 44839
Sent: 10.50 AM - 5/22 2002

My cousin, Louis, was an airman in a bomber crew, shot down and taken prisoner by Germans. Would appreciate if anyone has any knowledge of him.

Name: John Hart
Hometown: Harrogate
POW Camp: NA
Postal Street Address: 16 Southway
City, State, Zip: Harrogate, HG2 0EA, UK
Sent: 5.10 PM - 5/21 2002

I am investigating the membership of the Caterpillar Club of my cousin Sergeant Pilot R Holmes. His membership of the Club was acknowledged by Leslie L Irvin by letter dated 9 July 1942 following a successful bale out. He did not at that time receive his pin as the letter clearly states that there were none left and that a license was needed to produce them. A later letter dated 19 Feb 43 forwarded his pin, which his sister now holds as he was killed in action between the 9 Jul 42 and the second letter. I would be interested in obtaining a certificate for his sister if this were possible. Thank you John Hart

Hometown: New Brunswick, NJ
POW Camp: Stalag Luft 1
Name of POW: Willard C. Bader
Postal Street Address: 2700 N. Highway A1A
City, State, Zip: Indialantic, FL 32903
Sent: 4.35 PM - 5/21 2002

What a delight to see all of the guys. Of course the pics are so small that I could not recognize anyone but it was still fun. Forgot my barracks no. but I do remember I was in the North Compound.

Name: Kelly Spencer
Hometown: Roy
Postal Street Address: 17114 153rd ave SE #1
City, State, Zip: Yelm Wa 98597
Sent: 1.49 AM - 5/21 2002

Hello. I was wondering if any of you knew my grandfather Manuel Trujillo. I believe he was in the 352 bomb squadron. If anyone knew him please let me know.

Name: Todd Ambroz
Hometown: Rochester, NY
POW Camp: Stalag Luft I
Name of POW: LT. Aurelian L. Jekot
Sent: 12.35 AM - 5/21 2002

I am the great nephew of Lt. Aurelian L. Jekot - Service # 0740440. I just found your web site after years of trying to find out where my uncle is. He was reported MIA on July 19, 1944. He flew P-38's for the 95th Fighter Squadron of the 82nd Fighter Group. I really do not know much more than that. He was supposedly in North 2. After he returned from the war he never had any contact with his sister, my grandmother, ever again. My grandmother recently passed away and I would like to tell him about her. I would also be very grateful if anyone could tell me any stories about him or how to contact fellow POW's, unit members, or even family. Please email me at or

Name: P.S. Sattefield
POW Camp: Bad Orb
Name of POW: William E. Pollard and Robert Pollard
City, State, Zip: Ohio
Sent: 3.26 PM - 5/20 2002

...i am seeking information about my father, William E. Pollard, and his brother Robert Pollard...both were prisoners in bad orb after the battle of the bulge....if you knew them please e-mail father pasted away several years ago but my uncle is still father spoke little of the war but i am finding other men who have related some of the same stories that he has told me....thank you, P. Satterfield

Name: Michael McCormick
Hometown: Seattle
POW Camp: Stalag Luft 1
Name of POW: Francis M. McCormick
Postal Street Address: 22515 92nd Ave W
City, State, Zip: Edmonds, WA 98020
Sent: 12.07 PM - 5/20 2002

I don't have the details at hand, but my father was shot down flying a mission out of England and spent 6 months in Stalag Luft 1. Before he passed away in 1995 he gave me his ID tag with a four digit number and STALAG LUFT 1 stamped on it. He told me he carried it for 50 years (on his key chain) and I could carry it for 50 more to remember. I do. I will send a message again with details.

Hometown: wagoner, okla
POW Camp: frankfurt on the oder river
Postal Street Address: RT 4 BOX 151
City, State, Zip: WAGONER, OK 74467
Sent: 9.16 AM - 5/20 2002


Name: Bob Parry
Hometown: Charlottetown, PEI
POW Camp: Stalag Luft 1
Name of POW: Robert Alan Parry
Sent: 1.09 AM - 5/20 2002

Great site, My father passed away a few years ago, but he would have liked to see this site. He was shot down in Feb of 1944 and spent a year at Stalag Luft 1.

Name: Tim Cole
Name of POW: Arthur P. Hale "Art"
Sent: 9.45 AM - 5/19 2002

Thanks for the great site. Art was a B-17 pilot shot down in one of the raids to St Nazaire. He was captured in Brittany. He was held for a time in La Fresnes prison outside of Paris because he was wearing civilian clothes when captured. We were just over in France trying to locate some of the sites he has talked about. Although we do not think he was held in S-L 1, maybe someone knows something that will be useful. Thanks!!

Name: Charles Andrew Davis
Sent: 9.13 AM - 5/19 2002

Signing in for Montie A. Davis, Jr. Excellent piece.

Name: Carl Bullard
Hometown: Daytona Beach FL
Sent: 5.18 PM - 5/18 2002

I know George Simmons and know what a wonderful man he is. I thank him for his sacrifice to this country. I was in the Navy during WW2, serving in the Aleutians Islands on the Island of ATTU.

Name: Ron Tavernit
Hometown: Republic PA
POW Camp: Stalag 1
Name of POW: Lt. Anthony S. Tavernit
Postal Street Address: 71142 East Pond Creek
City, State, Zip: Romeo, MI 48065
Sent: 1.59 PM - 5/16 2002

Thanks for the website. My father who lives in Troy Michigan was in stalag 1 from 1944-45. He flew a B-24 out of Cerignola Italy. Last year I took him to the Yankee Air Force Museum in Michigan where he met Col. Alexander Jefferson, a Tuskegee (sorry for the spelling) airman, who flew cover for B-24's out of Cerignola. Both were very pleased to meet each other. A trip to the museum is worth the effort for anyone airmen in WWII. Thanks again for a great site.

Ron Tavernit
Public Affairs Director
WOMC Radio Detroit

Name: ray horne
Hometown: rogersville,tennessee
Name of POW: lt. raymond e. horne jr.
Postal Street Address: 2661 griffith circle south
City, State, Zip: mobile, al, 36606
Sent: 5.32 PM - 5/15 2002

I have been wanting to trace my father's history and
i've just begun. i have a large portrait of him as a full colonel on my wall, and i see it all day every day. as a disabled vet myself , i could'nt help but see it every day, all day. through all the times we could'nt agree on virtually anything, i've come to the point that i have found more respect for this man, my father, than i can believe. any information i can receive about him i would greatly appreciate.
i would be glad to respond to any e-mail or postal mail i get about what i know about him.

thank you

raymond earle horne lll

Name: Newton Weiss
Hometown: St.Thomas Virgin Islands
POW Camp: Stalag Luft 1 North 2
Name of POW: Newton Weiss
Postal Street Address: Box 10459
City, State, Zip: St. Thomas V.I. 00801
Sent: 5.05 PM - 5/15 2002

I was in the 390th Bomb Group, 570th Sqd. Shot down Dec. 11 1943.  Was the food exchange officer with an officer named Jones. Went to Barth for the 45th and 50th anniversary reunion with Col. Phil Gibbons  Would like to contact Jones if possible.

Hometown: mine? CHICAGO
POW Camp: STALAG 3 ?
Name of POW: G.W. WILEY
Postal Street Address: 1360 FRONT STREET
City, State, Zip: LAHAINA, HI 96761
Sent: 11.09 AM - 5/15 2002


Name: Joy B. Hardin
Hometown: Elbow Lake, Minn.
Postal Street Address: PO Box 360
City, State, Zip: Elbow Lake, Minn. 56531
Sent: 10.25 PM - 5/14 2002

First of all, I am not nor my relatives a POW, but enjoyed so much your unforgettable story of your father. My uncle (my father's baby brother) was in WWII in the US Army, served in Northern Africa, Italy, Ireland - remembers seeing Gen. Patton. He contracted malaria in Africa but served 3-1/2 years overseas.

I wish you well in your endeavor to contact more POW's in perhaps remembering your father. We sure live in a wonderful country - only in America could we have the freedom we all take for granted and those in WWII died for! Thank you for sharing this wonderful story of your father.
It meant a lot to me. I want to print a copy off the computer and put it in a binder so my grandchildren may read it someday. Thank you again for sharing............
P.S. My stepfather was in the Navy in WWII and came in to Pearl Harbor on the ship the day after the bombing. Now I wished I had asked more questions - too late now and how I regret it.

Thanking you again.........

Joy and Irv Hardin

Name: Judy Lee Byerman Boysel
Name of POW: Harry Elmer Byerman
Postal Street Address: 4610 Wayne Meadows Circle North
City, State, Zip: Huber Heights, OH 45424
Sent: 7.46 PM - 5/10 2002

Any information on my father Harry "Bud" Byerman would be welcome.

Name: Phil Vincent
Hometown: Kershaw
POW Camp: Remstein
Name of POW: Leonard J. Vincent
Postal Street Address: 1018 Jones Road
City, State, Zip: Kershaw, SC 29067
Sent: 6.45 PM - 5/10 2002

To any of my brothers of WW2 who were POW's, I love you all. My son is sending this message and I hope you respond to him.

Name: Suzanne Manierre Foote Hanks
Postal Street Address: 1239 23rd Street
City, State, Zip: Santa Monica, CA 90404
Sent: 4.55 PM - 5/10 2002

My Mother, Mary Jane Manierre Foote is your father's first cousin. She has been looking at your web site with me and we've had a wonderful time connecting with our Manierre relatives.

Name: David Lesjak
Hometown: Vancouver, BC Canada
Postal Street Address: Box 42023 Champlain P.O.
City, State, Zip: Vancouver, B.C. Canada V5S 4R5
Sent: 4.03 PM - 5/10 2002

Sorry, I pressed the enter button before I had finished. There was a Donald Duck "I Wanted Wings" insignia that was used in Stalag Luft III by POW's. Does anyone know which POW created this design, when it was created, why it was created, how popular was it, and what items it was reproduced on? This insignia also appeared on one P-47 and one B-24 and is found in some of the camp's POW Wartime Logs. I'm seeking any background info on this design. I know the Disney Studio refined the emblem in October 1943, but I also know the design existed at the camp before this date. Thanks very much.

Name: Thomas G. Davis, Major USAF Retired
Hometown: Baltimore, Maryland
POW Camp: Stalag Luft I
Name of POW: Thomas G. Davis
Postal Street Address: 1704-3B Rich Way
City, State, Zip: Forest Hill, Maryland 21050
Sent: 11.36 AM - 5/10 2002

I was shot down on 24 Feb. '44 over Schweinfurt. Was incarcerated and interrogated at Dulag Luft and arrived at Stalag Luft I on/or about March 15 until late April '45. I was assigned to Block 2, South Compound, sharing a room with Bob Holmes, Myron Sands, Myles Keathley, Loubet Boyd, Phil Bern Jesse Orriso, Frank Ramsey, Earl Brook, Jim Lange, to name a few.
Played 2d base on Compound All Star softball team. Nickname "Herky".

Name: Jim Considine
Hometown: Baltimore
POW Camp: Stalag Luft 1
Name of POW: Jim Considine
Postal Street Address: 625 Deepdene Rd
City, State, Zip: Baltimore, MD 21210
Sent: 9.58 PM - 5/9 2002

I am the oldest son of my Father, Lt. Jim Considine. I would love to hear from anyone who knew my Father or who flew with him in "The Baltimore Oriole". His barrack assignment was: North 1 - Barrack 6 - Room 14 (?)

Name: Joss Leclercq
Postal Street Address: 51 route de Fromelles
City, State, Zip: 59249 Aubers France
Sent: 12.55 PM - 5/9 2002

I'm looking for any details about Lt Georges W. LUKE, 303rd B.G., 360th B.S., a B-17 skipper who came down 5 km from my home on 1 december 1943. He's said to have been the first 8th Air Force officer to enter Stalag 1.
I'd like to get in touch with anybody who knew him.

Joss Leclercq, France

Name: Maxine Clamage
POW Camp: Stalag 2A and Zachow 92/VI
Name of POW: Harold Clamage
Sent: 11.50 AM - 5/9 2002

My father, Harold Clamage, was captured on the eve of the Battle of Metz and sent to Stalag 2A, then to a Work Kommando for Jewish soldiers called Zachow 92/VI. He died in 1984 and I am in the process of writing a book so that I can keep his memory alive.

Name: Holly Clark
Sent: 10.18 AM - 5/9 2002

I am a friend of Emile Lattier's from The Over The Hill Gang, Shreveport, La. He was friends with you. He was my friend. In his memory, I am searching for information. God Bless you all! Holly Clark Walker

Name: Winston Reed, Jr
Hometown: Oak Ridge, LA
Sent: 2.13 PM - 5/8 2002

George Simmons is dedicated to WW II history and I commend him for his reflections as a POW and WW II veteran Army Air Corps pilot. My recollections are from
each member of the 405th Fighter Squadron, 371st Fighter Group and I am proud to have met most of the men in the group. Thanks, I enjoy the news!

Name: Jim Considine
Hometown: Baltimore
POW Camp: Stalag Luft 1
Name of POW: Jim Considine
Postal Street Address: 625 Deepdene Road
City, State, Zip: Baltimore, MD 21210
Sent: 11.12 AM - 5/8 2002

I am the son of Jim Considine. My Father passed away in 1977. I would enjoy hearing from anyone who knew my Father.

Name: James C. Sanders
Hometown: Centerville, Tennessee
POW Camp: Stalag Luft III
Name of POW: Myself
Postal Street Address: 9737 Clearwater Drive
City, State, Zip: Knoxville, TN 37923
Sent: 2.35 PM - 5/7 2002

I am a survivor of Stalag Luft III and escapee.
I arrived in Paris about a week before the war
ended. Shot down on my 31st mission in B-17 from
15th AF in Italy.

Name: Gerardine Knightly
Hometown: Dublin
POW Camp: Stalag Luft IV
Name of POW: William J Knightly
Sent: 1.53 PM - 5/7 2002

A very interesting and moving site thank you...
The name William J Knightly caught my eye, my family are trying to trace any family members in the USA who were related to William Knightly who left Kerry Ireland in the early 1900's... Any links here please...
Many thanks again and keep up the good work...

Name: Paul Smiley
POW Camp: Stalag Luft I
Name of POW: F/O W.B.T. Smiley J26137-RCAF
Sent: 12.59 PM - 5/7 2002

W.B.T. Smiley-Stalag Luft I-anybody know him, he was my favorite uncle.

Name: David Lesjak
POW Camp: Stalag Luft III
Name of POW: Captain Robert Bishop
Sent: 3.32 PM - 5/6 2002

Looking for Captain Robert Bishop or his family. Bishop was a navigator and member of Pilot 1st Lt. Robert Brown's crew. They were flying a B-24, tail number 41-24278 call sign Q-Queenie, plane nicknamed Miss Delores. Usually flew aboard Suzy Q but she was out for repairs. Miss Delores was part of the 44th Bomb Group and took a nose hit May 14, 1943 after bombs away. Miss Delores dropped back due to damage and was subsequently shot down by enemy fighters. Crew bailed over Kiel Bay, Kiel Germany. Bishop landed in the Bay and was rescued by a trawler. Other survivors included Co-pilot Hartley Westbrook, Bombadier Haldon Haywood, Gunner John Susan, Engineer/Gunner Gil Wandtke, Gunner August Ullrich. Those who couldn't bail and were killed included Gunners George Millhousen, Roy Kingler and Richard Cate. Captain Bishop was incarcerated at Stalag Luft III and was last known to be alive and living in Britain. Need to speak with him or his family if possible. Thanks very much.

Name: David Schmitt
Hometown: Richlands, NC
POW Camp: Stalag
Name of POW: CPL Robert D. Howe
Postal Street Address: 2031 Catherine Lake rd.
City, State, Zip: Richlands,NC 28574
Sent: 3.20 PM - 5/6 2002

I hope that someone can help me. My Grandfather was a POW during WW II at Stalag 3b or 5. He was w/ 34ID in the Iowa National Guard. He was taken at Faid Pass and was a POW for almost 3yrs. I would love to find out as much info. on him as possible. Thank you, SGT Schmitt.

Name: Gary Pelton
Sent: 8.13 AM - 5/6 2002

Hi, im lloking for any info I can get on an airborn unit, I do not have a name or unit number. It was a late WWII unit of a multi-national nature, using American, Free French, and British troops. Its mission was jump on to POW camp areas in advance of allied advances to prevent the elimination of POWs. All I have is one so-so photo of a 6 man team in Uniforms Illustrated No. 1 (US Spechial forces of WWII).
If anyone knowns anything about the unit please send me an E-Mail (
Thanks Gary Pelton

Name: Volker Kluge
Sent: 8.10 AM - 5/6 2002

Dear POW veterans and their relatives,
I am german journalist at Berlin. Just I am writing a book about the former boxing world champion Max Schmeling. This is the reason why I very interested in the background of Schmeling's visiting in stalag Luft I and other camps in April 1945.
Can you mail me your expierences? What was the purpose of this visit?
I would be very glad to get some more informations about this story.
Thanks in advance.
Your web site is very interesting.
Yours sincerely
Volker Kluge
phone (0049 30) 44 35 90 60
Fax (0049 30) 44 35 90 62
address: Torstr. 15
D 10119 Berlin

Name: charles day
Name of POW: Darlyle Watters
Sent: 8.39 AM - 5/5 2002

Excellent site. Wish I had found it sooner!
Lt. Darlyle Watters was not shot down. He was CG-4A glider pilot, cut loose too soon BY HIS TUG over German held territory during operation Market.


Name: Todd Horton
Hometown: San Clemente
POW Camp: Stalag Luft I
Name of POW: Theodore DuBois Bush
Postal Street Address: 142 W Ave Ramona
City, State, Zip: San Clemente, Ca 92672
Sent: 12.32 AM - 5/5 2002

Theodore D. Bush was my grandfather. He flew on a B-17 and was at Stalag Luft I in North Compound I. He died shortly after the war and thus, I never had the privilege of meeting him. He was a Chinese- American and he wrote the most beautiful love letters to my grandmother. If anyone out there remembers him or has knows of any survivors that may have known him, please contact me. Thank you.

Name: iris rayhons
Hometown: Clear Lake, Iowa
Sent: 11.15 AM - 5/4 2002

I have read with great interest your stories of the POW's. My father was in charge of the POW's from Germany at the Britt Hemp Mill. These
German POW's were stationed at the Algona POW CAmp here in Iowa. It is wonderful to look into this history!!

Name: George Ochoa
POW Camp: Stalag Luft IV
Name of POW: John Corey
Postal Street Address: 265 Ashford Avenue
City, State, Zip: Dobbs Ferry, NY 10522
Sent: 1.19 AM - 5/4 2002

My late father-in-law S/Sgt John Corey, 527 B Squadron 379 Bomb Group, was shot down on May 13, 1944, and was a prisoner at Stalag Luft #4 at Gross Tychow until Feb. 6, 1945, when he went on the death march that ended at Bitterfeld April 26, 1945. Seeking information about him, the camp, and the march. Thanks for the great site.

Name: rayf schmidt
Hometown: Mason City IA
Postal Street Address: 327 S. Delaware
City, State, Zip: Mason City, IA 50401
Sent: 10.26 PM - 5/3 2002

Beautifully comprehensive and intimate, the depth of information contained on your site could keep the reader captivated for hours... it's most interesting to me personally as I'm involved in a project working to research and preserve the stories German and Iowan POW's from WWII. The organization is called TRACES, online at the website above. May you continue with success in presenting the meaning of these events to others!

Name: shoshana davies
POW Camp: stalag 17-b
Name of POW: frederick savage
Sent: 8.54 PM - 5/3 2002

I have no info about my grandfather's POW times and would like to here from anyone who knew him in WWII.

Name: Bigley, Roland P.
POW Camp: Stalag Luft 1,South Comp., Bk.2, Rm.2
Name of POW: Bigley, Roland P.
Postal Street Address: 206 Contento
City, State, Zip: Victoria, TX 77905 Ph. 316-572-8358
Sent: 7.23 PM - 5/3 2002

Was with 15th. AF., 99th. BG., 416 Sqdn., Foggia, Italy


Name: Karsten
Hometown: near Brandenburg
Sent: 4.03 PM - 5/3 2002

I have by searching for information about "Murder Inc." your very interesting site. I'm a researcher here in germany who is interested in to find out serious information about allied crash sites around Berlin.
Please visit my website for more details.

Best wishes.......Karsten

Name: Marjorie Ballard
Hometown: Chambersburg Ill
POW Camp: Stalag iv & Barth Stalag 1
Name of POW: Norris L Ballard
Postal Street Address: 702 W Washington St
City, State, Zip: O'Fallon Ill 62269
Sent: 11.06 PM - 5/2 2002

My husband was in the 94 th Bomb Group 410 th Bomb Sqdn His aircraft # 43-38727 and it was named the Characters. He was shot down over Ludwigshaven Germany on Nov. 5, 1944. He spent 30 years in the USAF and retired as a CMSGT. He died Oct 14 2000 and is buried at Jefferson Barracks National Cemetery St Louis Mo. We were married 51 years.

Name: Mike Stout
Hometown: Republic, Mo.
POW Camp: Stalag Luft IV
Name of POW: Phern A. Stout
Postal Street Address: 912 Elizabeth
City, State, Zip: Republic, Mo. 65738
Sent: 7.50 AM - 4/29 2002

My uncle Phern Stout was a tailgunner in a B-17 that was shot down over Germany on November 26, 1944. He spent the rest of the war in a POW camp and was liberated by the Russians. Uncle Phern died on April 1, 1971 at the age of 56 years. I am his closest living kin.

Name: Herman Engel
POW Camp: Stalag Luft I
Postal Street Address: 2540 Valais Ct
City, State, Zip: Centerville, OH 45458-5421
Sent: 7.47 PM - 4/28 2002

Informative and memorable site.

Name: H. John Thayer
POW Camp: stalag Luft One Barrack 2 rm 2
Name of POW: H.J. Thayer
Postal Street Address: P.O. Box 369 Crosslake
City, State, Zip: Mn 56442
Sent: 1.04 PM - 4/28 2002

Mary.. Excellent job ! Thanks GOd for all your efforts! Re: Our NEW EMAIL ADDRESS ...Please change our email address to the new one above ...
I was'nt able to link to make the change through the guest book....thanks, daughter Nancy

Name: Jim Finnegan
Hometown: England
Sent: 4.04 AM - 4/28 2002

I was in Vietnam in 1969 and can only imagine the horror of the camps. Great site, thanks for letting me visit. Drop by sometime. Regards,

Name: Linda L. Tucker
Hometown: Jacksonville, IL
Sent: 12.06 AM - 4/28 2002

Mary, This site is great, Thank you for helping the Kreggies. I am very proud of Dad (Perk Chumley) it is nice to be able to let the rest of the world know about him via your website. Keep up the good work. Enjoyed having you and your family on our trip to Germany in 2001. Give everyone our love and tell Big Ashley Mike is getting married in August. God Bless and Keep you Linda

Name: Leonard D. Hansen
Hometown: Woodlake, California
POW Camp: Stalag Luft I
Name of POW: Leonard D. Hansen
Postal Street Address: 750 North Acacia
City, State, Zip: Woodlake, CA 93286
Sent: 4.52 PM - 4/27 2002

I was shot down on August 25, 1944 after bombing Politz oil refineries. Interned at Stalag Luft 1 in North Compound II, Barracke 3, Raum 3, first inmates in North II. Now retired in Calif. Received Purple Heart, DFC and POW medal. Any roommated out there?

Name: Abdul Wase, MD FACP FACC
Hometown: Aligarh, INDIA
Sent: 1.00 PM - 4/27 2002

You must be wondering, what is a doctor doing on this web page! Well Kenneth (Sam) Webster is under my care, and his wife asked me to visit this home page. From the comments i have read, you site is providing an immensely important role in bringing people from different parts of the world, sharing their stories,and trying to find information about their loved ones. Kudos to you! Keep up the good work. God bless you!

Name: Esther Fernandez
POW Camp: Stalag Luft One
Name of POW: Augustine Fernandez
Postal Street Address: 5820 S W 99 Terrace
City, State, Zip: Pinecrest, Fla. 33156
Sent: 9.14 AM - 4/27 2002

I'm ghostwriting my husband's memoirs and just beginning the research. Your web page is full of interesting info. We'd love to hear from other alumni of Stalag Luft One. Are there pictures I can use without infringing copyrights?

Name: Sherman Best
Hometown: East Haven,CT
Postal Street Address: 581 Bradley St.
City, State, Zip: East Haven, CT 06512
Sent: 8.20 AM - 4/27 2002

I am one of the lucky ones, I flew 63 missions and came home in one piece and did not have to experience the horror of prison camp.I salute each and every one of you.

Name: 2nd Lt. Ted D. Bush
Hometown: Pasadena
POW Camp: Luft Stalag 1, N 1
Name of POW: Ted D. Bush
Sent: 2.11 AM - 4/27 2002

Charles E. Bauman, Torrance CA, re Lt Francis A Bauman, Steve Anderson, Lexington, KY re: James Maurice Anderson, Mike McDade, Ft Worth , Tx re: shot down "chinese american buddy",

Ted bush was a chinese American American Lt in the crew, 447th, 711 squadron. I believe your inquiries were his crew. Pics avail of crew. FYI

Name: Todd Bush Horton
Hometown: Pasadena, CA
POW Camp: Luft Stalag 1, N 1
Name of POW: Lt. Ted Bush
Postal Street Address: 401 Avenida Del Mar
City, State, Zip: San Clemente, CA 92672
Sent: 1.16 AM - 4/27 2002

Seeking information regarding my grandfather.( Chinese American officer shot down over Germany, 8th Army, 447th, 711 squadron). POW Luft Stalag 1, N Compound 1.

Name: Al "Dad" Millspaugh
Sent: 10.25 PM - 4/26 2002

Hi son!

Name: sandy rehmann
Name of POW: c. ross greening
Sent: 4.45 PM - 4/26 2002

Col. Greening was a friend of my father's and I am trying to get in touch with Col. Greening's niece, Karen Morgan Driscoll, and his widow, Dorothy. Col. Greening did a pastel drawing of me when I was 11 years old (when we were stationed at Maxwell AFB in Alabama). It hangs in my home now (I am 59 years old). I also have an original copy of "Not As Briefed" autographed, addressed to my parents.

Name: Marion Lefkow
Hometown: Seattle,Wa
POW Camp: Stalag Luft 1a
Name of POW: Paul Lefkow
Postal Street Address: 14490NW Oak Hills Drive
City, State, Zip: Beaverton,Oregon 97006
Sent: 1.12 AM - 4/26 2002

Paul would only talk about friends he made and the few good things that occurred.His p-47 was shot down while divebombing a crossroads in nothern Italy.

Name: Jenny Gibbons
Hometown: Sydney Australia
POW Camp: Stalag
Name of POW: Alexander Victor Gibbons
Sent: 4.45 AM - 4/25 2002

I am looking for information on my father-in-law. He was a POW at Stalag up until the liberation in 1945. His details are:
Alexander Victor Gibbons. 7th Battalian. Royal Tank Regiment.(England) He was taken prisoner when his tank came under heavy fire (Western Desert, Egypt) He was the sole survivor (out of 4 men) He was taken to an Italy as a prisoner for one year before being transported to Stalag. If anyone has any further information we would love to hear from you as this is the only information we have. THank you!!!


Name: A Younger
Hometown: Vancouver
POW Camp: Barth, Germany
Name of POW: A Younger
Sent: 11.10 PM - 4/24 2002

I wish to contact HELGA RAUD, a historian in Barth. If anyone knows her e-mail address or website please contact my grandaughter at Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Name: Jaime Ellen harry
Hometown: Jacksonville, FL
POW Camp: Stalog Luft 1
Name of POW: William R Harry
Sent: 10.37 PM - 4/24 2002

My father, William R Harry, was in Stalog Luft 1 from Oct 1943. He died on 13 Apr 1994. I was thrilled to find your web site with the information and pictures of him and my grandparents. I would be grateful to hear from anyone who knew him during the war. The site brought tears to my eyes. Thank you for posting it.

Name: Ivan Dall
Hometown: New York City
POW Camp: Stalag Luft 1
Name of POW: Martin Dall
Sent: 9.28 PM - 4/24 2002

My father Martin recently passed away (April 6, 2002). I've started going thru some of his personal belongings and have found several items from Stalag Luft 1. I have 2 pencil escape maps in fairly good condition, his German dog tag, his German POW File, a few coffee grinds (or tea?) and a wad of toilet paper (unused). These items mean a lot to me but I'm sure that the escape maps would be of interest to some organization. If so, please contact me at the above e-mail address
Thank you for keeping this web site up!!
Ivan Dall

Name: Janet C. Nail
Postal Street Address: 310 N. Main St.
City, State, Zip: Yazoo City MS 39194
Sent: 5.03 PM - 4/24 2002

I am a librarian in Yazoo City Mississippi, and we have a vertical file of a memoir of a POW, Lamar Rodgers of Brandon, Mississippi. Mr. Rodgers wrote a very comprehensive and interesting account of his stay as a guest of the German government.

Name: Robert A . Hide
Hometown: Fernie. B.C.
POW Camp: Luft VI Heyderkrug,Thorn, Falling Bostel
Name of POW: Robert A. Hide
Postal Street Address: 18 Park Crescent
City, State, Zip: Fernie, British Columbia V0B 1M3 Canada
Sent: 11.52 PM - 4/23 2002

Shot down March 24/25 1944 -- 7 Sqdn Path Finder Force Lancaster on the way to Berlin. Two survivors .
Is there a Bill Severs out there.

Name: Cori
Name of POW: Douglas Albert Munro (signalman first class,U.S. Coast Guard)
Sent: 1.32 PM - 4/23 2002

I would like to learn more about Douglas Albert Munro for my research paper. If anyone has any information on him, please send me the information. Thank you.

Name: Dale Perry
Hometown: Vancouver, WA
POW Camp: Stalug Luft 1
Name of POW: George F. Perry
Sent: 3.51 AM - 4/23 2002

What a great site this is! My father was shot down on February 22, 1944, and spent 15 months in Stalug Luft 1. We have very much enjoyed looking at the information on this site together. Thank you.

Name: Luke Fixter
Hometown: Knoxville
Name of POW: Jack Fixter
Postal Street Address: 921 Teakwood Cir
City, State, Zip: Knoxville, TN 37919
Sent: 8.05 PM - 4/22 2002

My Father, Jack Fixter, was a fighter pilot R.A.F.
from 1940-1945. If anyone knew him or could share
pictures we would be grateful. His home was Kent area.


Name: Walter W. Bagot
Hometown: Baton Rouge, La.
POW Camp: Stalag Luft 1
Name of POW: Walter McRae Bagot
Postal Street Address: 1124 Larrabee St.
City, State, Zip: West Hollywood, Ca. 90069
Sent: 6.21 PM - 4/22 2002

Anyone knowing of anything about my Father who was at Barth from December '44 or January '45 through liberation in May of '45, please contact me at my e-mail address or postal address. He died March 20, 2001, and I am in the process of collaborating on a screenplay about his WW2 B-17 experiences as a pilot and/or co-pilot, his capture and his subsequent incarceration at Barth's Stalag Luft 1. Thank you,
Wally and Tanya (Walter W. and Tanya Bagot0

Name: Mark Harris Powell
Hometown: Pontypool South Wales
POW Camp: Stalag 12D
Name of POW: Gordon Harris
Sent: 3.13 PM - 4/22 2002

My Grandfather was reported as a POW in Stalag 12d.POW number 70486. He is also registered as being buried in Normandy ( He was a paratrooper on D-day) If anyone can help I would be very intersested.

Name: Lyda S. Taylor
POW Camp: Stalag Luft I
Name of POW: George Owen Smith, Jr.
Postal Street Address: 3146 Danfield Dr.
City, State, Zip: Columbia, SC 29204
Sent: 1.57 PM - 4/22 2002

My Dad is an ex-POW during WWII. Was shot down over Innsbrook and sent to Stalag I sometime around mid-Dec. 1944. He is still alive but in ill health. We'd love to hear from anyone who might have known him during the war. The crew were based in the "boot" of Italy.

Name: Melanie Rinkenberger Baker
Hometown: Gridley, Illinois
POW Camp: Stalga Luft 1, South Barracks, Room 8
Name of POW: Edwin Dale Rinkenberger
Postal Street Address: 6201 West Park
City, State, Zip: St. Louis, MO 63139
Sent: 11.13 AM - 4/22 2002

My father, Edwin D. Rinkenberger, Bombadier, 385th BG, 550th Sqn. was a POW at Stalag Luft 1, South Barracks, Room 8 when I was born in Feb. 1944. Like many other POWs, he shared very few war stories with us. Thank you for the enormous effort that was put into creating this website which will help many families become more informed about some of the conditions these brave veterans endured.

Name: Jim Rinkenberger
Hometown: Gridley
POW Camp: Stalag Luft One
Name of POW: E.D. Rinkenberger
Postal Street Address: 1010 W Wonderview Dr
City, State, Zip: Dunlap, IL 61525-9547
Sent: 3.53 AM - 4/22 2002

My father, Edwin Dale Rinkenberger, Bombadier, 385th BG, 550th Sqn, shot down Oct 20, 1943. I have his YMCA "Wartime Log". woould be happy to correspond with anyone who knew him

Name: Joseph Beck
POW Camp: Stalag Luft III
Name of POW: Joseph Beck
Postal Street Address: 50 Essex Drive
City, State, Zip: Mendham, NJ 07945
Sent: 12.21 AM - 4/22 2002

April 21, 2002. I just found this site. I was commanding officer of 94th Troop Carrier Squadron shot down on September 18th, 1944 in Holland and was sent to Stalag Luft III. The pilot of the glider I was towing went to :Luft I, I think. This is a very good site, Congratulations!

Postal Street Address: 702 N. BRYS
City, State, Zip: GROSSE PTE. WDS., MI
Sent: 7.36 PM - 4/21 2002

To Anna & Irma,
Re: WW II POWs and the Geneva Convention.
We had been instructed, if captured and questioned, to say that according to the Geneva Convention, I can only give my name, rank and serial number.
My civilian captors responded to this with beatings.
Later, when interrogated by the Luftwaffe agents, their response was "Anyone can give us this information and have dog tags made up. If you don't tell us what type of airplane you flew in, where you were shot down, the name of your base, etc., we can only assume that you are a civilian. And we don't deal with civilians here. We will turn you over to the GESTAPO". Then they sent me back to my solitary cell to think about this dreaded terrorist organisation anfd what might happen if they carried out their threat.
After a few more sessions, they sent me on to a permnent camp. There the Germans followed the terms of the Geneva Convention - when it suited them. The did honor the provision that officers could not be forced to work and allowed occasional visits by neutral parties (Swiss and Sweedish Red Cross). I hope that this helps you with your report.
Bruce Bockstanz

Name: Anna and Emma
Hometown: St.Paul, MN
Name of POW: John Bruggeman
Sent: 6.29 PM - 4/21 2002

We are competing in State History Day our project is on POWs during WWII and the Geneva Convention. Any help would be great . Does anyone know a John Bruggeman?He was a pilot shot down in 1944.
Anna and Emma


Name: Barry Siegle
Hometown: Ellicott City, MD
Postal Street Address: 4018 St. Johns Lane
City, State, Zip: Ellicott City, Maryland 21042
Sent: 1.23 PM - 4/21 2002

Greetings! I enjoyed the story online about Phern! My Dad was with the 379th, 527th during 1944 and was shot down with the entire crew of Howard H. Hamilton in Belgium on 9 August 1944! They were MIA for 40 days and returned through the "Underground". Anyone know what happened to Howard Hamilton, Pilot of the "Red Dragon", or Walter Neilsen (Bombardier) after the War, please contact me at Thanks!!!

Name: Albert R. Johnson
Hometown: Macon, Georgia
POW Camp: Stalag Luft I
Name of POW: Al Johnson
Postal Street Address: 707 Rocky Shadows
City, State, Zip: Chattanooga, TN 37421
Sent: 9.30 AM - 4/21 2002

I was in North Compound I in Barracks 1. I don't see a list of those in my room. I remember Brown, Kelly,Day, Quinn, Massey,Klaiser, Tuck,Keifer, Logan,Tyner,Bush,Bason, and Levins.

Name: John Morris
Hometown: Pittsburgh,PA 15237
POW Camp: Stalag-Luft#1
Name of POW: J.J.Morris
Postal Street Address: 9204 Willoughby Road
City, State, Zip: Pittsburgh,PA 15237
Sent: 10.45 PM - 4/20 2002

I'm the son of JJ Morris POW # 3748. I believe all the members of his crew have pass away, except for (I Think G.T. King out of WI). My dad didn't talk that much.But the crew jumped out after the second bell rang and was captured by German farmers. He was a POW for 13 months. I have his diary while he was a POW, but it was checked daily by the Germans so it only contains info. that the Germans would let it be written. My Dad's plane was called "The Lame Duck" (I think so). His Combat crew was as follows: J.W. Hamilton - pilot; G.T.King- co-pilot; H.C.Kier-Bombardier(close friend of my dad's and us [after the war].W.F.Kern -Navigator;J.F.Smith-Radio Operator;O.M.Haugen-Top Turret;J.J.MacKenzie-2nd Eng.,Ball Turret;R.P.Kleppin-1st.Arm. Waist Gunner;A.Scott-1st.Eng.Waist Gunner;J.J.Morris-3rd.Eng.Tail Turret (my Dad).I just got my computer so bare with me, i'm an amateur.Please let me hear from you. I have other stuff (facts) that I'd like to share with you. I do have my Dad's journal and I'd like to share it with you and hopefully verify some info. in it. Thanks, GOD BLESS AMERICA, which our Dad's helped do!!!!!!!!


Name: Fred C. Rinkenberger
Hometown: Rantoul, IL.
POW Camp: Stalag Luft # 1
Name of POW: Edwin D. Rinkenberger
Postal Street Address: 1621 Golfveiw Rd.
City, State, Zip: Rantoul, IL. 61866-3548
Sent: 8.57 PM - 4/20 2002

My brother LT. Edwin D RINKENBERGER was a Bombardier on a B-17 "MARY ELLEN".The Navigator was Lt.John DURAKOV, the Pilot was Capt. FRYER and I do not remember the Co. Pilots name,but I beleive he was killed in Korea. All four of the OFFICERS was in Stalag Luft #1 Any one that remembers Lt. RINKENBERGER, Iwould like to here from you.

Hometown: NORTH KINGSTOWN, RI 02852
Sent: 2.53 PM - 4/20 2002


Name: Charles Edward Abramson
Hometown: Missoula, Montana
POW Camp: Stalag Luft 1
Name of POW: Charles Elmer Abramson, Seattle
Postal Street Address: PO Box 7302
City, State, Zip: Missoula MT 59807-7302
Sent: 5.15 PM - 4/19 2002

I am the son of Charles E. Abramson, who died in New Mexico in 1982.

Name: Joseph Gosselin
Hometown: Fall River, MA
Postal Street Address: 3329 County St.
City, State, Zip: Somerset, MA 02726
Sent: 9.49 PM - 4/18 2002

I was just contacted by Mary Smith, asking me about the info I had posted on a website about being a member of the last POWs of the Dulag Luft compound in Frankfort that was destroyed in a RAF raid on the city about the third week in March 1944. I ended up in Stalag Luft III.

Name: Jean McConkey
Hometown: Champaign, Illinois
POW Camp: Stalag Luft 1, South Barracks 1, Room 8
Name of POW: Dale Rinkenberger
Sent: 5.19 PM - 4/18 2002

Hi, my dad just told me about this site. His older brother, Dale (my uncle) was a prisoner of war at this camp.

Name: Gustave H. Roosen
Sent: 11.54 AM - 4/18 2002

Dear Mr. Chuck, I did read your war-adventures with much interest; I myself was on duty as a young gunner
on AA guns.
Have a look at my WebSide!
Regards, Gustave (

Name: Paul J Jones
Hometown: Alahula, FL 32615
POW Camp: Stalag Luft I
Name of POW: Paul J Jones
Sent: 11.46 PM - 4/17 2002

Just wanted to sent my new email address,
Would like to be included in the Slalag Luft I Roster.
(See Chuck Blaney's Story)

Name: Jeanette Cochrane
POW Camp: Stalag Luft I
Name of POW: Farrell R Erickson
Sent: 11.03 PM - 4/17 2002

Sorry about the two entries, I hit "enter" before I was finished last time. Anyway.....

My father, Farrell Erickson was co-pilot of a B17 flying with the 99th Bomb Group out of Italy when he was shot down over Germany on February 22, 1944. He was imprisoned in Stalag Luft I, North 1 until May 24, 1945. He is still living. Thanks to you for your web site. I feel these men deserve so much attention and appreciation.

Name: Jolynn Kottke
Hometown: Garberville,Ca
Name of POW: Norman Kottke
Sent: 9.43 PM - 4/17 2002

Noman Kottke was my UNCLE, He told us he had to eat WORMS when he was a prisoner! It was very inspiring to hear the complete tale and see his handsome photo. He was a great guy, very funny and kind.

Name: virginia buchanan
POW Camp: Japan
Name of POW: Knox Buchanan
Postal Street Address: 7020 warm springs ave
City, State, Zip: boise, idaho
Sent: 5.38 PM - 4/17 2002

Knox pased away 11 years ago of service related problems. Does anyone have the address for the compensation for pows pertaining to lost pay during those years? I applied for it , have heard nothing since Novemeber of last year. Do not have the address or phone number to inquire.

Name: Marcia Westerfield Willis
Hometown: Biloxi, Mississippi
POW Camp: Stalag Luft 1
Name of POW: Henry Bertrand Westerfield, Jr.
Postal Street Address: 3131 W. Hidden Gates Dr.
City, State, Zip: Baton Rouge, LA
Sent: 1.33 PM - 4/17 2002

My father, Henry Bertrand Westerfield, Jr. was in North 1, Barracks 9, Room 12. He died when I was just 6 years old. He was a bombardier on "Crew Chief" a B-24 shot down Nov. 13, 1943. He was stationed in Wentling, England. I am interested in contacting anyone who knew him during the war, in the POW camp, or after the war before I was born.

Thanks- Marcia


Name: Robert N. Young
Sent: 11.19 AM - 4/17 2002

Your site was very interesting and enjoyable. My interest in coming to the site was that I landed in Le Havre on 8 May 1945 on the USS Hermitage, the ship which carried your servicemen back to the states. I was an 18 year old private and very glad to see that the war had ended by the time I arrived.

Thanks for the interesting material.

Robert N. Young

Name: Mary (BELLEVILLE) Pfiefer
Hometown: I live in Sacramento, CA
POW Camp: Stalag Luft IV
Name of POW: Sgt. George A. Belleville (Deceased)
Postal Street Address: 711 Flint Way
City, State, Zip: Sacramento, CA 95818
Sent: 8.15 PM - 4/15 2002

I am looking for any roommates of my brother, George A. Belleville, who died March 7, 2002. I am putting together a booklet of his experiences with the 96th BG, of being shot down on May 31, 1944, over the target, RR marshaling yards at Dortmund in the Ruhr Valley, just after dropping bombs and returning from target to rally point. He was tail gunner in brand new B-17, No. 42-107104, and had written for me, some years ago, his experiences on that date. He did not write of his experiences inside the camp, where he was lnterned for 13 mo. but he did tell us of a few. I would like to know of any other POWs he may have known in camp. He was also on the long Death March after the war was over.
Thanks a lot! The postal address is mine. He lived in Knoxville, TN for some years after WWII.

Name: Tom McNamara
Hometown: Apple Valley
POW Camp: Stalag Luft IV
Name of POW: John ( Jack) H. McNamara
Postal Street Address: 13041 Herald Circle
City, State, Zip: Apple Valley MN. 55124
Sent: 5.30 PM - 4/15 2002

Dear Sir,

My father was on the same March during that terrible winter and his story is very similiar to yours, and I thought you would like hearing what happened.

My Dad received a pair of socks from a man who he later found out was from the same town, Duluth Minnesota. He lost tract of the man after the war because he never returned to his home town. At a reunion # 50 this man returned to his school for the reunion, my Dad found out that he was coming home and
went to his reunion party..walked up...and handed this man a present. The man looked at my Dad in a very strange way as he was opening my Dads gift. My dad had bought him the ugliest pair of multi-color knee high socks that I had ever seen. My Dad then introduced him self to the man saying " I always pay back what is borrowed to me" explaining the Dad and this man both cried in front of the whole class reunion!

I would love to talk to you more about the March, my Dad never talked much about his time in Luft IV only saying he always was looking for food.

Please e-mail me, if you get this message!

My Dad passed 16 years ago, and I am doing research to learn more about his war time events.

He was a member of 858 BG in Cheddington and flew night mission single bomber raid on special targets, and flew leaflet mission at night and was shot down over Holland on July 6th, 1944, B-17 # 42-39811.

I look forward to hearing from you!


Tom McNamara
651-456-0003 work
952-431=3041 home
651-308-1990 cell

Name: N.L. Strickbine
POW Camp: Stalag Luft 1
Name of POW: Lt. Elmond H. Strickbine
Postal Street Address: R. R. 2 - Box 2191
City, State, Zip: Thayer, MO. -65791-
Sent: 4.55 PM - 4/15 2002

I am looking for anyone who may have known my brother.
He was a bombardier with the 389th BG and shot down on
December 1, 1943. He was also a member of the POW
Field Force that took command of the camp before the
Russians got there. I am looking for personal stories
for background on a family history of my brother. His
first mission was Ploesti on August 1, 1943 and shot down on 8th mission over Germany. Any help will be deeply appreciated.
Norm Strickbine

Name: Larry Autrey
POW Camp: Stalag Luft I
Name of POW: A.L.Autrey
Postal Street Address: 2281 W. 24th St. ,#53
City, State, Zip: Yuma, AZ 85364
Sent: 12.28 AM - 4/15 2002

Great site, thanks for giving me a glimpse at my dad's past.

Larry Autrey

Name: Susan DeRaimo Cox
POW Camp: Stalag Luft 1
Name of POW: Okey DeRaimo
City, State, Zip: Paris, TN 38242
Sent: 10.10 PM - 4/13 2002

I just came across this site and discovered my uncles name. He was a Bombardier. This web site is great for anyone doing research. I have enjoyed reading about some of the other prisoners of war.

Name: James (Jim) McQueen
POW Camp: Stalag V111B (344)
Name of POW: Jim McQueen No.25680 Stalag111B
Postal Street Address: 86B Ladies Mile
Sent: 9.36 PM - 4/13 2002

Compared with Luft 1, we at V111B were a relatively small group held in the middle of a large army camp. R.N.Z.A.F. No 404466 - 75 NZ Sqdn (a very short term thing) WOP. Wellington B.J. 767 shot down 11/08/42. would like to hear from Harry Whelan or Brad Braddock ex V111B.What an interesting site.

Name: Jeff Hall
Name of POW: Fred Coulter
Sent: 7.37 PM - 4/13 2002

Looking for information on my Uncle, Fred Coulter ,Fred was a member of 92nd B.G. 327 squadron.

Name: Randy Anderson
Hometown: Worcester, MA
POW Camp: Stalag Luft 1
Postal Street Address: 33 Old Colony Dr
City, State, Zip: Westboro, MA 01581
Sent: 6.56 PM - 4/13 2002

Hi Mary,

My son showed me some of your web site. I enjoyed it very much!

I received your letter and will send you more pictures as soon as I can.

Talk to you soon,


Name: Elaine DeVore
POW Camp: Stalag luft North 3
Name of POW: Robert T. Brady, POW #4323
City, State, Zip: Salem, Oregon
Sent: 4.24 PM - 4/13 2002

My Late husband was in North 3 from October 44 to May 45. He was only 18 at the time. He very seldom talked about his experience other than the hunger and cold. I have a hat he made from unraveling part of his blanket and some how knitted. He also insisted that we have enough food in the house at all times. He would by canned goods by the case just in case.
I have enjoyed reading the information on this page. This is history and should be passed on.

Name: Katherine Garlington
Hometown: Savannah,GA
POW Camp: Stalag III
Name of POW: Henry F. Garlington
Postal Street Address: P.O. Box 2312
City, State, Zip: Tybee Island, GA 31328
Sent: 11.33 AM - 4/13 2002

My father is 80 years old and in good health. He was in Stalag III 1944-45 in the Central Camp, Barricks #44. We are loooking for others who may have been there and known my Dad.

Name: arthur a, pinzke
POW Camp: stalag 1 north compound bar 2
Name of POW: arthur pinzke
Postal Street Address: 675 pearson st. #709
City, State, Zip: des plaines, ill.
Sent: 7.19 PM - 4/12 2002

have just started using computers so i will be very slow in any replies, sorry.

Name: Harrison W. Roach
POW Camp: Stalag #1
Sent: 2.18 PM - 4/12 2002

I have found some of the names of the people that were in the same room as I was. I hope that this helps. Block 301 compound #3 Room 10. I hope that the spelling of the name is close as the ink in my book has lightened over the years.

1 E.C. Thompson Jr. Shaeveport, La.
2 H. S. Derr Jr. Williamsport , Pa
3 Mel L. Strewe San Antonio Tex.
4 Warren Anderson, Orlando Florida
5 Edward G. anderman , Westwego La.
6 Harald F. Uebel, St Louis Mo.
7. Carl Gartz, Mich.
8 Dale T. Westell, Pocahontas, La
9 C. C. White Fairmont, W.Va

This is all I can read I hope that this helps

Harrison W. Roach

Name: Fred Heathfield
Hometown: Farndon,
POW Camp: Stalag IV-B
Name of POW: Fred Heathfield
Postal Street Address: Egerton, Churton Road, Farndon
City, State, Zip: Chester. CH3 6QP U.K.
Sent: 11.53 AM - 4/12 2002

I am researching F/Sgt J. W. ["Snowshoes"] Meyers, RCAF no R59567, who was The Man of Confidence in Stalag IV-b at Muhlberg on Elbe. He had previously been in Stalag Luft 3 and Luft 6. After the war he was commissioned as P.O. Jaques W Meyers {J96537}.
I have the DHist card for his award of the Member of the Order of the British Empire. [MBE].
In several elections he was elected to M.of C. by all the Allied i.e, British, Commonwealth, and American forces in the camp. The Airmen were in a minority of about 1,000 compared with Army Senior NCOs of about 9,000, but Snowshoes was always re-elected.
In January 1946 he was listed as Flight Lieutenant.
I believe he was born in Chicago, but gave his home as Winnipeg when he enlisted in 1940.
Any help or information would be appreciated.
Fred Heathfield. 222714 Stalag IV-B.

Name: Stanley M. Birnbaum
Hometown: Kettering
POW Camp: Stalag Luft 1
Name of POW: Stan Birnbaum
Postal Street Address: 4517 Drayton Court
City, State, Zip: Kettering, Ohio 45440
Sent: 10.37 AM - 4/12 2002

This is just fantastic to be able to relive a bit of the past. I and my roommates of the South Compound, Barracks 14, Room 12 have been meeting annually for the last 20 years and the attachment and friendships will and has lasted a lifetime. I note that none of my roommates are aware of all the information available thru these POW internet sites and am taking action to remedy that. Stan B.

Name: John Sciara
Hometown: Palm Harbor Florida
Name of POW: Sgt. Charles J. Sciara
Sent: 5.50 PM - 4/11 2002

My brother Sgt. Charles Sciara US Marine, was taken prisoner by the Japanese on Jan.14 1944 and placed in a prison camp somewhere in Rabaul ,New Britain. He died 14 Jan,1944 . Anyone who may of known Charlie, I would greatly appreciate hearing from. Thank You

Name: Cliff Speare
Name of POW: Clifford Speare
Sent: 9.54 PM - 4/10 2002

I liked your web site. I am looking for my fathers 96th Bomb Group 413th Bomb Squadron information. He was shot down and became a POW for 14 Months. Flew Top Turret Gunner. Thank you for the opportunity to visit with you. Cliff

Name: David Wayne McManamay
Name of POW: Charles L. McManamay
Postal Street Address: 2710 Hilliard Road Apartment #3
City, State, Zip: Richmond, Virginia 23228
Sent: 5.24 PM - 4/9 2002

I am the son of Charles L. McManamay my father was in the Army he grew up in Warm Springs, Virginia. He volunteered to enter into the Army. He was in France in 1944. Very much interested in knowing about others that have gone through the same things. Charles L. McManamay is buried in Chattanooga, TN.

Name: Carolina Reynolds
Hometown: morongo valley
Name of POW: Frank C. Garza
Postal Street Address: 10075 sams trail
City, State, Zip: morongo valley ca. 92256
Sent: 4.55 PM - 4/9 2002

i am interested in finding out anything that i can about my grandfather, Frank Garza, who spent 18 months in a German pow camp somewhere in Poland 1941 thank you

Name: Nancy Wilson (daughter)
Hometown: Ironwood, Michigan (Robert Peterson)
POW Camp: Stalag Luft 1, South Compound, Barracks 1, Room 10
Name of POW: Lt. Robert J. Peterson
Postal Street Address: 44276 US Highway 41
City, State, Zip: Chassell, MI 49916
Sent: 9.07 PM - 4/8 2002

Correction of my message dated 4/7/02

Your site is very informative. I visit it often to see what is new. I am in the process of collecting the names of my father's roommates in the South Compound, Barracks 1, Room 10. In honor of "Former POW Recognition Day" on April 9th, I have located my father's bunkmate, Don Bruton, and they plan to talk live on that day. Keep up the marvelous work you do honoring this greatest generation.

Name: Charlene McClaran
Hometown: Maryville
Name of POW: Sam Webster
City, State, Zip: Tennessee
Sent: 7.16 PM - 4/8 2002

Enjoyed the article. Step-daughter of Sam Webster.

Hometown: Howard N. Hartman
POW Camp: 717 Maiden Choice Lane, ST105
Name of POW: Catonsville, Md. 21228
Sent: 11.35 AM - 4/8 2002

I think this is a great way to try to locate former roommates. Someone, Mary Smith< is doing a great deal of work for us. Thanks to Mary for all her efforts.

Name: Nancy Wilson
Hometown: Troy, MI
POW Camp: Stalag Luft 1, West Compound, Barracks 1, Room 10
Name of POW: Lt Robert J. Peterson
Sent: 10.40 PM - 4/7 2002

Your site is very informative. I visit it often to see what is new. I am in the process of collecting the names of my father's roommates in the West Compound, Barracks 1, Room 10. In honor of "Former POW Recognition Day" on April 9th, I have located my father's bunkmate, Don Bruton, and they plan to talk live on that day. Keep up the marvelous work you do honoring this greatest generation.

Name: Kaci Morrell
Hometown: Solvang
POW Camp: Stalag Luft I, North Compound
Name of POW: Raymond Paaske
Postal Street Address: PO Box 565
City, State, Zip: Los Olivos, California, 93441
Sent: 4.44 PM - 4/7 2002

Researching for a senior project. I am focusing my research on a book that my grandpa won at the camp.

Name: Hartmut Schlottke
Hometown: Weyhe
Postal Street Address: Achtern Busch 13
City, State, Zip: 28844 Weyhe, Germany,
Sent: 2.36 PM - 4/7 2002

In 1943/45 I lived in Schöneberg/Danzig, Eastern Germany. On my Grandfathers Farm lived 10 british POW`s, the name of one of them was Erik Nolan, another one was called Speedy and the last name I remember is Donald. Mother, Grandparents an Children leaved with Treckwagen and 2 horses on January, 24th. The POW´s left Schöneberg on the eastern side of Weichselriver, reached Praust, came with about 2000 POW to Stutthof and should have leaved Stutthof by ship. That is the story, I can tell. Now I want to know, if there are any informations about the POW´s from that Eastern Part of Germany. Have they reached Denmark or Sweden or perhaps a harbour in Germany.
Many sincerely regards from
Hartmut Schlottke

Name: Morton Levine
Hometown: Leominster MA
POW Camp: Stalag Luft !
Name of POW: Myself
Postal Street Address: 4840 Cherry Laurel lane
City, State, Zip: Delray Beach, FL 33445
Sent: 6.07 PM - 4/6 2002

I think that I was in Barracks #5 but am not sure.
I will try to look up names of others in my room and will e-mail you later

Name: Jesse F Watkins
Hometown: Pine Cove, CA
POW Camp: Stalag Luft 1
Name of POW: myself (I'm a 76 year old youngster)
Postal Street Address: P.O. Box 2429
City, State, Zip: Pine Cove, CA 92549
Sent: 3.39 PM - 4/6 2002

Anyone know me? After 50+ years I am now talking about the war and POW experiences. I was in the 789th Bomb Squadron, 467th Bomb Group. I was a gunner on a B-24 and the plane was shot down 3/18/45 over Berlin. I was captured, escaped and captured again. I received many metals. Would love to hear from you!!

Name: Marjorie Ballard
Hometown: O'Fallon Il
POW Camp: Stalag 4 and 1
Name of POW: Norris Lloyd Ballard
Postal Street Address: 702 W Washington St
City, State, Zip: O'Fallon, Il 62269
Sent: 2.36 PM - 4/6 2002

We met & married after the war in 1949. He was a gunner radio operator on the B-17, shot down Nov l944, at Ludwigshaven Germany. Norris was in the 8 th airforce stationed in England. The name of the plane was The Characters. Norris died Oct. 14 2000 and is buried at Jefferson Barracks National Cemetary St Louis Mo.

Name: Paul C. Andersen
Hometown: Redfield, SD
POW Camp: Stalag Luft 1
Postal Street Address: 7008 Whispering Creek
City, State, Zip: Austin TX 78736
Sent: 10.34 PM - 4/5 2002

Postal Street Address: 616 WEAVER ST.
City, State, Zip: DARLINGTON, S. C. 29532
Sent: 8.35 PM - 4/5 2002

Name: Bob Lowry
Name of POW: SSgt Basil F. Lowry
Postal Street Address: 101 Lavender Lane
City, State, Zip: Starkvile MS 39759
Sent: 5.31 PM - 4/5 2002

My father SSgt Basil F Lowry, 369BS/306BG was on THE DannYankee shot down 8 July 44 near Cann Fr. I have to check records but think he was in Stalag Luft 7. finally escaping on Polish border April 45 He passed away Sept 75. I'm his son USAF 72'78.

Name: Claire McGee Rohde
Hometown: Navasota, TX
Name of POW: Richard Ketchum
Postal Street Address: 600 Travis, Suite 6400
City, State, Zip: Houston, TX 77002
Sent: 3.15 PM - 4/5 2002

My dashingly handsome second cousin, my mother's first cousin, Richard Ketchum, from San Saba, TX, who is now deceased, never would talk about his experience as a POW in Germany. Finding this site has meant the world to me and I will forward it to his widow and other family members as soon as possible. I think I can locate her current address in Louisiana. He lived in New Orleans. His mother, my Aunt Mary Leigh Ketchum, the last time I heard, was still alive and in a nursing home in DeQuincy, Louisiana, very old now. His brother Floyd Ketchum also lives in DeQuincy. This is just a wonderful site. I ran a Google search on Charles Ketchum and found your site. I never knew which camp Richard was in. But how many Dick Ketchums from San Saba, Tx, can there BE!! It is a small town, and was even smaller then. Sincerely, Claire Rohde

Name: Melba (Schmidt) Hixon
Hometown: Sullivan, Mo.
POW Camp: Stalag Luft 1
Name of POW: Lt. John J. Daly
Postal Street Address: 560 Leff St.
City, State, Zip: San Luis Obispo, CA. 93401
Sent: 3.23 AM - 4/5 2002

Please contact me if you have any knowledge or history of Lt. John J. Daly, 401st BG, 614th Sq. POW Stalag Luft 1

Name: Shirley Wilson
Hometown: Vancouver, B.C., Canada
POW Camp: Stalag Luft 3
Name of POW: William (Bill) Alexander Wilson
Postal Street Address: 4278 West 11th Avenue
City, State, Zip: Vancouver, B.C.,Canada V6R 2L7
Sent: 12.13 AM - 4/5 2002

Excellent site. My father Bill Wilson (427 Lion Squadron) was a pow at Sagan, Stalag Luft 3. Would love to hear from anyone who knew him, or members of his crew.

Name: Ed Harms
POW Camp: Stalag IVB, Stalag IIIB
Name of POW: Corporal Orval Edwin Ericson
Postal Street Address: HC 85, Box 182
City, State, Zip: Bridgeport, NE 69336
Sent: 11.36 PM - 4/3 2002

I am doing research for my Mother as this was her brother. We are interested in locations of the above camps. I have Orvals SS# as well as his POW #. My mother would appreciate any free help. We have several post cards from Orval which are interesting to read.

Name: Ed DE Mott
POW Camp: Luft Stalag IV
Name of POW: George M. De Mott
Sent: 10.40 PM - 4/3 2002

My father's B-17 was shot down in August 1944.He was imprisoned at Luft IV and was one of the many unfortunate prisoners who suffered on the death march at the hands of the Germans. Are you ready for this? His nick name was TEX! I wonder if he is the one you are asking about. In any case, sadly,I tell you now he passed away on Memorial Day of last year (2001).I wish I could be of more help.
Good luck in your search and God Bless America and all her veterans

Name: Sue Sutherland Hack
Hometown: Frankfort Indiana
POW Camp: Stalag 2B
Name of POW: William Sutherland Jr.
Postal Street Address: 3739 N. Hamilton Road
City, State, Zip: Mulberry, IN 46058
Sent: 12.38 PM - 4/3 2002

On my first entry I typed in the wrong city for my mailing address. This has the corrected one.

Name: Sue Sutherland Hack
Hometown: Mulberry, Indiana
POW Camp: stalag 2B
Name of POW: William Sutherland Jr.
Postal Street Address: 3739 N. Hamilton Road
City, State, Zip: Frankfort, IN 46058
Sent: 12.21 PM - 4/3 2002

This is a wonderful web site, thank you for sharing this with everyone interested. My dad William Sutherland Jr. was a POW. He was captured in Italy and was confined at Stalag 2B from 1943 to October or November 1945. At the time of capture he was with Co. H, 143 Infantry 36 Division. If anyone remembers him please contact me. Many thanks, and God Bless All.

Name: Kay Peacock Steinfeld
Hometown: Fremont, North Carolina
POW Camp: Stalag Luft One, South
Name of POW: Lt. James E. Peacock
Postal Street Address: 138 Charles St.
City, State, Zip: Annapolis, Md. 21401
Sent: 10.16 AM - 4/3 2002

Dad was always so grateful to be home and so positive about all he had. I now have all of his letters from his service training and his POW correspondence. Unfortunately, Dad died in 1987. I would love to hear from anyone in South, Barracks 3, Rm. 10 who knew him.

Name: Joe McClaran
Hometown: Maryville
Postal Street Address: 1307 Goldleaf St.
City, State, Zip: Maryville, Tennessee, 37801
Sent: 9.16 PM - 4/2 2002

I am the grandson of Sam Webster. I am privileged to be related to a POW.

Name: Martin Purcell
POW Camp: Stammlager XXA
Name of POW: Hanly
City, State, Zip: Ireland
Sent: 4.34 PM - 4/2 2002

I have been trying to trace my grangfathers time in POW camp from 1940 to 1945 (he was captured in Dunkirk)
I have many photos take in the camps and it is from them that i get the name stammlagar if it means anything

Name: Margaret Phillips
Hometown: Kanosh, Utah 84637
POW Camp: Stalag Luft 1
Name of POW: Farrell R Erickson
Postal Street Address: 479 West Heritage Dr.
City, State, Zip: St. George, Utah 84770
Sent: 11.10 AM - 4/2 2002

My father, Farrell R. Erickson was a POW at Stalag Luft 1 but his name is not listed on your roster. I was wondering what information you would need to add his name. Thank you for this Web Site. It means so much to me to find out more about my dad.

Name: Gary Koch
Hometown: Aurora, CO
POW Camp: Stalag Luft I, North Compound
Name of POW: Donald Koch, Lt, USAAF
Postal Street Address: 1573 South Dearborn St
City, State, Zip: Aurora, CO 80012
Sent: 10.33 PM - 4/1 2002

Wow! It's amazing what you find while surfing. My father, Don Koch, was a guest at Barth from Sept 44 to May 45. He flew P-38's with the 428th FS, 474th FG and was shot down near Beauvais, France on 25 Aug 44. He and my mom are retired and living in Lake Havasu City, AZ. He has told me many stories of his stay as a guest of the Germans. I will be sure and tell him about this site!

Name: George A. Parrish
Postal Street Address: 1805 Brown Ave.
City, State, Zip: Burlington, N.C. 27215
Sent: 7.10 PM - 4/1 2002

I was not a POW, however I was a flight crew member (Flight Engineer) on a B-17,WWII over Germany flying 31 missions to complete my tour from 1943 & 1944.
I read your message with interest, and hope you learn more of your Father's experiences while on his combat tour. Since I was with the 91st Bomb Group, 8th Air Force I would not have known him. Best to you in your search for more information. George

Name: Lovick C. Miller
Hometown: Pittsboro, NC 27312
POW Camp: Stalag Luft I
Name of POW: Lovick C. Miller
Postal Street Address: 1027 Fearrington Post
City, State, Zip: Pittsboro, NC 27312
Sent: 3.59 PM - 4/1 2002

Wish to learn information about operations of the 351st BG, 511th Sq,8th AF, Sept.9,10,12 1944. We were shot down somewhere north of Berlin. Would like better idea as to where and # planes lost from our group in that action. Thanks for any info or how to acquire it.

Name: Lt. John Virgil Colson
POW Camp: Stalag Luft I
Name of POW: John V. Colson
Postal Street Address: 911 mallet Hill Rd. Appt. 1607
City, State, Zip: Columbia, SC 29233-4417
Sent: 1.45 PM - 4/1 2002

I arrived there in Jan., 1945, and was placed in North III compound. I did not know Mr. Williams.

Name: amanda
POW Camp: stalag Luft1
Name of POW: Francis Rogers
Postal Street Address: 7425 carrousel
City, State, Zip: westland mi 48185
Sent: 1.42 PM - 4/1 2002

Former POW, 16 months, pilot b-24,italy based, shot down over Regensburg Germany feb.25.1944. Escaped along with a English POW of five years, ended up in England after an interesting journey of three weeks. I cannot recall the barracks # i was in. To this day i don't recall the name of my buddy that traveled with me, and it seems to bother me. Good luck to everyone!!!

Name: Eugene C. Saur
Hometown: Clinton. Iowa
POW Camp: Stalag Luft One
Name of POW: Lt. Eugene C. Saur
Postal Street Address: 2001 Wedge Court
City, State, Zip: Sun City Center, FL. 33573
Sent: 11.56 AM - 4/1 2002

I was very pleased to find this web site. My pilot, Lt. Edward J. Hennegan, and I have been trying to find members of our crew with limited success. If anyone who flew on our plane, Baby Butch, could get in touch with us we would appreciate it very much.

Ed Hennegan lives in Fort Walton Beach, FL. My phone number is (813)633-1175 Thank You, Gene Saur




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