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Guestbook Entries - 4th Quarter - 2001
 10/1/01 thru 12/31/01

Highlighted Entries are those left by POWs or their next of kin.

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Name: Mary Suominen
POW Camp: Stalag 2B
Sent: 10.24 AM - 12/31 2001

Very interesting. My husband Ed Suominen was a POW for 2 years in Stalag 2B. He escaped twice. The first time from the death march. He and four others escaped through the forest and ended up walking into a concentration camp. A British Sgt. helped Ed and one other to escape from there. My book "Twice to Freedom" tells it all.
So I appreciated your website very much.

Name: kay peacock-steinfeld
Hometown: fremont north carolina
POW Camp: stalag luft 1
Sent: 8.57 PM - 12/30 2001

my father was captain James E. Peacock, he was in stalag luft 1 for approximatly 18 months, 44-45

Name: Ken Lamb
POW Camp: Outskirts of Berlin
Sent: 6.31 PM - 12/30 2001

This inquiry is for my niece. Her Dad was Peter Kelava, captured in Italy. Sent thru the Brenner pass to Austria for 3 months, then transferred to a train station on outskirts of Berlin. Enlisted man in Army. Total of 7 months as POW till end of war. Anyone remember him? Please e-mail
 PS, Peter was from West Olive, MI.

Name: Helen Woodward
Hometown: Sydney New South Wales Australia
POW Camp: not sure
Sent: 3.42 AM - 12/30 2001

One of my uncles who flew bombers during WW11 (fm UK) either crashed or was shot down over Belgium. His name was Jack Bridekirk, navigator was Terry Glasheen - if anyone can "shed some light" on either of these Australians (or any others of interest) wld appreciate hearing from you. Here's to a saner, healthier new year 2002!!

Name: Jennifer Hardaker
Hometown: Toronto, Canada
POW Camp: Stalag Luft 3
Sent: 4.53 PM - 12/29 2001

My Dad was prisoner of war from July 1942 until the end of the war. He was with the Fleet Air Arm (British Navy). Most of his life and ours was molded by his experiences during those three years although I wasn't born until 1946. My Mom would like to know if there are any survivors who knew him or anyone who can help us remember the name of his squadron. We would appreciate any help given.
Thanks, and God bless all like him who helped to keep us free!

Name: Thomas John Brown
Hometown: Kennesaw, GA
Sent: 3.15 PM - 12/28 2001

Update: I served as an Army civilian at 4th Trans HQ, (Dulag Luft), Oberursel from 1982 to 1987. Oberursel is a beautiful, thriving village today. The swastikas carved into the support beams of the Officers Club were still visible in 1987. I understand the bartender who served the German officers performed the same function during my tour in the 80s. The entrance to the interrogation cells led to our mail room in the '80s, the upper level was a four-lane bowling alley. The Master Interrogator is an excellent book, I recommend it without reservation. Sometime around 1986 there was a reunion at Dulag Luft (Auswertstelle West -- then Camp King) with the senior American prisoner and ranking German officer in attendance. I understand they later met at the home of John Lau in Schmitten. John, since deceased, managed the Stars and Stripes bookstore at Camp King. I knew the librarian there quite well. There was a black binder with much of the information contained in this web site that was quite interesting. Sometime, in the early 90s, Camp King was on the BRAC list and the Americans returned the property to the German government. My latest memories are of the property being used as a waystation or home for refugees. The property is no longer maintained -- in the formal sense of the word. Two other points of interest: 1) Scharff was able to identify the squadron, wing, and base of many of the Allied air crew based upon his study of the photos carried by our captured men -- they all wore the same necktie and had similar backgrounds in the squadron photos, and 2) I understand the picturesque buildings on the grounds were disassembled and reassembled on the premises for a scaled-down City (World) Fair sometime during the 1930s. I hope this helps. Oberursel is a beautiful city and I enjoyed my time serving the U.S. Army there during the early to mid 80s.

Name: Burl Page
Hometown: Henryetta, ok
POW Camp: stalag 13
Sent: 1.11 PM - 12/28 2001

I just wanted put my Dad's name on your website. He was captured February 1943 and liberated may 1945. I really don't know about him as he died from injuries of an auto accident November 27, 1959. So if anyone knew him please write Stanley Page Rt.1 Box 65B3 Weleetka' Okla. 74880 , Thank You


Name: Stephen D. Robinson
Hometown: Largo, Florida
POW Camp: This is unknown to me.
Sent: 5.12 PM - 12/27 2001

I am trying to find the German prison camp name/location of my uncle "Jack" John Robinson of the 106th Division, 422nd Regiment "Battle of the Bulge." Jack Robinson died from exposure and starvation while in a German POW camp on March 15, 1945 and shared a "common grave" at the prison with a fellow American GI from New Jersey. I am attemting to find the prison camp or camps/stalags he was held in between December 21, 1944 and March 15, 1945. Does anyone remember Jack John Robinson of Lakeland, Florida? He was about 6'6" tall brown hair and was naturally slender and left handed. He served as a sniper in the 422nd at the Battle of the Bulge. Nearly all of his 422nd Regiment was captured about 4:30pm on the 19th of December 1944. He received advanced combat training at Camp Atterberry in Columbus, Indiana. Thanking you in advance for any help you could provide.
Stephen Douglas Robinson

Name: paul cairns
Hometown: Canberra, A.C.T., Australia
Sent: 12.28 AM - 12/27 2001

I was trying to locate info. regarding my grandfather John Cairns (Northern Ireland -Irish Artillery) who fought at Tobruk and was captured. Sent by the Germans to the Italian POW camps but escaped 3 times, before being sent to Germany where he never escaped. (they treated him pretty badly) I never met him but he is revered by all older members of our family. I had hoped for more info. on German POW camps, not just Salag Luft 1. Anyway guys, I feel humbled by your work and your search for that last clue. I wish you luck......God Bless....Paul

Name: Wrenita Smithson Abbott
Hometown: Springdale, AR
POW Camp: Stalag III B
Sent: 10.00 PM - 12/26 2001

My father's name is Homer J. "Smitty" Smithson. He was in the 337th Infantry Regt., 1st Battalion, 85th Division. He was POW at Stalag III B. If anyone remembers him, we would love to hear from you.

Name: Norman Kottke
Hometown: Stewart, Minnesota
POW Camp: Stalag Luft ONe
Sent: 5.45 PM - 12/26 2001

Norman Kottke was my beloved Uncle. Seeing this makes me cry, as he survived all of this and was always such a happy person and had a twinkle in his eye. When he walked into a room, you knew he was someone special and he always made me feel happy just being around him. I never got to talk to him about the war and his experiences being a POW. Unfortuntately about the time in my life that I would have developed the curiosity and maturity to discuss this, he died and we all lost him again. So, dear Uncle Norman, I think that you will get this message too...know that you are missed, that I remember how great of a person you are. You took me on my first every plane flight, and you always made me feel special. I hope that you are flying free and want you to know that I have a husband that shares your name, and a beautiful little boy that you would love to hold because you were always holding a baby in your arms. Love to you always, Cheryl (Bulau) Kruse

Wrenita Abbott
Hometown: Springdale, AR
Sent: 12.05 AM - 12/26 2001

My father was a WWII POW in Germany. Dad cannot remember very much at all about his prison days. He says he wanted to forget it all when he got back home. He now wishes he could remember more. His name is Homer J. Smithson. He is now 82 years old.

Mike Bennet
Hometown: Monroe Township, NJ
POW Camp: Stalag IX-C and 2 others
Sent: 3.08 PM - 12/24 2001

Your web site is just great. Dad, Doug Bennet, was shot and captured December 10, 1944 with Captain Zaiser. Co A 22nd FA 4th Armored Div. Stalag IX-C was one of the POW Camps he was in. If anyone knows of my Dad or any info I would be very appreciative of it. Mike Bennet

Name: Mike Bennet
Hometown: Monroe Township, NJ
POW Camp: Stalag IX-C and 2 others
Sent: 2.46 PM - 12/24 2001

My Father died in 1996 and he is buried in Arlington National Cemetery, VA. He was in Company A 22nd Field Artillery 4th Armored Division. According to his records he was taken Prisoner December 15, 1944 but I have a newspaper clipping from a local newspaper saying that he was MIA on the 10 of November 1944.

colleen overson
Hometown: Gaylord, Minnesota
POW Camp: Stalag Luft one
Sent: 11.41 PM - 12/23 2001

Norman Kottke was my uncle, shot down nov, 26th 1944. He spoke very little of his experiences, and as a young lady i did not have the where-with-all to talk to him. He was an awesome uncle, and seeing and reading more of what he went through moves my heart to no end. Thank you! (398th BG 600th SQ)

Name: Gerald "Fearless" Foretich
Hometown: Gulfport, Mississippi
POW Camp: Stalag Luft 1 North, Barth, Germany
Sent: 9.21 PM - 12/23 2001

I arrived in Luft 1 in February 1945, B17 Radio Operator, 8th Air Force. I reside in Meridian, Mississippi. December 23, 2001.

Name: Albert D Byrne
Hometown: Indianapolis, Ind. 46226
POW Camp: Stalag Luft 1 Barth, Germany
Sent: 3.36 PM - 12/22 2001

Was in the south compound, block 2, room 11
Flew in the 2nd Bomb Group, 96th Squadron. Shot down 24 Feb 1944 at Steyr, Austria

Name:  Calvin J. Hockley   - Staff Sargent
Hometown: Corpus Christi, TX 78412
POW Camp: Stalag Luft 1, Barth, Germany
Sent: 9.53 PM - 12/21 2001

I was with the 381th BG 535th SGD out of Ridgewell on my 25th mission and shot down for the second time at the Bremen sub pens on March 30, 1945. Aircraft's name was "In Like Errol". I was 19 years old and a ball turret gunner. I arrived at Stag Luft 1 about ten days after being shot down but don't recall much of that time as my buddies tell me because I hit my head badly when I bailed out and didn't know what I was doing part of the time during the trip to the Stalag Luft 1.
I belong to the 381st BG Memorial Association which meets once a year at a large reunion. If anyone remembers the details of the March the 30th mission at Bremen I'd be glad to hear from them. I have contacted all of the crew I flew with that day with the exception of Flt. Off. Paul T. Cawley, Ser. No. T-129489. If anyone has any knowledge of Paul, please contact me through my E-mail address above.

Name: Dominique Bovio
Hometown: Paris (France)
POW Camp: Barth Concentration camp
Sent: 8.25 PM - 12/20 2001

My father - a Frenchman -spent "some times" in Barth's concentration camp after a stay in Buchenwald, and has been delivered by the Russian Army. I decided him for the first time in 1995 to speak about what he went through during these 2 years and a half and we are now writing a book together about his story and adventures. Browsing on the internet, I found your website: impressive. Thank you. beyond what the POW suffered I am looking for any documents related to the concentration camp at Barth and specially pictures and is some exist, i am interested to know how to get copies (print or internet/jpeg) to illustrate the above mentioned book of I will print in a issues to be given to the museum of Holocaust in Washington which helped me a lot two years ago to find listing of transported people, to the French Association of Deported people, to members of my family and other who could be interested by this little slice of history. In advance, thank you

Name: Marion Barrett
POW Camp: Stalag Luft 1
Sent: 2.36 PM - 12/20 2001

My brother, Norris Lloyd Ballard, was a waist gunner and radio operator on a B17-F. His plane was shot down over Germany in November 1944 and was a prisoner at Stalag Luft 1 until the Russians liberated them. He subsequently enlisted in the Air Force and served in two more wars--Korea and Vietnam, plus other tours such as Haiti, the Dominican Republic,etc.

Norris passed away in October 2001 after a long battle with colon cancer. For years, he suffered from nightmares of his time at Stalag Luft 1, and it wasn't until just a few months before his death that he was able to openly speak of his experiences and finally free himself of the nightmares. I have a copy of a diary that he had kept during his internment in the camp. For some strange reason, the Germans returned this diarty to him, but not his clothing. In this diary he tells of being moved by railway to another camp when the allies started their really heavy bombing toward the end of the war.

I was just a baby when he entered the military, so much of his story was unknown to me until I recently read his diary.

Name: Gordon Eugene DeVault
Hometown: Lafayette, Indiana
POW Camp: Stalag Luft I
Sent: 11.01 PM - 12/19 2001

I am looking for information about my father Gordon DeVault. He was a pilot in the 418th Bomb Squadron, 100th Bomb Group. I would like to speak with anyone who knew him during this terrible time of his life that he kept so hidden from his family. Where was he based in England? Where was he flying missions? When was he shot down? I am anxious to know about him. Thank you to anyone who is able to respond. Ginger DeVault Gorham

Name: Richard A.Leonard
Hometown: Elida,Ohio,45807
POW Camp: Stalag Luft #4
Sent: 10.40 AM - 12/18 2001

On B-17s out of Fogia,Italy.97th Bomb Group.Taken prisoner on 10-23-44 in Germany. Looking for Stalag 4 information.

Name: Oscar A. Williamson "Lucky"
Hometown: Loxahatchee, FL
POW Camp: Stalag Luft I
Sent: 6.13 PM - 12/17 2001

I was shot down on my 25th mission over Nurenberg on Sept. 10, 1943; ended up at Barth "on the Baltic'. My last plane was "I'll Be Around II". Would like to contact anyone who was in POW camp with me.
I believe I was in North Compound but don't recall the building or room number.

Name: Robin Chapman Karman
Hometown: Jarrettsville, Maryland
Sent: 3.27 PM - 12/17 2001

My father was a prisoner at Stalag Luft 1 from, I believe July 1945 until the Russian troops liberated the camp in 1945. His name was Richard Chapman.

Carl A. Emerson
Hometown: Watertown, New York
Sent: 4.29 PM - 12/16 2001

I was not a prisoner....ever,...but I was a wounded Infantryman in the 86th Division....who has everlasting admiration for any and all GI's who participated in WWII!! I volunteered and thank God for the good fortune of coming home!!

Hometown: ROCHESTER, MINN. 55901
Sent: 8.27 PM - 12/15 2001


Name: charles ingram
Hometown: Pierce City , Mo.
POW Camp: Stalag Luft IV
Sent: 11.28 AM - 12/15 2001

my father was SSgt Norman W. Ingram, was shot down last flight in unnamed plane, was original crew member on Supersticious Aloyisius, was filling in for a sick crew member on the unnamed plane when shot down, was in Death march, if anybody out there remembers my father I would appreciate an E-mail, father is turning 90 this Dec. 24th, and I,m trying to gather info. for a scrapbook. Thank You Charles Ingram

Steve Marsh
Hometown: Oxford England
POW Camp: Stalag 20B
Sent: 5.22 AM - 12/14 2001

I have just discovered your site this morning, and I am moved, amazed and impressed at how much you have put into it.(I will be a regular visitor from now on) I am trying to track down the experiences of my father and uncle, and now have several leads from your site.
My dad fought with the Irish Guards in Norway 1939, then rearguard defence at Dunkirk in 1940, was wounded, captured and sent to a Stalag in Poland (I think it was XXB) His younger brother joined the Irish Guards as soon as he could, but was KIA two days before the German surrender in 1945, age 18. Dad was liberated by the Russians but couldn't get home till 1946 as far as I can tell.
Very few relatives remain to fill in the details, so any other threads like those on your site will be the only sources I have to take this further. Grateful thanks for all your hard work

Name: Jim Mankie
Hometown: Charlottesville, Va
POW Camp: Stalag Luft 1 North 4
Sent: 10.04 PM - 12/13 2001

The memories are very vivid.your website is terrific!!

Name: Chris P. Allison
Hometown: denver, co.
POW Camp: stalag luft 1
Sent: 3.45 PM - 12/13 2001

Name: Barbara Bowen
Hometown: Ithaca NY
Sent: 10.58 AM - 12/12 2001

My Dad, William Bowen, was a POW at this camp. He found this site and has been sending all his kids and grandchildren to visit it. Excellent job. I appreciate it very much.

Name: Simek Stan
Hometown: Slovakia, Europe
POW Camp: Stalag Luft I, North III Compound
Sent: 10.32 AM - 12/12 2001

Thanks for such a wide information. During WWII, an American pilot was shot down over my village Dojc, Slovakia, Europe at December 2nd, 1944. From eyewitness record I learned, Nazi guard captured him and escorted. In my 3 month search I have unveiled :
Cornelius P. Gould, Jr., Service No: T62306, Lt. P-51 pilot graduated Febr. 8th, 1944, Tuskegee Airmen.
From I found, Gould was prisoned in Stalag Luft I.
I would like to ask you for any information related to this pilot. Thanks in advance
Stan Simek

Name: James A. McIntosh
Hometown: North Vancouver BC Canada
POW Camp: Stalag Luft 1
Sent: 10.24 PM - 12/11 2001

Just came across your site and found it very interesting. I was imprisoned from March 1944 until released by the Russians. I was a Pilot Officer in the RCAF, 432 Sqdn flying our of Yorkshire England. Thanks for gathering your information

Name: John Potocki
Hometown: Chicago, Illinois
POW Camp: Stalag 12A
Sent: 8.44 PM - 12/10 2001

My father (Stanley J. Potocki) was in Stalag 12A in WWII. He gave us some stories of the camp.

Name: David Schmitzer
Hometown: Michign
Sent: 11.04 AM - 12/10 2001

What a tremendous site, just found you. My father-in-law, Al Sapak, was a "guest" from September 44 to the duration. He was a pilot of a 17 and was shot down, I believe, on his second mission over Magdeburg. Without you knowing me, or I knowing you, I have such high regards for what you all went through, to me you are all heros. Al is 80 now, doing very good. His family is proud of him, not "just" for what he did during the war, but for what he is and what he stands for. Would love to hear from anyone who knew him, he was with the 303rd. I think he keeps in contact with some of his friends. God Bless You All. Dave

Name: Lisa
Hometown: Nampa, Idaho
POW Camp: Stalag Luft 4
Sent: 7.26 PM - 12/9 2001

My grandfather was a prisoner at Stalag Luft 4. He and another man named William L. Altschaft escaped the death march 18 days before the war was over in Europe. I'm looking for any information on William L. Altschaft, or any information on the 91st general base hospital in Oxford, England where they ended up to recuperate. If anyone knows ANYTHING about this, would you please email me. My grandfather is dying of emphysema and time is running out. Thank you so much.

Name: James B Pittman, 34851793
Hometown: Sanford NC 27330
POW Camp: N/A
Sent: 11.01 PM - 12/8 2001

Was with 96th Bomb Gr. 338 Sq. Interesting report on "Silver Slipper." I was tail gunner on "Congo Babe." How do I get in touch with my Squadron?

Name: Fred W. Bryant
Hometown: Cedar Bluff, Al 35959
POW Camp: Stalag 17B
Sent: 10.39 PM - 12/7 2001


Name: David
Hometown: Saginaw
Sent: 12.29 PM - 12/7 2001

Just came across this website and am truly impressed. My father-in-law served in the 303rd, Al Sapak by name, was shot down sometime during September of 1944 on raids against Magdeburg (I believe Krupp Marshaling yards) and was a POW until end of hostilities. Al was a pilot of a B-17 on his second mission. He is in contact with some of his former mates, I believe. Unbelievable what all you heros went through. The B-17 was a beautiful bird, eh? Best wishes always.

Name: chester zimmerman
Hometown: casselberry,fl. 32707
POW Camp: stalag 1 barracks 12
Sent: 11.36 AM - 12/7 2001

i will send names of roommates, enjoyed the attached letters and notes

Name: Philip N. Wright, Jr.
Hometown: Livingston, MT 59047
POW Camp: Moosburg - Stalag 7A
Sent: 4.50 PM - 12/5 2001

What a superb site. Have had the pleasure of knowing Ulrich Hausmann, interrogator at Dulag Luft, for a number of years and have a number of great tales from him. Drop me a note if you'd like copies of them

Phil - I miss you - Rest in peace.

Name: Doug Turner(grandson)
Hometown: Krotz Springs, La
Sent: 12.05 PM - 12/5 2001

My grandfather, Earnest Turner, was a POW in Germany. He told me a few short stories about the prison camp, but never told me the name or location of it. He died in 1991, and I would like to find out more info on him to include in the family memorial that i am making. If you knew him please, feel free to email me. I have very little knowledge of his life during WWII, because he felt that it was too much for us to grasp. Please help me if you knew him.

Name: Jerry Wiley Hansen
Hometown: Aurora, Utah
POW Camp: Stalag Luft 1
Sent: 3.54 PM - 12/4 2001

My father, J Wiley Hansen died in 1981 in Salt Lake city, Utah. He left his story of his capture and imprisonment which I will copy and send to you. I have wanted to find out more information about this time in his life and your website may be an answer to my prayers. Thank you for the work you have done. Just a note: I married a girl whose father immigrated to the US from Germany just before the war began, but he had a brother who was killed in Russia and another, a fighter pilot, killed over Italy.

Name: John Bacsu
Hometown: Colts Neck, NJ
POW Camp: Stalag Luft 1
Sent: 2.02 PM - 12/4 2001

I was Kgf # 2903 at Luft 1 from February 1944 till May 1945. I was shot down on a mission to Steyr, Austria. Needless to say this website stirs many old memories. Thanks and keep up the good work.

Name: Pat Rivolta (daughter)
POW Camp: Somewhere in Germany
Sent: 1.39 PM - 12/4 2001

Alfred A. Hopper, PVT, USA

Name: Kari Jeske
Hometown: Amery, Wisconsin
Sent: 11.18 AM - 12/4 2001

My grandfather was prisoner of War in Germany. I never got to meet him, he had died when he returned back to home and my mother was 14 years old. But if any of you knew a Dale L. Johnson, I know it is a common name, but I would love to find out more about him. Thank you so much for giving me this opportunity.

james kells
Sent: 6.33 PM - 12/3 2001

just wondering if anyone knew my dad Tom Kells, thanks

Name: Ian macDonald
Hometown: Whitehorse yt Canada
Sent: 4.27 PM - 12/3 2001

I'am still seeking information regarding my great uncle Neil MacDonald. He was taken prisoner by the germans after they blew the tracks off of his tank. Neil was born close to Clinton B,C. Canada. The information I 'am seeking is if there is anybody on this site that knew him and if they knew what camp he was detained at.
It is nice to know that after all of the years that have elapsed that there are friends and loved ones still seeking information regarding the fates of our nations real Heros.

Name: Eugene J. Hamlett
Hometown: Altavista, Virginia 24517-4046
POW Camp: Starlag 2 B
Sent: 3.44 PM - 12/3 2001

My website is..

Name: Eugene J. Hamlett
Hometown: Altavista, Virginia 24517-4046
POW Camp: Stalag 2 B.
Sent: 3.33 PM - 12/3 2001

I was taken prisoner of war at Anzio Italy on 1/30/43 war a prisoner year and half I rode one of the B 17
Back to camp Lucky  Strike. i have rode many planes since then none like that one .If anyone wants to write me you will hear from me good luck .E.J. Hamlett

Name: John McCabe
Sent: 6.23 PM - 12/2 2001

A fitting tribute to your father. My Uncle Michael Cullerton was captured at Dunkirk in 1940 fighting the rearguard action with the Argyl and Sutherland Fusiliers, he was 20 years of age. He spent the next 5 years imprisoned and whilst ill is still alive today. He was imprisoned in Stalag Luft 9b if anybody reads this and can help me research this particular camp i would be most grateful.

Name: Dale Helgren
Hometown: Hermansville,MI (Green Bay,WI)
POW Camp: Luft Stalag IV
Sent: 12.41 AM - 12/2 2001

My dad Elmer Helgren was in Luft IV from May until the end. He was shot down on the Brux raid. If anyone knew dad please write.

Name: Victoria
Sent: 7.21 PM - 12/1 2001

My grt Uncle was a prisoner of war WW11. Edward Arthur Neel. I have a newspaper clipping of his story if anyone is searching for the Neel family

Name: Fritz Ulrich
Hometown: Odense, Denmark
Sent: 2.59 PM - 12/1 2001

I am Fritz Ulrich, of Denmark, the author of “Rendezvous with Destiny”... If you would like to learn more about my book, please double-click at the site below!


In Denmark there is a memorial dedicated to 10 American flyers from World War II. This book describes their last mission.
On the 24th of February, 1944, 867 bombers of the 8th Air Force were heading for targets on German territory. One of these B-17s named "Just Elmer’s Tune" did not make it home to base again; its 13th mission was going to be its last. Several German fighter planes attacked them during their mission and finally they crash-landed in Denmark.
This documentary follows the different crewmembers' destinies that day, minute by minute and during their imprisonment in Germany until the liberation. It was possible for the author to track down the German pilot who shot down "Just Elmer’s Tune" and so it is possible to tell his side of the story too.
On June 27th, 1998, Fritz Ulrich set up a meeting in Berlin where Günther Sinnecker, the German pilot, and Edwin Hays, the tail gunner from "Just Elmer’s Tune", met for the first time face to face 54 years after they had shot each other's plane down.
This story is visualized with some 240 pictures, maps and documents which have been provided from crewmembers of "Just Elmer’s Tune" and from the German pilot. The story is based on interviews and written accounts from the people involved and from research in different archives.

Name: Joy Giles
Hometown: Austin, Texas
POW Camp: Stalag Luft IV
Sent: 9.42 PM - 11/30 2001

My dad, Thomas Cleveland Holland, was shot down while serving as a tail gunner on a B17 on a mission over Bohlen Germany on June 29,1944.
He was turned over to the authorities, was shipped by train to somewhere in Poland and marched to Stalag Luft IV. I may have some of the facts wrong about the chronology. I will ask for more detailed info within a few days.  He is still very active running a lawnmower repair shop and builds and flies experimental aircraft with his buddies
Joy Giles

Name: Robert Mims
Hometown: Natchez, MS
POW Camp: Luft 1
Sent: 8.48 PM - 11/30 2001

Pilot B-26 Marauder "Swamp Chicken" shot down 02/05/44.compounds north 1&2.John Brush, bombardier, and i left with russians on liberation. across germany to elbe r. would like to hear from any kreigies i knew. thanks for the page.

Name: Marion C. Hoffman
Hometown: Miamisburg, Ohio
POW Camp: Limburg XII-A, Dulag Luft, Nurenburg XIII-D, Moosburg VII-A.
Sent: 6.20 PM - 11/30 2001

One great Website for POW's, congratulations and God Bless you for maintaining all the info.
I was also a POW but not in Barth, but all the others listed above. Verne Woods flew with our 91st BG I have met him and Onie, wonderful people. I also know Leonard Davis Indianapolis, Indiana.
Keep up the good work on behalf of all POW's.


Name: Walter Farmer
Hometown: Corsicana,Tex 75110
POW Camp: Stalag Luft 1
Sent: 10.23 AM - 11/30 2001

Cannot remember number of compound, etc., now. I was there from March1944 til we were liberated by the Russians. My plane was downed by flak in France on return to England on March 20, 1944.

Travis Krumholz
Hometown: Cochrane, WI
POW Camp: stalag luft 1
Sent: 7.45 PM - 11/29 2001

My grandfather was a navigator and subsequent POW for 10 months. He spoke little of the war and I am interested in any info anyone may have on him..his name is George A. Krumholz. He passed about 15 years ago.

Name: Misty Trask
Hometown: Big Rapids Mi
Sent: 4.49 PM - 11/29 2001

My Granndpa I was told was a pow and now that he has passed im looking for information about him and his Time in ww2 . Hes my hero and now that he has passed Im trying to learn more about him. Im a spouse my self My husband is in the Miltary and I am looking for anying info on Richard Biller aslo called dick biller

Name: Robert H Marx
Hometown: Sioux City Iowa
POW Camp: Stalag Luft I
Sent: 10.26 AM - 11/29 2001

Bob was a POW from 8 April '44 til 13 May '45. He was a pilot of B24's in 44th BG-506th BS. Did you know him or were you in his crew? Signed:Joan,Bob's widow.


Name: leo s. bach
Hometown: Brooklyn, N.Y.
POW Camp: Stalag Luft 1
Sent: 6.03 PM - 11/28 2001

interested in tales of hardship, light heartedness, tales of longing for home mainly. GOING HOME is the title of the book I'm working on. My publisher is interested in my story but wants it flushed out. More details, more interesting experiences. Please contact me if you feel you can be of help. I look forward to hearing from you. incidentally I was in North 1 Block 10 and then Block 11 after Germans put all Jews in one barracks


Name: Ian MacDonald
Sent: 4.55 PM - 11/27 2001

I'm attempting to find out information regarding my great uncle Neil MacDonald. He was a veteran of several campaigns one of which was world war two, in which he was taken as a POW, while fighting in Europe his tracks were blown off of the tank he was manning. Little information is known of which camp he was detained. It now is more difficult to otain information since all his peers including himself are
are now deceased. It is important to me for that Neil was the youngest in his family and was also very close to my grandfather. My grandfathers name was Dougal Stanger MacDonald of Clinton B,C Canada, Who in his later years resided in the southern part of the Yukon Territory.
Apparently the Red Cross would send my grandfather packages from Neil while he detained in Europe. If there is anyone with information that could help me with information with to which POW camp my great uncle was at it would be much appreciated. I believe that knowing the past is very important for if I don't seek this information all will be lost in the sands of time.

Name: Mike Hersman
Hometown: Manhattan Beach, CA
Sent: 4.24 PM - 11/27 2001

I am the son-in-law of Ken Blyth, a prisoner, and we are visiting together. Nice job on the web site!

Name: Richard Leonard
Hometown: Elida,Ohio,45807
POW Camp: Stalag Luft Four
Sent: 9.07 AM - 11/27 2001

We were taken from Camp in January of l944 and walked till turned over to Allied forces the end of April 1945 am in fairly good shape for my 81 plus years.  Would like to find more information about my camp.

Name: Edie Jewell
Sent: 11.46 PM - 11/25 2001

Thank-you for having this web-site. I am just beginning my research on my cousin who was a POW for 22 months. I don't know which camp. I am searching for his Service Number, so I can maybe find out where he was. He died in 1955. His name was Virgil Merle Epperson. He was originally from Pueblo, CO.


Name: Jack Rogers
Hometown: London
POW Camp: RAF Hut
Sent: 2.42 PM - 11/25 2001

Jack, a 76 Squadron Halifax Navigator based at Holme on Spalding Moor, would like to contact Maurice, a French-American in the US Army Air Corps who was an accomplished violinist.


Name: Julie Payne
Hometown: Elgin, Iowa
POW Camp: Stalag 2B
Sent: 10.39 AM - 11/24 2001

I know my father was in more than one camp but I am unsure of the names of the others. I will ask him and get back. His name is George Payne.

Jackie Smith
Hometown: Hicory Valley, TN (near Memphis)
POW Camp: Barth, Stalag Luft One
Sent: 2.49 PM - 11/23 2001

My uncle, J. B. Tennyson, was there (is on the list) for North Compound. He never talked about his experiences. All we know was that his plane was shot down on his first mission and he spent the remainder of the war as a POW. My mom is so excited to finally find some information. If anyone knew him, please e-mail me.
Thank you so much for the hard work putting this site together. It's wonderful for those of us who are trying to help bring come kind of peace to family members. My uncle died several years ago without ever telling any of us anything. Thanks so much!


Name: Art Flores for Horace "Dode" Simms
Hometown: Alameda, CA
POW Camp: Stalag Luft 1 - Barth
Sent: 1.27 AM - 11/23 2001

During Thanksgiving weekend of 2000, I found out about the incredible experiences of my friend Horace "Dode" Simms, in fact our conversations resulted in "Dode" writing this all down as prelude to his book. I currently have the early manuscript and would like to share it with anyone interested. His E-mail address is: I will be in touch with him soon, but in the meantime, he was a B-24 Bombardier with the 491st Bombardment Squadron, stationed at North Pickenham, just outside of Swaffham, East Anglia. Their target was the Misburg oil refineries just a bit East of Hanover. Dode's plane, "THE EASY WAY", was shot up and he successfully parachuted out with the entire crew, landing in what they thought was Holland, but turned out to be North-Western Germany. This was Thanksgiving 1944, and it took Thanksgiving 2000 to continue the story. You can contact me regarding this and I will put you in touch with Mr. Simms, my personal hero.

Name: John Mc Teague
Hometown: NewoortNews,Va. 23601
POW Camp: Stalag 1
Sent: 4.19 PM - 11/22 2001

Looking for anyone from 2nd Bm Gr, 49th Sqdn. downed
on Feb. 24 and was in Stalag 1.

Name: Ray Taylor
POW Camp: Stalag 4-B
Sent: 11.33 PM - 11/21 2001

Pfc. Lowell G. Johnson (my uncle) Gliderman Trained with the 100th Captured september 1944 in Holland any information greatly appreciated entered Stalag 4-B
around 10JAN45

Kevin Delaney Godar
Sent: 9.16 AM - 11/21 2001

My uncle, Mike Delaney, was a navigator in the 853rd squadron. His plane, piloted by Dean Strain, was shot down on Jan. 17th, 1945, during a mission to Harburg, Germany. All of the crew members were killed. I am doing some research on my uncles life and I was wondering if you happened to know him or anyone on his crew. They were Dean Strain (p), Joe Blair (cp), Franklin Roberts (B), David LePitre (N), Joe Willoughby (MN), Justus Schwenson (C), John Turner (E), William Neigh (R), Arnold Jackson (TG), John Hudson (RW), Theron Wimett (LW).

Thanks for the website. It looks great!


Name: Monroe S. Wolyn
Hometown: Brooklyn N.Y.
POW Camp: Oberusel - Stalag IV - Stalag I
Sent: 2.24 AM - 11/21 2001

Name: Neal D. (Buck) Phillips
Hometown: Garland, Arkansas
POW Camp: Stalag 17B
Sent: 3.27 PM - 11/20 2001

Is there anybody out there who was in Stalag 17B in Krems, Austria? My crew and I were there from
April 1944 until the end of the war in 1945.  It would be great to hear from some of you.

Name: Albert D Byrne
Hometown: Indianapolis, Indiana 46226
POW Camp: Stalag Luft 1
Sent: 3.03 PM - 11/19 2001

Am searching for Robert S Brundage a fellow POW at Stalag Luft 1

Name: Kimberly Nash
Hometown: Houston
POW Camp: unknown
Sent: 1.32 PM - 11/19 2001

My name is Kimberly Nash. I am looking for info. My great uncle was a POW of the Germans during WWII. He was in one of the camps. I know little about it do to the fact he never talked about it and then he died of a sudden heartattack. His name was Vol Harris and he was a pilot airforce. Does anybody know him? I would like find out. If you do please email me at

Thomas Carroll
Hometown: Louisiana
POW Camp: Stalag Luft 4
Sent: 10.54 AM - 11/19 2001

My uncle was a POW in Stalag Luft 4. He wrote about his experiences a few years ago and I received a copy last year, after his death. Unfortunately, what the war didn't do, a car accident did. He was killed last year in a car accident. His story is very interesting so I thought I would do an internet search on a few names and places he mentioned. Your site was one of the hits. Here is a little about him. He was on his 25th bombing mission when he was shot down over Cologne, Germany. While parachuting down, the Germans machine-gunned him through both legs. Geneva Convention - What's that?? He was captured and eventually made his way to Stalag Luft 4. He was a prisoner from October 17, 1944 till May 5, 1945, 6-1/2 months. He lost 60 pounds during this time. FIY - his name was George Carroll and flew with the 34th Bomb Group, 7th Bomb Squadron out of Mendlesheur, England. He was a B-24 tail gunner. He describes POW life and lists the names of his crew mates. An interesting side note that he didn't write about but I heard about later was that after he and his crew parachuted and were assembled together by the Germans, the Germans went down the line looking at their dog tags. When they got to one of his crew mates, who happened to be a Jew, they took his watch and other personal effects that they desired. Then they put a pistol to his head and blew it off. My uncle and his buddies didn't know if they would be next but thankfully, they weren't. I am forever grateful to the WW2 generation for what they did for the world.

Name: Duncan Brown
Hometown: Gloucester England
POW Camp: Stalag II A Neubrandenberg
Sent: 10.10 AM - 11/17 2001

As an ex member of 3 Para taken prisoner at Arnhem Sept 44. This site brought back memories, some good, some bad. Keep up the good work and keep reminding everyone of those days which should not be forgotten. Thank you (there were 200 American prisoners with me at Stalag IIA taken during the battle of the Buldge)

Name: Jim Dibrino
Hometown: Philadelphia
POW Camp: Stalag Luft 1
Sent: 10.55 PM - 11/16 2001

Anyone knowing my Dad please contact me. He still lives the War each day. We'll never forget!

Name: jan pollard
POW Camp: stalag xiii c
Sent: 6.54 PM - 11/15 2001

I would be interested to learn where Stalag 13c was situated and any information about the camp. My uncle was a POW for five years but also worked on a farm near Oberelsbach, Unterfranken. His name was Frederick Harrison. I would be gratefull for any information on the camp or location to present day towns.

Alice Giunta
Hometown: Branchville, N.J. U.S.A.
POW Camp: Stalag XXB
Sent: 11.38 AM - 11/15 2001

My dad, Sapper Horace Johnson, 51st Highland Division, was an escaped P.O.W. I'm editing his manuscript and attempting to get it published. I would like to contact anyone who knew of him. He was "Paddy" "The Shamrock" and many other names to avoid the Gestapo. I would especially like to meet the Swedish Captain, (and children/relatives of)who helped him get to Stockholm in 1944. Also need to know of reliable publisher to copywrite and print this manuscript, a legacy of brave Polish, British, French and Americans who triumphed in the darkest days of the Nazi threat. Thanks for any help. Let us keep their memories and deeds alive!


Name: Robin Burwell
Hometown: Portland, OR
Sent: 11.02 AM - 11/13 2001

I enjoyed this web page. My father, Roger Burwel, was a B-17 navigator on the Jolly Jo. He was Kriegie #0-674138 at Stalag Luft III for 18 months.

Hometown: Van Buren, Arkansas
POW Camp: Stalag Luft 1, Barracks 307, Room 10
Sent: 7.56 PM - 11/12 2001

I am the daughter of Lee G. Johnson. He was a First Lieutenant and navigator on the B-24 Liberator named "Blow Job". He was with the 487th Bomb Group, squadron 838. He was the lead navigator on this mission. Out of a crew of 10 only 3 survived when he was shot down over Cheateaudon, France on May 11,1944. He was with the French underground until he was captured by the Gestapo in Paris, France on May 24, 1944. He was in solitary confinement for four months in Paris, France, at Fresnes Prison, which was a civilian prison taken over by the Gestapo where they detained Allied Airman for interrigation. From there he was transferred to Stalag Luft 1 in Barth, Germany on September 9, 1944. He stayed there until the liberation in April of 1945. My Dad is 82 years old and lives in Mountain Home, Arkansas with my mother and his wife of 58 years. This is a wonderful website and and I so glad I found it. This was such an interesting time in our history and to think that there are still so many stories left to be told.

Name: Roger McKinney
Hometown: Chetopa, Kansas
POW Camp: Stalag Luft 1
Sent: 9.51 PM - 11/11 2001

I'm the son of Arnold K. McKinney, who was a Staff Sgt. in the Army Air Corps by the end of WWII. He was a tail-gunner in a B-17 when he was shot down and taken prisoner. I would like confirmation, if possible, that he was at Stalag Luft 1, and any additional information anyone might have about his time there.
Thanks. I love the Web site.

Name: David Beaune
POW Camp: Stalag Luft 3A - Belaria
Sent: 8.50 PM - 11/11 2001

My father, Raymond G Beaune flew operations with both 90 sqaudron and 7 squadron Pathfinders Force, Warboys    Shot down October 1944


Sent: 8.25 PM - 11/11 2001


Name: Kathy
Hometown: BC, Canada
Sent: 7.08 PM - 11/11 2001

Hi...I am looking for information about my grandfather...he was in WWII and his name is Omer Nadeau...some people call him Pit :) I know nothing about his time there because he would not talk about it... he was a Canadian from New Brunswick and any info would be great.

Elizabeth Kirwan
Hometown: Buffalo, NY
POW Camp: Stalag 2 and 7
Sent: 2.19 PM - 11/11 2001

Well the strangest thing has happened. Over 2 hours ago I wrote that I was just beginning my research into my grandfather's military/POW history. Shortly after I wrote that, my mother called and said they found a metal box of my grandfather's, PFC Charles W. Barron, who just passed away on Wednesday, November 7, 2001. Inside the box, they found that he had already received the POW medal, none of us had known that! She also found papers that said he was originally in Stalag 2 and then moved to 7. He was a POW from October 1943, when he was captured in Italy, and finally escaped in May 1945 when security became lapsed. My mother also found maps of the camps and an old address book with hundreds of addresses from all over the world. I can not tell you what a surprise this is. We had no idea that he had done all of this for himself. Now, I hope to find someone who knew PFC Charles W. Barron, who is actually from Port Alleghany, PA.


Name: Lori Berg (Ketner)
Hometown: Noblesville, Indiana
POW Camp: Stalag Luft 1
Sent: 9.13 PM - 11/10 2001

I am the daughter of Ben Berg, Noblesville, Indiana, a B-24 Navigator, 8th AF, shot down over Hanover 9/11/44. My brother Steve was born in Noblesville that same day. Larry Porter was his copilot.
Any communications for Ben can be sent to our email.
Thanks, Lori.
P.S.: Ben is fine, still residing (mostly) in Noblesville, IN 46060!

Leonard Dahnke
Hometown: Stratton Nebraska
POW Camp: Stalag Luft 1
Sent: 1.02 AM - 11/10 2001

My dad, Leonard Dahnke, was a B-17 bombadier. His plane went down over France in spring of 1944. He spent several months moving around the French underground but was eventually captured and moved to Stalag Luft 1. I don't know the details on his squadron or name of his plane, but am trying to find out.

Howard J. Saz
Hometown: South Bend, IN. 46635
Sent: 11.22 PM - 11/8 2001

Captured 2 weeks before the Battle of the Bulge, Dec.7th. Served in 26th Division (Yankee Div), 104th Infantry. Held in Stalags, 12A, 3A, 3B. Liberated by Russians. Trans. to Camp Lucky Strike, then home! Became Prof. of Cell Biology, associated with L.S.U., Johns Hopkins Univ. and Univ. of Notre Dame. Newly retired.

Hometown: DENVER,CO 80210
Sent: 12.47 PM - 11/8 2001


Peter Graham
Hometown: Dorchester (Dorset.UK)
Sent: 12.30 PM - 11/8 2001

Have enjoyed reading your book and video list. You might care to add - if you think it reasonable - my own memoirs entitled 'Skypilot'.ISBN 1-85821-909-4.
The book only contains two pages about Stalag luft 1, where I was an inmate from mid-September '44 to the end of the war in Europe. I was a Spifire pilot with 41 squadron, RAF.
My bridge partner in Stalag luft 1. was Herbert Wagner, an American who also belonged to 41 squadron. I am in touch with Helga Radau.

Milt. Hagerstrand
Hometown: Waukesha, Wisconsin
Sent: 12.50 AM - 11/8 2001

Brother in law LT. Raymond Frey was here for 19 months. Thanking you for all the good information

James B. Walden
Hometown: Powder Springs, GA 30127
Sent: 11.23 PM - 11/7 2001

Dear Mary and Barbara, an excellent picture story of Stalag 1 and I was a Navigator.. I only wish I could have been there to share memories with the other Kriegies, with you and Helga. I was in North 3 Dec 24, 1944 til the Germans left and we were free again. I was in the 306 Bomb Group as a Navigator. Helga said the Conference was a huge success and I am sure it was, physically I could not make the trip. Its a great feeling seeing and knowing some one is telling the story "like it was" and even better to have the story tellers as neighbors in Smyrna, Ga. Keep up the good work.

Carolyn Entriken
Sent: 11.08 AM - 11/7 2001

Looking for info on my father who was at Stalag XIB in Fallingbostel, Germany from December 1944 to May 1945. His name was Edward George Ramp, Jr and I am interested in any info on the camp as I have none.

Lewis M. Wood
Hometown: Vandiver, AL.
Sent: 3.21 PM - 11/6 2001

This is a great web page. I visit it often. My father Miles C. Wood was held at this
camp 1944 - liberation. I think he was in the South Compound though he never talked
about it. Dad was a P - 51 pilot. He passed away about 5 years ago. I have been looking
for anyone who might have known him while he was held there. I hated missing the reunion
in September, but being a High School football coach and teacher, it is hard to get time off
at this time of the year. Enjoyed the reunion photos!

Debra Johnson
Hometown: Dallas, Oregon
Sent: 11.36 AM - 11/6 2001

You are very helpful and I want to thank you for all the hard work that has been put into this site. Please let me know if anyone has heard of a Hollis Reagor who was a POW in WWII. We would love to heard anything about him! This is my grandfather. Thanks :)

Roger Hankey
Hometown: Eden Prairie
Sent: 9.04 PM - 11/4 2001

Mr. Swartz was Superintendent of Litchfield High School while I attended there from 1961-65. He was a Rotarian and took me with him to the Rotary meetings weekly since I played the piano for the Rotarians who loved to sing. Mr. S was a good mentor and I enjoyed learning about this part of his life which was not well known. His is also responsible for a suitable memorial to another WW2 vet, Mr. Cable Edwards, another teacher at LHS. Thanks for posting this interesting history.

John Turner Jr
Hometown: Plymouth MA
Sent: 4.11 PM - 11/4 2001

Interesting site with good detail. My father, now 82, was a bomber pilot imprisoned at the camp 1 1/2 years 'til liberation.

Name: Alan Mackay
Hometown: Kirkcaldy,Fife KY2 5NL
Sent: 4.29 PM - 11/3 2001

Remember the Daily Recco in Sagan and Heydekrug? You can read the originals and remember the events and mates that filled our lives while we waited to get home for Christmas, in "313 Days to Christmas" published by Argyll Publishing. Best regards, Alan

Susan Daigle Savant
Hometown: Lafayette, Louisiana
Sent: 11.17 PM - 11/2 2001

My father, James Joseph Paul Daigle, was a B-17 bombardier. His plane was named The Paper Doll. He was a POW at Stalag Luft One. He spoke everyday of the war and the time in prison. We can recite every story by heart and we still have his German POW tags, Max Schmellings autograph, etc. I found this sight by accident and cried as I looked through all of the photos hopefully searching for a snapshot of him...he was 21.

Duward J Bare
Hometown: Bellmont Illinois
Sent: 10.48 PM - 11/2 2001

I was in Col. Spicers barrack but in the room at the other end.

Peter Graham
Hometown: Dorchester.Dorset DT2 7DW UK
Sent: 7.38 AM - 11/2 2001

I was taken prisoner on May 1st 44 after being shot down over France in my Spitfire. I got to Stalag Luft 1 about ten days later. Alas I've only just discovered your website.

I published my memoirs on 19th October last, entitled SKYPILOT. Just one chapter out of 41 deals with my POW experience; but there is quite a lot about the before and after. The book's ISBN is 1-85821-909-4, published by Pentland Books @ £12.50.

I much regret that it came out before I got all your valuable information.

Name: George R O'Bryan
Hometown: Red Bud, Illinois 62278
Sent: 6.52 PM - 11/1 2001

Stalag 11B, Hanover Comando group, Marched till the end.

Gerhard Bracke
Hometown: Braunschweig
Sent: 8.46 AM - 11/1 2001

I am the former boy mentioned in Chuck Blaney`s story of March 25, 1945. I did not see the crash landing, but I stood in front of the bomber on the field that day and remember very well. I enjoy the story in the internet.

Clarence L. Johnson
Sent: 4.00 PM - 10/31 2001

I was shot down March 3/4 1944. was in Stalag 1 when The russians liberated the camp.

Phil Perrone
Hometown: Staten Island, NY
Sent: 1.33 PM - 10/31 2001

My Uncle, John "Buddy" Madonna was a gunner with the 15th AF 483bg 817th squad. His B-17G, tail #44-6776, was shot down over Ruland Germany on March 22 1945. He spent the final days of the war at Stalag Luft 1. Just wanted to thank you for a wonderful web site. It's nice to know that the men who did so much for us are not forgotten.

Name: Alan Rumney
Hometown: Nashua, NH
Sent: 1.24 PM - 10/31 2001

My father, Opher Rumney, was on the the same crew with Dick Williams(# 42-97740 November 26, 1944). I thank you very much for this website since I did not know much about the time my Dad spent as a POW. He would not talk about it except to say it was bad. This has prompted me to look up some old family pictures and also share this info with my own son. I haven't seen my Dad in about 20 yrs. but I believe he is alive and living in Ohio.  I found this site purely by accident while searching my last name. You are doing a great service for alot of people. Thanks again.

Bob Williams
Hometown: Evansville Indiana
Sent: 11.10 PM - 10/30 2001

The tour to Barth and Stalag Luft #1 was one of the highlights of my life. I will cherish the experience.

anna june staton
Hometown: Crab Orchard, wv 25827
Sent: 6.54 PM - 10/30 2001

I am Sgt Jack Staton's wife. Would love to hear from you all . I was unaware of him being shot. PLEASE ADVISE....

Note From Mary:  Read about Jack Staton on George Lesko's page and his personal site...Jack was executed after safely parachuting from the plane. The executors were later tried as war criminals and sentenced to death.

Name: Katie Pearson
Hometown: Houston Texas
Sent: 5.42 PM - 10/29 2001

My father, 
James Durward Pearson, was imprisoned in Stalag Luft No. 1, Barth Germany in Room 3 Barracks 8. If anyone knows of this barrack...please contact me. My Dad is still alive and would like to converse with any survivors.

Mrs. James Archer Ridout
Hometown: Kerrville, Texas
Sent: 2.59 PM - 10/29 2001

My husband was in Stalag Luft 7A. I am printing this out for him in hopes he will want to respond. He was POW for 38 days

James P. Lilligren
Hometown: f
Sent: 11.49 AM - 10/29 2001


Name: Bruce Twaddell
Sent: 9.54 AM - 10/29 2001

son of James W. Twaddell, Jr., Col. USAF (deceased), USMA '36, meteorologist and vice commander of B17 squadron landing at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii from San Francisco 12/7/41.


Name: jim martin
Hometown: tooborac,victoria,australia
Sent: 5.31 AM - 10/27 2001

my father,  Don James Martin  born aug 1920 served with RNZAF in England and ended up in a POW camp in Germany.he was a navigator in wellingtons and may have been a part of the early Pathfinders.That is really all I know.  Like your father,he really did not want to talk about those times. He died about 25 years ago and since then I have been trying to find out more of what he went through.I really can't imagine myself at the tender age of 20 coping with what all those young men went though ,both in the air and as POWs.thanks for such a great site and if by some strange stroke of fate someone knows of him or any of his KIWI friends please let me know!

Name: Patrick Graham
Hometown: Cardiff Wales UK
Sent: 1.57 PM - 10/26 2001

My Dad has just written his memoirs as a spitfire pilot, shot down after D Day and a prisoner in Stalag Luft 1 till the end of the war his name - Peter Graham, he went on to become a Church of England priest and I am the youngest of his four children - he may have memories and info for some of you
I will be sending him a link to this site but he is a bit old and frail now so don't expect speedy replies from him

George Meuse
Hometown: Leesburg, FL 34748
Sent: 4.06 PM - 10/23 2001

I was Kreigie # 6443 and really am in awe of the work you've done at this site.

Betty Taylor
Hometown: Comfort, Texas
Sent: 8.09 PM - 10/21 2001

My Dad was a POW in Stalag Luft I for 9 months. His plane was shot down and he was severely wounded, but was a prisoner for 10 days before he received medical care. As with most POWs, he speaks seldom of his stay there. His name is Aurelio (Nick) Lurati and says that he doesn't remember a lot. The site is so very informative for those of us who have not heard much, but there was not much about those who came to camp already wounded. Does any one have any information about them, or may perhaps, remember my Dad? Thanks for what you have done for many of us.

Name: Jennifer Sutcliffe
Hometown: Rosporden
Sent: 8.55 AM - 10/21 2001

We are friends of Yves Carnot, the grandson of the man whose farm the plane landed in. a very interesting site.

Scherer, Stephan
Hometown: Fuerth, Germany
Sent: 1.14 PM - 10/20 2001

Having spent quite a while with your web page I was reading especially the "documents". There I learnt my father is "drawn" in a way, which is alienating me a lot. Out of my knowledge my father never was a member of the German Nazi Party. He was removed from his duty as a commandant of Stalag Luft1 together with v.Miller and v. Beck in December 1944 because of Anglophilism and being pro Jewish. This was "found out" by Oppermann, who had made secret reports to the GESTAPO about my father's mockering remarks about the Nazi regime a.s.o.  My father had a narrow escape. He was looking forward to be sentenced (to death?) in Berlin already, but due to the near end of WWII the process didn't take place and such he stayed alive...
My father for sure was no hero, but all his life he was dedicated to his humanistic view of life. and obviously tried to lead the camp in this spirit as well, as far as even possible.

And again let me mention as well, the photo in Zemke's Stalag book, showing a person, who is named as Oberst Scherer is not my father. I don't know, who it could be. I sent you a number of correct photos, showing my father. Please understand!  Well, maybe it's too late already to complain. There is already a virtual "Oberst Scherer-Nazi-monster" existing in the heads of all the people, who read Zemke's book.

Stephan J.M. Scherer

Name: Jim Smedley
Hometown: San Jacinto, CA 92583
Sent: 1.03 PM - 10/20 2001

My cousin, Lt. Arthur A Smedley US Army Air Corps, was the very first pilot to be shot down in a P-38 during WWII. Since the early P-38 had no ejection seats, he was severely burned during his attempt to turn the P-38 upside down to clear the cross tail during bail out. He spent the duration of the war in a Stalag camp, being liberated in 1945. I am looking for any one or any record of his POW internment.

Thomas L James
Hometown: Kennewick, WA
Sent: 11.37 PM - 10/19 2001

I am in the process of printing this site out for my father, Donald Ross James. He was a prisoner at Stalag Luft 1 from Dec. 1944 until the Russian liberation. He was a staff sergeant in the 765th Bombing Squadron, 15th Air Force, and had been shot down over Linz, Austria in the summer of '44. He had been transfered to Barth from Stalag Luft 4 via railcar during that awful winter. He mentioned that he was very anxious to read about this as he doesn't own a computer and has no Internet access.

Cloren "Bud" Meade
Hometown: Beloit, Wi
Sent: 6.18 PM - 10/19 2001

This is a very interesting site. Just full of good info. I flew Ball Turret on a B-17F, 91st B.G. We went down on the Wilhelmshaven mission on May 21, 1943. Spent the first 5 months in Stalag 7A and went to Stalag 17B in Oct.1943. Was there until they marched us back towards Germany. Was liberated by the 13th Arm. Div. on May 2, 1945. It is nice to see that our stories are being kept for future generations. My pilot was in Stalag Luft 1. THE PRICE OF FREEDOM IS ETERNAL VIGILANCE. FREEDOM IS PRECIOUS, GUARD WELL. Keep up the good work. Bud Meade

john trent
Hometown: marietta,ga
Sent: 1.26 PM - 10/15 2001

Nicely done! Trying to find anything about my father in law's  (David B. Atwood) stay there....


Hometown: NORTH KINGSTOWN RI 02852-2854
Sent: 12.49 PM - 10/15 2001

Dear Mary, I am not sure about cash. That could have been Cashman but it was definitely Raby D. Ficklin. There was also a Massey in our room and Tom Bateman. Tom died last year. He had been hospitalized since going home for rehab in 1945. He dove in a pool i believe and was a quadripalegic the rest of his life. I did talk to him last year while he was in the hospital. Some of my crew were in north iii. Their names are Jesse H. Palmer (i have not been able to get in touch with him. His father was a K C police officer and he retired in 1954, sold the house and moved. Jesse was regular army and was the old man on the crew (26 at the time)). R C Wakefield , Mel Ten Haken (he wrote a book "Bail Out" about life in north i compound, Ken Merry our bombadier and Harry Dunham (deceased) was the photographer we had with us on 12-16-44 on a mission to Brux, Czechoslovakia. Tom Byers our nose gunner was also in north iii. Walt Rebello, from Barrington was in my barracks , in the next room to mine. He was with the group that caught the cat. Oh yes another friend of mine is Dr. Mike Gold, formally from N Y but now in Barrington RIi. He was moved to the Jewish compound near the ammunition dump in early 1945. If any other names pop up i'll keep you posted. Once again congratulations on your wonderful sight.


Name: John Rogers
Hometown: Alexandria, VA
Sent: 3.08 PM - 10/14 2001

Now live in Mt. Holly, NJ


Name: Bob Hanrahan
Hometown: Springfield.Il.USA
Sent: 1.21 PM - 10/14 2001

Enjoyed the site....Thanks for remembering I was in North I Block 10 ....room10

Wendell Fetters
Hometown: Leawood, Ks. 66209
Sent: 8.11 PM - 10/12 2001

I too was a POW--- Stalag 111A--Luckenwalde, Germany--I was shot down on Dec. 23, '44--Battle of the Bulge------Returned to Germany August 2001---was given several pieces of our plane--a B-26---plus a section of the tail showing part of the yellow triangle--our 391st Bomb Group insigna---Currently the Commander of the local EX-POW Heart of America Chapter here in Kansas City area. I had a bit of trouble getting to your web site but finally found it! Best Regards, Wendell

janis harris
Hometown: Thatcham, Newbury, Berks, England
Sent: 1.37 PM - 10/12 2001

great site,my daughter age 9 is doing ww2 for her history project she has picked my fathers brains. he was in 1st Royal Tank Regiment (england) he was taken prisoner and set to Stalag 10B, San Bostel.... Does anyone know of anyone who was there Good Friday 1945 he was blown out of his tank and taken prisoner.... his name was Dennis William Elliott, from Aldershot, Hampshire, England

Sent: 9.44 PM - 10/10 2001


Donald L. Tapie
Hometown: Bakersfield, Calif.
Sent: 11.51 PM - 10/9 2001

This is my first contact with actual pictures and names of the many people at Barth. I had a Book I kept and added to it all the experiences I had there at Barth and my trip home ( I walked most of the time) Then I loaned the diary to some one and they never returned it. That's life. Thanks for the :Information and work you have done. I hope I get up enough steam to really do it over .. Thank you Don Tapie

Name: Sam (Tex) Findley
Hometown: Mt.Vernon, Texas
Sent: 11.08 PM - 10/9 2001

I flew 78 missions as tail gunner on a B-26 Martin Marauder in the 453rd bs, 323rd bg operating out of England.  You have a very nice web page!

Pam McCollum
Sent: 9.02 PM - 10/9 2001

I have a oil painting that I have been told was done by a German POW in 1945. It is dated and signed as H.Jacob. It was given to my husband grandmother (Gladys Ham Penny) by a sargent that worked at the mess hall at Camp Wheeler, Macon Georgia. The sargent who gave it to his grandmother maybe been named either Johnny Galewick of Baltimore or Boston. Or it could have possibly been named Joseph Frost. We do have a picture of this man. If anyone knows anything on this please contact us.

Hometown: NORTH KINGSTOWN RI 02852-2854
Sent: 11.40 AM - 10/8 2001



Hometown: NORTH KINGSTOWN RI O2852-2854
Sent: 11.33 AM - 10/8 2001


Jennifer Kelly
Hometown: Stanwood WA
Sent: 10.02 PM - 10/7 2001

My dad was J.W. Hutchison who was a POW at Stalag Luft I. He was in the North I compound. He lives next door to me, and his 80th birthday is upon us. We would love to hear from anyone who knew him--or anyone who was at Stalag Luft I. Thank you for this wonderful service.


Name: Lyla Nabulsi
Hometown: Cairo, Ga
Sent: 10.26 AM - 10/7 2001

I have an interview - taped- of a local POW of WW2- Francis Allen. Would you like a copy of this and/or how can I add him to your page. He marched 600 miles in 1945. He has a hat that another man gave him before the man tried to escape. I would love to have this hat on the net and see if we can find this man. Mr. Allen is not in good health , of course. He was shot down over Austria after bombing a munitions depot. He was based in Italy.

Tim Lynch
Hometown: Mpls Mn.
Sent: 2.26 AM - 10/6 2001

It's great to see what you have done in memory of your father. My father was shot down on Aug 13, 1944. He flew as a tail gunner in a B-17. He was with the 379th Bomber group. He was immediately captured, and moved to several different camps. Like you, my father passed away in 1992 with out leaving my brothers and sister much information. I'm wondering if anyone would be able to help me ? My dad's name is John F. Lynch Sgt. Ser # 17079620 I know at one time he was in Stalag 9-C. Any help would be appreciated.
Thank you,
Tim Lynch

Hometown: KS. U.S.A
Sent: 11.17 PM - 10/4 2001

I've recently found a picture of a group of 10 men sitting at a table, all but one have the same clothing, with W C in large letters on the front of their shirts. I have 2 great-uncles  (Walter & Karl Grigsby)  that were in P.O.W.camps in Germany. Both have never talked of that time,one is now deceased,and the other G.Uncle is a "Sweetie" that I wouldn't want to cause one ounce of un-happiness to..what does W C stand for???

patricia larsen
Hometown: ca,usa
Sent: 5.28 PM - 10/3 2001

my father was a pow in ww2 in germany. we are english. he was at ----Gneizendorf,marienburg,fallingbostel, or teschen.i havent seen my father for 47 years and he has passed away. can anyone tell me how to find these places? i am new to this. i dont know my fathers parents , dont know if he had any siblings. i know his name was  Thomas Dawson, dob, jan 1916. he and my mother where married in suffolk county england. my mother also passed away. but never spoke of him. can someone help? thx.

Name: Roland Dean Mundhenke, Jr.
Hometown: Alpharetta, GA
Sent: 2.11 PM - 10/3 2001

My father was a 1st LT. in the 398th, 601st, completing 30 or 35 missions over Germany as pilot of the TS Express crew. I have a original 8 X 10 black and white photo of Delancey's B17 and am so grateful to know the story behind the damage.   Dad hardly ever spoke of the war, especially his missions.
His name was Roland Dean Mundhenke of East Dubuque, ILL
Thank you for your time and efforts in creating this site. I hope to do the same with the many photos and records of flights from Dad's tenor with the 8th. God bless you and yours.

Name: Wanda & John Kirkham
Hometown: The Villages, FL 32162
Sent: 11.48 AM - 10/3 2001

My wife & I spent an entire morning visiting this web site and haen't finished yet. We are amazed at the depth of the coverage.Thank you for your efforts. The reunion at Stalag Luft 1 was a wothwhile experience. We were pleased to meet all of you.

Sherye A. McKenzie
Sent: 10.47 AM - 10/3 2001

I enjoyed viewing this site. My father, Richard P. Keirn, was a P.O.W. at Stalag Luft I too. He was shotdown Sep 11, 1944, after hospitalization, he was sent to the POW camp in Barth. He had been the co-pilot of a B-17. Long after WWII, he kept in touch with surviving crew members. I do not believe there
are any left now, however. Dad was one of two men who had been POW's in Germany, and in Vietnam, (nearly 8 yrs). If there is anyone who remembers him, I would like very much to hear from them. Thank you.

Name: michele wolfson
Hometown: south wellfleet, MA
Sent: 9.40 PM - 10/2 2001

I am trying to find out more about my father, William A. Callahan. He was a POW at Stalag Luft I in Germany from about March 1943 to the end of the war. He was a tail gunner on a B-17. I don't know too much more since he never wanted to talk about his experiences -- always said he was living on borrowed time. If anyone knew him or knew of him, I would appreciate hearing from you at my email address -- Thank you.

Name: Clarence L. Johnson
Hometown: Chino, CA
Sent: 1.38 PM - 10/1 2001

I was in stalag luft 1 when the Russians came through. I was shot down over France in March 1944.



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