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If you are a former Prisoner of War or a next of kin of a POW, we invite you to sign and leave your email address so others that come may find you. Please mention camp, compound, barracks and room numbers if possible.

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Guestbook Entries - 2nd Quarter - 2001
 4/1/01 thru 6/30/01

Highlighted Entries are those left by POWs or their next of kin.

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Name: Alan Taylor
Hometown: England UK
Sent: 11.48 AM - 6/30 2001
My grand uncle Sgt Albert LEES RAFVR captured 1 April 1942, processed thro' Dulag Luft, Stalag VIIIB & finally to Stalag Luft III. Remained POW for the duration. I wish to know the date UK RAF personnel changed from POW to capturer at SL3.

Name: Angeline Chambers
Sent: 10.01 AM - 6/30 2001
thanks for the photos these will help me get a excellent mark in my history project.

Name: Michael Heffner
Hometown: Sunnyvale CA
Sent: 3.02 PM - 6/29 2001
I came to work today with the idea that I might actually work....until I ran across your website! I cannot read enough. I had two uncles on my mothers side who were POW's (RAF). My mom passed away a few years ago and took all the info with her. She was also a war bride from Kingston on Thames. Suposedly the last one to leave her town for the US. Her husband was with the Eight AFF. I need to know about these folks. If anyone has any ideas where I start, please let me know. Again, my hat's off and I am forever greatful to all those who fought and served for the freedom we have today

Name: Loretta Berrios
Hometown: Camano Island, Wa
Sent: 1.33 AM - 6/29 2001
My uncle spent 13 months in Stalag Luft III, combine E and was also liberated at Moosburg. He flew a B-17 and was shot down over Hungary in 1944. His name is Elmer Gray. Any information would be helpful. I know that the POW's were issued log books. My uncle makes reference to people he served with, but I do not know his squadron/unit or where his mission was destined. Thank you for your time
Loretta L. Berrios
USA Retired

Name: Billy R. Talley
Hometown: Mt Carmel Ohio
Sent: 11.09 PM - 6/28 2001
I still have a lot of feelings for the soldiers andfliers whom I saw released.I arrived in Germany at the
very end of the war.

Name: Jo Tyabji
Hometown: London
Sent: 5.00 AM - 6/28 2001
My grandfather was an RAF pow in stalag luft III. He helped dig the great escape tunnel but didn't draw a lot to escape- as things turned out I'm pretty glad! He had friends who were caught and shot, and friends he has kept in touch with for all thee years. Now he is so old, almost all he can think abput is hi time there and the war... he has a b ook called world of wire, with loadsa photos of him in the theatre they built there! THey used whatever they culd to entertain the POWs, there's pictures of him as Lady Bracknell in Importance of Being Ernest! Just thgought u peeps would like 2 hear of other peeps experiences... I'll definitely comehere again
Goodbye, Jo

Name: Eugene A. Burlingame
Hometown: Martinez, Ca.
Sent: 12.11 PM - 6/27 2001
Barbara and or Mary, I was a P.O.W. at Barth,one of the men in my room was A.G. Harris, I saw his name in a guest book but I cannot find it again, could you help me find him so I can contact him, Thank You

Name: Gwilym McGrew
Hometown: Los Angeles, CA
Sent: 2.33 AM - 6/27 2001
My father was at Stalag Luft 1. I never knew there was this much information on the camp. WOW!
My father played the lead in the plays in the camp including the play, The Man Who Came To Dinner, mentioned by Robert Swartz on your site. My Dad was in radio and an actor/writer before the war. He was in all the productions. I think he is in the front row of picture with his head turned sideways but I am not sure.
Have your heard of or seen a book called, Not As Briefed. It is a book about the camp made from sketches by one of the prisoners. A sketch of my father is in it and images of many parts and people in the camp. The book was written by Col Charles R Greening printed by Brown and Bigelow in Minn, USA. The book states of my father,
"In this pastel portrait C.R. Greening has portrayed the first actor of Stalag Luft One in his most famous and successful role. Jim McGrew would rather act than eat --- a surprising statement for ANY Kriegie but especially from Mac who had charge of the stockroom in the Mess Hall. A Navigator from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, McGrew knows his way around. Volatile, emotional, confident and gifted, Jim has the qualities of a successful actor and showman. He has the experience, too. Professional radio work in his home town plus several seasons with the Pittsburgh Playhouse has given him all the polish he needs. A break will bring him stardom."
Needless to say he did not become a star. He acted briefly on Broadway on his return but drifted toward writing. He spent his life as a writer in Los Angeles after the war.
Our father was shot down fairly early in the air war and was taken in by a French family for 3 months. Then they delivered him to the French underground. He was with them for several months (went on one raid) and was then captured by the SS and put on trial. After 6 months in solitary in a French prison he as sent to Barth. His group was running the mess hall and doing food preparation.
Two years ago we went back to France and met with the family that took him in and the very small town had a ceremony where we presented a plaque to the town. Lots of tears flowed.
Thank you for pulling this all together. Just amazing what you have found.
Thank you, thank you.
Gwilym McGrew
Son of James M McGrew

Name: Doug Scott
Hometown: Kansas City
Sent: 10.20 PM - 6/26 2001
My hat is off to these brave men! I have read many books about the USAAF in WW2 and the POWs too. To this day I believe that the movie "The Great Escape" was one of the best movies ever made..and...a true story!  My father in law was a POW at Stalag 17b Krems,Austria. His Name is Clif Langseth and he was with the 351st bomb group out of Polebrook. To you vets...THANKS FOR THE FREEDOM!

Name: Joseph V. Polinski
Homepage: 439 Windward Point Road
Hometown: Columbia, SC
Sent: 9.25 PM - 6/26 2001
I was in 322nd SQ You have a great site

Name: Frank Quast
Sent: 5.02 PM - 6/26 2001
I just wanted to check my e-mails, but a friend sent me a link to your web-page and so I spent the next hours studying your fantastic web-pages. I live near Hamburg, so Barth is quite near to me and I am interested in the military and airwar history of north Germany, but I never thought about the story about the POWs in Stalag Luft before. Amazing !  Maybe there is a clue to you. In the last days of the war (April 45), when the Oberursel interrogation center closed in several other places Pows were held and interrogated. A former german Luftwaffe men told me, that one of these small places was the "Fliegerhorst Uetersen" (30km west of Hamburg).  Is there anything known about this period ?
Sure I will come again to your site !Frank

Name: Thomas Townsend
Homepage: 2429 E.Earll Dr
Hometown: Phoenix,Ariz
Sent: 10.05 PM - 6/25 2001

Name: Mikhael Elfenbein
Hometown: Miami, Florida
Sent: 12.08 AM - 6/24 2001
My grandfather served in the 8th. I have some pictures of his that depicts American soldiers in a German POW camp. Would anyone be interested in helping me identify the people in the pictures. Also have pictures of Nazi brass, Would like to know who they are.
Mike Elfenbein

Name: Amy Aldridge
Hometown: Round Rock, TX
Sent: 12.19 AM - 6/23 2001
My Grandfather was a POW in WW2. I don't know where, but he flew a B-17, i believe. He didn't die in war, but i'm very interested to know what all he was involved in, and was wondering if anyone knew him. His name was Barney Fisher. I never was given the privilege to met him, and to my understanding, he never talked about the war. If anyone who happens to read this knew him, or knows how i might find files quicker then writing a letter, please help. Thanks.

Name: Larry deZeng
Hometown: Winter Springs, Florida
Sent: 3.54 PM - 6/22 2001
What a tribute! You have put together a truly outstanding site. I am a good friend of Heinz Guelzow of Neuss/Ruhr who is working closely with the Barth archivist to assemble all that is known about the Luftwaffe air base (Fliegerhorst) at Barth during the war. I know that he has been in contact with some of your "Kriegies", and he has mentioned to me a number of times how helpful they have been in sharing their memories and photos. Thanks for creating and maintaining this important chapter of World War II history.


Name: Mary Lou Boland
Homepage: 4353 Carambola Circle North
Hometown: Coconut Creek
Sent: 4.31 AM - 6/22 2001
My father, Harold J. Boland was shot down over Germany and captured on a German farm. He was a POW in Stalag IIII and was part of the walking POW's. Will get more info from my mother.

Sent: 11.21 PM - 6/21 2001

Name: Pam
Hometown: Russellville,Ky.
Sent: 11.08 PM - 6/21 2001
My father's brother Kenneth Sigler was shot down 10/8/43.His B17 ... ''Flak Happy''.He was KIA along with 6 other crewmembers.My father was KIA IN '68 IN VIETNAM.My page is a tribute to him.I never knew him and am trying to find out my family's history.

Name: Jack Drew
Hometown: Pensacola,Florida 32504
Sent: 7.31 PM - 6/21 2001
My brother Lt. George D. Drew was shot down August 13,1944 and was a POW was first in Stalag Luft 3 in Sagon,Stalag Luft 13D in Nurnberg and lioberated from Mooseberg 7A by the 3rd Army. He lives in Tampa Florida and very active in the POW group there,

Name: Paul J. Tobolski
Hometown: Banff, Alberta, Canada
Sent: 9.58 AM - 6/20 2001
My father, F/L Pawel Tobolski RAF(P) Reg. # Po375, was one of the fifty RAF officers shot as a result of his escape from Stalag Luft 111 on 24/25 March 1944. Commonly called the as the "Great Escape"
I am researching web pages and trying to locate Ex PoW sites. A movement is a foot to erect a memorial at the entrance to the escape tunnel as well as where the tunnel exited into the woods. This project is being chaired by one of the last survivors who escaped from the tunnel, namely, Sydney Dowse. The time frame is rather limited. Once the memorial plaques have been erected, any extra funding will go to the near by museum of Martyers in Zagan which has a very small display of the Luft 111 Camp.
Could I be favored with any responses to web page sites which are specific to Air Force PoW's.
Paul J. Tobolski
Banff, Alberta, Canada

Name: Jerry Powell
Hometown: Jackson,TN.
Sent: 9.50 PM - 6/19 2001
My dad was Grady B. Powell. He was shot down on Nov.18, 1944. Initially, he was sent to Stalag Luft IV but was transfered to Stalag Luft I before the end of the war. Like many other POW's, my dad did not talk much about his experiences while captured. I would like to know if anyone remembers him so that I might talk to them about a part of my dad's life that I will never to be able to know since he passed away this past January, 2001. Please respond with any information that you might have. Thank you for your hard work dedication to this effort.
Jerry V. Powell

Name: Glenn M. Moberly
Hometown: Vista, Ca. 92084
Sent: 6.58 PM - 6/19 2001
This is for my brother s-sgt Coleman D. Moberly who was a waist gunner on a B17 that was shot down March 19, 1944 over Yogoslavia, and captured by the German Army. He was in Stalag Luft 1. He was liberated by the Russian Army May 1, 1945. His German ID number was 3743. I have some details of his capture and his ordeal when shot down. Coleman died 15 July, 1998 at the Baptist Regional Medical Center, in Corbin, Kentucky, at age 77. He was buried in Mill Springs National Cemetery, Nancy, Kentucky, the grave is in Row-K, #186.
From Mill Springs National Cemetery Site:
Moberly, Coleman D, b. 07/30/1920, d. 07/15/1998, US Army Air Corps, SSGT, Res: London, KY, Plot: K 0 186, bur. 07/17/1998

Name: Charles W. Stichnoth
Hometown: hoopston, Illinois
Sent: 6.12 PM - 6/19 2001
My brother was with the 343rd, 98th bomber group Name of Lawrence Reitz Hoping someone can contact me with any information.  He was on a B-24 named "DAMFINO" They were lost over the Ploesti Oil Field, in Sept. 1943, our information said he was in Stalag 3 B, but I can't confirm if there was a 3B. Please contact me with any information. Thanks

Name: orc (minimalist abstract painter)
Hometown: belgium
Sent: 3.00 PM - 6/19 2001
"Stalag Zehn B"
le feldwebel est devenu général
le docteur du camp , professeur
et nous les juifs - c'est banal -
on est resté juif - pas d'erreur
I wrote this poem a few time ago , my father was a "costumer" of stalag x b

Rodney Jones
Hometown: Boise, Idaho
Sent: 2.02 PM - 6/19 2001
What a great thing to find this web site. My father was the pilot of the B-24 in Chuck Blaney's story. He told me about this site last week but he hasn't seen it since he doesn't have a computer.
It brings out many emotions in me to see on your web page the picture of dad's crew- the same picture that hung in our family room the whole time I was growing up. As a kid, this picture became part of the furniture- always there but never really discussed. Now that I'm 50 myself, I realize now how significant the picture is and was, and how recent dad's memories of the war were then and how fresh they still must be even now. As my brother Mike noted in a separate email, Dad didn't talk about the war or his experiences much. When I read Brokaw's book (The Greatest Generation) it struck me how much Dad was like the other people chronicled in the book- never talking about the war, but leading quiet lives of civic leadership and devotion to family.
When I was a kid I found Dad's prison camp diary and flight log, along with a nazi armband, one day in our attic. When I read his account of their crash I was astounded because I knew nothing of it at the time. I still didn't learn much thereafter except bits and pieces over many years. Thanks to Gerhard Bracke and the subsequent reunion of Dad's crew I now know much more than I otherwise would have.
When you read the missing air crew reports on the four liberators that went down the day of Dad's crash you immediately realize how fortunate he and his crew were to survive. In reading these and other materials you are also struck by the incredible and horrific experiences of so many people in the war, and their common exhibition of tremendous personal valor. I still find it amazing that a farmboy from Kentucky, who I don't think had ever been on a plane, wound up flying a four engine bomber over Germany. His flight log starts with a piper cub in the States, and abruptly ends with the names Berlin and Buchen.
I moved to Idaho two years ago. I have a picture of mom(now deceased) and dad at a hotel in Boise in 1944(mom had taken the train three days to get here). Last year we had dinner in the same hotel 56 years after the night of the picture, the last time he was there. Quite a feeling. We also visited Mountain Home Air Base where he was stationed just before going overseas.
I agree with my brother Mike that Dad's a hero. Now that I'm older, I also think that Dad is a hero for the grace and dignity with which he has lived his life since the war. There were and are many heroes as is clear from the many stories we see and hear, and as is seen on your website. I say we owe these good people our unending respect and gratitude for what they did which allows us to enjoy the lives and families we have. And I thank you for putting in the effort to set up this site so that younger people can know and appreciate the sacrifices these people and their families made, which they have so humbly kept to themselves all these years.

Name: Elbert Jones,Jr;
Homepage: 5944 Ogontz Ave. APT#2
Hometown: Philadelphia,PA.
Sent: 12.01 AM - 6/19 2001
Being a Viet Nam Vet,and looking at all of the pictures of Stalag Luft had really hurt my heart. I was especially moved when i seen the picture and read where and Officer was killed because he stepped out of the shack during and air raid,  i thought this was very inhumain of the tower guard, or whomever killed the unarmed prisoner.  I take my hat off to you Sir, and all the brave men of that encapement during those trying times, and thank God you and those that was saved made it home to enlighten us of what we are now seeing on the net the pictures and hardship you men endured. God bless you and your family Sir.

Name: Zdzislaw B. Dewicki
Hometown: Dearborn hts., MI
Sent: 3.23 PM - 6/18 2001
I was at Stalag Luft 1 and stayed in compound North 2, and later in North 3 from end of August 1944 until the Ruskies came.

Name: Frank W. Carr
Homepage: 39 Vista Dr.
Hometown: Manorville, NY 11949
Sent: 1.25 PM - 6/18 2001
I am writing this on behalf of my Dad, whom was a POW in Stalag Luft I in Dec. 1944. He was in the 824 Bomb Squad and the 484 Bomb Group. Dad has blanked out much of his horrible experience in the camp. Guess, it was something that many men did, in order to keep their sanity! We are all very proud of Dad and of all the other servicemen who fought for our freedom!! Our family is thankful that we are FINALLY honoring our WWII veterans, with the WWII Memorial. Thank you to everyone that has taken a part in making this happen!!
Debby Henderson (daughter of Frank W. Carr)

Name: T. Michael Jones
Hometown: Greer, SC 29651
Sent: 10.25 PM - 6/17 2001
My Father, Lt. Paul J. Jones, was the pilot of the "Do Bunny", whose crash landing is chronicled in Mr. Blaney's posting on this site. I always knew that my Dad and his crew were heroes, but I never knew the details, or anything near the details of what transpired, after their crash. Thank you for providing a media that provides the opportunity to learn more of what happened.
Like the majority of WWII veterans, my Father has been very reticent about the details, until the last two to three years. Through your website, I have learned much that fills in the blanks. Thank you.
An interesting note, I think. Through this website, my daughter is now in the process of corresponding with the granddauther of the German pilot who shot down her grandfather. And so, the circle comes complete.
thanks, Mike Jones

Name: Barbara Fillmore
Sent: 5.13 PM - 6/16 2001
niece of Robert Matthew Clyne

Name: Russell Zaborek
Sent: 12.03 PM - 6/16 2001
My father,John Zaborek,Company L-18th Regiment-3rd Battalion-3rd Platoon-Big Red One-captured 4apr43 in a dawn attack on Bedja,Tunisia-taken to prison camp in Tunis and 2 days before Tunis fell to the allies was put on an Italian ship for prison camp in Europe. The ship could not run the allied blockade being strafed and bombed. Ship run aground and Italian guard surrendered to the prisoners. Rescued by a French boat and eventually made his way back to his unit to partake in the invasion of Sicily in july. Wounds had him on a hospital ship in october and he was discharged in March of 1944.

Name: Ned Monroe
Hometown: Mt. Holly N.J.
Sent: 8.21 PM - 6/15 2001
I am writing this on behalf of my father, John E. Monroe, he was the FO of a B-24J that he and the crew used their fateful day because the "Jackass Mule" was down for repair. Some of you who would remember my da might know him as Mandy, some from Kelly Feild, might remember Lady Killer,  I remember him as Pop, and someone who went on to serve in the Air Force untill his retirement Nov.4th 1964, he was a Major and a man of honor, I miss him dearly since his death on my birthday March 2nd, 1978 at the young age of 54. To all of the men and women, from all war and both sides, I salute you, your sacrifice,  your pain, your suffering, was not in vain.

Hometown: Ashland, Kentucky
Sent: 12.31 PM - 6/15 2001
I am writting on behalf of my mother. My father, Joseph E. Bauer was a POW for 16 months in Germany. I think he was in stalag III. He was a tail gunner and was shot down over Italy. Anyone with any info i would appreciate a reply. Thank You!

Name: Pete Starratt
Hometown: Dallas, Texas
Sent: 10.47 AM - 6/15 2001
I am thoroughly enjoying your webpage! Thank you for adding a link to Dad's page. We appreciate it very much.  Pete Starratt

Name: Kristin Terrill
Hometown: Mitchell, South Dakota
Sent: 3.12 AM - 6/15 2001
I must say that your site is very well done and quite helpful. I am a college student with a relative who was a P.O.W. in Stalag Luft 13. I am currently trying to compile as much information about stalag 13 for a project, as I am a History major. If anyone has any information about Stalag 13 or knew Raymond Martin at that time, please contact me. Any information is greatly appreciated. Thanks again for taking the time to create this wonderful site to honor the men and women so often forgotten.
Kristin Terrill

Name: Anthony Duke
Hometown: San Jose
Sent: 2.56 PM - 6/14 2001
I looked at this website for a project for my class for the prisoners of World War II. I did a report on Dick Williams when he was a prisoner of war. The most interesting thing that I found on this website was about the secret newspaper and how it got around to the prisoners of Stalag Luft I. I am grateful for him for fighting for us in World War II. I would recommend this site to other people because it tells about people who were captured in World War II and how they risked their lives.

Name: Alan Taylor
Hometown: England UK
Sent: 10.08 AM - 6/14 2001
My grand uncle Sgt Albert LEES RAFVR was a POW from 2nd April 1942 routed through Dulag Luft to Stalag VIIIB then ending up at Stalag Luft 3 according to his "Personalkarte" and was there during the Gestapo murder of 50 Allied Officers in March 1944 after the Great Escape. I have a copy of a scroll on my site which lists 46 of the 50.

Name: Lisa Hooper
Hometown: Raynham ,MA
Sent: 9.52 PM - 6/13 2001
This is a great web site. I'm looking for anyone that may have known my uncle Raymond Tremblay he was in the 367th FG and shot down over Koln Germany 10/4/44. We know he made it out of the plane alive but that is it. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Name: Balinda Ballew Hickman
Hometown: Dallas,Tx
Sent: 6.34 PM - 6/12 2001
Thank you for a wonderful resource and for honoring these true American heroes. I am still seeking information about Lt. Hubert Noel Ballew of the 335th shot down in Feb.'44 over France and was a POW at Stalag Luft1 North Compound. He flew the 'Pistol Packin Momma'(Not the bomber)and was from Texas. Sometimes known as Chief or Frosty. He was friends with Ray Clotfelter and Bill Grossman,Lt.Wm.C. Otwell,Lt.V.Paterno and Capt.Neil Van Wyk. I'm sure others as well. Any information would be helpful and appreciated. Thanks B.H.

Name: Hargrove,Robert L Jr
Homepage: 201 n.e. 18th court
Hometown: Moore, Okla
Sent: 6.31 PM - 6/12 2001
I got captured Jan.30th at Anzio,in Italy. My outfit 3rd Inf. Div, 7th Reg. We fought along with the Rangers. Rode a cattle car through the Brenner Pass into Germany. Was sent to stalag 2b around Hammerstine next to Poland, not to for from Baltic Sea. Liberated by Russions 1st day of may 1945. 16th months I stayed with the Germans out on a commando(farming) planting and digging potatoes, sure were good at that time. I have never seen any one from my outfit to this day. Guess they were all killed. I am lucky to get home.Lee

Name: Diane Zahn
Sent: 5.10 PM - 6/12 2001
My father was a pow in ww2 and I would like to know if anyone might of known him. His name is Lawrence E. Arthurs. I hope somebody will have some info on him. THANKS SO MUCH

Name: Cecelia Hellmann Trueblood
Hometown: Martinsville Indiana
Sent: 3.48 PM - 6/12 2001
My father, Jerome Hellmann was a waist gunner in a B-17 that was shot down on a bombing raid over Germany. He was a POW in Stalag Luft #4 ,I think. He is disabled. We are trying to get some benefits for him and mother to help them in their later years and need some information that I can print regarding what his experiences were like while incarcerated and during the death march. If you can help please email me. Thank you.

Name: lavonda becker
Hometown: ft worth texas
Sent: 2.22 PM - 6/12 2001
My husbands uncle was a belly gunner and his plane went down in march of 1944. he also trained in florida.His name was Jimmie Becker he was MIA for over 30 years when his body was found preserved in a peat moss bed and his watch class ring and name bracelet were all found I would like to know how to find out more info on his fellow crew members and anything else to pass on to our family can you help me??

Name: Kirsten Day
Hometown: Chicago IL
Sent: 4.23 PM - 6/11 2001
This probably seems weird but my grandfather was not an american P.O.W. but a pilot for the Germany Army. My grandfather was a P.O.W. , he was shot down by the Russians and sent to a prison camp there, but eventually escaped. I came upon Chuck Blaneys personal account and to my astonishment there was a picture of my grandfather Lt. Rudolf Rademacher. He was on the wrong side but nonetheless he was my fathers dad and the loss effects our entire family to this day. I feel for everyone who has lost a loved one regardless of what country they represent!

Name: Mae Harbeson Dean
Hometown: Pensacola, Fl.
Sent: 10.26 AM - 6/11 2001
I am the daughter of Lt. Col. Richard B. Harbeson, deceased. I am doing research for a family history and I believe from my fathers POW tag that he was at Luft 1. If you can direct me to any information about his imprisonment please contact me by email or at
850-492-0706. He was Group Deputy CO of the 362nd, shot down Dec. 17,1944. He has been dead since 1968 and there is very little family history of his service. So anything you could provide would be of interest. Thank you so much for your maintenance of such a good website. Sincerely, Mae

Name: Greg Moore
Hometown: Knoxville TN
Sent: 7.30 PM - 6/9 2001
My great uncle served on a B-17 and was shot down over Germany. He was a POW for a while. His name was George Kelly. This is all I know. Where can I go to find out more about him? I have others, but cant find a website to find info. Please help. Thanks to all who served.

Name: walter hull
Hometown: bastrop, la.
Sent: 7.12 PM - 6/9 2001
Enjoyed the photos.

Name: JOHN MC teague
Sent: 4.26 PM - 6/9 2001

Name: Eleanor Fischer Quigley
Hometown: Alexandria, VA 22308
Sent: 8.22 PM - 6/8 2001
My father, John J. Fischer, was a POW in Stalag Luft I, North Compound, from February 1944 until liberation. He, my mother, and I will probably be going to Barth for the 2001 reunion in September.
Dad lives in Rockville Centre, NY, which is on Long Island. He is well except for some arthritis pains in his leg and back. He stayed in the Air Force for 22 years, retiring as a Colonel in 1961. At that time, he had 7 children aged 16 and younger, so he resumed his legal career in NYC. This was challenging since his last case had been defending a POW who attempted to escape from Barth back in 1945!
In 1995, Dad and numerous family members attended the dedication of the POW exhibit on board the SS Intrepid in NY harbor. That day, Clair Cline's violin was again a special part of Dad's life. He had played it while a prisoner and during the POW tour immediately after WWII. He even played it on Arthur Godfrey's radio show!! (We have some great pictures of this.) In 1995, he played it again on board the Intrepid! Dad and the concertmaster of the NY Philarmonic agreed that it was a great instrument.  It would be very satisfying to meet some of Dad's companions from prison camp while we are on the trip to Barth!
Eleanor Quigley

Name: Carol Cataldo
Hometown: Knox, PA
Sent: 8.15 PM - 6/8 2001
My Stepfather:
Pvt. Donald O. Miller Serial #33845531
Co. K 318th Infantry (Army)
MIA 16 Nov 44
POW# 079168 Stalag 2-A Germany
Returned to military control - 28 Apr 45
"Pop" pasted away in 1971 from the health conditions he received in the POW camp. He
returned with TB, loosing a lung, and diabetes. Pop wasn’t sure where he was when he was captured. He thought, maybe, the Battle of the Bulge.  He never talked much about his experience expect for the few light-hearted things that happened. Their barracks had a pair of scissors. A Germany guard would give they an extra potato or two for a hair cut.
My Father:
Stg. Wayne A. Fye
405th Armored Field Artillery Battalion
Dad was a tank commander. He was part of the push across the Rhine River. God was
with him as he returned safely at the end of the war. However, he pasted away in 1961.
Two of my Dad’s brothers also served. I have been compiling their stories to preserve in
the family history to be passed on to future generations. “Least they forget.”

Name: Helga Radau
Hometown: 18 356 Barth - Germany
Sent: 4.23 PM - 6/8 2001
Dear Mary and Barbara,
you have done a wonderful job in creating this website.   I am very glad to be in close contact with you.
Many thanks for all you have done to commemorate those imprisoned at Stalag Luft I. They are not forgotten.

Hometown: Rochester, NY/Waukesha, WI/Kerrville, TX
Sent: 3.34 PM - 6/7 2001
I was a B-17 pilot in the 398th BG, 603 SQ and took part in the pick-up of liberated pow's from Stalag Luft 1 in May 1945. It was a happy experience. The liberated prisoners I saw were in very good spirits, and very happy to get back to friendly surroundings. For a group of men who had not flown since they were shot down or crash landed -- perhaps many months before -- there seemed to be little fear about going flying again! It was certainly a very memorable experience for me.

Name: Connie Kupchunos
Hometown: Ivoryton, CT
Sent: 7.53 AM - 6/7 2001
I am the daughter of John A. Kirkham III, navigator/bombardier aboard a B-17 that crashed during a bombing mission over Germany in Nov. 1944. He spent about 6 months at Stalag Luft 1. It has only been fairly recently that he has spoken much about his war experiences. I am "guardian" of a diary of sorts of his POW experiences. I am overwhelmed and humbled when I think of that time in his life, thankful for what he and many others did for us, and inspired by their courage and that of those left behind to wait for them. I hope to join my parents for the Stalag Luft 1 tour in September. Thank you for your work on this web site.

Name: Robert A. Dickson
Hometown: Morro Bay, CA
Sent: 10.20 AM - 6/6 2001
B-17 pilot with 91st Bomb Group. Shot down on Dec. 1,1943. POW in Stalag Luft 1 for 18 months in South Compound, Block 2.
Nice website!

Name: Mary Shannon Jones
Sent: 11.01 PM - 6/5 2001
My Dad RAYMOND MICHAEL SHANNON, was in the 82nd.Airborne and shot down over France somewhere. He was in a German prison camp for 2 1/2 years until the war was over. He was released by the Russians. He was a Chicago, Il. young man. If anyone remembers him please contact me. This is all the info that I have. Thank you.

Hometown: Payette, Idaho
Sent: 5.04 PM - 6/5 2001
I live in Idaho Falls, Idaho now, but thought I would visit your site, as I was an inmate at I for 8 months. lived in North II compound. I don't remember many of the people in the camp, my buddy passed away three years ago. Hope you are all fine, my best regards, Dan Davis

Name: Pat Hitchcock
Hometown: Garland, Texas
Sent: 12.10 AM - 6/5 2001
I am looking for any information on my dad. His name was Bill Patton. He was from Garland, Texas. He was a prisioner of war for over 2 years. He was in Stalag Luft I, but I do not know the number of his room. He was also a bombardier, but I do not know his plane. I was told that he and one other escaped death when their plane was shot down. I would like to know anything that I can find out about him. Please contact me at my E-mail address. Thank you, Pat Hitchcock

Hometown: Dallas,Tx
Sent: 9.56 PM - 6/4 2001
Hi, I'm looking for POWs from Comp. North I and anyone who might have known Lt. Hubert Noel Ballew also known as Chief or Frosty. Any information on camp life or my father's escape would be appreciated. He left with Ray Clotsfelder and Bill Grosman. He was friends with Wm.C.Otwell, V.Paterno and Neil Van Wyk. Thanks

Name: J. Worden Petersen
Hometown: Florida
Sent: 12.45 PM - 6/4 2001
Lloyd R. Worden, one of Mr. Chapman's roomates, is my grandfather. He has spent many hours telling me stories of his experiences in WW II. I enjoyed your site very much. God Bless all of these heroes!

Name: Ilona Fitzgerald
Hometown: Sydney Australia
Sent: 5.46 AM - 6/4 2001
My Father Vytautas Grybas is 79 today and he sat with me and told me of his youth when he was stolen by the German Army from his home to fight for the Germans They took him in the clothes he had on his back (No shoes) he was only a young man. He was not able to fight so was put to work for 9 mths in a power station and at the end of the war he was a lost person with no home no family and while telling me this story today it was hard for me to take it all in. my mum tells me that he often has very vivid and real horry dreams that still haunt him. He feels strongly that he should be compensated for the torture he went through as a prisoner of war. May be you could help me and send me in the right direction.  My father is from Lithuanian and look forward to your help

Name: Shawn Holmes
Hometown: Taft, CA
Sent: 10.46 PM - 6/2 2001
Thank you !Your Site has given me insight, My Grandfather was a POW in Germany, and I do not know a thing except, He was in a tail gunner according to my Mother. His name was John Lloyd, from Ohio. I only met him three times. My Mom only saw him five times. they wrote letters all her life but she said "He never talked about the war much. Once again thank you for the great Web Site

Name: Andrew A. Kneffler
Hometown: Stone Creek, Ohio
Sent: 9.42 AM - 6/2 2001
Hello, I am in need of assistance, My father (Albert M. Kneffler ) was a prisoner of war in WWII, I believe in a camp by the name of OFLAG-64, he was reported missing October 2, 1944. I believe he may have been with the 80th Infantry Division or 311th Lightning infantry Division. Any help in locating information about this prison camp or Albert M. Kneffler would be greatly appreciated.

Name: Robert Huettner
Sent: 4.06 PM - 6/1 2001
Have been serving our country for 18+ years. Have been able to use the Schwienfurt raids as teaching points for my soldiers. Am looking for crash sites to honor those who made the sacrifice; possible erecting of monuments to the crews. New soldiers aren't that bad and want links to their military past. Can anyone out there help me? We'll try to make you proud.
SFC Huettner
1st SQDN, 4th U.S. Cavalry
1st Infantry Division

Hometown: KENLY N.C.
Sent: 7.17 AM - 6/1 2001

Name: James E. Klansnic
Hometown: Enumclaw, Wa.
Sent: 12.31 AM - 6/1 2001
I was shot down April 4th, 1944 over Steyer, Austria.  I was in the 99th Bomb Gp 416th Sqdn. I wound up in Stalag Luft 1, Barth, Germany.

Name: Norm Newhouse
Hometown: El Centro CA
Sent: 9.07 PM - 5/31 2001
Great website. I was stationed at nearby Frankfurt am Main 1962-65. I knew of the "spooky" base at Oberursel, but was never on the base. Very interesting stuff. Thanks

Name: Charles H. Bilharz
Hometown: Crystal River, FL
Sent: 7.52 PM - 5/31 2001
Spent 15 months in North Compound 1 at Barth

Name: Jean Bante Moore
Homepage: jbante
Hometown: Houston, TX
Sent: 1.35 PM - 5/31 2001
The previous message listed my web address incorrectly and I'm correcting it with this. I am looking for anyone who might have known my father 2nd Lt. John D. Bante. He was a navigator on aircraft 337869 (Blond Bomber) 447th Bomb Group (Rafflesdone) 710 squadron, which was shot down on Nov. 25, 1944. My dad passed away in April 2000 without tellling me or my siblings very much about his time int he service or in the prison camp. He was imprisoned on Stalag Luft I until the end of the war

Name: Linda Francine Saint Campise
Hometown: Mariposa, California
Sent: 9.47 PM - 5/30 2001
My father was born in England and never became a U.S. citizen, but he fought in world war 2. he was held as a prisoner of war. My father always had nightmares and I was told by my mother, now deceased that he said the worst smell is of human flesh burning. He witnessed the stack of Jewish people burning. My father became an atheist because he couldn't understand how a God would allow this to happen. My father had many good qualities, but the war scarred him. He committed suicide when I was 12 years old. I read Brokaw's book and know now what my father went through. If anyone has any information about my father that they can share, please contact me. I pray that through history records that God was present, and he does reign!

Name: Tracy "Moorman"Griffin
Sent: 5.40 PM - 5/30 2001
I am looking for any information that anyone could give me on my Grandfather.Who served in World War II
and died for his Country in that same War.I never got a chance to know him and I am trying to learn of him by any means possable. His name is -was Floyd Moorman

Name: logan
Hometown: tucson,az
Sent: 3.46 PM - 5/30 2001
Your father is truly an American hero, as are all of the men and women who served during WWII. I would like to personally thank all of them for their many things that they sacraficed. Also, you grandmothers letters absolutely break my heart! She must have been so scared for her son. Thank you for sharing this wonderful part of your family

Name: Tobias Metzner
Hometown: Wismar, Germany
Sent: 5.12 AM - 5/30 2001
I`m looking for POW`s of Stalag Luft 1 who made their way to the British outpost at Wismar in May 1945

Name: Margaret (Butler) Neubauer
Hometown: Panama City, FL
Sent: 11.01 PM - 5/29 2001
My father was Ralph Butler, pilot of B-24 shot down November 1944, and prisoner of war at Stalag Luft I until liberated by the Russians. Dad died October 12, 1998, and only rarely talked about his war experiences. Our family is gathering the information we have to pass on. I'm also interested in finding a copy of "Beyond Barbed Wire" if anyone knows of a copy in existence. Thanks, Margaret Neubauer

Name: Susan (Fields) Vaniman
Hometown: Pingree, ND
Sent: 9.46 PM - 5/29 2001
My father, James E. Fields, was a POW in Stalag 1 in 1944 and 1945. He was in Barracks A, Room 2. He was neighbors with, but didn't know, Bob Case, whom he met in Arkansas many years after retiring.
What a great site!

Name: marian
Sent: 8.29 AM - 5/29 2001
looking for information on my father who was a pow in world war 11. he has passed away several years ago and i just found out about this he was in the army. his name was William Joseph Wilbert. Would like any information that any one has thanks marian

Name: Herman Engel
Hometown: Centerville,OH (Brooklyn, NY in 1945)
Sent: 12.31 AM - 5/29 2001
I was the navigator on Paul J Jones' crew. Note from Webmaster: See Chuck Blaney's page

Name: Tom Haefs
Hometown: Stillwater Minnestoa
Sent: 7.46 PM - 5/28 2001
My Father in Law was a P.O.W. in Stalag Luft I. His name is George E. Wold. He was a enlisted man and was assigned to the 45th Infantry division. He was captured in southern France around a town he called Nasiville. (Not quite sure of the spelling.) He said that he spent about nine months as a prisoner, until he was liberated by the Russians. He tells me that he doesn't want to join any organizations,but I would like to him him registered on your list of P.O.W's . He deserves to be recognized.Thank you for your time and feel free to contact me if you need any more information.
Tom Haefs

Name: Becky Colvin
Hometown: Erwin, TN
Sent: 7.28 PM - 5/28 2001
My father, John Salyer, flew with the 729th squadron, 452nd bomb. group. He was shot down 12/31/44 and taken prisoner. We have a "Welcome to POW Camp" for Stalag Luft 1, Barth Germany book. I assume that is where he was. I have his letters he wrote to his mother during the time leading up to his capture and starting again with his release. Other than that, I don't know too much as he never spoke much about it. I'm trying to find any info I can.

Name: Dr. Robert A. Norton
Sent: 12.12 PM - 5/28 2001
I am seeking information on my uncle Robert Hasseltine (now deceased),who was a navigator shot down I believe over Germany and taken prisoner. He suffered severe injuries and was hospitalized for many months.   Unfortunately, he spoke very little of his experiences and I know nothing about where he was kept prisoner. I am trying to find any who knew him as a POW or any who flew with him or any who might have any documents, pictures, etc. of him. Any information would be deeply appreciated.

Name: Harold L. Babcock (sgt)
Hometown: Danbury, wis. 54830
Sent: 11.08 AM - 5/28 2001
my family just started this web site for me and we are hoping to add to it soon (my wife is typing this for me) I'm hoping there is some one out there who remembers me from pow camp as i noticed that i was not listed in any pow roll call.

Name: Nancy Wilson
Hometown: Troy, Michigan
Sent: 9.00 AM - 5/28 2001
My father, Lt. Robert J. Peterson, a bombardier on a B24 Liberator of the 8th Air Force, 700th Squadron, 445th Bomb group was shot sown and spent 2 years as a POW in Stalag Luft 1. He is alive and well in Chassell, Michigan. He was shot down over Germany in February of 1944 and spent 2 years as a POW in Stalag Luft 1.  I am anxious to show him this site. I have copies of a cartoon book that was inked by two RAF POWS, Flight Sgt Budgen and Squadron Leader B. Arct (a Belgian flier) that demonstrate daily life as a POW in Stalag Luft 1, Barth, Germany. Thank you for this wonderful site. I think my father will be happy to visit it often.

Name: Linda j. Morris
Hometown: Glen Rock, PA
Sent: 12.56 AM - 5/28 2001
Thank you for a wonderful tribute! I accidentally came across your site on this Memorial Day while looking for my father, Alexander J. Krajewski. He was a Lieutenant in the air corps and did spend time in a POW camp. He liked to tell about the second time he was shot down, when he looked up in to the gun barrel of a German officer who pronounced, in a heavy German accent, "For you zi war iz over!" He also talked about the Russians liberating the camp. I am wondering if he is the same Alex Krajewski that is listed as a roommate on your site. My father was born in CT but spent most of his life in RI. He passed away 2 years ago, and my son has become interested in WWII and his family history. I would appreciate any information you could provide. I have included my son's web page, where you can find the "American Portraits" collection he is building of memorabilia, some of which dates from WWII. Linda

Name: Bob 'punchy' Powell
Hometown: Atlanta, GA
Sent: 3.41 PM - 5/27 2001
Dear Mary: Thank you for including General Luther Richmond's POW stories. General Richmond is a fine gentleman, great pilot and good friend. As another pilot in the 352nd FG I was pleased to have flown a number of missions with him before he went down and one of his POW stories is included in our history, which I co-authored, titled "The Bluenosed Bastards of Bodney," now in its second printing. The book also includes some other E&E stories. It is now in its second printing. When we learned that collectors were paying as much as $350 for this book we decided to reprint it. Col. Hub Zemke, C.O. of the 56th FG and also a POW, described this book as "absolutely the best fighter history to come out of WWII," probably because we didn't publish it to make money, but to perpetuate the history of one of the most outstanding fighter groups of the 8th Air Force and republished it for the same reason. It is now available again. This 292 page hardback history chronicles the history of the "Bluenosers" with 16 color pages, more than 1,000 wartime photos, 18 color profiles of our P-47s and P-51s, valuable statistical data, fascinating sidebar stories and much more than can be described here. May I suggest that you and your readers pull up our website for more  information on this book or contact me ( before the second edition  goes out of print, too. You have an outstanding website and I plan to contribute some POW
stories to it shortly.
blue skies,
bob 'punchy' powell
Editor/Historian of WWII

Name: Bob 'Punchy' Powell,
Hometown: Atlanta, GA
Sent: 9.11 PM - 5/26 2001
I was a pilot in the 352nd FG (The Bluenosers) and now the Editor/Historian for our Association and co-author of our history, "The Bluenosed Bastards of Bodney," now in its second printing. A friend put me onto this website so that I could read the POW stories of General Luther Richmond, C.O. of our 486th Sqdn. One of his stories is included in our book. However, I have been unable to find his stories on this site. Still looking.  punchy powell

Hometown: Danbury, wis. 54830
Sent: 4.01 PM - 5/26 2001
We were wondering if anyone out there remembers me while i was a pow at stalag luft one. I was in solitarie confindment for 21 days for answering yes sir to a german officer when he was interrogating me. My name was not included on the prisoner of list at the camp.

Name: Mark Donoho Jr
Hometown: Dallas, Texas
Sent: 11.30 PM - 5/25 2001
My dad was a POW in Stalag Luft III from May 1944 til liberation. He was a copilot of a B-24 shot down on his fourth mission. Would like to correspond with POW's from Stalag Luft III or their relatives. Is there a reunion of these guys and families?

Name: Jean Kilburg Permison
Hometown: Bellevue Iowa
Sent: 10.49 PM - 5/25 2001
You are correct. Sending our men to a concentration camp is not part of the Geneva Convention. The Germans of WW2 did not follow any of the rules governing treatment of POW'S.  How many people will join me in my pursuit of getting compensation for people like my father Edward F. Kilburg????
Just e-mail me at, leave just you e-mail or a first name so a running number and be determined.

Name: Patricia Conrey
Hometown: Rochester, NY
Sent: 9.17 PM - 5/25 2001
Tonight on TV broadcast news was mentioned that after the Battle of the Bulge many American prisoners were taken by the Germans to Berga. It said that 74 Jewish-American soldiers were pulled out and sent to a concentration camp for slave labor and many died. How is this possible under the Geneva convention? I am looking for information on this subject.

Name: Martin
Sent: 10.27 AM - 5/24 2001
Balinda Ballew Hickman, Please e-mail me at, I may have some info on your father. My Uncle was also a POW at stalag I and was an Eagle squadron and 4th fighter group veteran as well. Martin

Name: Alisa Gum
Hometown: Jane Lew, West Virginia
Sent: 9.23 AM - 5/24 2001
My father, George Garvin, was shot down while a crew member of a B17 bomber and held as a pow for 18 months. He has tried to forget the memories but I am very much interested in any information I can find for my children. He did tell me the name of his camp was Stalag 13. If anyone remembers my father, I would appreciate any information. Thank you.

Name: Michelle Valdez
Hometown: Colorado Springs CO
Sent: 7.13 AM - 5/24 2001
I found this web site while searching for information about my grandfather Lt Col Heston C Daniel whom I believe was a POW at Stalag Luft III. I only have a few memories of stories he shared with me as a little girl. He lived such an interesting life, that I thought it would be interesting to try to learn more about him and everything that he endured. If anyone as any information please e-mail me.

Name: Nancy and Harold Babcock
Hometown: Danbury, Wis. 54830
Sent: 2.27 PM - 5/23 2001
I found out more about my husbands story by going to this web site then i did before. My husband was a POW during ww2. at stalag luft 1 did brought back many memories to him. He is 84yrs. old and we have been married for almost 37 yrs. Im only 59 thank you for a nice site to find out what really went on with our men.

Sent: 4.01 AM - 5/23 2001

Name: Balinda Ballew Hickman
Hometown: Mineola,Tx.
Sent: 12.57 AM - 5/23 2001
Greetings, We apprreciate the information and stories you are sharing with the rest of us. We have only begun to delve into this project with the intention of writing my dad's and mom's love story, war experience and how it has impacted three generations so far. We have some wonderful memorabilia, pictures, his log book with an account of his being shot down ,by someone after the fact. My dad died in '68 before we knew we had questions and like others he only spoke to my mother about his experience and very seldom at that. We have an account of his liberation experience and an awful encounter with the Russians in the town. Also, a story of local German farmers befriending the guards and prisoners and then committing murder suicide as the Russians arrived.There were encounters with the French underground and an arduous trip to safety after the liberation. My dad was 1stLt. Hubert Noel Ballew a fighter pilot, originally with the Eagle Squadron then became part of the 335th 4th ftr. squadron when he was shot down over Rheims, France Feb.6, 1944. He was in Stal.Luft I RAF Nr O-2044 431 Kgf Nr 2662 acke 107 Raum 14?.We are not clear what that stands for but have an idea. We know he escaped with Bill Crosman and Ray Clotsfelder(?) We have correspondence from Lt V. Paterno and Capt. Neil Van Wyk but don't know if there association was as POWs or not. We do know that 2nd Lt. Burt Christie Wyman went down a few days prior to my father, this was also noted in my dad's log and I believe they were shipped back to the states together. Forgive me for going on I am just hoping to connect with someone who knew my dad. But more than that my daughter's and I hope to honor my dad and all the brave soldiers from WWII. We also want to honor all the wives and girlfriends and families that sacrificed for this nation and for mine and my children's future. We are so deeply touched to have known and loved them. We are continuing to explore and will be back intouch. Thanks again Balinda

Name: Heather Johnson
Hometown: St Marys Ontario
Sent: 7.41 PM - 5/22 2001
I enjoyed your site on Stalag luft 1. My grandfather was taken prisoner on April 16, 1945 in prison camp Zan Bostel, in what was Kusten Canal, Holland. He called ths camp Stalag 10 B. My grandfather was a Canadian soldier, of the Algonquin Regiment. He kept a diary of his time spent at the prison camp, which I am lucky to have a copy of.
Heather Johnson Ontario Canada

Name: Gary Norton Bullinger
Sent: 7.24 PM - 5/22 2001
Thank you for the opportunity to view your historic pictures of Luft 1. I'm researching my uncle Wilson D. Smith who was a B-24 navigator for the 15th Army Air(out of Italy) and shot down June 20, 1944 over Austria or Hungary. He was a pow for 3-8 months, but do not know the camp he was in. Perhaps it was Luft 1. I would welcome contacts from anyone who would have known Wilson.

Name: Ginny
Hometown: Minnesota
Sent: 10.35 PM - 5/21 2001
Thank you for the wonderful living history (that lives though those who remember or want to learn!) My father was ETO with the 64th fighter wing. I am searching for anyone who knew him (deceasesd in 1958 at the age of 35 when I was only five) His name was Lt. Col. John Letnar with the Army Air Corps. Any veteran out there who still remembers his is welcome to email to me. His grandchildren long to know who he was. Thanks for sharing such a beautiful tribute. Ginny

Name: Nigel Greenaway
Hometown: Derby, UK
Sent: 1.58 PM - 5/21 2001
Searching for relatives of Canadian crew (G.A.Kidder was one of them) who took part in the great escape from Stalag Luft 111. They bailed out from a Wellington bomber piloted by my uncle JACK TAYLOR. He died so that they could bail out safely. Unfortunately they were subsequently shot after their POW escape.

Name: Mr. Langley's Class
Sent: 1.22 PM - 5/21 2001
We really enjoyed the site.

Name: Mark Henderson
Hometown: St. Louis
Sent: 10.00 AM - 5/21 2001
Hello. I really love your site. My grandfather, Don Henderson, was a pilot during WWII and flew a B-17 bomber. He and his crew were shot down on their 25th mission, while still over enemy soil, and spent almost 2 years in Stalag Luft I. He rarely spoke of his experiences during the war, but I have always been aware of what he went through and have always admired him as a person. I think it is very important that people know what his generation sacrificed, and this website is doing a good job of that. Keep up the good work!

Name: William F. Miller
Hometown: Corpus Christi, Texas 78404
Sent: 1.55 PM - 5/20 2001
I was the pilot of the 359th Squadron, 303rd Group B-17 "Miss Umbriago," shot down 28 Sep 44 in the raid on Magedeburg in which our Group lost 11 airplanes. Stayed in Room 6, Block 6, North 2.

Hometown: lawrenceville, GA.
Sent: 11.56 AM - 5/19 2001

Homepage: 759 CROSSBROOK DR.
Hometown: MORAGA, CA. 94556
Sent: 1.02 AM - 5/19 2001

Name: Fred W. Butler, Jr.
Hometown: Lompoc, CA
Sent: 12.48 AM - 5/19 2001
After all these years, it is still clear in my mind. I am now 81 but I can remember. I was shot down over Saarbrucken on 25 Feb 1944 and arrived at Stalag Luft 1 about a week later. I lived in Block 4 room 8 in North Compound 1. Someone may remember me since I played in the band in North 1. Are there many left out there? If so, my e-mail is Thanks for this opportunity

Name: Jean Darley
Hometown: Medway Towns
Sent: 5.43 PM - 5/18 2001
Thank you for putting this site on the Internet. My own site tells a similar story of my father and his service in Bomber Command and internment in Stalag VIIIB. My father was 80 in April 2001.

Name: Carter Manierre
Hometown: Clearwater, FL
Sent: 6.32 AM - 5/18 2001
Great site. My father was in this camp as an OSS agent captured in France. He worked as Gabby Gabreski's Adjutant. If anyone knew Cyrus Manierre, please contact me at "". Carter


Name: Mike Haslam
Hometown: London, England
Sent: 4.20 PM - 5/16 2001
Congratulations on your site.
Following the recent death of my mother I have found some of the effects of my late uncle P/O Arnold Livesey (RAF). He was short down while serving with 405 squadron (Royal Canadian Airforce) and was a "guest" at Stalag Luft 1 between Dec 1943 and May 1945.
Among the items that he kept for many years was his "Wartime Log" which records his thoughts etc at Barth.  This little book contains the names and addresses of some of his fellow POWs, including Brits, Americans, many Canadians a few Australians and even a couple of Greeks.
Barth must have been a very international place.
Keep up the good work.

Name: Janet Daniels
Hometown: Greenup, KY
Sent: 3.09 PM - 5/16 2001
I really enjoyed looking through your site. I don't know much about WWII except for stories I recall my Dad telling, he to was a prisoner of war...WWII, his name is Cecil K. Bays, he passed away in 1976.

Name: David Melnick
Hometown: Tallahassee, FL
Sent: 9.32 PM - 5/15 2001
My granddad, Lt. Vernon C. Atkinson, was a pow in Stalag Luft I. I am thrilled that you have this web site. Btw, I adored it when he spoke about the fruit (rutabegas) there. He got sick of it. Your web site is awesome. Thanks for the pics & future reunion this year.

Name: Larry Shurilla
Hometown: Menomonee Falls, WI
Sent: 7.21 PM - 5/14 2001
My dad, Robert J. Shurilla, was a Stalag Luft I vet from March of 1944 to May of 1945. He was in the North Compound, Barracks 6 Room 6. He played trumpet in the camp's band, the "Round the Benders." He was a track star at Marquette University before the war. I'd love to hear from anyone who knew my dad. My name is Larry Shurilla and I am the youngest of his six children.

Name: Travis Hudelson
Hometown: Westfield, NJ
Sent: 4.41 PM - 5/14 2001
I'm Wes Hudelson's son, and would like to hear any stories you have involving him. My Mom would I'm sure enjoy them as well- her email is:
Best to you,
Travis Hudelson

Name: William A. Rendall
Hometown: Kinderhook NY 12106
Sent: 4.06 PM - 5/14 2001
1st Lt. 44th Bomb Group,MIA 30 Dec.'43-6mo with French Resistance-Arrested by Gestapo 19June44-Stalag Luft III-Liberated Moosburg 7A -29April45

Name: John M. Howison
Hometown: Bogata, TX
Sent: 12.12 PM - 5/13 2001
Can you find words to the kriegie paraphrase of American Beauty, with the line "The real American Beauty is an escort of P-38s?

Name: Tomasina A. Wall
Hometown: Columbus, Ohio
Sent: 10.45 PM - 5/12 2001
I found your site while trying to find more info on POW's. My grandpa Roy M. Stevens was a POW for 9 months. He was a bomber gunner on B-17. I have 2 postcards he wrote from the POW camp to his mother and Brother. I was not sure how to decipher all the german code to find out which camp. It does say K.F.G. Luftwaffe-N.R.3  I want to know where that is or what it means. and more. Great site I will visit again, thanks

Name: MSgt Robert J. De Cesare
Hometown: Austin Texas
Sent: 9.44 PM - 5/12 2001
I served in England at R.A.F Chelveston from 1960-1964.
Many of the English people working on the base told me stories of the American flyers that served on the base.  They loved each and every one of the American that forght for them and saved them from the "Hund". I served over twenty years in the USAF, I flew for seven years. My war was the unknown war Viet Nam, but we did our best. Thanks to all that served this nation in time of wars.

Name: Clifford H. Robinson
Hometown: Arleta, CA
Sent: 4.27 PM - 5/12 2001
I was a POW at Stalag Luft 1, South Compound, Block 2.
Thanks for the great story on "Revival Flights".

Name: Melvin B. Dunham
Homepage: 3701 Loy Lake Rd. Apt.209
Hometown: Sherman,TX75090
Sent: 10.22 AM - 5/12 2001

Name: crystal jordan
Hometown: Bundoora Australia
Sent: 2.13 AM - 5/12 2001
I am researching about my father Edward William Davis who was captured at Dunkirk 1940. He was in Stalag XXB. I am unable to find anything about this camp. A book was published called "Handle with care" in Britian after the war but I haven't found it yet.

Name: call me IAN...
Hometown: Cologne, Germany
Sent: 10.15 AM - 5/11 2001
I just found your website and want to thank you for providing good information. I have been doing research work on WWII myself and was wondering if you could help. It is very hard to come by information on soldiers of WWII in Germany, and if you dare to ask, you could easily offend someone... I am looking for information on my grandfather who, I suppose, fought for Germany on both fronts. His name was Richard Sopora, initially he was from somewhere what today is Poland, but later in the war he fled to southern Germany. If you need any more Information, I will try to provide it, just email me. I would be really grateful if anyone could help...

Name: Doug Winters
Hometown: San Diego, CA
Sent: 9.10 PM - 5/10 2001
Dear Mary and Barbara:
I found your website a few weeks ago and came across my dad's name on George Simmons' page listing roommates at Luft I. We have been corresponding ever since and I've learned so much about my dad's experience as a POW. He was killed during the Korean War. Thank you again for maintaining the website. Your thoughtfulness helped me answer many questions.

Name: John V. Colson
Hometown: Columbia, SC 29223-4417
Sent: 4.18 PM - 5/10 2001
I was pilot of B-24J 42-51272, 446th Group, Squadron 706. On my 25th mission (marshalling yard at Neunkirchen) we received a direct hit and exploded just after bomb release. I thank you for your pictures and information.

Name: Sheldon Bird
Hometown: Bath, ME
Sent: 2.20 AM - 5/10 2001
Hi. Thanks for the site. My dad, Lt. Robert P. Bird, was a B24 pilot with the 449th BG of Grottaglie, IT and was shot down on a raid on Regensburg in Feb 44, spent the duration in SL1. I have his story and many souvenirs, including the YMCA Wartime Log with pics, menus, orders, ersatz coffee, and letters/telegrams.

Name: Mrs. Anne Eustace
Hometown: Perth, Western Australia.
Sent: 1.14 AM - 5/10 2001
Hi, My mothers only brother,Flt. Sgt. Harold Laurence Barron was serving with the RAAF in England as a wireless operator in a Lanc. when he was shot down and killed over Germany on 21st June, 1944. He was single and 24yrs old. I have always found war stories fascinating and am always pleased to hear of those who survived.

Name: Carl S. Cook Jr.
Hometown: Steubenville ,Ohio
Sent: 9.47 AM - 5/9 2001
Hello, My name is Carl S. Cook Jr. My dad was a POW of the Germans. He was shot down June 22,1943. Reported to my mother as kia. He spent most of his prison time in Hospital camps with leg injuries. His last camp was Heilag 4d Annaburg. Anyone that has any info please email me. He died in july 1971 when I was only 17.

Name: Gini Giddiens
Hometown: Panama City, FL
Sent: 4.43 PM - 5/8 2001
Great page! Mr. Kamarainen sent me the site. My father Ralph Butler was pilot on his crew....

Name: Bob Dickson
Hometown: Morro Bay, CA
Sent: 1.23 AM - 5/8 2001
I just printed the pages and haven't had a chance to read it yet but it looks like a wonderful report on our evacuation from Stalag Luft 1. Thanks,
Bob Dickson 91st BG 322nd Sq.
18 months POW

Name: John Jameson
Hometown: Easley, SC
Sent: 8.39 PM - 5/7 2001
My uncle, Lake Hugh Jameson, a B-17 pilot, was shot down over eastern France on Feb. 8, 1944 following a bombing run on the Frankfurt railyards and was a prisoner in Stalag Luft 1 until it was liberated by the Russians. He was in the North Compound. We interviewed him on April 28, 2001 and taped his account.

Name: jenny
Hometown: alabama
Sent: 10.47 PM - 5/6 2001
I am searching for an edmund d. whalen. He was a pilot and was a lt. in the royal can. airforce. I am trying to find out if he is still alive. Any Help would be appreciated. I Have been searching for a while. Thank you for any help. Jbirdjenny

Name: natasha woods
Hometown: jackson ohio
Sent: 9.09 PM - 5/6 2001
my grandpa was in ww2 and he was the person that drove the army tank also he battled against the germans. hes still alive today and doing very well. his name is charles robert rawlins . i was wondering if anyone can help me with finding something about him on here or somewhere. i do know that he was given two purple hearts because he was seriously injured there. please if you can email me with any information you might have pertaining to my grandfather. thank you much. "angel"

Name: Celeste C Bancroft
Sent: 5.11 PM - 5/6 2001
It am in awe of all the information you have compiled. My dad was Victor H. Clifford. His plane was Hell and High Water and was shot down over Tribben, Germany. He was a POW for 18 months in Stalag IV, barracks 2. The captain Clyde Mason would have been in Stalag 1. My dad was part of the Ragged Irregulars 401st Squadron LL-Y stationed in Bassingboum, England. I have just started to research his military history. We did go to the Mighty 8th Museum in Georgia this past February and plan to go back and do more research. Hope to hear from you.
Daughter of Victor H. Clifford

Name: Jennings H. Titus
Hometown: Petersburg, Va 23805
Sent: 8.57 AM - 5/6 2001
Enjoyed the information. I was at Stalag Luft IV and then Stalag Luft I. Many thanks.

Name: Ruth Sims Bowien
Homepage:535 Lacy Ivy Road
Hometown: Potts Camp, Ms 38659
Sent: 4.46 PM - 5/5 2001
I had an Uncle killed in Germany, during WWII. His name was Melvin Sims, he was killed on April 16, 1945. I was born April 15, 1945. I don't think his body was shipped back to the States until 1948.

Name: LCDR Richard S. Rutkowski, USN(Ret.)
Hometown: Hopewell Twp, NJ
Sent: 10.21 AM - 5/5 2001
My brother 1st/Lt. Victor S. Rutkowski Was in the 390th Bomb Grp,. 569th Squadron stationed in Framlingham, England, He was shot down over Cologne on his 35th mission, parachuted safely, and was captured near the village of Lindlar, Germany. From there the story becomes confused...We interviewed people in Lindlar who say he was murdered by some local persons. We also have information that he was seen in a POW camp near Wetzlar...for a few days (either the Dulag or Stalag Luft 111) Over these many years we have attempted to find out what really happened to him so that we can bring home his remains. We have had little or no help from the Pentagon. We have grasped every straw that we could and I am now trying this one. If there is anyone out there who might have seen or known him in a POW camp I would appreciate hearing from you. I understand there were 2 Stalag Luft 111s,one near Wetzlar and the other in Sagan and we don't know in which one he might have been sighted. THIS IS AN OUTSTANDING WEB SITE AND I AM EXTREMELY PLEASED TO SEE THE INTEREST IN IT ! Thank you. Dick Rutkowski

Name: tom m. brown
Hometown: houston, texas
Sent: 7.33 PM - 5/3 2001
my father served in the pacific during ww2. he was army stationed in in the phillipines and other islands. i would love to hear from anyone who may have served with him. max siegel brown, knightstown, indiana.
Thank you:
His proud son:
tom m. brown

Name: John M. Carmine
Hometown: Ford Virginia
Sent: 6.02 PM - 5/3 2001
My father John Walter Carmine  "DICK" was in Stalag Luft I in North I compound from 1943 to 1945 on the day of Liberation.  I just want to say "THANK YOU FOR MY FREEDOM"-LOVE your son.

Name: Bill Sandlin
Sent: 5.20 PM - 5/3 2001
To all of you THANK YOU. If I may, I'd like to relate a story to you about the return of a Viet Nam POW. David Rehman was a young man from the desert community of Lancaster Ca. and was shot down over North Viet Nam in Nov. 1966. For those old enough to remember, he was the POW whose picture was featured on matchbook covers advertising the sale of POW bracelets during that war. Upon learning that the POWs' would be returning home a local physician Dr. Fred Mercer organized a committee to plan a homecoming for David. We learned from his mother that of the few censored letters he had been able to send over the 6 years of his imprisonment, he had admired the pictures of the 1966 corvette featured in a magazine he'd read shortly prior to his last mission. We (the community) bought him a new corvette. When he was presented with this gift, he was quite stunned, and asked "who do I thank?". He was told that as he went through the community, anytime he saw a bumber sticker that said "welcome home David Rehman", that was who to thank, as we had sold the bumper stickers to purchase the car. Semper Fi. Bill Sandlin

Name: Lt Col Charlie Hudson
Homepage: 418 1/2 Fillmore St
Hometown: Taft,Ca 93268
Sent: 9.05 AM - 5/3 2001
I was a member of the evacuation crew at Stalag 1,and have several photos at the scene.  Jim Shepard,  has them as he copied them from my scrap book. I was the Group Bombardier,  but went on the mission as a navigator. It was a great experience,  and got to see all my old roommates who were shot down.

Name: Josh
Hometown: League City
Sent: 8.24 AM - 5/3 2001
My grandfather was a POW, shot down from his B-17. His name was WINTON WILLIAMS BLEVINS if anyone has any information about him please let me know. Thank you

Name: Bruce Bockstanz
Hometown: Grosse Pointe Woods, MI
Sent: 5.09 PM - 4/28 2001
Nydine Pile,in her posting to this site on 4/27, asked if there were any copies of "POW WOW papers" available. I presume that she was referring to the daily newspaper that was secretly distributed to the kriegies of Stalag Luft One."The only truthful newspaper in Germany'!
There are copies included in the book "BEHIND BARBED WIRE, writen by Lt. Morris J. Roy and published in 1946.
News came from the BBC via a secret radio suplemented by German radio broadcasts and by German guards who would trade information and needed items such as radio tubes for cigarettes. Word of the D-Day invasion was received 20 minutes before American news flashes.
We read the paper in small groups, with lookouts watching for approaching German guards.

Name: Donald R. Hohman,PA
Hometown: Elizabethtown,Kentucky
Sent: 4.38 PM - 4/27 2001

Name: John Garnett
Hometown: League City, TX 77573
Sent: 3.53 PM - 4/26 2001
As a small child vacationing with my parents in Montana, I had the pleasure of meeting Dot & Ross Greening. The Greenings were friends of the family that ran the lodge where we stayed. Something that isn't mentioned here was Ross' "caricatures" of various aircraft flown in WWII. I was fortunate enough to see the originals while visiting COL Greening and his wife. They were both fine people and I'm sorry I didn't get to spend more time with them.

Something else that isn't mentioned was the fact that Ross "designed" the bombsight used in the raid over Tokyo. At that time, the Norden was still classified and they needed something else to use in case the plane got shot down over Japan. Ross put together some simple device that was used on the raid.

Name: cathy
Hometown: sacramento
Sent: 2.44 PM - 4/25 2001

Name: Emily
Hometown: altoona, wi
Sent: 9.18 AM - 4/24 2001
MY grandfather was POW during WWII. His name is Neil Park. I am doing a report for school on him, and any other veterans. If you have any specific information on the War, please e-mail it to me. Thank you!

 Name: Bruce Bockstanz
Hometown: Grosse Pointe , MI
Sent: 4.38 PM - 4/23 2001
On April 19,Ouisie Shapiro asked for information about how sports helped American POW's get through their ordeal.
I was sports officer for block (barracks) 4 at Stalag Luft One, Barth, Germany. We had a very active program, limited only by the shortage of space and the number of those that wanted to participate.(Baltic weather,constant roll calls and searches by German goons (guards)took away perfectly good playing time!)
Softball and touch football were the most popular for players and spectators. We also had equipment for ping pong, soccer, basketball, volly ball,hand ball and golf. Again, lack of space was a limitation on their use. Nothing went to waste, altho the way we used the equipment often differed from its intended purpose. (The took the ice skates away, fearing that we would make weapons or escape tools from them.
Our spring '45 sports program was ended when the Ruskies came and B-17s arrived to take us home. What a shame!
All this equipment was supplied to us through the International YMCA, for which we kriegies are forever grateful. They also sent band instruments, writing supplies and books.

Name: Tina Mazey Trivette
Hometown: Richmond, VA
Sent: 10.09 AM - 4/23 2001
My grandfather was in the 8th A.A.F. and was shot down Feb. 22, 1944. The target for the day was Asherschleben, Germany. He was the bombadier. He parachuted out of the plane, was captured, and ended up in Stalag Luft I until liberation-POW #2840. I would appreciate any information that anyone may have that is relevant to my grandfather, his service, or his incarceration. I would love to hear from any of his fellow crewman or families. This site is wonderful. Thank you. Tina (Mazey) Trivette

Name: Jean Permison
Hometown: Bellevue Iowa
Sent: 4.01 AM - 4/22 2001
My father,   Edward F. Kilburg, my father has a Postkarte sent with the address
Stalag N. 097161
Stalag No. III A Luckenwalde Germany; dated 18. 4 .45 to my mother, reflecting last week they had received their first !'s, Red Cross Parcel. He wrote the letter on March 11, 1945. Please check those dated with you families. My father like all the men had the Train Ride to death. he survived only by luck.
That lasted 3 days. My father was also caught stealing potatoes.

Liberated by the British, here are some of the other names on the document titled: Extract, So 199 Hot Springs Arkansas, 15 Aug. 45, include the following; Allen Franklin R, Pfc
Hansen, George , J Pfc
La Barre, Earl L ,Pfc
Sroka, Stanley JPfc
Baker, John A Pft
Gonzales, Carmel Pft
Phelps, Lyle K Pvt

Name: Jen Kilburg Permison
Hometown: Bellevue Iowa
Sent: 1.06 PM - 4/21 2001
I would like to find photos of the place where my father Edward f. Kilburg, was held as a POW II, from Dec. 1944 until of war ended 1945. Also gain support for my father getting compensation from the VA. And I would like to start gathering support to go after compensation from Germany. The way they treated our POW men was out right abuse of power. The German POW's we had were given three meals per day, a warm bed at night and they were locate on farms across the country. They did not have shortage of food as we were told. My fathers history as best we can tell:
Stalag XIIA,no. 097616;
13.1.45 Arb Kdo Wonsdorf 499E;
im Lager IIIA-30.12.44;
28.12.44.von St.12 nach St. 111A;
Co-A 1-n 324 Regt. 44-Div.
Entry into service 10 Apr. 1944,
Seperation was done in Camp Fannin, Tx. 27,Nov. 1945, Grade was Cpl.;

Name: jessica greear
Hometown: balto.maryland
Sent: 8.51 AM - 4/18 2001
My mothers first husband George Webster and her two brothers were in this war. I still have the war time log book written by George while being held as a pow in Barth Germany Stalag Luft #1

Name: Linda
Hometown: Wellsville, NY
Sent: 6.58 PM - 4/16 2001
My father, Raymond Burdge, was a POW held in or around Stuttgart, Germany. He was in Battery H of the 17th Field Artillery. He was captured in early 1945 and held for several months before being liberated. He would never speak of the experience, even to my Mom. I know it was very painful for him. He said they lived on rutabagas and could never stand them after that. When he was released, he spent weeks in a hospital before being discharged. His weight was down to an emaciated 115 pounds. I can only imagine what he must have gone through. If I knew what he experienced, perhaps I can understand him a little better. He was very depressed and I don't believe he ever fully recovered. If anyone knows what Stalag was near Stuttgart or has any information about him, I would appreciate hearing from you. I'm glad I found this site. Thank you.

Name: Robert Cunningham
Hometown: Corpus Christi, Texas
Sent: 4.32 PM - 4/16 2001
You have accomplished a great task. I also was with the Great 8th Airforce in England, at 8th Airforce HQ at Bushy Park Thanks RC

Name: Ken McPherson
Homepage: l69 Saco Avenue #ll
Hometown: Old Orchard, Me
Sent: 1.28 PM - 4/14 2001
Hello Mary, Enjoyed reading up on your web site tremednously. Esp liked the new updates with its vast amounts of data. The contents of your web site are of great assistance to any researcher. Regards, to Peg. Ken McPherson, 8th AFHS, 493rd BGMA.

Name: Martin
Hometown: Camarillo, Calif.
Sent: 12.47 PM - 4/14 2001
My Uncle Wilson "Bill" Edwards was imprisoned in the south compound, stalag luft I, from July 1944 till liberation. He was a Major at the time and was a pilot of a P-51 aircraft.
He does not like talking about his time as a prisoner, but he told me once of a very kind German prison guard who was an ex WWI pilot who admired the American pilots.  He told me that this guard wore large baggy pants and would sneak in rabbits in his pants for the starving men to eat.  Does anyone happen to know this kind hearted prison guards name, or any info. on him?
Thankyou, Martin

Name: Ralph D Shultz
Hometown: Tupelo,Miss 38826
Sent: 6.14 PM - 4/11 2001
Brought back many memories. Not all good. was a POW 444 days.   Was in north one Room one in the barracks next to the colonels in the southwest corner of north compound #1. My children enjoy going over this. Also my grandchildren. The greats are too young. Thanks

Name: Christopher Downing
Sent: 10.05 AM - 4/11 2001
My gradfather - Robert J. Downing was a German POW in 1944-45. He was an A-20 and B-25 pilot. He was a member of the 8th airforce based in England. I teach US History and would like to use this website as part of my class' work on WWII. Thanks for you hard work.

Name: Irwin Stovroff
Homepage: 7374 Woodmont Ct.
Hometown: Boca Raton Fl.33434
Sent: 7.57 PM - 4/10 2001
Just wanted to say Im a former resident of Stalag 1, and am now a National Service Officer helping any and all Expows to get !00% compensation if possible. Contact me if I can be of help to a former Kriegie

Name: irwin stovroff
Sent: 7.49 PM - 4/10 2001
Mary it is just great to continue thru this web site, and I have definitely decided to visit Barth this Sept., and wanted to thank you for all the work you did . Still trying to find someone who knew your Dad

Name: Constantine Galanopulo
Sent: 9.09 PM - 4/9 2001
My Uncle John (John C. Doherty) B17 Co-Pilot was shot down over Yugoslavia smuggled out by partisans, twice!!  Flew out of Italy with the 454th Bomb Group. He now lives in Thailand. I have the greatest respect and admiration for these men who gave their lives and youth to a greater good for all of us who are alive today. Thank you for a great web site, now if we could only get the Japanese to start teaching the truth of WW2 to their children!

Name: Eric A. Johnson
Hometown: Mt. Pleasant, Michigan
Sent: 5.33 PM - 4/9 2001
My father, John C. Johnson, was an American P38 pilot who was captured in the late fall of 1944 near Salzburg, Austria and eventually imprisoned at Stalag Luft 1 until the end of the war. After the war he became a professor of physics (first at MIT and later at Worcester Polytechnic Institute). He died in June 1991. I am a professor of German history at Central Michigan University and I recently published a book on terror in Nazi Germany entitled Nazi Terror: The Gestapo, Jews, and Ordinary Germans (Basic Books, 2000). It was motivated in part by my father's experiences which he never told me much about. Now I am starting to investigate his experiences and those of people like him. Really I know next to nothing just yet. I would love to hear from anyone who might have known my father. He was born in 1919 and was brought up in Waterbury, Connecticut.

Name: Frank C Madill
Homepage: 236 Joseph St.
Hometown: Kimberly Wisconsin 54136
Sent: 3.45 PM - 4/9 2001
I was in room 12 , Bks 306, North Compound 3. I went there Dec. 23 1944 I was a navigator on a b 17 from the 20th bomb squd. , 2nd bomb Gp (Italy) My e mail is FMpow 6672 . I have a list of the other Officers who were in my room.I'm sure that Lt. Aaron Kupstow was in our area or room.

Name: Irving Lerner
Sent: 9.25 PM - 4/5 2001
Looking for any Ex-Prisoners of War who are NOT getting 100% VA compensation. Contact me on e-mail at I'll foreward information.

Name: peter schiller
Hometown: D-24629 kisdorf
Sent: 7.59 AM - 4/5 2001
good afternoon, I am an amateur researcher in schleswig-holstein, the northernmost country of germany. I do reseach on forgotten airfields in county bad segeberg and on the airwar 1939 to 1945 in this region. I have seen your website which is excellent with lots of informations. In the meantime I do research together with chelius carter of nashville, 364FG historian, on the circumstances after shute coming down of Milton Damron, shot down 22.5.1944 in our region, later dulag luft oberursel, send to stalag III sagan, later stalag VII moosburg and liberated there by patton.
my question is : in your chapter documents you show a picture of the bialout procedure of B17 is there known as well an order for the B24 ? kind regards peter schiller.

Name: Fritz Ulrich
Hometown: Odense, Denmark (Europe)
Sent: 6.34 AM - 4/4 2001
I am Fritz Ulrich, of Denmark, the author of “Rendezvous with Destiny”... If you would like to learn more about my book, please double-click at the site below!
Yours Sincerely,
Fritz Ulrich

In Denmark there is a memorial dedicated to 10 American flyers from World War II. This book describes their last mission. On the 24th of February, 1944, 867 bombers of the 8th Air Force were heading for targets on German territory. One of these B-17s named "Just Elmer´s Tune" did not make it home to base again; its 13th mission was going to be its last. Several German fighter planes attacked them during their mission and finally they crash-landed in Denmark. This documentary follows the different crewmembers' destinies that day, minute by minute and during their imprisonment in Germany until the liberation. It was possible for the author to track down the German pilot who shot down "Just Elmer´s Tune" and so it is possible to tell his side of the story too. On June 27th, 1998, Fritz Ulrich set up a meeting in Berlin where Günther Sinnecker, the German pilot, and Edwin Hays, the tail gunner from "Just Elmer´s Tune", met for the first time face to face 54 years after they had shot each other's plane down. This story is visualized with some 240 pictures, maps and documents which have been provided from crewmembers of "Just Elmer´s Tune" and from the German pilot. The story is based on interviews and written accounts from the people involved and from research in different archives.

Name: Frank C Madill
Homepage: 236 Joseph St.
Hometown: Kimberly, Wi
Sent: 2.13 PM - 4/3 2001
I have just discovered your website and am anxious to read all of the stories in its entirety. My story almost identically parallels the story of Aaron Kupstow. In fact my pow # is 6672. I entered the camp at Barth on Dec.23, 1944 just ahead of him. I'm going to try to go thru my old papers to see if he may have been one of my roomates. I too was a Mickey Operator on a B17 from the 2nd Bomb Gp (20th BS) from Italy.I should have a list of the 23 other men who were in my room. Thanks for the memories. Frank C Madill


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