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March 31, 1945

1. Menu:

Breakfast Dinner
American Cereal Fried Spam (1/4 per man)
Mashed Potatoes
Cole Slaw


2. NOTICE:  Catholic Choir rehearsal after 4th Mess this evening in Large Mess.

3. NOTICE:  Personnel interested in the results of yesterday's Meeting of the Mess Committee, contact your Squadron Commander.

4. OFFICIAL:  It is now a Group order that articles will no longer be thrown over the fence between this Compound and North 2.

5. OFFICIAL:  All porcelain bowls will have be turned into the Mess Hall before 1200 hours today.  This includes absolutely every bowl and plate with the exception of ten each from the Sergeants Blocks 12, 13, and 14.  All red water pitchers will also have to be turned in.  Arrangements will be made for future possible issue of these pitchers.  It is anticipated that soon, hot water may be on the tables. This cannot be done until these pitchers are turned in.

6. OFFICIAL: Squadron Commanders will inspect their respective Blocks at 1200 hours today.

7. OFFICIAL: In order to stop a typical kriegie rumor, the statement that there would be no address directory in "Behind Barbed Wire" is not true.  The directory includes all four compounds.

8. OFFICIAL: Due to the coal shortage in the Compound, the Laundry Schedule, effective today, will be extended, where by participants Will do their laundry once every ten days instead of every seven days.  The purpose of this new schedule is to make available more hot water daily. The following schedule for the laundry boiler in the Sergeants compound is effective commencing today:

0830 - Laundry - Bl. 13 (8 bundles)
1330 - Hot water for brews.
1500 - Hot water for all purposes.
1630 - Hot water for all purposes.
1800 - Hot water for brew only.

NOTE:  During the periods scheduled for brew water, please take only the amount needed for your brew making at that particular time as this source has to supply the whole Compound.

9. Block 4, Room 3:

0900  Catholic Mass
1200 Jewish Church Services
1500 Business Accounting

                By order of Lt. Col. GREENING

                   G.C.HOZIER, Major


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