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World War II - Prisoners of War - Stalag Luft I 

A collection of stories, photos, art and information on Stalag Luft I


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Sgt. Wendell J. Dunn-  Engineer 15th Air Force Sgt. Wendell J. Dunn
Engineer  - 15th Air Force
99th Bomb Group - 347th Bomb Squad
Stalag Luft I - North III -  KGF # 7476

Shot down on December 25, 1944 while flying on "Swamp Gal" on a mission to Eisenstadt Hungary.

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Notes from YMCA Log Book:

April 30 - Himmler visited camp to decide if we should march out. Camp is turned over to us at 10:30 PM.  Germans move out during nite.  Germans start blowing up radar school and air field at noon.  We dig trenches to use in case of strafing by enemy planes.

May 1 - Americans in Guard towers this morning.  Russian POWs hide in woods to avoid marching out.  Everyone is happy again to be free but tense due to wild Russian advance. Col. Spicer who was sentenced to be shot April 1st was freed.

May 2 - Contact is made with advancing Russians, we  are ordered to be ready to march out with six hours, but fail to do so.  Col. has men destroy fence and towers because Russki Col. did not like our calm attitude after being liberated.  Tex and I visit Barth in evening witness Russians pouring thr city. 5 Americans killed.  5 people found shot on peninsula.

May 3 - One American blown to bits by land mine - total dead to date, 17.   England has supposedly been contacted. Saw three women and 2 children who were killed.  Two more found killed on other side of camp.  P-47 planes fly over.  Hope for rapid evacuation is high.

May 4 - Air field is ready for planes to evacuate us.  Mines, bombs and booby traps have been removed.  Americans find dungeon under barracks where French prisoners are held. Conditions unbelievable.  Aid is being given people at concentration camp.  Russians form M.P. patrol, military  law exists in Barth. All are awaiting arrival of planes.

May 5 -  Three Russian Generals visit camp.  American Col. drives three in jeep.  Plans for evacuation are under way.  Air field is ready for planes.  Many are walking toward our own line.

May 6 - Had beef steak last night which boys in mess hall got.  Liberation thanksgiving services held.  No planes yet.

May 7 - Russians bring in several hundred cows to be killed, I volunteer to butcher, but was out when called to help.  Grand concert was given by Russian Army troop.  25 men in chorus, 3 girl dancers, a 10 piece orchestra and a leading army band.  Russians treating us fine.  Claim we will be out in a couple of days.  British Col. visited camp also G-2's.  Hear over radio that war is over claim nearest of kin were notified of our liberation.  Celebrate victory by shooting flares.

May 8 - Walked to Airport and concentration camp, which was surrounded by electric fence. Saw many German planes. People have returned to their homes.  Some  seem happy, others bitter.  Officials discover mail from Nov. on  in building.

May 9 - Had beef steak for supper.  No sign of getting out yet. Had  big bonfire, burned guard towers and shot flares by the hundred in celebration of victory.

May 10 - Nothing new.

May 11 - A man in the next room to me was shot through shoulder while sitting at table eating breakfast.  A stray bullet hit him.

May 12 - First B-17 arrives at 2 o'clock to start evacuation.

May 13 - Left Barth in B-17 at 2:00 arrived at Leon 5:15 then road truck to Reims, about 40 miles.  Left Reims next morning.  Crossed Hamburn on the Rhine.

May 14 - 15  Spent day on train, ate dinner at chow lines.  Arrived at St. Valery afternoon of 15th.  Deloused and assigned quarters.

May 16 - Sent cablegram to folks & Bernie. 

May 18 - I met Dick Timey.

May 20 - Met Bowling who went thru Kingman when I did, he had seen Barwick.  While POW in Germany

May 21 - Drew clothing.

May 23 - General Eisenhower and two other generals visit.   Eisenhower gave POW's talk. Senator Wheeler and another senator were present also.

May 24 - Sent 15 word cablegram to folks.


Home Sweet Home - POW drawing - Stalag Luft I


Home Sweet Home



German and American Dog Tags from World War II

German and American Dog Tags


Solitary - Prisoner of War art


Purchases made while a P.O.W.   -    C.O.D.
One Copy of Col. Greening's Paintings   $10.00
One copy of POW Drawings        5.00
One Plaque, Allied Wings        5.00
Two Records,  "How Low Is The Sun" and "All Thru the Night" written in camp by Camp Orchestra @ $.50 to $1.00 2.00
Three Cartoon Books, Col. Greening @ 1.00        3.00
One Combination Ashtray & Lighter       7.50
Two sets of Camp Pictures, about 250 @  $2.50       2.50
Stories of POW and Register of Camp       5.00



Room Pool - My dates, war will end on April 17, 1945.  Each man pays $5.00. Winner to receive $115.00. 

Winner of Cake Lottery to receive cake, my date April 23, 1945

Bet With Miller -  If war does not end before June 1, 1945, I buy Dinner, if before above date he buys Dinner.

Gorman Agreement - I buy Dinners when freed, Gorman buys a meal of pancakes.

Pledger Agreement -  Pledger buys Dinners (Italian, Chinese or other depending on choice) upon arival in states. I buy all the baked goods or other desirable foods available at coffee shop I know of.

After war send Pledger one gal. of maple syrup, in return I receive one gal. of sorgum molasses.

Send Gorman one gal. of maple syrup, receive one box cigars.


Kriegie Recipes

I. Kriegie Prune Pudding -  Pit prunes, stew & cook in wheat cereal.

II. Kriegie Prune Pudding - Pit prunes, add chocolate, sugar, butter, water and cook.

Kriegie Cake - grate black bread, add raisins, butter, milk, prune nuts, shortening (tooth powder). Bake and cover with chocolate icing.

Kriegie Miracle Cake - Made by Pledger & Blackie, The height of perfection.  Grate black bread, 1/2 box prunes, 1 can peanut butter, 1 D-Bar, heavy Klim for center, sugar, butter, 1st icing peanut butter & margarine covered with cherry jam and prune nuts.  Sauce around cake made of butter, heavy klim & sugar, beat well.  Peanut butter or jam may be added.

Kriegie Whipped Cream - (Very Good) 6 tablespoons of klim, sugar, butter & some hot water.  Whip until fluffy. 



Crew Shot Down Dec. 25, 1944
William Brandon Pilot
C. D. Foreman Co-Pilot
Leroy Duncan Navigator
Charles McReynolds Bombardier
Wendell J. Dunn Engineer
Arthur C. Leffingwell Radio Operator
Carl D. Eaton Ball Turret Gunner
C. D. Ostrander Right Waist Gunner
Rudolph Kuzan Left Waist Gunner
Robert Miller Tail Gunner


Regular Crew
William Brandon Pilot
Robert Trominski Co-Pilot
Leroy Duncan Navigator
Joseph Rockey Bombardier
Wendell J. Dunn Engineer
Arthur C. Leffingwell Radio Operator
Robert Neihardt Ball Turret Gunner
George Mitchell Right Waist Gunner
Rudolph Kuzan Left Waist Gunner
Robert Miller Tail Gunner


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