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Guestbook Entries -  2000
 7/1/00 thru 12/31/00

Highlighted Entries are those left by POWs or their next of kin.

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Name: D. Dorey 
Sent: 1.02 - 12/31 2000
I am searching for any history on a Basil Gianfelice who was in the World War Two and I think he was stationed in Germany. Please send me anything you find on my uncle as it would be nice to have something to pass on to his family. Thank you

Name: Joseph Maiale
Hometown: Franklin Square NY
Sent: 10.45 - 12/30 2000
I was in Stalag 12a in Limburg Germany in March of 1945 when they were moving us by box cars and we were straft by our own planes.

Name: Bryan Kasmenn, MSgt, USAF
Hometown: Marion Ohio
Sent: 1.50 - 12/28 2000
Thanks for this great site. It has some outstanding information and history. I teach POW survival at the USAF SERE (Survival, Evasion, Resistance, Escape) School and am recommending this site to all my troops and students.

Name: Robert H. Lipsky 
Hometown: Washington, D.C.
Sent: 1.36 - 12/27 2000
My father,  2nd LT. Henry I. Lipsky,  was a B-17 navigator with the 381st Bomb Group stationed at Ridgewell, Essex, near Cambridge, England. He is shown on page 118 (aviator on the right) of "One Last Look," by Philip Kaplan and Rex A. Smith, Abbeville Press, NY, 1983 (Smithosonian Institution entry 80220 AC, disc # 3A-11994). He was shot down on January 11, 1944. He was a POW in the North Compound of Stalag Luft 1 until liberation on May 1, 1945. He currently lives in Arlington, Virginia.

Name: Courtney Carlson
Hometown: Sioux City, Iowa
Sent: 12.31 - 12/27 2000
My father Paul Carlson was in the 100th Bomb Group, 349th squadron Flew out of Thorppe Abbotts, England, was shot down April 22,1944, was a prisoner of war in Stalag XV11-B, Krems Austria, he was a top turret engineer, he only flew 9 missions and his luck ran out like the other Great Airmen, those men gave a lot to keep us safe in our country and keep this thing going, best of everything to you people. Courtney Carlson

Name: Patrick Ryan
Hometown: Oak Park, IL
Sent: 3.59 - 12/26 2000
My great uncle Bob Wozniak (389th Bomb group??) was the pilot of a B-24 Liberator shot down in 1944 and was taken to Stalag Luft 1 and spent the remainder of the war there. I haven't seen him for about 20 years and have been unable to locate his whereabouts. He grew up in Chicago. Any information would be greatly appreciated, thank you very much!

Name:  Laurel Youde (Lawrence Cook)
Sent: 10.42 - 12/26 2000
My father is Lawrence H. Cook a B-17 pilot, 92nd Bomb Group, 407 Air Force. He was shot down Feb 4, 1943, hidden by the undergroung in Belgium, and later captured. He spent 14 months in Stalag 1 North Compound. Does anyone remember him? He lives in California and is well.

Name: Roy Mowbray
Hometown: Axminster England
Sent: 4.39 - 12/26 2000
Ex. radio operator with Canadian squadron shot down over France and interned at Stalag 7. Fascinating web site, well done.

Name: Ray Roberts Sr 
Hometown:  Denton, Texas   
Sent: 1.11 - 12/25 2000
To add to my message, today, I am a pilot, retired USAF starting with the Berlin Airlift in '48 ending up with a tour in Vietnam in 68-69.  I appreciate all of the information you have produced with this web....I truly appreciate each and every member that served during this time and visited the camps.  I knew Col Gabreski long after he returned, he was in ADC but that has been about 35 years ago. Best wishes to each and every member of the AAF at that time. Great web page...I just received Zemke's Stalag book as a gift...look forward to reading it and then I will return and review your page again. Thank you.. Ray Roberts  rr

Name: Guegano Pierre 
Hometown: Bretagne. FRANCE
Sent: 11.55 - 12/25 2000
My father was Pierre Guégano .He was prisonner in Stalag during 1940.1945 in a farmer. He was in 2ème classe in 2ème RLC Campagne France Alsace 39.45.  (another information Stalag ABL A II)
I hope informations about and thank you very much.

Name: Nuala Philips 
Hometown: Wolfe City, Texas 75496
Sent: 4.26 - 12/22 2000
My husband, R.J. Philips was a POW in the 40's. He's now deceased.

Name: James Wright 
Hometown: Millington, TN
Sent: 2.34 - 12/22 2000
Served with L Company 38th Reg. 2nd. Inf. Div. in WW2

Name: H W McCord
Hometown: Decatur, Alabama
Sent: 2.33 - 12/22 2000
A very good web site. I am a former prisoner of war spent time at IV-B Mulhburg, VIII-A Gorletz and XI-B at Fallenbostle Germany. Would like to hear from any British Soldiers that was held there. I was with the British prisoners. They help me to survive the awful life at these camps. I owe them a lot. Thanks, H W McCord mortar platoon 38th A I Bn. 7th Arm. Division.

Name: Howard Gacke
Hometown: Watertown S.D.
Sent: 12.49 - 12/22 2000
Great site I have been finding all kinds of great iformation on Dulag Luft prisoner camp. My wifes brother Lee Bevers was a prisoner at Dulag Luft 1 during the war.

Name: Sam Flynn 
Hometown: NPR, Fl
Sent: 9.51 - 12/19 2000
Sorry for the 2nd message. I also have pictures of the commanders of the Dulag as well as some old pictures of the buildings. I have on especially neat one of the gun tower. send me E-mail address and I will forward it via E-mail.

NOTE FROM MARY:  Visit Sam's site for the history on Camp King/Dulag Luft at

Name: Sam Flynn 
Hometown: New Port Richey, Florida
Sent: 9.35 - 12/19 2000
Love your site. I lived on the post that used to be Dulag Luft, Camp King, while growing up. I have compiled a history of the post. If you would like a copy, please send me a snail mail address. Once again great site.

Name: Denise 
Hometown: Pittsburgh, PA
Sent: 1.17 - 12/19 2000
I am looking for any information on the following people:  Raymond Isley, Edwin Weiler, Michael Delduca, Alfred Jansen, Carl Craft, Gerald May, Paul D'Amario, Robert Korenek, and Louis Sabo. This is the crew of "The Duchess", shot down 5/29/44. Can you help me?

Name: Terry Lee Dumerauf 
Hometown: Donahue, Iowa
Sent: 10.36 - 12/18 2000
My Uncle was a POW in "Dulag-Luft, West" at least that is what it says on the MACR report I have received from the National Archives. "Eugene Norman Schwerdtfeger" was his name.

Name: Charles Sturgeon 
Hometown: Amarillo, Texas
Sent: 3.55 - 12/18 2000
Served with the 91st BG, 322BS. Shot down on 20th mission, captured. Don't remember much about Dulag Luft. Was at Stalag Luft IV Lager D, for several months, took the train ride to Stalag Luft 1. Don't remember coumpound but was in Building 14, Room 13 with around 29 other Krieges.Enjoyed your page. first time visit.

Name: Irwin Welling 
Hometown: Millbury, Ohio 43447
Sent: 8.06 - 12/17 2000
I was at Stalag Luft #4, Lager A, Barracks 2 Room 5 -  Left camp on Feb. 6, 1945 on 85 day march.

Name: George Jacobs
Hometown: Silver Spring, MD
Sent: 3.06 - 12/17 2000
Great web page, and documentation. I was with the 324th BS, 91st BG and participated in the "resuce" of May 13, 1945.This still remains among my most remembered days in my 76 years!

Name: Edward Gavin 
Hometown: Orrville, Ohio
Sent: 9.12 - 12/16 2000
I was in the 8th Airforce and shot down over Berlin on Aug. 6, 1944

Name: Tom Shive
Sent: 5.55 - 12/15 2000
Our B-17 was flying out of Foggia, Italy in the 15th Air Force, 99th Bomb Group. We were shot down over Linz, Austria on November 24, 1944. Only four crew members survived, Harold Meiser, Joe Dobies, Frank Marszalek(since deceased) and me. We all were sent to Stalag Luft 1 in mid December and were eventually liberated in April 1945. Lt. Colonel Gabreski, the leading ace was the ranking officer in our barracks.

Name: Oliver Clutton-Brock 
Hometown: Devizes , Wiltshire England
Sent: 5.52 - 12/15 2000
The site just gets better and better. I'd be most interested to hear from you as I am writing a comprehensive book on Royal Air Force PoWs in WW2 and have considerable info. on the RAF at Barth. Some of the photos on your website are superb and I would like to reproduce one or two in my book with your permission. Could you please let me know? Anyway, keep up the good work. Excellent.

Name:  Mel Gidez 
Hometown: Boston, MA
Sent: 5.51 - 12/15 2000
Copilot on B24 BG765 out of Carignol Italy shot down 25 July 1944 ended up at Stalag Luft 1 Barth Germany #5110 North compound 1 Block 9 Room 10.

Name: Edwin O. Harms 
Hometown: Bridgeport, NE
Sent: 5.46 - 12/15 2000
My Mother's brother was a WW II POW and I am doing research. My uncle was Corporal Orval Edwin Ericson (He sometimes used the first name Eric versus Orval). His SS# was 508-12-7828. His service # was 33722435. His POW # was 270373 and was at Stalag 3B in Furstensburg as well as Stalag 4B in Muhlberg. My uncle Orval survived the WW II only to be murdered in Boston in shortly after the war was over. My mother has a few post cards and pictures. Please help us find any additional information via web, etc.

Homepage: <>
Hometown: Slough, Berkshire, England
Sent: 5:05 PM - 12/3 2000

Name: Harry Jenkinson
Homepage:  PO Box303 Cronulla NSW 2230 Australia
Hometown: Cronulla
Sent: 3:31 AM - 12/3 2000
Thanks to your Dad and his mates, they have made the world a better place. How can we ever forget their contribution to world freedom and their sacrifice. We need to be strong and vigilant, believe in God, remembering our losses and our loved ones, and protect "freedom" in every way possible.
We lived in Swindon UK during WW2, and were bombed constantly because we had 3 airfields located around us and a big Kodak film lab for processing RAF pictures etc. In every lane-way for miles around, was stored plane parts and spares. My Dad was a Design Engineer and he built planes and weapons in the Ford Dagenham factory.

Name: William DiRosario
Hometown: Billerica, Ma
Sent: 12:25 PM - 12/2 2000
Great site. I am researching my fathers military history as he never talked about it. He was a German POW I believe at Stalag I. I noticed the site on Stalag IV has a roster. Do you know of any prisoner rosters for Stalag I???


Name: Antonio Bortoni 
Hometown: San Antonio
Sent: 9:08 AM - 12/2 2000
My wife's (Miken Riggs) grandfather passed away Nov 27,2000. His name was Willis J. Riggs Jr. We knew he was a WWII veteran and we just recently found out that he had been a prisoner of war. He fought in Northern Africa and Italy with the infantry units under General Patton. We are not sure how long he was a prisoner in Germany. We also recently found out that he escaped from camp in Germany by crawling under barbwire and over glass. He was honorably discharged and continued serving his country at Kelly AFB in San Antonio until 1972 as a civil employee. Grandpa Willis kept the horrors of war to himself, and rarely did he ever talked about the war. We buried Grandpa this week, and the emotion of having a hero among us was very hard to contain. My wife and I have decided that we are going to research grandpa's military career, and document it as much as possible for the benefit of our children. Any suggestions on where to begin? Thanx and God Bless.

Name: Kevin Jenkins
Hometown: Chatham, Ontario Canada
Sent: 8:50 PM - 12/1 2000
Thanks for your memories. I have listened to my Grandfather's stories and now I am interested in hearing other's experiences during the war so that at least I may understand to some degree what people went through.

Name: Frank Mickadeit 
Hometown: Rancho Santa Margarita, Calif.
Sent: 8:45 PM - 12/1 2000
What a terrific site. My father, 2Lt Robert Mickadeit, was a POW at Stalag Luft One from late August 1944 through the liberation. I do not know which compound, but would be very interested to know, if anyone remembers him or if there are any records that survive. He always spoke with high regard of Col. Zemke, although I don't know whether he knew him. I would be most interested in hearing from anyone who remembered by father. He was a B-17 navigator. His pilot was Duane Seeman, with whom I have spoken and last I knew was living in Arizona. They were in the 15th Air Force and flew out of Foggia, Italy, and I believe were shot down over what is now part of the Czech Republic. All 10 of the crew members survived and were taken prisoner. My father was probably one of the few American Indian officers in the camp, if that rings a bell with anyone.

Name: Lois Longbrake
Hometown: Columbus, OH
Sent: 8:06 PM - 12/1 2000
My husband Clarence W  Longbrake was in Stalag Luft 1.  He was shot down Oct 13, 1944. He was flying out of Italy at the time. Does anyone remember him?

Name: John P. Bruce
Hometown: Orlando. Fl
Sent: 7:22 PM - 12/1 2000
Very interesting.  I didn't know of that, thanks. I flew with the 91st BG in 1943 but was shot down July 30 and became a POW as well in Stalag Luft 3, South compound at Sagan near Dresden. The movie "The Great Escape", was a true account of the tunnel escape of 75 RAF POW's from the North compound of this camp in the Spring of 1944.(Steve McQueen's role was fictional). This rescue from Barth, after the Russians had captured the area, took place in Nov. 44. The Westward advancing Russian armies were moving toward our camp at Sagan, but the Germans didn't leave us behind. They marched us out, in a foot of snow, about 75 kilometers westward in January 45 to a rail point then by train South to Stalag VIIA near at Mooseburg, near Munich. We were here when Gen Patton's 3rd Army overtook the camp, then flown out to Camp Lucky Strike in May.
Note: The book "The Great Escape" by RAF Spitfire pilot, Paul Brickhill is acclaimed as "Sheer Suspense" by the Boston Globe and "One of the great true stories of the war, and one of the greatest escape narratives of all time."- San Francisco Chronicle. Available at Borders.

Name: Pat 
Hometown: Philadelphia, PA
Sent: 10:01 PM - 11/27 2000
My dad, Sgt. Thomas Holton was shot down over the North Sea in July, 1943. His plane was a b-17 named "Alcohol Annie". He also was a POW. If anyone has any info it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for a interesting site.

Name: Patricia Benker 
Hometown: Pinecrest,CA
Sent: 4:54 PM - 11/25 2000
Thank you from all Americans who sincerely appreciate what you and your sister have done with this web page to let the WORLD Thank Our ExPOW's for what they gave for Our FREEDOMS.
This is a good time of year to remember Freedom was not Free for the POW,they have lived with the memories that many of us do not understand or appreciate.I know as the daughter of an Ex-POW I never knew what my father had given until after his death and others were willing to share information about their experiences.
God Bless our Ex-POW's

Name: Mary Cantrell Heist 
Hometown: Dallas, Texas
Sent: 1:07 PM - 11/25 2000
My father, Dillard R. Cantrell, was a bombardier 1st Lieutenant of the 450th bomb group, 720th bomb squadron during WWII. He and his crew members were shot down in a B-24 airplane over Vienna on 9/10/1944. His pilot and 6 gunmen were killed, and Dad and the co-pilot were the only survivors. He was captured by the Germans, placed in a German prison camp in Poland, then later moved to Munich. He was a POW for approximately 9 months, beginning in Stalag Luft 3 (Central Compound), and liberated from Stalag 7-A by General Patton on 4/29/45. He celebrated his 21st birthday on a troop train to San Antonio, Texas, listening to the newly-released "Sentimental Journey," by Doris Day. To this day, when I hear that song, I cry for him and the suffering he endured. I am searching for a book, which includes a picture of him behind barbed wire at Stalag 7-A, and was shot on the day that Patton liberated this prison camp. He thought it might be a Time Life series, but is not for sure. If you know of any potential books that might include these type of photos, please let me know. By the way, my father is alive and living in Duncanville, Texas. He can be contacted at "" Or feel free to contact me at Thank you to the many men and women who have fought for the continued freedom of our country!

Name: john fealy 
Hometown: Warroad MN 56763
Sent: 10:11 PM - 11/23 2000
My father was a prisoner of ww2 .I was looking for any info on Gerald Eugene Fealy or where to look.   ! thank you

Name: Capt. Donald S. Jay
Sent: 5:08 PM - 11/22 2000
My dad was a bombadier frm triangle u/  POW in germany.  Please respond to him at 336-288-1658

Name: Howard Willey 
Hometown: Newcastle, California
Sent: 3:33 PM - 11/22 2000
Nice Website. I'm doing research for my friend who's Father Horace (Hal) Bedford White was imprisioned at Stalag Luft 1, North Compound II. He built a grandfather clock in the camp. It was donated to the Smithsonian. Does anyone have information on him or the clock? I have access to pictures of the clock and his German "mug shot".

Name: Dick Kahler 
Hometown: San Leandro, California
Sent: 1:14 PM - 11/22 2000
Great website. My uncle Walter Hauptman was in the 447th and shot down on his 5th mission. He spent the rest of the war at Stalag Luft 1.

Name: Lawrence M. House 
Hometown: Malone, N. Y 12953
Sent: 5:17 PM - 11/21 2000
I was a co-pilot on the Merlin Chardi crew.447th Bomb Group, 710th squadron We came to Rattlesden, England as a complete new group about Thanksgiving time 1943.We flew our first mission on Christmas Eve 1943. On our 12th mission to Regensburg on Feb. 25, 1944,after barely surviving German fighter & flak attacks, we were shot down by anti-aircraft fire near Saarbrucken. After interrogation at the Dulag near Frankfort, we spent 4 days in a box car enroute to Barth. Those of us who were injured were transported by truck to Stalag 1. Four of us were the first assigned to a room in North Compound 1, where we learned to live together for almost 15 months.

Name: Patricia Benker 
Sent: 11:22 PM - 11/18 2000
Thank you for your help. Mr. Dennis T. O'Dea was and is from Kirkwood,NY.(Binghamton area). I'll list what I am sure of as I great hope for help for his wife.   Sgt.Dennis Thomas O'Dea - Entered Service.Aug 27,1942   Trained as a;A/C Maintenance Tech. Arrived England: Oct.18th,1943  Bailed out on Nov.16th,1944 at or near Salzburg, Austria.  Fate of aircraft unknown.  Target was Munich,Germany.  Munich was hit by 8th and 15th Air Force on Nov.16th, 1944   It is believed Dennis bailed out was taken to Frankfurt Interrogation center, sent to Stalag Luft IV, then marched in Feb. 1944 to Stalag 17B at Krems.  He may have been moved from Moosburg. This is all the info. family has we can not find Missing Air Crew Report.  Mr. O'Dea has just fallen through the cracks in the system, and at 85 years of age with a matching age for his wife of many years, I pray we can find the information we need for proof of his POW experience, so the VA can address his great medical needs and assist his wife with his care.   God Bless the wonderful people who Care about our Ex-POW's.

Name: Philip Perrone 
Sent: 8:01 PM - 11/18 2000
My Uncle, John Madonna was a gunner with the 15th AAF 483rd BG 817th BS. He was shot down on March 22, 1945 over Ruland Germany and was a POW at Stalag Luft I. I just want to say thank you for a wonderful web site and helping all of us remember.

Name: Bruce Bockstanz 
Hometown: Grosse Pointe Woods, MI
Sent: 7:56 PM - 11/18 2000
I may be able to help the previous correspondent, Patricia Benker in her effort to help the family of Dennis T. O'Dea.  I have the book 'Behind Barbed Wire'. It lists the POWs who were confined at Stalag Luft One, Barth, Germany.  Most of the prisoners were officers, Pilots, Co-Pilots, Bombardiers or Navigators.There were several other camps for US Air Force POWs, but we could get lucky!  The names are listed by the State that was the POW's home when he went into service.I have checked for the name, O'Dea, under California, the State that you show, and did not find the name.  Let me know his home State and I'll check further.  I'm sure that all of us former Kriegies appreciate what you are doing for one of ours.

Name: Patricia Benker 
Hometown: Pinecrest,CA
Sent: 6:46 PM - 11/18 2000
I am trying to find help for the family of Dennis T.O'Dea, he is 85 years old and was with the 305th BG 366th BS,shot down over Germany Nov.16,1943.Mr.O'Dea's mind is not clear and his wife needs our help in providing proof to the VA that he was indeed a POW. I am sure there is a link with info. out there, we need to help these men who gave so much for the Freedom's we enjoy today, and they have asked for so little all these years. The pain of their dreadful war experiences have been locked in their minds and hearts, and often these memories were never shared with those theyloved the most, family or close friends,so now the search for very difficult.  As the daughter of a POW, I am now trying to help by working as A National Service Officer for the Ex-POW's. They have been there for each other all these years and now as they are ill and aging they need the assistance of us to continue to "Help those who can not help themselves".  I have met so many wonderful Americans and new friends with the American Ex-POW's,  I encourage other children like Mary and her family who have developed this wonderful web site to help us care for and remember our parents in whatever way your own skills may provide. Your, "thank you", will be far beyond whatever you can provide and you will better understand how Special the friendship is of an American Ex-POW and his wife.  You may think I do not have the time, well as I am sure you will discover you will find the time, if you just step forward once.  Again please if you know anything of Mr.  Dennis T. O'Dea,also known as "Pappy O'Dea", as he was considered old 23yr. at he time, please contact me.  God Bless Our Special Americans, may we their children NEVER forget what they gave for us.Freedom was not FREE for the Ex-POW.

Sent: 1:38 PM - 11/17 2000
376TH BG 512 SQ

Name: John Fink 
Hometown: Albany, New York
Sent: 12:59 PM - 11/17 2000
My dad was in Stalag Luft 1 from Nov. '43 till May, 1945  (North compound, shot down over Austria, Nov.2, 1943 "Lady Be good" B-17)(bombardier, 2nd Lt. M D Fink)

Name: Charles Philips 
Hometown: McKinney, Texas
Sent: 9:13 AM - 11/17 2000
My Daddy was in Stalag 1. Thanks for sharing with us.

Name: Tom Shive 
Hometown: San Diego CA
Sent: 12:25 AM - 11/16 2000
Our B-17 was shot down over Linz Austria on November 24,1944 and four of the crew survived. We flew out of Foggia, Italy in the 99th Bomb Group.   We eventually were taken to Stalag Luft in December.We were in the newest compound and the ranking officer in our barracks was Lt. Colonel Francis Gabreski,who was the top ranked ace in the European Theater. The other survivors from our crew were Herby Meiser, Frank Marszalek, and Joe that time.

Name: Teresa Purcell 
Hometown: Lansing, NY
Sent: 9:41 PM - 11/14 2000
I am looking for anyone with information on the prison camp Stalag 17. My grandfather was a prisoner of war in this camp and If anyone out there has information on this please contact me. Thanks

Name: Matthew J Hoops 
Hometown: Barnegat N.J.
Sent: 7:28 PM - 11/14 2000
Everyday I look up at the sky and thank God that he created men like your father for the United States is the greatest place to live in the world and thank you men of WWII.

Name: Vasily Bezugly
Hometown: Ryazan, Russia
Sent: 3:34 PM - 11/14 2000
Hello Mary Smith!
This is Vasily Bezugly. Thank you for your kind reply. I read your letter with a great interest. Yes, I'm a live witness of the events of those days. As I remember today, it was May of 1945 on the coast of the Baltic Sea in Barth. We had a great fraternization with the English and American POWs there. At first time in my life I saw a chocolate bar. It was a big box of chocolate with the sign of the Red Cross and Half-moon. I think that was English or American POWs (I don't no actually but it was nearly 9000 of POWs in Stalag Luft 1). We exchanged our adresses. One of the POWs (his name was Tobby or Bobby but I don't remember now) gave me his one, but I lost it - I was very young (at least 19 years old boy).  After that all of us - Soviet, American and English - three great nations - sang famous Russian song "Katyusha". At the end I remember big airliner which took all POWs on it's board .  Mary, can you write me about your father - Does he live now or die? - What is his name?  I want to meet with the other whitnesses of this liberations. Have you any meetings with other POWs?  With a best wishes and faithfully yours,
Vasily Bezugly.

Name: Andrew S. Diedling 
Hometown: Cincinnati, Ohio
Sent: 12:16 PM - 11/14 2000
Great site, keep up the good work.    I am helping my Father Charles L. Diedling write his recollections of Stalag Luft IV, and the 86 day Death March.   We hope to be finished by Christmas. If you would like a copy just let me know.
Best regards
Andrew Diedling

Name: Jim Dibrino 
Hometown: Philadelphia, PA
Sent: 12:01 PM - 11/13 2000
My DAD lives each and every day in remembrance of his experience as a POW. Thanks for your efforts. He would love to touch base with anyone who shared the time.

Name: Penni Vaughn 
Hometown: Sale Creek TN
Sent: 3:39 AM - 11/13 2000
You are very brave to put these pictures up and tell the true account. I happen to live in a place where many think that "they" are Israel and they do not believe the holocaust happened. I am Messianic. I try to talk reason but their ears will not hear! Shema Yisroel Adonai Eloheinu Adonai Echod!......May the God of Avraham,Yitz'chak, and Ya'akov be with you! Thank you for sharing this story! I have no words to express what I am feeling! Penni Vaughn at JPS.......

Sent: 9:28 PM - 11/12 2000
My brother, William J. (Bill) McBride, Army, was a prisoner of war in germany. Looking for anyone who may have been a fellow prisoner with my brother. thanks and God bless.

Name: Doris Williams Fowler 
Sent: 12:03 AM - 11/12 2000
Thank you to all of the Veterans. You were and are appreciated!

Name: Paul Philips 
Hometown: Commerce, Texas
Sent: 10:20 PM - 11/11 2000
My dad was a POW in Stalag one from February 1944 until it was liberated in 1945. He passed away in 1993 and never seemed to have been able to put that experience behind him. The starvation they all suffered from took years off his life and mental health. My family suffered from this as well and our childhood was haunted by ghosts of WWII that my dad never exorcised. I hope that other kids whose fathers were imprisoned there have been able to come to terms with the pain and suffering. There is not a day that goes by that I don't think about my dad and how he will always be my hero.

Hometown: Blytheville, Arkansas
Sent: 9:29 PM - 11/11 2000
On this Veterans Day, my thoughts go back to my comrades of the Vietnam War. A tragic event in our history when compared to the suffering of those who were captured in WW II.I no longer find any romanticism in killing or being killed on the Battlefield or the skies above. God rest our comrades in arms, those that are still with us and those who have gone to a better place.

Name: Colin Smith 
Hometown: Leduc, Alberta, Canada
Sent: 1:16 PM - 11/11 2000
Excellent site, my dad was also a POW in WW2, he was captured at Dunkirk and sent to a camp in Leningrad, he also never talked about this time and also took his memories with him when he died. If anybody reading this has any information on this camp in Leningrad, please contact me by e-mail.
Lest we forget.

Name: John McNally 
Hometown: Brooklyn, New York
Sent: 11:54 PM - 11/10 2000
First I want to thank your father who now rest's in Gods arms for the sacrifice he made and also to thank you for having a site like this to keep the memory of these men alive and to keep people informed of the ordinary men who did extraordinary things. God bless you and all the ww2 vets lets never forget what they have done.

Name: Misty Cooper 
Hometown: Clovis
Sent: 4:13 PM - 11/10 2000
Would you have any information about a man that was prisoner of war in World War II named Fred Brumbelow?? If so would you please e-mail me back to tell he is my grandfather and would greatly appriciate it....Thank You   Misty Cooper

Name: David Schuff 
Hometown: utica,ny
Sent: 7:09 PM - 11/9 2000
I have nothing but respect for the prisoners of war, my grandfather, William Schuff was a POW, and a veteran of WW11 and KOREAN WAR. Thank you to all the men and women who served. that goes for viet nam too.

Name: jud mc kee 
Hometown:  Eufaula, AL  36027
Sent: 4:56 PM - 11/9 2000
Read your pages with interest.

Name: David L. Bishop 
Homepage: 233 Maxine St. 
Hometown: Spartanburg, SC 29302
Sent: 4:55 PM - 11/9 2000
I just learned of your web page today and I thank you for it. I was a B17 pilot but was flying as a copilot on my third missions when we were shot down on 11/26/44 and ended up at Stalag Luft 1 at Barth in north compound 3, barracks 305, room 3. I appreciate very much the effort you are putting into this website. My phone number in case you should ever want to call me is 864-583-5340 and should you ever be nearby my wife Ann and I want like for you and your family to spend some time with us. We have plenty of good food and two extra bedrooms with privite bath .
Best of everything. David Bishop

Name: James P. McCarty, Major, USAF Retired
Hometown: Frankfort, Kentucky
Sent: 6:05 AM - 11/7 2000
I was with the 391st Bomb Group, Ninth Air Force. I was not shot down but flying 68 missions in "McCarty's Party" I expected it. The Good Lord was kind to our crew, each of us returned home. God Bless you.

Name: Rene Reeves
Hometown: Port Waswhington, N.Y.
Sent: 11:07 PM - 11/6 2000
My heartfelt kinship.
Pilot 450th Bomb Group

Name: Tiffany Bond
Hometown: Little Rock,Mississippi
Sent: 3:23 AM - 11/6 2000
I really appreciate this web site.My granfather was a POW in WWII. I am just trying to help him find information about how others were treated and how they are now. He is in great health and is almost 83 years old.  Thanks again for caring.

Name: Ed Kamarainen
Hometown: Renton Wa
Sent: 3:58 PM - 11/5 2000
Thank you Mary and Barbara for putting my page in AXPOW Web,and for spreading the word of my search for Ben.If there is anyone in New York area POW Chapters that knows or has known a man by named Ben I would appreciate receiving this information.  Please Email me. This web is a wonderful means of communication among POWs searching for information about friends and loved ones.  Keep up the good work!

NOTE FROM MARY:  Click here for Ed's story -

Name: Hugh Walker
Hometown: Austin, Tx 78747
Sent: 1:30 PM - 11/5 2000
Dear Girls: Got your address from Joe Boylan. We were in the same group. I am the 391st Historian. We lost a lot of men on Dec 23, 44. 16 planes to be exact and some of our people other than Joe might have been in Barth. We were 9th AF. On the address above, scroll down to Hugh Walker's 391st Home page after you click on LINKS. Great site, Hugh Walker. I was never shot down but survived many a single-engine landing in the B026 Marauder.

Name: John Meurs
Hometown: CH-8630 Rueti ZH, Switzerland
Sent: 8:01 AM - 11/5 2000
When I was a nine years old schoolboy living in Apeldoorn in nazi-occupied Holland a B-17 crashed a couple of hundred meters behind our home. Two crew-members who had bailed out of the machine at very low altitude were killed by German soldiers when they were still dangling under their white chutes. They landed in the centre of my village. The tailgunner managed two months later to escape from the hospital in Apeldoorn with the assistance of the Dutch resistance and stayed with a family living in the same street as we did until he was liberated by the Canadians in April 1945.

A couple of months ago I started to do some research on this crash that had made such a big impression on me. I posted a message on the 8th AF message board and the following day I received a reply from a gentleman in Ede (Netherlands) who gave me the first details of "my" B-17. It belonged to the 381st BG, had been on a mission to the railway viaduct in Altenbeken in Germany on Thanksgiving Day 1944. Since then I have come into contact with two surviving members of the crew.
As I wanted to have a wider picture I extended my research to the whole mission, including also the two B-17's of the 398thBG: your Dad's and the aircraft piloted by Benjamin G. Rolfe that crashed near Zwolle in the Netherlands.

I'm especially interested in Randy Anderson's narrative with details about your Dad's last war time flight, but was unable to locate this story on your excellent web site. Could you please e-mail me this narrative and perhaps also the MACR 11146. Any further details concerning this flight would also be very appreciated.

I'm also interested in MACR 11147 concerning the crash near Zwolle? Could you give me a hint who might have that report available? I know that I could possibly obtain that MACR from Maxwell AFB, but that takes a lot of time.
Thanking you in advance for your kind cooperation in this matter I remain with kind regards

John Meurs
Im Gubel 5
CH-8630 Rueti ZH

NOTE FROM MARY:  Click here for Randy Anderson's narrative. 

Name: Judy Daubenmier
Hometown: Brighton, Michigan
Sent: 9:20 AM - 11/4 2000
I would like to hear from anyone who was in the 422nd Infantry, which was captured during the Battle of the Bulge near the Siegfried line. My father, Robert O. Schultz of Waterloo, Iowa, was a member of the anti-tank unit attached to that regiment.

Name: Terri Lynn McCulley - Pala
Hometown: Marietta,Ga.
Sent: 10:22 PM - 11/3 2000
I am looking for anyone who might have information on my grandfather SANFORD MCCULLEY, he was a POW in WW2 His friend was ROBERT FLOWERS. They were in the Marines together in California. My grandfather died in 1951 when my father was 6 years old, what a tragedy, he was only 35. Please help me if you can. It would mean so much to my father and me!!

Name: Bill B
Hometown: Oakland, N.J.
Sent: 8:02 PM - 11/2 2000
I remember my uncle coming home from europe when I was a child of 5 years. He was a crew member on "Little Mommy" a B-17. It was one of the bombers assigned to the 8th air force in England. Even as a child I was awed when I first saw him in his uniform This site is extraordinary! It is a nice tribute and only a brief glimpse at the sacrifices these heroic men made to ensure our freedom. My thanks to everyone of the men and women that served our country during World War II.

Name: Rae Dallacqua
Hometown: Agoura, California
Sent: 1:03 PM - 11/2 2000
My father, Homer "Spike" Dallacqua, was taken prisoner by the Germans after being shot down over the Zeider Sea. He was one of the prisoners at Stalug Luft 1. I am happy to say that he is the one who told me about this site. This is a wonderful website. It gives us an intimate glimpse of the willing sacrifice made for our Country and for Freedom, by every hero of WWII. I am as proud of my Dad today as I was the first time I saw a picture of him in uniform.

Name: Sam Keller
Sent: 10:08 AM - 11/2 2000
My pap was in WWII and he was a POW he was tech sergent for I believe the 87th something but I'm doing a research paper on pows and was wondering if you mind if I use some of this information for it?

Name: Gail Saari
Hometown: Maple, WI
Sent: 1:00 AM - 11/2 2000
This is interesting history.   Ed Kamarainen is my uncle and I am so glad he made it home. I appreciate the men and women who served our country so much more, being able to visit this web site. Thanks to all persons who served in the military!    So many died to make our country free.

Name: David H. Poore
Homepage: 940 Fulbright Ave
Hometown: Redlands, CA 92373-5005
Sent: 7:01 PM - 10/31 2000
My brother,  Forrest V. Poore, was a prisoner at Stalag Luft I during the late 1943 to 1945. He was there about 18 months. He said he was one of the few officers to know about the camp radio. He too was on short rations and almost had tuberculosis. His plane's name was Pat Pending.
He died last October without saying too much about his stay at Barth. However, when he returned he showed me a scrapbook of pictures he drew of his interrogation at Frankfort. He was on his 25th and last raid when he was shot down over Emden, Holland. He didn't like to talk about his stay at Barth and told me some stories of what life was like there. It was cold, dreary, rainy, and was in starvation mode until liberated by Russian Troops. He also was sent to Camp Lucky Strike in France. He had never been overweight and looked like a scarecrow when he returned to our old hometown of Belmont, NY. We were very surprised when he flew over Belmont on the way to England.  I think he was with the 356th Bomb Group. I wish I knew more about him and his experiences at Stalag Luft I. Most of his crew got out of the B-17 alive except the waist gunners.  If anybody knows more about my brother, I would appreciate hearing from them.  Sincerely,   David H. Poore


Name: Jayne Powers Kelly
Hometown: Simi Valley, CA
Sent: 11:05 PM - 10/30 2000
Because of an article in the LA Times Sunday magazine yesterday, I am looking at this site, and hope to view related sites. My uncle, Franklin Kaelin Powers, US Army Air, was shot down over Germany, but he has not yet told me much of his experience. He did escape from a German POW camp. I hope to learn more of his experience so that my children and grandchildren can know and understand. I hope to find and post a few details in the future. Thank you for a very moving site.

Name: Charles L. (Hap) Kee
Homepage: 1726 W. Doyle St
Hometown: Granbury, Texas 78046
Sent: 9:42 PM - 10/30 2000
Arrived about September 1, of first in North II, Baracke 203, Room 2, then Room 9. Walked out.


Hometown: LITTLE NECK N.Y.
Sent: 4:01 PM - 10/30 2000

Name: Douglas B. Meyer
Hometown: Seminole, FL
Sent: 3:36 PM - 10/30 2000
Excellent page. My father, Alfred Meyer, was a POW during WWII. He was a waist gunner on a 17 that was shot down August 17, 1943, over Schweinfurt. He has finally begun to tell his "real" story. What a difficult time for all. I am proud to be an American and even prouder of the men and women who sacrificed for this honor. Thank you for your stories.

Name: Martin G. Bates
Hometown: Camarillo, CA
Sent: 12:55 AM - 10/30 2000
I was just reviewing my previous note, and would like to add a few facts about Uncle Bill. Wilson "Bill" Edwards, flew for the American Eagle 133rd squadron. He was an American volunteer flying spitfires for Britain. Later once the United States entered the war, Uncle Bill became director of operations of the 4th fighter group, US Eighth Air Force. He was shot down by flak after leading the 336th squadron on his third sortie to Munich on July 13th, 1944. He spent the rest of the war in Luft I POW camp in Barth.

Name: Jerome Nash, SSgt, USAF
Hometown: Washington, DC
Sent: 12:17 AM - 10/30 2000
I'm an Airman Leadership School Instructor stationed at Andrews AFB. I visited this site to find more information on Prisoners of War to help my students value the Code of Conduct. This site and it's true life story has surely been interesting. It will enable me to stand proud while educating our younger military members. At this time I would like to salute all our servicemen that are and have been POW's. "I Salute You"
Jerome Nash, SSgt, USAF
Airman Leadership School Instructor

Name: Martin G. Bates
Hometown: Camarillo, CA
Sent: 11:50 PM - 10/29 2000
My Uncle was in the Stalag Luft I POW camp, He flew for both the Royal Airforce and the US (after pearl harbor). He was a member of the Eagle squadron, (yanks flying for Britain) and then the 336th squadron for the U.S.,Uncle Bill, like so many others has refused to discuss his time in Barth, until recently. An event recently took place which changed that. Here is a copy of a recent letter I sent to a flight museum in England: Hello, I just stumbled on to this web site for North Weald Air Base, through a search for American Eagle Squadron information. My Uncle, Wilson (Bill) Edwards was a pilot in the 133rd Eagle Squadron during WWII, I have attended many reunions of these pilots over the years, but just 3 weeks ago was the most memorable. I attended a celebration of the 60th anniversary of the battle of Britain, held in Santa Monica, California at the Museum of Flight. It was a great event, 12 eagle squadron pilots attended, along with several British WWII pilots and even a few German pilots.
Uncle Bill was shot down by flack while flying a sortie, with his plane on fire, he parachuted but was at a low elevation so with impact he broke his leg and tail bone. He was captured by the nazis, and they allowed the peasants to beat my Uncle with shovels and pitch forks, they then stripped him naked and paraded him through a small village where the people took turns spitting on him and kicking him. They then took him to the famous Stalag Luft I POW camp at Barth. He spent the rest of the war there. Thanks be to God, Uncle Bill is healthy and still flies today at 82 yrs. old, and living in Colorado Springs, Colorado, where he is a flight instructor.
The most amazing event took place at the ceremony for the 60th anniversary of the battle of Britain.(Sept.30th,2000) Soon after the master of ceremonies was announcing all of the honored guests at the dinner, I was sitting with my Uncle, and a gentleman about the same age as my Uncle, (he was wearing a RAF officers uniform) walked over to the table and said to my Uncle....."Bill Edwards, do you remember me ?" My uncle stood up and looked at the gentleman and said " I don't think so, should I ?" The gentleman said, "Bill, it's me Digger!" At that instant Uncle Bill's eyes lit up and he said "oh my god!" and he gave him a big hug and the both of them stood there for a long while embracing and weeping out loud, they were literally crying like babies, hugging each other. The rest of us at the table didn't know what to make of it ! After the two of them regained there composure, Uncle Bill turned to our table and said, " I want all of you to meet Robert "Digger" Williams of the R.A.F. 611th fighter squadron, you see Digger and I were cell mates together in the Stalag POW camp, we haven't seen each other since 1945!
What a great night it was, I will always treasure this memory, just thought I would share it with you. Please share it with others if you like, Sincerely Yours,
Martin G. Bates

Name: Jake M. Simonitsch
Hometown: Independence, MO 64055-2091
Sent: 11:37 PM - 10/29 2000
George Lesko put me up to this search. This is a great Luft I web site. My POW # was "Stalag Luft I #3555"   Moskowitz was in my room, Barracks 2, North Compound.

Name: Albert Lang
Homepage: http://600 Live Oak Dr.
Hometown: Euless, Tx. 76040 3931
Sent: 10:20 PM - 10/29 2000
I have pretty well gone thru your listing on Ginger and George Lesko. I am the Albert Lang that was a crew member with George on Ginger along with Norm Phillips. Thank you so much for your recognition. Al

Name: Patricia Ritter
Hometown: Sherman Oaks, CA
Sent: 6:27 PM - 10/29 2000
My father, Clair Eugene Buskirk, was a prisoner of war in Stalag Luft 1 during WWII for approximately 5-6 months, I believe and was liberated by the Russians in May of 1945. He was a fighter pilot in the 55th Fighter Squadron and was shot down over Germany flying a Mustang P51. He has attended and continues to attend WWII reunions with fellow airmen and POWs for some time now. He and other ex-POWs visited Barth and the site of the prison camp quite a few years ago, prior to the fall of the Berlin Wall (in the early 1980's I think). It is very clear that WWII was the most influential experience in my dad's life and he speaks about it regularly. He even wrote his own memoir entitled "Return to Stalag Luft 1" some time ago. He keeps in touch with some of those he has become close to at the various WWII reunions he has attended. They all have that incredibly special bond that only those who have experienced war have.

Name: Charles F. Ogle
Hometown: Thousand Oaks, CA
Sent: 5:59 PM - 10/29 2000
I worked for 25 yrs in the FBI with Emmett B. Doherty, who piloted a B-17 which crashlanded in the North Sea on 10/6/44. All of the crew survived the water landing  All were captured and all officers were housed in Stalag Luft Eine.   Emmett was born on 5/27/22 in Pendleton, Oregon. He died of a massive stroke on April 24, 2000 at Thousand Oaks, CA.  He wa a true hero and one of the finest men I ever knew.
Charles F. Ogle
Thousand Oaks, CA
805 497-3133

Name: John R. Waldron
Hometown: Plymouth Meeting, PA
Sent: 1:43 PM - 10/28 2000
I went to barth on the rescue mission as radio operator of our crew. I was in the 323rd Sqd. Our flight brought back English POW's. As I remember we brought them back to Bassingbourne.  I felt honored to able able to bring these airmen.  This is a great site. I hadn't seen the whole package before.

Name: Joseph J. Boylan
Hometown: Pinehurst, NC
Sent: 11:20 AM - 10/28 2000
I was a pilot in the 391st B-26 Bomb Group, 573 Sq. shot down over Arwheiler, Germany Dec. 23rd '44 . Captured and ended up in Barth at Stalag 1

Name: alister williams
Hometown: wrexham wales
Sent: 4:29 AM - 10/27 2000
I am trying to find details of pow camp locations in austria and slovenia during ww2, particularly Stalag 306 XVIIID which is also referred to as Kgf-M-XVIIID Stammlager. Any assistance would be most appreciated.

Name: Patricia Benker
Hometown: Pinecrest,CA
Sent: 12:34 AM - 10/27 2000
Again THANK You for the wonderful reminder of the Very Special American Ex-POW's who gave so much for the Freedoms of the Free world.  I am very proud to be the daughter of an Ex-POW and only wish my Dad could have enjoyed this site. I think I have told you Mary, someplace Beyond our Dad's are smiling at you and what you have done with such dignity to honor their suffering.  Again I want you to know your honor of your Dad has provided a way for many Americans to share their appreciation.  God Bless and keep all our Ex-POW's who gave and gave of their lives that we may enjoy Freedom.  I am trying to help the wife of an Ex-POW find a buddie or anyone who can provide proof Dennis T. O'Dea was a POW  Nov.1944,Army Air Corps BG305th shot down over Germany.Dennis may have been known by friends as "Pappy" O'Dea, as he was older (22yr.) them most of crew. Mr.O'Dea is very ill and we really needs help, his dear wife of 50 plus years she is doing her very best to search for buddies or anyone who will remember Dennis.  During the short time I have been working as a National Service Officer for American Ex-POW's, they rarely ask for help but are always willing to be there for others and help each other! To a person they will always tell me another Ex-POW needs help more or they did not have it as rough.  Please help us find and remember these wonderful Americans, as time is not on their side and for the WWII Ex-POW many are in their late 70s or 80s.They need quality care. God Bless America,

Name: Edie Jewell
Hometown: Jones, OK
Sent: 11:09 PM - 10/26 2000
I am searching for records of Reginald Blanton, who was my grand-mother's brother. He was in a German POW camp during WWII. If you have any info about him, I would appreciate it if you would share it with me. Edie.

Name: Elizabeth Ann Lawrence
Hometown: Birmingham, Alabama
Sent: 12:50 AM - 10/25 2000
Recently I was honored to interview a former POW from Stalag 17-B, Dr. Walter Sowell, for the Auburn University newspaper. The courage of men like Dr. Sowell will not be forgotten, and along with their gift of freedom to younger generations they also teach us to cherish and respect that freedom. I encourage all of you to remember these men and women in your prayers, for without their dedication the world might be a very different place.

Name: John M. Howison
Sent: 10:30 PM - 10/24 2000
I was in barracks 10, North Compound 3 at Stalag Luft I, Barth. When Jerry quit guarding us up close at the beginning of May, Fred Willis and I swam out, nearly drowning and nearly freezing in the process, and eventually made it to allied lines near Wismar.   Would like to hear from anyone else in that barracks.

Name: Lola Rupert
Hometown: Douglas, WY
Sent: 4:00 PM - 10/21 2000
My uncle was a P.O.W. and was inprisoned at Statag Luft 4. He never spoke of his experience. I found his letters sent to my grandmother, copied them and made books for his children. I also did some extensive research. God Bless any man that goes to war for our country.

Name: Jason Kilgore
Hometown: Rockport, TX
Sent: 10:37 AM - 10/21 2000
I work in the Intelligence field for an Air Control Squadron, in the US Navy, based out of San Diego, CA. While working aboard the USS Essex next to a Human Exploitation Team detachment, a Staff Sergeant and myself got into a discussion about Interrogation, because he is an interrogator. I became very interested and he directed me to this site. He told me about Hanns Scharrf and showed me all of the info about him on the page, very interesting. Thank you for the much useful information and hats off to the men and women who have shed their blood to make this country into what it is today!

Name: Gary Hines
Sent: 12:06 AM - 10/21 2000
Funny, but I did a search and this wasn't what I was looking for. However, I started reading this site and found myself completely sucked in. It is now 2 hours and 40 minutes since I found this site, and I am completely in awe. What a well deserved tribute to those men who were prisoners of war in WWII. I am touched and moved. Coming up on election time now, and I had an argument with a friend of mine yesterday about his decision not to vote. I tried to explain to him the importance of voting even if you were unsure who to vote for. Our argument lasted for about a half hour when I finally said "Dave, people who you have never even met, nor who met or knew of you DIED for your right to vote, so that you may have the choice. The very least you can do is to vote to honor their sacrifice" He should read see this site.

Name: Cristina Latici
Sent: 8:58 PM - 10/20 2000
My father was a POW in Stalag 1 for 9 months at the end of the war. For more than 40 years my grandmother kept all of the letters he wrote to her from his bunk. They were lost before I had a chance to read them. Thank you for your allowing me to more deeply understand my father's experience.

Name: Ana Murray
Hometown: NY
Sent: 1:20 PM - 10/20 2000
To the Williams family and all World War II, World War I, Korean, and Vietam Vets of the Great U.S.A., Thank You!  My father-in-Law is a veteran of World War II and like your dad he never speaks about it; and anytime the subject comes up he gets this faraway look in his face; just breaks my heart. He was not a prisoner of war but I know from documents that he saw his best buddy die in front of him. I would just like to say that it makes me very angry that our war vets are not acknowledged and revered more than they deserve. So I just want to say again THANK YOU AND GOD BLESS YOU ALL! With all my respect,  An American

Name: Fritz Campbell
Hometown: Paris Arkansas
Sent: 12:08 PM - 10/20 2000
I too was a POW in Barth Germany. My experiences were some of the same as your Dads. I was in the Army 3rd division from Ft.Jackson South Carolinia.  I don't recall your dad, but I can tell you that our boys that served for this country were treated very badly.  There were days, without food or water.  The Germans would slam our boys heads up against the wall if you weren't standing right or they thught you didn't look just right to them. I've seen men and woman both killed right in front of my eyes. It was so painful,I can hardly talk about it. A friend is writting this for me. I have had to eat rice that had worms in it just to stay alive. If there is anyone out there that remembers me I would appreciate any information. Since, the fire in Missouri, all my miltary records have destroyed and I am now in the process of getting my records reconstructed. The weather was so cold,I got frostbite so bad they had to cut my shoes and gloves off, to this day any change in the weather makes me cold. I'll close even though there are lots more that happened during those times that I could tell, they are just so painful.
Take care,
Fritz Campbell 3rd division Ft.Jackson South Carolinia.

Name: Sherry Maddox
Hometown: Lubbock, Texas
Sent: 11:28 AM - 10/19 2000
Really enjoyed looking through the website--my uncle was one of the POW's--Curtis G. Chapman--my dad, his brother, told me about the website-you have really done an excellent job. Thank you!


Name: Theodore F Noga
Hometown: cleveland ohio
Sent: 9:51 PM - 10/18 2000
enjoyed website brings back memories - former pow - north compound - 2 -shot down 4/11/44 - B17 - navigator - 381st bomb grp - 534 squadron - good job

Hometown: Washington, WV
Sent: 8:55 PM - 10/18 2000
My father was in Stalag 7A in Wilhelm, Germany.....I am searching for info.on this camp. His name is Cecil J. Moyer..... It has taken a long time for him to even want to look for info on all of it. Can anyone help me.

Name: Jennifer
Hometown: Malmo, Nebraska
Sent: 4:05 PM - 10/18 2000
Hello, I was just visiting your site. Very interesting. My grandfather was a POW. His name is Robert Yeager. He still remains in close contact with many of his fellow POW's. I really enjoyed visiting your site.

Name: Kenneth Charles
Hometown: Rogersville, Tn 37857
Sent: 3:31 PM - 10/18 2000
My father was a driver of a tank when he got captured, His name was Lee S Charles, He passed away in 1976, If any one was in the tank divisions, I would like to hear from you. He was in N Aficia. God Bless All The POW's.

Name: Dick Kenyon
Hometown: Hillsboro, Or
Sent: 5:38 PM - 10/17 2000
I was in Barth this summer. Helga Radau is doing an outstanding job and could use all the contacts from Kriegies that she can get. Please get in touch with her

Name: John Carlson
Hometown: Clarkfield, MN
Sent: 3:42 PM - 10/17 2000
I would appreciate hearing from anyone who may have been acquainted with my father. He was John M. Carlson of Watertown, MN. He was housed in the south compound of Luft Stalag 1.

Name: Challye Noell Hammond
Hometown: Oak Ridge, TN
Sent: 1:49 PM - 10/17 2000
Would love to hear from any of my dad's (Chris a/k/a Skeeter Noell) fellow POW's. He was in Stalag Luft I, North 1 Compound. Bombgroup 452 and Bombsquad 728. Shot down piloting a B-17 and POW for 15 months. Thanks.

Name: chuck bruce
Hometown: Princeton Indiania
Sent: 11:41 PM - 10/16 2000
My dad, Private Bill Bruce 7th Armored Division , was captured in Oct. 1944 in Holland and ended up in stalag VIIA Moosberg Germany. He had stories about eating nothing but potatoes and cabbage for months. He would have nightmares and as a kid I would always wonder why he would be up in the middle of the night. He never talked much about his time in the camp and if he did it would be about something funny that happened never anything to let us know how bad it was. There was a story about escaping and having to return to the camp when a snowstorm came up and would have frozen to death if they hadn't. If any information about him or the camp I would appreciate it

Name: R G Alden
Hometown: Vashon WA. 98070
Sent: 11:30 PM - 10/16 2000
I LOST SEVERAL DEAR FRIENDS IN WW2...including a waist gunner on B 17. At age 78, I still mourn these men who gave so much. God Bless.

Homepage: http://1315 Ellison Ave.
Hometown: Louisville, Ky. 40204
Sent: 9:17 PM - 10/16 2000
My dad, GEORGE COBB, was a POW in Germany from December 1944 throug May 1945. Anyone who remembers him,I would appreciate hearing from you. George was in Company B,299th Combat Battalion. George passed away November 10, 1989 from a stroke after heart sergury. THANK YOU.

Name: Donald J. Ivas
Hometown: Scituate, MA.02066
Sent: 7:21 PM - 10/16 2000
My father was not a POW, but did die from wounds sustained fighting on Guadalcanal in the !st Marine Division. I am now trying to piece together a book to tell the stories of men and women who were prisoners of war anywhere. I have a desire to record some of these stories before they are all gone. Please contact me if you are interested in talking, I am a good listener and learning how to write daily. Look forward to hearing from you, thanks for your service.


Name: Charles R. Busbee
Hometown: Dallas, TX
Sent: 12:19 PM - 10/16 2000
I was at Stalag Luft 1 from 7/19/44 till 5/13/45. compound north 2 a friend from my bomb group sent me this site. I was from the 398th BG(H) 600th Sqd. a bomnbardier

Name: Karla Fees
Hometown: Houston, Missouri
Sent: 3:42 PM - 10/15 2000
My grandfather was a POW during WWII. I'm trying to locate the camps that he was in, but it is very difficult, as he does not remember the names or just doesn't wish to talk about them. I'm in the military now and stationed overseas on my third tour. I would like to visit his final camp in Austria, but can't get direct listing for American POW's in Austria. I'm still searching, but if anyone can help, I'd appreciate it. Thank you for your sight and the many links and ideas I received from it. God Bless and always remember.

Name: Ogden S. Babson
Homepage: 11 Old South Drive
Hometown: Columbia, SC 29209
Sent: 8:01 PM - 10/14 2000
Am doing like research on my deceased B-25 pilot cousin based on Corsica, shot down over Verona, Italy, July 20, 44, 26th mission, apparently went through Oberusel and Wetzlar, Stalag Luft 111, July 28, 44 - January 28, 45, at Sagan, Germany, then to Stalag V11-a at Moosburg, Bavaria, there liberated April 29, 45. Need lots of info: How did 12th Army Air Force get B-25s to Corsica? Where on Corsica were B-25s based? Etc? I have app't with USAF Historical Research Agency at Maxwell AFB, hope to get copy of MACR,do have tail # of B-25. Would like to have your suggestions for my research. Your info a "gold mine". A zillion thanks.

Name: Elena Latici
Hometown: Woodstock, CT.
Sent: 8:40 PM - 10/13 2000
I found this website by accident and have been blown away by it! My father, 1st Lt. Bruno N. Latici was a B-17 pilot shot down on Sep. 8, 1944. He spent the last nine months of the war in Stalag 1. Once we talked about going back to see if we could find the camp. he said he doubted that anything would be there, then he told me I should go by myself. I know he has no idea there was a conference last year. Just now he is starting (he'll be 80 in January) to write down his war memories (after years of begging on my part). I am so excited to have found this site. I adore my father and I think often of how lucky I am to have him, of how easily it could have gone the other way for him--and of course, for me! I want to find out as much as I can and this has been an extraordinary help. Thank you so much.

Name: Rodney R. Helms
Hometown: waldport,or.
Sent: 7:32 PM - 10/13 2000
P.O.Box 1090,Waldport,Or.97394-1090
Kreigie#1630        Block #2,South Compound         26Nov43
545th Sqd.    384th Bomb.Gp.   (B-17)      Station 106 Grafton-under-the-mud.
Great web site!

Name: Eugene l Weishan
Hometown: milwaukee
Sent: 6:36 PM - 10/13 2000
kreigsgefangennummer 55355

Name: Sharon Fite
Hometown: West Mifflin, Pennsylvania
Sent: 5:15 AM - 10/13 2000
Thank you for this very informative trip through Luft 1. My father-in-law was a POW there and I have printed as much information as I could for a start. I know that he will find this very informative and somewhat painful, but he has asked me several times to research this for him. I hope to get him online to check some of the more personal articles out for himself.

Name: Challye Noell Hammond
Sent: 3:50 PM - 10/12 2000
My father was a POW in this camp. I wondered if anyone remembered him. He was held for 15 months and liberated by the Russians. He was the pilot of a B-17. He was a lieutenant. His name is Hugh Ellis Noell, Jr. but was known by Chris Noell or Skeeter Noell. Please write if anyone knew him. Thanks.

Name: jim bowling
Hometown: butler,ky
Sent: 7:47 AM - 10/12 2000
just found your site while browsing and i have heard some of the stories before from my father who spent 18 mo's at stalag 1 he was in the 8th air force.i have sevral items he made in the pow camp such as a belt made from gum wrappers,i have some of the green cig packs used to write on.i also have about 15 - 81/2x11 photo's of stalag 1.  i am now 50 yr's old and i can say about all my dad said to us about the ordeal was it wasn't like hogan's hero's but he didn't think they had it as bad as some of the viet nam pow's

Name: George A. Meuse
Hometown: Leesburg, FL
Sent: 9:45 PM - 10/11 2000
Great site. Enjoyed the info on Luft 1. I was there as #6443
in Barracks 305, Room 10, North 3

Hometown: MORAGA, CALIF.
Sent: 11:03 PM - 10/9 2000

Name: Gerald W. Lay
Hometown: Kingston, TN
Sent: 12:06 PM - 10/9 2000
I was a POW in Stalag I, North Compound III from Dec. 44 until liberation in May 45.

Name: Raymond McLaughlin
Hometown: Worcester, Massachusetts
Sent: 11:52 PM - 10/8 2000
Interesting that most of the men did not want to talk about the hard times. My two Uncles spent some hard times in world war II. that is why I find this all very interesting. They are both gone now but I never did hear about the real hard times. I heard about their heroism and injuries mostly. They both had many war metals. They are all heroes to me. I wish the people of the US still had the same patriotism.

Name: George Meuse
Hometown: Brookline, MA
Sent: 5:09 PM - 10/8 2000
Glad to see such a professional site. I was #6443 at Luft 1, Barth.

Name: Margie O'Brien
Hometown: Los Angeles and Lecanto,FL
Sent: 4:15 PM - 10/7 2000
My Dad was also a POW @Barth. He too did not talk of his incarceration very much. He celebrated his 21 birthday as a POW. The guys saved their potatoes to let them ferment so they gave Dad his first legal drink for his birthday. My Dad kept a diary and every day he would write a menu. He always had to have mashed potatoes every night with dinner.,when I was growing up. WE were never allowed to waste food and always had to eat everything on our plate or he would get angry(a throw back to his days of starvation). My Dad was Staff SGT John Bawduniak , he was on Roy Schiele"S crew and remained friends with his crew all these years.My mom still goes to the 398 reunions(Dad died 5 yrs ago). Thanks for this report of the war. I enjoyed reading about the sacrifices of these incredible men. margie

Name: Jeff Birch
Hometown: Draper, Utah
Sent: 2:28 AM - 10/7 2000
My Grandfather, Oral B. Birch was a POW at Salag Luft 1. He has not viewed this site yet, but he heard mention of it and I found it today. He could add some photo's and stories to the site. He will always be a hero in our family and in his home town of Sandy, Utah. He named my father, Kenneth Decleene Birch after two of his B-17 crew mates who died when the plane was shot down over Germany. Grandpa parachuted and was captured and beaten severely as soon as he landed. Thanks for this web site! My Grandfather can be reached at: 9230 So. Keith Dr. Sandy, Utah 84094

Name: Fred L Hempel
Hometown: Tampa, Fl
Sent: 11:11 AM - 10/5 2000
Congradulations on a wonderful and interesting site. I have just returned from New Orleans and the D Day museum. If you or your readers get a chance this is MUST. A real tribute to our WWII heros like your Dad. Job will done.

Name: Gene Silberstein
Hometown: Philadelphia,Pa.
Sent: 1:04 PM - 10/2 2000
You are are to be congratulated for researching and preserving this important part of WWII. I was a GI in the ground forces but I personally know one of the prisoners,Dr.Aaron Kuptsow, a great friend.

Name: John Bawduniak
Hometown: Spring, Texas
Sent: 7:08 PM - 9/27 2000
I wrote yesterday when I found your site. My Dad died in 1995. I could never get him to share much aboiut his war experiences. He and my Mom went to the reunions each year, but no one would talk about the POW time. I went this year and got the crew to share things with me about my Dad. It was wonderful! I love your site and will share it with the rest of his crew- I am sure they will contribute before the legacy is lost.  You have done an incredible job with this site.

Sent: 8:41 PM - 9/26 2000

Sent: 4:55 PM - 9/26 2000

Homepage: 863 SKYLINE DR.
Hometown: CORAM NY-11727
Sent: 11:32 AM - 9/25 2000


Name: Kathy Morrissey
Hometown: Tualatin, Oregon
Sent: 9:41 PM - 9/23 2000
My father Raymond Klinke was in: Unit: 8th AF 388Bobmber Group held at Stalag Luft 1. He had submitted his biography to    I would love someone to contact my father at email:    I have loved reading your site and stories. I wish my father would share more with others. I have loved listening to his story.    Thank you to everyone who served.

Name: Michael Lazorchak
Hometown: Indianapolis
Sent: 12:19 AM - 9/20 2000
Absolutely wonderfully done. I'm confident that your father knows what you've done for his memory and is proud. My father was Army Infantry with the 4th Infantry Division. Thanks so much. I'll return again to your site with my young 10 year old son when I have some time. God Bless. Michael Lazorchak

Name: Paul Gross
Hometown: Austin,Texas
Sent: 6:35 PM - 9/19 2000
My father, Robert Anthony Gross from Kenosha,Wisconsin was at Stalag Luft 1 for 15 months until the Russians liberated the camp. My father and another officer "took command" of a British troop plane and asked them to fly them to the American lines. If anyone has any information about this or my dad I would be very greatful to learn of it. The mission that landed my dad in this camp was over Mostar Yugoslavia. The Chetnicks found him and walked him to the nearest German troops.

Name: Jeanine Radighieri
Hometown: Tyler, Texas
Sent: 6:25 PM - 9/19 2000
My father, Connally R. O'Brien was a POW in Stalag Luft IV. He was able to escape with Major V. Mears during the forced march. I sincerely enjoyed your web pages. Thanks, Jeanine

Name: Dearyl Pennington
Hometown: Dallas, TX 75211
Sent: 2:57 PM - 9/18 2000
I ran across your most interesting story while searching for a friend. Enjoyed reading it and can feel much empathy for him and his family. I was in Bari, Italy, AFGD#5. 11th DRS, llth ADG, Oct 43 thru Nov 45.

Name: Clyde D. Willis
Hometown: Edinburg, Texas
Sent: 2:25 PM - 9/18 2000
Hi Buddie. I am one of the old Krigies I was in Stalag XVII-B just outside of Krems Austria. I know just what your Dad went through and I know it can not be told. I have waited untill now to tell my tale only upon the asking of my Grand Kids.Check my web sight. May God Be with you Clyde

Name: Pat Crawford (nee Nelson)
Homepage: 126 Waveney Drive, Springfield, Chelmsford, Essex, CM1 7QB, United Kingdom
Hometown: Chelmsford
Sent: 5:36 PM - 9/17 2000
My father was a POW in Stalag Luft I from August 1944 to liberation in May 45. He didn't talk about it very much and I have found out most information since his death in 1993. We have got a copy of the Barth Hard Times and his camp record, also a Victory Menu that his room made. He was a Flying Officer William Bernhardt Nelson (RAFVR). I know this is an American site but maybe some British and South African ex air crew or families look in. I am trying to contact any of the following people or their families:
Flying Officer G.K. Williams, Service No. 144334
Pilot Officer C.A. Lampkin Service No. 183032
Ian D. Ballone
A.E. Ausfield
Lieutenant, South African Airforce E.D. Lugg
My father was in Barrack Block VI Room 17

Name: Eugene A. Burlingame
Hometown: Oakland, California
Sent: 7:59 PM - 9/16 2000
I was a p.o.w. at Stalag l at Barth Germany, I am now 74 years old and now have the courage to search for information about details of the confinement, Our plane (Little Moron) piloted by Eugene Freeman. we were hit by flak on a mission over Berlin March 18 1945. Please contact me.regarding ANY INFORMATION about the camp, or otherwise.

Name: Brian Parkinson
Hometown: Umpqua, Oregon, 97486 USA
Sent: 2:17 PM - 9/16 2000
I worked with Hanns Scharff's son in Marketing at McDonnell Douglas, Long Beach, for several years prior to my retirement in 1994. I heard several comments from various sources about his fathers humanity in his capacity as a Luftwaffe interrogator and his ability to "wheedle" information out of the captors, many times without them really realizing what they were giving away.

Name: Bill Ethridge
Sent: 1:49 AM - 9/16 2000
You did a great job in constructing your web page!
I was with he 447 Bomb group and was the Bombardier on the "Uninvited". My crew was shot down on October 6, 1944 and spent 6 months in various German camps.

Name: Bonnie Chafe (Doubek)
Sent: 8:18 PM - 9/15 2000
My son's father was captured at Battle of the Bulge and taken to German prison; I am searching for which one as he spoke little of it. He stated the American's accidentally bombed part of the POW camp which is my only clue. He also said he was befriended by a German nurse who gave him extra food for survival. Any help? I am putting a book about him together for his son who is expecting his first child....his only heirs.

Name: Elizabeth Sylvester-Gray
Hometown: Cheltenham, Glos. England
Sent: 5:34 PM - 9/14 2000
I am very impressed with your web pages. I study WWII and this has given me another insight into it. You may be able to tell by my address that I am a lover of planes, especially the Spitfire and Hurricane. I lived through the second world war in England and remember so well the Americans who were stationed near by and who came to visit. After the war I married an American (U.S.Army) and went to live in Colorado. Also went to Germany for three years and saw the horrors of the concentration camps. Thank you for your story. It is truly worth publishing.

Name: Jacqueline Franco
Hometown: Newport, R.I.
Sent: 5:02 PM - 9/14 2000
Hello ... I'm just beginning a search for information about American POW's held in German camps. My father, Maurice (Chick) Kelly was one. He talked little of his experience so I know little. I'm hoping the archives of my hometown newspaper can shed some light. I don't know his battalion or the camp where he was held or battalion. This is part of our family history and America's history. I want to learn all that I can so I can pass it on to my children and their children. May peace forever last ...

Name: A. R. Harris "DICK"
Hometown: Nashville Tn.
Sent: 11:44 AM - 9/13 2000
I was a prisoner there also.

Name: Kim A. Lee
Homepage:7724 Breckenridge Ave.
Hometown: Kansas City MO 64139
Sent: 9:22 PM - 9/12 2000
My Dad passed away 12/97 He went in D-Day June the 6th At Omaha and had two purple hearts. He lasted 82 day on the front lines before he got purple heart number one. He went back to the front in 12/24/44 to Bastogne for the Battle of the bulge, and lasted till 01/15/45 he got purple number two. When back in England he met my Mom, O yea he said he liked to see the B-17 and B-24s fly over. the rest is history.

Name: Patrick Hayden
Hometown: Mount Vernon, Washington
Sent: 6:18 PM - 9/10 2000
My brother, Frank Hayden, was navigator on a C47 shot down the day before Christmas, 1944, dropping supplies to the troops at Bastogne--Battle of the bulge. Captured, marched from there to Frankfurt, then Stalag Luft 1. He became a dentist after the war and was killed in a private plane crash (fishing trip) in '55. --Like to hear from anybody who might have known him.

Name: Jill Gooding
Hometown: Raleigh, NC
Sent: 2:33 PM - 9/10 2000
My father, Jim Wicker, was also a POW in Stalag Luft I from July 1944 until the liberation. Looking for anyone who might have known him there. He was a co-pilot on a B-17. POW #4790. This site is a great tribute to the sacrifices made for us all!

Name: Rodger Hildreth
Hometown: Brundidge, Alabama
Sent: 8:51 AM - 9/10 2000
Brother Bart found this great site and we are anxious to share the experience of our father (2nd Lt) Major P. Hildreth, POW#5019 with his fiends and fellow countrymen.
Thanks to the Williams family.

Name: Daniel "Danny" L. McNulty
Sent: 11:46 PM - 9/8 2000
My Father: Maj. James Walton McNulty, Ret., died May, 1977. Flew with 323rd Sq. 91st Bomb Group. Combat from Oct.1,43 till Feb.21,44. Co-pilot on B-17F Miss Minookie--R-OR. Went down on 16th mission. Spent rest of war in Stalag Luft 1

Name: Dianne Cosgrove
Hometown: Orlando, FL
Sent: 9:00 AM - 9/8 2000
My father, Joseph G. Cosgrove, was also in Stalag-Luft 1. He was prisoner number 5663, and was assigned to building 307, room 9. He now rests in Arlington, in an adjacent section to his former commanding officer and friend, who was also a prisoner at Stalag-Luft 1. Thank you for honoring their memories.

Name: D'Ann Fitch
Hometown: Luling, Tx
Sent: 12:49 AM - 9/8 2000
My grandfather was a POW in WWII. His name is Charles Fitch. I really liked this sight. It was very informative. I really think the kids today should be more educated on the past, wars and the men and women who faught in them. Thank you for educating me. I my self am 22 and would like to join the airforce. I only hope my experinces would honor our county. Thnak you all for fighting for our freedom!

Name: horace mockett
Sent: 7:57 PM - 9/7 2000
I was shot down after 30 missions. Knocked out by flack at
merseberg .landed just east of demold. taken to the german army hostipal in demold. Was sent to prison hospital ,then to stalag luft III. I was a pilot of a B17

Name: Bart Hildreth
Hometown: Wichita, Kansas
Sent: 11:23 AM - 9/7 2000
My father, (2nd Lt.) Major Paul Hildreth, was a B-17 pilot with the 816th Squadron, 483rd Group of the 15th Air Force who was shot down during the Memmingen Airdrome mission on 18 July 1944. His entire crew survived and returned to the states, after enduring POW camps. My father was POW# 5019 in Stalag-Luft 1, North 2, Block I, Room 9, termed "city hall" (based on a sketch contained in his "Wartime Log" provided at the time and that I now have). His log contains many drawings, poems, event activities, and names/addresses of men in that same facility as well as the "Alabama Kriegies, North Compound II" which was important to him since he was an Alabama boy. When the camp was liberated, he returned home. My father died in 1985, but he did have a chance a few years earlier to meet with most of the members of his crew at a Dayton reunion of his Squadron. My wife and I had the pleasure of attending that dinner and it was a grand experience. I would love to compare notes and details with others who might have known my father while he was in the military, but especially when he was in POW camp. And, to our website host I want to thank you for making this possible. You have an excellent set of web pages. The pictures are a real treat.

Name: Art Durante
Hometown: Columbus, GA
Sent: 5:39 PM - 9/6 2000
My father was a POW held in Stalag Luft III. This is a great site. You should be proud of what you are doing, preserving the story of our fathers and grandfathers during the war, and especially the (little known) stories of the Kriegies. Congratulations

Name: Patricia Ryan
Hometown: Hixson, TN 37342
Sent: 4:51 PM - 9/4 2000
My father was a POW in Germany from November 1944 until May 1945. He is still living in Perry, Iowa, and was recently honored at a celebration remembering WWII veterans. He has written some of his war memoirs and I am assisting him in the writing of his autobiography. I am researching information about the war and where he was as a POW. We too, think these stories are important for future generations to read about.

Name: W.W. Lee
Homepage: P.O. Box 743
Hometown: Orinda, CA
Sent: 8:37 PM - 9/3 2000
I was at Stalag Luft I from October 1944 until May 1945...
Wilbur W. Lee, 2nd Lt  - 303rd Bomb Group - 360 Bomb Squadron

Name: Allen W. Mason
Hometown: Dublin, Georgia
Sent: 9:02 PM - 8/29 2000
My brother was a waist gunner on a B-17, was shot down over Germany, I think sometime in 1943. I know for sure he was held for 18 months. weighed 60 lbs when freed. He died a couple of years ago of cancer, caused no doubt by the conditions he lived in while in the camp. His name was Morton Cook Mason Jr.

Name: Richard Easingwood
Hometown: Fayetteville, NC
Sent: 1:39 PM - 8/29 2000
My father-in-law, 2Lt Garland "Monty" Montague was a guest of Stalag Luft 1 from Sep 1944 until May 45. He was a bombardier on the "Methuselah 969 Years" (#2102969) and was shot down on the 12th of September over Berlin. Good web site. (I am US Army Retired)

Name: Ralph Hogan Jr.
Hometown: Moraga, Calif. 94556
Sent: 1:31 AM - 8/29 2000
I was a POW at Stalag luft 1 from Sept.44 until May 45. Your website has brought back memories of those days.I was flying B-25's out of Corcisa, and was shot down in Italy at the Gothic line in Sept. 44. I came through the war ok, and would like to hear from fellow POW's.

Name: Patricia Benker
Hometown: Pinecrest,CA
Sent: 11:08 PM - 8/28 2000
Dear Friend;
Your web site has done wonders to help the world remember what our Dad's gave.. Freedom was not free for them. I just ck. the messages tonight as I am trying to help another daughter find an Ex-POW who was with her Dad in Compound North 1.we found his name in a list one of the men at Stalag Luft I.has. We are looking for anyone who was with William.L.George 385th BG 556th BS,he was a Bombardier on a B-17. As you know few talked about the group they were with so we may have less to go by. Mr.George died 5-7-98 and as usual we do not have alot of info.about the POW experience,but really need the help for his widow.  The Ex-POW's have been so helpful to you and I and provided so much info. plus they are my extended family;we have a bond only our Dad's in their suffering could have establiushed for us. I just know we will find someone to help with information, about Mr. William George. 

God Bless,you for what you have done to honor the memories of our Dad's and let those living Ex-POW's know we appreciate what they gave of their lives for our Freedoms today. It is amazing in the last year how much more interest there is in understanding the POW experience,your site has done so much to help.

If there is anyone who remembers my Dad from Stalag Luft IV or Stalag Luft I.  Please contact me I want to thank those who carried Dad during part of the "inter March", out of Stalag Luft IV prior to getting him on the "40x40 boxcar" for Luft I.   Dad had a serious leg injury that would not heal and the "march" in the snow from Stalag Luft IV,could never have been made without the help and compassion of other POW's.  I want them to know my heart will never forget them.Dad (Patrick Benker), was shot down 4-9-44, over Keil,Ger.on a return from Marienburg,Ger.he was with 384th BG 546th BS.
Again I thank you for what you are doing,to help save the history and help us understand how special our Dad's were.
God Bless you.

Name: Scott Waite
Hometown: Moriarty NM
Sent: 5:45 PM - 8/28 2000
My dad, 2lt Milton D Waite was in Stalag luft 1, North III compound from Dec 1944 to liberation in May 1945.

Name: Phil Rae Tyner
Hometown: Shawnee Oklahoma
Sent: 10:32 PM - 8/27 2000
I am the son of Lt. Wallace L. Tyner. He was a POW the last two years of the war.He was in this camp.

Name: William (Steve) Stevenson
Hometown: Danville, Illinois
Sent: 5:33 PM - 8/27 2000
Just discovered this home page and have enjoyed reading and comparing it with my own experiences at Stalag Luft I, South Compound.   We flew a B-17 out of Bassingbourne, near Cambridge, England, with the 91st Bomb Group, 322nd Squadron. I arrived at Barth in February, 1944, after being shot down on January 11 (spent some time in a German hospital).   At Luft I, I was in Barracks 13, Rm 3, at first. Later I was moved to Barracks 3, Rm 8.    My pilot was JC Page and navigator, Larry Lynch. Would like very much to hear from anyone who remembers me ( My wife and I visited Luft I and Barth in 1990 and I planted one of the trees in the memorial park on the site of the camp.

Name: Roland Geiger
Hometown: St. Wendel, Germany
Sent: 6:42 AM - 8/27 2000
Good morning,
Dr. Leland Smith who participated in the Barth Conference in April 2000 died suddenly at his home Saturday evening, August 19, 2000, and was laid to rest on Wednesday, August 23. I knew him just a couple of days when I met him at the conference where he told me he was there also his family told him not to go according to his health and the circumstance that Germany is not just around the corner. Leland decided to go and finally found his decision was right.
Roland Geiger, St. Wendel, Germany


Hometown: KENT WA
Sent: 9:30 PM - 8/26 2000

Homepage:104 Garnet Avenue Titusville Fla.32796
Hometown: Wylam ALABAMA
Sent: 1:32 PM - 8/23 2000
My brother Duncan McCormick was with the 94 BG 331 BS at Bury Suffolk
He was shot down 10 Feb 44 Brunswick. He was sent to Stalag Luft 6 Heydekrug, then to Stalag Luft 4 Grosstychow.  Was part of the Settin Run. Departed Luft 4 in Jan 45. Was liberated in Blefeld

Name: Deborah Batchen
Hometown: London
Sent: 3:38 PM - 8/21 2000
My late uncle Ron Cable was a POW at stalag 18B. He escaped along with 7 Australians. ANy one with any information on this or the camp , please contact me. Thank you. I have a photo of him and the Australians at his wedding and also a photo taken by the Red Cross of him at the Camp.

Name: Bill Rentz
Hometown: Wilmington, Delaware
Sent: 9:23 PM - 8/20 2000
My father,Staff Sgt. Frederick J. Rentz Jr. was a P.O.W. in Stalag 17B from July 28,1943 until the end of the war.He was a gunner with the 8th A.F. 92nd B.G. 327th B.S. when shot down on the raid over Kassel, Germany. Unfortunatley he died Aug.28th 1969 at the young age of 47.

Name: Jude Scherlie
Hometown: Beaverton, OR
Sent: 2:15 PM - 8/18 2000
My dad, Dick Kenyon, was a "guest" of Stalag Luft 1 in Barth. He flew a P51B Mustang as bomber escort, and was shot down on March 22, 1944. Thanks to the tremendous efforts of people in Belgium and Germany, a woman at the archives in Barth, and the US National Archives, my family has just last night returned from a trip to Germany to retrace this time in his life, and re-visit the site where his parachute landed, where his plane crashed and still rests (we have retrieved pieces), the farmhouse where he was held until picked up by the military, the jail cell at the Air Force base where he was held the first night, and Stalag Luft 1 in Barth. We met German people who, as children, saw him parachute out and saw his plane crash, and who peeked at him in the kitchen of the farmhouse. We stood in the very jail cell where he spent his first night, and stood in the unchanged kitchen at the farmhouse where he was originally held. We walked through the gate at Barth that he was walked through so very many years ago, and walked the road to Stalag Luft 1. A woman in Barth who works at the archives, Frau Helga Radau, has worked very hard to establish a wonderful memorial at the site, and continues to work to make sure that this time in history is not forgotten. Our thanks to all who made this trip possible.


Name: Kathleen Callaghan
Hometown: Baton Rouge, LA
Sent: 3:57 PM - 8/16 2000
My dad, Oscar Richard, was a POW in Stalag Luft 1 also. He was a bombardier aboard a B-17 with the 384th Bombardment Group of the 8th Air Force, and was shot down near Abbeville, France in January, 1944. He just published a book about his experiences entitled "Kriegie: An American POW in Germany," published by the LSU Press. It's available through Barnes & Noble and and many bookstores, particularly in the south La. area. It was the featured book of the month on the website, Unlike others, my dad was always willing to talk about his POW experience, so I grew up with the knowledge of much of what he and his fellow POWs went through. During my growing-up years, I met several of the men he was imprisoned with, and on a visit to Dublin, Ireland two years ago, had dinner with children of two of his fellow POWs. Our dads were really excited that we "kids" (I'm 50 years old), who had not previously known one another, happened to be in Dublin at the same time and made it a point to meet.

It's wonderful that the brave men and women who served during WWII are finally getting the attention they deserve. Those who haven't seen the new D-Day Museum in New Orleans should make it a point to visit ... it's a very moving experience.

Thanks for the wonderful work you've put into this website! Although my dad doesn't have a computer yet, I'm going to let him know about this site. Maybe we can talk him into getting one.

Name: Robert N. Queener
Hometown: Shell Lake ;Wisconsin
Sent: 5:47 PM - 8/14 2000
POW Stalag 17-B
Barracks 18-
Combine with Woodman,Teaman,Hulme,Trotter,Kulakowski

Name: Bob Bradicich
Hometown: Ocean Isle Beach, NC 28469
Sent: 11:30 AM - 8/11 2000
I was not in the air force but I watched you guys go overhead and bomb the enemy. I was with the 28th Infantry, 110th RCT.  In combat, I used to look up and say "those poor bastards keep flying and hope the Germans are poor shots". Then later I met an airman and he said "look at those poor bastards down there, they are fighting the Germans all day."  Great web page, Good luck.  Bob.

Sent: 11:15 AM - 8/11 2000

Name: craig strafford
Hometown: gallipoli, ohio
Sent: 4:13 PM - 8/10 2000
really interesting. and the picture of my father (Jim Strafford) too. thanks again for all the really in depth hard work you have done.

Name: Shel Yeager
Hometown: Gettysburg, PA
Sent: 5:06 PM - 8/9 2000
Exceptionally well designed and curated website. The letters are profoundly moving. Thanks for sharing them with the world.

Name: Suzanne Samuel
Hometown: Salisbury, NC
Sent: 10:47 PM - 8/8 2000
My uncle Robert Gullet was a POW. He was in the Antitank Company, 242d Infantry. Please write if you were part of this or know him. For the last 2 years he has gone to the reunions. Thank you.

Sent: 9:07 AM - 8/7 2000

Name: Maria Ford
Hometown: Dayton
Sent: 7:42 PM - 8/6 2000
My father, Ivan Savic, was a POW in Camp Offlag XIII-B for almost 4 years. He fought against Tito and Communism in the underground for King Peter of Yugoslavia. I always knew of his history as a POW, but have recently found paperwork validating his story. He died when I was 4. How does one contact family members of those who survived this place? When Germany paid war reparations for Yugoslavians, the money went to Tito and his coffers. If you are familiar with circumstances at Camp Offlag, please contact me at

Name: David Ball
Hometown: Fremont NE
Sent: 1:49 PM - 8/6 2000
I am happy to honor the memory of my uncle, M/Sgt Harrod Ashley, who was a top turret gunner on a B-17. His plane was shot down on a mission to bomb ball bearing plants at Scheinfurt, Germany. He parachuted, was captured, and spent 18 months in Stalag 17. He was liberated 6/45 by American Forces. He never wanted to talk about his experiences in that horrible camp. He passed away in 1971.

Name: John Kirkham
Hometown: Longwood, FL
Sent: 9:05 PM - 8/2 2000
I am the son of John A. Kirkham, who was a prisoner in Stalag 1. I have just discovered this web page today. My father is alive and well, having just celebrated his 80th birthday. He and my mother, Wanda, are living near Leesburg, FL.

Dad was a bombadier-navagator on a B-17 and was shot down late in 1944 on what was supposed to be his 35th and last mission. He never told us much about the experience until the last few years. Unfortunately, he does not own a computer... he is one of the last of the holdouts against these things, but I will surely tell him about this site! Maybe it will induce him to finally buy one!

Name: Hanns-Claudius Scharff
Sent: 7:00 PM - 7/31 2000
My father was Hanns Joachim Scharff. We have met many of his former prisoners under extremely cordial circumstances. In fact Gabby Gabreski and his son came from Long Island to attend my dads 75th birthday. His birthday gift was two roll s and a bottle of Cognac. During a speach, he told us he was returning the gift my dad gave him on his way to the Stalag. I think you have a great site. If I and my brother can be of aany assistance to you please let me know.

Sent: 6:52 PM - 7/29 2000
Re:Edwin Hayes' posting of the 28th on how he had a tour of of the third reich before arriving in Stalag Luft 1,Barth-on-the-Baltic,in Jan. of 1945.Im glad that you made it through the hazards that went with travel at that time.  Which compound and Block were you in at Barth?  I went through the Dulag and then directly to Barth, arriving in early August 1944.There's a photo of myslf and some of my roommates from North 2, Block 4. Room 12. elsewhere on this website under 'Kriegies". Best wishes, Bruce Bockstanz

Name: Edwin W. Hays
Hometown: Paramus, N.J. 07652
Sent: 4:44 PM - 7/29 2000
In reply to Patricia Benker: I flew on "Just Elmer's Tune" and I have been in touch with Elmer Costales' wife Rita many times and have also visited with them over the years. I too, am a National Service Officer for the American Ex-Prisoners of War and have had much success in getting many fellow POWs their benefits that are available to them. Please contact me at W. 143 Ridgewood Ave., Paramus, N. J. 07652 (Tel: 201-445-1533)E-Mail:

Name: Edwin W. Hays
Hometown: Paramus, New Jersey 07652
Sent: 12:34 PM - 7/28 2000
I was in Stalg Luft 1 from Jan. 1945 to May 1945 when we were finally liberated by the Russian Army. Prior to that I was at Stalag Luft VI at Heydekrug, Stalag Luft IV at Keifheide and thence to Barth. Shot down over Denmark, 2/24/44, hospitalized there. Then to Dulag Luft at Oberusel, and off to the above Stalags. Was on the "Heydekrug Run" and spent two days in the hold of the good ship "Masuren". Have returned to Denmark four times since 1995 to visit with old Danish friends and also a short visit to Berlin to visit with the German Me109 pilot who shot us down. An interesting experience. Took my wife, daughter, grandaughter and great-grandaughter with me and they had a history lesson! My regards to you. Ed Hays

Name: LeRoy Larson
Sent: 4:49 PM - 7/25 2000
Norman Kottke, the lead bomadier was a friend of mine. After the war he farmed in Stewart, Minn. He was a private pilot and took me up several times. Norman was a member of the flying farmers of Minnesota. He was a great guy.

Name: Terry Thomas
Hometown: Sadieville ky
Sent: 2:05 PM - 7/24 2000
I too lost my father many years ago (41). I knew his b-24 was shot down over Vienna Austria in Sept. 1944. My father,2nd Lt. John E Thomas and the bombardier got out of the plane before it exploded.The seven other crew members were killed. Both survivors were hurt while they were landing and taken prisoner, first by the civilians, who tried to hang them, then by the Germans.They ended up at Stalag Luft III, and then Stalag Luft VIIA, with other crews from the 450th and 720th.   My father never talked of the war after he came home so I had very little information to go on. After about 1 hour on the internet and a few phone calls, I found the bombardier my father was POW with, he was alive and well and overjoyed to talk with me. He (Dillard R. Cantrell) has sent me information and documents that I though were lost for ever. Also through him the navigator, who was pulled off the flight has called me, he too had stories and pictures which he has sent me.   My mother, sister,and I will be forever grateful to these men for opening their lives a memories to us. Our father lives again, our tears flow , but we are overjoyed to learn about our dad, and the young men who sacrificed their youth and their lives to save the world.  Ps. dont ever give up your search,its out there!  Thanks, Terry Thomas  787 Hinton Cemetery Rd.  Sadieville ,Ky. 40370

Name: Arthur Taber
Hometown: San Francisco, CA
Sent: 11:29 AM - 7/24 2000
I am trying to unearth any information whatsoever on my father, 1st. Lt. Robin Everett Taber, who was at Stalag Luft #3 (American POW #2425) from late 1941 (I think) thru mid-1944, when he was repatriatated from a different POW camp (name unknown) in Poland. He was a bombadier on a B-29, which was shot down over Germany. He did parachute successfully, as did some of the crew. I do not have any information on the crew-members' names, or the name of their airplane.
If you could pass this letter along to anyone who might have come in contact with him, I'd be eternally grateful. Anything at all. Stories, rumors, mentions in letters, possible rememberances (it's been a long time), names (and especially addresses or e-mail addresses) of anyone who knew him, or might have known him during this time.  Whatever assistance that can be rendered will be gratefully appreciated.
Thank you,
snail mail:
Arthur C. Taber
1020 St Francis Blvd. #2020
Daly City, CA 94015

Name: Jason T. Kantor
Hometown: San Diego, CA
Sent: 6:07 AM - 7/24 2000
My grandfather was a POW at Dulag Luft in Oberursal. Dwain Stanley Kantor, my grandfather, was a radio gunner for US airforce. A lot of information he forgets but he always tells me about jumping out of the bombay doors and his crew/pow friends "BLINKY" "DAWS" "MICK". I am so facinated with the B-17 airmen and their stories. I'm in film school and feel one day I can make a true testiment of what an B-17 airmen was like in WWII.   I'm currently in the researching stages of my script and would love some feed back from people. If anyone knew my grandfather "KINKY" a piano player in the camp. I would love to hear from you as well.

Sent: 10:13 AM - 7/23 2000

Name: jim bockstanz
Hometown: St. Clair, MI
Sent: 10:28 PM - 7/21 2000

Name: Bill Tate
Homepage: 4309 Hiawatha Dr
Hometown: Knoxville, Tn 37919
Sent: 10:42 AM - 7/21 2000
I was in Stalag Luft 1,North Compound 2, Block 204,Room 12.  Shot down on Oct. 6,1944. Liberated on May 1, 1945( my 22nd birthday) by the Russians.  I was in the room with Bruce Bockstanz.

Name: bruce bockstanz
Hometown: Grosse Pointe Woods
Sent: 1:47 PM - 7/20 2000
In reply to the letter of of David Margolik of 7/17. I saw Max Schmeling when he visited our North two Compound at Stalag Luft One, Barth. It was near the end of the war and he was obviously sent around to try to soften our attitude towards our captors.  He was nattily dressed in civilian clothes. Someone said "Max, we heard that you died when you parachuted into Crete". He replied the "the report was exagerated!". He was asked "When are we going,home?" He replied, with a grin, "Very soon, and I wish that I were going with you!"   Some of the POWs made remarks like "Max, I listened to all your fights. You were a great boxer. Will you fight Louis again?" Then several other POs broke it up with the statement "Don't you guys realize that he's the enemy? Quit buttering him up!"

Name: Terrance P. Downey
Hometown: las vegas, nevada
Sent: 9:20 AM - 7/20 2000
I am a former serviceman, 101st Airborne Division in Vietnam and was looking through the archives. I hope that you vets will talk to each other and to family, life is too very short to keep it all inside, I know. I died of a fatal heart attack Dec 13, l999 and brought back to life!

Name: Mick Berry
Hometown: San Francisco
Sent: 5:54 PM - 7/18 2000
I've been performing a one person play about my father's ( Daniel Behre - 15th Army Air Corps) experiences as a POW at Stalag Luft IV. He wrote the whole experience down when he returned at the age of twenty four. As I'm an actor, I took what he had simply filed away in a desk, and turned it into a one person play based on his words and my experiences with him, producing understanding and resolutions between his and my generatiobns. Entitled "Dad Fought Hitler, the Bottle, and Me", I've performed this around California to most appreciative audiences. I'm looking for more places to perform, and spefically for audiences that have and intereset in this subject matter. As far as I know, mine is the only theater piece written from the actual words of a POW in Germany. I'm immensely proud of it, and am now seeking out an audience. If you have any ideas where I might be able to perform this, it would be a great help to get your suggestions. So far I've managed to find the Eight Air Force Museum in Savanah, GA. I'm trying to find the POW museum I've heard about in Andersonville, but information has no number.
I enjoyed your web sight immensely, and hope that we can mutually assist each other.

David Margolick
Sent: 6:41 PM - 7/17 2000
Congratulations on the wonderful commemoration you have put together. For a research project I'm working on, I wonder whether there are any more former POWs who, like Dr. Kuptsow, remember Max Schmeling's visit to the Stalag Luft; and whether there is a way to get ahold of Dr. Kuptsow. Many thanks.

Hometown: Galveston, Texas
Sent: 4:46 AM - 7/17 2000
I am Retied USAF , And this is the best site I have ever seen in tribute to ones father who whent though a lot. Thanks for the information. Alan

Name: Juliana Dare
Hometown: Adelaide, Australia
Sent: 11:22 PM - 7/16 2000
For my major year 12 History Study I am focusing on 'The nature of POW camps in Germany during WWII'. This site has proved very helpful, and I urge anyone with further information, particularly ex-POW's from Colditz - Oflag IVC to contact me. Thankyou, Juliana

Sent: 9:53 PM - 7/16 2000

Name: Oliver Clutton-Brock
Hometown: Devizes, Wiltshire, England
Sent: 8:00 AM - 7/16 2000
Great site. I'm very interested in it as I'm writing a book on RAF Bomber Command PoWs. Incidentally, caption to photo of Stalag Luft I taken after liberation by Russkies should read 1945! If it's any help, I have a list of all 10,900 RAF Bomber Command PoWs, should anyone need any information.

Name: Carter Manierre
Hometown: Clearwater, FL
Sent: 10:48 AM - 7/14 2000
Great site! My dad was OSS, ended up in Stalag Luft 1 along with his brother who was(UL) flying a B24, a remarkable coincidence. There are a few interesting tidbits about his career there that I've been able to glean from various books (ZEMKE'S STALAG, THE MIGHTY EIGHTH) but I want to get more and he unfortunately died many years ago, and in my teen-aged carelessness, I never asked him about his experiences. Does anyone remember Cyrus Manierre, Gabby Gabreski's Exec Officer?

Name: Funston K Smith
Hometown: Santa Ana California
Sent: 7:00 PM - 7/13 2000
Fantastic site, my heart goes out to the MEN & WOMEN that had to suffer confinement and death so I and the rest of the people in the USA can have a long and safe life.Again thank you all.

Name: Molly Howard
Hometown: Pittsburgh, Pa
Sent: 6:07 PM - 7/13 2000

Dear POW's,
My grandfather and I are looking for anyone that he may have known during World War 2. I have information on where he trained and his missions. I would love to hear from any of you who may know my grandfather or the people he knew.

My grandfather went to Pre-Flight at Maxwell Field, Alabama, in May and June of 1943. (Stearman PT 17) From there, he went to primary in Jackson, Tennessee from July to August 1943. (Vultee BT 13A) Next, he went to Newport Arkansas for his basic training in September and October of 1943. (Curtiss AT9-Twin Engine) My grandfather then took his advanced training at Blytheville, Arkansas in November and December of 1943. (Twin Engine Advance) Carroll Snidow (my grandfather) graduated from flight school in Class 44A at Blytheville, Ark., in January of 1944.

After graduation, my grandfather went to Salt Lake, Utah for one month. From there, (February ’44) he went to Davis Monthan Field, Tuscon Arizona. While there, my grandfather got B-24 training to be a Co-Pilot.

After training, Mr. Snidow left for Lincoln, Nebraska. In May of 1944, he and his crew left with a new B-24 for England via Bangor, Maine, Iceland and Scotland. He arrived in England around June 10, 1944. He was assigned to the 445 Bomb Group on July 1, 1944 in Tibenham, England.

The following are a list of the missions that my grandfather flew on (all in 1944): July 18, July 21, July 23, July 24, July 25, August 1, August 2, August 4, August 6, August 9, August 14, August 25, August 26, August 30, September 13, September 22, September 25, and September 27. He flew a total of 18 missions and was shot down about 30 miles from France over Kassel, Germany.

He was captured on September 27 by the Germans. He landed on a farm, after evacuation the plane. He there met a kind women who’s husband was a POW and was in the United States. She however, was required to turn him in to the government. After being captured, he was taken to Frankford on Main for one week of interrogation.

After that week, he arrived at POW camp Stalag Luft #1 on October 10th. He was in the North Compound 2. While he was there, he wrote a 10-page story of the mission. He also recorded the rations he received. He wrote a journal for 2 months on the back of cigarette wrappers.

Finally, on May 2, 1945 he and the rest of his camp were liberated by the Russians.

Some of the people that my grandfather had written in his journal are: John Mayfield “Pancho”, Ray Barthelmy “Pop”,  Joseph Pokorny “Porky”,  William Smithdeal “Boy”,    Archie Sornberger “Sandy”,    William Schultz “Rudolph”,   Stanley Johnson “The Baker”,  Herman Beck “Food”, John Dougherty, Jr. “Doc”,   Richard Stark “Shark”,  Rollins Mahony Jr. “Head”,  Wesley Akins “Hoppy”,  Rollins Wade “Joe Miller Jokes”,  Gilberttt Hollingsworth Jr. “Holly”,  William Fitzroy “Fitz”,  Herbert Bridges “Bridge”, and  James Wicker “Wick”.

Thank you so much for your time. My Grandfather and I would really appreciate any and all information that you have. Thank you again,

Molly Howard and Carroll Snidow

Sent: 6:21 PM - 7/12 2000

Name: Pamela Winter
Hometown: Brisbane Qld
Sent: 5:42 AM - 7/11 2000
My grandad, Donald Winter (QX308) was a prisoner of war in Stalag 18a wolfsberg Austria. He was in the 1st corps signals in t he 2nd austrlain imperial forces. I believe he was captured in Crete, but am desperatly seeking information. If anyone has any information or remembers him, please contact me. thanks.

Name: Vickie Holmes
Hometown: Richmond, VA
Sent: 11:48 AM - 7/10 2000
My dad, EMMITT ALLEN, was a bombardier, shot down over Italy and was a German prisoner of war for approx. 9 months. I have no other information yet, but am hoping someone remembers him. Would love to hear from anyone who does. Thank you so much!

Name: Luther H. Richmond
Hometown: Tampa, Fl
Sent: 9:30 PM - 7/9 2000
I was in the 352nd Ftr. Group and was shot down while strafing a flak gun on 15 April 1944. Spent the rest of the war in Stalag Luft 1. Evacuated to Paris on the last B=17 to depart Barth.

Name: Norman H.Stutzer
Homepage: 5190 Pale Moon Drive
Hometown: Pensacola,FL 32507
Sent: 3:39 PM - 7/9 2000
I was in the 94th Bomb Grp. Was shot down 4 Feb 1944. Was in Stalag Luft 1 South Compound Block 11 until rescued 13 May 45.   Enjoyed the entire entry on the internet. Thanks loads.

Name:Paul Daugherty
Hometown: Dallastown, PA>
Sent: 1:57 PM - 7/9 2000
Forgot to add my kriegsgefanganennummer which was 7544.

Name: Paul E. Daugherty
Hometown: Dallastown, PA
Sent: 1:53 PM - 7/9 2000
Thank you. This is a great honor you pay us. Navigator with 450th Grp., 722nd sqdn. Manduria, Italy. Shot down Dec.29, 1944. Ended up in Stalag Luft 1, No. compond III, Barache 301, Room 2. Would like to include names of mates there but not enough room except for "bunkie" Lyle Pearson Mankato, MN. Or is there? Here goes:
Blakeney, L.R.; Brannen,S.; Donovan, A.W.; Druehl, F.W.;Gleason, W.J.;Haggard, W.A.; Klare, G.R.; Krantz, R.F.; Lee, R.W.; McBride, D.F.; Pearson, Lyle C.; Pollard, T.E.; Richey, N.; Robertson, R.B.; Rudolph, M.J.; Spencer, J.B.; Uhl, M.E.; Yeaton, T.E.; Zackert, G.E.; Fishburn, J.B. Room Commander; Churchwell, Harry B.; McClintock, Ralph,; Olson, Elmer M.
Became friends with two Commonwealth pilots: Johnny Weston, Flt. Lt., RCAF and Don McFee, RAF.
Anyone out there who would like more info or can enlighten me further on any score please, repeat please, contact me.  Again, thank you for providing us with this opportunity and thank you all for participating.

Name: Dan Culbert
Hometown: Vero Beach FL
Sent: 12:11 AM - 7/9 2000
My father was a Kriege, He was Second Lieutenant Walter Maurice Culbert 0713003 510th Bomb Squadron - 351st Bomb Group. He was the navigator on "Baby Butch" and was shot down by FW 190's on 12 September 1944 and was sent to Stalag Luft 1. He spent 9 monts as #5793 in Block 7 Room 12. He kept a diary of his experiences and on his passing in 1993 I was entrusted with it. I am now in the process of scanning it and hope to post it on the Internet in the future. Any advice on where it could be posted or questions about his expereinces would be most welcome.

Name: Patricia Benker
Hometown: Pinecrest,CA.USA
Sent: 8:52 PM - 7/7 2000
I just looked at all the errors in my note to you...please forgive. However, realized maybe if I provide info about Dad I may find another 8th AF or Ex-POW friend who was with Dad.
Patrick D.Benker...384th BG 546th.. arrived ETO Aug.1943 out of Grafton-Underwood, Eng. Shot down April 9th 1944 on return "mission", over Keil, Germany. Dad was injured left leg operated on by a Belg. or French. POW MD., Dr. Michad(sp?) from Lyon,Fr. who save Dad's leg.),was at Westler Hosp. with Harry Shiery, and Elmer Costales,(Elmer found me a year ago, via another Ex-POW and he was my motivation to want to help as a EX-POW National Service Officer) Elmer died Jan 29th,2000. If anyone knew Elmer or his crew on "Elmers Tune", please contact me,it would be so nice for his wife to hear from his friends. back to my Dad.
......I'll look up transit sites Dad recorded in his diary he was moved to, but he was sent to Stalag Luft IV, Poland Oct 7th 1944, moved by German Army as Russian Army moved west, was in part of the "long winter march" (for some it was over 800++miles in the hardest winter Europe had in 50 years), as I have found a Ex-POW who was with him part of the way, however as he became ill and Dad's leg would not heal in the cold and wet,he always thought Dad died enroute and I guess maybe Dad didn't know his friend lived. I think from talking with other Ex-POW's Dad must have been put on the train 40x40+++ Box car system, and sent to Stalag Luft One,Barth. On Feb 7th he arrived there. I have heard from Dad's pilot, and what a wonderful letter, part of a story only he could write. I'll forever be grateful to him.

My father died at Ft.Miley, VA Hosp. SF,Ca. July 16th,1995 almost 50 years to the date he came home to the USA. Dad received wonderful medical care and was treated with such dignity and honor during the last few weeks of his life. There is no way to ever thank the staff at Ft. Miley who provided the comfort and medical care, that allowed Dad to die with the dignity, respect and kindness every Ex-POW should have. I was with Dad 24 hours a day and realized they went beyond their "job". They said Thank you to him in their own way by providing their special skills of medical care.

Dad is buried at the Presidio Golden Gate National Cem. San Francisco,CA. and we are so very grateful as we grew up there. It is a beautiful resting place to honor those who gave so much and went on to live out their lives in Freedom.
Dad carried his POW stories with him, to the beyond. It is only via the compassion,love and understanding that I have been able to know who my father was and in that process who I am. I encourage anyone who has or had a family member who was a POW to ask them to share with you their VERY SPECIAL story. In the process you will learn so very much about courage, respect, honor and love. Each time I find any Ex-POW willing to share their story, I realize this is the "living history" of Our Nations people and great suffering shared has the ability to help us understand what real friendship and forgivness is. So many have returned to share a forgivness with those who were their enemy.  Again Thank you Mary.  Sincerely,  Patricia

Name: Patricia Benker
Hometown: Pinecrest,CA.USA
Sent: 7:49 PM - 7/7 2000
My Dear Friend,
I almost feel like we are sisters or relatives in some small way,our lives were in the plan to cross as were our father's I have spent the last few hours reading and re-reading your site,(I had promised myself I would take the time to read and print everything). What a wonderful HONOR to your father and all Ex-POW's. I thank you and your family from my heart.

I return to NY for my Ex-POW National Service Officer education next week. I will stay with family and have found a wonderful Ex-POW who is the National Service Officer in the Hudson Valley area to help educ. me!!! I pray I will be able to help assist those in need of their benefits. I think like our meeting; God is the guide and will provide the energy and skill needed,I must not give up when too tired,the Ex-POW's never gave up, and when I think I can't do this,I just think of them and all the time and years after that they have kept going,with such examples of hope and dignity.

Your web site is a real link of love and HONOR to all Ex-POW's and their families. I'll bet that as the children of Ex-POW's many are learning as we have how much our parents gave for Our Freedoms. The help in making contact with long missing "Links of Life" during the Ex-POW experience,I am sure,is helping heal the souls of many. for New York Times Ex-POW article this month and the 20/20 ABC program the 21st or 28th not sure of date.

I must find your other email address but have a new computer and today was set aside to read your site and learn how to use this. My old Border Collie is at my feet waiting to go out for a walk so must give in, as she has been very patient.

I sure hope you will be able to be at the Nat.Ex-POW meeting in Sept. As of now I plan to be there all week. My prayers and love to all your family and I think of your children often.

God Bless You,

Name: Jim Holbrook
Hometown: Koloa, Hi. 96756
Sent: 2:09 PM - 7/6 2000
My father is George Lesko. I have only met him once. He and my mother were divorced 3 months before I was born. I am amazed that he never told me that he was shot down and that he was a prisoner of war. I knew he was in this Air Force unit, but thats all I knew. I guess heroism and humility often go hand in hand.

Name: Larry king
Hometown: Oakville,On Canada
Sent: 9:43 PM - 7/5 2000
What a great tribute to your father, I have just recently lost my father. He was not one who spoke much about the war, but I am fortunate enough to have a few pictures of him in his Canadian uniform. I am sure your father was a great man and with so many interesting stories to tell. But it must have been hard on all the brave men and women who have went to war for our countries.

Name:Thomas Creekmore
Homepage: http://121 Hatton Drive
Hometown: Severna Park, MD 21146
Sent: 2:13 PM - 7/5 2000
I was the radio operator on one of the 21 305th BG aircraft that flew into Barth on Sunday, May 13, 1945 to pick up the POWs. I called this my 20th mission and was more important to me than the previous 19. I will never forget that day.

Name: Duward J. Bare 
Hometown: lasing, il
Sent: 4:35 PM - 7/4 2000
Hi: I also was a pow in stalag l. kriegie no. 6189. was in compound no. 3 compound commander was col. spicer.I was in his barracks from sept 44 to may 45. Interested to know if there is a pow chat room or any other details regarding corresponding and or providing info and also names of other pow,s

Name: Doug Biddle
Sent: 12:35 PM - 7/4 2000
My Father-in-Law was R.C. Fry.   He spent the last 10 months of the war in Stalag Luft 1.
He would love this web site.

Name: Marguerita G. Abiade
Hometown: Baton Rouge, LA
Sent: 3:45 PM - 7/2 2000
I thoroughly enjoyed this website. As a 22-year-old African-American female, I amazingly feel a connection with the veterans and all participants of WWII. I am currently employed with the National Park Service in Boston as a Ranger. I give tours aboard the decommissioned USS Cassin Young. During my experience here, I've had the pleasure of making the acquaintance of a number of WWII veterans. I am truly grateful for the selfless sacrifice each man and woman made in order to secure the privileges allotted to us today. Thankyou. And please email me with further information.

Name: Lisa Miller
Hometown: Denton, TX
Sent: 1:14 PM - 7/2 2000
My husband found your web page and I was thrilled to see it. My father was a B-17 pilot in the 381st Bomb Group out of Ridgewell, England. He was a POW at Stalag Luft III after spending a great deal of time in a German hospital recovering from internal injuries suffered during his bail-out. We will always be grateful to the compassionate German doctor who saved his life and encouraged him to survive. They became lifelong friends. Thank you for taking the time to honor your father as well as all the others who served so gallantly.

Name: Robin Zieman
Hometown: Batavia OH us
Sent: 11:37 PM - 7/1 2000
I am looking for information on Edward Zieman who was pow in stalag 17. Can you help me or tell me where to search for this info. Division was army air force. Please respond asap.

Name: Bob Betts
Hometown: San Diego
Sent: 6:33 PM - 7/1 2000
Greetings from Bob Betts exRAF ex POW, now US citizen. Saw Don Hillman's account abt escape with help of Haussmann. Hv a near finished ms. abt escape with German help, thru bribery or other reasons. Based on personal recollection, but mainly about RAF. Hv a few US examples too, but need more, like Hillman's story, if I cd use it for the book. Also do you hv any other cases? Wd be most grateful for reply. Best wishes Bob Betts

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